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EF Advanced Diploma in English

EF ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN ENGLISH FOR FASHION & DESIGN Up-to-the-minute, fast-paced creative flair meets high-level English language studies.

ABOUT THIS PROGRAM > Earn an EF Advanced Diploma or Advanced Certificate The EF Advanced Diploma is awarded to students successfully completing a 9-month or 11-month program. The EF Advanced Certificate is awarded to students completing a 6-month program.

CORE COURSES The Fashion & Design program includes required subject courses, and ongoing general English courses (see below). Availability may vary.

> History of Fashion Basic knowledge of fashion both past and present will be examined in relation to its impact on popular culture. This course will also strengthen your fashion design, analytical and research skills through the comprehensive study of 20th century designers alongside the most contemporary of designs. > Fashion Icons Clothing and fashion of the 20th century will be discussed in this course as a means to understand how major icons of the industry have shaped the modern day world of fashion. After establishing the major icons, the evolution of style for both men’s and women’s fashion will be examined in detail through a final research project.

> General English Studies At the basis of every EF Advanced Diploma program is a solid course of ongoing General English study at your individual level of language placement. This course develops your English proficiency to promote independent communication, confidence, and critical thinking. This is a required course.

> Apparel Construction This hands-on course will provide you with a deepened awareness of the mechanics of garment construction. Issues in impact of fabrics and their uses will be discussed alongside the examination of personal needs and economic considerations in construction. Research techniques and areas of reference will also be explored.

> Introduction to Fashion & Design Studies This is a required foundation course for the EF Advanced Diploma program. It is offered during the first term. Valuable tools will be taught to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for communicating in the fast-paced fashion industry. Lessons will be taught in the context of a long-term fashion project and will survey both academic and professional topics.

> Fashion Portfolio This hands-on course will cover Fashion Drawing and Photography for the Fashion Industry. The major project will be the creation of a capstone portfolio that will include flats, sketches, as well as fashion shots used for promotion purposes. Alongside the practical application of skills gained, you’ll hone your skills in presenting your work in a professional manner.

> Key Concepts of Fashion & Design A required introduction to the core concepts of the fashion industry, this course covers classifications, garment detail and construction, sources of fashion information, and the modern history of fashion. Within this context, the importance of personalities, politics, resorts, social events, art, the theatre, and more are examined in relation to current trends. It is offered during the first term of study. > Merchandising Designed to introduce you to fundamental business concepts in the context of the fashion industry, this course will examine commercial aspects of fashion and fashion production through research and analysis of case studies and business models. Additionally, social and economic factors will be examined topically in relation to how the industry is affected.

ADMISSIONS > Placement test Before being accepted to the program, you’ll be required to take an admissions placement test. You will need to test into the Common European Framework for Language Reference (CEFR) Level B2 for the Fashion & Design program. Available at: > USA: New York > England: London

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