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EF Advanced Diploma in English

EF ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN ENGLISH FOR ONLINE MARKETING High-caliber English language studies meet today’s world of information trade.

ABOUT THIS PROGRAM > Earn an EF Advanced Diploma or Advanced Certificate The EF Advanced Diploma is awarded to students successfully completing a 9-month or 11-month program. The EF Advanced Certificate is awarded to students completing a 6-month program.

> Digital Marketing and Mass Media This course will introduce you to the essentials of marketing, covering theory and real practice. The course is designed to assist you in becoming versed in principles and practice of marketing using both traditional and digital methods. You’ll learn the planning and execution of a marketing campaign using a variety of methods.

The Online Marketing program includes required subject courses and ongoing General English courses (see below). Availability may vary.

> Journalism and Media Studies This course is designed to build both a theoretical and practical foundation in professional journalism skills. The curriculum is designed to enhance all four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – so that you become a more effective consumer and communicator.

> General English Studies At the basis of every EF Advanced Diploma program is a solid course of ongoing General English study at the your individual level of language placement. This course develops your English proficiency to promote independent communication, confidence, and critical thinking. This is a required course.

> Business Fundamentals Key business topics will be examined in this course, which will provide topic focused lessons to survey various fields and functions of international business and the corporate world. Communication lessons explore strategies and knowledge needed to interact successfully in business environments.


> Introduction to Online Marketing Studies This is a required, first-term foundation course for the EF Advanced Diploma program. Valuable tools will be taught to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for communicating in the virtual world of online marketing. Lessons will be taught in the context of a long-term online marketing project and will survey both academic and professional topics. > Key Concepts of Online Marketing This required, first-term foundation course for online marketing is designed to assist you in becoming competent and proficient in the principles and application of online marketing and social media. You’ll learn to develop, craft, and apply online media best practices to a variety of situations, while honing vital written communication skills.

ADMISSIONS > Placement test Before being accepted to the program, you will be required to take an admissions placement test. You will need to test into the Common European Framework for Language Reference (CEFR) Level B2 for the Online Marketing program.

Available at: > USA: San Francisco

> Introduction to Marketing The objective of this course is to introduce you to key marketing concepts and allow you to understand the role which marketing plays in today’s world. During the course you’ll study and analyze marketing problems facing different businesses. The foundations of marketing covered in course will serve as a basis for in-depth study of online marketing issues.

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