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Graduate School of Management in Barcelona

Graduate School of Management in Barcelona is an innovative pan-European institution that offers world-class graduate programmes taught by leading international scholars and practitioners.

Welcome to Graduate School of Management in Barcelona

John Netting, Academic Director of GSM Barcelona Thank you for your interest in the Graduate School of Management in Barcelona. We pride ourselves on being an innovative panEuropean institution that offers world-class graduate programmes taught by leading international scholars and practitioners. Key to our success is the strategic partnerships that we have formed with leaders from industry, commerce, government and international non-governmental organisations and their involvement in our programme design and delivery. Studying for a master’s degree with us can serve many different purposes whilst offering many benefits. You may be thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in order to improve your prospects for employment, or studying a favourite subject in greater depth for your own satisfaction, alternatively you may have selected to pursue more advanced work at PhD level and

see a master’s programme as a gentle first step in that direction. Whatever your intentions may be, we are keen to help you achieve your own personal objectives. The school will provide you with a rigorous and engaging intellectual experience as well as specialised professional training in one of the various enterprises that work with us to ensure you benefit from exposure to both theory and practice in the course of your studies. This approach will help you to succeed in your chosen career, be it in business, the public sector, international organizations or academia. Your studies with GSM will follow a modular structure, each module being a combination of face-to-face classroom tuition, self study projects and groupworking within multicultural teams. High emphasis is placed on ensuring that theoretical concepts are linked-in with contemporary world issues in order to

ensure a topical relevance that students can associate with. Close interaction between staff and students at a personal level enhances the learning experience and enables the student to relate programme material and learning to future career expectations. We are a very diverse community. Both our staff and our students come from a rich variety of backgrounds and countries, and in so doing, contribute to our friendly cosmopolitan environment. Studying with us will be an intense, challenging and rewarding experience. The friends you make and the skills and knowledge you acquire here are foundations that will last a lifetime. If you feel that you have the commitment, the ability and the enthusiasm to excel in graduate studies, then please get in touch. We wait to hear from you.

“The friends you make and the skills you acquire will last a lifetime�

“Graduate School of Management is an ambitious, cosmopolitan, innovative project, reflecting key challenges and core values associated with today’s world”

Mission The Graduate School of Management in Barcelona is founded as a pan-European institution having partner universities throughout Eastern and Western Europe sharing the ideal of relentless pursuit of higher education and research excellence, and it is driven by a world-class faculty of academics in economics and finance. The School aims to offer a wide range of professionally and academically-oriented degrees in management and business to graduate students committed to understanding the complex social economic and financial processes of an increasingly global society.

In addition to the offer of challenging master programmes, the school promotes excellence in business and organisational research in close collaboration with its three founding academic bodies and its wider network of international partners. A core feature of the Graduate School of Management in Barcelona places it in the vanguard of latest and best practice within higher education through bringing together the innovative excellence of the academic world with the practical experience of the business world and the social commitment of state organisations.

“The greatest challenge for this new generation of young students is to realise that a new paradigm is in front of us and to accept that the current model and style of living is not sustainable any more. GSM programmes are designed to encourage us to utilise science and technology in the search for new horizons and the development of greater efficiencies to sustain our competitive advantages” Carlos Fernández-Jáuregui, Coordinator of the United Nations Office, International Decade “Water for Life” 2005-2015

The school will provide a rigorous and engaging intellectual experience together with specialised professional training

Approach The student is the “driving-force” at the Graduate School of Management in Barcelona. This means we are committed to meet students’ needs through optimising the learning process and creating an understanding of what is appropriate within an environment of life-long learning to meet life’s changing challenges within an increasingly integrated world market. Our learning approach is strictly pragmatic combining both intellectual and experiential learning, developing skills and knowledge-base through individual and teamwork development.

Research and Teaching Quality We are honoured to have on our academic board a team of highly qualified international professors. Our faculty members have combined academic achievements with senior management experience in a wide range of international organisations. Such experience is kept topical through the expectation that faculty members will continue to conduct practice-based research in cooperation with a variety of companies and institutions. The GSM Research Group is responsible for business research coordination between our University partners throughout Europe, Asia and South America, as well as for the promotion and organisation of joint research activities, events, conferences and lectures throughout the year.

“I am very proud to be invited to teach on the International Masters Programme at GSM Barcelona. For global institutions such as World Bank and the United Nations, whose main mission is to protect and spread core values of society, GSM Barcelona is a perfect tribune, as it gives opportunity to connect instantly with the international community of young professionals, analysing and gaining with them an understanding of global issues and resolutions.” Eduardo Mestre, representative of World Bank, Director of Water Tribune, EXPO Zaragoza, Prosessor of GSM Barcelona

“Students can feel that our teachers are highly motivated and eager to contribute to our success” Our faculty represents an impressive background in theoretical and practical knowledge with teaching staff coming from different parts of the world. In addition to holding PhD degrees and experience in teaching, our faculty members also work in a variety of companies conducting consultancy in a range of fields such as jurisprudence, marketing and economics. Students can readily appreciate that our teachers are highly motivated and anxious to contribute to our success. Assel Shayakhmetova, Kazakhstan Masters in International Business&Marketing 2008

Master Programmes The GSM Barcelona Master programmes are global in outlook, cosmopolitan in character and designed to be intellectually stimulating to develop students’ careers. All courses combine the highest standards of academic rigour with the latest research in economics and related disciplines encompassing practical knowledge of the professional world. Some courses have been developed in order to give a deeper understanding of the context of the European Union, the character of which, has been radically transformed “from the inside� by the process of enlargement and which has been affected by global changes. Our objective is to specialise in building economic and commercial bridges between European businesses. These programmes aim to develop the analytical and practical skills students will need to operate effectively in the European business environment. All programmes are adapted to the new European Master structure as developed under the Bologna Accord and give a unique opportunity to gain a solid understanding of European Union systems as well as providing work experience in Spanish companies during the study period.

Teaching, learning and assessment

Your business partners in Spain

Teaching is organised on a module-credit basis with learning methods based on lectures, directed reading, workshops, seminars, and practical project work. Some modules include group work and teamwork activities.

Students have excellent opportunities to network and establish long-lasting business contacts, thanks to seminars and workshops, as well as practical work at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Programme structure Each course module is assessed individually, generally on the quality of written or visual presentation work, and, to some extent, on verbal presentations. Assessment methods may include reports, seminar papers, formal written examinations, inclass tests, project work, visual and verbal presentations, workshops, simulations and practical exercises. The majority of assessments is based on individual assignments as well as some assessed group work.

The One-year programme is divided into 4 modules comprising 3 academic modules and an internship starting in October and February. The programmes require the successful completion of 60 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Master courses are taught in English and include a Spanish language course, an internship in Spanish companies, workshops and practical seminars.

Degree Our programmes have a clear, practical focus. They are designed for dynamic, young professionals who want to: - explore the emerging Spanish market - find business partners - gain international career experience - get the latest information about European Union systems

GSM Barcelona Master Degrees are awarded by public and private Spanish universities such as University College EUSS in Barcelona and UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

“My decision to come to Barcelona has changed my life and my plans for the future”

“This Master Programme turned out to be exactly what I was looking for”

I was studying in an international group and now I have friends from all over the world. I learned different traditions and cultures as well as improved my English and learned Spanish. I think that I now have more chances to build a successful professional career. In November 2008 I got my internship in Agilent where I am currently working. Working for Agilent is a great experience for me, I am learning from the inside how real companies work and I can see the theory I studied to be utilised in practice. I really appreciate this experience because, in my opinion, it is a real chance to gain practical knowledge in a real business environment. I think it is a big boost for my future carrier. While studying and working in Spain I have met a lot of nice people and the atmosphere is friendly here. My decision to come to Barcelona has changed my life and my plans for the future.

I always had clear goals in mind to develop my management, analytical and problem solving skills and start an international career to show people what I am worth. This Master Programme became exactly what I was looking for, the programme for young, ambitious individuals who want to work in an international environment. So, in my opinion, I have gained what I wanted and I am presently working for Shipping Corporation of India (Indian Government undertaking).

Irem Eren, Turkey Masters in International Business& Marketing, 2007 Currently: Agilent Company, Barcelona

Sandeep Kumar Singh, India Master in International Business & Marketing, 2006 Currently: Shipping Corporation of India, Barcelona branch.

“My aim now is to complete my practical and theoretical experience and continue my education for a Doctorate” To love and to understand Barcelona one has to live here for at least 6 months. For now, I think I would like to stay in Barcelona longer in order to develop myself further. My aim now is to complete my practical and theoretical experience and continue my education in a doctorate programme. I had my internship in DHL and I found that the transportation law we studied during the course was very useful. Now I am working in Imago Group S.L. which deals with real estate and tourism in Europe. Kateryna Seriakova, Ukraine Masters in Information Science in Business & Marketing, 2007 Currently: Imago Group S.L., Barcelona

Corporate Education

Our programmes for corporate clients are designed individually to meet their specific needs and to guarantee relevance to their requirements.

Corporate Certification Programmes are a range of highly pragmatic and relevant programmes, ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks, which are specifically designed to create immediate improvements back in the work environment. Corporate Qualification Programmes are tailored qualification programmes that can be delivered to Master’s level. Using both face-to-face and distance learning instructions these programmes help to develop an in-depth functional expertise in a professional context. Tailored Corporate Programmes are designed to match our skills and resources to your organisational needs in a collaborative learning partnership. Certificate courses and seminars are a wide range of practical short courses and seminars ranging from 3 to 12 days which have been developed in collaboration with governmental and private professional bodies of Spain and the UK. Participants enjoy an intensive course based on practical approach. This includes lessons, seminars, meetings with institutions and local business people. Certificate courses cover practically all fields of the public sector, industry, agriculture, finance, tourism and hospitality, media and education.

Internship An Internship is a unique aspect of education which integrates study with planned and supervised career-related work experience. The purpose of the programme is to develop and strengthen the student’s educational and professional skills. An internship will expose the student to interpersonal relationships with co-workers and supervisor that is essential to a successful career.

Student Benefits An internship provides the student with a greater understanding of career demands and qualifications. It allows the student to understand the connection between what is studied and how it is applied in practical work; using “learning through doing” models.

Your work experience in Spain Internship fields: Marketing Sales Fashion Merchandising Business Law/Legal Social Work Administration

Information Technology Hospitality Industry Agriculture and Ecology Import/Export Business Consulting and Engineering Travel & Tourism Hotel/Restaurant Management

Accounting Finance/Economics Public Relations Communications/TV/Radio Human Resources Chemical and Bio sectors

List of Companies participating in the Internship Programme A.Torrecilla, S.A. ABX Logistics España, S.A. Acieroid, S.A. Adasa Sistemas, S.A.U. ADNET Enginyeria, S.L. Advanced Automotive Antennas Alfa Instal·lacions, S.A. AMEC Aplicaciones Eléctricas 2000, S.L. Applus Norcontrol, S.L.U. Areir, S.A. Asosiacion de los bancos de Andorra Asociación Española de Exportadores de Electrónica e Informática Associació Amics del Nepal Benetton Int. Banco Sabadell Camara de Comercio de Barcelona Casa Asia Centro Técnico de SEAT, S.A. CIA. De Restauración Bembi, S.L. Colomer Beauty and Professional Products, S.L Coraci, S.A. DHL,Global Forwarding Spain, S.L.

Electronica Dabel, S.A. Electrotec Software i Control, S.L. EMTE, S.A. Endesa Distribución Eléctrica, S.L. Eplan España, S.A. Estudis d’Enginyeria de les Illes, S.L. Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona, S.A. Gam Consulting General d’Edificació, S.L. Garcia Faura Instal·lacions, S.L. Hilton Diagonal Mar Hotelcon 96, S.L. Hoteles Barcelona Ilford Renting, S.L. Industrie Ilpea España, S.A. Ingeniería de Sistemas de Ensamblajes y Control, S.L. “ISEC” Iveco España, S.L. Iveco S.L. Jacobi&Partner, S.A. Legris Española, S.A. Magneti Marelli Electronica, S.L. Marc Gual Junqueras Marcus Evans España, S.L. Mira Tecnologia, S.L.

Mon Repart, S.L. Montesa Honda, S.A. MTS Termosanitarios, S.A. Nani Marquina Nissan Motor Iberica, S.A. Pansfood, S.A. Proinle, S.L. Ros&Crespo Enginyers Consultors, S.L. Safiratec, S.L. Seat Sport, S.A. SEAT, S.A. Siemens Enterprise Comunications, S.A. Simon Connect, S.L. Simon Tech, S.A. Sony España, S.A. Spin, S.A. Splendia Limited Tasmar Logística, S.A. Team, S.L. Tecnocontrol, S.A. Transports de Barcelona, S.A. Viatges Asian Trip, S.L. Yamaha Motor España, S.A.

Internship Company




Internship Student

Internship Company

Internship Student

“Barcelona has paved my way to what I want to be”

“There are things that you pack in your experience bag”

“I learned new skills and that is, definitely, a big advantage for my future job”

Barcelona is a big city with plenty of opportunities that has paved my way to what I want to be. Frankly speaking, after taking a Master Degree I did not know whether I would work in marketing or executive roles. I started my internship in the German Commercial Chamber in Barcelona and realised that this was what I would like to do in future. Now I also know what I would like to do for a living and that is working in International Fairs and Commerce. The experience I got here is very important for me, because there is a big difference between learning something and applying that knowledge in practice.

An internship abroad gives the student an added value not only a complimentary paragraph in the Curriculum Vitae but also there are things that you pack in your experience bag. First of all it is the language that includes all the technology and terminology of the industry you work in. Secondly, you get to learn the business customs of the country you work in. The tasks assigned to a student during the internship are the same as a new employee must do. I personally don’t set any limit, the more they do the better! The more they learn, the more they earn for us. Students get to phone our clients, contact providers, research and of course, at the end of the day they, make lots of photocopies.

Lina Gilles, Germany Masters in International Business&Marketing 2008

Ramon Rodrígez German Commercial Chamber in Barcelona

In my opinion, an internship allows the student to verify the theory learnt during the course of study. There is a big difference between theory and practice because during the internship you are in touch with real life and real problems and the ways to solve them. I have learned new skills and that is definitely a big advantage for my future job. Ousmane Diallo, Senegal Information Sciences in Business and Marketing, 2008




Internship Student

Internship Student

Internship Company

“We try our best to involve students into our team”

“A chance to be connected with international business”

“Students everything”

About 80% of our business is based on the import and export of containers from all around the world. We work with Northern Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America. We try our best to integrate students in our team as quickly as possible. Students do their internship in Travima, providing support to operational departments as well as commercial departments. Everything depends on what they are studying and the knowledge and initiative they have. I believe that the experience students get here is very important. They see from the inside how the company works, its hierarchy and different roles. Our most important future challenge for Travima is to survive this current economic crisis and re-emerge as being the strongest company in its field.

This Programme has opened for me a chance to try “to taste” the Spanish educational system. My internship is in the logistic company “DHL Global Forwarding” in the air transport department and I have been working there for almost a year. I had a chance to learn a lot about this sector and, of course, this opened many opportunities for my future development as a professional. Having work experience in an international company like DHL you are connected with international business and understand the processes that occur in the world, on your own.

The tasks we assign for the students working with us vary greatly depending on their ability as well as the degree of experience they have had. Usually they enter without knowing the most basic concepts of the industry. They don’t know what “master” is or what “house” is but in a short period of time they get to learn everything and the student is pretty much capable of working in the field of express package delivery and general logistics.

Santiago Merelo de Bardera Roig Travima Forwarding S.L., Managing Director

Valeriy Malezhik, Ukraine Masters in International Business&Marketing 2007




Jorge Andrés Pons García DHL, Air Freight Manager

Privilege of studying in Barcelona Barcelona is a well-known centre for international education. The fantastic geographical location and ideal climate coupled with unrivalled opportunities for practical work in the field of international tourism and business make the city very attractive for students and professionals from all over the world. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, Spain’s main economic powerhouse and the largest tourist centre in Europe. The city regularly holds international fairs and conventions, and is home to European Community coordination centres and many multinational companies. The city is located on the coast and boasts a seaport and welcoming beaches, medieval castles and modern skyscrapers. Barcelona’s vibrant character, its cosmopolitan community, historic architecture, coastal setting, rich and varied cultural life, unique shopping and entertainment all guarantee a fantastic local lifestyle for students, visitors and residents alike. GSM Barcelona is located in the safe and peaceful district of Sarria and shares a campus with University College EUSS.


How do you like to live

A range of options

Where you live and how you live both have a huge impact on how well you work and your sense of wellbeing. Our staff can help you get the balance right between independence on the one hand and security and comfort on the other. We will look after your interests all the time you are with us.

Our partners, the accommodation providers, offer a wide range of quality, reasonably priced accommodation to meet students’ needs. You can choose from an extensive selection of shared student apartments, student residences or hostels.

Universities participating in International Cooperation GSM Barcelona, in collaboration with Universities from throughout Europe, Asia and South America is developing an ambitious international cooperation project, including double and joint Master degree programmes. This opens a unique opportunity for students from different countries who come to Barcelona to complete a Master course they have already started at their home University whilst also gaining practical experience through working in Spanish companies.

“The logistics of the programme design is ideal for our students. They will study during the first semester of their master course at our local University and then complete the theoretical module in Barcelona whilst working in Spanish banks. This enables the cost, of course, to be reduced considerably, as our students will have financial support from The National Bank of Ukraine whilst studying in our University and benefiting from a partial grant whilst in Spain that is awarded by the Saint Diodor Foundation and the Fundacio Rinaldi” Dr. Tamara Smovzenko Rector of State University of Banking, Ukraine, Kyiv

“Our University College has a wide international experience through belonging to the international organisation Don Bosco School, which has been in existence for 150 years and now teaches in 115 countries. However, this project has an unexpectedly strong resonance within our institution through dramatically expanding the international perspective in terms of both academic issues and cultural mix.” Dr. Carlos Rubio Director of University College EUSS, affiliated to Public University UAB

“I never planned to come to Barcelona. It was just my dream that had come true. I studied at the National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine, which offers an International Master Degree in collaboration with GSM, Barcelona and EUSS. My University assisted me and my twin sister to come to Barcelona in the framework of this project. The knowledge I gained during my study helps me to apply the theoretical concepts and models to real management problems, in addition to which I have also improved my language skills. As from February 2009 I have been doing my internship in the marketing department of the international company Spain Inn Group, and having an opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world.“ Lidiia Galkina, Ukraine Masters in International Business&Marketing 2008 Currently: Spain Inn group, Barcelona

Financial aid Each year a number of scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, need, or in a framework of international cooperation projects. These scholarships can only be used as payment of the tuition fee. Most scholarships range between 25% and 70% of the

total tuition fee. To apply for a scholarship, you must submit an essay of about 500 words describing why you want to acquire an international management education. This essay must be submitted as part of your application form.

The Saint Diodor Foundation is a founder – partner of GSM Barcelona and is one of the most important financial support providers.

The Saint Diodor Foundation

A not-for-profit institution with a wide experience in the field of education. The objective of the Foundation is to shape new generations of professionals within the context of the European Union. The educational programmes are always created through close

cooperation with other universities and in direct contact with the business world.

national Master, Postgraduate and Training Programmes for international students and professionals.

The Foundation, in collaboration with Spanish Universities, developed the Project of Inter-

The Saint Diodor Foundation is a patron to well-known cultural and educational initiatives such as the General Assembly Euro Education, the World Rectors’ Club and the World Water Rights Committee.

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