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Attack on Fat!

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Mass Ave Chiropractic specializes in rehabilitative care and customized treatment of chronic back pain by use of DRS ProtocolTM— a state-of-

the-art technology, which stands for Decompression, Reduction and Stabilization. The DRS Protocol TM was developed by a

team of specialists and implements the most progressive treatment program including a combination of axial/spinal decompression with multiple therapies.

The safe, nonsurgical approach has been proven effective to relieve: herniated and bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, numbness/tingling of the arms and legs, sciatica pain, facet syndromes, spinal stenosis, and relapsed or failed back and neck surgeries.

You have a choice. Explore the alternative.

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PhotograpHy BY DAN BRAND


David McLaughlin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., F.A.C.S

Live Better, Love Better

Women’s Specialty Health Centers, P.C. offers free consults to discuss: • Menopause • Peri-Menopause • Infertility including IVF and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss • Women’s Health/Gynecology • HCG Weight Loss Program for Men & Women

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Break the Cycle—Get Off of the Merry-Go-Round!





With today’s culture propagating the idea that attractiveness means absolute skinniness, many people get stuck on the merry-go-round of trying to lose weight. This is especially true in the summer months, when the sun begins to hang out for longer and the desire to sport that teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini is even more prevalent. Yet weight loss isn’t meant to be an annual struggle—a vicious cycle of losing and regaining. If you are ready to get off that cycle and lose that weight for good, I have a challenge for you—one that is doable all year long!

1. Make small changes. You hear this everywhere, but it’s true. Start developing your habits gradually rather than attacking them all at once. It’s easier to make small, incremental changes than it is to immediately give up everything you love to eat and do. Start with cleaning up your diet. If you love to drink and eat loads of pizza, plus a bit of chocolate for dessert, give up one of them—or cut back significantly on all of them. You want to drink and gorge on pizza and have dessert? Limit that splurge to one day a month. You aren’t giving it up forever—you’re just not doing it every day. Once you get that under a modicum of control, find your next challenge. It’s important, though, to avoid becoming so rigid with your habits that you can’t maintain those small changes. 2. Change your thought process.

It’s not about being “skinny,” like society would have you believe, but about being healthy and fit. Creating a balanced diet is essential to weight loss, but being too strict often results in frustration and binge eating. Am I saying to eat whatever you want? Absolutely not. What I am saying is don’t become so obsessed with input and output that you miss the fun in life. As a friend smartly put it to me recently: “Food is food—let it be.” What does this mean? We were meant to eat a balanced diet, and in moderation. But that’s what food is: the fuel you need to live your life to the fullest. You wouldn’t put cheap, watery fuel in your car, so don’t put cheap, worthless fuel in your body.

3. Have fun. Whether that means finding the perfect workout buddy, listening to upbeat music, or using Dance-Dance Revolution for your workout, have fun with it. “Calories in, calories out” is the mantra. The only way to get the calories out is to move, so make it happen, however that fits best in your life. Being creative in your weight loss journey will not only keep you from losing focus, it will also help you to form a fitness habit you can maintain year round.












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What Are Adult Stem Cells?

An adult stem cell is a stem cell that already resides in your body within different tissues. Adult stem cells have the ability to replace dying cells and regenerate damaged tissue. These special cells seek out areas of injury, disease and destruction, where they are capable of regenerating healthy cells and enabling a person’s natural healing processes to be accelerated.

Potential Treatments Using Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Personalized Cellular & Regenerative Medicine By Greg Chernoff, M.D. F. R.C.S.(C)


Breakthroughs in science now allow us to repair or heal ourselves with ourselves. Fibroblasts, stem cells, and other forms of regenerative medicine are paving the way for numerous anti-aging, aesthetic, and other health-improving treatments. What Are Fibroblasts?

Fibroblasts are cells that produce collagen and play a critical role in maintaining the health of your skin. As we age, our fibroblasts and collagen break down, resulting in wrinkles and lost skin tone.

How Are Fibroblasts Being Used? Fibroblasts are used in a new treatment called LaViv



Personalized Cell Therapy to improve skin tone, lines, wrinkles, acne scars, or other areas of lost volume. LaViv uses your own tissue to produce your own rejuvenated fibroblasts. The treatment works by extracting and multiplying a person’s own collagenproducing fibroblast cells. Once grown and multiplied, the cells are injected into you to permanently improve

/ April 2013

the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scars, or other skin imperfections.

What Is Stem Cell Treatment?

Investigational stem cell treatment uses adult stem cells from your own fat cells to create living, functional tissue. This new tissue can repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to damage or injury.

Adult stem cells appear to be particularly effective at repairing cartilage in degenerated joints. Many reputable international centers have been using stem cell therapy to treat various chronic degenerative conditions as diverse as severe neurologic diseases, renal failure, erectile dysfunction, degenerative orthopedic problems, and even cardiac and pulmonary diseases. New research is underway to use stem cells to regrow hair.

Future of Regenerative Medicine

It is highly likely that fibroblast and stem cell treatments will be counted among the newest and most significant gains in medical history. From aesthetic to general health, the possibilities are endless. The Midwest Stem Cell Treatment Center, an affiliate of the California Stem Cell Treatment Center, provides investigational adult stem cell based regenerative treatment.

For more information about LaViv Personal Cellular Therapy or Investigational Stem Cell Treatment, contact Chernoff and Associates Cosmetic Surgery at 317.573.8899 e-mail: stemcell@


It must be Chernoff

Receive $500 Off Breast Augmentation Through April 30 Call 317.573.8899 Educational Seminar April 26 Register at



By Chuck Lehman, Owner of Any Lab Test Now


Do You Know Your



y wife’s car was in need of a little spring clean-up, so I grabbed a few clean rags and headed to the car wash. I chose the “Ultimate” option, knowing that the “underbody wash” would help remove the remaining winter road salt. The “Go” light flashed, so I headed across the street to do the final wipe down. After a few minutes, I started the car and noticed a dash light alerting me that the oil life was down to 15%. Also, a light (shaped like a wrench) saying Service Code B was due. Upon returning home, I explained to my wife her car was soon due for an oil change and service and the car was spotless clean. In less than 30 minutes I had earned some much needed brownie points. That got me thinking about the information system on my car. It tells me all the temperatures, oil and tire pressures, washer fluid level, instant mileage, miles remaining on fuel and several other details. It even projects data out beyond the windshield so you don’t have to look at the dash. (How does it do that?) It’s simply amazing all the monitoring that is done for us so we don’t have to remember—or worry. Our health is the most important factor in our lives, and none of us have built-in warning lights telling us when something is wrong. Truth is, guys are much worse at giving attention to their health than woman are, so it’s even more important to them. At a minimum, there are three things every man should know and have checked: Cholesterol, PSA (prostate specific antigen) and Testosterone. Most everyone knows about the general concerns regarding high cholesterol and the risks associated with heart diseases. PSA is a protein in the blood, and when it’s elevated, the risk for prostate cancer increases. Testosterone is the steroid hormone most common to the area of men’s sexual heath. All three of these are very critical to basic male health, so here is more information on each.



/ April 2013

Cholesterol is a form of fat that’s not all bad—a certain amount is essential for life. The “good cholesterol” helps provide stability to the outer membranes of our bodies’ cells. This “good cholesterol” is defined as the HDL (high density lipoprotein), and more is better, as it helps guard against heart disease. The LDL (low density lipoprotein) and triglycerides are the “bad cholesterol” that, when high, can cause heart disease. The only way for you to know your cholesterol levels is to have a lipid panel test. This is a simple blood test that measures four different markers: total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides. When you have the test and your results aren't what you hoped for, take action. Everyone with an abnormal lipid panel blood test can make lifestyle changes to reduce heart disease risk. Diet, exercise and medications are all effective steps towards achieving a healthier heart. PSA is present in small quantities in the serum of men with healthy prostates, but is often elevated in the presence of prostate cancer or other prostate disorders. Clinical practice guidelines for prostate cancer screening vary. While a higher than normal PSA number is not a diagnosis of cancer, it is an indicator that there may be a problem and that further testing is required. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the PSA test for annual screening of prostate cancer in men of age 50 and older.

Testosterone is the hormone that helps make a male a man. It’s obviously a factor in sexual health. It’s also important in characteristics such as increased muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair. In addition, testosterone is essential for health and well-being as well as the prevention of osteoporosis. From about age 30, every male experiences a loss of testosterone production of about 1% a year. Therefore, there are very few men that aren’t deficient by the age of 40 and older. A simple blood test can determine the level, and various repletion programs are readily available. When you look in the mirror each morning, there are no warning lights or alarms that automatically go off at the first sign of a problem. Even with the constant advances in technology, we’re probably not going to see a full set of digital gauges on our chest anytime soon. For most of us men, we’d ignore the little warnings anyway and wait until it’s a major issue, and then take action only at the last minute. With these three critical risks (CPT) in mind, it’s time for the guys to “man up” and take control of their health. If nothing else, take a few minutes and have the three basic tests done. When the results are normal, be thankful for your good health. If something turns up less than perfect, it’s better to be early in the discovery process and treat the problem sooner rather than later. Chances are, you’ll even win a few brownie points from the lady in your life.

Mike M. Deldar, DDS, FICCMO (Member of American Academy of Sleep Medicine)

Tired of Going to Bed Looking Like This?

Call our office for alternative treatment options on Sleep Apnea & Snoring Non-Surgical option to treat mild to moderate Sleep Apnea and also an alternative for people who are non-compliant with the CPAP.

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Have you ever pinched an inch (or more) and wanted it

GONE? By Michele A. Finley, M.D.

Introducing Smartlipo™ laser — the newest innovation in liposuction What is Smartlipo™?

Smartlipo™ is a revolutionary new procedure that uses a laser to melt areas of fat from anywhere on the body and tighten the skin at the same time. Done in the office with local anesthesia, it is a safe, effective way to “sculpt” the body. With Smartlipo™, spot reduction is now possible! It is perfect for getting rid of those stubborn pockets of fat that just don’t budge with any amount of diet and exercise. Common areas of treatment include the neck, chin, jowls, abdomen, love handles (the “muffin top”), inner and outer thighs, above the knees, upper arms, and the bra area.

How does the Smartlipo™ procedure work?

A very small cannula, similar in size to angel hair pasta, containing the laser is introduced through a tiny hole in the skin. The hole is so small that no stitches are required and there virtually are no scars. The cannula is gently moved back and forth delivering the laser’s energy to the fat cells, causing them to melt and easily drain away. The laser energy also interacts with the dermis,

resulting in skin tightening. Due to the cannula’s small size, Smartlipo™ is a minimally invasive procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact, resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising—and a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction. Because general anesthesia is unnecessary, the procedure is very safe with only minimal side effects.

Who is a good candidate for the Smartlipo™ procedure?

If you have areas of fat that will not respond to diet and exercise, then you’re a candidate for Smartlipo™. Ideal candidates are in good health, of normal body weight, and have realistic expectations for the results.

How many treatments will I need?

For most patients, only one treatment is typically required. The session may last from 45 minutes to one hour for each area treated.

What will I have to do following the procedure?

days. After the treatment you will have minimal pain or bruising. Patients are able to return to their normal activities almost immediately and to strenuous exercise in a week.

Does Smartlipo™ treat cellulite? The procedure will improve the body’s shape and contour and may improve the appearance of cellulite.

What if I have skin irregularities from previous traditional liposuction procedures?

Smartlipo™ can be very effective in helping to smooth out contour irregularities and also provides skin tightening.

When can I expect to see results?

Results can be seen immediately, with continued improvement over several months.

Are the results permanent?

Yes! Adults do not create new fat cells. When a person gains weight, the fat cells expand. Smartlipo™ permanently removes the fat cells.

Following the procedure, a compression garment will need to be worn for several

How do I get started with Smartlipo™? To schedule your complimentary consultation and discuss your individual needs, contact Michele A. Finley, M.D. at 317-571-9966.

Dr. Finley is the first in the state of Indiana to offer the Smartlipo™ procedure. She has done advanced training in Smartlipo™ technique with Dr. Bruce Katz, a prominent New York City dermatologist, who pioneered Smartlipo™ in the United States.



/ April 2013

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Tattoo Regrets??? all colors. The treatment method is similar to the original tattooing process. We use an anesthetic before and during the procedure, and the Tattoo Vanish products are then applied. After the process is completed, the area is cleansed and dressed. Patient comfort is of utmost importance to us.


Technology for the

Look You Desire! By Robert Jackson, M.D.

The number of treatments required depends on the type of ink used at the time of acquiring the tattoo, skin type, and depth of penetration of ink. Almost all tattoos lighten, and some are completely removed after just one treatment.

Cellulite Over 80% of women over the age of 20 are plagued with cellulite. The unsightly dimpled area around the thighs and buttocks prevents many women from wearing the shorts and bathing suits they desire. Reaction by Viora is the newest FDAapproved method to reduce cellulite and give skin a smoother, more toned appearance. Reaction works by combining two specialized mechanisms of radiofrequency (RF) energy and vacuum therapy. The RF targets fat deposits, and the vacuum increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Usually six to eight treatments give the desired results.

Restore Your Youthful Face!

All-Natural Tattoo Removal That tattoo, which seemed so cool a few years ago, is now unwanted. Until recently, unless you were willing to go through painful, less-than-satisfactory procedures such as surgical excision, dermabrasion, salabrasion, cryosurgery or laser therapy, you were stuck with your unwanted tattoo. Even with laser therapy there are certain colors that can’t be removed. Tattoo Vanish, a new technology, is by far the most desirable way to remove tattoos. Compared to older laser technology, Tattoo Vanish requires only about half the treatments. It is much more comfortable, and there is far less chance of scarring. The treatments are less expensive and have much less discomfort, and the technique can remove



/ April 2013

Restore your youthful face with Sculptra Aesthetic. Collagen is the substance that gives support to the skin of your face, and it is facial collagen loss that is a key factor in the face’s aged appearance. In the late 20s to early 30s, your skin begins to lose collagen, elasticity, and the ability to retain moisture. Most fillers currently on the market address only wrinkles, lines and folds. Sculptra Aesthetic is designed to replenish lost volume by stimulating growth of your own natural collagen. The results last more than two years, with 90% of the volume being retained at the two-year mark. In addition to volume replacement, an additional benefit of Sculptra is the appearance of the skin; it becomes more smooth and radiant. The procedure takes about 45 minutes and is provided by our board-certified cosmetic surgeons. There is no downtime, and patients can return to work immediately after the treatment. More information about these and other new treatment modalities can be obtained by calling Hamilton Surgical Arts at 317 773-6677.


Photography by DAN BRAND

Cover Story



hen Lucie Sulewski discusses running, her face lights up as if talking about an old friend. At the age of 10, Lucie took to running and never looked back. “We fell in love immediately,” she says, beaming. Growing up in the small town of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, Lucie dived into sports as soon as she was old enough. “I tried them all—softball, volleyball, basketball, track and field,” she recalls. Basketball was Lucie’s first athletic affair, and she stuck with the hoops well into high school. But it was that love of running that eventually eclipsed all others—well, except that of her husband, perhaps. Throughout her high school and college competitions, Lucie’s hard work and dedication to running reaped many accolades. In 7th grade, she was the Illinois junior high school state champion in the 800m, setting a state record that stood for 18 years. “I think it was then that I realized I had some God-given talent, and I was determined to run as fast as I could,” she says. Lucie was the first female in her high school to ever qualify for the Illinois state cross country race, and in 2006, she was inducted into her high school Hall of Fame. As a runner at Southeast Missouri State University, Lucie was a three-time NCAA Division II National Champion and a sixtime All-American. After transferring with her college coach to and graduating from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Lucie made the move to Indianapolis to complete her dietetic internship at Indiana University Medical Center.

A Simple Joy One of the things Lucie loves about running is that, when you get right down to it, it’s so simple. “You can do it almost anywhere—you just need some shoes, and off you go!” And in that spirit, Lucie hit the ground running in Indianapolis. Although she regrets not keeping a list of all the races she’s run since she arrived in Indy in 1994, there’s one milestone she holds high above the rest. In 2004, Lucie qualified for the U.S. Olympic marathon trials. “It was a dream come true,” she says. “Years of hard work, dedication, family and

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friends helped me achieve a dream.” So far, Lucie has run in 17 Indianapolis MiniMarathons, and in 2006 she was crowned as the overall champion. “It was less than a year after having my first baby!” she says, proudly. And Lucie was the first American winner of the Mini-Marathon in 14 years. As a registered dietitian, Lucie knows a thing or two about healthy eating. That doesn’t mean she obsesses about what to eat and what to avoid like the plague. “I eat what I enjoy, but I believe what is most important is variety and portioning,” she says. “You can enjoy the guilty things—just don’t overdo it often.” She admits to Mexican food as her culinary downfall, craving chips, fresh salsa, and fresh guacamole. At least once a day, Lucie savors a piece of Dove dark chocolate. Whatever you do, though, she says, don’t bring M&Ms into the house! What does cross training look like for a born runner like Lucie? “In college, my coach incorporated swimming into our training,” she says. Swimming was new to her at the time, but she learned quickly and enjoys it to this day as a great exercise for strength building. “We lifted weights and then hit the pool to swim hard. We also aqua jogged for recovery,” says Lucie. Aqua jogging isn’t a thrilling activity, necessarily, but Lucie is a big believer in it for cross training. These days, Lucie belongs to the Carmel Swim Club masters swimming program. “It’s been fun and has helped build strength to improve my running,” she says. Now Lucie would never call herself a triathlete, but with running and swimming, you’re halfway there! In fact, Lucie has completed two sprint triathlons, and there’s likely more in her future. “Triathlons are not my favorite,” she admits, “but I really would like to do an Ironman someday.”

Setting an example In a way, you could say that running is all in the family for Lucie and her loved ones. Her parents, both in their 70s, still are active walkers and swimmers—but in their younger days they were runners, too. “My mom used to get up before work and run the perimeter of our 10 acres,” she says. Her father was an Illinois State Police officer, and to this day tests police officers on the physical part of their exam. Lucie and her husband are doing their part to set a positive example to their children, too. “We met 11 years ago, and our first date

was to the Indiana boys’ state track and field meet,” she says. “I knew immediately he was a keeper.” As the mother of two boys—Anthony, 7, and Chase, 5—Lucie points to baby joggers as a real help to new mothers who want to stay active. “I sure used one and I believe it helped me get back in shape,” she says. “My kids now ride their bikes alongside me on the Monon.” Lucie’s family helps her to keep things in perspective. “When you’re competitive, running comes with disappointments. But with hugs from family, you quickly realize what’s important and appreciate that there will be another race.” Lucie credits her running coach, Matt Ebersole, for helping her obtain so many of her goals. “Running is something you continually learn from when you train at a competitive level, and having Matt as a coach to keep me in check and follow a plan is definitely beneficial over time,” she says. In 2012, Lucie suffered a number of injuries that forced her to stop running for a time. Her immediate goal for 2013, then, is just to have fun running. With her competitive nature, though, she knows it will be only a matter of time until the itch to race strikes again. Ultimately, Lucie hopes to run a marathon in every state—so far she has 11 states under her belt. And as for running into her 50s and beyond? “I ran the 100th Boston Marathon in 1996—I’d like to run the 125th, God willing, and that’s in 2021.”

Lifelong Love What is the one piece of advice Lucie has to offer in a nutshell? “Set a goal and cross a finish line!” she says, emphatically. “Accomplishment is so rewarding!” She points to the many, many opportunities to race in the Indianapolis area. “The Carmel Marathon, for instance, offers 8K, half marathon, and a marathon relay,” she says. “I participated in the 8K the past two years, and it was so much fun—I plan to do it again.” It’s been over 30 years since Lucie first fell in love with running. “I have a hard time seeing my life without running, but as I get older, I realize everyday what a blessing it is,” she says. No matter how you choose to make your life more active, Lucie says that it doesn’t matter if you’re young, middleaged, or older—you are never too old to get active. “It’s not easy—but make it a lifestyle, and run happy!” By Matthew Hume, Senior Writer


Photography by DAN BRAND

In addition to the physical benefits, Lucie sees running as a time of spiritual renewal. “It’s a time I can be free and have a chat with God.”

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What Exactly Are OMEGA FATTY



ACIDS? By Abby Fox, CPT

“Fat” isn’t a four-letter word anymore! Let Abby Fox help you to make sense of this often confusing topic.

Omega-6 fatty acids are

abundant in the average American diet from the popular foods we eat. We get these oils from nuts, seeds and cooking oils. This makes it easy to consume the recommended 5–10% of our diets from these foods, and it’s generally not necessary to supplement.

Omega-9 fatty acid is not


We hear all of the hype about "healthy fats," "essential fatty acids" and "omegas;" and we feel like if we take a fish oil capsule, we are set. Let's talk for a moment about what these fatty acids are: where they come from, how they benefit our bodies, and how important they really are.



considered essential because the body can make omega 9 from unsaturated fat in our bodies as long as there are adequate amounts of omega 3 and 6 in the body. This fatty acid is found predominantly in olive oil, making sense of all the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

The recent discovery that a Mediterranean diet can significantly lower the risk of death by heart attack or stroke has shed new light again on olive oil, nuts, and other foods containing so-called “good fats.”

/ April 2013

Keep in mind:

• Soy can create an imbalance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. • Omegas have a push-pull relationship with regulating inflammation, making it important to have the right ratio of omega 3 and 6.

Omega-3 fatty acids are

found in fish high in DHA and EPA like salmon, sardines, tuna, bluefish, herring, mackerel and anchovies. ALA is converted into omega 3 from walnuts, flax and soybean oil, to name a few.

• Too much omega 6 can have the reverse effect of the ever-so-popular phrase “anti-inflammatories.” Soybean oil running rampant in fast food explains how our nation is plagued with obesity and illness.

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By Dr. Stacey S. Conrad

Racing for Change


Most of us could stand to learn a lesson from the race cars that will be zooming around the Indianapolis Speedway next month. How much care do their mechanics give them? In contrast, how much care do we give ourselves?


e are rapidly approaching the month of May in Indianapolis. Racing takes center stage— whether it is cars, running, biking or triathlons. For those who are not racing some high-priced machine, but are in fact racing their body, which is priceless, we should at least learn a lesson. Most everyone knows that a race car without a great mechanic will not last long in a race—or an entire season for that matter. Yet many of you who race your body do so without ever giving much thought to how well tuned it is and how well prepared it is to hold up to the rigors of competition, whether it’s against yourself or thousands of others in the many races within your community. Most will in fact run their body into the ground, break it down,



and develop one or more of many common syndromes. Runner’s knee, shin splints, IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, and the list goes on. All of these problems have a common cause: abnormal body mechanics leading to interference of the nervous system. This leads your body to do exactly what it is supposed to do...create symptoms to tell you that something is wrong. Most problems are predictable when you know what you are looking for; after all, you don’t know what you don’t know! When it comes to your

/ April 2013

health, be more proactive. Most problems are present long before aches and pains develop. There are so many things that affect your racing performance and your ability to stay healthy. The hard, flat surfaces you live and run on, your shoes, wearing the proper orthotic or not, your posture, your mindset and thoughts. The bed you sleep on, the furniture you sit in, the support in your automobile, your computer or cell phone use, and the food and drink you consume. The list goes on and on when it comes to creation of problems. Fix the cause and fix the problem—provided, of course,

you do it before permanent damage has occurred. Health exams and screenings should be more about teaching you how to be healthier and not just about early detection of some disease or syndrome. Although early detection is quite helpful, it is not preventive. So let’s all race for a change in our belief and actions.

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Minute Attack

on Fat! By Anna Reed, CPT

Are you rushed for time as spring activities pick up this year? Swimsuit weather is fast approaching, and lack of time certainly won’t help get you ready to rock the pool. Don’t worry, though, because it turns out that 20 minutes, a little space at home, and your body weight are enough to jump-start your “attack on fat” before summer arrives. 24


/ April 2013




Start with the first exercise and perform as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the second exercise. Repeat for exercises 3 and 4. Then it’s time for a power set!

1 Squat Push–Ups

As soon as your 10-second rest is over at the end of exercise 4, start back at exercise 1, but perform it for a full 2 minutes! Rest for 30 seconds and then move on to exercise 2. Repeat for exercises 3 and 4.

Stand with feet hip-width apart and lower into a squat position. Bring arms up to chest and slowly fall forward, catching yourself with your hands on the floor. Keep lower body in the squat position as you lower into a push-up. Use the explosive movement at the top of the push-up to push your body back into the squat position. Be sure not to lower your butt too much to keep emphasis on your quads. Repeat for specified amount of time.


Repeat the power set one more time. Then, bring the intensity back down and decrease the time to the original 30-second intervals with 10 seconds rest between each exercise.


With this as your daily dose of “fat burning,” you are sure to be in tip-top shape this summer!

2 Cross–Body Plank Start in a plank position on your hands, with feet shoulder-width apart to a stable base. Lift left leg and right arm off the floor and twist body to your left knee and right elbow together. Return to the plank position and movement with right leg and left arm. Repeat for specified amount of



create bring repeat time.


3 Dolphin Kick Begin in a plank position on your elbows, keeping arms parallel. Then, without bending your knees, walk your feet in toward your elbows, bringing butt into the air to create a V-shape. Begin with left leg by bending at the knee and bringing it in to your chest. Then, kick it out behind you and repeat the in-and-out motion for half the specified amount of time. Repeat with the right leg for the remainder of the time specified in the workout directions.



4 Plank Shoulder Taps Begin in a plank position on your hands. For a stable base, keep feet shoulder-width apart. To increase difficulty, bring feet closer together. Balance on right arm and keep core tight as you bring left hand to your right shoulder. Return left hand to the floor and repeat movement with the right hand on the left shoulder. Speeding up the movement will decrease the amount of twisting that tends to come in the hips. Repeat for specified amount of time.




By Hilary Hagner, CPT get on a scale or be eliminated. "With the kids, we wanted to do exactly the opposite of when we work with the adults," Harper said. "We do no breaking down, just lifting up ... It's about getting kids to move around again and getting kids to be kids." This should be our approach with our children as well. Small, gradual steps are going to be your pathway to success in making changes to your children’s lifestyle. The last thing any parent would want is for their plan to backfire, causing the children to resent healthy eating and physical activity. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider in making your family healthier.

Childhood obesity is going DOWN!

Move Your Body!

Active Kids

Healthy Kitchen, Moving Bodies

If you spend enough time watching the news or walking around your children’s school, you are well aware of our nation’s child obesity epidemic. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2010. The percentage of adolescents aged 12–19 years who were obese increased from 5% to 18% over the same period. What that means is more and more of our youth are



experiencing cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure. Pre-diabetes, diabetes, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea and low self-image are only a few other immediate health effects. The list of long-term negative health effects are unlimited, which is why I found it very important to take this month to discuss the importance of nipping this dilemma in the bud…starting right now! The hit television show The Biggest Loser had it right when they welcomed kids on the show for the first time this season. Trainer Bob Harper explained before the season aired that the kids would not

/ April 2013

* Encourage 1–2 hours of activity a day. Think about the games you played outside as a child. Throwing a Frisbee or football around are both considered activity, and playing basketball or taking a walk around the block are both considered great exercise as well! * Limit screen time to 30 minutes a day during the school week. Screen time means television, cell phone, computer (unless it's for homework), iPad, and Nintendo DS. * Make a workout DVD! Your children love spending time with you. It may sound silly, and you and your child will certainly feel a bit silly; however, a 60-minute video could help you and your child burn 300–500 calories.

Healthy Kitchen! * Cut the sugary drinks. Make a plan to decrease the amount of juice that your child consumes every week. If your child currently drinks four Capri Sun drinks a day, then for this week, only allow your child three, and replace the fourth drink with water. The following week, drop down to two a day. One juice box a day offers enough sugar for your child. Water and sports drinks should

be the first things offered to your child. * Cook together! My five-yearold loves to get dirty in the kitchen, and I find it important to show him how to make healthy snacks for himself. A few easy and safe ideas for young kids would be sandwiches, cheese and crackers (use a plastic knife), and putting together a fruit tray. For older kids, choose a cookbook together and try different recipes. Baking healthy muffins and even making your own energy bars can strengthen both you and your child’s knowledge of eating better. * Snack with structure. It is easy to allow your children to call the shots and snack as they please. When our children continually snack throughout the day, their sit-down nutritious meals usually get pushed to the side. Your children should have a breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus 1–2 snack meals in between. Each meal should be 3–4 hours apart. Once you establish a good routine using this method, you will see a much better attitude from your child, especially in the teen years. Remember to make slow, gradual steps towards your child’s health… and always build them up! Resources: Ogden, Carroll, Kit, Flegal. “Prevalence of Obesity and Trends in Body Mass Index Among US Children and Adolescents, 1999-2010.” Journal of the American Medical Association 2012;307(5):483490. National Center for Health Statistics. Health, United States, 2011: With Special Features on Socioeconomic Status and Health. Hyattsville, MD. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; 2012 http://www.huffingtonpost. com/2013/01/06/thebiggest-loser-kids-weighins_n_2422473.html

Success Story


A Wife, an App, and a Trainer! Jeff Woodring

Does the thought of a physical trainer intimidate you? Jeff’s story might just change your mind! By Matthew Hume, Senior Writer



Age before: 51 Age now: 51 Height: 5’11” Weight before: 231 lbs Weight now: 180 lbs Location: Cicero, Indiana Occupation: Environmental Engineer

Smartphone apps can be a lifesaver!

Favorite exercise: Cross Training–burpees with Bosu ball Favorite clean meal: Shrimp stir-fry (using brown rice)


ast summer, you could say Jeff Woodring was a completely different man. Before he began his healthy transformation on July 3, 2012, Jeff—standing 5’11”—weighed a hefty 231 lbs. and wore 38” pants. He was the exact opposite of the picture of health. “My physical activity mainly involved golfing using a riding golf cart and mowing the lawn,” he says. “I dreaded mowing the lawn because it was physical work.” And then there was his diet. A typical breakfast during the week might be a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from his favorite fast food joint. On the weekends, he’d melt some butter and fry up hash browns, eggs, and up to 8 slices of bacon! “I loved pizza,

and lots of it,” Jeff says. “I’d snack on sweets like Reese’s cups and would snack and graze on cheese and pepperoni.” No night was complete without some buttery popcorn and a relaxing cocktail. “I felt heavy and out of shape, very sluggish. I’d be very winded just walking up stairs,” Jeff remembers. His doctor also warned him earlier that year that his weight was creeping up on him and that his sugar levels were right at the borderline of being high. His cholesterol was just under 200.

Making Changes

As proof of how quickly one can fall out of shape, Jeff and his wife had successfully persevered together through the P90X program a few years ago. “Neither of us was interested in

ABBY FOX FITNESS Private one-on-one training Grocery Store Education Individual plans to fit YOU Learn LIFELONG habits (317) 319-7912

Building Hope. Not Just Bodies.



/ April 2013

doing that process again,” he admits. “It worked great the first time, but we wanted to do something else.” His wife suggested seeing a trainer together, and so Jeff agreed to a trial workout with Laura Marenco. “It was difficult, but I didn’t die or quit during the 30-minute workout!” he says. So they signed up for two 30-minute sessions a week. It wasn’t easy. “Laura gave me a sample diet of about 1800 calories per day,” Jeff says. He went from cheeseburgers and french fries to eating a diet high in fiber and lean meats—and NO fast food! “I either ate lean, red meat or Boca burgers or portabella mushroom burgers,” he says. He opted for egg white omelets with fat-free cheese. He ate a ton of vegetables, and would eat QuestBars or protein shakes for added protein. “I’m using MyFitnessPal app, which Laura recommended, to track everything I eat,” Jeff says. “I became obsessed with tracking my food and activities—I think tracking my food was a key factor to my success.” Jeff’s biweekly training sessions alternated between lower body and upper body workouts, and each session incorporated some ab work. “On the other five nights a week, my wife and I would walk 3 miles a night at 4mph or better,” he says. “I started looking for reasons to mow the lawn and track those calories burned!”

Motivational Success From his heaviest of 231 (and a half) pounds on July 3, 2012, Jeff reached his goal weight of 185 lbs. on October 22. Now he’s maintaining a comfortable 180 lbs.! “I feel healthy, with more energy, and I pay attention to what I eat all the time,” he says. If he has a cocktail, he makes sure to track it against his calorie goal. Jeff recently had his annual physical again. With his cholesterol down to 140, and his numbers great on all accounts, Jeff’s doctor was impressed. He’s even asked Jeff to talk to his weight loss program participants as a motivator! And while Jeff emphasizes the importance of Laura Marenco in his journey of self-transformation, he points to his wife as the key to his success. “She was right there, pushing me during the workouts with Laura and while walking nightly,” he says. “She also cooked healthy meals at the smaller portions we both needed.” So this spring, as you begin your own transformation, Jeff has the following advice: “Don’t expect to meet your goal overnight. It’s a long journey—enjoy it.” If you have recently accomplished a health, fitness, or nutrition goal that you would like to share with our readers, please contact us at


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nothing like There’s your first

game date at a game walk-off grand slam. There’s something for everyone at Victory Field. Come celebrate summer.

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