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Public Speaking in Colleges- How to Overcome Fear and Prepare Are you scheduled to participate in a public speaking event and are looking for ways to overcome fear? You’re not alone. A big number of Americans are afraid of public speaking than floods, loneliness, volcanoes, ghosts, and earthquakes. A survey report by The Chapman University Survey of American Fears, 28.4% of the adults in the U.S. suffer from Glossophobia, a condition caused by fear of public speaking. The reality is that public speaking triggers fear. However, it’s one of the most important skills for professionals and non-professionals alike. In fact, if you aspire to be an entrepreneur in the future then you need to start practicing public speaking at an early age. In this article, we put together some useful tips to help you overcome the fear of public speaking.

Start Early

Public speaking isn’t something you can master overnight. You need to start small and early. In fact, if you have never tried it, you need to start speaking in front of smaller groups and grow your public speaking prowess from there. You could find friends and family members to practice public speaking with. The good news is that as long as you know the subject you’re speaking about, the fear will disappear immediately after you start speaking.

Hire an Expert to Write for You the Speech Sometimes the fear caused by public speaking happens due to poorly written speech. When you’re giving a poorly written speech, you will most likely develop fear as your audience will lose focus fast and you will feel it. To avoid this, hire speech writer online to write for you an excellent speech that grabs the attention of your audience. Hiring the services of expert speech writers will help to give your speech a punchy opening and conclusion that leaves a lasting impression.

Prepare Well If you fail to prepare ahead of time, you will not know your material. This will also create fear of public speaking. To connect and convince your audience that your speech is worth listening to, you need to be confident. This way, you will avoid beating about the bush when delivering the speech. Do some thorough preparations. You can rehearse your speech as many times as you can to ensure it’s perfect before the day of delivering it.

Keep Yourself Stress-Free Public speaking fear happens the moment you’re about to enter the stage. That one minute before you stage entrance can make or break your public speaking since it’s the very moment you will panic and stressed. To avoid that, you should reduce stress by breathing and visualizing a positive outcome. Speak slowly while breathing deeply and calmly.

Start by Telling an Inspiring Story Speaking from the heart is one of the effective ways to eliminate the fear of public speaking. The good news is that you can tell and fake story and make it look real. In this case, open up your speech telling personal stories that inspire your audience. Try to avoid using complicated language from the very time you start delivering your speech. There is no need of using jargon to sound like you understand the subject of your speech. Tell personal stories and experiences to make your speech persuasive.

Tailor Your Speech to The Audience The good thing about public speaking is that you can tweak a speech you delivered to another audience to suit a new one. How do you beat fear when delivering a speech in front of a huge group of people in college?

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