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EF Advanced Diploma in English

EF ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS Keep your eyes on your goal and put your English skills into a business perspective.

ABOUT THIS PROGRAM > Earn an EF Advanced Diploma or Advanced Certificate The EF Advanced Diploma is awarded to students successfully completing a 9-month or 11-month program. The EF Advanced Certificate is awarded to students completing a 6-month program.

CORE COURSES The Business program includes required subject courses, and ongoing General English courses. Availability may vary. > General English Studies At the basis of every EF Advanced Diploma program is a solid course of ongoing General English study at your individual level of language placement. This course develops your English proficiency to promote independent communication, confidence, and critical thinking. > Introduction to Business Studies This is a required foundation course for the EF Advanced Diploma program. It is offered during the first term. Valuable tools will be taught to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for communicating in the business world. Lessons will be taught in the context of a long-term business project and will survey valuable academic, professional and international topics. > Key Concepts of Business With the goal of assisting you in becoming competent and confident participants in the international business and corporate world, this required, first-term course explores key frameworks and theoretical knowledge essential to the deeper study of business. Topic-focused lessons provide a survey of various fields and functions of business. > Introduction to Marketing The objective of this course is to introduce you to key marketing concepts and allow you to understand the role which marketing plays in today’s commercial world. During the course you will study and analyze marketing problems facing different businesses through the examination of Harvard Business Publishing Case Studies and research of current topics.

> Business Case Studies Designed around Harvard Publishing Case Studies, this course teaches analytical skills in a case study context. Through reading and discussing key cases, various business tools will be acquired, such as: SWOT analysis, ‘The Five Ms’, the Porter Model, and basic financial calculations. Professional language skills will be strengthened through projects and presentations. > Leadership Management Developed to enable exploration of leadership principles and a spectrum of managerial styles, this is an essential course for the business student. It is taught around analysis of personal abilities, with ongoing projects and activities to provide awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as challenge you to develop personal leadership skills. > Entrepreneurship Creativity and business initiative unite in this course that serves to capstone student learning. Working in teams with your classmates, you’ll conduct market research, write a business proposal, present an elevator speech to a panel of ‘investors’, in addition to creating designs to enhance their Executive Summary. The entrepreneurial group projects will culminate in final presentations.

ADMISSIONS > Placement test Before being accepted to the program, you will be required to take an admissions placement test. You will need to test into the Common European Framework for Language Reference (CEFR) Level B2 for the Business program.

Available at: > USA: San Francisco, Boston, Miami Beach > England: London, Bristol > Australia: Sydney

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EF Advanced Diploma English for Business