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HALLOWEEN EXPRESS It’s 5 o’clock on Halloween night, and you’re rushing to get out the door. Don’t panic, Halloween Express, eastern North Carolina’s largest Halloween superstore has nearly 15,000 square feet of thrills and chills just waiting for your arrival! With 14 years in the business, the Mecca of Halloween shops shares some insider information on Halloween costume dos and don’ts, as well as the hottest and most popular upcoming costumes for Halloween 2012. If you’re like most people, you’re in a hurry on Halloween night. Skip the oh-so-predictable kitty-cat/fairy princess thing and get creative! With the exception of pageant queens, most of us don’t have opportunities to wear black tie threads. Halloween provides such opportunity. Don’t let that fancy gown you bought for your friend’s wedding or an old prom dress just rot in the back of your closet. Pick up a decadent masquerade mask from Halloween Express and pretend you’re on your way to a Venetian masque ball. Still having trouble deciding on a costume? Stick to what you know. Draw inspiration from your favorite T.V. shows, games and books you enjoy. By far, the number one Halloween Express costume rule: Friends don’t let friends make a fool of themselves… alone! Go all out with a group of your fav friends with wild hair and crazy make-up. It’s much more fun and memorable when you’re in it together. This year’s college favorites: Toddlers and Tiaras and Batman’s Arkham City villains. In love? Try a couples costume theme. Ladies, DO make sure to choose a costume that won’t freak him out and pick something you’re both into. Sexy is always in vogue when it comes to Halloween costumes, and Halloween Express has it all. Everything from Anne Hathaway’s modern Catwoman to Lynda Carter’s classic Wonder Woman, Halloween Express has tons of costumes that will always be hot. Take a stroll through the women’s

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section and peruse for the ultimate sexy inspiration. Want more? Make sure to stop by Stilllife for the Halloween Express Fashion Show on October 12th at 11pm for a gruesomely provocative event that will satisfy any modern-day temptress. Halloween Express stresses that All Hallow’s Eve is the time to let your inner creativity shine, so make sure not to settle! Add your own personal flair to any costume to ensure that you stand out in the crowd. Make sure to like Halloween Express on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @ halloweengville for updates, contests, tips, tricks, savings and more! Good luck trick or treaters, and happy costume hunting!


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I love the 80’s just like a lot of 80’s babies do, and something’s

from the 80 can still be awesome today…too bad Double Dragon: Neon is not one of those things. If you haven’t guessed yet, this is an HD remake of the Double Dragon arcade from the 80’s. Let’s go with the good of this game first. Nostalgia, this game bleeds it and its fun…for a while. Next is the music which has only got better with the remake. Too bad that is about it for the good of the game. Nostalgia is one thing; but being stuck in the past is a bad thing. Double Dragon: Neon is the embodiment of what’s wrong with HD remakes. It’s afraid to let go of the ‘80s altar it worships at, even if it means cramming a crummy, archaic experience down players’ throats. Rather than remind players what they loved about the series, Neon reminds them why the arcade is dead. Archaic as in it is hard for no real reason in

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the arcade it needs to be hard to get money from players. That does not work for home consoles. Lack of save points don’t help ether, you die you have to start the whole game over, that does not fly these days. Online would be help a lot…too bad it’s not there. Co-op is ok, but the mini-game you have to play to help your partner when he is down is time consuming and is hard to pull off in the middle of a fight. Most of all the game is just so SLOW, from the punching to kicking, even the running is sluggish. All of this put together just make DDN boring. And I really wanted to like this game, but I can’t tell you to get it. Systems: PS3, 360 Price: 10$ Rating: 4/10

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Even though summer is fading fast don’t lose that summer shape you worked so hard for! Remember to keep fit during the fall months so when next bathing suit season comes around you will have nothing to worry about. The weather is cooling off making it the perfect time to exercise outside. Take advantage of the warm days and cool nights with a jog on the greenway or a run through River Park North! Professional athletes put immense time and thought into their footwear and apparel and you shouldn’t be any different. We all run differently and our bodies move differently. Make sure when exercising you have the right shoe for your foot. An ill-fitting shoe can actually do more harm than good by possibly overextending muscles and putting strain in the wrong areas. The top of the running shoe food chain right now is without question – Mizuno Running. Mizuno is a Japanese based company who has 1 main pillar when building shoes: detail. Mizuno approaches shoe making with the concept that they want your shoe to be the last thing on your mind during a run. They want the shoe to fit so naturally with your stride that you can’t even feel it. Take the energy you would have spent worrying about your footwear and place it into concentrating on getting up that last hill or running that extra mile that you didn’t think you had in you. Their attention to detail brings to life this goal. The shoe that has amped up their street credit is the wave prophecy; the entire sole is a plate that mirrors a wave. When a foot strikes the ground it takes the energy from the impact point and spreads it throughout the

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shoe just like a wave. With the dispersion of energy it allows you to do more with one stride (use the same amount of energy to go farther). The curve of the plate also helps keep your momentum moving forward. This shoe is perfect for heel strikers. I myself am a terrible heal striker (when I run I land on my heel as opposed to my toes) and it helps move the energy to the entire foot instead of losing it within the heel. For those who need more of a stability shoe look to the Wave Enigma or Wave Precision. It has a stability plate throughout the midsole and heel that will give you stability without the bulk. No worries though, these are not running shoes of old. Mizuno started incorporating day glow long before Ke$ha even figured out how to use a black light. Their bright and invigorating colors instantly make any workout session more fun. To go along with your kicks you need some equally as awesome threads to match. In this category I still think Under Armour reigns supreme. Under Armour thinks about the athlete and how it can use the athlete’s body as a total training center by using the muscles and mass you already have. Their performance materials wick moisture by dispersing the sweat to help the garment dry faster. Many of their fabrics have an antimicrobial treatment which means one thing – you smell better! UA offers its technology in every garment and can prepare you for an early morning chilly run down to a day on the golf course in 100 degree heat. They take your bodies’ natural functions and put them to work! Get settled into a workout routine now before the Christmas cookies roll out and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes start taking their toll! Now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the city we live in through a walk with the dog or a jog through campus. Happy Running!

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A FALL STORY BY BAREFOOT WADE Well summer is officially behind us and fall is upon us. And as sad as I am to see summer go, I’ll admit that Greenville is not a bad place to be in the fall. After all we have the Pirates football season, Halloween, house parties and bar hopping to keep us occupied over the next couple months. Being that I’ve been gone for most of the summer, I’m enjoying the simple things around here like riding my bike on the greenway by Tar River, playing in the local bars, and hanging out at the Starbucks on the corner of 10th and Evans Street. However this fall is slightly different from last year, for this fall we have a presidential election. This of course means that we have to sit thru an endless amount of commercials, heated discussions and all sorts of political B.S. As if that wasn’t bad enough, most of us feel the need to parade our political preferences to no end on Facebook. Now I can see the rationality behind maybe posting one or two political statements or pictures on your Facebook page during the course of a year. But unfortunately the mass majority doesn’t stop there. We have to be constantly bombarded by post after post about why there particular candidate is “The only right one” and how we are stupid and possibly un-American we are if we dare vote for their opposing candidate. Now it doesn’t matter which side of the fence these people fall

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on. Somehow we have collectively gained the notion that everyone that doesn’t think the same way as we do is wrong and we feel compelled and that it is our civic duty to convince them that they all need to think exactly the same way that we do. And if they refuse to all think the same way, than they are obviously an idiot. In my opinion, this mentality has got to be one of the most ignorant and un-American ways of dealing with this amazing right we have to vote. As a country, we have fought too hard and sacrificed too much for the idea of liberty and freewill. You are free to choose what religion (if any) that you wish to follow. You won’t get sent to prison if you have more than one kid (like in china). You can protest just about anything you like (usually) as long as you follow certain guidelines. And you are granted the right to vote for whoever you like. This time of year people tend to forget this. I mean think about it...why would you possibly think that it’s your job to convince your fellow Americans what to think? Kind of defeats the entire purpose of democracy and freedom doesn’t it. Why would you judge someone for not voting and thinking

the same way that you do? Ladies and Gentlemen, it would be a very boring existence if everybody looked, talked, dressed and thought the same way. It’s these differences that make life interesting. So in short, all you are really doing when you endlessly push your political party and your candidate is telling the entire world that you are a narrow minded douche bag that doesn’t deserve to live in a country where freewill exist. And like I said before, that goes for both sides of the fence. Notice I did not at any time express who I’m voting for in this article. And though I feel solid in my opinions, I would never want anyone to change their vote based on anything I said. If what I feel is truly right then it doesn’t need any advertisement. To end this rant I would like to completely jump subjects and take a moment to remind you that I’m playing at Pirates Den every Wednesday. And I’ll be playing with my full band at LIVE bar on Oct 27. So come on out….unless of course you are opposed to having fun.



Well it is the start of the NFL season and wow, has it been an up-anddown roller coaster of a year so far. Teams that we thought were going to have a decent year are struggling and we have had some surprises so far with teams being able to pull out some hard victories. But it’s the NFL, you never know who will be the wild card for the year; just take a look at the Giants every year. With that being said, I have seen many of the teams this year play and I am able to weed out the playoff looking teams compared to the teams that will be drafting early in 2013. Here will be the top teams of 2012, along with my Super bowl prediction. • Falcons: With their high-octane offense coming into play, Matt Ryan should have a great year, far better that his past years with the Falcons. With Julio Jones coming into play, along with Roddy White and Gonzalez, their air attack should be one of the tops in the NFL. With Turner getting older and getting fewer touches than past years, they will need Rodgers to step up in the backfield. The defense has always been a decent one but will need to get more of a pass rush than past years. • San Francisco: What can I say about them, their defense is dominating teams right now and this team will go as far as the Alex Smith will go (which is actually looking pretty good right now) and their WR’s will take them. Frank Gore has to keep up his play along with the other RB’s in the rotation. • Houston: Their defense hasn’t missed a beat, even without the recent departures of key players on that side of the ball. Houston is kind of like San Fran.; Matt Schuab will have to be the one to take them all the way because their backfield of Foster and Tate can’t do it all. • NY Giants: I have a good feeling about Eli this year and I think with those weapons, their offense will be top notch. If they can stay healthy and have depth, along with the emergence of their defense, this team could be there at the end of the year. • Baltimore: For some reason, it looks like their defense has new life and not looking like the old Ravens. If their defense can do what they are known to do and Flacco step up his game with his passing, there are no limits for this teams and could be raising the trophy at the end.

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• Other teams that will be in the mix will be Eagles, Patriots, Green Bay, San Diego, and I have a feeling about Chicago. With that being said, these teams should make a great playoff season with a lot of excitement. Who knows, there could be a team that is 9-7 that goes all the way or will a team pull away from the others to take home the trophy. I’ve looked hard throughout all the teams and the teams that I see making it to the Super bowl will be………… San Francisco vs. Baltimore, with the 49ers winning it all this year. Enjoy the season!

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In Just a Matter of weeks of releasing their new album “Minus the Machine” 10 years took to the road with their “Cutting Like Knifes” tour that will be making a stop at Hooligans Music Hall in Jacksonville, NC on October 17th. This Album will be their sixth release, only their fourth LP however, first one coming off the label that the band launched on their own, Palehorse Records. The band came to the decision to self produce this album at drummer/ guitarist Brian Vodinh’s Kashmir Recording studio. This will be a follow up to their 2010 release entitled “Feeding the Wolves” Which Peaked at position 17 on the US Billboard charts. This leg of the tour will have a line change up with Fair to Midlands Bassist Ryan Collier temporarily replacing Lewis Cosby, who will be taking time off to prepare for the birth of his first child. This is the bands first time working together since “The Autumn Effect” was released and went gold. With no strings attached or record company telling them what direction to take it gave them full creative control of this album and it really shows through. The band has quoted themselves as a Left of center that really makes sure to put their fans first focusing this tour on a smaller arena venue booking. with Fans that following them from show to show im sure this is an even that is not to be missed. Joining them on stage will be Florida band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. For those of you that are not familiar quick back story flashback 2001 AP Music Theory Class Ronnie Winter and Duke Kitchens formed this group later to be known as. They released a 6 track EP and mainly used myspace at the time to promote. 2005 caught the attention of Virgin records and they began work on the Debut album. In 2006, they released their first LP, “Don’t You Fake It” with the singles such as g-vegasmagazine | 17

“Face Down” and “False Pretense” and the album went gold by November of that year. “face down” is featured in video games such as Saints Row 2 and MX vs. ATV: Untamed and “False Pretense” is in the movie “Never Backdown”. Over the Next few years they headlined and were in supporting shows with many artists such as 30 seconds to mars, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Boys like Girls and Many others. In 2009 the band released their second album “Lonely Road” that made it to 14 on the Billboard Charts, and Followed up with “Am I the enemy” in 2011. In Recent years their have been some recent line up changes with the departures of both Duke Kitchens and Matt Carter to focus on their personal lives, welcoming Josh Burke as the official lead guitarist of the band replacing Matt Carter. Ronnie’s brother, Randy Winter, was later added as the second guitarist filling-in for Duke Kitchen. Opening up will be The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show and should be a good act to catch so get there early. They have graced they stage with many national acts such as Parmalee, Papa Roach, Crossfade, CKY, Saving Able and others. Doors will open 7pm Hooligans Music Hall 2620 Onslow Drive Jacksonville NC (910)346-2086 Pre Sale Tickets are 18.00 and 20.00 at the Door. you can get your tickets at any Bombs away Locations in Jacksonville, Zip Express Located Next To Hooligans or on OR Gvegas Will be giving away a limited amount of free tickets at our tailgating event at the homecoming game for ECU vs Memphis. For more information please log onto


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, NC







Summer is officially gone and Fall is here… which is cool with us because that means cooler weather for tailgating! Remember to come by and party with The X 2 hours before kickoff at every ECU home football game. We’ll be rocking out at the bottom of College Hill Dr. by the Student Pirate Club parking. This year we’re very excited to announce our first ever 99.5 The X Official Tailgate Show T-shirts! A customized X logo blazing purple and gold like true Pirates! ARRRRGH! Also coming up this month is a HUGE list of concerts right here in ENC. October 14th Hinder and Greenville rockers Irvine will be performing at the Greenville Convention Center. Hooligans Music Hall in Jacksonville has a big calendar this month as well with Hatebreed on Oct. 8th, My Darkest Days on Oct. 10th, 10 Years on Oct. 17th, and All That Remains on Oct. 24th! There’s also rumor of something EVEN BIGGER coming closer to Halloween so

keep listening to The X for more info. Speaking of Halloween, this year The X has something a MOVEMBER little scary coming so keep listening for details on that as well. Lastly, wanted to make sure everyone is ready for next month… MOVEMBER! The Movember Foundation raises awareness of men’s health issues like testicular and prostate cancer and funds research into cures. The X has been proudly supporting the cause for a few years and we encourage you to join us. All you have to do is shave your upper lip on Nov. 1st and grow a moustache for a month. Easy right? Ladies, you can help to by supporting your man’s mo growing! We’ll have tons of info posted at later this month. Rock on! -Blando

INFO@ESCLOSET.COM - 919-904-4614

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Website: Facebook: 99.5 The X | Blando | The X Short Bus Twitter: @995thex | @thexshortbus | @xblando Email: |



School has begun, students are settled in, local businesses are thriving and the daily traffic is a clear indicator of how everyone is affected in some way by the growing number of college students enrolled each year in ECU. The East Carolinian reported that last fall there were 27,783 enrolled students; and I would imagine the number has increased this year. With the increase in students there is also an increase in prescription drug abuse; and not just at ECU, but at campuses all across the nation. It has been documented by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration that prescription drugs are now the second most abused category of drugs, after marijuana. The White House proclaims prescription drug abuse is the nation’s fastest growing drug problem. There are many who would argue this is a problem that is prevalent in our society or plagues our campuses simply because there isn’t a negative stigma associated with prescription drugs, such as the one placed on illicit or illegal drugs. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention validates this by reporting that

antidepressants, opiates, and other prescription drugs are responsible for more deaths than heroin, cocaine and amphetamines. It is no secret abusing anything, or not exhibiting some form of moderation, can ultimately lead to death. However, many students attempt to justify or rationalize their actions by believing that because certain drugs are regulated by the FDA or prescribed by a physician, that they are acceptable to use. Students have been known to use drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin around exam time; or after they were downtown getting their boogie on late at night, knowing an assignment was due in the morning. We live in a microwave society and people tend to want results fast by utilizing 5hour energy drinks, coffee, yellow jackets, Red Bull and other things to substitute proper planning or lack of sleep. These are all stimulants; and people, not just students, have become dependent upon them. You only get out of life what you are willing to put into it; so remember the five “P’s”: proper planning prevents poor performance. Halloween is rapidly approaching. We all

Proud Member Of

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know how G-Vegas gets down on this night, even if Playboy Magazine didn’t rank E.C.U. the No.5 party school in the nation. On this particular evening the streets are flooded with people seeking a great time; and I must say, things can get a little interesting. And while Greenville’s finest are all over the area to regulate any problems that may arise, I want to end this by offering you a few tips: • Don’t walk alone, on campus or off campus • Be aware of others dressed in police costumes • If hosting a party, be aware of whom you allow entry • Ladies, although your provocative costume may look great on you, please be safe and aware of your surroundings at all times, because it can cause unwanted attention • Limit your alcohol consumption Cognitive Behavioral Therapy indicates your thoughts will dictate your actions. Do your thing, but be safe, be aware. There are no excuses not to. You have resources like The Pirate Express ( px_notice.cfm) and the great services of iDrive (252-916-1704) owned by Needham Cheely and Martin Tanski. Don’t Drink and Drive! Love Peace and Blessings Raymond Shaw CSAC aka The Clinician

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In case you missed it, G-Vegas has its very own soccer team. Led by David Jury and Stefan Haus, the G-Vegas team just started its season with two wins in a row. The team successfully won the Kick-for-Africa soccer event on Saturday, September 22nd. The event was hosted by ECU’s African Student Organization (ASO), and all proceeds will be used to purchase school supplies for children in various African nations. G-VEGAS also won its opening game in the PGSA league, the local soccer association, against the Eagles 2 to 1. The team hopes to continue its charitable endeavors while competing in the official PGSA league here in Greenville. Consisting of players from Ecuador, Germany, England, Syria, El Salvador, Mexico, and the U.S., the team has a true international character and a lot of potential. According to Stefan Haus, the G-Vegas soccer team has “a real chance of being very successful in PGSA; however, the challenge is forming a cohesive team out of a loose coalition of international

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players, even if the potential is there.” David Jury said “It felt really good to bring the team together for a good cause. Helping people out while having a good time is always good. Winning the game is even better.” PGSA games take place on Sunday afternoons at the PGSA soccer complex. Come out and support the G-Vegas team. Directions to the field can be found at fields.asp and schedules as well as current tables can be viewed at

Open a ‘barcode scanner’ app on your Smartphone. Point your phones camera at the code and scan.



These are just a couple of goodies that are sure to be a crowd pleaser for and Halloween get together you have! Next month is the month of Turkey Day so check me out for some fun and simple Thanksgiving Day recipes the whole family will love!! Have Fun this Halloween and be safe! Love, Tay


What you will need: - One (or however many batches you need) of cupcakes , Chocolate or vanilla whatever your preference (I suggest the simple Pillsbury mix) - Wax paper - Confectioner’s sugar - Rolling pin - Marshmallows - Kitchen scissors - White frosting - Chocolate-covered raisins/colored m&m’s, red hots (whichever you prefer) Directions: 1. Lay out a nice size sheet of wax paper, cover with confectioner’s sugar then take a bunch of marshmallows and with the rolling pin roll and mash them flat 2. Use the kitchen scissors to cut the flatten marshmallows into strips, then set the strips aside 3. Frost your cupcakes with the white frosting nice an thick and add two of your chocolate covered raisins in as eyes on each cupcake 4. Randomly places your strips of marshmallows pressed into the icing over your cupcake face to resemble a mummy, leaving your eyes exposed, you can trim your pieces once on the cupcakes to fit accordingly 5. Enjoy your spooky holiday treat!!

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CREEPY CHEESE FINGER FOOD What you will need: - Mozzarella string cheese - Green Bell pepper - Cream cheese - A knife Directions: 1. Put plastic bags over your hands to prevent smudging the cheese and cut your mozzarella sticks in half, carve a shallow area at the rounded end of the cheese stick to create a fingernail 2. Mark the joint right below the nail as well as the knuckle joint by carving out tiny horizontal wedges of cheese 3. For the fingernails cut the bell pepper into 3/8 in wedges and then cut them half as thick, Cut the strips of pepper into ragged looking nails and place them on the shallow piece of your cheese stick with a bit of cream cheese to hold it in place

VENUES List of entertainment venues, restaurants, and nightclubs In Greenville NC. ■ Tavern on 4th

110 E 4th St Greenville, NC 27858

■ Halfway House 420 Cotanche St. Greenville, NC 27858

■ Pirates Den

113 East 5th Street Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 551-9020

■ Scullery

431 South Evans Street, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 321-1550

■ Tipsy Tea Pot

■ Pantana Bob’s

513 Cotanche Street, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 757-3778 511 Cotanche St. Greenville, NC 27858

■ Rum Republic

218 East 5th Street, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 758-9000 213 East 5th Street, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 752-7682

■ Winslow’s Tavern

■ Christy’s Euro Pub

■ Starlight Cafe

104 West 5th Street, Greenville, NC (252) 707-9033

■ 5th Street Distillery

120 East 5th Street, Greenville, NC (252) 757-3034

■ Chico’s

521 Cotanche Street, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 757-1666

■ Club 519

519 Cotanche Street, Greenville, NC (252) 752-4313

■ Hard Times

209 East 5th Street, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 752-0430

■ MacBilliards

517 Cotanche St. Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 752-6728


■ Sup Dogs

409 S Evans St, Greenville, NC (252) 413-0087 120 West 5th Street, Greenville, NC (252) 364-892

ina, l o r a C t s a E Go or Don’t !G!o At All

■ Stilllife

301 S Jarvis St Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 758-2774

■ Tie Breakers

1920 B Smythewyck Dr., Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 439-0555

■ Live

2120 East Fire Tower Road, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 756-8474

■ A.J. McMurphy’s 1914 Turnbury Drive, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 355-7956

■ Hooters

316 Greenville Blvd SW, Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 353-5995

■ Limelight

1008 Dickinson Avenue Greenville, NC 27834

■ The Quarry

123 East 5th Street, Greenville, NC (252) 752-2654

■ Michaelangelo’s Pizza 200 East 5th Street Greenville (252) 227-4425

■ City Hotel and Bistro 203 Greenville Blvd SW, Greenville, NC 27834 (252) 355-8300

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G-VEGAS Magazine October 2012 Issue  

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