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Class: X Sub: Science

Model paper – 1

Marks: 100 Time: 3Hrs

Physics and Chemistry

Choose the most appropriate answer for the following: 1. Ancient photographs of Monalisa are given to you. The E.M.R used to identify the originality of these photographs is A. UV rays B. Infrared Rays C. Ultrasonic waves D. gamma rays 2. The radiation used to get drinking water without using chemical is A. X – rays B. UV rays C. Infrared rays D. Microwaves 3. The scientist who designed the first commercial steam engine is – A. J. Verne B. Robert Goddard C. Thomas Saveri D. Joule 4. A mechanic detects the problem in carburetor of a vehicle. The possible problem faced by the rider is A. Problem in piston movement B. Fuel does not burn C. Exhaust stroke cannot be finished D. fuel and air do not mix properly 5. Which one of the following can be used by an astronaut to estimate the speed of the galaxy and rotation of the planets? A. Hubble law B. Raman effect C. Doppler effect D. Rayleigh scattering 6. Kaiga nuclear power plant in our state is enclosed by concrete building because ………………. A. To sustain chain reaction. B. To prevent hazardous on human health C. It helps for nature D. To prevent the spread of nuclear radiations to the nature. 7. The raw material used to prepare fungicides and cosmetics is … A. Compressed natural gas B. Paraffin wax C. Petroleum D. Aromatic substances 8. An example for the thermosetting plastic is ………………. A. Polythene B. Bakelite C. Nylon-66 D. Polyvinylchloride 9. The common chemical used in the preparation of soap and detergent is … A. Fatty acid B. Sodium chloride 1

C. Hydrocarbon

D. Aluminum chloride

10. An example for thermoplastic is ……………… A. Polythene B. Bakelite C. Polystyrene D. Thiokol 1x10=10 II. Fill in the blanks: 1x3=3 11. To offer low resistance, diode should be biased in -------12. If ultrasounds are used to check human heart, then it is called ---13. In solar water heater copper pipes are bent as coils so as to form …………………. 14. Match the following 1.Toluene 2.Butane 3.Cyclohexane 4.Ethyne

1x4=4 a. C6H6 b. C6H5CH3 c. C6H12 d. C4H10 e. C2H2 F. C3H6 6x1=6

Answer the following in a sentence each : 15. What is centrifuge? 16. Give an example for centripetal force. 17. What are binary stars? 18. Name the process by which the sun emits energy 19. How are CFC ‘s better than other bulbs that we use in our house ? 20. Name the ions which causes hardness in water. Answer the following in two or three sentences: 2x9=18 21. Explain briefly the Faraday’s experiment 22. Draw a neat diagram of A.C dynamo 23. What is spontaneous emission? 24. Draw the block diagram of radio transmitter. 25. Write the balanced the chemical equation, if copper reacts with concentrated nitric acid 26. Write any two physical properties of crystalline silicon. 27. Draw a neat diagram of petrol engine showing intake stroke and label the parts. 28. What is annealing of glass ? 29. Write the methods of conservation of water. 2

Answer the following questions: 30. a)Which law of Kepler can be applied to calculate the mass of the sun b)Define weight. c) Write the value of Universal Gravitational Constant 31. Explain the following a) Continuous emission spectrum b) Absorption emission spectrum 32. 1. The value of ‘Z’ increases during beta decay. Why? 2. Where are the following isotopes used? a. Radio-phosphorus b. Radio-carbon 3x4=12 33. Write the schematic representation of chain reaction of U-235 Answer the following questions: 34. a) Explain the law of conservation of momentum with an example b) Mention the disadvantages of single stage rocket 35. Write a neat diagram of electrolytic refining of copper 36. a) State Hubble’s law b) Write a note on Big Bang Theory 4x3=12 Biology I. Four alternative answers are given to each question. Write the most appropriate answer in the space provided. 1. The gap between the two successive neurons is called ……… A. Dendrite B. Axon C. Synapse D. Myelin 2. In higher organisms sense organs are called …………….. A. Receptors B. Conductor C. Effecter D. Non conductors 3. The role of CFTRI is to ……………………….. A. certify the quality of food B. Control the illegal activities of the traders 3

C. sanction the license for traders D. Research and improve the quality of the food 4. The reason of consuming insects by insectivorous plants is……………………… A. To obtain nitrogen B. To obtain oxygen C. To obtain carbon dioxide D. All the above 5. A person is suffering from numbness of tongue, limbs and lips deafness and blindness.These are the symptoms of…………… A. Dropsy B. Jaundice C. Minamata D. Cholera II. Match the following 1.Pituitary gland a. personality hormone 2. Adrenal gland b. control the glucose level in blood 3. Thyroid gland c. Production of milk 4. Pancreatic gland d. emergency hormone e. Masculine character f. controls the calcium salt III. Answer the following in a sentence each 1. What is endothelium? 2. Meristematic tissue in plants is called meristem. Why? 3. What is reflex action? 4. Which is called the chemical factory of the body? IV. Answer the following in two sentences each 1. List the differences between monocot and dicot plants 2. A frog is kept in the vessel having temperature of 30’ C for some hours. Which organ of frog is unable to respire? 3. A person suffers from various infections and finally dies. Which disease is he suffering from? What precautions should be taken to prevent it? 4. Name the adulterant used in following foods 4

a. Milk b. Edible oil c. Pepper d. Rice 5. Rama lined in a place where there are no lichens. Name any four health problems of him. 6. Mention the differences between biological and electrochemical fixation of nitrogen V. Answer the following in 3 sentences each 1. Write a neat diagram of flower and label its parts. 2. Write the classification of plant tissue. VI. Answer the following questions 1. Write a neat diagram of vertical section of human eye and label the following parts a. Iris b. cornea c. Blind spot d. Retina


Class: X Sub: Science

Model paper – 2

Marks: 100 Time: 3Hrs

Physics and Chemistry I. Choose the most appropriate answer and write it in the space provided: 1. Which one of the following is the function of carburretor in a petrol engine A. mixes air with fuel. B. allows the right proportion of air and fuel into the engine. C. regulates the temperature of the engine. D. compresses the mixture of air and fuel. 2. Due to skidding, the leg of a person gets sprained while walking. The electro magnetic radiation used in this treatment is A. infrared radiation C. ultraviolet radiation B. micro waves D. Radio waves 3. Laser is used to cut and grind tools in industries. The property of laser used in this is A. monochromacity C. high energy B. coherency D. intensity 4. We feel, our body pushed outward while revolving in a giant wheel. This is due to A. centripetal force C. centrifugal force B. centrifugal reaction D. gravitational force 5. If the ultrasonic waves sent from a ship strike the rock and return in 2 seconds, then the rock is ------ km away from the ship. A. 1.5 B. 2 C. 2.5 D. 3 6. Nucler fusion requires high energy in order to ........ A. over come strong force of attraction of nucleii. B. overcome strong force of repulsion of nucleii. C. increase strong force of repulsion. D. decrease strong force of attraction. 7. Activity of the following increases energy crisis....... A. use of pressure cooker in cooking. B. decreased use of incandescent bulb. C. not checking the old vehicles periodically. D. use of more inefficient vehicles. 8. The following compound washesthe clothes well even in hard water...... A. sodium palmitate. B. sodium acetate. C. sodium n-dodecyl benzene sulphonate. D. sodium stearate. 1

9. Which type of the following plastic is an example for set on heating and irreversebly hard on heating? A. bakelite B. polyvinylchloride. C. polystyrine. D. nylon. 10. Which one of the following compounds is an example for mixture of glycerides? A. sodium hydroxide. B. glycerol. C. fatty oil D. soap. 10x1=10 II. Fill in the blanks: 11. The range of audible sound is ------------12. The device used to blow air and petrol is ………….. 13. Non metal used in solar cells is ............................. 1x3=3 III. .MATCH THE FOLLOWING: 4x1=4 14. Single bond with straight chain 15. Single bond with ring structure 16. Double bond with ring structure 17. Single bond with branched chain -

cyclopropane. carbon. isobutane. butane. - benzene. - n.butane.

IV. Answer the following questions: 18. What is the efficiency of heat engine? 19. What is a neutron star? 20. Silicon is a semiconductor. Give reason. 21. Black colour is used to paint copper pipes. Why? 22. How is permutit obtained? 23. A man identifies the leakage of L.P.G. by the smell of a chemical .Name it. 1x6=6 V. Answer the following questions: 24. Draw a neat diagram of DC dynamo. 25. Write the laws of Faraday’s electromagnetic induction. 26. Write any two experimental factors related to photo electric effect. 27. Draw the diagrams of forward bias and reverse bias. 28. Draw a neat diagram of petrol engine and label its parts. 29. What is meant by thermosetting plastic?How is it different from ordinary plastic? 30. What is hard water? Mention any two problems of it. 31. Balance the following chemical equation. 2

Zn + HNO3 → Zn +(NO3) +H2 Fe + Hcl → Fecl2 + H2. 3x4=12 32. Doping of Silicon with Boron is not a suitable selection to make it a ntype. Give reason. VI. Answer the following questions: 33. a. Half life of radium is 226 in 1600 years. We start with 1mg of radium. What is the amount of radium after 4800 years? b. Write any two uses of radio-isotopes. 34. a) Weight of an astronaut in the space is zero. Name this situation and give the reason for it. b) Weight of a person increases as he moves from the equator towards the North pole. What is the reason for it? 35. What is spectroscope? Mention any one use of each of the followinga) Line emission spectroscope b) Fraunhofer lines 36. Draw a neat diagram of nuclear power plant and label its parts. 3x4=12 VII. Answer the following: 37. a) If the velocity of a rocket is 10.2 km/s, then why can’t it place an artificial satellite into the orbit? What is the escape velocity needed to place it into the orbit? b) Write the difference between the escape velocity and the orbital velocity. 38. Draw a neat diagram of blast furnace and label these parts. charge , slag 39. In which stage is the sun in the stellar evolution? What are the changes that take place in the next stage? Which is the end stage of the sun? 4x3=12 BIOLOGY I. Choose the most appropriate answer and write it in the space provided: 1. Red pigment present in red algae is ........................ a) chlorophyll b) phycoerythrin. c) phycocyanin. d) xanthophyll. 2. Metamorphosis is seen in this class of animals ....................... a) aves b) amphibia c) reptilia. d) pisces. 3.Water and minerals are stored by plant tissue in.............. a) parenchyma b) collenchyma c) meristematic tissue d) sclerenchyma. 3

4. ELISA test is conducted to find out the presence of ................. a) tuberculosis b) leprosy c) AIDS d) hepatitis B 5. Hair is obtained at the spot of crime. This technique used to find out the crime is called………………... a) tissue culture. b) genetic engeneering. c) cloning d) DNA finger print technology. 11 MATCH THE FOLLOWING: 1. Nitrogen fication 2. Ammonification 3. Nitrification 4. Electro chemical fixation

- nitration of soil into nitrogen - industrial fractions of nitrogen - electro chemical fixation of nitrogen –ammonium salts from nitrogen Compounds. -nitrates from gaseous nitrogen. -ammonium salts into nitrates and Nitrites.

111. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING.: 7. How is aerolar tissue helpful to our body? 8. Adulterated foods of metanil yellow colour have to be rejected .Why? 9. Mention the differences b/w gaseous and sedimentary cycle. 10. Write any 2 applications of tissue culture. 11. Bryophytes are grown in the garden in rainy season. How can you make sure that they are Bryophytes? 12. Write any two functions of Epidermal tissue. 13. Xylem is called water conducting tissue and phloem is called food conducting tissue.Why? 14. How does nose detect the smell? 15. How is Hepatitis is caused in a person? 16. Ramamani buys adulterated butter from market. Explain the test conducted to confirm it. 1V.ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: 17. Draw a neat diagram of fish and label the parts. a)Fins b)Gills. 18. Mention the functions of pituitary glands. 19. Draw a neat diagram of HUMAN EYE and label the parts. a) retina b) yellow spot c) lens d) vitreous humour. 4

Class: X Sub: Science

Model paper – 3

Marks: 100 Time: 3Hrs

Physics and Chemistry

Choose the most appropriate answer for the following: 1. A hanging bridge is to be constructed between Konanoor and Kattepura. The technique used to identify the distance between the banks of the river is A. Raman Effect C. Hubble’s Law B. Laser ranging D. Centrifugal Pump 2. The automatic street lights in Hassan city are controlled by A. infrared rays C. ultraviolet rays B. electromagnetic waves D. photo electric cell 3. Which one of the following statements is true with respect to external combustion engines? A. They can be stared instantaneously. B. They are compact in size. C. They are chances of explosion of boilers. D. They are highly efficient. 4. The part of a heat engine that converts linear motion of a piston into rotation is A. Spark plug C. Piston B. Piston rod D. Crank shaft 5. If the ultrasonic waves sent by the SONAR return in 3 seconds, then the distance travelled by the ultrasonic waves(speed of ultrasonic waves in water is 1.5km/s) is A. 1.25km B. 2.25km C. 3.25km D. 4.25km 6. Fissionable material used in nuclear reactor is ………… A. Radium-226 B. Plutonium-239 C. Radon-222 D. Barium-141 7. The detergent and cosmetics that are used in our house are prepared from A. Petrochemicals B. Carbon monoxide C. Natural gas D. Ethyl mercapton 8. An example for thermosetting plastic …………. A. Polyvinylchloride B. Bakelite C. Polystyrene D. Thiokol 9. The molecular formula of sodium oleate is ……… B. C17H31COOH A. C17H33COOH C. C17H35COOH D. CH3COONa 9x1=9 1

II. Fill in the blanks: 10. The device used to convert alternate current(AC) into direct current(DC) is -------11.The device used to remove the grease and dirt from the clothes is ------------------12.The gas obtained by cow dung is …………… 3x1=3 III. Match the following: i. Study of universe 1) Sirius ii. Binary stars 2) Gravitational force is more iii. Black hole 3) Cosmology iv. Big-Bang 4) Quasars 5) Presence of cosmic rays 6) Magnitude 4x1=4 IV. Answer the following in one sentence each: 14.Give an example for centripetal force. 15.Mention the use of Centrifuge. 16.What is photosphere? 17. Copper pipes are bent in solar water heater. Why? 18. Give any two reasons for energy crisis. 19. Name the ions causing permanent hardness in the water. 1x6=6 V. Answer the following in two or three sentences each: 20.On what factors does the induced e.m.f. in a coil depend? 21.Draw a neat diagram of DC dynamo. 22.Draw a neat diagram of Helium – Neon gas laser. 23.Mention the differences between n-p-n and p-n-p transistors. 24.Draw a neat diagram of petrol engine. 25. Explain the concentration of copper ore. 26. Mention the difference between addition and condensation polymers. 27. What is meant by hard water? Water becomes hard. Why? 28. Write any four uses of silicon compound. 2x9=18 VI. Answer the following: 29.State the three laws of Kepler. 30.Define the following: a) Line emission spectrum b) Fraunhofer lines 31. Write the uses of radioisotopes. 32. Write a neat diagram of nuclear reactor. 3x4=12 VII. Answer the following: 33.a) Mention the difference between orbital velocity and escape velocity. b) Explain : Multistage rockets. 34. Write a neat diagram of blast furnace. Label its parts. 35. a) Mention the difference between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons . b) Explain the following with an example. 1. Cracking 2. Isomerism 4x3=12 2

Biology Four alternatives are given for each question. Write the most appropriate answer. 1 Mark 1.The tissue present in the growing parts of the plant is …………. a. Meristamatic tissue b. Permanent tissue c. Xylem d. Epidermal tissue 2.The tissue present in the growing region of the plant is ………….. a. Meristamatic tissue b. Squamous epithelial tissue c. Columnar epithelial tissue d. Ciliated epithelial tissue 3.It is difficult to develop vaccine for the H I V because it………… a. Helps to synthesis D N A b. Fails to identify the intruder c. Loses immunity d. Destroys lymphocytes 4.The adulterant that causes cancer is ………….. a. Kesaridhal b. Metanil yellow c. Talcum powder d. Argemone oil 5.A non biodegradable pollutant among these is ………… a. Sulphur dioxide b. Carbon monoxide c. D.D.T d. Sewage 6.Match the following a. Cerebellum a. Controls the involuntary functions b. Cerebrum b. Body temperature, Water balance c. Pons c. Hearing vision, Taste d. Diencephalon d. Body balance e. Chewing food, Respiration f. Stimulus of eyes and ears Answer the following in one sentence. 1 Mark 7. What is Metamorphosis? 8. Mention the functions of adipose tissue. 9. What are voluntary and involuntary Muscles ? 10. Name the chemical which causes acid rain 3

Answer the following 2 Marks 11. Mention the difference between Angiosperms and Gymnosperms. 12. Write the diagrams of parenchyma and collenchymas. 13. What are the functions of Rods and Cones? 14. What precautions should be taken to prevent H.I.V? 15. The people who had consumed food in a party are suffering from amoebiosis and vomiting. Give Reasons. 16. The rose plant in Ramesh’s garden , which yielded once in a year, now yields twice. What technology is adopted by him in cultivation? What are the conditions necessary for it? Answer the following in two sentences each. 3 Marks 17. A man had clear vision of near objects but could not see far object. What defect has he in his vision? Give reason. How can it be corrected? 18. Define bio degradable and non bio degradable pollutants. Give an example for each. Answer the following 4 Marks 19. Draw a neat diagram of fish &label gills, dorsal fin, pictorial fin &caudal fin.


Class: X Sub: Science

Model paper – 4

Marks: 100 Time: 3Hrs

Physics and Chemistry

Choose the most appropriate answer for the following: 1. The device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is A. electric cell C. dynamo B. solar cell D. motor 2. The number of electrons emitted during photo-electric effect depends on A. intensity C. wavelength B. velocity D. frequency 3. The major element used in the radio is A. phosphorus B. Carbon C. cadmium D. silicon 4. The scientist who detected that the scattered light has lower and higher frequencies is A. Dr. H.J. Baba C. C.V. Raman B. Rayleigh D. John Hoper 5. Half life of Radium is A. 1200 years B. 1622 years C. 4.5 Billion years D.164 M.S. 6. The substance used to slow down fast moving neutrons in nuclear reaction is A. Graphite B. Boron C. Liquid sodium D. Cadmium. 7. Reason for releasing huge energy from the sun A. combustion of hydrogen gas. B. fusion of hydrogen nucleii. C. fission of helium nuclei. D. collision of hydrogen atoms. 8. The fuel used in gober gas plant is A. firewood B. coal. C. charcoal D. cowdung. 9. Silicon compound used to cut the glass is A. silicondioxide. B. diamond C. silicon carbide D. graphite. 10. The chemical substance used to separate glycerol in saponification is A. sodium chloride B. calcium sulphate. C. magnesium oxide D. potassium nitrate. 10x1=10 1

II. Fill in the blanks: 11.The minimum velocity to be given to an object to escape from the earth’s gravitational force is --------12.The ultrasonic waves sent by a SONAR in water return in 3 sec. If the velocity of sound in water is 1.5 km/s, then the distance travelled by the ultrasonic waves is….. 13.Chemical name of water glass is ..................... 3x1=3 III. MATCH THE FOLLOWING: a)Butane b)Cyclo hexane c)Toluene d)Benzene -

C6H6 C4H10 C7H8 C8H16 C6H12 C3H8


IV. Answer in a sentence/ in a word each: 14.What is a photocell? 15.What is E.C.G.? 16. Solar cooker is painted with black colour. Why? 17. Write the general formula for carboxylic hydrocarbons. 18. When hard water is boiled in the laboratory, a gas is liberated. If it is passed through lime water, it turns milky. Name the salt present in hard water. 19. What is hard water? 1x6=6 V. Answer the following in 2-3 sentences: 16. Mention any four applications of Ultra Violet radiations. 17. Write the circuit symbol of n-p-n transistor. 18. A cyclist gains stability while moving in a curve by leaning towards its centre. Give reason. 19. Which are the factors that have no influence on the gravitational force? 20. What is refractive index? Write its symbol. 21. Name the following : a. Dark spots found on the photosphere. b. The outermost layer of solar atmosphere. 22. What is induced radioactivity? Give an example. 23. List out any 4 uses of silicon compounds. 24. Avoid using hard water in boilers. Give reasons. 2x9=18 VI. Answer the following in 3-4 sentences: 22. Explain the working of AC – Dynamo. 23. What is luminosity of a star? On what factors does it depend? 24. Write a diagram of nuclear power plant. Label its parts. 25. Name the type of glasses used in the following. a)laboratory apparatus. b) Lenses c) Fire proof curtains 3x4=12 VII. Answer the following: 24. Explain the principle of rocket launching. 25. Explain the working of Steam Engine with a neat diagram. 26. a)Write a neat diagram of blast furnance.label its parts. b)Name any two alloys of iron. 2

BIOLOGY. I.1. The average weight of human brain is a)1600gr b)1400gr c)1400 k,gr d)1200 gr 2. Genetic material present in HIV is a)RNA b)rhibosome c)DNA d)lysosome. 3. The colour appeared in adulterated butter or ghee ,when adding concentrated hydrochloric acid and a pinch of sugar in test tube is a)dark blue b)dark red / crimson red c)pale yellow d)black 4. Denitrification means, a)fixing of nitrogen in soil. b)proteins are converted into ammonium salts. c)ammonium salts are converted into nitrates d)nitrates are converted into free nitrogen. 5. The world’s first clone animal is a)sheep b)hen c)cow d)dog. 11)MATCH THE FOLLOWING: a)Sargassum - angiosperms. b)Cones - bryophytes c)Infloresence - rea algae d)Neprolepis - brown algae - gymnosperms - pteridophytes. iii)ANSWER THE FOLLOWING:

(1 MARK)

1)Give any two examples for egg laying mammals. 2)What is lymph? 3)Which is the center for reflex arc? 4)What is clone?


(2 MARKS) 3

1)What are rhizoids?Mention its functions. 2)Even though lotus is found in water it does not decay. Give reason. 3)Write the symptoms of hepatitis B. 4)What is meant by food adulteration?Name the aduterants found in the following a)turmeric powder b)pepper. 5)Mention the effects of air pollution on human health. 6)A farmer uses nostoc for his paddy field.give reason. v)ANSWER THE FOLLOWING:


1)a)Draw a diagram of neuron and label its parts. b)What is synapse? 2)a)Where is pitutary gland located? b)List the functions of pitutary gland. vi)ANSWER THE FOLLOWING:


1)Write the V.S.of human brain.label the parts. a)cerebellum b)cerebrum c)medulla oblangata d)pons .........................................


Class: X Sub: Science

Model paper – 5

Marks: 100 Time: 3Hrs

Physics and Chemistry

Choose the most appropriate answer for the following: 1. Which one of the following radiations is used by the doctor to treat Rachana who is suffering from rickets? A. Infrared radiations C. Ultraviolet rays B. X – rays D. γ – rays 2. Wet clothes dry in the washing machine due to A. hot air C. centrifugal force acting on the cylinder B. low pressure D. backward thrust 3. Which one of the following is useful to watch the cricket match being played in England through TV? A. Sounding Rocket C. Space craft B. Geo stationary satellite D. Multistage rocket 4. Which one of the following is an application of Doppler Effect? A. Estimation of speed of galaxies. B. Calculation of distance between the earth and the sun. C. Detection of elements in the galaxies. D. Estimation of stars in the galaxies. 5. The element responsible for production of solar energy A. Helium B. Hydrogen C, Carbon D. Silicon 6. Energy that helps the plants to prepare food is A. Nuclear energy B. Radiation energy C. Solar energy D. Heat Energy 7. Which one among the following is the future source of energy for domestic purpose A. Photo electric cell B. Dry cell C. Dynamo D. Solar cell 8. The device used to determine the percentage of carbon monoxide of exhaust gas released by your car is A. Gas synthesizer B. Gas analyzer C. Radar gun D. Gas composer 9. The easiest method of removing hardness of water is A. Distillation B. Soda process C. Permutit process D. Boiling 1

10. Non ionic group of detergent molecule is A. Sulphate group B. Nitrate group C. Chloride group D. Hydrocarbon group II. Match the following 11)C2 H2 12)C3 H6 13)C4 H6 14)C6 H6


Benzene Propyne Acetylene Butane Butyne Propene 1x4=4

III. Fill in the blanks: 15.The technique is to be used by Annirudha to detect the fault in the engine parts of his car is --------------16. The first sounding rocket designed completely in India is -------------17. During beta decay of C 14 6 the mass of newly formed nucleus is ……….. 18. Solar cooker box is painted with black colour because ……… 1x4=4 IV. Answer the following in one sentence each:: 19. Why is diode used as a rectifier? 20. What is centrifuge? 21. State the Doppler Effect. 22. What is the role of coolant in nuclear reactor? 23. How does the use of biodegradable waste like cow dung decrease the energy crisis? 24. Write the example equation of manufacture of soaps 1x6=6 V. Answer the following: 25.State the Dynamo Rule. 26. Draw a neat diagram showing Faraday’s experiment. 27. Why is laser light coherent? 28. Draw the diagram of reverse bias of p-n junction. 29. Draw a neat diagram of single stage rocket and label its parts. 30. What are radio-isotopes? Give two examples 31. State the uses of invar steel and nichrome. 32. Mention the role of magnesium powder in the extraction of silicon by quartz 33. What is permutit ? Name the chemical used to regenerate it. 2x9=18 VI. Answer the following: 34. Give scientific reasons for the following: a. Astronaut orbiting in a space craft experiences weightlessness. b. The value of acceleration due to gravity (g) varies on the earth. c. Gravitational law is called universal gravitation law. 2

35. Define the following: a) Visible spectrum b) Pure spectrum c) Impure spectrum 36. Draw a neat diagram of manufacture of cement. Label any two parts. 37. Write the functions of the following in the nuclear reactor a)Graphite b)Boron c)Plutonium 3x4=12

VII. Answer the following: 38. a) Mention the functions of the following in a petrol engine: 1) Spark plug 2) Carburetor b) Mention the differences between an internal combustion engine and an external combustion engine 39. Draw a labeled diagram of electrolytic cell used for purification of copper. 40. a) How does the supernova event occur? b) When does the sun become a black hole? c) Why are the sun spots dark in contrast?


Biology I . Four alternative answers are given for each question .Write the appropriate answer. 1)The protozoa belongs to the kingdom ………. a)Monera b)Protista c)Mycota d)Plantae 2)The hormone that causes sterility is……….. a)Androgen b)Estrogen c)Progesterone d)Testosterone 3)Girish is suffering from frequent urination, thirst. The disease he is suffering from is …….. a)AIDS b)Diabetes c)Hepatitis B d)Goitre 4)Doctor advised Shilpa to undergo ELISA test. She is suffering from ……… a)AIDS b)Hepatitis B c)Cancer d)Pneumonia 3

5)Limitation of biotechnology is……… a)Non flowering b)Sterility of the seeds c)unproduction of seeds d)All the above II Match the following 1)Smooth muscles 2)Skeletal muscles 3)Cartilagenous tissue 4)Adipose tissue

Attached to the muscles Unstriped muscles Fatty muscles Areolar tissue Dens connective tissue

III Answer the following in one sentence each: 1)Pteridophytes are called tracheophytes. Why? 2)Goitre is called endemic disease. Why? 3)We should buy processed food with AGMARK label. Why? 4)Define biotechnology IV Answer the following in 2-3 sentences each 1)Assume that a farmer grows maize and dhal crops in his field together at a time. During drought which crop dries first ? 2)Name 4 types of cells of water conducting tissue 3)Which action of our body is not under the control of our brain? Give an example 4) What are the ways through which HIV is not transmitted ? 5)A farmer gets good yielding in paddy field by adding Rhizobium. Give reason. 6)How do you detect the presence of argemone oil in edible oil? V Answer the following in 3sentences : 1)Draw a neat diagram of mustard plant and label its parts . 2) Explain the steps of sewage treatment.


VI Answer the following briefly : 1)Draw a neat diagram of human ear and label the following parts a)Eardrum b)Auditory canal c)Pinna d)Cochlea


Class: X Sub: Science

Model paper – 6

Marks: 100 Time: 3Hrs

Physics and Chemistry I Match the following 1. Bronze 2. Nichrome 3. Steel 4. Gun metal

Copper, zinc, nickel Copper and tin Iron and nickel Iron and carbon Copper and zinc Copper ,tin and zinc Iron, nickel and chromium 4x1=4

II. Fill in the blanks: 5. An ultrasonic impulse sent from the surface of ocean to its bottom reaches the bottom and returns after 6 seconds. The depth of the ocean is ------- km. 6. The type of glass used in the preparation of spectacle lens is …………. 7. Temporary hardness is removed by the addition of …………chemical. 1x3=3 III. Select the correct answer and write in the space provided: 8. Which one of the following radiations is used to weld the detached retina? A. gamma rays C. laser B.UV- rays D. X – rays 9. In a steam engine, the heat energy is converted into -----------A. light energy C. electrical energy B. mechanical energy D. nuclear energy 10. Which one of the following is not essential in a diesel engine? A. Carburetor C. Crank shaft B. piston D. injection pump 11. If yellow light is passed through some organic solvent, the scattered light a. remains yellow b. becomes coherent c. has a lower and higher frequency with incident light. d. has wave length of incident light. 12. An astro physist is involved in the study of binary stars. Which one of the following can he applied? A. Doppler effect of light C. Rayleigh scattering B. Raman effect D. Doppler effect of sound 13. Fast moving neutrons are controlled by using…………. A. Plutonium B. Graphite C. Boron 1

D. Lead sheet 14. Which energy is the alternative source of fossil fuel …………. A. Radiation energy B. Nuclear energy C. Solar energy D.Wind energy 15. One who is interested in conservation of energy can use ………… for cooking A. Clay pot B. Porcelain articles C. Aluminium vessels D. Pressure cooker 16. C2H5OH is used for ……….. A. Domestic fuel B. Insecticide C. in the manufacture of synthetic fibre D. to detect the leakage of L.P.G 17. Borewell in a student’s house provides water containing calcium bicarbonate.The method he should adopt to convert this water into drinking water is …….. A. Fractional distillation B. Permutite method C. Filtration D. Boiling IV. Answer the following in one sentence : 18.What is centrifugal reaction? 19.When a shallow dish, containing some mercury and water is rotated about a vertical axis, then why does water stay at the centre and the mercury at the edge? 20.What is luminosity of a star? 21.Which radiation do you use to separate real and artificial gems from the heap? 22. What is the time taken to reduce radium from 1 mg to 0.125 mg? 23. In solar water heaters copper pipes are bent into coils. Give reason. 1x6=6 V. Answer the following: 24.What is the radiography? Name the two radiations used in it. 25. What is meant by transmutation? 26.. Mention four uses of porcelain. 27..What are the differences between black dwarf and black hole? 28.. How is silicon obtained from ‘quartz’? Write the chemical reaction. 29. Draw a neat diagram of expansion stroke of an external combustion engine 30. Name any two ores of copper. Write their molecular formula 2

31.Draw a neat diagram of spectroscope. 32.Draw a neat diagram of the structure of sun and locate the sun spots. 2x9=18 VI. Answer the following in 2-3 sentences: 33.a) State universal law of gravitation. Write the formula of gravitational force. b) Write an equation to state the relation between the object at a height ‘h’ above the ground and ‘g’. 34.Write an application of each of the following: a) Diode b) Transistor c) Microphone in radio transmission. 35. How are three neutrons obtained from this equation. Explain . Mention the types of reaction. 235 +0n1-->56Ba141+36Kr92+30n1+Energy 92U 36. Write a neat diagram of preparation of soap. Label any 2 parts of it. 3x4=12 VII. Answer the following: 37.a) Write any two practical aspects that needed to be considered with respect to rockets. b) The rate of fuel consumption in a moving rocket is 5 kg/s and exhaust velocity of gas is 9 m/s. Calculate the thrust of a rocket. 38.a) Can a static magnet induce an e.m.f. in a stationary coil of wire? Give reasons. b) How can an AC dynamo be converted into DC motor? 39. a.Draw a neat diagram of fractional distillation tower. b.Write the molecular formula for the following 1)cyclopropane 2)butane 4x3=12

Biology I. Four alternatives are given for each question .Write the appropriate answer in the space provided. 1)An example for red algae is………. a)Batrochospermum b)Sargassum c)Spirogyra d)Ulothrix 2)The cell found in xylem tissue is……… a)Sclereids b)Sieve plates c)Sieve tubes 3)The part of brain that controls the mastication, respiration and facial expression is………. a)Hypothallus b)Pons c)Cerebellum d)Cerebrum 3

4)Raheem has increased weight , thickening of skin, physical vigour , reduced heart beat. He is suffering from …….. a)Critenism b)Simple goitre c)Myxederma d)Acromegaly 5)A and B samples of milk move in a glass plate separately. B sample makes white trial on it because ……… a)Sample A milk has water. b)Sample B milk has water c)no water in B sample milk d)Both A and B milk have water II. Match the following 1)Tendons 2)Muscle tissue 3)Bone 4)Ligaments

helps for body movement clotting of blood blood is supplied to all cells gives shape and protection Bone to bone structure Connects muscles to bones

III . Answer the following 1)Ramesh observes a plant and decides that it belongs to dicot. How? 2)Adiantum is more evolved than Riccia. Justify the statement. 3)How does cuticle helps for the aquatic plants? 4)What is meant by green house effect? IV. Answer the following 1)Mention any two characteristic features of gymnosperms 2)Mention the difference between sporophytes and gametophytes 3)What is the role of consumer in preventing food adulteration? 4)Ramu is suffering from numbness of tongue , lips and limbs .Name the disease that he is suffering from. 5)Name the two types of biogeochemical cycles? Give an example for each. 6)Define the term biotechnology and D N A recombinant technology V. Answer the following 1)Draw a neat diagram of H I V and label R N A and fatty layers 2)Explain the function of ears VI. Answer the following 1)Write a diagram of reflex arc and label receptors, effectors, association neuron and sensory neuron


SSLC Science Question Bank 2012  

SSLC Science Question Bank 2012 brought out by Hassan Distrisct Science Teachers' Club, Hassan

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