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WHO AM I? Graduated in Design, I worked for almost six years with the creation and conception of graduation invitations in Brazil. I love cats, reading books from unknown authors, to cook and watch culinary shows. I love the smell of a espresso being prepared, gasoline and rosemary. One of my dreams is to write a book someday and travel to all continents. Today I consider myself both a designer and a photographer. In this portfolio you can explore more of my work in these areas. I am a team-worker, easygoing and organized person, who believes that a design project can reach its best results when different people contribute mutually by generating ideas and solving problems.

basic info Full Name: JosĂŠ Eduardo Leite Vieira Date of Birth: 11 May, 1988


Nationality: Brazilian

contact E-mail: Mobile: 07549746157 Adress: 30 Castlebar Park W5 1BU

SKILLS Printed Media Branding Lettering Photography

TOOLS Photoshop InDesign Illustrator Lightroom

languages Portuguese English Spanish

EDUCATION 2006-2014: Technology Degree in Visual Arts Federal University of Technology - ParanĂĄ (UTFPR) - Brazil.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Freelancer Designer | January 2016 - April 2018 - Working for different clients at home-office. Diamante Convites | February 2016 - April 2018 as: - Graphic designer and co-owner. Freelancer Photographer | January 2015 - April 2018 - Working for different clients at home-office. Studio AQuatro | September 2009 - December 2015 as: - Internship (oct.2008 to sep.2009); - Graphic Designer (sep. 2009 to sep. 2012): Responsible for creating graduation invitations projects. - Coordinator / Art Director (sep. 2012 to dec. 2014): Responsible for creating graduation invitations projects and coordinating the design team.


•FURNITURE CATALOGUE Client: Grupo ODK Marcenaria Profissional (ODK Group - Professional Woodwork)

“mount YOUR SCHOOL” Original Title: “Monte sua Escola” Designed in September 2016, as a freelancer designer for ODK Group. The magazine had the purpose to be used as a company catalogue, which would gave the support to schools build their own spaces, such as rooms, libraries, administration office, among other areas, with the furniture developed by the professional woodwork, located at São José dos Pinhais, Brazil. The concept was to bring the idea of polygons that could build some structure, since that is what the company actually do when transform wood in furniture. The colours used are result from a research made by children and professionals of the area. Furniture photos also taken and edited by me © GrupoODK - all rights reserved

•MENU Client: Dom Antonio Restaurant

MENU Dom Antonio Restaurant Designed in May 2017, as a freelancer designer for Dom Antonio Restaurant. This menu was created for Dom Antonio Restaurant to showcase their new dessert line. Since the establishment works with “all you can eat” system, they wanted to increase the number of sales of desserts, which are priced apart. I decided to work with a bifold menu. At the outside I put the informations about food and beverages of the “rodízio”, among with the logo of the establishment. At the inside I worked with the photos of the desserts, trying to look up for the customers attention. Since the photos was taken in black background, I used dark colours for intern design. All desserts photos taken and edited by me. © Dom Antonio - all rights reserved.

•Graduation invitation Developed while working at Studio AQuatro for the Architecture course of PUCPR, Brazil.

GRADUATION INVITATION Architecture e Urbanism - PUCPR, Brazil Designed in September 2013, while working at Studio AQuatro. In Brazil, graduation party invitations are complex. Usually, they are brochures or books with thank-you messages and pictures of the students, and a layout that represents the course. In this project, I tried to create something different, creative and structural, representing the Architect work itself. For the hard cover I used a special cut with the initials of the course “ARQ” and “URB” (as we common named it on Brazil). With the missing part you could visualize the brochure cover, with the construction created by words correlacted with the course. © Studio AQuatro - all rights reserved

•Graduation invitation Developed while working at Studio AQuatro for the Journalism course of PUCPR, Brazil.

GRADUATION INVITATION Journalism - PUCPR, Brazil Designed in August 2010, while working at Studio AQuatro. In this invitation I decide to go retro. I already had an illustration that I developed a little time ago for another work (not related with invites) that didn’t was aproved. So I decided to try its approval by using it in an invitation cover. My idea was that this drawing could be transformed into “real life”. For that, I search the images which could fit with the illustration and then I created the photomontage that you can see in the brochure cover. For the background I used a black and white version for the hard cover, and colourful in the simple cover, to evoque once more that idea. The colours used was provided by the retro theme that I wanted to create. © Studio AQuatro - all rights reserved

•Graduation invitation Developed while working at Studio AQuatro for the Medicine course of UFAC, Brazil.

GRADUATION INVITATION Medicine - Federal University of Acre, Brazil Designed in October 2010, while working at Studio AQuatro. In this invitation I worked with photos of the city of Rio Branco, which is also the capital of Acre, one of the most distants states of Brazil. In this project, I tried to visualize for parents, familiars and friends how it was the city that the graduates spent his last five years. Since there is a lot of students that are from different cities and states of the country. For the hard cover I create a special cut on Parque da Maternidade (Maternity Park) arches, which is the welcome gate of the city. When you opened it, you see the Hospital that the students passed long hours, studing and practicing. Š Studio AQuatro - all rights reserved

•PHOTO ALBUMs Client: Suyane Bueno Fotografia

PHOTO ALBUMS Covers - Various Designed as a freelancer designer, 2017 | 2018. Suyane Bueno Fotografia is a photographer based in Garopaba, Brazil. Among their work are a lot of photography of children birthdays, pregnancy photoshoot and weddings. The major of her photography tries to capture natural and spontaneous scenes. In the creation process, I always try to ensure the style of her photography along with the themes that she briefs me. For the cover of Sheron and Paulo, for example, I tried to build the venue of the wedding with a silhouette vector idea. For Pietro’s cover, the brief was to used the fact that his parents are both professional athletes. His mom a tennist and his father a surfer. They all live in the beach. Š Suyane Bueno Fotografia - all rights reserved

•FRAMES Client: From the Kitchen of Jennifer Mantovani

FRAMES COLLECTION Client: FTK of Jennifer Mantovani Designed in May 2017, as a freelancer designer. This frames collection was created for chef Jennifer Mantovani with the idea of she had a different product to sale for her customers, alongside with the mexican dishes that she prepared for online and delivery consumption, reaching perhaps a different range of public. She send to me four quotes of his authorship, and I was designated to create frames from it. The idea was to work only with text, and minimum graphics. The colours are very warm and saturated to evoque the major dishes that she cooked. The frames were vehiculated in her facebook fanpage, which was the canal that she had with her customers. Š FTK of Jennifer Mantovani - all rights reserved

•LONG DRINKS AND CORK BOX Client: Curitiba Comedy Club

LONG DRINKS AND CORK WINE COLLECTOR BOX Client: Curitiba Comedy Club Designed in April 2015, as a freelancer designer. These two works were developed for Curitiba Comedy Club, a night bar focused on Standup Comedy, in Curitiba, Brazil. The long drinks glasses were developed trough the type construction of two Charlie Chaplin’s quotes: “A day without smiling is a day wasted” and “In the end everything is a gag”. I decided to work with only one colour, for economic purposes but also for think that the major of the character films were in Black and White. For the cork wine I create a background to the logo with different words that has had the same meaning: laugh. Action that it is all the purpose of the establishment to their clients. © Curitiba Comedy Club - all rights reserved.


•VYX EYEWEAR Client: Renato Young



Minimalist, modern, geometric, clean


Versatile, basic, classic




VYX EYEWEAR Covers - Various Designed in March 2018, as a freelancer designer. Vyx Eyewear is a company created for the young public, to sell glasses in a less complicated and formal way. Therefor, the owners were looking for a visual identity appealing to this public, and very modern and simple at the same time. I used the basic form of a pair of glasses as a start, and created a minimalist version of it. Later, I designed the main typography based on the same angles. To keep it simples and modern, I chose black as the colour. Š VYX Eyewear - all rights reserved

•BEDENKO e SAMPAIO Client: João Gustavo Borges de Sampaio



Modern, sobriety, austerity, strong

BS Partner’s initials


Specifically required by the client

+ Ancient Greek (berth of profession)

= Labirynth

Deep Blue

Old Gold

BEDENKO e SAMPAIO Law Office Designed in January 2018, as a freelancer designer. This branding project was developed for Bedenko e Sampaio Advocacia e Consultoria, from Curitiba, Brazil. The idea was to work with the last name ignitials of the both partners and, in some way, create an icon with them. With a research about the law history, which had its beginning in ancient Greece. And with a phrase that I listen in our Briefing meeting, when the partners said that their clients are “kind of lost in their own problems”, with no difference if its clients is a single person or a company. I came into the idea of a labyrinth structure. © Bedenko e Sampaio - all rights reserved




Modern, bold, nature-related

MG Photographer’s ignitials

Active, dynamic, bright


= Feline eye

Navy Blue

Lime Green

MIKE GUEDES Photographer Designed in April 2017, as a freelancer designer. Mike Guedes is a Brazilian photographer specialized in nature and events pictures. He was looking for a different brand idea, not directly related to photography (with a camera or a shutter, for example). He wanted to evoque this idea of nature, combined with something that represented the photographer’s way to see the world. Therefor, I suggested we could work with an image of an feline eye combined with his initials, forming a “MG”. The colors were chosen to represent both nature and brightness (lime green) as nightlife and formality (navy blue). © Mike Guedes Fotografias - all rights reserved

•DIAMANTE CONVITES Client: Personal project



Modern, clean, wedding market

DE(from AMANTE lovers) = (same pronounce of) DIAMANTE +

Careful, lighter, lover, pastel.







Desaturated Red

Cool gray

DIAMANTE CONVITES Wedding invitations company Designed in January 2016, as a freelancer designer. This branding was created for my own company called Diamante Convites (Diamond invitations), which I had worked alongside with my wife (also a graphic designer) for two years, from February 2016 to February 2018. The idea of the logo (and the naming process, which was also idealized by me) was to mix the pronounce of “diamante” (diamond) and “de amante” (from lovers), which in portuguese are almost the same. I worked with a heart inside a diamond for the icon, and the typography evoque a sense of clean and classy aesthetics, since our major range of clients are brides and grooms. © Diamante Convites - all rights reserved




The brand (not designed by me):

The concept: - Movement - Security - Confidence

AUTOCONF Client: Bello’s Car Designed in March 2018, as a freelancer designer. Autoconf is a start-up that wants to make selling used cars easier. With a complete system to manage and organize the products and sales, car dealerships can control the whole process and, at the same time, make it more transparent and clear for the buyers. In this project, I created a social media identity for the company, based on its pre-existing brand. A clean layout using the diagonal lines of the logo, varying between blue and white backgrounds, depending on the content and on the photo of the post.


The NEW brand

(not designed by me):

The concept: - Clean - Modern - Simple - Digital look

bellos car rebrand social media posts. Client: Bello’s Car Designed in March 2018, as a freelancer designer. Bello’s Car re-designed its whole brand and identity this year, as part of the project to update its image and extend its activities. To launch its new brand to the public in social media, I created special posts with this new visual. The layout is very clean, simple and using just the new brand colours: white, red and gray. I created a new model for promotional posts (always using an icon and a big area of red, to make it more appealing) and a model for posts featuring cars, showing special prices and photos.


The NEW brand

(not designed by me):

The concept:

- Keep the clean and simple new identity, but using colors to evoque the idea of promotion and discounts.

bellos car “mega sale for the whole family” campaign Client: Bello’s Car Designed in April 2018, as a freelancer designer. With its new brand, Bellos Car needed a new visual model for its campaigns. The first one launched was the “Sales for The Whole Family” campaign, featuring special cars for different people, from youngsters to seniors. I used the simple white/red/gray identity, working with highlighted car pictures and areas of red to make it appealing. I used a different typography for the word “Family”, to make it more delicate and friendly.

•e-commerce template Client: Grife da Casa (Home Brand), branch of ODK Group Professional Woodwork

grife da casa e-commerce template Client: Grupo ODK Designed in october 2017, as a freelancer designer. Grife da Casa is a branch from ODK Group Professional Woodwork, dedicated to design and sell home furniture. It makes its sales in an online platform, called Mercado Livre, a Gumtreelike sales website. To make it more professional and appealing, Grife da Casa needed a personalized template for the site. I designed this template based on the brand style, using the same colours and elements, and highlighting the store main products, which I also photograph. The programming on the website was made by Alexandre Vieira, a professional partner.

โ€ขDIGITAL CONTENT MEDIA Client: Sindicato dos Engenheiros no Estado do Paranรก - SENGE

DIGITAL CONTENT MEDIA Client: SENGE-PR Designed in September and October 2017, as a freelancer designer. The Engineers’ Union in the State of Paraná contracted me for developed different kinds of media (on and offline), with the purpose to build a better channel with their associates. I created content for social media, periodic newspaper, leaflets and posters that was hung along different universities and colleges of the brazilian state. In this example I bring the poster for the event “The future of Engineering”, which had happen in Foz do Iguacu (the city of the falls). I work with a vector of an hourglass, being circled by different icons of engineering, from construction to atomic, from environmental to mechanical. In the first page I introduce two Whatsapp layouts to celebrate the professional day.

•EMPORIUM HANDMADE Client: Meroly Cristina Felizardo

EMPORIUM HANDMADE JOINVILLE EDITION Client: Meroly Cristina Felizardo Designed in May 2015, as a freelancer designer. Emporium Handmade is a fair for micro entrepreneurs and artisans showcase and sell their work. It happen four times a year in Curitiba, Brazil. Within a initiative to enlarge their range of clients and also promote the brand, it was arranged an edition in Joinville. I was invited then to create a visual language for it, adopting the theme: travel. The idea was work with pop art aesthetics mixing with psychedelic. The “kombi� (Volkswagen car) is an icon for people whom prefer a certain kind of lifestyle, which are also the public target of the event. It was created digital fliers and invites, social media posts, banners, to list a few.



•STATIONERY Client: Diamante Convites

STATIONERY Client: Diamante Convites Shoted in different periods between 2016 and 2018. This photographs was taken for my own company called Diamante Convites (Diamond invitations), which I had worked alongside with my wife (also a graphic designer) for two years, from February 2016 to February 2018. The photos are often taken in studio environment, but sometimes I tried to create a scene scene for the invitations, shooting with natural light. For example, for the POMAR (orchard) invitation I used leaves for symbolize the theme of the event. For “Sunshine” invitation, which has a false watercolour in its design, I photograph it between brushes and tints. © Diamante Convites - all rights reserved

•FURNITURE Client: Grupo ODK

FURNITURE LINE Client: Grupo ODK Photographed in July 2017, as a freelancer photographer. Grupo ODK is a professional woodwork from São José dos Pinhais, Brazil. They are focused in produce furniture for children environment. I was invited to photograph their lines to be used as a portfolio of the company. They had three different lines, accordingly to the range of public target that they had. At this side is a bench of “Learn and Play” line which in 2016 had won the IF Award prize, one of the most important in the segment. The photos were used in the company site, social media and their own catalogue/brochure. © Grupo ODK - all rights reserved


FOOD LINES Client: Latinex Photographed in November 2016, as a freelancer photographer. Latinex is a company of food importation. They also had their own lines of foods, from pastas to sauces, from chilies to tortillas. I was contracted to photograph their Taste & CO., Frontera and Fit Food lines. The products had to bring studio lightning along with white and dark backgrounds. Alongside with these, each product has to had an “ambient photo”, with the purpose to bring to their customers the day to day idea. The photos were used in the site of the company and also in the social media of the group. © Latinex - all rights reserved


MAKING OF - FASHION WALK BATEL Client: Torriton Photographed in March 2016, as a freelance photographer. In 2016 I was contracted by Torriton beauty and hair, to capture the making of and pre production of the models who later will run through the corridors of the Patio Batel, one of the most iconic malls in Curitiba. Once a year the shopping center organizes its Fashion Walk event to bring their stores closer to customers and public in general. I was responsible only for the making of photoshoot and not for the runway. Š Torriton - all rights reserved

Thank YOU!

Eduardo Vieira D&P - Portfolio 2018  

Portfolio 2018 with some of my past work as a Graphic Designer and also a little as a photographer. For more works in Photography, please fe...

Eduardo Vieira D&P - Portfolio 2018  

Portfolio 2018 with some of my past work as a Graphic Designer and also a little as a photographer. For more works in Photography, please fe...