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Open Morning Saturday 21 March 2015, 9.30am For entry at Year 7, Year 9 and Sixth Form in September 2016

Day and Boarding (Full, Weekly, Flexi) • Boys Aged 11-18 • Girls Aged 16-18 Inspirational Oxfordshire Setting by the River Thames • 30 Minutes from London Heathrow Outstanding Pastoral Care • Excellent Academic Value-Added • Extensive Co-Curricular Programme Academic, Sport, Music, Drama and Art Scholarships Available

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Tettenhall College is a day and boarding school for girls and boys from ages 2-18 years.

A stunning historical setting with modern teaching and sporting facilities, currently undergoing a ÂŁ3 million investment programme. Outstanding academic performance and exam results with pupils gaining top university places including Oxford, UCL, LSE, Bath and Queen Marys. Exceptional pastoral care, pupils enjoy excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development within a genuine family atmosphere.

Telephone 01902 751119 • Email



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King Edward’s Witley

The Royal Hospital School (RHS)

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Dyslexia Assist


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Boundary Oak School

A school with military traditions


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Walking with the Wounded: Interview with Ed Parker (CEO)

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Could a tax refund help you pay for Christmas AND have a Happy New Year?


IFT is working on behalf of MOD personnel and service leavers across the UK to get their tax back. With service personnel missing out on £22.5 million in tax refunds each year, how much could you be owed? Jan Post, Managing Director of RIFT, knows all too well how expensive this time of year is for everyone. A lot of people find themselves scrimping for Christmas and still paying for it in January and beyond. YouGov estimates that the average UK household spends just over £800 at Christmas. Considering the average annual MOD tax refund with RIFT is £600-800, your tax refund could see Christmas taken care of. Service leaver Lee Smith was a Lance Corporal based at Catterick Garrison working as an electronics technician and fitness instructor. Lee heard about RIFT from a friend and made a claim because he used his own car to travel to different UK bases and flights to postings in Germany and Canada. We were able to get Lee a refund of £2,724 for his first 4 year claim. Lee says: “I called RIFT and they said I could claim for the past four years and get my

money even quicker with their RIFT Rapid Refund service. They were easy to get in touch with by email and phone, and they let me know quickly how much I was owed. Before I knew it the cash was in my account! It was great to get £2,724 back so quickly. I couldn’t fault the service I received from RIFT.” So, if you travel to temporary UK or overseas bases in your own vehicle or by public transport, you could be due around £2,500 in refunded travel expenses for a 4 year claim – and even if you left the forces up to 4 years ago. With no upfront fees, it’s free to find out if you are due a refund – and there’s no risk. No refund means no charge. We even give our clients £20 for each friend or family member they refer who qualifies for a tax refund. Your refund is also covered by the RIFT Guarantee, so you can be 100% sure that your refund is safe. RIFT ensures that no one receives a refund they’re not due.

To find out if you’re due a tax refund, call today on 01233 628648, text RIFT to 80010 or log on to

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DASH (Devon, Arts, Sport & Hobbies) engaging members of the military community in Devon. Looking to the future.


ASH is a scheme funded by the MOD’s Civil Military Covenant who aims to form closer mutual relationships between Devon’s military community and the Devon Foster Support Service, to provide opportunities in sport and to help engage and to facilitate children who have been cared for, by others. DASH looks forward to the future and how this project can utilise life skills and expertise from both past and present servicemen and women to support their local community. DASH aims to help the whole military community across Devon including; Veterans, Currently serving, Reservist, Cadet Forces and Military family members. Lisa Alford, working for Active Devon, is leading the promotion of DASH to the military community. ‘As a former Royal Navy Physical Trainer I still have good military connections with a large number of military

personnel being Royal Navy or Royal Marine in Devon. However, I have reached out to many Army units all cadet forces and the HIVE information centres for families. I am now employed as a Development Coordinator for Active Devon with this specific project aimed at the military community in Devon project called “DASH” (Devon, Arts, Sport & Hobbies). It is a great opportunity to use skills gained in various areas of the forces whilst, developing new skills in the community – for life long career and personal development’ The DASH programme is funded until April 2015. DASH has already helped former serviceman Mark Ormrod by funding a grant for a Motivational Speakers course. At the age of 24 in 2007 Mark was injured whilst on active service which resulted in him having 3 amputations – losing both legs and his right arm. Mark’s journey of rehabilitation back to an independent lifestyle, has been remarkable and inspiring. After his initial rehabilitation, Mark has strived to adjust to his new way of life and he wanted to turn this negative into a positive to share his experience and use it to help others whilst re-training. Whilst he was in recovery he wanted to build an insight into what it was like to be in a war zone to other comrades. He decided to write a book called ‘Man Down’ in this book he felt he could express his feelings

06 I Education for the Military I

openly and thoughts about being a soldier in Afghanistan. From this he had a huge success and won the Royal Marines Historical Society Literal Award 2011. Mark shared his thoughts on his life experience “The injuries I sustained in Afghanistan changed my life but they do not define it. The skills and qualities that I have learned in the Military are what got me to where I am today. I hope to use the knowledge and experience I have gained since that fateful day to continue down the path I am on, continue to learn, grow and to improve and keep setting and reaching my goals”. “Well you can choose to give up, hide become angry, bitter and depressed or you can turn a negative into a positive. Take your tragedy and your experience to help motivate and inspire others.” If you would like to know more about DASH and how it can support you or someone you know within the military, please contact Lisa. 07582 350349 Twitter @activedevon Facebook Active Devon If you would like to know more information about Fostering Devon please visit:


Co-educational Boarding and Day School for 2-13 years Outstanding academic record in preparing pupils for all public and senior schools.

l 90 acre grounds

l Art & DT centre

l Exceptional facilities

l Large music suite

l New science complex

l Astroturf

l Indoor swimming pool

l Riding stables

l Sports Hall

l Modern language laboratory

l Rifle range

l French alpine chalet

We also offer a wide range of evening and weekend activities from calligraphy to abseiling.

Contact Mrs G Portsmouth, Registrar Abberley Hall. Worcestershire WR6 6DD


Combat PTSD Angels / Blue Apple Heroes Combat Stress outreach Meeting. Blue Apple Heroes had evolved to meet the needs of those returning home from a Combat stress programme, only to find they had no support within the community. Community support is vital for those with PTSD and Charities such as Blue Apple Heroes are the “Boots on the ground, force” that is literally saving marriages and saving lives..


ombat PTSD Angels is (sadly) a thriving community of Carers. Carers that largely arrive to our group, not knowing they are “carers” and in a state of extreme distress from months or years of unsupported caring. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is horrific to the person “Caring” for someone living with the disorder. Caring for someone with PTSD is exhausting. As one of the major symptoms is an inability to sleep well. Nightmares, night terrors and a general “heightened” state of alert which can indicate a flashback is imminent, all work together to inhibit sleep pattern which often leads to both sufferer and Carer having very limited sleep. In January 2011, Combat PTSD Angels came into being after one such night.

My husband had been medically discharged from the army some 14 years earlier due to physical injury, yet until December 2010 we had no idea that the worst of his injuries had yet to reveal itself. PTSD had raised its head in the preChristmas period by way of nightmares and Flashbacks that became all encompassing, sucking my husband back into his past reality and resulting in admission to an NHS Psych ward. A few weeks later, once “settled” my husband was returned home with very little means of “support” for himself and “none” for myself. Turning to the internet and ringing every Forces Charity I could find at that point, I discovered there was not one support group anywhere in the UK for those supporting someone through the hell on earth that is Combat PTSD. So relying on a good old forces maxim, I decided to “knit one”! Within 6 months we had 40 wives UK wide all supporting each other. Support within the group consists of discussing coping strategies for dealing with PTSD related issues and maintaining healthy family relationships, along with advice on how to navigate the maze of Veterans Charities to find “good” avenues of therapy and treatment for our loved ones. A turning point for Combat PTSD Angels presented itself in 2012 when we met the founders of a Blue Apple Heroes at a

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Blue apple Heroes offer outreach 5 days a week at present but hope to develop into a 24/7 service covering NW England for outreach services and UK wide with phone support. BAH and Combat PTSD Angels have been working together to support Veterans and families as a unit and as a result Combat PTSD Angels has grown to over 200 members. Merseycare NHS trust have made both Blue Apple Heroes and Combat PTSD Angels into partners and we are currently working on an innovative approach to create a better way forward for Veterans with Mental health conditions. This new approach was put to good use in November when BAH organised a trip to Aviemore, in order to escape fireworks night for a party of 20 Veterans and Carers. The trip successfully ensured that those participating were able to remain untriggered and un-hospitalised, thus increasing stability which helped with the following period of remembrance. People often ask us “why there is such a plethora of Veterans Charities?” the answer being that the main four charities do not “blanket” treat everyone. They all have strict criteria and many veterans fall through the gaps in the net. We are one such family. Deemed “too ill” for the services of one major charity and having served in a conflict that was “not covered “ by another Charity we have had to fight tooth and nail for four years to mould NHS services to meet our need. >> If you are in need of support please ring 07803349682

Never-ending support for our soldiers. Since 1944.

A grant towards a rent deposit can bring a soldier in from today’s ‘No Man’s Land’. Some former soldiers can have great difficulty securing a place to live. They may have a low credit score after years spent moving from place to place or struggle with affording property in a challenging housing market. Lack of funds can place the all-important rent deposit out of reach. Supporters like you enable us to give grants that literally open doors for these soldiers, giving them the deposit they need to get out of No Man’s Land. The impact of these grants was lifechanging for Jason in Perthshire. He served in the Royal Army Medical Corps until an injury led to a medical discharge. He now works two jobs to help make ends meet. He had nowhere to live and was staying with friends for a time. Now, thanks to a grant for a rent deposit from The Soldiers’ Charity, Jason has finally managed to secure his own flat.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (1146420) and Scotland (039189). Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (07974609). Registered Office: Mountbarrow House 6-20 Elizabeth Street London SW1W 9RB Tel: 020 7901 8900 Email:


An interview with Ed Parker, Co-founder and CEO of Walking With The Wounded ensure quick treatment and greater capacity to enable a larger number of individuals to be given care. While many of those suffering from mental health issues face exactly the same problems as everyone else in society, there are some facing a battle against PTSD, and we believe it is vital to have as thorough a process as possible in order for these people to receive the best treatment which we believe they deserve. • Tell us about one of your beneficiary’s experiences with PTSD and how WWTW has helped him / her?

• Why and how was Walking With The Wounded founded? My nephew was wounded in July 2009. When I visited him in hospital, and saw the many other young men and women, I felt it was time to do something that reflected their courage and determination. Despite their injuries, they still had the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, and Walking With The Wounded was set up to support that belief. • What changes have you seen in the last couple of years within the support infrastructure for wounded servicemen and women? The physical rehabilitation of those injured is second to none and all those involved should be applauded. But the next step, the most important one back into the civilian world, still presents challenges. We have seen this improve in the last two or three years, but there is plenty that still needs doing. • What programmes do you currently have in place to support ex-servicemen and women? We look at the journey to employment as the pathway we need to support. Our focus

is at each end. First, we provide support to those about to get into the work place providing direct funding to pay for training and education. Then at the other end, we are working with those who need the greatest amount of help, whether they are homeless or in police custody. • What do you see as the biggest challenge currently facing the sector? I think the biggest challenge the whole sector now faces is that of mental injury. While a physical injury is easy to define, a psychological injury is far more complex. Walking With The Wounded is addressing this need by launching Head Start, a mental healthcare pathway which integrates existing services available to veterans and their families, most notably the NHS, and provides access to private therapy as well.

One of many beneficiaries of the charity’s help is Sean. Sean served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. On discharge from the Armed Forces Sean was suffering severely from PTSD, times were very tough and he ended up homeless. Living on the streets Sean was given supported accommodation by a homeless charity at the Catterick Garrison called The Beacon which provides housing for vulnerable ex-servicemen and women. Through Walking With The Wounded’s Home Straight programme, embedded at The Beacon, Sean received assistance from WWTW’s Employment Mentor who works with homeless veterans to get them back into sustainable employment, helping them to regain their independence and move back into civilian life within the supported environment of the Homeless charity. Through our First Steps programme we were then able to fund his retraining as a dog handler, and bought him a van to use for his new business. After passing his qualifications, Sean now lives independently and works as a fully trained Dog Handler covering all sorts of venues, events and festivals. Sean has a black and white spaniel named Eric (who specialises in drug detection), a German Shepherd called Blue and a new spaniel puppy currently being trained in explosives detection called Tilly. Sean has a girlfriend and is saving up to buy his first house.

• How will Head Start help those exservicemen and women suffering from mental injury? Existing mental health resources to support veterans and their families are fragmented and often not joined up. HeadStart will integrate all these existing services, as well as introducing access to private therapy to

10 I Education for the Military I

For more information visit:


What makes a good application for a grant? Written By: Colonel Robin Field-Smith, Chairman RSHT


n my previous article, Education for the Military Autumn Edition 2014, Pages 12 - 13, I told you something about the work of the Royal School Hampstead Trust (RSHT). Applications to us use the form on our website So what we are looking for when we receive and read an application?

We want all the facts about you, the applicant, and the child whom you think needs help with their education. So this means name, age, gender, and address, of you who are applying, and the child, grandchild or ward. We also need to know the school, college, or university where they are studying or to which they hope to move. We do need to check that you are eligible for our support; our charitable objects limit us to “dependents up to the age of 25 of servicemen and women, both currently serving and retired”. We may also be able to make an alternative offer of a discounted place at one of the 40 schools run by the Cognita group in the UK. Please be honest and clear about your finances, and how much you are seeking for how long. We help children and young people whose education is, or may be, hindered by their family circumstances, linked to their military service. We do not have a crude checklist but understanding current,

and future, income, savings and already committed expenditure helps each case. We don’t need a copy of your tax return!! Next, why do you want help? We are not prying into your private lives, and you may not want to write some things on a form. But what is the cause of your worry about your child’s education and why are you asking us to help? Also please tell us what other organisations you have approached. We do need telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. We hope that those reading this article and applying will save us chasing missing facts! But where we think there is a case to provide support, we want to be able to discuss options with you to ensure you are getting the best solution. I hope that reading this article will encourage those of you with worries about your children’s education, and who do not have a lot of money to spare or get hold of, to consider an application.

e Royal Hampstead Education Fund DO YOU NEED HELP WITH FEES FOR ANY SCHOOL, COLLEGE, OR UNIVERSITY IN THE UK e Royal Hampstead Education Fund provides nancial assistance to help with the education and training of the dependents (up to the age of 25 years of age) of members or ex-members of the UK Armed Forces For over 150 years we have helped to provide betterment through education for thousands of the needy dependent children of members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force. If you require assistance with fees for any school, college, or university in the UK, please visit our website and follow the steps outlined to have your request considered by our grants committee.

Contact us through: Follow Us: @educationmat I Education for the Military I 11


Focusing on preparing each individual child for its future learning and successes.

and also uses the latest learning tools such as The Tapestry System. Learning Journals such as these, have grown in popularity over the years and offer early years settings such as this a way of recording special moments and play. They also enable the recording of developmental stages to allow staff to assess more formally how children are progressing. Replacing journal folders, this is a great way to keep parents involved in their child’s journey as they grow and progress. Additionally, as Boundary Oak is home to many forces families it is a great way of keeping both parents up to date as they can view their child’s progress online from a secure server. Tapestry also enables parents to post observations, photos, videos and comment on the observations made by the staff. This is a great way for busy parents and the Nursery staff to interact together. Children here are treated as an individual within a family community. School life is a happy learning journey, which is achieved thanks to the friendly atmosphere and beautiful rural surroundings.


oundary Oak School, set in 23 acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside, is a coeducational day and boarding school for pupils aged 2 – 13 years. Their Nursery is housed in a secure and purpose-built oak-framed building offering a homely feel with plenty of safe playing space, both inside and out. The children learn to interact with each other in a caring environment through play and learning based activities. A broad and balanced curriculum provides the opportunity to develop concepts, attitudes, knowledge and skills to prepare them for the next stage of their education. The Nursery and Reception children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, focusing on preparing each individual child for its future learning and successes. To support their core curriculum learning, Boundary Oak Nursery ensure that what the children learn indoors is enhanced and built upon outside. A short walk across to the Woodland Classroom takes them on many an adventure. It’s great for young explorers who love to recall what they have learnt while out and about, what they have found and discuss what they have achieved. The Woodland Classroom is used throughout the week, including Forest Fridays. Come rain or shine, the Nursery and Reception children pop on their wellies every Friday morning and head off to the woods for a variety of outdoor learning activities. Headmistress Mrs Kellett commented: ‘Our extensive school grounds allow the children

to be able to experience the great outdoors as part of their education and development’ She added: ‘Our outdoor activities enable each child to overcome whatever challenges they may face helping them to grow to be happy, comfortable and confident individuals.’ ‘Forest days support all the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, not just physical development. Being 200 meters away from the main school building, the school’s woodland area is close enough for children and staff to enjoy a short walk across to, but far enough away for them to enjoy a quieter environment where they are able to listen out for sounds such as twigs snapping and the rustle of leaves. It’s also great for little ones communication skills as there are no predefined toys in the woods and so the children need to talk and explain to others about what they are doing or making. There are lots of budding magicians at Boundary Oak who often turn their sticks into wands! Literacy skills are also enhanced with many a story set in the woodland that the children love to act out. Science and Mathematics are also supported by using natural resources to count and make objects out of.’ Back in the classroom, the Early Years staff work together to provide a rich and stimulating learning environment. French and Sport are taught by specialist teachers and all of the children in the Early Years take part in sports day, school plays and sing-a-longs. The popular Nursery at Boundary Oak benefits from an interactive white board

12 I Education for the Military I

As pupils grow through the school, they grow as people too. “We are proud of our academic record and the fantastic success that our pupil’s experience, but we are even prouder of the happy, confident and enthusiastic children who are the heartbeat of our school.” said Proprietor, Aaron Stewart. The staff in the Nursery are second to none and ensure each child is learning and developing at their own pace while following the child’s interests. Although structured learning plays a part in their day, much of what goes on in the Nursery is dictated by the children. For example, if the children show a particular interest in a topic from home or bring in a favourite toy that others are enthused by, then the Nursery role play area is transformed to suit. Transition to the Reception class is smooth and non-stressful for each child so when the time comes they are happy, ready and excited to move up into ‘Big School’. PE and PSHE are taught together with the Reception class throughout the year with regular visits to the classroom as part of the summer term routine. Full-time Nursery children also enjoy a cooked lunch in the dining hall together with the rest of the school. Boundary Oak School and Nursery welcome families to visit them for a tour or for a ‘Stay and Play’ taster session. For more information or to arrange a visit please contact Jo Ekin, Registrar on 01329 280 955 or email - Further information can also be found on their website


State Boarding is the best kept secret in Education. attractive site in Hertfordshire. Whether a forces, or ex-pat, family practicalities must be taken into consideration. In terms of airports we are just 10 minutes from London Luton Airport and a 40 minute drive to LHR.


here are over 30 establishments giving a first class boarding experience for a fraction of the cost of Independent schools. The State Boarding school is set up to ensure that a fantastic experience is available to everyone. If a child has moved too often with you as serving military personnel State Boarding is an option. The ‘Continuous Education Allowance’ pays for the boarding fees and the state pays for the education. So, where an Independent boarding education will cost in the region of £11,000 per term. A State Boarding Education will cost in the region of £11,000 per year. I have the pleasure of being the Director of Boarding of one such school: St George’s in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Founded in 1907 it is one of the country’s first coeducational boarding schools. We have two main boarding houses, Keswick and Crosthwaite, which currently house 130 boarders in Years 7 - 13 between them. (Our Boarding Fees are £3,650 per term for a September 2015 start.) We are a non-selective, coeducational state boarding school which occupies an

St George’s is consistently in the top 5% of schools nationally for academic performance, with student achievement and progress being the envy of many independent schools but we are not an exam factory. Yes your child will leave here with fantastic results but St Georges is about more than that. The school values each pupil as an Individual and has a tradition of excellence and success in all aspects of its community life. Everyone is encouraged to give everything a go. Our students are attending chess club, junior and senior Choirs, sailing, ACF, drama club, wind band, ‘More to Life’ (our student led Christian group), Musical Theatre, Orchestra, Gardening club, Cookery club and Drama technicians this term alone. Despite being an Academy Trust state school St George’s main sports are Rugby and Lacrosse. The teams we play are high performing Independent schools and we more than compete. To give you an idea: Owen Farrell has recently finished his ‘A’ levels here!

must have, that you would like, in a place where you choose and yet when you walk in you know if it is for you or not. Choosing a school is much the same. If you have researched and narrowed down your search then at that point you must follow your gut instinct. Strong links with the Armed Forces and long experience of overseas boarders means St George’s provides an excellent learning environment where young people are caring and where the individual is encouraged to flourish. We have children representing most of the

globe in terms of culture, experience, race, religions and interests. This is one of our greatest strengths. Georgians are ready for the real world when they leave us. To appreciate St George’s fully you need to experience the place first hand and I therefore invite, and encourage, you to visit the school. Please call Miss Nicki Hooker, Director of Boarding on 01582 716230 or email boardingadmissions@ I look forward to meeting you very soon.

When you are searching for a ‘home from home’ for your child you need to research, get a feel for what your child wants and needs and then visit. In some ways it is like buying a house. You start with a list of things that you Follow Us: @educationmat I Education for the Military I 13


Preparing your child for Boarding School

For those pupils who have never boarded, the school should have offered a ‘taster’ sleepover the term before the child joins – be sure to take advantage of this as it certainly helps to take some of the anxiety out of those first few weeks away from home.


or those parents who are thinking about sending their offspring to boarding school, Here are some top tips from Justin Benson, Director of Admissions and Communications at King Edward’s Witley, on how to ensure a seamless transition into life as a boarder.

Pick the RIGHT school for your child

First and foremost, be aware that your child will NEVER settle at boarding school if it is the WRONG school for them. When reviewing the extensive number of schools on offer don’t be tempted to base your judgment purely on academic achievements – obviously this is especially true if your child is not particularly academically gifted. Other important factors to consider are opportunities to participate in sporting / creative activities, scope for siblings to remain together regardless of disparate academic abilities, standard of pastoral care, effort made to provide a school community that reflects the real word by admitting pupils from a wide range of social / economic and cultural backgrounds and geographical location (most parents will want their child’s school to be within easy access of the parental / guardian’s home).

14 I Education for the Military I

Take advantage of tasters

If your child has attended prep school it is more than likely that in years 7 and 8, they have had already had a taste of boarding although boarding on a full time basis has a marked difference to just boarding Monday to Friday. For those pupils who have never boarded, the school should have offered a ‘taster’ sleepover the term before the child joins – be sure to take advantage of this as it certainly helps to take some of the anxiety out of those first few weeks away from home.

Show enthusiasm

Children quickly pick up on any sign of negativity and it is essential that every member of the family relays an enthusiastic attitude towards the decision to attend boarding school. Take pains to explain to your child why they are leaving home and share in their excitement of the fantastic opportunities that will soon be coming their way. Always put on a united front – even if Mum is finding

it difficult to come to terms with her son / daughter moving away, it is really important that she focuses on the happy times ahead for her child. Apart from providing reassurance, this will also prevent the new boarder from worrying unnecessarily about their parents!

Limit contact

Gone are the draconian days when children were denied contact with their parents once they had been dispatched to boarding school and in today’s society where modern technology allows for seamless communication regardless of geographical location, it is unlikely that parents won’t be in regular contact with their children. However, for the new arrivals in years 7 and 8, it is recommended that the first weekend ‘away’ from home they remain in school, even if they have family / guardian’s living close by. Excessive contact via iPad or iPhone is also frowned upon in the evenings as this can sometimes impact on the ease with which a child is able to settle into their new environment. Do make sure that the school has an advanced Internet security policy to ensure the continued safety of your child when he / she has access to the web.

House happy

The Housemaster / Housemistress will represent a pivotal person in your child’s life and it

is vital that parents feel 100% comfortable that the person who will be largely responsible for a child’s emotional / educational / physical and moral welfare, is regarded as a good match. Take time to get to know the Housemaster and the house that he / she presides over. Some parents may visit up to four times before a decision is made regarding which house is most suited to their child.

Prep School boarding in the heart of Devon

Be prepared

Make sure every detail is taken care of in the run up to starting school. Check the school kit list to make sure nothing is forgotten as sometimes something as trivial as not having the right equipment can be enough to trigger a bout of homesickness. Ensure your child is familiar with the layout of the school site and begin to slowly encourage a stronger sense of independence during the holidays (invite your child to take responsibility for simple aspects of day to day living such as keeping their bedroom tidy, maintaining a good personal hygiene routine and taking care of their belongings), don’t be tempted to ramp up the parental care just because you know he / she won’t be around so much from September onwards!

Provided By: Justin Benson King Edward’s Witley

Blundell’s Prep School Boarding in Years 5 & 6 Blundell’s is extending boarding provision to pupils in Years 5 & 6. The outstanding education at the Prep School combined with all the benefits of boarding at the Senior School - the best of both worlds. For further details please call on 01884 252393 or email

Blundell’s Preparatory School Tiverton, Devon EX16 4NA

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Age Range: 10-18 / Gender: Co-ed Day or Boarding: Day, Weekly Boarding, Full Boarding, Flexi/Occasional Boarding Scholarships Tick: Academic, All-Rounder, Art, Drama, DT, Music and Sport


angley Senior School is a warm and friendly co-educational school with clear values and high aspirations for all its students. It provides a first class, all round education in a supportive community, which means students learn to become independent, valued citizens and are able to develop their potential to the full. Langley School aims to provide a framework within which each pupil will develop effective learning skills and will achieve their maximum academic potential. A happy, secure and well-ordered environment is maintained in a beautiful Grade 1 listed country house setting with 110 acres of extensive grounds and playing fields, where individuals are encouraged to set their sights high. Their progress is monitored by a strong tutorial system to ensure that they follow a course of study that best suits their individual skills and needs. Langley pupils are encouraged to identify their talents and to use and develop them whilst contributing to a wide variety of new

experiences that will help them acquire the values of honesty, enterprise, independence and social awareness. Small classes and a well organised House system help our students to sample these new experiences with confidence. They will learn to take personal and social responsibility and will get ample opportunities to develop leadership qualities. Langley aims to produce young people who will be prepared to meet the demands of a rapidly changing and demanding world which will require versatile, adaptable, receptive and confident citizens of the future. Location and Facilities Situated in over 100 acres of playing fields and wooded parkland south of Norwich,

16 I Education for the Military I

Langley benefits from good accessibility by road, rail, air and sea. In recent years the school has been steadily expanding and its facilities have been substantially enhanced. Recent developments include a new Sixth Form Centre, complete refurbishment programme for boarding facilities, a floodlit Astroturf pitch, an eleven-room Science Centre, an Art and Sculpture Studio, a multimedia suite for Modern Languages, a fully refurbished and extended Mathematics block and a multi-gym with fitness centre. In September 2010, a new state-of-theart block of fifteen classrooms and four ICT rooms was opened, alongside the refurbishment of two other blocks.

Educating for Confidence from Nursery to Sixth Form le kly i ee ex lab W d Fl vai an n g A di ar


Registered Charity number: 307048

“Farlington in Action�

Thursday 27th January at 9.15am An opportunity to enjoy a tour of the school and to meet the Head and key staff. To register your interest, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Jo Coveney, on 01403 282 573.

Independent day and boarding school for girls aged 3 to 18 with a co-educational Nursery

Farlington School | Horsham | West Sussex | RH12 3PN

Photo: Ccountry Life Magazine


Where boys can be boys The only all-boys boarding prep school in the North of England Unmatched in the North for sending boys to top UK schools 10% discount for armed forces families

01677 450 240

Newton-le-Willows, Bedale, North Yorkshire DL8 1TF

‘Best Prep School’ Tatler 2010 Aysgarth School is a registered charitable trust (charity number: 529538). Company Number: 898078

Leaden Hall School Our girls are successful at winning scholarships to independent schools and gaining entry at 11+ to South Wilts Grammar School • 15% Forces Discount • School Bus Service

Independent Girls School Ages 3 to 11 Day and Boarding Leaden Hall School, 70 The Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2EP t: 01722 334700 e:

18 I Education for the Military I


SIXTH FORM EVENING Wednesday 21 January 5:30-7:30PM Please telephone to book a presentation time: 5:45PM, 6:30PM OR 7:15PM

O P E N D AY Nursery to Year 13 Friday 30 January 10AM-3PM w w w. t h e r o y a l s c h o o l . c o . u k Penn Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV3 0EG Telephone: 01902 341230

Clayesmore for your child The perfect blend of Prep and Senior for families in the forces Boarding facilities with a real family feel Idyllic Dorset setting Generous bursaries Just call to arrange a visit at any time! “Caring, happy and successful across all ability levels” The Good Schools Guide

Prep 01747 813155 Senior 01747 812122 Follow Us: @educationmat I Education for the Military I 19




One School, many journeys

70% A* - B at A Level Top 15% nationally for value added An ethos built on academic rigour, community, co-curricular involvement and leadership and service Strong boarding community with experience of military families Kent countryside, yet five minutes to mainline trains to London or Ashford One hour to London Gatwick

Mrs Kathy Webster, Admissions Officer T: 01622 845206 | E:

Awarded Excellent in 2013


Queen Mary’s School Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, Thirsk. YO7 3BZ

01845 575000

Girls 2-16 Boys 2-7 A School of the Woodard Corporation Registered Charity No: 1098410

Queen Mary’s School

20 I Education for the Military I Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, Thirsk. YO7 3BZ 01845 575000

[ BOARDING SCHOOLS ] EducationfortheMilitary_afjone08 25/10/2013 16:32 Page 1

LUCTON SCHOOL Building on tradition Flourishing on innovation

Set in beautiful rural West Midlands countryside, Lucton School offers outstanding educational, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities to boys and girls from Pre Prep to A level. Lucton is currently home to many forces children and offers a happy, family environment. Please a copy of the prospectus.

• Excellent results • Sixth Form Centre • Sport for all • Equestrian Centre • Combined Cadet Force BURSARIES FOR FORCES CHILDREN


Lucton, Herefordshire HR6 9PN 01568 782000

New Equestrian Centre

Scholarships and Bursaries available! Call or visit our website for more information.

Boundary Oak School is a leading coeducational day and boarding school • • • •

Full and Flexi boarding available Set in 23 acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside Excellent co-curricular sports and activities Easy access to all major transport routes via rail, road and air

To arrange a visit or join us on our OPEN DAY on Saturday 7th March please contact: Jo Ekin, Registrar at Roche Court, Wickham Road, Fareham, Hampshire PO17 5BL

Boundary Oak School • 01329 280955

22 I Education for the Military I


A Quo Vadis Education school

Shaw & Co Solicitors Experienced personal injury solicitors

Shaw & Co Solicitors Experienced personal injury solicitors

Shaw and Co is a long established law firm of personal injury solicitors based in Newcastle upon Tyne and Doncaster. Our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors have represented accident claim victims across the UK and have many years of experience in personal injury law. Our team of solicitors have won compensation for clients in all aspects of personal injury claims and operate on a no win no fee basis. We have specialist experience of dealing with claims on behalf of serving members of the military both in relation to injuries sustained pursuing their service and in respect of claims on behalf of military personnel and their families in respect of general accidents. We are able to advise in a way that is sympathetic to client’s situations and recognize the particular circumstances that serving members of the military face. Our no win no fee policy means that our team of personal injury lawyers will secure 100 per cent accident compensation for your personal injury claim. If you have suffered an accident and wish to claim compensation, then contact Shaw and Co Solicitors and one of our personal injury lawyers can quickly assess your compensation claim.

Call our Freephone number 0800 0191 248 Email or check our Website


Teaching important values for life Lieutenant Colonel Marc Godfrey, Contingent Commander, The Royal Hospital School (RHS) Combined Cadet Force a Pioneer Corps which has built an obstacle course and target indication range. The RAF section provides cadets with the fantastic opportunity to fly, both in gliders and in the two-seater Grob tutor. Competition is encouraged and each year the Contingent competes in the RN CCF National Regatta, the RM Pringle Trophy competition, the Army Combat Cadet competition and the RAF Cranwell competition with some good success rates. There is also the possibility of gaining formal qualifications by enrolling on the BTEC First Diploma in Public Services and also through the National Citizen Service; a flagship Government civil society programme aimed at 16 and 17 year olds delivered by the Office for Civil Society.


he Royal Hospital School (RHS) Combined Cadet Force (CCF), which is one of the largest contingents in the country, contributes fundamentally to the life of the School; teaching invaluable lessons in leadership, self-reliance, and responsibility, as wells as important skills for life beyond school, no matter what career path is chosen. With around 200 Services families at the Royal Hospital School, it is clear that these benefits are held in high regard when choosing a school for their children. CCF encourages youngsters to explore the countless opportunities available and to develop skills that can be hugely important to them in later life. They participate in a wealth of activities; take part in competition and ultimately feel a sense of achievement. Leadership is one of the most important skills taught and cadets can progress from recruit to senior NCO, although not all will aspire, or have the ability to achieve the senior posts. Nonetheless, they have the scope for exercising leadership in a variety of areas and can develop in confidence by taking charge of a section. It is very often these children who are also successful in achieving positions as School Prefects and, later in life, as leaders in whatever field they choose. CCF activities are inclusive and, above all else, fun. For those in Year 9 (13-14 years) at the Royal

Hospital School it is compulsory but from Year 10 pupils may choose whether to continue; however, as the most exciting activities are associated with CCF, many opt to continue throughout their time at school! Basic weekly training takes place on a Friday afternoon, generally led by the NCOs, but the highlights are always weekend field days and camps in exciting parts of the UK and overseas. The courses and camps provide many opportunities for personal development and allow the young people to experience hardship and excitement in a controlled and safe environment. There are four CCF sections; the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force, and at RHS these also have active participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon and the Windsor Horse Show, as part of the CCF equestrian team. The RN is primarily concerned with waterbased activities and the strength of this section at the Royal Hospital School is a direct result of the School’s 300 year historic seafaring links. RHS is one of the few schools that have a RM section, which focuses on military training together with the Army section. The latter also has a REME section which maintains the School’s Land Rovers and

24 I Education for the Military I

Many of the adults involved in CCF at the Royal Hospital School have previously served with the Regulars or Reserves in all branches of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Currently twelve teaching staff have served in the ranks up to Warrant Officer, and in Commissioned Service up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Their prior military experience enhances training for the cadets and maintains strong links between the School and their parent’s units. When carrying out their prime roles in the classroom or in the boarding houses this experience enables them to have a special understanding of the needs and aspirations of Services families. The CCF flourishes at the Royal Hospital School and provides an enormous benefit to pupils in terms of their personal development and enhancing their educational experience. The facets instilled in children at this early age will resonate clearly with serving members of the armed forces. The Royal Hospital School is a coeducational boarding school for 700 11 to 18 year olds set in 200 acres of Suffolk countryside overlooking the River Stour. The School offers exceptional fees for services families eligible for CEA and generous bursaries for pupils with a parent or grandparent who has served for at least 3 years in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Auxiliary Service or merchant navy.

For more information contact: Admissions on 01473 326210 or


EQUIPPED FOR LIFE A Mount Kelly education combines academic excellence and exceptional pastoral care with an outstanding range of learning opportunities beyond the classroom, many on nearby Dartmoor National Park. Mount Kelly’s Combined Cadet Force Programme is an integral part of the school curriculum, delivering personal development skills and abilities across a range of disciplines. Mastering these life skills plays a key role in our pupils’ academic and co-curricular success. For more information about Mount Kelly including the School’s CCF and Forces Families Programmes and full range of scholarships and discounts please contact Vanessa Bowles, Director of Admissions at or 01822 813193

Mount Kelly Parkwood Road Tavistock PL19 0HZ

[ CCF DAY: NEWCASTLE UNDER-LYME SCHOOL ] pupils taking GCSE achieved A* or A grades in all nine subjects. Furthermore, all of the pupils who sat GCSE Examinations this summer have achieved C grades or above in five or more subjects including Mathematics and English. “These are truly outstanding results”, said Headmaster Nick Rugg. “We are delighted for the students who have worked so very hard to achieve these excellent grades. The efforts and commitment of parents, teachers and, of course, the students themselves should never be taken for granted and we are very proud of our students and the results they have achieved. Well done to everyone!” Examination success is only one ingredient of a “Newcastle” education. “We build character here through activity and challenge. Our curriculum goes way beyond the classroom, way beyond a set of qualifications. It embraces the arts, music, sport, leadership development and social responsibility,” says Headmaster Nick Rugg. Consequently “the School is constantly adapting its curriculum to ensure that pupils are fully prepared for the modern world, a world of rapid technological change”, said Mr Rugg. The School aims to provide opportunities outside the classroom that are varied, rewarding and fun. The diverse programme of extra-curricular activities encourages life-skills, stimulates self discovery, risktaking and adventure. The School runs a hugely successful Duke of Edinburgh’s award programme and the Combined Cadet Force and Scout group provide unforgettable experiences and encourage leadership.

Newcastle-under-Lyme School ...The Best Start in Life.


t Newcastle-under-Lyme School construction work on the prestigious £3.6m Stinton Science and Library project is now complete. The project has created state of the art Science Labs and significantly enhanced Library facilities and pupil social space. Headmaster, Nick Rugg, is also delighted to see the interest in joining the School surging, with, for example, a 40 per cent increase in pupil numbers joining Year 7 this term. “We welcomed 105 new pupils to Year 7 in September and we opened a fifth class to accommodate them. We also opened a fifth class to accommodate increased numbers in Year 9 too.”

Summer 2014 was a record breaking year at Newcastle-under-Lyme School with some 82 per cent of entries being awarded A* to B. This is the highest in the School’s history with over a quarter (27 per cent) of all entries being awarded the A* grade, first awarded in 2010 to pick out the highest achieving students at A level. This is also the highest percentage achieved by students at the School. Five students secured places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and 28 of the 80 students achieved A* or A grades in at least three subjects. At GCSE one third of all grades achieved by pupils were A* grades with one pupil achieving A*s in twelve subjects. In total 18

26 I Education for the Military I

Small classes throughout the School allow individual attention according to the child’s specific needs. Enthusiastic, inspiring and well qualified staff provide the right environment for children to grow in confidence and to learn effectively. Literacy and numeracy are highly regarded in the Junior School, as well as music, the arts, ICT, humanities and languages. The curriculum and range of activities adapts to meet each child’s needs with emphasis given to English, mathematics and science as core subjects, but not at the expense of exploring other curriculum opportunities. The School prides itself on going above and beyond the National Curriculum requirements, adding a diverse range of clubs, sports, societies and other extra curricular activities to the children’s programme of learning.

A Top 100 School 2014 

                                  The Times  The Telegraph             

£3.5 million ‐ Stinton Science and Library Project

   Now Open!

 Open Days        Please visit us at any time   

          •  82% A*‐ B Grades, A level, Summer 2014             •  Transport from Stafford, Market Drayton,          Nantwich, Leek, Alsager, Congleton 

                        An HMC School for Girls and Boys aged 3 to 18   

0 1 7 8 2 6 3 1 1 9 7          w ww . n ul s. o rg . uk  


A quality education at an affordable price The Duke of York’s Royal Military School now takes any student aged 11 to 18 wishing to board with us as they study for their GCSE’s and A Levels.


riginally established to educate children from military families, we now welcome applications from any student wishing to be part of our special blend of military ethos and heritage, while developing traditional values of selfdiscipline, self-reliance, leadership, spirituality and respect for others. Parents looking for an affordable quality education for their children will

find our fees very competitively priced. As a state boarding School, your child’s education is paid for by the state. You will pay just £3,665 per term (£10,995 per year) to cover the boarding costs. If you qualify for CEA, you will only pay £366.50 per term. We are a full boarding school, which means that children live and study at the School during term time, making us the ideal choice for parents who

have demanding jobs in the forces or work unsociable hours. Your child will become part of a close-knit community where they are able to study and live with their friends. Our experienced Housemasters and Housemistresses offer good pastoral care and support, while academic tutors support the teachers in their daily classroom activity by overseeing evening prep. All our students are encouraged to achieve the very best they can. From September 2015, we are pleased to offer the increased flexibility of weekly boarding as well as full boarding. This means that with parental permission, students can opt to go home some weekends after Saturday morning lessons and commitments. If they choose to stay at School, weekends will continue to be fully active of course. Graded Good in all categories by Ofsted, our students performed exceptionally well in their GCSE exams last year which put us in the top 100 non selective state schools in the country as confirmed by David Laws

28 I Education for the Military I




We now offer full and weekly boarding The Duke of York’s Royal Military School is a state boarding school for students aged 11 to 18. Historically established for military families, we also welcome applications from any student who wants to study GCSEs and A Levels at our unique school with its strong military ethos and traditions.

Why choose us?

MP in a letter sent to the Executive Principal. We are extremely proud of our military ethos and traditions, and students enjoy ceremonial parades, Combined Cadet Force and a variety of sports and activities. Set in 150 acres of Kentish countryside, the School is ideally located for quick links to London and Europe. Our acclaimed student Military Band recently played at Twickenham for the England/Argentina international rugby match, and the School was invited to play a fanfare at an important WW1 Commemorative Service in Folkestone and featured on BBC Radio Kent. The recent West Side Story show performed for parents and friends of the school in our General Archibald Nye

Performing Arts Centre provided a showcase for our talented musicians and performers.

• Graded Good in all areas by Ofsted. 100 non-selective state schools for GCSE results • In(DfEtop13/14). student is encouraged to achieve their potential in a • Every supportive community. • Military ethos helps develop character and life skills. • Active lifestyle including sport, music, drama and activities. million refurbishment has delivered a new sports • £24.9 centre, high-quality accommodation and a drama studio. • Parents have the flexibility of full and weekly boarding. 2014/15 fees are just £3,665 per term.

We are the ideal choice for students wishing to study A Levels away from home as living in our purpose built Sixth Form House, Centenary, means that students can prepare for the independence that comes with University life in a safe environment. Over 90% of students secured their first or second choice of University in 2014.

Our next Open Day is on Saturday 14 March 2015. To book your place or for a personal tour of the school, please call our Registrar on

Next Open Day: Saturday 14 March 2015 Enquiries: 01304 245073

01304 245073.

Follow Us: @educationmat I Education for the Military I 29



yslexia Assist, founded by a group of parents and children who have struggled through the education system, went live in June 2014. “There are plenty of websites which detail how to ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ dyslexia, but none which give really practical help , saying ‘we tried this and it worked well’ or ‘we tried this, it worked with one of our children, but not the other’ A key feature of the Dyslexia Assist website is its interactivity. It is written in dyslexic font and has speech-to-text software for use whenever it is needed, there are lots of visual and audio aids to help on the website. For instance, to remember the months of the year, there is an article on how you can use your hands and knuckles to prompt memory as well as using familiar tunes and word association as an aid. Also, the website deals with frequently asked questions like: How do I get my child assessed? What will happen in my assessment? How do I cope with tricky words? What should I expect from an assessment? Founders Lisa and Val discovered that even though their children had been schooled differently, one in the private and one in the

public sector, they had both battled with the labels such as ‘lazy’ and ‘ill-disciplined,’ attributed by staff who didn’t understand the nature of dyslexia in their children. Val’s son Tim described how he found his dyslexia challenging. He says he would sit down to write, look at a blank page, become upset, cry and walk out of the room with frustration. He would ask his teacher additional questions and ask to move to the front of the class which led to people to think he had a hearing problem and might even need glasses. When glasses were prescribed to try and help Tim he became upset on finding that they were not the magic wand that would enable him to read. However, since being diagnosed after an assessment, he now gets the additional support he needs and is beginning to develop skills to cope with his difficulties. He has even moved up to higher sets in science Maths and English which he is, quite rightly, chuffed about.

or more completed questionnaires are received indicating that the parent and learner feel the tutor to be dyslexia friendly, the tutor is listed on the website with a smiley face.

A further key aim of the charity it to help parents to find a local suitable tutor. The website lists tutors in geographical areas and listing is done via a tutor satisfaction survey questionnaire which children complete based on smiley faces. Once 3

You can follow Dyslexia Assist on Facebook and on Twitter @DyslexiaAssist. If you want more information, would like to add content to the website or have any suggestions please contact us.

30 I Education for the Military I

Dyslexia Assist is a no shop, no donation, no affiliation registered charity. “Our idea is to share as much information as we can in one central hub so that both parents and children have somewhere to go.” We have just added to our news page few Christmas tips for children who struggle with reading, please take a look. Dyslexia Assist needs your help to raise awareness, please down load our poster from the website to display, perhaps upload some photos or a blog to the website so children can see their ideas and experiences on line which will in turn help other students. With your help Dyslexia Assist will grow and help more people.

There is more in you than you think.

Cobham Hall is an independent mainstream boarding and day school for girls, aged 11 to 18, with a CReSTeD accredited Learning Support Department. Discounts available for Services families.

T: 01474 823371



ip McGrath Education Centres have been helping children with Reading, Spelling, English and Maths for over 35 years. There are now over 650 centres worldwide, with over 220 operating in the UK. Our experienced, professional and fully qualified teachers provide support to children who are finding schoolwork difficult, wish to excel or those students who are preparing for examinations or entrance exams. We understand that more often than not, the most common reason children struggle with maths and English is simply because of a lack of understanding, and should not be put down to lack of intelligence. We’ve even witnessed gifted children feeling insufficiently stretched by work which is beneath their capabilities, and subsequently lose interest in learning and slip down below their potential. At Kip McGrath, we firmly believe that any child can learn if they are taught properly and every child deserves the opportunity to access educational services to reach their full potential. Confidence is a key element, and that’s one of our focus areas with our students. Our proven methods of tuition are designed to teach

any missing concepts of maths and English, which in turn will boost a child’s confidence, and help them make up any lost time so that they may have the opportunity to catch up with their peers. The programmes are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. Each child is an individual, and they all have different learning styles. We don’t label or categorise our students, and therefore create a completely individualised learning plan for that child, which is catered to meet their style of learning. Using our new, ground breaking, multimillion pound software, we are able to determine through our FREE assessment, with precision accuracy, the levels your child is at in their education. Our software, in combination with our manual activities and qualified teachers, who teach educational concepts, are able to ensure that students are not given work that is too easy, nor too hard. The Kip McGrath system of tutoring is able to monitor a student’s progress and abilities to give them exactly the correct level of educational challenge. There are no ‘standard’ timeframes and progression is at the students’ pace, so that they never feel overwhelmed and therefore any sense of failure that they may have previously experienced is removed!

32 I Education for the Military I

Children try harder when they attend Kip McGrath Centre because they genuinely feel that they are progressing and improving. Our teachers only provide support where and when it’s needed. At Kip McGrath, we find that children are more productive and become more successful independent learners when taught on a one-to-one individualised learning programmes basis, but in a group environment. Online tutoring opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the teachers, parents and students. We found that many parents wanted to enrol their child with us, but simply didn’t have the time to commit to a lesson time or a centre nearby. However, with a computer and a steady internet connection, students can still receive all of the benefits provided by our unique, proven methods of tuition with a qualified teacher online. For more information and details of your nearest centre, please visit our website, or call 01452 382282. You could say that Kip McGrath give all students a second chance to reach their full potential and gain skills for life! Take the next step to unlock your child’s full potential. Call Kip McGrath TODAY for a FREE assessment to see what your child can achieve!

Help your child go far with Kip McGrath 5% DISCOUNT FOR ALL FORCES FAMILIES

Our qualified teachers create individual tutoring programmes for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods.

Maths English

Reading Spelling

Exam Help - 11+/SATS/GCSE Kip McGrath Andover

‘live, online, face to face tutoring’ Now Available

Call today for a FREE assessment

ANDOVER • 01264 748 913

Ground Floor, 1 Westmarch Business Centre River Way, Andover, SP10 1NS Email:


THE ICS GROUP: So it’s your time to leave the Armed Forces, and it probably all feels a little daunting. Remember the saying ‘doing something is better than doing nothing’ building a financial plan is free; gathering advice and information is free. So when making your financial plan you are also gaining knowledge and confidence which in turn will put you in a commanding position if and when you decide to introduce products to help achieve your goals.

Where can you get help? The ICS Group was founded in 2011 to provide free financial awareness seminars to military personnel still serving or going through resettlement and people working within the security industry. Delivering key information in relation to financial planning, tax issues, Health/life/Critical illness cover, legal matters, mortgages and general financial awareness.


our probably spending a fair amount of time gathering the skills and knowledge available to ensure you are in the best position to move into Civilian life. So lets go down the check list: • Learning how to put together a professional CV, check. • Looking at the current job market & at the new skill sets required to gain employment, check. • Gathering information on courses, check. Excellent, BUT how much time have you spent looking into one of the most important issues there is before stepping into civi street, having a financial plan. Now if your thinking, here we go how much is one of these going to cost me? The good news is absolutely nothing yes it’s free, as you design and build the financial plan yourself. However how effective it will be, is totally up to you.

Building a financial plan? A key element to a successful plan is obtaining accurate, clear, up to date information, which you understand, from fully qualified and experienced people with knowledge of your situation. Any wrong decisions you make now could result in poor choices and decisions to important financial planning, Tax knowledge, insurance, mortgages and legal matters which could have major implications later on in life. Receiving the correct advice and information is going to help you build a robust financial plan that will not only enable you to achieve your goals but give you a great lifestyle up to and beyond your retirement.

Doing nothing Through no fault of their own people, when they hear the words ‘financial planning’ stick their heads in the sand and ignore everything around them. This could be caused by rumours, hearsay or simply not receiving the proper information.

Working with companies that are specialist within their respective fields and have experience dealing with military personnel and their families, we ensure that the information you receive is up to date, correct and most important of all given by people who are fully qualified, UK regulated and registered. We personally pride ourselves on making our financial awareness seminars unique, captivating and easy to understand. If you can’t reach a seminar we provide an online advice form so you can still receive information from professional companies in the financial, insurance, legal, healthcare and property sectors. With more than twenty years of problem solving in a wide range of diverse environments, time served in the British Armed forces, the security Industry and training within the financial services, members of The ICS Group are in a prime position to make people aware of the financial issues that are unique to serving or ex-military personnel. We don’t sell products, we just give free advice and information to enable people to make clear, well informed decisions about their future financial plans.

>> For more information


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First Aid For all


outh First Aid is a fantastic way for you children to learn much valued skills, many first aid charities now offer courses designed for younger people to take. St Johns Ambulance offers a 12 hour first aid course where your children can learn basic skills, that quite simply, can save a life. Here are the key skills covered on the course. • Asthma • Bites and stings • Bleeding (minor) • Bleeding and shock • Bone, muscle and joint injuries • Burns and scalds • Chest pains • Choking • Communication and casualty care • Coping in an emergency • Electric shock • Fainting • First aid kit • Foreign objects • Head injuries • Heat exhaustion • Hypothermia • Low blood sugar • Poisons • Primary survey • Recovery position • Resuscitation (adult) • Seizures • Severe allergic reaction • Spinal injury. At the end of the course your child will receive an assessment and a certificate is given, this will last for three years. The age range for the YFA is 11 to 16 Years of age. For 16 Plus age you will be required to complete the adult qualifications. If your child is in one of the cadet forces they will automatically be given the opportunity to

learn first aid and have the YFA qualification from St Johns. However they do not need to be a cadet to gain these valuable skills and can take the YFA course from St Johns Ambulance Direct, or even join as a St Johns Ambulance Cadet. Please see for more details. The British Heart Foundation also run a basic course on CPR called Heart Start. These courses are free and only last a couple of hours. The course will teach you:• How to deal with an unconscious Person • Signs and Symptoms of a heart attack • Recognise a cardiac arrest and administer CPR • Dealing with Choking • Dealing with a Serious Bleed. You or your children can join the course as a group or as individuals and it only takes Two hours to learn the skills that can save a life. First Aid and ELC Funding The 16 hour first aid at work courses are beneficial to any CV and many training providers offer these courses in connection with your ELC or Standard learning credits, many of you may have had basic first aid training as part of your service, however it is

36 I Education for the Military I

vital to keep your skills up-to-date and ensure you re-take the course every 3 years to keep your qualifications current. Many areas of employment require as standard a First Aid Certificate, for example if you are looking to work offshore upon leaving the military. Advanced First Aid will be required should you wish to work in adventure training when you leave, again you can find the best training provider to meet your needs, many of which are registered with ELC. First Aid Equipment So you or your children have completed your relevant course, it is now a good idea to purchase a first aid kit and supplies. But how much will you need? For a first aid kit in the home, it is always a good idea to purchase a standard small kit, and then add in supplies that meet your needs for your family. Also to have a fully equipped first aid kit in your car is recommended. If you currently have a first aid kit, it is worth checking the dates on the sterile bandages, plasters and other key items, if they are out of date replace them as soon as possible. Please see the next couple of pages for our recommended training providers and first aid suppliers.




Our customers say...

• Top quality training by highly qualified & experienced trainers • Specialists in Maritime, Offshore and Diving sectors

“Relaxed and welcoming attitude, time with real doctor, incident time with real casualties and time to practice”

Courses include: • MCA / STCW Proficiency in First Aid on Board Ship • MCA / STCW Proficiency in Medical Care on Board Ship • IMCA Diver Medic Technician • HSE Offshore (Rig) Medic • HSE Offshore First Aid at Work

“The knowledge and experience the trainers had was fantastic” “Excellent instruction, a good range of lectures and plenty of practical time”

We do Occupational Medicals too: MCA Seafarer ENG1; HSE Commercial Diver; Oil & Gas UK (UKOOA); Norwegian etc. CONTACT US to discuss your requirements or to make a booking.

Enhanced Learning Credits Approved Training Provider no. 3436 DDRC Healthcare is a not-for-profit organisation & a UK registered charity no. 279652

Ambrey Risk is one of the largest international Private Maritime Security Companies providing a range of security services to commercial shipping and the oil and gas sector throughout the world.

Why should you choose Ambrey Risk: • Our deployed teams are drawn from all sectors of H M Forces • ELCAS providers delivering the essential City & Guilds Level 3 MSO course and the First Aid at Work FPOSi course • High percentage of candidates who pass our MSO course are immediately put forward for deployment opportunities • Provides deployment opportunities to over 400 ex-military personnel • Offering Continued Professional Development with opportunities for promotion • Excellent financial returns • Flexible work patterns • International travel +44(0)1752 209 999

The Hyperbaric Medical Centre, 8 Research Way, Derriford, Plymouth PL6 8BU

Tel: +44 (0) 203 503 0332 • Email:

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Develop your knowledge with online learning during and after the forces Case study: Charlotte Miller Background:

“I have just completed studying an MSc in Environmental Health with UDOL while working as an Environmental Health Technician in the British Army. Completing my Masters will open a lot of doors. Now I have completed my degree I am one step closer to being awarded the Environmental Health Registration Board’s Certificate of Registration and becoming a fully qualified Environmental Health Practitioner.”


f you are considering developing your skills and knowledge whilst in the forces or during your resettlement period, the University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) could be the right route for you. What is University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL)? As the thriving online learning division of the university, UDOL is dedicated to providing part-time online degree programmes, professional courses and CPD opportunities to people around the world who require more flexible study options. As a department it is growing from strength to strength because the interest in this mode is increasing rapidly, and they have already a made positive impact on the lives of learners globally. Are the courses demanding, and would you recommend studying whilst still in the forces? Online learning actually supports students, by placing fewer demands on them. For traditional academic study students have to attend a fixed location, at a fixed time, which can be difficult for those busy working in different locations at unpredictable times. Online learning allows students to engage with their study remotely and flexibly. Students can also take a break from study for personal or professional reasons and then come back onto the course at a later date. How interactive and engaging is online learning? UDOL prides itself on interactive courses. Gone are the days of a lone student staring at a computer. Instead the computer is their gateway to a whole community of

students, from across the world, who they can constantly interact with whilst being supported by a professional academic team. The learning materials provided allow students to engage in different virtual worlds; learn through videos, read the latest publications through the University’s e-library and work through bespoke learning materials. What courses does UDOL offer? UDOL offers more than 40 different courses from Environmental Health to Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation, to over 3,000 online distance learners, located all around the world. Is an online degree as good as one from a ‘bricks and mortar’ university? An online degree is exactly the same. The only thing that is different is the mode of study. They are the same quality, from the same awarding institution and are recognised in the same way by industry. What are the pros of online learning? n Students can study at a time and a place that suits them. They can fit it around their work commitments, and engage with other students throughout their course. n Students can take a break from study and then come back onto the course at a later date. n All students receive academic tuition and guidance from highly qualified academics. Is it more expensive to study online? Studying online saves money and time and it is still the exact same degree as on campus. For more information about UDOL, go to:

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Online Learning:

“Studying online was a challenge at times especially when on deployment in places such as Belize and Kenya. However with the internet available in most places I was able to download many of the resources before I deployed and the Environmental Health lecturers were understanding and able to offer support and to accommodate my studies whilst deployed overseas. Online learning is perfect for students who also work.”

Current role:

“In my role as an Environmental Health Technician I help reduce disease and nonbattle injuries, working in some of the most challenging situations all around the world. For example, this year I have been deployed to both Belize and Kenya. I assess environmental, industrial and domestic health hazards, inspect military kitchens and bases, investigate outbreaks of disease, conduct environmental and occupational health surveys and advise commanders. I also take samples of contaminants for analysis, advise on water quality, brief newly deployed troops on health hazards, write reports and provide support to soldiers.”

READY TO FURTHER YOUR QUALIFICATIONS? Develop your skills and increase your employability with a recognised University qualification The University of Derby Online Learning is one of the UK’s leading providers of online learning. We provide structured and supported undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and short courses that can be studied part time, online from anywhere in the world. Online learning offers you a flexible way of completing a University qualification, allowing you to fit your studies around your career, family and social commitments.

Start February, May or September.

Choose from a wide range of courses in subject areas including:

• • • • • • • • •

Accounting and Finance Business and Management Computing and IT Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Environmental Sciences Health and Social Care Hospitality Management Professional Engineering Psychology and Ergonomics

Visit our website for more information or call our specialist advisors on +44 (0)1332 592481 to discuss your options. Whether you’re starting out, moving up or starting again WE’RE READY WHEN YOU ARE


Believing that a university degree will open up more possibilities for employment in the future, Tamba Konteh is enjoying his time at Oxford Brookes. It was really good to do the foundation year first so I knew I was moving in the right direction. Without that year I would not have been able to cope with the degree course. The first year of the degree was really good. When things did get tough I just kept fixed on my objective. The most enjoyable aspect of the course for me was where work required reports – I achieved a mark of 96 out of 100 in an individual electronics module! What makes it all possible is the support of the staff. Help is always available.

>> Tamba Konteh


served for 7 years in the army in 79 Railway Squadron which was later amalgamated with other units to form 79 Port Enabling Squadron, 17 Port & Maritime Regiment, Royal Logistics Corp (RLC). The injuries I sustained during active service limited my options after I left the Army, but I decided to investigate the possibility of going to university to study engineering and was accepted onto the Engineering Foundation course at Oxford Brookes University. I felt that the best way to help myself was to follow a path of study in a subject that had always interested me and could lead to a successful career, but I had been out of the world of education for some time and needed to gain the qualifications that would allow me to study an engineering degree. Having passed the foundation year I am now in the third year of the degree and am pleased and excited with my decision which seemed like such a big step when I left the Army. Using the skills of discipline and hard work learned during my time in the Army, plus a bit of motivation to plan for my future, I am making the most of my time at university. I feel I definitely made the right decision to come to Oxford Brookes where the support for students is excellent. I know from talking to friends in the Army that a lot of them are wary of trying to enter higher education when they leave, because the grades they obtained at school were not great. But the time they have spent in the Service has taught them many useful skills and they could be very pleasantly surprised at the options for mature students wanting to better their career chances. When I applied to Brookes I was able to discuss my application with the admissions staff and it was agreed I needed a relevant maths qualification to meet a specific entry requirement of the foundation course. I studied hard and obtained the required grade and started my course in September that year.

I have now moved onto the MEng stage of the degree and am on course to graduate in 2016. After graduation I would like to pursue a PhD, possibly in power generation, at Oxford Brookes (if they will have me!). The advantages to achieving a university degree are many, but it is true to say that it will open up far more possibilities for employment in the future. Coming to Brookes was the right decision for me. Now I find that two of the friends I made in the Army are thinking of studying here, one for a degree in audio engineering and the other for a business degree. Having been a student here for three years I have been able to give them plenty of advice! If you are interested in improving your career chances when you leave the Services, don’t assume you haven’t got what it takes to study for the qualifications you need – just give it a go!

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at Brookes has a host of popular courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level to tempt you. In all these programmes, which are developed in conjunction with industry, we aim to equip our students with the specialist knowledge and skills, experience of latest technology and specialist software packages and to develop as individuals so as to leave them in the best position to compete in the employment market. This is recognised by many employers, especially in Formula 1, who recruit a significant number of our graduates. Whether your passion is road cars, race cars, great engineering design, probabilistic concepts or algorithms, then studying one of our courses will help you to realise your ambitions. Our graduates enjoy excellent employment opportunities. Many go on to pursue successful careers with leading engineering and technology companies including major automotive and motorsport companies. Inherent in all our activity is the value we place on partnerships with business and industry,

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because it not only helps us to do better teaching and research and provide learning opportunities, such as student dissertations, but it also allows us to add value back into the economy. Teaching takes place in our purpose-built £9m facility which is well equipped and the envy of many local organisations. It creates an environment in which technical expertise is enhanced by creativity and imagination. This promotes a friendly, close knit community of staff and students with excellent student support staff and facilities close at hand. These are the engineering and mathematics courses we offer: Engineering foundation: This is a one-year full-time course which prepares you for undergraduate study. Undergraduate degree courses • Automotive Engineering BEng/MEng • Mathematical Sciences BSc • Mathematics BSc • Mechanical Engineering BEng/MEng/BSc • Motorsport Engineering BEng/MEng • Motorsport Technology BSc • Electronic Engineering BSc (final year top-up only) Postgraduate degree courses • Automotive Engineering MSc • Data Visualisation and Modelling PGCert • Mechanical Engineering MSc • Motorsport Engineering MSc • Racing Engine Design MSc

>> Using the wind tunnel If you study computing at Oxford Brookes, you will encounter state-of-the-art technologies - such as robotics and computer vision - and develop a wide range of cognitive, practical, analytical, creative and professional skills.

[ UNIVERSITIES ] Computing, digital media and communication technologies are fast paced and exciting disciplines that thrive on innovation and have the potential to change the world. To be an effective practitioner in these areas requires the ability to stay up to date with rapidly changing technologies and have the competence to apply these technologies effectively. Our courses are specifically designed to enable you to become an agile adopter of new technologies and will equip you with the professional skills, techniques and ways of thinking needed to pursue a successful career.

We place a strong emphasis on developing an inclusive learning and research community. We work to integrate our world-leading research with our teaching so that students become engaged with the leading edge of their discipline. Our new Cognitive Robotics Laboratory, for example, will enable students to apply what they are learning about programming to the control of sophisticated robots. Our courses, taught by leading academics with active research programmes, are designed to meet the needs of modern industry. Our graduates tell us that the relevance of our courses and the skills they’ve learnt enable them to achieve their goals and build their careers. In addition our location in Oxford places us at the heart of one of Europe’s biggest concentrations of high-tech businesses. These are the computing and digital media courses we offer: Computing foundation. This is a one-year full-time course which prepares you for undergraduate study. Undergraduate degree courses

>> Artie the humanoid robot does motion capture

• Audio Engineering and Music Production BSc • Computer Science BSc • Computing for Robotic Systems BSc • Digital Media Production BSc

• Information Technology Management for Business BSc • Network Computing BSc • Software Development for Business BSc Postgraduate degree courses • Computing MSc/PGDip/PGCert • Computer Vision MSc/PGDip/PGCert • Software Engineering MSc/PGDip/PGCert • Mobile and High Speed Telecommunication Networks MSc/PGDip/PGCert • Mobile and Wireless Communications MSc/ PGDip/PGCert • eBusiness MSc • Digital Media Production MSc To find out how a degree from Oxford Brookes could make the difference to your future, visit for mechanical engineering and mathematics courses or for computing and communication technologies programmes.


Technology, mathematics and engineering courses that build on your armed forces experience

At Oxford Brookes our courses deliver real-world skills that are in demand across the globe. Many ex-forces students like you have taken the next step in their careers with us. Our international reputation means we have industry partners that are second to none, so not only will you learn through inside knowledge, you’ll get invaluable foot-in-the-door contacts for the future. We’ve got the best tools, equipment and facilities, identical to those in industry. We offer flexible study options because we want to help you learn in a way that works best for you, with across-theboard personal support.

Using skills learned in the Army, Mechanical Engineering student Tamba Konteh is making the most of his time at university.

Studying Digital Media Production at Brookes enhanced ex-Royal Navy student James Merson’s professional connections in his new career.

Pete Flann’s experience and qualifications from the army proved an ideal basis for a degree in Computer Science and Network Computing.

To find out more, visit for mechanical engineering and mathematics courses or for computing and communications programmes. Discover for

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Achieve your professional ambitions


irmingham City Business School is a leading practice-based international business school. We offer over 40 highly innovative undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are tailored to student and industry needs.

We have around 100 full-time staff and more than 3,300 students working and studying in three schools:

We also offer ‘in-company’ and placement-based degrees that provide a perfect mix of real-life experience and academic skills.

• Department of Accountancy and Finance

Our business courses will give you ‘more than a degree’ and you will be among the 90 per cent of our University students who go into employment or further studies within six months of graduating (DLHE survey 2012/13).

I chose Birmingham City University because I knew people who had studied Business and Management courses here and were pleased not only with the teaching, but also the employment opportunities that they gained ”

Tom Mason, graduate 2012

• Department of Management, Human Resources and Enterprise

• Department of Strategy, Marketing and Economics. We are a truly international Business School and University, recruiting students from over 80 countries. We also have partnerships with a number of overseas universities, colleges and education providers. Our expertise Our academic staff have worked in senior positions in companies and organisations such as Tesco, The Prince’s Trust, Midland Heart Ltd, Hong Kong University, Barclays Bank, Land Rover, H&M and BT, to name just a few. We have three specialist centres which work closely with business to offer innovative research, consultancy services, training and the chance to employ our students. Everything that these centres teach, research or discover also feeds back into our courses, so that students across the University benefit from our academics’ great expertise and close links with business. We compare very favourably with many other universities when it comes to the contact time our students receive – typically you’ll spend around 35 per cent of your time accessing the expertise of our staff.

42 I Education for the Military I

Case study: Tom Mason -

Project Manager at Symanto Research BA (Hons) Business and Management and graduated in 2012 After graduating, Tom secured a role project managing international market research for UK-based clients, specialising in the technology and gaming markets. “The focus of my work at Symanto is measuring and evaluating marketing campaigns, and providing strategic recommendations to help businesses make their future strategies more targeted and engaging. This is done by combining data analysis with customer segmentation, based on psychological and linguistic analyses. “I chose Birmingham City University because I knew people who had studied Business and Management courses here and were pleased not only with the teaching, but also the employment opportunities that they gained. When I was researching courses, Birmingham City University also had a good employment rate for graduates. “The teaching was great, particularly in the management modules; I had a couple of great tutors, Martin Hipkiss and Geoff Stanley, who were always available to help. They made the course content interesting and always made the seminars very interactive and group based – ¬it was useful to actually get involved in discussion with other students rather than just sit back and listen. “The combination of theories, concepts and ideas about management and strategy, alongside group-based projects was useful. It meant that, as a student, you had a chance to understand how all of these concepts worked within a group dynamic before you went into a real business environment. What’s great is that it becomes quite automatic in the workplace when faced with problems, planning projects or organising teams, where you have a good idea of what decisions will work and also why – which is key.”

INTERESTED IN A CAREER IN BUSINESS? - Put theory into practice by learning from our industry-experienced staff and working directly with big-name companies during your studies. - Study courses accredited by professional bodies like the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Institute of Internal Auditors and Institute of Risk Management (IRM)– we are one of only three universities to have Platinum approved status from the ACCA. - Increase your employability by completing a placement year with a company or organisation such as Disney, Microsoft, Peugeot, Royal Bank of Scotland or the NHS. - Get ahead in the jobs market and gain the skills employers want with our programme of employability events. We offer a range of courses in accountancy, business, finance, human resources, management, marketing and leadership. We also have a sponsored work-based degree programme in Leadership and Management Practice that enables you to earn and learn at the same time. Study in the heart of the UK at our new City Centre Campus from September 2015 – just minutes away from major transport links.

Call us on 0121 331 5595, or email Find out more at

Connect with us: @BCUBusiness




Research on the front line


he School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences (SHES) has a 40-year record of high-calibre undergraduate and postgraduate taught degrees. During this time, Bangor has attracted some of the world’s best teaching and research staff who have contributed to the development of some of the UK’s truly excellent degree programmes. SHES also has a long history of teaching and research collaboration with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on Leadership research programmes, conducting research into stressors on the immune system, and most recently, investigating the importance of vitamin D in maintaining immune and muscle function. Prof Lew Hardy, and his team at the School’s Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance, has spent ten years conducting research and implementation in partnership

with the British Army Recruitment and Training Division. Their project addressed high wastage due to failure or withdrawal of recruits, something that has always been a problem for the Armed Services because of the high standards of performance required. The research, funded by the MoD, focused on the benefits of training non-commissioned officers involved in the delivery of recruit training in transformational leadership and coaching skills. This research has led to changes in the delivery of training across the three UK Armed Services, the formation of a new training establishment, the formation of a new tri-service monitoring and training body, better mental health in military recruits, and significant reductions in wastage (attrition) rates (up to 15%). The Bangor model is now being used by the Canadian and US armed services. In the field of physiology, in 2010 Prof Neil Walsh led a £90k MoD-funded contract to investigate the influence of nutritional supplementation on the health of soldiers during arduous physical training. He, and his team from the Extremes Research Group, is currently working on a £1.4Million project applying innovative physiological measures out in the field to assess the importance of vitamin D in maintaining health and physical performance, and reducing injury risk in British Army recruits at Catterick and Pirbright training centres. Although vitamin D is formed by the action of UVB sunlight on the skin, it has widespread effects on bone. Emerging evidence indicates an important role for vitamin D to maintain immune and

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muscle function. UK Army recruits may be at risk of Vitamin D deficiency largely because of Britain’s northerly latitude. This could lead to an increased risk of skeletal injury, infection and under-performance contributing to lost training days, back coursing and the medical attrition of recruits. The application of innovative methods, developed in Bangor, allow us to measure immune function and report on clinically relevant outcomes. Indeed, one of the main aims of this research is to support MoD policy on Vitamin D supplementation for UK, Army recruits. Learn from the best and be inspired – Undertaking a degree in Bangor University’s School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences will give you the chance to study in this vibrant research and learning atmosphere. Our flexible range of programmes gives you the opportunity to enhance your future employability by adding an internationally respected and recognised qualification to your CV. We offer: • Foundation and Top-up degrees in Sport Science (Outdoor Recreation); • BSc and MSci programmes in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences including Sport Science (Outdoor Activities) and Sport Science (Physical Education), tailored to those who might want to be outdoors instructors or PE teachers; • MSc and MRes programmes for those who may already have a BSc qualification.

INTERESTED IN Sport ScienceABOUT Masters at Bangor? LEARNING SPORT, HEALTH AND EXERCISE SCIENCES? Turn your sport and fitness skills into a widely recognised qualification

Research and teaching excellence to inform and support your studies

Inspiring opportunities in a fantastic location

For Foundation degrees to Masters programmes:

Visit our course information pages for a full list of available courses.

• Foundation and Top-up degrees in Sport Science (Outdoor Recreation);

Or get in touch: SHES Admissions, School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

• BSc and MSci programmes in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences including Sport Science (Outdoor Activities) and Sport Science (Physical Education), tailored to those who might want to be outdoors instructors or PE teachers; • MSc and MRes programmes for those who may already have a BSc qualification.

Tel: +44 (0) 1248 388256 E-mail: Follow SHES on



Bournemouth University:

Online Business & Management degree


I took this course because I wanted to keep my brain going. I have a natural talent for business and linguistics and I’ve always wanted to do a business degree. I was able to work throughout and study in the evenings and at weekends, or days off.” Helen Gardner, graduate 2014

hy study Business & Management?

Our part-time and online BA (Hons) International Business & Management degree will equip you with a wide range of skills to begin a successful career in the world of international business management, or help you further progress your existing career. You will graduate with knowledge and skills applicable to many different areas of business including marketing, management, finance, law and human resource management. The online course caters for people who cannot physically attend campus such as people in full time employment or those raising a family. The course is ideally suited to people returning to education as it does not require traditional academic qualifications for entry. Professional experience is counted and we consider each application on individual merit.

There are flexible entry and exit points so if you’re not interested in a full honours degree, you can still gain a nationally recognised qualification e.g. a Certificate of Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education or a Foundation Degree. If you already have a Foundation Degree or HND, you can top up your qualification to a full Honours degree. Due to its online nature, this course appeals to Armed Forces personnel stationed overseas or considering their resettlement options. The course has been developed in conjunction with the MOD and is accredited

46 I Education for the Military I

by ELCAS, enabling Armed Forces personnel to off-set the majority of the course fees through the ELC Scheme.

How do you study? This course is delivered entirely online and part-time using a variety of communication channels including email, discussion forums, and Skype. You will have access to our e-learning environment where you can complete online tests, submit assignments, watch lectures, have regular contact with academic staff and interact with fellow students, all at times that suit your lifestyle and from wherever you happen to be when you study. The programme uses social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to allow students to interact with one another and the programme team.

What support is available? You will be supported throughout your studies by a dedicated team, including prorgamme administrators, learning technologist, specialist e-tutors and a business librarian. You will have access to a comprehensive range of electronic resources (electronic journals and e-books) and be guided by an experienced academic team who are available to answer or discuss any concerns you have.

Find out more:


Broaden your career prospects

with our online degree in International Business and Management This course is ideal if you are a member of the Armed Forces and are:

• Interested in leadership and management • Considering your resettlement plans and/or returning to learning • Thinking it’s time to build yourself a new career • Looking for flexible study options. Why Study Business & Management at BU?

• Study online and part-time, with flexible entry and exit points • Start the course in January or September • Ideal if you are looking for a degree qualification that recognises your prior experience • Developed in conjunction with the MOD, the course is accredited by ELCAS, enabling you to off-set the majority of the course fees through the ELC scheme

Call us now on +44 (0)1202 961916 or visit:


“ Thank you for getting me enthused and interested in my own education again, I never expected to find learning for learning’s sake (rather than because I have to) so very interesting ” (2014 graduate). reading, researching and writing. Our last National Student Survey results produced a 100% level of student satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it, who better to tell you about studying a degree with the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth than one of our current students:


University degree? Is that for me? Why not? Many of our students have been out of education for years and many have no formal qualifications. High levels of support are available from our dedicated team of academic staff, administrative staff, technical staff and tutoring staff to ease you into Higher Education and help with the skills of

“My name is Thomas Watts and I have worked in the private security sector since 2005, based in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Prior to this I joined the Army at 16 and served six years with the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment. In 2011 I began studying part-time at the University of Portsmouth for a BSc (Hons) in Risk and Security Management. Having worked for a number of years in the commercial sector, I have seen many individuals not taking their professional development seriously. I did not want to be operating at a junior level in hostile environments later in my career, with the fear of having to source more work as a

contractor when the project/programme had closed down. My long term plan is to eventually move into a more corporate setting within a large scale organisation, specialising in physical security measures and/or business continuity planning. Having just submitted my last assessment for year three, the knowledge I have gained from all of the modules to date is incredible. It is vital to have ‘practical’ experience but employers are looking for people who can combine this with an advanced education, especially in mid to senior management roles where a level of academic writing and thinking is paramount. Enrolling onto this degree is without a doubt the best decision I have made, despite it being very stressful at times. My advice to anyone thinking of applying is to go for it, but ensure you are very capable of time management, especially if you work a full time job alongside studying.”

Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

Security, policing, investigation We are currently recruiting to our four part-time degrees: • • • •

BSc (Hons) Risk and Security Management BSc (Hons) Policing and Investigation BSc (Hons) Crime and Criminology BSc (Hons) Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies

Study online at home and at a pace which suits you. Students are taught through a ‘virtual learning environment’, linking you to modern learning resources and tutor support. For those wanting to be more involved, we also run voluntary conference style events with lectures, tutorials and opportunities to meet with staff and students. ICJS is one of the largest departments of its kind, with 50 academic staff and more than 1,800 students. It has over 20 years of experience in: • • • •

Providing course programmes for full and part-time students. Delivering distance learning programmes home and abroad. Working closely with policing and criminal justice agencies. Providing consultancy support, evaluative research and training services to the criminal justice sector, nationally and internationally.

For more information or to apply: T: +44 (0)23 9284 3148 E: W: militaryfamily

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People who leave the military leave with a wealth of skills and experiences that equip them well for civilian life. education and degree level, so there’s a whole host of options available based on previous experience. Come and join us so you can:


ut often, employers can’t always see the benefit of those skills. Sometimes, all it takes is a qualification to unlock doors into other exciting careers. Bishop Burton College, based in East Yorkshire, offers a range of courses for those looking to get into public services. Offering everything from policing and criminology to uniformed public services and forensics, the College offers courses at both further

• Be an important part of a team • Get real job satisfaction • Serve the community • Develop observational skills • Take initiative • Remain calm in sometimes life threatening situations • Enjoy a huge variety of jobs • Accept discipline, give and receive orders • Work towards a range of respected professional qualifications • Use your creative problem solving skills to the full. Over the last 10 years, Bishop Burton College has worked in partnership with many of the uniformed services to provide realistic hands-on experience for students as part of its public services offering.

Equipping them for the pressured work environment of public services, students get first-hand experience of real-life scenarios, including working alongside Humberside Fire and Rescue at simulated crash scenes and learning how to work with dogs, as part of dog-handling master classes with the Police. Students who have studied public services at the College have gone on to work in a variety of different specialisms including traffic, the river police, mounted police, criminal investigation department, dog handling, underwater search units and firearm units – and that’s just within the Police! Build on your experiences with a course at Bishop Burton College. For more information on the subjects offered, visit Make 2015 your year with Bishop Burton College.

Looking for a career in

Public Services? Make use of your skills learned in the military Further Education

Degree Courses

1 Programme of study in * Level Uniformed Public Services 2 Programme of study in * Level Public Services 3 Programme of study in * Level Public Services Bishop Burton College | York Road | Beverley | HU17 8QG

Policing & Forensic * FdSc Investigation Policing & Criminology * FdA BA (Hons) Policing & * Criminology (Final year)

For more info call 0800 731 82 81 Follow Us: @educationmat I Education for the Military I 49

What is the Covenant doing for you? Making funding available for service children in state schools Ensuring service personnel in England are given priority for the government’s home ownership schemes Establishing BFPO ‘shadow postcodes’ to give service personnel equal access to online goods and services Ensuring local authorities in England prioritise members of the armed forces community with urgent housing needs Doubling the tax free Operational Allowance Doubling Council Tax Relief twice for those deployed Working with credit reference agencies to ensure service personnel are not disadvantaged by continual moves Purchase of high quality properties for use as service accommodation in areas of high demand and much, much more!

The RAF Families Federation helping deliver the covenant...

Search... Armed Forces Covenant


Advice on working in the security industry after the forces If you are considering a career in the Security Industry, below is some information that will hopefully keep you one step ahead of the taxman!


our tax will be your OWN responsibility; When you start work in the Security Industry most companies state that you have to deal with your own tax responsibilities, this means that you will have to submit a self-assessment tax return to HMRC every year before the deadline to avoid fines. If the outcome is that you owe any tax it will have to be paid to HMRC before the deadline to prevent interest & fines being added to your account. There are only a small number of companies that will take you on a PAYE basis, i.e. pay your PAYE tax & NIC. What if I don’t tell the taxman anything?? That isn’t a wise decision, HMRC have investigation teams & if you are found to have not declared your income then you can receive large fines & possibly face legal action. Also if you have paid too much tax in the past you won’t get it back if you don’t do anything.

If you receive any letters or bills from HMRC & you are unsure why then either contact them direct & ask for advice, or if you have an accountant call them.

Never ignore correspondence from HMRC; if you receive any letters or bills from HMRC & you are unsure why then either contact them direct & ask for advice, or if you have an accountant call them.

Common Mistakes made: • Listening to know it all’s, unfortunately we all know someone who thinks they know everything about tax, how to deal with the taxman but unless they are a tax advisor or accountant then ignore them! • NOT keeping receipts, travel documents & other important documentation. • Setting up an overseas bank account to keep your money safe, HMRC now have the powers to investigate these accounts. • Not saving money for a tax bill, you should always expect to have a tax bill. We generally advise that you put 20-30% of your income away to cover any potential tax bill. Working abroad in the Security sector, you need to qualify to get the tax reliefs that are available which can then minimise your potential tax bills.

NON-RESIDENCY - Working on Land Abroad, You MUST adhere to the following: • Be employed or carry on a trade/ profession abroad • Work at least 35 hours per week • Have an employment contract for a minimum of 12 months • Complete ONE full tax year, April to April • Spend NO more than 90 days in the UK in a full tax year, April to April.

SEAFARERS EARNINGS DEDUCTIONS - Working at Sea, You MUST adhere to the following: • Spend at least 183 days out of the UK over a 12 month period • Be classed as employed • Visit at least ONE foreign port every tax year, for every employer. If you are NOT going to qualify for either Non residency or Seafarers Earnings Deductions (SED) tax reliefs or you are going to be working in the UK then you have the option of being a Sole-Trader or a Limited Company.

Self-Employment • Being a sole trader involves personal financial risk & you must pay your debts if the business fails. • Setting up as a sole trader is quick, easy & involves no cost. • You will be liable for tax, Class 2 & 4 NIC

Limited Company • Having a Limited Company means you will have to adhere to strict Company law legislation. • The accounts must be prepared under the Companies Act with financial statements & reports; this does make the accounting fees higher. • You will be liable for Corporation Tax on the net profit of the Company at the end of financial year

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Whittaker & Co are specialists in Non Residency, Mariners Taxation etc. for Overseas and UK Security Operatives and also Ex-Forces working in Hostile Environments or even the Oil & Gas Industry etc. The company was started in 2006 by Anna Cooperwhite, who herself is ex forces. We specialise in providing accountancy services, tax returns, tax advice etc. and pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients which include • Non UK Residents • Maritime Security • Sole Traders • Partnerships • Limited Companies and Personal Tax Payers Within our team we have vast experience of dealing with the frustrations and concerns common to all businesses and individuals, we all share great enthusiasm to deliver a personal, high quality service to all our clients and each member of staff working for Whittaker & Co has a niche area of specialism. Our range of services and resources allows us to meet our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently which often exceeds the clients’ expectations. Whittaker & Co are not only the leading accountancy firm and preferred choice on the market for ex-forces going into the security industry but we also have a first class team to assist you with any matter when working for yourself, whether it is creating a business plan, helping you with basic bookkeeping, payroll, VAT etc., we will advise and guide you every step of the way in whatever business you choose to go in to. With the numerous Associates we have on board and work very closely with on a daily basis, we can assist with finance, arranging both personal and business insurance, pension schemes etc. As well as offering all of the above services and much more, we also go out and give briefs on tax advice when individuals are on resettlement courses and we are currently in the process of getting our non-profit making company “The Associates” under every camp resettlement officers nose to assist with the transition into civilian life. The Associates are doing their upmost to the best of their ability to work together with the MOD so it will enable them to give an informative presentation to each armed forces individual leaving the service. It is in the best interest as an individual that you get the correct advice and help out there to steer you in the right direction and both Whittaker & Co and The Associates are committed 100% in getting you just that. For more information about The Associates, visit If you wish to know more about the services Whittaker & Co and The Associates can offer you, or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help you in more detail then please contact us on any of the available options below. Whittaker & Co have supported and will continue to support and fundraise for the Pilgrim Bandits For more information visit

Whittaker & Co (UK) Ltd, Bryn Isel, The Bank, Newtown, Powys. SY16 2AB Telephone: 01686 610662 Website: Email:


Enhance your Career Prospects with Accountancy Learning The ‘go to’ people for all your bookkeeping and accountancy training Why AAT?

Why Accountancy Learning?

If you want to embark on a career in accountancy or bookkeeping, AAT is a smart choice.

We’ve been there, done that! Our staff are qualified Accounting Technicians and Chartered Accountants with years of experience in both accountancy and in training.

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is widely recognised as the Gold Standard for accounting technician training. You’ll find it’s a qualification that’s recognised and valued across the whole accounting profession and it’s even a requirement of many employers in the field. As a result, by becoming AAT qualified, you’ll enhance your career prospects and increase the likelihood of finding work.

“A professional and well managed learning provider” Stuart McIndoe Stuart was in the Royal Marines until 2013 and has now set up his own bookkeeping practice.

With us you will receive unparalleled careers advice and great training. You’ll benefit from uncapped tutor support, high quality learning materials, and a flexible approach to study, which fits around your other commitments. In fact, our course provision is carefully designed to maximise your success; regardless of what else you’re juggling – it’s why our AAT Pass Rates consistently exceed 95%. For more information and advice contact us on 01392 311928 or email us for a FREE guide to the Accountancy Profession and the related qualifications and study options on using the subject line EDMIL4. Or visit our Website at:

IDEAL Schools Bookkeeping Home Study Experts Celebrating 30 years of student success With over 30 years experience specialising in bookkeeping & accounting training via home study, we have a training and support package suitable for anyone seeking to embark on this qualification route.

Our current course choices are as follows,

Your course includes:

• Level 1 Award in Accountancy (Access) - £249 • Level 2 Certificate in Accounting - £549 • Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping - £249 • Level 2 Computerised Accounting - £249 • Level 3 Diploma in Accounting - £649

• All Study Materials via textbook or presentation folder • tutorial support via phone & email • Continuous Self Progress tests & Answers • tutor marked assignments • Unlimited access to online practice questions

Contact us Today: 0141248 5200 or 0800 028 1404 - Follow Us: @educationmat I Education for the Military I 53

Car Finance for Forces Personnel Lowest Rate Guarantee Lowest Price Guarantee 5 Branches Over 3000 Cars Available All Credit Histories Considered

At MK Car Finance, we understand the issues Armed Forces personnel have obtaining credit. Being a specialist military finance broker, we deal with a number of lenders who are sympathetic and understand the unique circumstances of military personnel. With barracks or naval addresses, overseas postings, and moving around often, many of you find it hard to fit the usual credit scoring systems for motor finance. That, coupled with the fact that some lenders won’t even consider members of the Armed Forces, means applications are often unnecessarily declined. What we do is different. Specialising in Armed Forces car finance, we offer both lowest rate and lowest price guarantees on all our vehicles and finance - more details of which are available at Whether you have good credit or have had credit issues in the past, with 5 branches, and over 3000 cars available at any time, we have something for everyone*. We even give you 7 days to return the vehicle if you just don’t get on with it.

For an informal chat with one of our specially trained Armed Forces car finance Account Managers, please call 0 3 3 3 5 7 7 5 5 3 3 , calls charged at standard landline rate. Alternatively, you can go to w w w . m k c a r f in a n c e . c o . u k and fill in the straightforward application form 24 hours a day and we will get back to you during office hours.

MK 1 9 . 9 %

A better way to get a car on finance.

A Finance P R R e p Car

r e s e n t a t i v e .

The representative APR means 51% or more of our customers who apply through the website and take up an offer of finance pay a rate of 19.9% APR or less. If you are accepted and your credit history is good you could potentially be offered an APR lower than this rate, if your credit history is poor you could potentially be offered an APR higher than this rate. Finance applications are always subject to status and affordability checks, written quotations are available upon request. *Not all applications for finance will receive an offer. For details please contact us by phone or visit Unique Financial Services South East LTD T/A MK Car Finance Constable House, 20 Simpson Rd, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK2 2DE


Post-Forces Careers: Interview from Andy Wakefield (RAF Engineer - 10 Years)

Provided By: The Knowledge Acadmey (ELCAS Provider)


he often apprehensive transition period from the Armed Forces into civilian life has been improved through the work done by the ELCAS system and its Learning Providers, such as The Knowledge Academy, who are experts in providing a wide range of courses to both ELCAS users and privately and corporately funded civilians. One huge success story is that of Andy Wakefield, whose ELCAS funded training courses and military background has brought great benefit to his own post-Forces career and that of his new employer, TrainFX. When Andrew left the RAF, where he had been an engineer for 10 years, the horror stories of years of unemployment and battles to adjust to life back on the other side of the wire were completely unfounded. Working as an aviation contractor from 2007, Andy first came into contact with TrainFX whilst

they were a customer of the company he was working for at the time. Using the skills he had gained working on aircraft and equipment of all shapes and sizes in the military, transferring to train technology was straightforward and the troubleshooting abilities Andy had developed since his training was a vital asset to him and his new company. From that point onwards, Andy has progressed through the company and found he was able to apply for training through the ELCAS system to fully equip him for his role as a team leader. Receiving £1800 from ELCAS enabled him to book both PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Training and MSP® training with The Knowledge Academy. “I found the PRINCE2 course more useful as much of my work is project based, using a

56 I Education for the Military I

lifecycle to deal with issues and stakeholders when required, a regular occurrence in my job” explained Andy, “This training has given a formal process to what I’m doing already, helping me work by the book, using correct terms for my role and filling a gap in the company.” He was also complimentary of our trainer, Mark Eaton, who everyone on the course felt was easy to work with, keeping a complex subject simple, in a relaxed style. The included exams were a success too as being used to evenings spent training at bases meant that Andy improved each time he sat a mock examination each evening and was comfortable by the time the real thing came around. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to increase your skills set and employability with The Knowledge Academy and ELCAS - Search for us at ProviderSearch.aspx and read Andy’s advice for applying for ELCAS funded training and ex-military jobs (with a bosses eye-view from his MD, Philip Campbell of TrainFX) to see how simple it can be in our online Education for the Military Magazine Editorial.passed anything I could have hoped for!”

The world’s fastest growing learning provider of choice Best Price Guarantee Award-Winning Company Courses available near YOUR location Offering the best courses in today’s job market Fantastic Pass Rates Computer-Based Training available developed through a best in class Online Learning Management System High-Quality Training materials and other pre and post support provided in all courses Find us on ELCAS – The Knowledge Academy Provider Number is 3495 Call us on 01344 203999 and quote ‘ELCAS10’ to receive a discount on your course

Contact Us: 01344 203999 @KnowledgeAcadLT


Advice for service leavers looking to enter the field of Close Protection

• Possessing the necessary interpersonal skills. • Teamwork. • Reconnaissance. • How to apply on-foot protection drills. • Route planning and selection. • How to drive tactically and defensively. • Search procedures. • How to deal with incidents and dilemmas. • How to apply venue, location and travel security. • Communication & Conflict Management. • Physical Intervention skills As important as these skills are, they do not cover the basic skills and drills required to operate as a HECPO, which is why the Perseus Academy designed a customised “fit for purpose” course that prepares ex soldiers before deployment covering the following essential subjects: • Introduction to working in a Hostile Environment as a HECPO • Pre-deployment requirements: admin, kit & equipment. • Cultural Awareness – absolutely vital in generating freedom of movement! • Actions On – vehicle and on-foot protective anti-ambush drills. • Reaction to trauma & medical crisis in a hostile environment including medevac, casevac and casualty extrication procedures. • Safe weapon handling skills. • Rules for the Use of Force and Graduated Response.


urrent trends show that a high proportion of service leavers end up on the Hostile Environment Close Protection (HECP) ‘Circuit’, employed by any one of the many Private Security Companies (PSCs). That being the case, many of you may wonder what is the point of doing a Close Protection (CP) Course in the first place if service leavers can get a job on the HECP Circuit purely on the strength of their military experience?

Whilst the more reputable PSCs recognize the importance of using operators with an HECP specific qualification, there are still those who are quite happy just to get ‘boots on the ground’ to fulfill contractual obligations, regardless of quality. Of course, these PSCs will insist that their CPOs are more than capable of providing “adequate” protection to their clients. In my experience however, it is becoming more and more

apparent that few former soldiers, regardless of military experience, are able to “hit the ground running” as a HECPO. There is much more to becoming a HECPO than simply being a combat experienced soldier, particularly given the increasingly complex environments in which they now find themselves operating and the presence of an International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service providers (ICOC PSSP). First of all you are a non-combatant and are there to provide security for your Principal in exactly the same way as on the Executive Protection Circuit in London, governed entirely by the local laws and regulations. That said, it is still the case that all of the basic or ‘soft’ skills taught on a Level 3 CP course do still apply in HECP as follows: • Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of a CPO. • How to assess threats and risk. • Surveillance skills (Counter & Anti). • Operational Planning skills. • Understanding law and legislation.

58 I Education for the Military I

In the past, those hired on Government funded contracts were afforded what has now become the luxury of an induction course. Newly hired HECPOs would spend a week or more being taught the basic skills by a dedicated training team experienced in that particular field of operation. This is increasingly rare since the majority of contracts today are commercial contracts in the Oil & Gas industry. Many will argue you receive ‘on-the-job’ training! This “training” however tends to be very limited, largely comprising of the new guy being put behind the wheel of a 4-ton, top-heavy B6 Level armoured car with an AK47 rifle that he has not had an opportunity to zero, test fire or clean, and then being asked to escort a highly-skilled and valuable oil field worker to his place of work. Not best practice! Now that Western military operations in the Middle East have largely ceased and overall security and control of the country has been handed back entirely to the local security forces, Western PSCs no longer have the ability to call upon coalition forces to come to the rescue. A HECP team can find themselves very much alone when faced with an attack.


Selecting the best quality course you can afford will give you the best chance of being able to protect clients, teammates and yourself in all environments and situations.

This is why it is vital to be properly trained prior to deployment. Furthermore, at Perseus we believe that each HECPO must have some understanding of planning and executing a security operation, and not just the Team Leader (TL). This ensures that every operator we train has the ability to ‘step up’ if so required and helps mitigate the risks posed by a determined attack or insurgency. A good quality HECP course will also offer the training necessary for those who will be or who wish to be TLs, giving them the enhanced skills required to liaise effectively with clients and maintain the capabilities and welfare of his or her team at all times. As explained earlier, training is now considered a luxury in the time and cash strapped world of commercial industry clients, so it is unlikey that operators will receive formal TL training once they enter the workplace. Deploying CPOs in a complex hostile environment without formal and specific training is dangerous for Principals and HECPOs alike. With lives very much at risk, it is not an area in which to take short cuts. However, with the likelihood that time and resources are not being allocated to vital team training on commercial contracts, the onus is very much upon the prospective CPO to identify and attend a reputable “fit

for purpose” induction/pre-deployment course. In doing so they should ensure that it is delivered by experienced and current HECPO Instructors providing relevant field training of the sort that cannot be delivered by powerpoint. Selecting the best quality course you can afford will give you the best chance of being able to protect clients, teammates and yourself in all environments and situations.

Written By: Steve Lambert SAC-Dip, Operations Director Perseus Risk Management (An Omni Group Company)

Interested in a career in Close Protection? Then look no further… Perseus is a Close Protection (CP) training provider, with a difference…

“Perseus Risk Management’s objective is to achieve and maintain EXCELLENCE in all that we do”

BTEC Level 4 HECP / BTEC Level 3 (SIA) CP / FPOS-I / RUF2C

The ONLY BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Multi-Environment Close Protection Operations We have a proven 90% Employment success rate for the service leavers who pass this course Guaranteed interview for all graduates with respected Private Security Companies This course is quite simply unsurpassed on ‘The Circuit’

“Our Strength lies within our people, our process and our ethos”

Tel: +44(0)203 358 0222


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British Forces Philatelic Service Fundraising for our Forces through philately


o you have a special event to mark? Have you considered a commemorative cover? The Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force have a great history and between them they produce many military events and anniversaries worth marking. A commemorative cover with a special handstamp makes a great souvenir of such occasions and a uniquely collectable item. Proceeds from cover sales help to fundraise for Service charities. Covers are produced by the Forces Philatelic Bureau (operated by BFPS) for annual events such as Trooping The

Colour and anniversaries of battles such as Trafalgar, Waterloo and the Battle of Britain. Last year we issued a very popular and collectable set of covers to mark ‘Dambusters 70’. Unit formations, amalgamations and disbandments are also popular themes for covers. 2014 sees the Centenary of the outbreak of The Great War and BFPS is involved with the Imperial War Museum’s WWI Centenary initiative. Two commemorative covers have been issued so far to mark the outbreak of war on 28th July and the declaration of war on 4th August. A first day cover was also produced to coincide with Royal Mail’s Great War special issue of six stamps on 28th July.

British Forces Philatelic Services Fundraising for our Forces through philately

Do you have a special event to mark? Want to raise funds for your ship or unit?

If you are looking for something different as a souvenir of a special military event or unit anniversary, have you considered a commemorative cover? These collectables make ideal keepsakes and presentation items. A unique special handstamp to cancel the postage stamp can also be created for your event, along with a folded information sheet. The Forces Philatelic Bureau, operated by BFPS, is fully licensed by MOD and BFPO to provide this specialist service in conjunction with Royal Mail.

View our full range of Forces covers online at For more information please contact us at: or phone 01333 330525

Riverside ECHG Supporting Veterans Riverside ECHG’s (RECHG) work with homeless Veterans is grounded in our knowledge of their needs; many of our support staff have a Services background. This experience has helped RECHG develop a unique partnership with the Ministry of Defence which started in Sept 2000 and has recently reached the major milestone of delivering help to over 12,500 Veterans. RECHG’s remit is to provide support, temporary accommodation and training to Veterans facing homelessness. The backbone of this is our housing advice service the Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex Services (SPACES), located within The Beacon. RECHG have two supported housing and social enterprise schemes for veterans, both are situated next to large military garrisons - The Beacon in Catterick and Mike Jackson House in Aldershot. Together these provide support for fifty-six Veterans at any one time.

Contact: Catterick Military: (9)47312940 Catterick Civilian: 01748 833797 / 872940 / 830191 email: and visit SPACES can help you find permanent housing, or they can refer you to either The Beacon in Catterick, North Yorkshire or Mike Jackson House, Aldersot. Both provide temporary accommodation for single Service leavers in modern, fully-furnished, self-contained flats, with support staff on site 24/7. For further details please contact the SPACES office Quoting Ref: MP14

The Beacon SPACES Office Marne Road Catterick Garrison North Yorkshire DL9 3AU

60 I Education for the Military I

PTSD is a driving issue, so RECHG developed in-house facilities for mental health and therapeutic support within our schemes. Lack of employment skills is another challenge, so we’ve launched social enterprise partnerships including our Veterans Artisan Bakery at The Beacon. This has attracted support from celebrity chefs such as Rosemary Shrager & Marco Pierre White and has culminated in the production of Veterans Artisan Bakery biscuits, so the bakery is providing on-the-job training for Veterans and a financial return for the service. Using our experience RECHG continue to operate at the cutting edge of development by providing innovative housing solutions, and are actively working with Ministers and the MoD to ensure that into the future the country has sufficient and appropriate support for Veterans.


Want a solution to your current recruitment crisis? >> Written By: Simon Weston (OBE) / ANAtech Resource Ltd


here have been many articles in the press and online media about the current state of technical recruitment, and issues this may cause industry if not addressed, but we are finding time and time again that the actual recruiting bodies are still retaining their old processes which has contributed to the issues faced today. Being an advocate of forces recruitment for many years I am constantly frustrated by the lack of understanding of the skills available from the armed forces. The British Armed Forces have been trained to an extremely high level with skills which are transferable to many industries.

There has been some hesitation to use ex-forces in certain areas of industry and that maybe due to the fact that some groups simply don’t know ‘how to recruit’ ex-forces.

To take advantage of this companies are going to have to find more and more inventive ways to resolve the problem before the issue starts to have a real commercial impact on business and the UK in general. I am so passionate about this subject that I have joined ANAtech Resource to help raise the profile of the issues faced by ex-Forces after they leave their military careers in finding gainful and challenging employment. I have seen over many years, individuals with not only exemplary military careers but also exemplary technical careers simply passed over for menial jobs in the civilian workforce. For me this is extremely frustrating knowing what companies could gain from these highly motivated individuals. I joined ANAtech Resource because they have a great balance of real industry experience and recruitment know-how and as they are ex-forces themselves they speak the languages of both sides. This is an extremely important aspect due to the sometimes unrealistic expectations of our ex-forces colleagues and limited knowledge of the available skills from our clients. This ‘translation’ service is an extremely important aspect of getting the right people for the right job. The worst thing our guys can do is send in a CV to someone who has little to no understanding of the Armed Forces. Their terminology and language is very different to what is usually expected resulting generally be CV being discarded. Our aim is to help those clients in desperate need of technical resource overcome this initial step.

Make no mistake, these guys and girls are highly trained, highly motivated and extremely keen. They have had to carry out their jobs in conditions and locations most will never see in a lifetime. These guys really are the best in the world therefore should be a real target for a skill strapped industry. Some areas of industry already understand the benefits and where they have gone into highly technical roles they have been a credit to the armed forces and the companies they represent and as a result promotion often follows much quicker than their civilian counterparts. The areas of industry which could really benefit from these groups is O&G, Nuclear, Automotive and Utilities. I have joined ANAtech Resource to help promote these world class Engineers and Technicians to industries that are already experiencing a skills shortage and until the STEM generation catch up the ex-Forces are a great stop gap. There has been some hesitation to use ex-forces in certain areas of industry and that maybe due to the fact that some groups simply don’t know ‘how to recruit’ ex-forces. Often the mistakes made are to simply use civilian methods (open job posts for ex-forces) and then the expectations are as they would expect with civilians, due to the difference in terminology this will only provide limited success. If there is one area where a consultancy is required to get the best results then this is it.

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Many Military Leavers enjoy working in the HGV Industry can you tell us why should they choose Bailey Employment?


ailey Employment Services has been established since 1984 and was rated as one of the Top 50 fastest growing independent recruitment agencies in the UK for 2 consecutive years, 2012 and 2013. We are a full service agency providing temporary and permanent job opportunities in Office, Factory, Production, Care and HGV driving. We are a member of the Freight Transport Association of which we gain valuable driver regulation updates & advice, which are then passed onto our drivers. Currently we are proud to be supporting a number of national companies across the Wiltshire and Somerset regions. We have dedicated, professional consultants providing the highest level of support and advice to drivers. The team also has an ex Royal Corp of Transport driver who can help and advice military personnel how to adjust to the haulage industry as it stands today; whether this is to give advice on Tacho Regulations, Driver CPC Qualification

or merely on the new technology civilian trucks have, compared with military vehicles. In addition, we can advise on what equipment drivers need in order to successfully fulfil their assignments. Would your drivers be working Short Haul or Long Haul? We have various contracts that can be for odd-day assignments or long term contracts. Even for those on annual leave, we welcome drivers to register for temporary work to gain extra experience and income. We can also help military personnel leaving the forces to find permanent work with local contracts. Can you tell our readers why Bailey are choosing to recruit from the Military? As recruiters, we find that the quality of Military personnel is high, well disciplined

and approach their work with a professional manner. They also have an eagerness to learn new trades, which means attention to detail will be followed. Would applicants require a full HGV licence or would you offer training for the right candidate? Predominately, we prefer drivers who apply for our driving positions to have an HGV licence. However, we do have a small number of contracts that do not require this licence. Due to new regulations, all drivers who wish to drive commercially must have gained their Driver CPC Qualification. We can assist with this, as we work with third parties who can train drivers towards their CPC qualification. 01225 709494

HGV Drivers Required Experienced HGV Drivers are required now to fulfil our prestigious driving contracts in Wiltshire and the South West. For those in transition or leaving the forces, we have a number of temporary to permanent HGV vacancies, along with other long-term ongoing driving contracts. If you’re currently on leave – then join us for extra HGV work and earnings. Weekends, odd-days and weekday drivers are also welcomed.

Send your CV now to: Or please urgently contact our driving team on direct line - 01225 898236 Bailey Employment Services Ltd is an Equal Opportunities Employer. Follow Us: @educationmat I Education for the Military I 63



1 Consulting Ltd fills client vacancies with high grade ex-military candidates. We are all ex-military, so we understand your background and what you have to offer. Most roles are for Officers / Senior NCOs, but increasingly we are filling more junior roles too. We work across all employment sectors, throughout the UK and abroad. Companies using J1 know that we will provide them with the best available ex military talent - they are actively looking for people with a Forces background. We don’t say that we will get you a job.

We do say that at any one time we are working on a number of client roles for which you may be the ideal candidate. But we need to know about you if we are to match you with that ideal role. Registration on our website, is easy and free: just upload your CV, tell us when you are available, what your geographical preference is and what sort of role you are looking for: if you seem a match for anything one of our experienced ex-military consultants will be in touch. J1 Consulting - nothing to lose, everything to gain If you are a potential Employer interested in investigating this source of talent, contact us to arrange an informal discussion about your needs - we operate on a ‘no hire no fee’ basis.

64 I Education for the Military I

J1Consulting’s Directors and consultants all have long military service, and in some cases significant commercial experience up to Board level. We understand the reality of business as well as possessing a deep knowledge of the Armed Forces. Contact us to register your CV and information:

[ OCEANYouth ] YOUTH TRUST Ocean TrustSCOTLAND Scotland:

My trip trip away with Ocean My away with Ocean Youth Trust Trust Scotland Youth Scotland was was absolutely amazing! amazing! absolutely

At the beginning I was slightly nervous about spending At the beginning I was slightly nervous about spending 6 days with a group of people I had never met.6 days By the with a group of people I had never met. By the first evening first evening those misgivings had disappeared. those misgivings had disappeared.


hadgone gone hope meeting people had inin hope ofof meeting people around my own age with similar interests around my own age with similar interests as me (something that I have always as me (something that I have always struggled with)and andtoto my utter joy that struggled with) my utter joy that is is exactly what I found. The boating experience exactly what I found. The boating experience in itself itself was was fantastic, fantastic, but people in but having having people around that where so much fun and full around that were so much fun and sosofull of life life –– including includingthe thestaff staff––really really made madeitit a of aperfect perfectholiday. holiday. Sailing with with Ocean OceanYouth YouthTrust TrustScotland Scotlandalso also Sailing allowed me me the the chance chanceto toget getaway awayfrom fromsome some allowed of the complications and restraints of family of the complications and restraints of family life for for aa time. time. II truly truly feel feel that that II have have grown grownand and life developed as a person over this period. I have developed as a person over this period. I have noticedaa world worldof of difference differencein in my myconfidence confidence noticed when communicating with others around when communicating with others around

me and and just just simply simply being beingmyself. myself.There Therewas was me such aa range range of of fun fun and and exciting excitingactivities activitiesthat that such helped this process in a whole manner of ways: helped this process in a whole manner of ways: workingas as aa team, team, applying new knowledge knowledge working applying new to scenarios that occurred, using initiative to to scenarios that occurred, using initiative to get aa job job done done quickly quicklyand andeffectively. effectively.All Allof of get these are are skills skills II believe believethat thatIIcan canrelate relateto tolife life these in general. general. ItIt was was also also lovely lovelyto toview viewthe thewest west in coast from from aa different different perspective perspectiveother otherthan than coast that of of aastuffy, stuffy, noisy noisycar. car. that The sea sea staff staff onboard onboardwere werealso alsoreally really The inspirational. They all helped us feel likeaa inspirational. They all helped us feel like proper part part of of the the crew crew by by encouraging encouragingus usto to proper try new and intimidating tasks that threw us try new and intimidating tasks that threw us out of of our our comfort comfort zones. zones. Due Dueto totheir theirfriendly friendly out and open attitudes, in no time the boat feltlike like and open attitudes, in no time the boat felt

secondhome homeand andone onethat thatI Iwas wassad sadto toleave. leave. aa second The crew crew will will always always hold hold aa special special place placein inmy my The heart and abiding memories, not least thanks heart and abiding memories, not least thanks to their their creation creation of of aa cockpit cockpit bath, bath, which whichmade made to only having a shower once in 6 days a little only having a shower once in 6 days a little more bearable bearablefor forthe thenose. nose. more So yes, yes, we we ended ended the the voyage voyagerather rathersmelly, smelly,still still So reeling from the shock/horror of cleaning the reeling from the shock/horror of cleaning the heads and and cooking cookingand andcleaning cleaningfor for14 14 people, people, heads but my experiences onboard were completely but my experiences onboard were completely new and and thrilling. thrilling.The Thememories memoriesthat thatwere were new made are likely to stick with me for ever, along made are likely to stick with me for ever, along with my my new new life life skills. skills. Every Every single single second second with was aa pleasure pleasure and and completely completelyexhilarating, exhilarating, was even when when the the railings railingsof ofthe theboat boatwhere whereinin even the water water and and II was was curled curled into intoaa pathetic patheticball ball the due to to sea sea sickness. sickness. II have have found foundthat thatmy mytime time due with Ocean OceanYouth YouthTrust TrustScotland Scotlandhas hasbeen beenso so with positive and and life life changing changingthat thatI Icannot cannotend endmy my positive voyagingand andexperiences experienceswith withyou younow. now.I Ihave have voyaging appliedto to train train as as aa bosun bosun to to carry carry on on learning learning applied and developing developingeven evenmore moreand andearning earningthe the and opportunityto tocontinue continueforwards forwardswith withOcean Ocean opportunity YouthTrust TrustScotland Scotlandinto intothe thefuture futureas asaafully fully Youth committedmember memberof ofSea SeaStaff. Staff. committed Thank you you so so much much for for giving givingme methe the Thank opportunityfor for such such an an unbelievable unbelievable opportunity experience. ItIt has has surpassed surpassed anything anythingIIcould could experience. have hoped hopedfor!” for!” have

Thoughts from Thoughts from RuthRuth agedaged 15 15

“Residential voyages aboard our fleet of sail training vessels provide a uniquely powerful and extremely effective environment for the personal development of young people” Ocean Youth Trust Scotland is the UK’s leading sail training organisation. Our expeditions, led by a highly qualified Skipper and Mates, take place aboard our magnificent ocean going racing yachts on the west coast of Scotland – one of the best sailing waters in the world.

Contact us now: 66 I Education for the Military I

We can also organise bespoke Expeditions for your group to Norway, The Faroes, Iceland, Shetland or Orkney.


Sa tu Ope ay 9. rda n 20 30 y 7 Day th -11 th s o M ar .30a Feb f ch m rua 9. 30 and ry -1 1. 30 am


S. Anselm’s Preparatory School in Bakewell is a happy and thriving independent day and boarding school, giving boys and girls from 3 to 13 the very best start in life. With experience of Forces children we seek to support them and their families as much as possible. • Small class sizes with committed and caring teaching staff. • Dedicated buses from Sheffield, Ashbourne and Matlock. • Superlative sporting, drama, art and music facilities. • Scholarships and awards to major senior schools including Repton, Oundle and Shrewsbury. • Sport, Art, Music and Drama scholarships available at 9+ and 11+. • HM Forces bursaries available. • Escorted travel to and from railway stations or airports available on request.

You are welcome to come and visit any time, call 01629 812734 or email to register for our open days. Stanedge Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1DP

Queen Victoria School Raising to Distinction Admissions Deadline Thu 15 Jan 2015 Queen Victoria School in Dunblane is a co-educational boarding school for the children of UK Armed Forces personnel who are Scottish, or who have served in Scotland or who have been members of a Scottish regiment. The QVS experience encourages and develops well-rounded, confident individuals in an environment of stability and continuity. The main entry point is into Primary 7 and all places are fully funded for tuition and boarding by the Ministry of Defence. Families are welcome to find out more by contacting Admissions on +44 (0) 131 310 2927 to arrange a visit.

Queen Victoria School Dunblane Perthshire FK15 0JY

Education for the Military - Winter Edition 2014  

Education for the Military Magazine is a unique one stop shop holistic magazine, with the most up-to date advice and guidance on the funding...

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