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“This is a warm and welcoming school, where pupils are well cared for” Ofsted – February 2014

Bickerstaffe Church of England School

Hall Lane, Bickerstaffe, L39 0EH Telephone: 01695 722957 Web: Follow @BickerstaffeCE

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Welcome to the sixth issue of the JUICY WORD! My name is Camron Ventre; I am part of the Juicy Word team. I have just heard that your child has brought home the brand new issue of the Juicy Word. Beware of your sides, because after reading the funniest issue of all time, you will be dying with laughter! So grab a brew, sit down and enjoy the read. The Editorial Team Alex Brogan, Lawrie O'Brien, Isobel Housley, Joseph Ormesher, Faith Currie, Amy Crisp, Wiktoria Wisniewska and Camron Ventre.

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Top Ten Songs

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Profile - Rob Glaysher

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Trip to Lancaster Sport Relief

Playground Cricket Surreal Art Min Y Don Comic Book Week

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4 Front cover design: Wiktoria Wisniewska Back cover design: Lawrie O'Brien The Juicy Word has been created and produced by the Bickerstaffe School Editorial Team.

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JUICY NEWS Taking a peek at our favourite recent news stories

Aiming high by Lawrie O’Brien

 In March Year 6 pupils got confirmation of their high school place for September 2014. 66% of pupils got their first choice school and 33% got into their second choice.

The table below shows the percentage of children from Year 6 going to each of the schools listed. School Percentage Pupils Rainford High 33% Lawrie, Alex and Joseph Ormskirk High 33% Jacob, Amy and Wiktoria St. Bede’s Catholic High 22% Isobel and Faith Maricourt Catholic High 11% Camron

Sporting showcase

 In February Jacob Ashburner and Reuben Warwick participated in an Able Gifted & Talented (AGT) water polo event at a local swimming pool. Many schools were involved and they all selected gifted and talented Year 5 and 6 pupils to attend. The day was packed with learning the skills involved around water

by Faith Currie

polo. Water polo is a team sport and is played in water. The game has two teams, each with seven players. The ball has to be passed between players at least three times before you can shoot and try to score a goal. Jacob said, ‘It was really fantastic to be selected and it was an exciting day where I

got to learn new skills and have fun too’. In the same week a SUPSSA Superstar event was held at St Bede’s Catholic High School. Schools from the Ormskirk District battled it out against each other across year groups. Pupils from Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 represented Bickerstaffe School and enjoyed a competitive range of different sports.

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by Camron Ventre •

On Monday the 27th of January Class 4 and Class 3 all went to the Judges’ Lodgings, Lancaster. We had to dress up as Victorian children from the 19th century. We travelled there in a VIP coach and we watched Night at Museum 2 on the way; it was amazing! During our visit to the Judges’ Lodgings we split up in to groups. I liked the school most because the teacher was strict but it was funny as well. We also learnt about homophones and we had to write on a chalk board. The desks were different because they were wooden

and they were like American high schools. Homophones are when a word sounds the same but is spelt differently. Some people had to write with their right hand, even if they were left handed, which was hard. After we visited the school classroom we went to the play room, and we played knock down the pins. The traditional Victorian games were a lot of fun and it was a chance for everyone to play with a different toy. Next we all went back to another room and ate lunch.

Charlie & Lily eager to learn

Hard at it!

Busy workers

A seat by the fire

Everyone dances

Playing games

At the cottage

Chalk boards at the ready

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Chim chimeney

Harry busy writing with chalk

The table is laid

Jacob thinks he knows the answer

Here we go round the mulberry bush

I know sir!

Ready to work

Immaculate room


Jacob & Lawrie stand to attention

Harry & Luke get front row seats

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Old Shoes

Kieran ready to learn

Cookery corner Perfect writing

Victorian discipline

Victorian Bickerstaffe

Traditional surroundings

Thomas in his pinny

Harry sweeps up

Great time had by everyone

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On the pitch with


Glaysher Rob is a passionate cricketer who has turned his passion into his profession. He has a degree in Coaching Development and we were lucky enough to have him as our P.E teacher this term.

Where did you study? I was a sports student at Liverpool John Moores University and then I went to Australia for a month to learn how to play cricket better. When did you start teaching P.E? I started teaching in primary schools at the age of 15 in Burscough; however I started teaching properly last year. What is your favourite sport? My favourite sport is cricket in summer, when it is warm and sunny but when it’s cold and wet I like hockey. Do you have a favourite Olympic mascot? Well I don’t know many Olympic mascots but I suppose it could be Wenloch & Mandeville from the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Interview by Joseph Ormesher •

Do you have a favourite make of sporting equipment? My favourite equipment for cricket is the Kookaburra range, and I always wear Nike football boots for playing football. What do you think is the best sport to play? The best sport in my view is cricket and why? It is really fun with action too and I like to play backstop. Who is your favourite Olympian? My favourite and the best of all time has got to be Steve Redgrave, because he has been to five Olympics and is five-time Olympic rowing champion.

Which Olympics do you enjoy the most? I enjoy the Winter Olympics because I love watching snowboarding half pipe freestyle, however if cricket was in the Summer Olympics I would probably prefer them.

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Pupils play their part for

by Name •

Photographs by Olivia O’Brien, Bethan Ashburner, Eleanor Ashburner & Keisha Scott Pupils and staff took part in a week-long programme of fun events for Sport Relief, with everyone joining in with the many different sporting challenges. A Sport Relief backwards mile was tackled by Running Club while every child in the school took part in fitness fun along with thinking about healthy eating and experimenting with making fruit smoothies. A non-uniform day took place at the end of the week with everyone encouraged to wear ‘Red’ and make a £1 donation to Sport Relief.

A line of red

A dash of red for Shauna

Jumping for joy

Winning team at Bickerstaffe

Skipping fun

Brotherly love

Early start for Running Club

Issy finishes to applause

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Freya takes a peek backwards

Jasmine and Harvey keep pace

Sport Relief 2014 On target

We love Sport Relief

Team Running Club


Olivia and Jasmine

Pupils and staff together

A perfect line of backwards runners

Will enjoys the experience

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Happy children

Red and white stripes

Keisha pushes hard

Careful, don't fall over

Miss Webster leads the way

Lottie take one

Lottie take two

Keisha and Olivia

Smiles all round

Jessica and Olivia snuggle

Great running skill

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Playgr und cricket •

by Camron Ventre •

Caught on camera by committed reporter Camron Ventry, Year 3, 4 & 5 boys enjoy a great game of cricket. Often the sport of choice during lunchtime the children practise their skills; ready for playing in the summer. Hitting, catching and throwing skills look good!

Harvey in full swing

Like a professional

Ready for contact

Shall I bowl now?

I hope I get the wickets

Could this be a six?

Superb fielding

An amazing catch

Alex ready for the ball

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iz u Q ? The C


about ing everyth

by Alex Brogan, Isobel Housley, Faith Currie, Amy Crisp & Wiktoria Wisniewska

1.What is Simon Cowell’s baby called? A. Eric B. Edward C. Luke

9. What year did JLS split up in? A. 2012 B. 2001 C. 2013

2.How old is Mrs Barton? A. 43 B. 45 C. 46

10. Where is Min-y-Don? A. London B. Wales, Snowdonia C. Scotland

3.How old is our school this year? A. 170 years B. 210 years C. 150 years

11. Who won female solo artist at the Brit Awards 2014? A. Ellie Goulding B. Katy Perry C. Lorde

4. Who won the 1st GB medal on snow? A. Jenny Jones B. Rebecca Adlington C. Justin Beiber

12. Who sang the song ‘Happy’? A. David Bowie B. Bruno Mars C. Pharrell Williams

5. What country is hosting the World Cup 2014? A. Brazil B. Japan C. Russia

13. What does LOL stand for? A. Lots of love B. Laugh out loud C. Lumps on legs

6. Who sang the song ‘Wrecking Ball’? A. Ellie Goulding B. Katy Perry C. Miley Cyrus

14. What chocolate is most healthy? A. White chocolate B. Dark chocolate C. Milk chocolate


7. Who was the first man on the moon? A. Bob Marley B. Mr Ballard C. Neil Armstrong



15. What causes a rainbow? A. Sun and rain B. Sun and snow C. Wind and rain 16. What year did the Olympics in Britain take place? A. 2011 B. 2013 C. 2012

8.Was a cat in space? A. YES B. NO C. None of the above


Who is it? Facts:



by Amy Crisp


1. Bright & brainy 2. Helps in teaching 3. Loves animals 4. Born in 1957 5. Married So who 6. Loves healthy food 7. Kind, cheery & helpful 8. Likes reading and writing 9. Likes to come up with new ideas

is it?

Match the facts

by Lawrie O’Brien & Joseph Ormesher We have lined up a quiz about our teachers. All you have to do is match the facts to the teacher.

Mr Ballard A

1 Fences in their spare time

Mrs Smith B

2 Joined our school in January 2009

Mrs Cartwright C Mrs Aitkin D Mrs Hodgson E

3 Previously taught in Our Lady St Edwards 4 They once did a sky dive 5 Went to school with the director of the Harry Potter films

Quiz: 1. Eric 2. 45 3.170 years 4.Jenny Jones 5. Brazil 6.Miley Cyrus 7.Neil Armstrong 8. Yes 9. 2013 10. Wales, Snowdonia 11. Ellie Goulding 12. Pharrell Williams 13. Laugh out loud 14. Dark chocolate 15. Sun and rain 16. 2012 • Who is it?: Mr Hall • Match the Facts:A:3 B:5 C:4 :D1 E:2

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JUICY NEWS Taking a peek at our favourite recent news stories

School swimming success  A team of seven pupils from Bickerstaffe Primary School swam their way to success at the Ormskirk and District PE and Schools Association (ODPSSA) swimming gala, at Park Pool, Ormskirk on Thursday 27 March. The mixed team consisted of: Joseph Ormesher, Jacob Ashburner and Isobel Housley Year 6; Reuben Warwick Year 5; Eleanor and Bethan Ashburner Year 4; Olivia O’Brien Year 3. The pupils along with teachers Mr Draper, Mr Hall and headteacher Mrs Hall thoroughly enjoyed the event, which saw school teams compete from across West Lancashire. The atmosphere was electric as the cheering reverberated around the poolside. Jacob won his individual 25m backstroke with Isobel and Reuben winning silver in their individual 25m breaststroke and Joseph winning silver in his 25m freestyle. The overall school position, in the small schools section, was third. Mrs Hall said, ‘Congratulations must go to all the pupils as every single one made it into their final, which is a first for Bickerstaffe School. I am extremely proud of them all.’

SUPERB SCIENCE By Wiktoria Wisniewska  In science Class 4 undertook an experiment to grow their own bean. It was a very simple project and all they needed for each plant was a bean seed, a container, compost, a paper towel and some water. The cup was transparent plastic so you could see the plant grow in more interesting detail. The plant, which is called a runner bean, took a few weeks to grow. The plants were taken home by each pupil with simple instructions to follow.

A diary was kept each day for two weeks to record the bean’s growth. Although the class watched a video of the plant growth speeded up, it was really exciting to see how quickly the seed grew into a plant at home. The experiment allowed Year 5 and 6 pupils to examine the stages of the growth of a plant and see the impact of water and sunlight on its growth. Lifecycles has proved an interesting topic with the class also looking at the life cycles of a butterfly and a hen.

Writing wars Results are in! By Isobel Housley

 Do you remember last year in October when Juicy Word launched a writing competition? Well our fabulous editorial team have decided on two winners and two runners up. Many different types and styles of stories were submitted and the standard of entries was extremely high. It was not an easy task to judge!

The winning story from the infants was by Isabel Sands called The Magic Key. Faith Currie, one of the judges, said, “It was a mesmerizing story and really stood out”. Thomas Ralphs’s story ‘The Earth Women’ won first place from the juniors. Camron Ventry from Juicy Word said, “Thomas’s story was action packed with a

great use of connectives”. Judging the runners- up proved more difficult because there were two people from the juniors who really deserved the prize! In the end it was decided that Kieran Sands and Bethan Ashburner should be joint runners up. Congratulations to all four pupils and prizes will be presented in school shortly.

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by Lawrie O’Brien On a cold January day, Peter Owens, a local artist came into school and brightened the day. He taught us how to create surreal art. Surreal art is where you start not knowing what you are painting, and you usually don’t know when you are finished. If you look closely you can sometimes see things from animals to people to mountains. Rene, Magritte, Salvador Dali and Miro were all surrealist artists. Many surrealists were inspired by Pablo Picasso, a

painter who lived many years before them. Peter told us to start painting; I started with bright colours and then gradually darkened it. In the end I had a frightened man with lots of blue and green around him, with a hand that had an eye in its palm. The day made an immediate impression on me and when I got home out came the paints as I was eager to paint some more!

Peter explains his art

Colours merge

Painting back at home

Brush strokes

Pupils learn

Painting techniques

Great day!

Peter shares his knowledge

A surreal moment

The painting develops

What can you see?

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lack art b





n o i ash d f e h c t w a e has h n A Lawrie O’Brien d n a er h es rm O oseph


e sh

blu Crisp

by J

l Coo


o sch

or f e l sty

ing r p s

ght d bri a n a Bold es with r glass of colou h s spla

k Blac

gold and l tie y v a o N scho c i s s cla



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by Faith Currie and Alex Brogan •

Scream out with super shock colours

Brilliant blue Converse

Cool blue skirt

Lime green arrow t shirt

Stand out bracelets

Fun socks

Smiley earrings

Bright braces

Super green shades

Vibrant Vans

Fluorescent leggings

JW6 pages_Layout 1 03/04/2014 08:29 Page 18


Map ready and off we go

We survived the low ropes Mia ready for her adventure

I’m amazing at this



Team work at its best

JW6 pages_Layout 1 03/04/2014 08:29 Page 19

The indiana jones theme - ed

My fingers smell lovely


I am a tree

Hey ewe, is this sheep’s...

Oooo this helmet better not ruin my hair style

Agent Ashburner to the rescue

‘Everything is awesome when you’re part of a team’

Wiktoria takes a selfie

I’m really not scared


Food at Min Y Don tastes yum

Yes I’m not sure either what this leaf is for

JW6 pages_Layout 1 03/04/2014 08:29 Page 20

Please sir can I have some more

Look no hands

Time for tea Amy

No, Thomas ate it all!

Who ate my sandwiches?

Food glorious food

It was only a cheese one tee hee Mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm

All those years of Maypole finally paid off

Not another photo Mr B, we’re trying to eat!

Great to make new friends

Hats off and a thumbs up to you


Agent Ventre reporting for duty Sir

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Camron & KierAn Belt & Braces

Feel like Katniss EverDeen up here

Yes lovely weather Yey another photograph

Such fun

I’m so not going to fall whilst he’s taking a photograph

Hey lads forget the weather and stay on task please

Should I do it?

Do you think so Looks like rain

Yes you should!

I name this ship the Titanic

Let the night games begin The Titanic floats

And do you think that is a good name for a boat?

Loving the new hat

Hey who turned the lights off?

Cheesy enough?

La la la

JW6 pages_Layout 1 03/04/2014 08:30 Page 22

I may ‘branch’ out into tree hugging

The Min Y Don bake-off

Oh dear caught on camera foraging for food

I wonder If he likes me...

I wonder if she likes me…

Yikes, I’m not sure he’s going to make that jump!!

up, up and away!

Hope my hair looks good

Where are the boats ?

Help, think I might be stuck Time to call 999

Was that a trump from Mr B

Have ‘Faith’ it will float!

Follow me I’m the Pied Piper

I so love cycling

This is a look I feel I may regret later

JW6 pages_Layout 1 03/04/2014 08:30 Page 23

Did someone say we get to jump out of a plane?

Quick I can’t hold on much longer

Min Y Don agents of Shield

Freezing fun

All finished Joseph! I’m a smurf traitor!

Feeling like it was a bad idea to let Lawrie cut my hair

I’m a ‘celebrity’ get me out of here…well I’m a Bickerstaffe pupil, does that count?

Oh my!

What are you laughing at?

C2C cyclist Faith gets back on her bike

Mrs Hall dives right in to every challenge!

JW6 pages_Layout 1 03/04/2014 08:30 Page 24

Look up it’s above you

Survival feels good Peek a boo

Did someone say buoy? What buoy?

Can’t see a buoy

Argggg!! Tour de min y don

Goofing around

watch out for the rope!

John McEnroe strikes back

You cannot be serious

That’ll be more for me than tee hee


He better not come anywhere near me!

Nearly there

No more for me thank you

JW6 pages_Layout 1 03/04/2014 08:30 Page 25

Who’s been sitting in my chair

Where’s Batman?

Unfortunately not Goldilocks just me and I’m on bowl number eight!

Snake bite over here...HEELLLPPP!

Shhhhh! stay low

Dreaming of Min Y Don… no sorry we mean home!

Team walkers... oh and Robin!!!

Mr Bradley to you please


you go first see what’s up there

I’m right behind you boys

Winter Olympic trials messed up by weather

Don’t let my mum see this

All alone, just me and my paddle

Love drying dishes

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OUR TOP TEN We asked our school to tell us their top ten tracks of the year •

Words by Faith Currie •

1 HOT!






Favourite tracks Happy – Pharrell Williams



Hey Brother – Avicii


Glory and Gore – Lorde


Move – Little Mix


The Monster – Eminem ft Rihanna


Wake Me Up – Avicii


How Long Will I Love You Ellie Goulding


Money On My Mind – Sam Smith


She Looks So Perfect 5 Seconds of Summer




Let it Go - Idina Menzel

9 HOT!




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Perfect poems

by Faith Currie • Photographs by Lawrie O’Brien & Joseph Ormesher

Did you dress up for World Book Day? Surely you must have because there are so many pictures of the costumes; which are BRILLIANT! During this year’s book week the juniors had to dress up as a character form their favourite poem and infants as their favourite nursery rhyme. We had a competition on the best handwriting with juniors writing with a pen and infants with a pencil. We also had the usual hot seating competition.

Cute as a kitten

The winners of the handwritin g competion: CLASS 1: DANIEL BERRY CLASS 2: LYDIAH JONES CLASS 3: CHARLO TTE LATIMER CLASS 4: WIKTO RIA WISNIEWSKA The hot seating winners: CLASS 1: FAITH DA RG AN CLASS 2: LEWIS NOLAN CLASS 3: JAKE EVA NS CLASS 4: JOSEPH ORMESHER This was a great book week and I’m pretty sur e everyone is looking forward to next year’s book week.

Bright as a button

A pussycat pauses for a photograph

Who's got my i Pad?

The Clown Punk

Where's my patient?

Once upon a time...

Emily, as fast as a tiger

Oink oink

Off to rescue the princess

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The Lego of 5 Movie t u o 5 L raatews rie it

The Lego Movie is totally awesome! The graphical detail, as it isn’t computerised and actually animated, is amazing. With a song ‘Everything is Awesome’ as the theme tune everything is awesome. After seeing the film I was so inspired I went home and spent two and a half hours building with it. The plot for the movie is so clever; it is basically about a war against following instructions and gluing Lego, versus building from your mind and rebuilding again and again. An ordinary builder, Emmitt fulfils a prophecy to beat Lord Business (the bad guy). Emmitt meets loads of cool people along the way such as, President Lincoln, Batman and many more.

Theatre review Have you read the historical novel, Private Peaceful? It is the story of an eighteen year old soldier (Private Tommo Peaceful) and his reflection on his life and his last night on earth. He is basically telling the story of more than 300 soldiers who were shot for cowardice during World War 1. I think Simon Reade (the director) got the plot muddled up as in the book, Charlie Peaceful (Tommo’s older brother), got shot instead. As it is one big soliloquy, with only one actor, it is an amazing performance by Andy Daniels. Considering he is just out of acting school it was an ultraamazing performance! He must have

by Lawrie O’Brien

Film review

by Lawrie O’Brien

Wild Style is another main character and although she is quite opposite to Emmitt in personality, they are both on the same team. My top quote is from Batman, ‘I only build in black...and very dark grey’ and another good one he says is, ‘We’re going to hit the sun yeh, but it’s going to look cool!’ Emmitt has an idea, which is a double decker couch; people make fun of it and skit him. However it saves them in the end therefore it is a key clue to Lord Business’s weakness. If you are really good at paying attention to details you’ll love this film; so will people from the age of three who have a taste for comedy, fun, and adventure. There really are no weaknesses and therefore it is 5*****

Private Peaceful

said over 7,000 words! The set was minimalist; however, he used it to great effect like when the bed was a wire fence above a trench. Therefore it had the same effect as lots of items. The lighting and sound effects went perfectly with it, as the flashbacks to the early stages of the war, with shells exploding were perfectly timed and it was very dramatic when he was shot – his head dropped and it all went dark. His few props were his watch (that his brother gave him) and his tin helmet. He only really used the helmet once, when he was in the trench. However his watch was used repeatedly, after every flashback. Personally I think that the interval spoilt it, as it built up so much power

and then dropped it all down the drain when the interval came. If the interval had not happened I believe that the second half would have been more powerful. I think it was truly amazing; it had just one weakness – the interval. The strengths were the lighting, acting and sound. It would appeal to history lovers, book readers and children over the age of eight. The play is amazing; now watch it!

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won’t “My name is August; I hatever W describe what I look like. worse” bly you’re thinking it’s proba

Lawrie rates it

5 out of 5

DVD review

by Lawrie O’Brien

Captain Phillips Captain Phillips is a true story based on an American captain called, Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks), whose cargo ship is attacked by Somali pirates. The film is about him and his crew fighting for survival against the pirates. It has you hooked from the minute the pirates are chasing Captain Phillips. The pirate, Captain Muse (Barkhad Abdi) plays an amazing role and it looks like it is not a film but is actually happening. The story has a great and dramatic end. In real life the actor, Barkhad was a limo driver, who had never acted before this film. He managed to pick up a BAFTA award and was in the running for an Oscar for best supporting

Book Club Choice Wonder by R.J Palacio Wonder is an amazing book about a boy, August, who is ten years old with a rare disease making him look different to us. August also has other problems with hearing and eating. All of this makes it hard to go to high school. As he has been home schooled all

actor. I think he and the rest of the cast did an amazing job with Paul Greengrasses’s directing and Billy Ray’s script. During the film when Muse has the opportunity he shows kindness to his captive, Captain Phillips. The final 30 minutes have you stuck on the edge of your seat, as it is literally a matter of minutes...I won’t tell you when; but my advice would be to watch it and find out, as it is 5*****. There are no weaknesses as it is easy to follow. It would appeal to anyone from seven – 60 years of age, as it is an action thriller. The film is a 12A because it has one use of strong language, some bloody violence and threat.

Review by Thomas Ralfs

his life it is hard to fit in. This book shows August’s life and how he makes friends and enemies. It is equally good for boys and girls and is a book that leaves you feeling better at the end. I would recommend this book to able and emotional readers.

Thomas rates it

8 out of 10

Film review 47 RONIN by Camron Ventre This film is an epic 3D fantasy film and it is age 11/12a, which is ok for your child if they are 10 and over. It is set in Japan and it is about samurais, demons and witches. The story line is set out and there is a half blood, who is a demon and a human combined. When the half blood was a child a king and his army find him in the woods by the demon’s cave so they think he is a

demon! The main character is played by Keanu Reeves; who was also in the Matrix movies. I think this is a brilliant film; it is a fighting film and because it has action in it, your eyes will be glued to the screen!!! It has got some good Camron rates it actors, as you know one all ready.

5 out of 5

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y t t JUICY NEWS u N

By Isobel Housley


Taking a peek at our favourite recent news stories

What a tweet!

GUNGED WITH GREEN SLIME  It was all a Twitter down in Min-y-Don this year, but little did parents know that the secret tweeter was in fact the resident spy. Yes this snapshot landed on the editorial desk of Nutty News and its stony look led to an undercover investigation. It may seem like a tall story but we are convinced that this is indeed a photograph of the secret agent who infiltrated the group and took to comic style tweeting. We will keep you posted of any further sightings!

Follow @BickerstaffeCE

 Nutty news on the tennis circuit has got to be the surprise Andy Murray received from Nickelodeon TV as he accepted a special award recently. Recognised as an inspiration to children across the UK, the tennis star was not only slimed but it was caught on camera too.

Sporting glory is something that the UK’s number one tennis player is used to, but here at Nutty News we’re not so sure he wants to make a habit of getting slimed. We think Andy would prefer to just play on the green stuff and not get gunged with green slime.

That isn’t something you see every day!  Has anyone seen the hilarious mother and son wedding dance on Youtube? Well now you will run home and search it. This video shows a hilarious dance; choreographed by themselves with songs by a

young Michael Jackson. When it comes to funny dance remix’s this tops it all. If you love watching people perform a stupid dance well then this is the video for you. Just go to Youtube and

search these very words: mother and son surprise wedding guests with dance remix. Then click on the video with a man in white and a woman in blue. If you asked me to rate it, it would definitely be 5 stars!

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r e t t e b a e t a e r c Let’s r e h t e g o t t e n r inte ith Currie by Alex Brogan, Amy Crisp & Fa

During Safer Internet Day in February we organised our own school survey about online technology with pupils and teachers. Here is a roundup of what they said:

What we like abo ut the internet • Instant ac cess

to informatio n • There is so much inform ation at the • It’s very us touch of bu eful to find tton facts. • Very useful to order reso urces • Fun games • Keeping in contact with friends & fa • Finding pl mily aces to visit • Sharing in formation • Changed the way scho ols can prov • iPads to su ide educatio pport the w n hiteboard re • You Tube ly on the inte rnet • Comparin g prices

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Cyber bullying

by Joseph Ormesher

For Safer Internet Day 2014 in February we spent the day learning about e safety. I wrote a non-chronological report for my learning log about cyber bullying. Cyber bullying, strong word isn’t it? Did you know three in five people are cyber bullied every year? Cyber bullying is when people send abusive messages to you on line and think it is funny and cool. Melancholy is how you could feel if you are being cyber bullied. The worst thing about cyber bullying is it can happen anywhere, not just on a computer but also on mobile phones. If you were getting cyber cullied you should show your mum or dad. One thing you can do is block the person who is sending the messages. An example of what can happen is the story about Jack. He was cyber bullied when he started his new school. He gave his phone number to his friends and they passed it on to other people who were not his friends and were bullies. Jack went home hoping to get some friendly messages from his new pals at his new school, but what he came home to were lots of abusive messages. This continued for three weeks. Eventually jack told Cyber bullying Ambassadors who helped Jack overcome the bullying. Now Jack helps others in his school that may experience cyber bullying. On Safer Internet Day the theme was ‘Let’s create a better internet together’. In our school we all got to learn about how to be safer on line and Class 3 created posters about internet safety.

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JUICY NEWS Taking a peek at our favourite recent news stories


A helping hand by Wiktoria Wisniewska

by Wiktoria Wisniewska

 Art Club started in January and is led by Mrs Jodie Scott, a parent of a Class 3 pupil along with Mrs Smith a teaching assistant. It takes place every Thursday in Class 3 during lunch time and allows children who love art to do more of it. Art and craft are really popular in our school so the extra club is brilliant.

Mostly girls attend the club and they all really like being able to develop their art skills and be as creative as they want. The first project was making collages, which involved rolling ink over them at the end. The collages, even though they might have looked a little weird printing them, came out fabulous.

Hooked on words Children captivated by local poet  Professional children’s poet and performer Ian Bland visited school in March. Ian is also Poet in Residence at Wigan Football Club. Infant and junior pupils took part in creative workshops in which Ian helped children to write their own poems. It was a fantastic opportunity for children and teachers alike to share together in the world of poetry. Ian soon had the children captivated reciting a number of his poems with his great storytelling skills. The inspirational day followed a week-long celebration of books and poems in school with Ian’s visit providing a fun finale!

 On Monday the 13th January Alicja and I went on a visit to Lathom St James’ to meet a girl called Maja. We went there to see Maja so that we can help her understand more English as she comes from Poland. When we arrived we were welcomed by the head teacher Mrs Albion and Mrs Tither. While meeting Maja we also met her mother Ewa and her two sisters Alicja and Nikola. We all went through to Maja’s classroom and then went upstairs. We entered the staffroom and then I started translating Polish to English and the other way round while my sister went off playing with Alicja. I had to do lots of talking in English and Polish and I also re wrote a note from Mrs Tither in Polish to show Ewa how she could help Maja with her English. A few minutes before the end we had a picture taken and we got a few pieces of stationery from Mrs Albion and that was the time we had to go back to school. The visit was interesting and I really enjoyed it especially meeting Maja.

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Chatting with

Paul Wilcox Chair of Governers Bickerstaffe School.

Interview & Photograph by Wiktoria Wisniewska

Why did you become a school governor? I became a school governor because my daughter came to this school and I wanted to help all the children in this school have the best education that they can and have a brilliant time when they’re at school. What is your hardest job as a school governor? That’s a tricky one. I think managing the money and deciding how best to spend the school’s budget is very hard. How long have you been a school governor? Let me think. I’ve been a school governor for nine years and chair of governors for four. Wiktoria (giggling) – Not 20 years or 60 years Paul – How old do you think I am? 46, 52? Paul - Try again 53, 51? Paul - Very close, 55 Do you think you will ever give up being a school governor? Yes. I think there are lots of new parents who would be very good at being a school governor. What do you like most about Bickerstaffe School? I love to see all the children arriving into school in the morning and I love the enthusiasm of the teachers.

Are there any special school events that you like, for example Book Week? Lots of exciting things happen in this school and I particularly like Poetry Day because I love poetry.

Do you like sweets? Yes I do and have a very sweet tooth. My favourite at the moment are Turkish Delight; I love the chocolate on top and jelly in the middle.

So on Thursday would you dress up Do you like any other sports? I like to watch both rugby and football. as a character from a poem and join Bickerstaffe School to celebrate Poetry Day? That’s another tricky question and one that I don’t think was on your list. Yes I will come in to see you all because I love poetry but, as I have a pre-arranged appointment on Thursday, I won’t unfortunately be able to dress up! What jobs do you do daily that are not part of your role as a school governor? I work for a children’s charity, Banardos, which involves working with children. I love working with children. Would you ever quit working with children? No, it’s all I’ve wanted to do since I was your age. I’ve always worked with children. When I was younger I wanted to be either a teacher or a social worker. What hobbies do you have? Two of my favourites – I love cycling because it is a great way to keep fit, see the countryside and a great way to get to school and that’s how I got into it. I also love going to live music concerts with my daughter. We went to see Alabama Shakes last year and they were brilliant!

Who was your inspiration for the year 2013 and why? That’s a brilliant question. It would seem obvious for me to say Bradley Wiggins or Chris Froome (Tour De France winner), however it would have to be my mum. A very special person; she was kind, loving and encouraging. Do you speak any other languages? Not very well and it is something I really wish I could do and had got the opportunity to learn when I was at school. I think that’s it. Thank you Paul.

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s e l i f o Pr •

by Isobel Housley •

John Lennon MBE

Jennifer Lawrence

Rock Star

Movie Star

DOB: 9th October 19 40

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Competiti on Design

the b Easter egg an est a GALA d win XY CHOCO LATE B AR!!

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