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Newsletter of the EDUCATION FOR ALL – Fast Track Initiative Project implemented by the Ministry of Education / No 2, October 2009

Government of Republic of Moldova

World Bank

The EDUCATION FOR ALL – Fast Track Initiative Project is realized given a grant offered to the Republic of Moldova by the Catalytic Fund. The grant is administrated by the World Bank and the Project activities are implemented by the Ministry of Education, assisted by UNICEF. Kindergartens are renovated, are offered didactic materials, books, toys, furniture and playgrounds, teaching and administrative staff are trained and education policies are developed under the Education for All – Fast Track Initiative Project in Moldova.

CONTENTS Newsletter of the EDUCATION FOR ALL – Fast Track Initiative Project implemented by the Ministry of Education / No 2, October 2009

3 Leonid Bujor, Minister of Education of the Republic of Moldova: “Government Programme intends to extend Early Child Development to Each Locality”. 4 The Ministry of Education, the World Bank, UNICEF – a Partnership for Early Child Development in Moldova. Interview with Melanie MARLETT, World Bank Country Manager for Moldova. Interview with Alexandra YUSTER, UNICEF Representative in Moldova. 5 The Renovated Kindergarten from Gribova, Drochia reopened its Doors on Teacher’s Day. A Community Centre, established in the Only Locality without a Kindergarten in Edinet Rayon.

6 A Better Understanding of Child Centered Education Principles. Curriculum Areas offer Space for Child’s Creativity. Training on Community Mobilization. 7 The Community Event “Help Him Become a GREAT PERSONALITY through Theatre!” at the Kindergarten from Panasesti village, District of Straseni. MOLDCELL, Partner in the Campaign „Help Him Become a GREAT PERSONALITY!” 8 Regulations on Community Centres for Early Child Development were Officially approved by the Government. Gabriel Has a New Precursory.

FAST TRACK INITIATIVE A global partnership to achieve Education for All



When it is about children, we have to invest in them NOW. They need care, health, education and development NOW, in order to grow into a Great Personality. That’s why, besides other major reforms, the Government Programme intends to expand early child development to every locality. When it is about child development, the renovated spaces are as important as friendly educators and adequate books. That is the reason for which the Ministry of Education is open to professional potential of educators and teachers, who offer children the necessary life knowledge and make them think creatively and take decisions as well as be responsible for them during their first years of life. Actually, child development starts in his first day of life, so the education is never too early. But when it is about the kindergartens’ restoration and endowment, it could be too late sometimes. To avoid it, we have international partners joining us in our effort – the World Bank and UNICEF – and local partners – local administrations, local entrepreneurs, and famous people from communities. Joined by our partners, we have recently reopened in Gribova the 38th renovated and endowed kindergarten, in the framework of EDUCATION FOR ALL – Fast Track Initiative Project. Others are to be reopened soon in order to ensure access to education for all children from Moldova.

The Republic of Moldova hosts the International Conference on Early Childhood Development Meeting Education for All and Millennium Development Goals through Strengthening Partnerships in Early Childhood Development The Republic of Moldova hosts the International Conference on Meeting Education for All and Millennium Development Goals through Strengthening Partnerships in Early Childhood Development (Special Focus: EFA/FTI in Moldova) in the period of October 12-13, 2009. The event is organized by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in cooperation with the Presidency, UNICEF, and the World Bank. The conference will be attended by participants from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, EFA/FTI Countries, UNICEF and World Bank Headquarters, Education and ECD Experts from Moldova and abroad. The EFA/FTI Early Childhood Development International Conference will showcase Moldova’s experience of taking to scale early childhood care and development. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from and interact at first hand with decision makers, implementers and beneficiaries and learn about the necessary steps, challenges, lessons learnt and outcomes of harnessing FTI funds for quality early childhood care and development.

The objectives of the Conference are as follows: ƒ

To create awareness and a common understanding of the processes, successes and challenges in scaling up quality early childhood care and education services through the FTI framework;


To strengthen existing and potential partnerships for promoting Early Childhood Development (ECD) in the region and beyond.

The Ministry of Education, the World Bank, UNICEF – a Partnership for Early Child Development in Moldova – Fast Track Initiative”, the World Bank Country Manager said she “was deeply impressed by progresses”.

Melanie MARLETT World Bank Country Manager for Moldova „At the global level, the World Bank ensures the secretariat and financial administration of the Education for All – Fast Track Initiative (EFA-FTI). As well, the World Bank, joined by governmental authorities and partners, is monitoring the efficient use of resources”, this way explains Melanie Marlett the role of the World Bank within the partnership for early child development. “In the Republic of Moldova, World Bank administrates the programme financing, in cooperation with UNICEF, that is the implementing partner – the EFA-FTI leading-agency. We are satisfied with this partnership and we regard it as an efficient and successful one”, says the World Bank official. “The preschool education is very important, given that it is the background of child development” told Melanie Marlett, who hopes that other donors as well “will take over this initiative and will keep supporting it”. Having been asked about evolutions noted during field visits in regions, communities benefiting of “Education for All

“In these schools and kindergartens we saw smiles on faces of children, educators, teachers and employees of these institutions. As well, the enrolment of children in schools and kindergartens has increased, and especially of children from vulnerable families. The results have improved as well given the better endowment – these kindergartens have a better heating system, children have books and toys. There exist sport facilities, that is good for their development”. Melanie Marlett gives an example to back her affirmations: „It is about a family with 5 children from Nisporeni. Both parents went to Russia, to find a job, and children were left in their grandparents’ care. Having been poor and too old, they let children go into the street, without offering them chances for development. Given the kindergarten from neighborhood was renewed and enlarged; children could be enrolled in that preschool institution and were not left in the street. Now, every morning when they get up, they are looking forward to going to the kindergarten. They are happy”.

UNICEF Representative states that “as result of this Project, the number of children enrolled in preschool education programmes has increased in Moldova, but still 25% of preschool children are not involved yet in preschool education programmes”. Alexandra YUSTER UNICEF Representative in Moldova „The reason for which UNICEF gets involved in this area of work is that Education for All is the key part of the work that UNICEF does around the world. In Moldova, we are involved in the education of youngest children because the preschool education is one of the most important investments for children”, says UNICEF Representative in Moldova, Alexandra Yuster. „Through Education for All, UNICEF contributes to the improvement in the quality of education of children from Moldova and, joined by the World Bank and the Government of the country, works to involve more communities in this programme”, specifies the UNICEF official.

“The idea of the programme is to both offer these children a secure place to go during their “I think the Education for All daytime and help them use Project is going to have a great their chance to learn, to make impact. Children are going to new friends, to play, to grow up become better citizens of the and to be motivated”, said Republic of Moldova if they enjoy Alexandra Yuster, adding: a better early development”, „What we know is that these says the World Bank Country children, who attend the Manager for Moldova, Melanie kindergarten, do better at Marlett. school, succeed in life and become more productive citizens, when they become adults”.

“That’s why UNICEF is going to continue supporting the Government of the Republic of Moldova in order to ensure that all children benefit of preschool education.” “Another important thing we have spoken less about by now is the fact that, because of the economic crisis parents, especially mothers, had to work in order to earn money to support their families. Parents need to know that their children are taken care of at the kindergarten, they are safe and happy”. “Each child has the right to benefit of preschool development and it is the right of each family to know that there is a safety place for children during the daytime”, says Alexandra Yuster, the UNICEF Representative to Moldova. The World Bank and UNICEF are international development agencies, joining the Government of the Republic of Moldova in implementing “Education for All – Fast Track Initiative”. The World Bank administrates the grant offered by the Catalytic Fund. UNICEF is the coordinating agency which offers assistance to the Ministry of Education in implementing Project activities.

The Renovated Kindergarten from Gribova, Drochia reopened its Doors on Teacher’s Day On the eve of Teacher’s Day, on the 3 October 2009, the Minister of Education, Leonid Bujor, inaugurated the newly renovated kindergarten from Gribova village, district of Drochia. At Gribova, the Minister mentioned that “it is the 38th kindergarten, renovated and endowed by the Ministry of Education, backed by the World Bank and UNICEF. Other 9 kindergartens from our country shall open their doors till the end of the year”. “In order to achieve the early child development, efforts of all involved are important – local and central public authority, local entrepreneurs, village people, the staff of preschool institutions, international partners”. 104 children, aged 3-6, were looking forward to entering the newly renovated spaces of the kindergarten “Guguta” from Gribova and are enjoying now the new furniture, toys and a playground. Lenuta Godorojea is among them. She turned 5 on the day the kindergarten opened its doors. Lenuta, who succeded in a regional song contest, “From five to seven”, told: “I like the kindergarten – we have new tables, new chairs, new books, new beds”. Lenuta was congratulated by the Minister of Education (photo), who wished her “to become a Great Personality”. “We were lucky to be part of the Project”, told the Mayor of the locality, Igor Grozavu, who also reminded that the kindergarten was built in 1986, and in

2000 it functioned seasonally: “80 children from the village were staying at home in winter, and their parents could not go to work”. Galina Postovan, the head of the District Department for Education, Youth and Sport, specified that “this year the kindergarten from Gribova ranked first regarding the preparations for 1 September”. The event from Gribova united the decision makers and among them the Executive of District of Drochia Vladimir Calaras, as well as entrepreneurs, parents, children. The kindergarten from village Gribova benefited of about 110 000 lei from

A Community Centre, established in the Only Locality without a Kindergarten in Edinet Rayon

In Cepeleuti the community centre for early child development brings joy to children, parents and grandparents For those 15 children from Cepeleuti village, district of Edinet, aged 3 and 6(7), the new community centre became their second home, thank to “Education for All” Project. “I can learn poems and draw here. It is very beautiful in here and I come every day”, says one of the children, and another one ads: “I can play here. I learn to read, write and draw”. During the last 15 years children from Cepeleuti haven’t had their own kindergarten. This year, the gymnasium from the locality has been reconstructed,

“Education for All – Fast Track Initiative” invested in furniture, playground, and didactic material, equipment for activities, books and toys. 894 000 lei were offered for renovation works. The villagers and local and district public administration offered 684 000 lei, and volunteer work of villagers and the purchased materials were estimated at about 250 000 lei. Girbova village, district of Drochia is one of those 46 communities which benefited of renovation works and one of those 507 localities which benefited of endowment under “Education for All” Project. TV Moldova 1 story – php?module=stiri_int&news_id=12278 where there was no kindergarten and it was very difficult for us. And now we have this community centre: children can come here and enjoy new toys and books, and their parents and grandparents are pleased too”. On 1 September 2009 the gymnasium pupils could not recognize their school: a restored roof, new windows and doors, renovated classrooms, new furniture. The Mayor of the locality, Nina Televca, speaks about the renovation works as well as about the future: “The gymnasium was renovated and a community centre was opened. As for the future, we would like to bring to the end the gasification of the village, in order for school children and all the villagers to be able to use gas”.

where a community centre for preschool children has been opened. “It was the only village from this district

TV story Moldova 1 – php?module=stiri_int&news_id=12005

A Better Understanding of Child Centered Education Principles From 15 to 25 September 2009, kindergartens No 120, 152 and 216 from Chisinau hosted training, gathering 104 local mentors. All main specialists in the preschool development field from District and Municipal Departments of Education, Youth and Sport and other professionals in the field from Moldova were among participants. The training offered a deeper understanding of child centered education principles, on the basis of professional standards of teaching staff and on the basis of Standards of learning and development of the small child. During the training period there were undertaken exercises aimed at using the notice card of each teacher on the basis of professional standards. The exercises involved direct learning of educational practices in the kindergarten groups, followed by discussions. This activity was an opportunity to understand the way the notice card is used in practice and the extent the present professional practices meet the child centered education principles. “Step by Step” Educational Centre is the agency, selected by the Ministry of Education to hold these trainings.

In current July-August there were organized and held two rounds, of 6 days each, of the training “Child centered education: theoretical principles and practical strategies in accordance with the child’s age” , gathering 1350 methodologists, headmasters of kindergartens and educators and 50 main specialists from District Departments of Education, Youth and Sport.

Curriculum Areas offer Space for Child’s Creativity Jana Zeama, educator, local mentor, from kindergarten No. 2 from town Straseni. She has been working in the field for 7 years. She came to the kindergarten after she had worked in school, teaching in first forms. She works on the basis of the new Curriculum, using the new Professional Standards and Child Development Standards. What else do I need for my activity? “I like working at the kindergarten and I I would like to have more didactic like the child centered education materials. For example, we need clothes principles, because the programme is not rigid and offers more spare for creativity. I for role play activities within Drama Area. As well I would like to have a magnetic like working in accordance with the new Curriculum because I have the freedom to board. Joined by parents, we have created experiment, to work according to situations a lot of didactic materials, but those I mentioned are very expensive. and child needs. Child by himself reaches a conclusion, and What I expect from local public administration? A better illumination of it’s not me to tell him what the truth is. rooms. There is a room where there is Children have the possibility to express only a light bulb. their opinions; they cooperate in order to What I expect from Ministry of Education? find answers by themselves. Children My colleagues need training. Only two discuss, share thoughts, learn how to communicate and make conclusions. You educators from our kindergartens participated in the trainings organized by should see their little faces when they “Education for All” Project. It would be discover new things by themselves! great if all my colleagues are able to The Environment culture, Speaking skills attend a practical, interactive training to and Drawing are my favorite areas of learn while “exercising”, to learn “by activity. During the day, during their activities within the frame of centres, these doing”. As for me, it was a challenge to are the fields through which, most of all we learn and work “in centres”. Now I understand that it is easier and more achieve, together with children, all the interesting”. objectives of learning.

Training on Community Mobilization From 21 to 24 September 2009, at Chisinau, 25 kindergarten and community centres headmasters, 30 educators, 30 social assistants and two mayors participated in the training „Community mobilization for enrolment of children from vulnerable families in early development programmes”. During sessions, the participants discussed about modalities to include children from vulnerable and disadvantaged families in educational programs, in centre and kindergarten. They changed experience in the field and learn haw to mobilize community leaders. As result of training, there was created 38 community teams, which will be involved into social mobilization campaign “Help Him Become a GREAT PERSONALITY!”

The Community Event “Help Him Become a GREAT PERSONALITY through Theatre!” at the Kindergarten from Panasesti Village, District of Straseni On 25 September 2009 the Dynasty of puppet showmen, joined by other several colleagues from the theater – artists and actors – participated in a community event , organized at the kindergarten from Panasesti village, district of Straseni, in partnership with “Moldcell” mobile telephony company. The action entitled “Help Him Become a GREAT PERSONALITY through Theatre!” promotes the early development of the child through the theater art and involvement of parents in the process.

“A real education focuses on different types of intelligence – mathematical, linguistic, musical, psychological, kinesthetical, and especially emotional one. 80 % of person achievements are given to his emotional intelligence”.

The activity in kindergarten from Panasesti had two parts and included a workshop for making puppets and a puppet show. 15 children from preschool groups, together with their parents, educators, 4 “Moldcell” volunteers, together with their children, participated in the workshop.

Viorica Istrati, the headmaster of the kindergarten from Panasesti, Straseni and Vasile Fodea, the Mayor of the locality hosted the community action “Help Him Become a GREAT PERSONALITY through Theatre!”

The workshop was moderated by Galina Molotov, painter and script writer and puppet creator. Children with their parents, created 20 puppets for 3 fairy stories “The goat with her three kids”, “The reddish” and “Three little pigs”. The play for children, entitled “The best daddy”, was performed by the Madan Dynasty of puppeteers – Maria, Andrei and Cozmin – the grandmother, the son and the grandchild – joined by the actresses Irina Boiarchina and Ludmila Sorocean. Representatives of the Ministry of Education, of the Straseni Department of Education, Youth and Sport participated in the event as well. Lia Sclifos, “Education for All – Fast Track Initiative” Project Manager, said at Panasesti that “in their early age, all children need immediate interventions in favor of their development. That’s why this Project promotes rapid interventions into early development”.

THE TEAM OF PUPPETEERS: Maria Madan is Master of Arts and teacher of actor skill at the Theatrical Lyceum. Children from Panasesti, together with their parents, learned from actors and volunteer how to make puppets together.

Galina Molotov is painter, puppet creator, and script writer at “Licurici” National Puppet Theatre. She creates puppets and teaches script-writing, including in Paris, France. Irina Boiarchina is Master of Arts and actress at “Licurici” National Puppet Theatre. She played more than 70 parts. Ludmila Sorocean artistic director at „Pinocchio” Puppet Theatre, which has 7, plays in its repertoire. Andrei Madan is actor at “Licurici” National Puppet Theatre. Cozmin Madan is 6 years old and is the grandchild of Maria Madan and the son of Andrei Madan – all three form the Madan Dynasty of puppeteers. TV Story TV Moldova 1 – ?module=stiri_int&news_id=12179

MOLDCELL, Partner in the Campaign „Help Him Become a GREAT PERSONALITY!” Rodica Verbeniuc, Head of Corporate Communication Unit of MOLDCELL mobile company: „Moldcell” has been a partner of “Education for All” Project for two years, contributing to the achievement of its goals, and namely – to offer optimal conditions for preschool children development”. „Help Him Become a GREAT PERSONALITY through Theatre!” is the fourth community event in which participate voluntarily the “Moldcell” employees”.

“This time we came in Panasesti together with our children to promote the idea of a free communication between children and their parents. Our message is that good living conditions are not enough in order to educate a GREAT PERSONALITY. It is necessary to discuss with our children, to play with them, to read them stories. First of all children need their parents’ care and love”. A story on it in TIMPUL Weekly –

Regulations on Community Centres for Early Child Development were Officially Approved by the Government The Regulations on Organization and Functioning of the Community Centres for Early Child Development aged 3-6(7) were approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova. The approval of the Regulation is a contribution to the achievement of the goals of the “Education for All – Fast Track Initiative” in Moldova. The Regulation of the Community Centres for Early Child Development was approved “in order to achieve objectives regarding the increase of the rate of enrolment of children aged 3-(6)7 in preschool education programmes and to organize efficiently the pre school education process”, stipulated as well by the National Strategy on development for 2008-2011 and by the National Strategy and the National Plan of Actions “Education for All”. This document includes the main objectives and principles of the Community Centre, stipulates the offered services, the way of organization and functioning, stipulates the staff , determines the rights and responsibilities of participants in the social and educational process and establishes the way of administration and financing of the Centre”.

The Community Centre for Early Child Development for Children aged 3-(6)7 is a preschool public institution, which offers permanent educational services to children aged 3-(6)7, who don’t attend preschool institutions and, especially, to children from vulnerable and disadvantaged families. The mission of this Community Centre is to contribute to the enrolment of all children aged 3-6(7) in early development programmes, guaranteed by the state for each child of this age. 25 Community Centres for Early Child Development for Children aged 3-(6)7 are to be created in Moldova under “Education for All – Fast Track Initiative”, till the end of 2009. In 2007-2008, there were created and endowed other 15 Community Centres under the Project. The Government Decision Nr. 567 of 10.09.2009 on approval of the regulation on organization and functioning of the Community Centre for Early Child Development for Children aged 3-6(7), published in “Monitorul Oficial” Nr. 144-147 art. Nr. 631 of 18.09.2009, and the text of the regulation can be accessed on: and

Gabriel Has a New Precursory Gabriel Savin, aged 5, from Oxentea village, district of Dubasari, received a new precursory. He needed this precursory to be able to go to the kindergarten. At the end of 2008, Gabriel was enrolled at the local kindergarten, in Oxentea village. After a month and a half, Gabriel’s mother had to take Gabriel home, because he didn’t have a precursory, and the kindergarten did not offer conditions for a child with infantile cerebral paralysis.

The precursory was offered to Gabriel by Igor Mereacre, the Executive Director of “Motivatie” Association (photo), as result of media campaign, supported by the “Education for All” team and “Odoraş”, a Magazine for parents. Having a new precursory Gabriel can go on with his life. “Education for All – Fast Track Initiative” Project in Moldova is part of FAST TRACK INITIATIVE, which is a global partner to insure education for all.

EDUCATION FOR ALL – Fast Track Initiative Project implemented by the Ministry of Education

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