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Educational Colours was established in 1980 specialising in the manufacture of educational paint and glues. Today we are Australia’s largest educational paint manufacturer and can be found in 96% of primary schools. Our products are sold into 28 countries and we are the largest exporter of educational paint to Singapore and South Korea. Educational Vantage is privately owned and currently employs 35 staff. Our Head Office and Warehouse is located in Melbourne, Australia on 6000 sqm. We have a showroom in Collingwood, Melbourne. In 2014 Learning Can Be Fun (started 1986) was added to the group portfolio and in February 2014 we took ownership of Gillian Miles, the number one poster and placemat brand in Australia. During that time, we renamed the business of Educational Colours to Educational Vantage. The name change reflected the growing number of businesses under the one rooftop! Educational Vantage can be found in over 3500 stores in Australia and the team speaks to over 150 customers a day!

Our vision To be Australasia’s finest producer of children’s educational products known for the highest level of client advocacy, satisfaction, quality and reliability.

Our mission Our Mission is to; Provide high quality and trusted educational products to School suppliers and retailers in Australia. Be the first choice for art and craft in classrooms and homes. Test every product to exacting standards and have that documentation readily available. Innovate and manufacture new exciting products. Design new products to inspire, encourage and create this generation of young minds!

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Research & Development By investigating the school and retail market, attending fairs around the world and working with customers, we look for new ranges, new themes and products aligned with the ever changing curriculum.

Last year we invested near $1,000 a day testing products! EV has a full safety and product testing protocol independently overseen to ensure it is current and complies with Australian/New Zealand Standards. See our website for more information.



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As a member of Sedex and with a clearly stated social responsibility and environmental policy we source from those companies that share our transparency and willingness to go above and beyond minimum standards.

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ONLINE ASSETS The Educational Vantage website provides a range of collateral, both digitally and for your retail store. We provide all images in hi-res plus a range of online banners and safety data sheets are available for download along with both lesson plans (coming soon) and a guide helping you discover the learning outcome our products provide!

Save time Order online

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Early Learning Product Matrix

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up� Pablo Picasso

Since 1979 Educational Colours has been, and continues to be, Australia’s number 1# art and craft manufacturer and wholesaler. We also believe that every child is an artist and the desire to play, create and simply have fun starts in their formative years. Before now, there has never been a specialist range designed and tested for children under 3. Why we created this unique range? At Educational Colours we’re proud to introduce First Creations™. First Creations ™ is designed duction to art & craft and being creative. Creative play and artistic activities have a central role in toddlers’ learning and development. Creative play helps nurture imagination, and also develop problem-solving, thinking and motor skills. Why this range is perfect for our youngest children... Each product is tested to the highest industry standards, for both Australia/New Zealand and Europe. Moreover, each product is individually approved for little ones with a complete toxicology report. All products for children under 3, in our range, are tested to these exacting standards. Did you know our markers are made with food dye; just another example of going the extra mile! First Creations and Young Minds! As you know, children might not always be able to verbalise their feelings. By using First Creations, and in the right environment, they might be able to colour, shape, paint, model and mould their feelings. In fact, toddlers need to explore and express themselves through free form

First Creations and Parents First Creations™ is made for Children to enjoy and for parents, teachers and guardians to possibly love just as much! The products store easily (for a quick and easy clean up) and First and tables!

educational colours Established for nearly 40 years, Educational Colours is a market leader of educational resource products and art and craft materials in the education and retail markets of Australia and overseas. Our success has been acquired through our combination of product expertise and quality manufacturing. We are the largest primary and junior school paint maker and can be found in 96% of all Australia schools. Our products are sold into 28 countries and we are the largest exporter of educational paint to Singapore and South Korea. children’s art & craft materials, including painting accessories, pencils, markers, chalks & crayons, modelling materials, craft items & classroom resources, from the most reliable, safety compliant suppliers around the world, thus making Educational Colours a one stop shop for art & craft projects in the classroom & home!

Educational Colours Paint is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. The fact we use Australian Water and manufacture the paint in Australia provides peace of mind to customers, schools and parents alike. However, what really sets us apart is the fact that we provide full traceability of raw materials approval of each batch. We comply to EN71 and AS/NZ safety standards and test every paint yearly rather than the recommended 3 years for European and AS/NZ standards. Our paints comply with GHS labelling (Global Harmonised Standards). Our processes are world class in this regard and we believe we are the only producer who has implemented such operational processes here and overseas. Our paint has a minimum 2 year shelf life and is tested every year.

Every batch is tested by our onsite chemist and a record kept for 3 years

Paint manufacturing at our Melbourne factory

At Learning Can Be Fun we believe in the power of play. With 40 years experience in developing and designing products, we are excited to introduce our Premium Wooden Range. Stimulation, imagination, and curiosity are essential ingredients for the best play-based learning, which in turn provides the foundation for literacy and numeracy, and indeed, many life skills. By providing children with the finest interactive games and resources, we believe... Learning Can Be Fun.

Learning Can Be Fun designs and manufactures specialist numeracy and literacy resources, including maths and alphabet games, posters and placemats for reading and counting, educational games for measuring and teaching geometry and many more teaching aids aligned to the revised Australian Federal Curriculum.

Our fun range of educational resources are reliable, durable and safe; which teachers and parents of children from 0 to 12 years old can use to teach algebra, geometry, language and literacy. We supply high quality and trusted educational goods to school suppliers and retailers.

...putting the

into learning!

When you select a Learning Can Be Fun product, be assured that it has that ‘teacher’s touch’. Simple designs, uncomplicated formats, made of durable materials, with brightly coloured graphics and best of all ...FUN TO USE!

Gillian Miles Learning Skills

Our Early Learning Product Matrix has been especially designed as a guide to outcome of each product.

Gillian Miles Learning Skills produce a range of quality wall charts, activity books, placemats and CDs that cover maths, science, reading geography and general topics.

Gillian Miles was a teacher and like most teachers she saw an opportunity to improve, enhance and excite students at home and school through a fun range of eye catching posters and the void of products available for her classroom and home. The topics covered range from maths, literacy through to biology, geography and space. A gifted teacher, Gillian translated the Belgian based Play and learn Series into English from French.

EDUCATIONAL VANTAGE HEAD OFFICE Telephone: +61 3 9729 0788 Facsimile: +613 9720 5261 Email: sales@educationalvantage.com Websites: www.educationalvantage.com www.edcolours.com.au www.learningcanbefun.com.au www.gmlearningskills.com.au Office Address 2/43 Burgess Road, Bayswater VIC 3153, Australia Showroom Address #EVRETAILLAB 5/38 Down Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066, Australia Mailing Address PO 657 Croydon Victoria 3136 Australia