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Juicy News

Welcome to the forth issue of The Juicy Word.

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Inside this issue we share with you lots of news and events from school and the local community that have happened during this term. But don’t worry it won’t be a boring magazine we will bring you lots of laughs and fun along the way. It will also help you with your summer fashion and the best music to listen to, games to play and films to watch. So when school is out over the summer holidays and you are sitting in your deck chair just relax and enjoy a great read. Happy holidays from all the team and we hope you love the magazine. THE EDITORIAL TEAM

Alex Brogan, Lawrie O'Brien, Elliot Warwick, Sydni Sweeney, Jessica Burgess, Isobel Housley, Joseph Ormesher, Jessica Ball, Amy Crisp, Katelyn Taylor, Cole Olverson and Ryan Heston.

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Front cover design: Joseph Ormesher & Lawrie O’Brien Masthead design: Joseph Ormesher & Lawrie O’Brien Contents foreword: Lawrie O’Brien The Juicy Word has been created and produced by the Bickerstaffe School Editorial Team.


PUPIL NEWS Things kids have done outside of school

TRICKY TREK UP MOEL FAMAU Holiday By Isobel Housley

 On June 30th Joseph Ormesher, Camron Ventre, Elliot Warwick, Lawrie O’Brien and Issy Housley climbed Moel Famau, in North Wales. The purpose of the climb was Joseph’s birthday. It took an hour to climb…and two to get down! They came equip with

Camron, Joseph, Isobel, Elliot, Lawrie

sweets such as rainbow drops and sherbet dips that kept them going along the way. To mark the special occasion Catherine, Joseph’s mum, supplied them with t-shirts with each of their names printed on the back along with ‘Joseph’s 10th Birthday Moel Famau Climb 2103’ on the front. The tshirts were red apart from Issy’s which was a light shade of red.

When they reached the top they all ran to the castle ruin that stood before them. At the top of the castle they stood and looked down onto the teensy- weensy Playmobil like Wales beneath them. Then the gale force wind hit so they quickly climbed down from the top of the castle. As Devil’s Gorge was closed off they had to go back along a more tiring route to the car. Everyone had a brilliant day and Issy says, “Overall it was a great experience and lots of fun to climb it with friends!” If you have a birthday story you would like to share with The Juicy Word we would love to hear from you.

HOLY SPARKLES By Isobel Housley  On the 28th of April Faith Anne-Marie Currie was brought into the Church through baptism. Baptism is when parents promise to raise their child to know God loves them and help them to follow Jesus as a member of the Church. Faith’s hair was styled by Catherine Ormesher. Catherine formed her hair into a hairraising bow covered in sparkly sequins. Faith’s beautiful dress was black with white roses. Everybody was dressed to impress for the special occasion. The church was busy, as Sunday service had just finished. The day was amazing and after the baptism there 4

was a great party which everyone enjoyed. The party was at Faith’s house in Barrow Nook and went on until late. Faith was baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Bickerstaffe by Rev Andrew Housley. During the service Faith stood over a small stone font with a big dip in the middle. In the basin there was a bowl of water. With parents, godparents and other members of the congregation watching, the vicar put the sign of the cross in the centre of her forehead, an important symbol of faith. Then he splashed water, a sign of washing and cleansing, over Faith’s head. He then anointed


her with oil. Formal words of welcome, along with the presentation of a candle as a reminder that Jesus, the Light of the World, has come into Faith’s life, concluded the service.

By Amy Crisp  I went with my family to Southport beach during half term for a day out. It cost five pounds to park the car and then we walked to the sand dunes. They were lovely. They also had two ice cream vans, a hot dog bar and places to sit near the front. It takes five minutes to walk to the sea where you can look out for jelly fish!. It is a really good place to visit especially for kids. I have a little brother and he loved the beach even more than me! If you like sea, sand, ice cream and hotdogs then go to Southport for a great family day out.

JUICY NEWS Taking a peak at our favourite recent news stories

HIT IT CRICKET Success for girls at Ormskirk

Cute as a baby By Amy Crisp

By Katelyn Taylor and Alex Brogan On Thursday May 9th a team of girls from Bickerstaffe School travelled to Ormskirk to play in a cricket competition. When they arrived it was cold and damp with a wet and slippery field. The team played against Christ Church and also Burscough with very tough

competition between the teams. However, despite the strength of the other two teams, the girls won both of their matches and achieved success. The team took along their own snacks which they ate following their victory. Katelyn

THE RETURN OF MR DRAPER By Sydni Sweeney Yes everyone is delighted to tell you that Bickerstaffe School’s old buddy Mr Draper is returning to our school in September to teach Class 3. Mr Draper was first known to Bickerstaffe when he stood in for Mrs Bell, when she was on maternity leave in 2012. He taught the current Year 4 and Year 5. When we heard that he was returning to school everybody was ecstatic! Mr Draper has visited school a couple of times this year to see everyone and also bring his school Delphside over to run our cross country. We can’t wait to have him back in our school again after the summer holidays.

said about the win:”It felt like we really achieved something which was great.” The team of girls came into school the next day brimming with smiles and told everyone about the matches they had won.

Missing a champion... then along came Andy By Lawrie O’Brien For 77 years Great Britain have not had a winner of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. That all changed when Andy Murray, the world seeded number two British tennis player, came out on to centre court and beat top-seeded player Novak Djokovic in straight sets. It was 6-4 then 7-5 and the final set was 6-4 again. So as we finally have a British winner at Wimbledon and it was his second grand slam title, we asked school tennis players if they felt inspired from his victory. Wiktoria says: “I have been inspired because he is a good tennis player and won. I play tennis a lot and started to play four years ago. I have a Wilson tennis racket. My sister plays tennis too and I play against her. My dad got me into tennis as he always watches it.” We have played lots of tennis in school this year which everyone has really enjoyed. We held our own Wimblestaffe tournament during P.E lessons providing great fun and friendly competition between pupils. Andy Murray started to play tennis when he was only four years old. Using cereal boxes to make a net in his house and a swing ball set outside, his brother and him played none stop. I have been inspired by his victory to play every day after school with my neighbours and now I have joined my local tennis club.

Class 2 had a very special visitor in school a few months ago from Luke Clansey’s mum during her pregnancy. The children have been learning all about babies this term as part of their Early Years Foundation Learning tying in with the royal baby, due any day soon! During the visit the children were able to listen and ask lots of questions about having a baby. They even got the chance to guess how big they thought her bump would grow. Olivia O’Brien was the winner and received a book voucher prize kindly donated by Luke’s mum. Since the visit Luke’s mum has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Pippa; she has blue eyes and cries a lot! Luke say: “I love her more than anything and it’s really exciting to have a little baby sister.” It’s been just as exciting for the children to follow the journey and it was lovely when, at Erin and Lilly’s christening, Luke’s mum brought Pippa along too. 5

JUICY NEWS Taking a peak at our favourite recent news stories


Gift for Mr B

By Lawrie O’Brien and Joe Cotterill

 During half term Joe and I went to Whitehaven in the Lake District with our families. On the way we got stuck in a traffic jam because some animals escaped onto the road when a car went on fire! On the first night we stayed in a camping barn with a hole in the door to the loo. The kid’s bagseed the room with the fire, so we were warm playing in bed until lights out. In the morning Max, Henry, Joe and I all woke up and saw Olivia had rolled onto Henry’s bed and Faith onto Olivia’s bed. Max is a pupil at Ormskirk High and Henry is a pupil at St Bede’s and are both ex pupils of our school. On the first day we cycled to the coast to start. Olivia and Faith completed the first 11 miles while Joe and I carried on to complete 34 miles whereas Max and Henry managed to complete it all. Along the way we came to a hill that was a

one mile steep climb. Joe, Faith, Olivia and I all got to the Strickland Arms by car and set up the beds for the night in the Yurt. Joe and I walked along the pavement to see if we could see them and sure enough we soon did. The second day was the hardest as there were lots of hills and we had to get over two massive ones. The only people who cycled this hill were Joe, Max, Paul and Dave. Joe says: “It was extremely hard getting up the hill, I was sweating and exhausted and I still wasn’t half way up! But finally we pushed and pushed until we had climbed to the top.” The downhill was fast, furious and lots of fun and all the children joined the last seven miles. That night we had two caravans and we ordered pizzas, Chinese and Indian take-away. On the final day it was really easy and we all completed the 28 miles. When we reached the east coast we ate fish and chips, dipped our wheels in the sea and got a couple of photos. When we left we all felt very proud. It was a glorious sight to see the sea again before we got in our cars and got ready for the long journey home. Overall the cycle ride was 154 miles. Joe cycled 111 miles, Max and Henry cycled 154 miles, Lawrie cycled 97 miles, Olivia cycled 53 miles and Faith cycled 65 miles. We all did AWESOME!

By Sydni Sweeney  As a leaving gift Year 6 have made a secret book for their teacher, Mr Ballard. They have included a message page (how sweet of them) :) Katelyn and I have really put in so much effort into this book! We hope Mr B will be delighted and that he might not forget this moment for the rest of his life. He has pushed us to the target during the last two years. The target is everything he has taught us from maths, English, ICT, art and much more. I think everyone in Year 6 now will think of him every step along the way in high school. Being in class with Mr B is a little awkward but also fun at the same time. Awkward because he is a pig killing teacher and entertaining because he makes lessons lots of fun, more than what you would think it would be. Don’t forget us Mr B! 6

A taste of high school By Cole Olverson  On 19th June Year 6 went to Ormskirk High School and while we were there we saw past pupils, Andrew Mercer and Erin Kenny. We visited the school for a taster day to get a little taste of what school will be like when we start as Year 7 pupils in September. Lunch was brilliant! There was everything from pizzas and burgers to lasagne and spaghetti bolognese along with everything in between. I made two new friends during the day that are also Owen Nunn’s friends, who started Ormskirk School last September and is an ex Bickerstaffe pupil. I feel more confident

about starting school in September because of the new friends I made. My friends from school and football are also starting with me. The PE teacher was a little mean but good because she made us run one lap, as a warmup and then play rounders afterwards. All before lunch! We also got to learn some science using Bunsen burners. An experiment to separate sand from salt water and salt from water was really interesting too. At the end of the day, when it was time to leave, we didn’t want to go and we are all excited for September.


Elliot’s day at The Blue Coat School By Elliot Warwick

 On Wednesday 3rd July I went to The Liverpool Blue Coat School, the secondary school I start in September, for an introductory day. When I arrived I went to a hall in the school called Shirley Hall. The headteacher, Mrs Silcock, talked for a few minutes and gave everyone two objectives: to make friends

and have fun! After that everyone got in their form groups and went off to a classroom. My form is Bingham. The other forms are Shirley, Graham and Blundell. Bingham’s first lesson was P.E. We played basketball and there were three stations, the setup, two ball bounce and chest pass. After this we played two matches and my team lost one and drew the other. We then had morning break at the school canteen and we were allowed to buy drinks, sausage rolls and waffles. Our second lesson was food technology and we got to make cakes. There was a pig cake, a cookie monster cake or a make your own cake station. I chose the pig cake and we got to eat it at lunch. At lunch there was pizza, chips, pasta and lots more. At

the counter you could choose muffins, cookies, apple pie or shortbread. Following lunch we went to the ICT room where we got to make a computer car race. First of all we entered an app called Scratch. After everyone had made their car and race track we all had a race with the controls we had made. Chemistry was next and we got to use Bunsen burners to make a massive light by using magnesium. This happened because of the oxygen being mixed with it. At the end of the day Bingham and the other three form groups went back to Shirley Hall to see if everyone had completed their objectives. I made new friends, met up with some boys I already know and yes had fun too!

Whole school achievement By Isla Webster & Lawrie O’Brien  On the 19th of April pupils Lawrie and Isla along with Mrs Hall and parent governor, Mrs O’Brien travelled to County Hall in Preston to receive, on behalf of school, the Race Equality Mark. Lancashire County Council’s Race Equality Mark recognises the work undertaken by schools to promote cohesion and celebrate diversity. As if it had taken no time at all we arrived at the County Hall and made our way to the Council Chamber. When we entered we received a warm welcome and we tucked into some refreshments of juice, tea and cakes. Abruptly we were pulled away from our refreshments, which were very tasty, to go into the Council Chamber for the ceremony. Astounded by the sheer beauty of the room we were lost for words. Then we took our seats to watch Mike

Snelson, Principal School Advisor give his speech. Then Jane Richmond, LA Teacher Advisor for Cohesion and Diversity, who reviewed our school, gave her speech. She talked about the colour of our skin not making a difference to how we look at each other. Next some schools showed us how they had achieved the award. After that it was time for each school to be presented with the award. We went to have our picture taken with a dummy award and then we got given the real

one. Next we were all invited to have our picture taken with the other 26 schools. As we were walking out of the Council Chamber Mrs Hall set us a challenge to work out some roman numerals we had spotted at the front entrance to the building, the numerals were MCM XXX1V which translated is MCM 193. On the journey back to school we pondered on what it could have meant. We are still wondering about what it does mean. So if you know please let us know.

Fab Filters By Isobel Housley

 Recently in Class 4 we have been getting involved in lessons to do with water. The reason for this is Joe Cotterill, a pupil at our school is cycling from Bickerstaffe to Dorset in aid of Water Aid. So in the last science lesson Mr Hall taught the class how to make clean water. We were divided into groups and each group were given a plastic bottle. We cut the bottom off the bottle and filled the bottle in layers with different materials. Filter paper came first followed by coarse sand, pea gravel, fine sand and finally pipe chippings on top. Then we filled the bottles with downright dirty water! We took the cap off the bottle so that we could pour out the now clean water. The bottle that produced the cleanest water was then boiled by Mr Hall. The cleanest water was produced by Joseph, Lawrie and Issy and we got to drink it at lunch time. We now know how to filter water and it tasted just like normal water that you would drink every day. If you would like to know more about Joe’s challenge and how to sponsor him, visit his fundraising page 7

JUICY NEWS Taking a peak at our favourite recent news stories


Doorstep to Dorset By Elliot Warwick

by Elliot Warwick On Monday 20th May, Joseph Ormesher and Elliot Warwick

Smile in summer By Katelyn Taylor and Alex Brogan

Back in May school got a large and special delivery, a summer house! The summer house has been put in the play area for Class 1 children. It is a light brown colour and was built by the Solid Sheds Company. The children felt over the moon when they saw their new house and couldn’t wait to see inside. It has been decorated to make it just like home and can now be used for story-telling. We think it looks fantastic and wish we had had a summer house when we were in Class 1! 8

went to Edge Hill University for a special heptathlon event. They were selected for being noticed as talented pupils in the area of sport. In a heptathlon there are seven events: long jump, high jump, sprint, 800m run, shot put, javelin and hurdles. Other pupils from several Lancashire schools were

at the event and we were split into groups. Each group worked their way through the different activities with coaching on hand to help us. Following in the footsteps of Jessica Ennis, Olympic gold medallist in 2012 was a brilliant experience. At the end of the day we all got a certificate for being chosen to attend the event by our school.

Sporting stars shine Running Club recently held its first awards ceremony at the end of a year of tremendous performance and effort from all children. Following the success of the ‘2012 miles in 2012’ challenge, this year the runners set themselves personal best mile time targets. Everyone has worked extremely hard putting in maximum effort to improve their personal times. It has given the children a great opportunity to work towards a target and gain a real sense of achievement, whatever their level of running. Throughout the year various sessions have seen the children have their running timed, run with a buddy partner and race against other schools. In recognition all

children were awarded a certificate of achievement for their personal best time of the year. In addition some special awards were presented. The award for Best Buddy Runner went to Jessica Ball. Jessica has proved an excellent motivator and great support to other children to help them improve their running times. The awards for Best Running Performance for a Girl and a Boy went to Olivia O’Brien (infants) and Elliot Warwick (juniors). Both runners competed in all four Bickerfold Challenge races and came first for Bickerstaffe infants and juniors in all of them. The final award for Most Improved Runner was awarded to Wiktoria Wisniewska, improving her mile time from 13 minutes to a time of 8 minutes and 32 seconds during the course of the year. The new awards will be kept in school to be presented again next year, with children taking a small trophy home to keep.

Joe Cotterill, a Year 6 pupil, has started a fundraising campaign for WaterAid. Joe and his dad are doing a charity bike ride from their home in Bickerstaffe to his granddad’s house in Dorset. The total distance will be 250 miles and he will be leaving on Tuesday 30th July. Safe, clean water is essential for life, but one in ten of the world’s population does not have access to it. Just £15 can enable one person to access a lasting supply of safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation. We wish Joe luck as he embarks on this epic challenge and look forward to hearing all about his trip.

Top score for Sydni Sydni Sweeney has finished off her Year 6 at primary school with a great result for her football team. A keen footballer in school but also playing for her local girls team, she has picked up a championship medal. With a winning smile Sydni proudly showed her medal to her class and luckily The Juicy Word got a peek at it too!


Turning pages •

Every Tuesday, for two terms, the book club gang gather together and split into their groups to read and do activities. At the start we get a delicious snack and drink to keep us going and then we get our books open. This year the groups all got through at least two books that they enjoyed and had fun reading. When it is sunny we go outside and find a spot to read in. Under the willow dome is a great little reading corner with the sunlight shining through the leaves. Different games such as ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ and ‘Literary Snowball’ are good fun to play. Our favourite game though is ‘Sausage & Mash’ which when a word begins with S you read sausage and then mash if the word begins with M. This makes everyone laugh!

Reading under the willow dome

Anytime, anyplace, Thomas reading again

I’m reading again!

Group chat

Shall we eat or read?

Busy bookworm

Oh crumbs you’ve caught me eating a cookie

Book club gets creative

What glorious words

I better get paid for this smile

A ray of light shines on Thomas

The famous three 9


     ••    •

A SUNNY AND SIZZLING SUCCESS The sun was high in the sky as it shone down on this year’s annual School and Church Summer Fair. The event, organised by the Summer Fair Committee, took place on Saturday 13th July on Bickerstaffe Parish Field. The crowning moment of the day was when Isla Webster, Year 6 pupil at Bickerstaffe School, was crowned Rose Queen 2013. With numerous stalls, raffle and barbeque, children and families thoroughly enjoyed the day. Star attractions this year included a superb juggler, reptile display, a London red bus and the now infamous main event of Mrs Hall in the stocks! On Sunday 14th July the Rose Queen and her attendants gathered once more to take part in the annual walk from Heyes Croft to Holy Trinity Church. Led by the local brownies and guides a wonderful procession followed from Bickerstaffe School, Holy Trinity Church and locals, walking the route accompanied by music. To round off a glorious and fun weekend locals came together in the afternoon for a picnic and a game of rounders between St Michael’s Church and Holy Trinity Church.

Isla, Erin, Rebekah & Faith

Parading proud through Bickerstaffe


Pretty as a picture

Crowning moment

Isla Webster, Rose Queen 2013

Classic car display

All the girls

Entertaining the crowds

Gorgeous gifts


Tony & Faith under starter’s orders

Ukulele band perform

Juggling juggler

Fun on the bus

Stop snaking around

This is the life

Emily aims for the coconut

Traditional teatime treats

Where’s he putting that?


Where’s Cliff & Una?

Flaming hot day

Home-made cakes

Have you heard the one about the two ducks?

Truly scrumptious

Thomas right on target

Walking day

Jacob & Lawrie carry the school banner

Sponge the head

Team A

Holy Trinity ladies


Team B

The flying vicar

Gregory speeds around first base

Isla taking a break as Rose Queen

Seriously going for that ball

Flying start past first base

Bend it like Beckham

Katie goes for a rounder

Lads & dads having fun

Will Dave make it to forth base?

Olivia swings hard

Eleanor at full speed

Sophie gets ready to bat

Watercooler moment


football fiesta


We have captured on camera some of the Bickerstaffe lunchtime football squad. Many a comedy moments happens and featuring in this game were Camron, Kieran, Thomas, Alex, Bailey, Joel, harvey, Ben, Cole, Reuben and Ryan. We play lots of footy and it’s always a fiesta. Why don’t you choose your favourite picture and send us your captions but don’t put something silly please!

y t m ce! u b i , sed was n s i m er n din

By Cole Olverson and Ryan Heston

i’m goin score thg to is!!

i’m better than you


no w ay! fff! o o o o

just wide of the post!

r! r r r r aaarr

who scores?!

ooop s...m issed

Hasta la vista

free kick......

h! aahhh

super scissor kick

bleu ghh

s! n o pi m a ch

y.... s a e too

!! t a h w

good catch!

full time...

Shining performance from all runners

Scorching pace Bickerstaffe School Running Club hosted a cross country race in July as the final race of the Bickerfold 2013 Challenge. Pupils from Pinfold and Delphside eagerly arrived at school for the event. Without a cloud in the sky the runners gathered at the starting line. The distance of the course was 1.3 miles across off-road tracks and farmland. Marshalling at the race was provided by parents with many more cheering runners home at the finish line. Everyone ran a fantastic race, in scorching temperatures, with sizzling performances from all three schools. The winner of the junior race was Elliot Warwick and the winner of the infant race was Oliver Farrar, Pinfold. After refreshing cups of orange juice and orange quarters the children relaxed on the school field chatting to new friends and sharing their goody bag treats.

We are family, the Ashburners Field of runners

Strides ahead, Elliot comes in ďŹ rst


The hare....Steve!

Pinfold pupils line up

Thirst quenching work

Go Joe go

Superb pace

Jasmine goes for the line

Lawrie looks for the line

Look my trainers are still on!

Final kick home Kieran

Last stretch


Olivia out in front

A race for the line

Issy looking strong

Emily races home


Friends united

Keisha on Bethan’s heels Sister support

Lottie loving the race


We did it!

Great...a football!


Smiles of delight from Jasmine

Time to cool down

Look at my medal

Bags of fun

Keisha and Thomas stand proud

Eleanor, Wiktoria & Faith

Wow what's in the goody bag?

Everyone gathers


On Friday 5th July it was sports day! The whole school participated in the event. The games included an obstacle relay, basketball, hurdles, an egg & spoon race, hockey and javelin. The weather was glorious and lots of people enjoyed the day. Everyone worked really hard for their team with Orion 2 taking third place, Gemini 2 in second and in first place was team Saturn 2. With a big round of applause the team gloriously paraded around sporting their medals.

Super sports

Words by Jessica Ball & Katelyn Taylor

Give it all you got

It’s the final jump

Eyes on the prize

Jump for joy

What you looking at?

Follow the leader

The race is on

Saturn 2 Sports Day winners


It’s not the high jump

Ready, set, bro!

S...L...O...W motion

Funky chicken

Words by Isla Webster •

A SPECIAL SEND-OFF We know it’s very hard to believe but Yr 6 are leaving soon after seven memorable years at Bickerstaffe School. As part of our send-off we went to the biggest cathedral in Britain for a very special leavers service. The coach picked us up at school to travel to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Sitting on a wall, we all ate our packed lunches, admiring the beautiful building. As we took our first steps inside we all felt the same – just like a tiny ant walking into our school summer house! We toured the cathedral discovering strange echo chambers and secret passages. Then we found our seats and the service began. Alex and Eliot paraded our school banner to the altar along with all the other schools who were there. The service was full of songs and readings and a talk about Jesus being your best friend at high school – we will always have someone with us when we move on. An important part of the service was our gift of assorted foods to the Oaks food bank to help people who do not have enough money to buy their own food. We all had an experience we will never forget and it was a lovely way to mark our time at our wonderful school.


The small school with a big heart


No slouching!

The grand interior

Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral

Colourful stained glass

Bickerstaffe rules

What has Ryan spotted up there?

Words by Alex Brogan •

Tremendous •

Treat Day Dancing, running and bunting

More than two hundred pupils, parents, teachers and the local community enjoyed the Bickerstaffe annual Treat Day on Saturday 8th June. Before the big day the juniors had to practice Morris dancing and then we had to go out and perform in front of the crowds of people. The dance was good fun as we made our way up Hall Lane past Holy Trinity Church and finally onto the parish field. The Maypole dancing came next performed by children from reception to Year 6. Each class has a special and different way of dancing around the pole creating spider webs and colourful twists with the ribbons. Each class then ran two sports races with everyone trying their best. It was the last Treat Day for Year 6 but we hope they come back again next year to see us!

I’ve got to concentrate!

Triumphant trumpet


Step, hop, step and a hop

Everyone has fun

Infants walk proud

A spiral of colour

Musical tune

Festival hair

Bang the drum

Spiders web

Waiting to begin

Maghull Wind Orchestra

Happy times

Off we go


Class 4 undo the plait

Katelyn dances

Jessica’s beautiful dress Rev Housley

The plait

Practice makes perfect

Pretty in floral

John Mercer superb linesman


Amy aiming high

Ben wins

Who’s going to win?

Nursery race

Olivia and Lottie neck and neck

Fast and furious

Jumping to victory

Smile with pride

Cool shades Oscar


Come on Isla you can win this race

Past pupils take each other on

Mrs & Mr Hall

Mr Drapers back!

Upright running

Well done you won!

Yummy cake


Say cheese

Mrs Bell and Mr D race it out

Yes a giant lolly and a goldfish

Best friends

Well done Henry!

The girls

Flying flags

Is he going to shout at us?

I love sunbathing

So cute

The day just gets better and better


Swim > Bike > Run

Triathlon triumph •

Words by Lawrie O’Brien • Captions by Amy Crisp •

Class 4 went to Park Pool in June to take part in an inter school triathlon. A triathlon is a three sport event consisting of a swim, bike and finally a run. We began by jumping into the swimming pool ten seconds apart and then swimming an L shape. We clambered out the pool and quickly changed into our cycling gear which we had stored in a box. We ran out of the swimming pool and past a lake where bike helpers put on our helmets and then we set off on an 800m cycle route. At last we dropped our bikes down and set off for a two lap, 400m run. Finally, just like in a real race, there was an inflatable finish line which we all crossed to complete the event. At the end we were treated to some bottles of water just as it began to rain! The race was not too difficult but was a lot of fun to compete in.

Come on Issy

Team spirit

Hi Lawrie

Alex & Amy

Wheely finished

We are soaked 28

Girl power

Great work

Words by Lawrie O’Brien •

MR D BACK ON TRACK In June Mr Draper came back to visit our school with pupils from his school, Delphside. It was an early start as we all set off on our regular Friday morning run. We all had lots of fun racing against Mr Draper, especially as he is now coming back to our school in September. The pupils from Delphside really liked our cross country route and it was really good to show other children our special track. It was great to see that Mr Draper hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to running or his hair gel!

Team Mr Hall

Ryan is rockin’

Reece keeps out in front

Mr Draper back running the cross country, yippee!

Joseph with a clear lead

Perfect pace for Issy

The pack chase down Jacob

All the girls


drawn by jospeh ormesher

Year 5 pupil Camron Ventry plays football for Rainford Rangers Under 10’s Football Team. At the end of the season this year he was awarded, not one, but two trophies! Joseph Ormesher has produced this comic strip to tell the story of the day Camron was presented his trophies for player’s player and most improved player of the year.


In aute min

John chill

Camroyn Vent

Cam, sc hool tomorrow


Celebration time Christening captured on camera •

Words by Alex Brogan • Photographs by Amy Crisp & Alex Brogan •

On Wednesday 3rd July two photographers and two journalists from The Juicy Word went to Erin and Lilly’s christening at Holy Trinity Church. The two photographers were Amy Crisp and Alex Brogan along with journalists Joseph Ormesher and Cole Olverson. Reverend Andrew Housley christened Erin and Lilly during the special service. Class 2 pupils performed readings and songs including, ‘Oh Happy Day’. Lilly and Erin had a beautiful cake each to celebrate their special day. There were also lovely cakes for friends and family to eat afterwards in the North Aisle. We also got to see Luke’s baby sister, Pippa, who was a guest at the service with Luke’s parents. Erin and Lilly’s dresses were beautiful. All the children were in smart clothes and the church was packed. Charlotte had the most beautiful pair of sparkly shoes! It was so exciting to be at the christening and capture this special day. We liked being photographers and taking pictures of all the lovely dresses.

Yum yum

Sing along

Oh happy days

Party time

Amy and Alex the photographers


Freya and Sophie saying prayers

Amy and Kim

Mrs Teachen holding baby Pippa

Our turn

Lilly being christened

Beautiful butterflies

Lilly’s mum

Shining candles

Cool christening

Erin’s dad

Erin being christened

Lovely hair styles

Special cakes

Mrs Owen all smiles

La la la


SIBLING VS. SIBLING Q1. What are your hobbies? Q2. What is your preferable football team? Q3. What is your favourite book? Q4. What is your choice of school dinner? Q5. What subject do you like best? Questions asked by Elliot Warwick

Jacob and Bethan




Q1 Running Q2 Don’t like football Q3 Harry Potter Q4 English breakfast Q5 Art

Q1 Running Q2 Everton Q3 Harry Potter Q4 Roast pork Q5 Science

Sydni and Harley SYDNI Q1 Football Q2 Everton Q3 Tracey Beaker Q4 Ham & cheese flan Q5 Art

HARLEY Q1 Swimming & tennis Q2 LFC Q3 Horrid Henry Q4 Lasagne Q5 Maths

Wiktoria and Alicja WIKTORIA  Swimming & running  LFC  Farm Boy  Fish & chips  Maths

ALICJA  Playing with other people  LFC  Horrid Henry  Jacket potato & beans  Maths

Mia and Maisy MIA  Swimming  LFC  Tracy Beaker  Pizza  Science


 Swimming & running  LFC  Tracey Beaker  Pizza  Science

Lawrie and Olivia LAWRIE


 Sports  LFC  The Enemy  Chicken korma  P.E

 Swimming & running  LFC  One Direction fact file  Sausage & mash  Science

Cole and Bailey COLE


 Football  LFC  Magazines  Sandwiches  P.E

 Art & sport  LFC  Wayne Rooney  Sandwiches  Maths


) "t  Ar






 An artist.  Having fun with Mr B in class.  Mr B. # Looking at Ryan. ' Summer school trips.


) " s  h  at










    $      !



      #  &      $     

  #  + 

   $  $  %& *


       (   '

My top tip

My top tip   

Oscar  A lawyer.  Min -y-Don.  Mr B. # Cannibalism is rea l. ' Volcanoes.


DT "


Hi "

st  or


My top tip

My top tip


) " ry o  ist


Anthony  A farmer.  Can’t think of one in particular.  Mr B. # Nothing weird has happened. ' School trips.

My top tip



Isla  Physiotherapist.  Going into Year 6.  Mr B. # Finding out Mr B likes Tesco (my rival). ' Min-y-Don.


 Solider.  Min-y-Don.  Mr B. # Still waiting. ' Playing at breaktime.


My top tip

My top tip

st t Be jec s b h su at

su Be bj st Ar ec t t

su Be b s M je t at c hs t

My top tip

Sit in the big chair!

Try not to get sent out of class

Don’t misbehave




Q1. A football player. Q2. Min-y-Don. Q3. Miss Thomson. Q5. Getting called a dwarf. Q7. Narnia experience.

Q1. An accountant. Q2. Min-y-Don. Q3. Mr B. Q5. Finding out people dissect frogs. Q7. Getting a good grade in SATs.

su Bes bj t Ar ec t t

su Be b st P.E jec t

Q1. Olympic swimmer. Q2. Min-y-Don. Q3. Mr B. Q5. Getting called Ellitot. Q7. Doing SATs.

su Be b st P.E jec t

My top tip Don’t mess around

My top tip

My top tip

Never give up

Have fun



f. Q2. Pointing at Q1. A hairdresser or a che play. Q3. Mr B. ool sch a ng duri my mum jumped out. and t Q5. Isla hid in the toile World. ater erw Und to g Q7. Goin


Q1. LFC football player. Q2. Min-y-Don. Q3. Mr B. Q5. Sex education. Q7. School trips.

su Be b s

st t Be bjec . su P.E

M je t at c hs t

My top tip

My top tip

Try your best and never give up

Be good

Joe Q1. An author. Q2. Min-y-Don. Q3. Mr B. Q5. Alex’s jokes. Q7. Doing SATs.

Q1. A horse dentist. Q2. Min-y-Don. Q3. Mr B. Q5. Falling off a chair. Q7. Being in Mr B’s class.

Good luck to you all our Year 6 leavers!

Reece Q1. Teacher. Q2. Sports day. Q3. Mr Hall. Q5. Mr Hall’s science experiments. Q7. Sporty stuff.

A message from your fab and favourite teacher Mr B! by Sydni Sweeney How do you feel about Year 6 leaving? Happy because it is their chance for moving on to bigger school. Sad because they have made a huge impact on our school and we are sad to see them go! Favourite moment with Year 6 Min-y-Don trip in 2012 in Snowdonia, Wales. Weirdest moment with Year 6 When Year 6 sat in the hall waiting to do the SATs test while giving out sweets!

Marks out of 10. Have you enjoyed teaching Year 6? 10/10, I love teaching Year 6! Do you think Year 6 will do their best in high school? Definitely because they are lifelong learners.

Good luck from Mr B

SuperDry hoody

Vans t-shirt

Baseball jacket

Compiled by Joseph Ormesher and Lawrie O’Brien

Boys bright summer

We hope that you have a gre at sunny summer. To help you along we have come up with some cool fashion. We have got lots of bright clothes from watch es to tops and snapbacks. You name it we have it.

Snapback Superman cap

Vans shoes

Nox blue watch


Printed playsuit

Compiled by Sydni Sweeney and Jessica Ball

A splash of summer

These clothes are fun and stylish to wea r in the summer! The best thing is that you can mix and match these outfits. The items are fash ionable and suitable for summer but if you want to wear these in cold weather, put a trendy jacket or coat on top! Enjoy a splash of style this summer .

Sleeveless print top

Horse T-shirt

Sleeveless denim top

Chambray hair band

Aqua trousers

Denim shorts

Floral blue print jeans Blue trousers

White Converse pumps 39

s w e i v e R Film review

Camron Ventry

rates it

10 out of 10

Film review

by Lawrie O’Brien

Joseph rates it

9 out of 10

Fast and Furious 6 Number 6 in the series has arrived and like the others before there are plenty of action sequences. As the film says it is fast and it is furious! This film even has a tank in it as well as the usual speed machine cars. I watched it without seeing the previous 1-5 films and now they are on my must- see film list. It is a 12A so only suitable with parental consent.

Film review


by Alex Brogan

The Impossible The Impossible is a true story based on a family living in Japan on holiday in Thailand. As they sit around the swimming pool one day, they are struck by a tsunami and their world is turned upside down. They are separated from each other

Despicable Me 2 Despicable Me is one of the funniest films ever and now Despicable 2 has come out. The release date was 28th June and many children from school have already been to see it! In Despicable Me 1 the villain, Gru, stole the moon and in Despicable Me 2 Gru has to save the world with his yellow minions, his adopted children, Dr Nafareo and his wife Lucy. One of his adopted children, Margo, gets a date with a boy. However Margo’s foster dad is enemies with the boy’s dad spelling big trouble. At another point in the film it is Agnes’s birthday and Agnes 40

really wants a fairy princess to come to her party but sadly the fairy princess doesn’t arrive so Gru has to dress as a fairy princess instead. One character exclaims: “Why is that fairy so fat!” and Gru replies, “I eat instead of solving problems.” This film is a U certificate so it is suitable for everyone and is very funny indeed. Go and watch it if you haven’t been already!

Harley Sweeny rates this film

5 out of 5

by Lawrie O’Brien

and don’t know that each other are alive, but against all the odds find each other. The film follows the journey and is very realistic. I have watched this film three times already on DVD! The scene when the gigantic wave strikes is epic.

Game review


by Isobel Housley

Massive Mutant Fighting Cup! Mutant Fighting Cup is a game that everyone is talking about at break time in our school. The aim of the game is to build your own mutant using the animal genes provided and go into the arena to fight another mutant. If you win the fight you get one or two more genes to build your mutant

on to the next level. The game takes you around the world in stages from the European Cup onto Africa, Asia, America and the final world stage where you face Godzilliator! It’s an action adventure PC game with the ability to create your own personal mutant and take on the world!

Picked by Lawrie O’Brien•

Top Summer Tunes Our pick of the best songs for partying around with friends or at a BBQ.

Can’t hold us Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Blurred lines Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell Williams La la la Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith Let her go Passenger


Goin’ crazy Dizzee Rascal ft. Robbie Williams Another love Tom Odell


Wild Jessie J Right here Rudimental Laura Palmer Bastille ! COOL

Cool hair!

You and me Disclosure Antenna Fuse ODG Dear darling Olly Murs 41

n i g n i r u o l o C in these e skills by colouring Show off your creativ ing them br en you’ve finished, summer drawings. Wh ! m on the fridge door into school or stick the


by Sydni Sweeney •






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