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10 Calm

the Mind and Be present

Angie Jakad Fischer

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When you dream, what are you driving? 2015 Lexus CT 200 Hybrid Lease for



/mo 36 months, 10,000 miles per year. $999 due at signing plus tax, title, license and dealer fees. WAC. See dealer for details. Security deposit waived. Offer ends 11/30/15.

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4610 E 96th St 888.928.2572

For life’s winter wipeouts.

Illnesses and injuries are never planned. So when they don’t warrant a trip to the ER – get the care you need now! Visit our Franciscan Immediate Care center in Carmel. No appointment needed, just walk right in. And we’re open late to care for you. Village Park Plaza 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., every day 14641-1 Thatcher Lane, Carmel (US 31 & 146th) (317) 564-7025

Holiday hours may vary.

November 2015






Top Chefs= top-Notch Sushi octoBeR 2015


Bite off



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Young Kim


than You Can Chew





indoor oR outdoor







a house diVided




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Local Customer


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Volume 8. Issue 10. (#96)

23 take 10 Beauty/COSMETIC _______________________ calm the mind and

Home/garden ____________________

8 Undesirable double chin?

32 holiday table switcheroo!

be present

Turning the tables doesn’t have to be a chore!

let kybella melt it away!

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TRAVEL/EXPLORE _____________________

HEALTH/WELLNESS _______________________ 22 have no fear 3 reasons to start taking risks

25 Urgent care? ER? Where to go for pressing health needs

36 top midwest ski resorts

Best Regional spots for hitting the slopes


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The best legs at your Thanksgiving dinner table shouldn’t be the turkey’s.

If the pain and discomfort of varicose veins is slowing you down this holiday season, call Indiana Vein Specialists© for a Complimentary Varicose Vein Screening. Our minimally invasive treatments are often covered by insurance. EAST LOCATION: 11876 Olio Road, Suite 700, Fishers, IN 46037 WEST LOCATION: 10485 Commerce Drive, Suite 100, Carmel, IN 46032

317.348.3020 Jeffery P. Schoonover, MD Better Options. Healthier Legs.

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LIFE Magazine No one wants to look in the mirror and see two chins staring back at them. In this month’s issue, discover the solution.

BEAUTY and Cosmetic

Beauty and Cosmetic

Undesirable Double Chin? Let Kybella Melt It Away!

By Robert Jackson, M.D.

Why suffer with a double chin when you just don’t have to anymore?


(deoxycholic acid), originally known as ATX-101, is the first FDA-approved injectable drug used to reduce the appearance of submental fat, more frequently referred to as a double chin. Because of limited treatment options, this area has been undertreated in the past. Now, with the approval by the FDA of Kybella, cosmetic surgeons have a non-surgical option to treat this condition. No matter what your age or weight, a double chin makes you look older and heavier. Lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise do not help this fat because it is often genetic in origin. The fat-dissolving drug Kybella is changing the way surgeons are treating the double chin. Two major clinical trials, totaling



over 2,000 patients, proved the effectiveness and safety of Kybella in eradicating submental fat. How does it work? Deoxycholic acid breaks down the cell walls of fat cells, which allows for absorption of the fat. When injected into subcutaneous fat, Kybella destroys fat cells and they cannot rejuvenate. How is it administered? Using a grid of equally placed injection points totaling up to 50 very tiny injections, the drug is administered in the subcutaneous fat. The fat is then broken down in a natural process. It may take two or three sessions, each a month apart, to get the optimum results depending on the severity of the submental fat.

LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5

Who is a candidate? If you are over the age of 18 and your chin has a twin, you are a candidate. In other words, if you have moderate to severe submental fat, you will benefit from this procedure. Is it painful? Pain thresholds vary among patients, but most patients report mild discomfort at the beginning of the procedure, decreasing as treatment progresses. Topical anesthesia can be used if the patient desires. How long is the procedure? The procedure only takes about 20 minutes—short enough to be done over your lunchtime. Is there downtime? The recovery is usually very fast. Some patients experience some

swelling that resolves within a few days. Occasionally patients will get some mild bruising that can be covered with makeup. Mild discomfort may be experienced at the injection sites. It is easily treated with over-the-counter pain pills. How long will it last? Once the desired aesthetic results are obtained, the results are permanent because the fat cells have been destroyed. Kybella is a safe, non-surgical procedure accomplished in the office. It avoids some of the unwanted issues of surgery such as anesthesia, infection and longer downtime. For more information, or to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate, call Happy Clinic Indy at 317 774-7777.



LIFE Magazine Fill your holidays with style!


fashion and STYLE




arty season is just around the corner once again—and this year we’re seeing less sparkle and more furry goodies! Well, let me rephrase that. Sparkles are always on trend, especially this time of the year, so don’t be shy to shine. But what’s really in right now is warm and fuzzy fur. And nowadays, a good faux fur jacket or vest can look and feel just like the real deal. Plus, they are a lot cheaper, easier to take care of and a lot more animal friendly! We came up with a couple different choices, depending on your taste and desires.



A fun, nice dress in a solid color gives room to play with accessories—in this case the clutch. Office parties usually call for more conservative looks, and you can never go wrong with a good dress and clutch combo. Think over-the-knee boots to keep warm or a pair of nice patent leather pumps to add a little spunk! For the young, hip crowd, a mini leather skirt paired with a fur vest is not only modern and so in fashion today, but it’s equally festive! To tone it down a bit, try a pair of leather leggings. To tone it down even more, pair the vest with a cute pair of

LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5

jeans. And of course, even if we don’t have a super fancy party to go to, we still want to fit in the holiday party looks! Whatever your choice (and I urge you to try both!), make sure to have fun and good times with your family—the holidays are meant to celebrate just that! And in this month of Thanksgiving celebration, let me add how thankful I am for this column and for all the blessings I have—but especially for my family. Keep up the good vibes, and Happy Holidays my friends! Cheers, Karina

Karina Reske

Personal Stylist

Karina is a local fashion blogger and personal stylist. To get a daily dose of Karina’s fashion adventures or to touch base, follow her blog at karinastylediaries. com or her Instagram page at karinastylediaries.






4. 1. LNA Burnout Bib Tank 2. BLACK ORCHID Noah Crop Skinny Denim 3. ECRU Perforated Jacket 4. OAK Unisex Scarf

Accessories and clothing courtesy of beauty+grace


1. 3.

2. 4.

1. ELLIATT Culture Fur Vest 2. PAM & GELA Studded Leather Mini Skirt 3. TWENTY TEES Knit V-Neck Dress w/Fringe 4. BROOKE LINDEMANN Leather Feather Stone Clutch



LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5

Accessories and clothing courtesy of beauty+grace


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LIFE Magazine


D e S i G n

Therapy Angie Jakad Fischer

By Matthew Hume | Photography by Eduardo Pe単a



LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5



s a child growing up in Speedway, Indiana, Angie Jakad Fischer dreamed of being a TV news anchor. While she was busy painting stencil designs with her mom, or decorating her own bedroom with pink flamingo shower curtains, Angie imagined the future life she would lead. In her young mind, she’d be just like WRTV6’s Diane Willis, reporting the news of the day to a world that demanded answers. Being the loyal dreamer that she was—and still is—Angie followed that call, earning a journalism degree at Indiana University and going on to work as a reporter and anchor in the several years that followed. But life had different plans for Angie. “After I had my first son, I lost the edge of what I felt I needed to be the best in TV news,” Angie says. “I lost a hardness—lost the desire to stick a microphone in someone’s face after a car accident or a house fire.” She realized at long last that interior design was the true passion in her vocational life—the road she was meant to be on all along. Therapy for the Soul Take one look at Interior Design Therapy, and you’ll see right away that this isn’t your typical interior design business. Angie’s office inside the Indiana Design Center presents her own brand of quirky sophistication, with its flowery black-and-white wallpaper, sprinkled with brightly colored butterflies popping out of the print, and a chair for clients—and interviewers—in the shape of a big, gold, cupped hand. And what’s this about therapy? Well, the name is no accident. Clients can book “therapy sessions” using an online scheduling tool, and after a 60-minute on-site consult with Angie, they walk away with a fully customized “prescription” for their design needs. Angie believes wholeheartedly that her fresh, new approach to interior design provides much needed relief for her clients. “I feel like what I do really is therapy,” Angie says. “When people hire me, there’s




LIFE Magazine them up from school and have dinner—to be the mother she loves to be. As any parent will attest, to teach your children all the lessons you can before they head out into the world is at the top of the priority list. And one of the greatest lessons Angie has learned in her life that she’s passing on to her sons came from a most unlikely source. “I had tons of friends in high school, but I was bullied incessantly by a group of older girls from the time I was in 7th grade until I was a junior,” she tells me. “You don’t know when you’re going through things that are that challenging that you’re learning life lessons. And you know what? All that bullying made me fearless in business—I’m just not afraid of failing.” Angie knows now that those girls were just jealous of her success and confidence, but she’s taken that lesson with her and knows that she can take whatever the world delivers.

always an emotional reason behind it. Maybe they went through a divorce and need something fresh, or maybe they’re merging lives together into a new home.” For Angie, design is about more than colors and shapes and patterns. It’s about delving inside people’s worlds and creating for them a place that fits their needs. After college, Angie lived for several years in Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh, where she worked tirelessly to educate herself in interior design. “I was particularly inspired by Rachel Ashwell,” she says. “I couldn’t get enough info about shabby chic and Rachel’s style of interior design.” It was that passionate drive that eventually led Angie to open her own boutique design studio. But in 2008, after developing a loyal customer base in the Pittsburgh area, a divorce prompted Angie to say goodbye to her clients and make a return to her Indiana home. In May 2014, she made the decision to launch out in a new direction with Interior



Design Therapy. But what makes this new venture of hers unique? “I saw a gap in the industry, where I felt people needed professional advice, but didn’t necessarily need or want the stress of hiring a full-time designer,” Angie says. She developed a model where, for a flat rate, Angie performs a onehour consult in her client’s home and provides an individualized design plan, complete with links and resources, that the client can then implement on their own, or hire Angie on to do. The great majority of Angie’s one-hour consults—about 85 percent—hire her on to complete the project. “Before starting Interior Design Therapy, I’d gone through a break-up, lost a job and was feeling very alone,” Angie tells me. “But when I’d retreat to my bedroom, I’d created a beautiful, wonderful, comforting space that was very healing for me. I wanted to bring that power of design to transform spaces and lives to the community.” Now that Angie has reestablished herself in the

LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5

Indianapolis community, she says it’s almost as if life has merged her dreams together. “I’ve been able to take my design work to WISH-TV’s IndyStyle, so it’s like a full-circle moment,” she tells me. “Maybe I wasn’t meant to go the TV news anchor route—my path was just different getting to where I was supposed to be.” Finding Normal As a small business owner and single mother of two boys, Angie finds it challenging sometimes to wear all the hats she owns: from the nurse, cab driver and bank machine she is for her sons, to her roles as devoted friend and daughter. Installation weeks are especially difficult for her. “It’s very challenging to find time for myself and my family when I’m in somebody’s home, overseeing painting and wallpapering,” she says. On the weeks that her sons spend with their father, she works 12 hour days in order to be off earlier in the afternoon when they’re at home with her—to pick

But whatever the world throws her way, Angie simply couldn’t be prouder of her two sons. “Carson is 16 and sweet as can be, very scholarly, very much a rule follower,” she says. “Owen is 11 and more like me,” she laughs. “He’s the life of the party—everyone’s best friend. He lives in joy.” Owen is type 1 diabetic, which Angie admits consumes a great deal of her time in caring for him. “But really, it’s just our version of normal,” she says. With a thriving business and strong family ties, Angie hopes she can serve as a role model for other single moms who think they can’t do it. “What happened to you in the past doesn’t define your future,” Angie says. “You might be scared of the past, or what might happen in the future, but it’s really about living presently in this moment. If I feel afraid, I step into the fear, and tell it to get lost. I’ve learned that you have to if you’re going to be successful.”




ATHLETES PM&R Associates is

pioneering the treatment of spine, muscle, tendon, ligament and joint conditions utilizing STEM CELLS and other biologic treatments.  This is the treatment of the future available now. av Robert K. Silbert, MD Call today to schedule your consultation

317 290 2000

751 Hanover Place, Carmel, IN 46032 317.564.0687 Follow us at Instagram and Facebook @ shopbeautyandgrace

6640 Parkdale Place, Suite R, Indianapolis, Indiana


LIFE Magazine The holidays are a joyous—and stressful—time. This month’s “Take 10” routine will help you find your center, reducing the sensation of stress in your life.


health and Wellness

Have No Fear: 3 Reasons to Start Taking Risks

Running a race provides a perfect metaphor for the decisions we’re faced with in life. We generally have two choices. We can either hold back because of internal or external fears, or we can summon courage within ourselves to push ahead, knowing that to run the race might bring failure—or might bring the best run of our lives.


recently started coaching third- through eighthgrade boys and girls CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) Cross Country—and I have to say it’s one of the most rewarding things that I have done in a long while. At one of our meets, I noticed someone wearing a sweatshirt with the following saying: “Fear is what stops us. Courage is what keeps us going.” Based

on that, “No Fear” became our mantra for that particular meet. Why? Let’s face it, running hurts. Your heart thuds in your chest, your legs burn, your lungs gasp for air. It’s tough to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and putting it all on the line. You know what it’s going to feel like coming out of the alley at the start. So you have two choices: You either hold back because of that fear, or you find the courage to

push ahead not knowing if the outcome will bring failure or a personal record. In coaching these kids to be fearless and to test their own limits, I began to consider my fears and what drives me forward. For me, I’ve found that the answer lies in the possibilities ahead and the potential reward of taking on a challenge and overcoming it. Fear can dictate our path of choices and ultimately our outcomes. We fear the unknown, the risk of being rejected, of missing out, not being good enough, what others think, of taking the road less traveled. Here are three good reasons to start taking risks and living a happier life. 1. To obtain what you want and need in life. If you want something in life, you may have to ask for it. Whether it be a promotion, a change in work schedule or simply some help, you will probably never hear yes if you don’t ask. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? Your chances of getting that yes are higher the more you take that risk of being turned down. Sometimes a repeated no, or a turn down, may help lead us down a different path and more appropriate direction in life. 2. To understand your true strengths and weaknesses and how to build from there. Allow yourself to learn from failed endeavors. Whenever you make a mistake, you learn something new about yourself, the approach you took and how not to fail again. Some of the most successful people have hit

rock bottom before making it big. If you don’t try new things because you don’t think you are good enough, then you may miss the opportunity to be great at something. 3. To live life to the fullest, without any regrets. How many times have you thought, “I wish I had…” or, “I regret that I didn’t…”? Do you find yourself envious of others? You might feel stuck, trapped or unmotivated. I bet a lot of us find ourselves thinking this way thanks, more often than not, to social media. It may seem that the grass is always greener on the other side, but you can’t sit around waiting for something to come along or to change. You need to take the necessary risks and chances to make a difference. Do it today! You might not have that same opportunity tomorrow. Sure, there will be letdowns, disappointments and possible judgment from others. But true and meaningful friendships will emerge, and so much more happiness and excitement can be gained if we dream, expect the best and take more risks.

Tatum Pérez


Give the Perfect




LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5



. 10 . Calm

the Mind and Be Present Yoga for Stress

Everyone experiences stress every day. Stressors can be good or bad depending on how we handle and perceive them. Here are three simple things that you can start doing today to help manage your stress load.

Continued... ACTIVELI F EGUIDE .com

>> 23

>> 2.

Seated Crescent Moon • Sit tall. • Lift your arms overhead and interlace your fingers, reaching up and out through the fingers and the crown. • Inhale, reaching up, and then exhale and lean to the right. Inhale and reach out again, elongating the spine, and then exhale and lean some more. Hold for three breaths. • Repeat on the left side.



Abdominal Breathing • Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. • Take in 6 to 10 deep, slow breaths through your nose per minute. • Double check that you are breathing from the abdomen and not the chest by making the hand on your belly rise and fall, not the hand on the chest.








Standing Forward Bend • Stand up and bend at the hips. • Let your head hang heavy. • Grab your elbows with opposite hands. • Sway side to side. • Gently roll up, standing slowly, letting the head and arms hang heavy until the very last moment.



LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5


Urgent Care? ER? Where to Go for Pressing Health Needs By Reenika Dillard, Manager Franciscan Immediate Care, Village Park Plaza US 31 and 146th Street

• Newborn baby with a fever • Loss of vision • Head and eye injuries • Broken bones or dislocated joints • Deep cuts that require stitches, especially on the face • Fevers with rash • Bleeding that won’t stop • Vaginal bleeding with pregnancy • Serious burns • Seizures without a previous diagnosis of epilepsy Calling 9-1-1 is another option to consider. Sometimes driving yourself or a loved one to the emergency room won’t get you the medical care needed fast enough. You should never drive yourself if you are the one having severe chest pain or severe bleeding or if you feel like you might faint or your vision is impaired. In medical emergencies, such as a heart attack or stroke, an ambulance is better because paramedics can begin life-saving care on the way to the hospital. Whether you’re going to urgent care, the ER or your primary care


health issue pops up unexpectedly. Maybe a child playing outside falls and injures an arm, or your spouse develops a high fever and sore throat overnight. You know you need medical care fast, but aren’t sure if it’s a true emergency. While the answer isn’t always clear, knowing the difference between urgent care and emergency care could save your life.

common sprain or strain • Painful urination • Persistent diarrhea • Severe sore throat • Vomiting • Minor cuts or burns • Flu The emergency department was designed to provide fast, life-or-limb-saving care. Some conditions that would be classified as medical emergencies include:

Urgent care is your best option when you can’t get in to see your regular primary care physician, either because there are no available appointments or it’s after office hours.

• Persistent chest pain, especially radiating to the arm or jaw and accompanied by sweating, vomiting or shortness of breath • Persistent shortness of breath or wheezing • Severe pain, particularly in the abdomen or starting halfway down the back • Loss of balance or fainting • Difficulty speaking, altered mental status or confusion • Weakness or paralysis • Severe heart palpitations • Sudden, severe headache

Urgent care centers can handle a variety of conditions that need to be treated right away but are not an emergency. Some symptoms that can be treated at an urgent care clinic include: • Fever without rash • Minor trauma, such as a

physician’s office, it’s always a good idea to keep a list of all medications you take with you, including dosages and any overthe-counter medications and vitamins. Many medications, and even vitamins, can interact with potential treatment options. Also keep a list of allergies you have, especially allergies to other medications.

INDIANAPOLIS 4705 E. 96TH STREET 317-571-0077


1691 W. CURRY ROAD 317-881-0500

LET’S BE HONEST. Some come for the shuffleboard tables. Some to meet up with friends on the patio. Still, others enjoy watching the game on one of the 50 big screens. But there are two things that everyone comes for.




1 •



5 317 2 8 8 82


3720 East 82nd Street | 317.288.8251 |

Nikki S no dg ss ra




ss @ TheD





LIFE Magazine The fine art of preparing sushi is something that you watch and learn. --Nobu Matsuhisa



Top Chefs=

Top-Notch SuShi By Matthew Hume

What keeps sushi lovers flocking back to Naked Tchopstix? “Our chefs, and our quality ingredients,” says owner, David Lee.


’ve lived in Indianapolis for almost ten years now, and my first experience with sushi in this city was at the original Naked Tchopstix location in Broad Ripple. I remember being impressed at the variety on the menu— from the traditional Japanese culinary delights one expects to see—nigiri, sashimi, sushi, tempura and the like— to Korean favorites such as bulgogi and bibimbap. While dining with David Lee, owner of the 96th Street location, and learning what really sets Naked Tchopstix apart from other sushi spots in the city, the fond impression I’ve always had grew into a deep respect for the work that goes into creating an authentic, quality sushi experience. Perhaps the greatest asset of any restaurant is its chef, but this rings true especially for sushi chefs. Naked Tchopstix has four highly experienced chefs at its 96th Street location, with their head chef having 28 years under his belt—17 of which have been working with David. David explains how only a very experienced chef knows just how to take care of the fish—how to order, how to preserve, how to prepare it—even to the point of knowing how the muscles are arranged in order to get the best cut and flavor. While some of their chefs focus strictly on traditional sushi style, Dagu-san, the head chef, has experience with more modern fusion techniques. But whatever your taste for sushi, the chefs at Naked Tchopstix are sure to please. (I got a chance to speak with Dagu-san, and if you’re up for a culinary adventure, something a little out of the ordinary, be sure to



let your server know. Dagu-san will hook you up.) I wasn’t overly hungry on the day I joined David for lunch, so when he asked me what I was in the mood for, I urged him to order on the light side. Imagine my surprise a few minutes later, when two chefs hauled over to our table a bamboo boat overflowing with colorful rolls and assorted garnish. (This is what the restaurant calls its “Slow Boat to Tokyo.”) Of course, I’d wanted to try one of the more popular rolls, and so a Playboy had to be ordered. Full of flavor, with more than twenty ingredients inside, topped with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, rolled in foil, and lit aflame, the result is a meaty and smoky roll—the barbecue of the sushi world. (For the record, not one of the lighter options, but oh, so satisfying.) Other rolls sailed in right along with it. There was the Maui roll, filled with shrimp tempura, cream cheese and asparagus, and topped with mango, avocado, eel sauce and almond slices. The Crunch Munch satisfied with crab, spicy mayo and crunchy tempura on the inside, with cooked shrimp and eel sauce on top. And there was the Corona roll, a light and refreshing roll filled with spicy tuna, avocado and tempura chips, and topped with white tuna, lime and wasabi mayo. But the highlight of the experience for me was the Tuna Carpaccio—five slices of bigeye tuna served in a lightly tangy carpaccio sauce and adorned with lemon slices. Without question, this was the tenderest and richest tuna I had ever encountered. David explained that it’s the good oil, the omega-3 fatty acid oil,

LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5

that makes this the melt-inyour-mouth experience that it is. And as much as I enjoyed the bigeye tuna, David went on to tell me about an even greater delicacy that Naked Tchopstix is proud to offer: the toro, or fatty tuna. “Not many Japanese restaurants carry toro because of the high cost,” David explained. The toro cut is taken from the stomach area, a very small portion, of the prized bluefin tuna—and as such, it can cost anywhere from 58 to 80 dollars per pound, according to David’s sources. (The dish rings in at $10.99 here at Naked Tchopstix.) So in the end, what is it about Naked Tchopstix that makes the restaurant so successful? David answers without hesitation. “Our chefs, and our quality ingredients,” he says. “The chefs we have working here have so much experience— over 60 years altogether—and I make sure that they have opportunities to continue their culinary education. The restaurant is my passion—I love sushi, and I want to share the best quality sushi with everyone who walks in our door.”

What’s In a Name? Before David and I even started discussing the menu, I had to know: How did the restaurant end up with a name like Naked Tchopstix? Before he and his now ex-wife started this chain of restaurants, David owned sushi restaurants with “Bistro” and “Dancing” in the name. But this new restaurant was opening in Broad Ripple, and the name had to stand out. “Broad Ripple is full of young people, and we wanted a name that really stuck in people’s minds,” he explains. And so Naked Tchopstix was born. (David tells me that Tchaikovsky inspired the “Tch” spelling. Whether or not the composer was a fan of sushi is still up for debate.)


Satisfy Your Need for Asian Flavors At Naked Tchopstix on 96th St., we are committed to serving our dinners with freshly made, delectable eats inspired by the flavors of China, Japan, Thailand, and Korea.

3855 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240 317-569-6444 We ship anywhere

Extra Virgin Olive Oils Spices (300+ Varieties) Aged Balsamic Vinegars Infused Salts (35+ Varieties) Peppers (20+ Varieties) Complimentary Tasting Bar

1250 E. 86th St., Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN 46240

M-Th 10:00-6:30 • F-S 10:00-8:00 • Sun 11:00-4:00

1231 West Oak St. | Zionsville | 733-6406 |


LIFE Magazine Nothing sets the mood for holiday gatherings more than the smells coming from the kitchen. Let Active Life help you gather your guests round the table in style.

HOME and Garden

home and garden

Holiday Table Switcheroo! Take your Thanksgiving table top from autumnal bounty to a holiday winter wonderland in just a few easy steps!


s the holidays approach, we often find ourselves stressed out and overbooked. That shouldn’t be the case when it comes to preparing for the joyful feasts of the season! With a little thought in advance, it’s easy to transform a gorgeous Thanksgiving table into a winter wonderland for those December gatherings. That way, you can focus attention on your meal prep and loved ones instead of fretting over the table. Setting the table using materials found in nature, and pairing them with gold and silver, can help us transition from autumnal bounty to winter wonder in just a few easy steps. As we’ve seen the past few seasons, metallics continue to be on trend for holiday décor, and I’ve used them in a variety of ways for each tablescape. In both instances, I’ve used vintage gold flatware and family china, and the gold border and simple white coordinate nicely with the decorations. Place settings in natural colors or pottery would also be a nice choice for Thanksgiving. (I tend to stay away from mismatched place settings, even though it



seems to be the trend in the blogosphere. I believe it draws too much attention away from both the food and the table decoration.) For the Thanksgiving table, I’ve embellished white pine bundles (see note below) and metallic gold magnolia blossoms with Casperita pumpkins, and white pumpkins painted with gold patterns. (Painting the pumpkins with stripes or polka-dots is an easy opportunity to involve children in the decorating process.) Gold and brown glass ornaments tucked into the greenery help reflect the candlelight from the mercury glass votive candles. A large ceramic pumpkin and a whimsical owl that I picked up years ago peak out from near the center of the table. Using a limited scheme of colors allows you to use a variety of materials and textures that coordinate but don’t necessarily “match.” For the winter table, I removed the large pumpkins and replaced them with bejeweled trees and large sugar pinecones. Small woven grapevine ornaments are painted gold to help bridge the gap between the metallic

LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5

trees and the natural brown of the pinecones. A few Casperita pumpkins remain in place as their white hints at the snow outside, while dried hydrangea blossoms harvested from the garden provide a neutral to the gold and silver. The glass ornaments can remain from the Thanksgiving table, or you can switch them out to better match the décor found in other rooms of the house. It is best to use a select few colors as the base for your decorations to coordinate. The votive candles can be lit for casual morning brunch, while tapers could be added for a more formal Christmas Eve or New Year’s dinner. Imagination is key to a successful table, and with these few helpful hints, your holiday hosting can flow gracefully along with the rest of your active life! Note: If using fresh greens, I recommend using a large waterproof tray underneath the entire arrangement to hold the oasis foam. If the greenery is not placed in a water source, it will only be good for a matter of days. Daily misting of the greenery will help keep it fresh for an extended amount of time.

Michael Painton HOME Stylist

Michael has more than 10 years of experience decorating homes and churches for the holidays. He is a residential landscape architect specializing in master plans, outdoor kitchens and unique patio spaces. Michael has a graduate degree in landscape architecture from Ball State University, and serves the greater Carmel-Indianapolis area. Contact him about your holiday or landscape needs at michael.c.painton@ or at (573) 5760970. View a portfolio of his holiday work at www. by.michael.


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and Explore


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For beginners

Top Midwest Ski Resorts

Gliding down a mountain through unblemished powder with the sun glistening on surrounding snow-covered peaks—all topped off with a deep blue, clear sky—has got to be one of the most incredible feelings on earth.

The Midwest States are home to many popular ski resorts around the Great Lakes region. While flatter than the rest of the US, there are still many great ski areas for skiing and snowboarding. But before you start, here are some tips to help you enjoy the sensation as much as you can! Don’t Learn from a Loved One This may come as a shock to you, but your wife or husband who is a professional ski instructor should not be the one to teach you how to ski. Learning a new sport will no doubt get you frustrated and scared, and these emotions can often turn into anger and resentment towards the person teaching you. Getting into a fight in the middle of a ski slope is not the best idea, as you might wind up by yourself with no one to help you get down. Trust us, get a lesson from a stranger whom you’re more likely to be nice to if something doesn’t go your way.

The following is a list of ski resorts in the Midwest. True-up Vertical Descent

Skiable Area

Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, Michigan

820 ft

100 - 250 acres

Lutsen Mountains Ski Resort, Minesota

760 ft

250 - 500 acres

Blue Mountain Ski Resort, Ontario

732 ft

250 - 500 acres

Spirit Mountain Ski Area, Wisconsin

700 ft

100 - 250 acres

Granite Peak Ski Area, Wisconsin

700 ft

250 - 500 acres

Paoli Peaks Ski Area, Indiana

300 ft

Less than 100 acres

Bend Your Knees The number one lesson is also the most overlooked. Beginners aren’t used to being in a squatting position all day, so a lot of the time they’ll straighten their legs, messing up their form, balance, agility and control. Bending your knees does a number of things. It forces you to shove your shins into the front of the boot, gaining control of your ski. It also centers your upper body above your legs, keeping your balance over your sweet spot. When you bend your knees, you’ll also be more prepared to absorb small jumps and uneven terrain. Having straight legs while skiing is like having straight legs when trying to stand up on a bus—either way you’re going for a ride, but it’s a matter of whether you want to be upright for it or not. Think you’re bending your knees enough already? Bend them some more and see how much better control you have through the bumps or down the steeps.



LI FE magazine | NOVEM B E R 2 0 1 5




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502 East Event Centre is owned, operated and catered exclusively by Jonathan Byrd’s Official Caterer of the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS

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Active LIFE November 2015

Active LIFE Nov 2015  

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