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Touch is the future: Innovative ways to assess & provide feedback and feedforward

iPad + FilemakerGO: solving the assessment dilemma Christine Lovering & Dr Alistair Campbell, Edith Cowan University, 2013 Thursday, 7 February 13


The goal of my apps Educative and innovative assessment (for both students + teachers) achieved through applying the unique features of

Filemaker Pro Advanced

Unique & Evidence based innovative & & formative seamless & & summative anytime / anywhere

Synergy + innovative integration of the best feature of these applications

Word + Excel + Database + Communication

Assessment Apps Filemaker + runtime + Filemaker GO Thursday, 7 February 13


The dilemma Assessment is becoming more complex. Students are increasingly asked to work in groups and produce work in digital formats (multimodal). While assessing has remain largely paper-based or a messy mix of paper and digital, creating even more unproductive work.

The Solution

Touch technology + iPad + Filemaker GO Record marks and evidence of achievement once, report and communicate in many ways and formats. Report individually to students and grouped for administration. Thursday, 7 February 13


The analog problem?

Thursday, 7 February 13


Are students reading the feedback?

Thursday, 7 February 13


Filemaker GO + iPads for assessment: Two Examples Filemaker GO and iPads, combined with the use of instructional rubrics, are providing opportunities to explore the development of innovative apps that enhance both the learning task and the marking process. Two apps that facilitate authentic assessment and remove administrative workload. This allows teachers to focus on assessing student performance. Thursday, 7 February 13


Examples • Live group performance with 3 specialist markers + peer group assessment recording in the cloud • Live group performance with one marker recording locally on iPad • Working samples can be downloaded from the url at

Thursday, 7 February 13


Live group performance A third year primary education unit The students in groups of about 5 are required to produce a performance involving drama, music and visual art, appropriate for primary school aged students. This is the third year of the research study, each year has been funded by a Teaching and learning Grant. The second year funding allowed use to purchase 4 iPad2. Students received the feed back as an email pdf attachment with the video embed in the pdf. All done with Filemaker except for the embedding of video. No paper was used in the duration of the assessment cycle!!!! Thursday, 7 February 13


The Three Markers

Thursday, 7 February 13


Thursday, 7 February 13


Thursday, 7 February 13


• students received this PDF with their video performance embedded in the PDF. • The PDF was produced in Filemaker • the only manual process was placing the video in the PDF • finally the using Filemaker database on the server an email was sent to the students with the PDF attached.

Thursday, 7 February 13


Thursday, 7 February 13


View Student PDF

Thursday, 7 February 13


2012 Student feedback • I like the way the marks were given back to us for that assignment so we could see what it looked like to others and what we could have done differently. It makes the feedback much more relevant and helpful.

Thursday, 7 February 13


Feedback from Students what did you think of the email feedback? • -it was very clear and easy to follow -was good how it had the tutors comments and where they marked us on the rubric for each section -was good to see how the tutors marked us compared to the peer marking • Thought that the idea was great. It was good to be able to see the video and make the connection with the comment. Also great to keep for future reference and include in an E-folio. • The rubric and video were a fantastic way to present our marks. It was good to see what we looked like from the audience's perspective as it is so different when you are up on stage, also it is nice to have something to show for your work. The family all had a good laugh too! Thursday, 7 February 13


more feedback ... • The embedded video was a very convenient and innovative way to organise the assessment information. It was the first time I had seen it used in a unit and I was quite impressed. The feedback was relevant and comprehensive and having the video itself there to view at the same time, was extremely beneficial. The provision of the video will also aid the ability of our group to assess ourselves and reflect on our performance in more detail. • The fact we could read our feedback and watch our performance on the imbedded video was fantastic as we could reflect and see what we did well and understand what we could have done better. Thursday, 7 February 13


more feedback ... • I found this form of reporting on the effectiveness of the performance extremely valuable. Access to a video recording of the performance is an effective way for students to reflect on their performance, and view it from a different perspective; - that of the audience, the peer markers and our tutors.  ... Being shown how you have done something is far more effective than being told how you have done something.  It has a greater impact on encouraging and promoting improvements where they are most needed, and provide a focus for explicit teaching.  Having the video recording as a reference also enabled us to effectively reflect on, and justify the comment made by our peer assessors and our tutors. Thursday, 7 February 13


Any Questions? This research has been supported by: Apple University Consortium (AUC): , Edith Cowan University, FileMaker, and many ECU staff Filemaker GO assessment samples can be download from: You first need to install Filemaker GO 12 app (free) on your iPad and then go the the above site. I also have started a! site: Thursday, 7 February 13


Single Marker Example

Thursday, 7 February 13


Music Group Performance Single marker - recording locally

XW11 Thursday, 7 February 13


Student pdf result via email

Thursday, 7 February 13



Thursday, 7 February 13


markers use this layout

student are emailed this layout

Thursday, 7 February 13


Mobile assessment: touch matters  

Using iPads to assessment authentic student work.

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