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EF Advanced Diploma in English

EF ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN ENGLISH FOR HOTEL & TOURISM Be our guest – put your language and hospitality skills to the test.

ABOUT THIS PROGRAM > Earn an EF Advanced Diploma or Advanced Certificate The EF Advanced Diploma is awarded to students successfully completing a 9-month or 11-month program. The EF Advanced Certificate is awarded to students completing a 6-month program.

CORE COURSES The Hotel & Tourism program includes required subject courses and ongoing General English courses (see below). Availability may vary. > General English Studies At the basis of every EF Advanced Diploma program is a solid course of ongoing General English study at your individual level of language placement. This course develops your English proficiency to promote independent communication, confidence and critical thinking. This is a required course. > Introduction to Hotel & Tourism Studies This is a required foundation course for the EF Advanced Diploma program. It is offered during the first term. Valuable tools will be taught to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for communicating in the world of hotel and tourism. Lessons will be taught in the context of a long-term hotel and tourism project and will survey international academic and professional topics. > Key Concepts of Hotel & Tourism Designed to introduce you to the broad range of services within the hospitality and tourism sector, this required, first-term course provides the skills and necessary fundamental knowledge vital for further study in hospitality management. You’ll learn about the range of jobs and services available in the industry while examining essential structures and functions.

> Fundamentals in Customer Relations This introduction to customer relations course is designed to assist you in becoming more aware of interactions from a service point of view. You will learn to identify and propose solutions to flaws in customer service through systematic analysis of Harvard Publishing Case Studies covering a leading hotel, theme park and coffee chain. > Catering: Food & Beverage Management Aimed at continuing to develop your knowledge around business operations in the hospitality industry, this course extends learning into the catering aspect. Key concepts combine with relevant examples to demonstrate the core features of planning, organization, communication, decision making and evaluation strategies surrounding food and beverages. > Event Management The course is usually offered in the third term, as it is designed to give you a forum for practical application of all aspects of hospitality management, while integrating hands on experience brainstorming, planning and promoting events. Previous events have included activities ranging from volleyball tournaments, soccer tournaments, international dinners in the cafeteria and multiple graduations.

ADMISSIONS > Placement test Before being accepted to the program, you will be required to take an admissions placement test. You will need to test into the Common European Framework for Language Reference (CEFR) Level B2 for the Hotel & Tourism program.

Available at: > USA: Miami Beach > England: Brighton

> Current Issues in the Hospitality Industry The course is designed to assist you in becoming competent in understanding issues and current events that affect the hotel and tourism sector. You’ll look critically at current happenings in the industry, and will learn to research, identify, predict and produce reports on future trends in tourism.

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