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butternut SQUASH

& pumpkin seed pesto

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GENERAL WELL–BEING A Stepwise Approach...



JUST BEGIN! Hilary Hagner


BUTTERNUT SQUASH & Pumpkin Seed Pesto


Get to Know Juvenile Diabetes


WHITE TEETH for Everyone


DIABETES: Dia–Beat It with Exercise


FULL–BODY Workout on the Run!




ASK LAURA Don’t Skip Your Breakfast!

activelife Guide

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activelife Guide / November 2012 /


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Expires 12/31/12

Expires 12/31/12




Our unique combination is scientifically proven to work WEIGHT TRAINING CARDIO NUTRITION ACCOUNTABILITY AS LITTLE AS $19/SESSION!

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Your guide to a healthy lifestyle



As a Lifestyle Choice It’s easy to find popular

movement teaches yogis to stay present and aware while they are on

press articles and

their mats. Their poses are deeper, more likely to provide the health

some research articles

benefits of muscle strengthening, when yogis are aware.







espousing the benefits of yoga

This awareness practice on the mat helps yogis return to the

practice. Every body

present moment throughout the day. Yoga teaches them

system and every bodily

to be aware of the sensations of each moment and to prevent

function is supposed to

mindless reaction to events. Yogis learn to focus and observe what

be positively affected

is happening each moment. This teaches them to eat out of hunger

by yoga in some way.

rather than to relieve stress, depression or boredom. They appreciate

Perhaps some of this

the difference between mindless eating awareness and eating

is true.

with attention to the aroma, taste, texture and sight of the






meal. Savoring the meal makes it more delicious and prevents them Exercise certainly

from overeating. Awareness helps them choose healthful options,

will positively affect

such as to eat fruit rather than cookies, and to go for a walk rather

every body system. There is no doubt that the higher intensity the

than watch television.



exercise, the more one will benefit (up to a point that is not likely to be sustained by anyone but a few elite athletes). Unfortunately, few

Cardio workouts will reduce the risk of and will help manage heart

articles that claim the health benefits of yoga compare practicing

conditions and diabetes. Awareness and mindfulness learned from

yoga poses to traditional exercise, so no one can say for certain if yoga is as good as or more or less effective than a workout that includes cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Aerobic exercise is required to attain the health benefits of physical



yoga help us to make healthy choices in each moment.

Lisa Riolo PhD, PT, RYT500

activity. Aerobic exercise increases heart rate and is necessary for good heart health. Aerobic activity burns calories, conditions the heart and lungs to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke,

Lisa Riolo, PhD, PT, RYT500 is a yoga instructor, lifestyle coach

increases good cholesterol, reduces risk for type 2 diabetes, reduces

and health professional. She has studied anatomy, physiology

depression, lowers risk of premature death, and helps to tone the

and movement science and has applied this knowledge to her


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body by reducing the fat layer that lies over muscles. Yoga does

own exercise routine, wellness plan and yoga practice. She is

activelife Guide is published monthly by

not provide a cardiac workout.

available for private, small group and corporate yoga classes,

active life Guide Corp. 6037 Saw Mill

as well as for individual lifestyle coach training. Contact her at

Dr., Noblesville, IN 46062; Copyright by

The most sustaining health benefit of yoga practice is its or at

active life Guide Corp. activelife Guide

mindfulness training. Turning inward to time breath with

activelife Guide

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program. If you follow these fitness tips, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge activelife Guide from any claims.



RegiSt 0 $6 at the d Rate BiR t eaRly v. 30 a o N e R m Befo

Sti 500fe

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t all rks Withou fun and pe e 500 e n li th h l is al n e fi Want up for th rill). gn th si e ? m es y, sa the mil d (same da ea st in festival 5k

May 4, 2013

Register now for the Mini or 5K with your smartphone.

on Stay updated the latest 500 s: new l Festiva

David McLaughlin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., F.A.C.S

Live Better, Love Better

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By David McLaughlin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., F. A. C. S.

What Are Polycystic Ovaries? Polycystic ovaries, also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, refers to a set of endocrine (hormonal)





problems that affect 5–10% of women. Symptoms may vary, but can include the following:

1) Anovulation (when the ovaries do not release eggs); also irregular or absent periods 2) Excess production of androgen. These male hormones, primarily testosterone, can cause acne, along with thick dark hair in unexpected places, such as the upper lip, chin, chest, back and stomach. Androgens can also cause oily skin, dandruff, thinning hair and weight gain, especially around the abdomen. 3) Cysts in the ovaries and enlarged ovaries. Normal ovaries are smooth and about the size and shape of an almond. After months of anovulation, small cysts remain in the ovary, making it more difficult for an egg to be released each month.

What Causes PCOS? Insulin resistance plays a key role in PCOS. Insulin is a hormone that helps move glucose from the bloodstream into the body’s cells for energy. If the body’s cells do not respond to the effects of insulin, the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood

Treating PCOS

increases; and higher levels of blood sugar may lead to diabetes. Insulin resistance may also cause the body to produce more

Treatment for PCOS depends on the problems you are having and

insulin, which can cause increased appetite and lead to imbalances

whether or not you are trying to get pregnant. For women wanting

in other hormones. Insulin resistance may be genetic, and

to become pregnant, taking insulin-sensitizing medications

women with PCOS are more likely to have one or more close

can improve ovulation and egg quality by helping the body

family members with diabetes. In fact, women with PCOS are

utilize insulin more efficiently. For some, this alone can restore

three to seven times more likely to develop diabetes.

fertility; others may need additional medications that can help

Diagnosing PCOS

increase egg production and ovulation, which will help improve the chances for conception. Data also suggest that long-term use of these insulin-sensitizing agents can correct the underlying

The diagnosis of PCOS is based on medical history, physical exam,

metabolic abnormalities and may delay or reduce the chances

ultrasound of the ovaries and results of lab tests.

of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. / November 2012 / activelife Guide






here are many facets to health and well-being. Psychological and physical health are equally important in the balance of health. When this balance is achieved, our sense of self-esteem is at its prime. At Chernoff and Associates, we offer a comprehensive program designed to help each of our patients reach his or her peak in selfesteem. It starts with our consultation process. After a detailed history of your past and present health, we help our patients develop a long-term plan including nutrition, supplements, exercise, skin-care, non-surgical and surgical options. This plan is personalized for each patient. We have a time-tested, proven combination of diet therapy specific for unwanted fat. This combines high protein, low carbohydrate, and healthy fats which will burn pounds. This diet is combined with a nationally acclaimed nutritional supplement program. Our 90-day challenge includes an antioxidant measurement,


which is repeated upon the completion of our program. If a patient’s antioxidant score is not improved, their money is refunded. Many patients are frustrated by stubborn areas of fat accumulation, cellulite and stretch marks, which seem more difficult to lose with on-going age. These areas of “brown fat” do not oxidize with routine and regular aerobic

workouts. Our Center offers the most comprehensive packages designed to help rid men and women of these problems. After ensuring proper diet, supplements and exercise, non-surgical ultrasound and radiofrequency systems are utilized to reduce selected fatty deposits and improve the dimpled look of cellulite. Severe cellulite can be treated with subcutaneous laser fiber therapy to dissect the fibrous

activelife Guide / November 2012 /

bands responsible for the cellulite. After a non-surgical attempt, residual fat can be removed safely with the most state-of-the-art laserassisted liposuction systems, or traditional tumescent liposculpting for larger areas. The natural loss of elasticity in skin that comes with aging, pregnancy, or massive weight loss can also be successfully treated with non-surgical and surgical combination therapies

designed individually for each patient. We offer a unique system for softening and, in many cases, ridding women of unwanted stretch marks. A healthy complexion is often what is noticed first by observers. Chernoff and Associates has one of the longest-running medically supervised aesthetician departments. Our “privatelabel” line of “Gregory” products is offered in

combination with other proven topicals and oral skin-enhancing lines. Our aestheticians customize your skin care to match your needs. We have one of the largest cosmetic laser centers in the country. Our center performs research for most of the companies which give our patients the ability to have state-of-theart treatments for any skin problem. LAVIV is the latest offering by our Center. This personalized form of cellular therapy utilizes your own living fibroblasts to improve the quality of your skin. As one of the original investigators of injectable fibroblast therapy, we have treated hundreds of patients over the past twelve years. The results are outstanding. Ongoing areas of study for LAVIV include scar and stretch mark improvement. Additionally, we are part of an exciting stem cell research program, which will further expand the treatments available to our patients. If you are not quite in the shape you would like to be, then the time is NOW to explore all of the exciting options available to you. By Greg Chernoff, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C) Triple Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Not quite the shape you‘d like to be? We can help!

and Associates

COSMETIC SURGEONS 9002 N Meridian Street, Suite 205 Indianapolis, IN 317.573.8899



With The Fox and The Ox

All those seasonal warm scents and smells are filling our homes as fall arrives. With the weather cooling down, it is comforting to cozy up with a blanket and a tempting seasonal latte from Starbucks. But along with the yummy treats and traditions of the holidays can come a few L-Bs (pounds) that we stress over come spring. Here are a few ideas to keep you excited about those warm, fall flavors—but without the high calories. Share this with your friends and family so they ask for the healthy stuff this season! Reach for kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and collard greens—these can block carcinogens. Leafy greens such as spinach and Swiss chard are rich in vitamins and loaded with phytonutrients, including flavonoids and carotenoids, that are linked to a host of health benefits. Spinach can fight against breast cancer, skin, stomach and prostate cancers.

Pick sweet potatoes, butternut squash and pumpkins for an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. These are also particularly high in the phytonutrient beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body, working to preserve eyesight and potentially helping to guard against cancer. Recent studies also suggest that sweet potatoes can help regulate blood sugar, making them a great sweet for people with diabetes.

Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Seed Pesto

The healthiest pesto you will ever enjoy! What You’ll Need

Yields: 6 servings Prep time: 45 min

• 1 butternut squash (3-pound), peeled and cubed (1/2 inch, about 6 cups) • 1/4 cup olive oil, divided • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds (not toasted) • 1/2 cup packed cilantro sprigs • 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh lemon Preparation Instructions Preheat oven to 500°. Toss butternut squash with 2 tablespoons oil and 1/2 teaspoon salt, then arrange in a single layer in a 17 x 12 x 1-inch baking pan and roast, turning occasionally, until golden brown on edges (20 to 25 minutes). Meanwhile, toast pumpkin seeds in 1 tablespoon oil in a large heavy skillet over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until seeds are puffed and beginning to brown (2 to 4 minutes). Transfer to a large plate and cool. Pulse cooled seeds in a food processor with cilantro, lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon each of salt and pepper and remaining tablespoon oil to a coarse paste (not finely ground). Toss squash with pesto, and salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately. Per serving: 205 calories, 14 g fat, 2 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 8 mg sodium, 19 g carbohydrates, 3 g fiber, 4 g protein


activelife Guide / November 2012 /

Cinnamon Spice Protein Shake • • • • • •

1-2 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1 cup of almond milk 3-4oz sweet potato or yam ½ tsp. cinnamon 1 packet of Stevia (natural sweetener) pinch of sea salt

Once blended, sprinkle crushed walnuts and a little extra cinnamon on top! Add desired water for consistency you prefer.

By Chuck Lehman, owner Any Lab Test Now, Carmel




iabetes currently

than age 20 have diabetes and

need to take insulin (unless a

level is high or low, the only

affects nearly

the numbers are increasing. It’s

cure is found). Although kids

way to know for sure is to test

30 million

believed that without proper

with type 2 diabetes may see

it. It’s seldom that children can

Americans, with

diagnosis and treatment that

an improvement in their blood

feel their level enough to help

many millions

as the child ages the disease

sugar level after puberty or

with monitoring. Monitoring

more in the pre-diabetes stage.

can become Type 1 before it’s

with lifestyle adjustments, they

and adult supervision is

Most of these are adults, but


will probably always have a

critical in juvenile diabetes

tendency toward a high blood

maintenance. Without regular

sugar level, especially if they

testing, high blood sugar may

are physically inactive or gain

be doing damage without you

too much weight.

realizing it.

Is a high blood sugar level ever normal in kids and not a sign of diabetes?

Can kids with diabetes exercise?

Certain conditions (like

Exercise offers many benefits

unfortunately our youth are at increasingly higher risk for developing diabetes. Statistics and medical research shows that diabetes is the number one health threat to a newborn today. Here are some typical questions to help understand the challenges of juvenile diabetes.

is caused by a destruction of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, which is unrelated to sugar consumption. Type 2 diabetes results from the body’s inability to respond to insulin normally. Although the tendency to get Type 2 diabetes is genetically inherited

They can actually eat a certain amount of sugary food as part of a balanced diet, but they need to control the total amount of carbohydrates they eat. Because sweets provide no

Does eating too much sugar cause juvenile diabetes? Type 1 diabetes

Can kids with diabetes eat sweets?

real nutritional value other than calories, they should be limited,

illness or stress) and certain

It also improves cardiovascular health, boosts mood, relieves stress, and actually helps control blood sugar.

Must kids maintain a lowcarbohydrate diet?


Carbohydrates (carbs) are the body’s preferred

in most cases,

source of energy

eating too much

and they should

sugar (or foods with sugar, like candy or regular

but not necessarily eliminated.

soda) can cause weight gain,

All kids (adults too!) should

which can increase the risk for

avoid excessive consumption

developing the disease.

of foods that provide little nutritional value and can crowd

in youth, Type 2 diabetes can be difficult to diagnose early. Just a few decades ago Type 2 diabetes was rare in children, but according to the CDC, more than 186,000 people younger

them manage their

excess body fat.


disease and how it develops

to kids with diabetes. It helps

them from gaining

to Know

Due to the nature of the

kids - with or without diabetes!

weight and prevents


Why is it hard to detect diabetes in children?

Exercise is important for all

out healthier foods.

Can kids outgrow diabetes?

provide about 50% medications (like steroids)

to 60% of a person’s calories

can temporarily cause high

each day. Low-carb diets tend

blood sugar in people without

to be overloaded with protein

diabetes. But high blood sugar

and fat. Following a high-fat,

levels are seldom normal.

high-protein diet over the long

Children who have higher than

term may increase the risks

normal blood sugar, or sugar

of heart and kidney disease in

in their urine, should be tested

adulthood. A balanced diet is

and diagnosed immediately.

critical for anyone, especially those with diabetes.

Kids do not outgrow diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the cells

Can a child feel high or low blood sugar levels?

Until there is a cure for diabetes, do your best to manage your

of the pancreas that produce insulin are destroyed. Once

Although many diabetics may

child’s diabetes with the tools

they’re destroyed, they will

feel physical symptoms (such

available now. Always consult

never make insulin again. Kids

as extreme thirst, weakness,

your health care provider with

with Type 1 diabetes will always

or fatigue) if their blood sugar

specific concerns. / November 2012 / activelife Guide



Just Begin! Hilary Hagner


activelife Guide / November 2012 /

P By Matthew Hume


Cover Story

so difficult for so many reasons—were

that I had. There is a way out—and it

particularly brutal for Hilary. “I recall

is by educating yourself in consuming

kids making fun of me in the hallways—

good, clean foods and performing regular

they would walk by me and shout

exercise to complement the good diet.”

“JUMANJI!” and then slam their bodies into the lockers as I walked by, as if they

As a personal trainer at Houston’s

couldn’t fit in the hallway with me,” she

#1-rated fitness facility—appropriately

says. “It was very hurtful, but it was

named FIT—Hilary dedicates herself

enough to make me do something about

these days to educating others in how

it.” Hilary began playing volleyball and

to achieve and maintain a healthy and

basketball and played in every league she

active lifestyle. “We are a high-end gym

could get into. “My dad thought I lost my

that attracts local celebrities, professional

mind when I wanted to start running in

athletes and people in the media,” she

local 5K races!” she laughs.

says. “Low self-image is one of the main reasons why people do not get the

“Pow!” “Bam!” “Shazam!” No—we’re


not talking Batman and Robin here, but

All that adolescent determination led

someone that began at a very low pace and

take one look at Hilary Hagner’s website

to some massive shredding of pounds.

see them accomplish the unimaginable,

and you’ll immediately notice a theme.

Hilary joined the cheerleading squad in

then I’m grateful that I’m doing my best

With cartoon caricatures of a superhero

high school, making her way to captain

with my time here on earth.”

Hilary kicking, punching, and posing

by her senior year, and she landed a

her way to better fitness and a better

spot on the University of Houston’s

way of life, her site, www.hilaryhagner.

squad in college. “It was amazing, and

com, encourages visitors to come “one

I am still grateful,” Hilary says, “but

step closer to [their] inner superhero.”

the unfortunate part of it all was that I

Hilary’s inspiring story attests to the

was very bulimic and anorexic. Nothing

fact that the journey may not always be

mattered more to me than looking good

easy—but its rewards are immeasurable.

in my cheerleading uniform.” Thankfully


promotions that they want at their job.


Low self-esteem paralyzes people from reaching for the stars and giving their dreams a shot. When I can work with

for Hilary, this painful episode led her to Losing her mother to a brain aneurism

see a nutritionist, who taught her some

when she was just 8 years old, and

valuable lessons that brought about

thereby finding herself without a strong,

permanent change. Basically, Hilary says,

female role model to look up to, may be

when you’re starving your body, your

the primary reason Hilary is so passionate

metabolism is drastically slowed down;

today about educating women, families

when you do finally eat, your body works

and children on how to live healthy,

extra hard to store those calories as fat,

active lifestyles. The junior high years—

since it doesn’t think you’re going to

> See more exclusive photos of

eat again. “It’s a vicious cycle that leads

Hilary’s cover shoot at

you to what I call ‘skinny fat,’” she says. “My heart breaks when I hear that a girl is struggling with the same issues / November 2012 / activelife Guide


Low self-esteem may have plagued

sure to keep my metabolism revved by

Hilary in junior high, but she’s certainly

eating six meals a day—I space them out

freed herself of that curse! Hilary was

by 2 ½ to 3 hours,” she says. Even for

fascinated by figure competition from

Hilary, though, cleanliness has its limits.

the time she started her first job as a

“Oh, how I LOVE sweets!” And she lets

trainer. “All the trainers there were either

herself cheat at least once a week. “Baked

bodybuilders or figure competitors,” she

treats like cupcakes, brownies and cookies

recalls. Not thinking at first that she had

are a family favorite,” she says. “I usually

it in her to get into that kind of shape,

get my little helpers to bake with me—it’s

Hilary says, “All I wanted to do was to get

something we all look forward to.”

my body lean enough to step on stage.” And after having two children, she knew

Next year Hilary plans on running

that if she wanted them to grow up with

her first half marathon, and she looks

a strong self-image, she had to set a

forward to competing in another figure

strong example. “On my very first show,

competition. “Eventually I would love

I got 2nd place,” she says. After a two-

to take my figure competitions to the

year break from the competitive stage,

next level and try to earn my Pro Card,”

she competed and won 2nd place again!

she says. And Hilary is thrilled to have

“It’s a beautiful sport in which I hope to

you work out depends on your individual

been chosen earlier this year as an “I

land a first place title one day.”

goal, she says, but in general Hilary

DECIDE” athlete. (Check her out at www.

recommends that the average person who To get her message

wants to be lean and healthy work out 4

out to the broader masses, Hilary uses her

to 5 days a week, making sure to work in

website,, where

resistance or strength training 3 of those

you can follow blog posts and submit your

days, and cardio each time. “Cardio should

fitness questions.



Hilary has learned over time how best

be around 30 minutes, and it should

to balance her work and family life with

challenge you to carry on a conversation

Hilary’s best advice to those looking to

her workouts. “I find it very important

the whole time,” says Hilary.

enter the world of active living? “Begin.”

to combine my workout time with my

We all make excuses to put off until

kids,” she says. “It’s easy to register your

When it comes to eating healthy,

tomorrow what we could begin today,

child into an activity or sport and sit on

“Superhero Hilary” has her own spin on

and Hilary encourages readers to wham-

the sideline—but I choose to get outside

the old adage “You are what you eat.”

bam-shazam knock those obstacles out of

and throw the ball with my boys, climb

Hilary’s version? “Abs are made in the

the way. Say you want to run. “You may

monkey bars and play hide-and-go-

kitchen!” she proclaims. To help herself

need to stop a lot and it might be a less-

seek!” Martial arts also play their part in

achieve those enviable abs, Hilary keeps

than-average pace, but HEY, you started!”

bringing Hilary and her sons together. “I

her diet very clean. “I strive to have only

she says. No matter what your goals are,

take a Muay Thai class while my kids are

non-processed foods in the house,” she

Hilary says, “It just takes us to BEGIN.

next door in their Ju-Jitsu class,” she says.

says. “This ensures that there won’t be a

Begin a new life filled with foods grown

Oh—and Hilary always carries a jump

diet blow-out in the event that a craving

from our local farms, running and playing

rope in her purse. “Sounds strange,

may strike.” She loves variety in her diet,

with our children, and scheduling time

but any chance we get to go to the park,

but she stays consistent when it comes

for ourselves to be active. If YOU have

I can jump rope while they play on the

to clean: the good proteins in eggs, whey

the dream, then YOU have got to be the

playground!” As for her recommendations

protein powder and turkey; the complex

one to do something about it!”

to clients, family and friends, she says,

carbs in oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa,

“Start off by putting workouts on your

apples, spinach and asparagus; and the

calendar as if they are appointments. You

unsaturated fats of raw almonds, almond

never miss an appointment, just like you

butter, extra virgin olive oil and coconut

shouldn’t miss a workout.” How much

oil. Hilary also eats frequently. “I make


activelife Guide / November 2012 /

“I find it very important to combine my workout time with my kids.”

Begin “If YOU have the dream, then YOU have got to be the one to do something about it!� / November 2012 / activelife Guide



By Samuel Bacon, DDS


White Teeth for Everyone Whitening Trays: This treatment is designed for your convenience. Once a day, you apply a small amount of whitening gel into a customized tray provided by your dentist. The gel is left on your teeth for 30 minutes to an hour, normally right before you go to bed. Most treatments last several weeks and can produce amazing results. Patients tend to like this form of treatment due to the gradual whitening of the teeth and low maintenance.

Whitening Strips:


t seems we can’t turn on the TV, go to our mailbox, or even open a magazine without seeing an advertisement for teeth whitening. But how do we know which treatment is right for us? I’ll explain the different options available; you should consult with your dentist to decide which whitening is best for you.



SHINE! In-Office Treatment: This treatment is a great way to get a whiter smile with just one visit to your dentist. Highly concentrated gel is applied to the teeth after an assistant has isolated and protected your gums. After 45–90 minutes, typically done in 15-minute increments, you may see a smile up to twelve shades whiter! Many people choose this form of whitening before a major event—weddings, engagement pictures, job interviews, etc. This treatment is the most expensive option; however, you see major results in as little as 45 minutes and only need a single visit to the dentist’s office. If sensitive teeth are an issue, you’ll want to inform your dentist before undergoing any in-office treatment. A small number of patients experience discomfort from the concentrated gel.

activelife Guide / November 2012 /

Several products on the market offer an inexpensive way to whiten your teeth in the convenience of your own home. Whitening strips are placed on your teeth for approximately 30 minutes. Similar to whitening trays, strips are applied over several weeks until you achieve a whiter smile. As with any whitening option, gum irritation and tooth sensitivity are possible side effects. Regardless of the whitening option you choose, I highly recommend you visit your dentist for a check-up and cleaning before you start any treatment. This will ensure your teeth are healthy and will improve your whitening results.

Tired of Cellulite Treatments

That Don’t Work?

Introducing FDA-Approved Cellulaze Don’t let dimples and divots on your thighs or buttocks, get you down! Finally there is a long-term treatment for cellulite that really works. Called Cellulaze, it is the first FDA-approved device that delivers long-term relief for this very annoying problem. Unlike other treatments and creams, Cellulaze is both safe and effective.

Call for a private Cellulaze consultation with Dr. Bruce Van Natta. View his before and after Cellulaze photos at

170 West 106th Street • Indianapolis, Indiana 46290

317.575.0330 • 800.345.1962

We love your smile!

Dr. Bacon and his dedicated team look forward to getting to know you. • Relaxed Family Friendly Environment • Experienced Caring Staff • Sedation Dentistry • Same-Day Crowns • Preferred Provider for Most Insurances

317.570.5480 | For more info: 7340 Crossing Place • Fishers (116th & Allisonville Rd., Behind McNamara & McDonald’s)

It’s time to take action.

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n By Bart Richwalski, CPT


o one wants to stick a needle in their arm day in and day out to keep their diabetes in check. But it’s a necessary evil, right? The answer is yes and no. In certain circumstances, yes, you will need to take a shot; but it is possible to control


Get moving!

diabetes by non-medical means. The solution is


Here’s a quick biology lesson. Glucose is a sugar that our body uses as fuel for movement. The foods we eat provide us with this sugar. Our body then needs to break down the food and convert it into the sugar form we need (glucose). Insulin then carries the glucose to the cells, where it will be used. This is where some people run into a problem called diabetes mellitus, and there are two types. Type 1 diabetes means that a person’s body can not produce insulin on its own, and an injection is necessary.


Type 2 diabetics can produce their own insulin, but it is

not effective at delivering glucose into the cells—this

is called “insulin resistance.” People with Type 2 diabetes can use exercise to control their insulin levels, and studies have shown that exercise plays an important role in preventing Type 2 diabetes. That is not to say that people with Type 1 shouldn’t exercise; there are still a number of benefits to staying active. Now I am not telling you to jump right up and run a marathon. Maybe in the future you will, but the first




Dia–Beat It with Exercise crucial step that needs to be taken is to consult your doctor and find out if a fitness plan and exercising is right for you. Your medical team will find the right type of exercise and the right time to put into your fitness plan, as having too high or low of a glucose level will not allow

efficiently. Lowered risk for heart disease is another benefit because circulation is improved and levels of bad cholesterol, or LDLs, are decreased. The list goes on and on!

meal plan and medication, exercise will have a plethora of health benefits. One benefit associated with exercise is an increased sensitivity to insulin. This means that your cells are delivered the glucose they need because the insulin is functioning properly. It also lowers body fat by increasing metabolism; and because your body is now increasing its glucose uptake, your body is able to store glucose more

exercising and/or overweight, then I would recommend that you start off slowly with light aerobic exercise. This can be as simple as taking a walk two to three times a week for 15– 20 minutes and then working up to four to five times a week for 40–60 minutes. You might be more motivated if you go walking with a buddy or take your dog with you. For those with fewer complications, adding resistance training will

you to engage in physical activity. Paired with your

So what constitutes exercising? Exercise is almost

anything that gets you moving. If you are new to

bring with it a whole new set of health benefits. Not only are you working towards dropping bad weight, you are adding lean muscle, which improves glucose uptake and storage. Most beginner weight training workouts consist of 2–3 sets of 6–8 exercises, each done for 12–15 repetitions. A personal trainer can help pick the right exercises and workouts to suit your needs and goals. Medication alone will not help a diabetic in the long term. Eating properly and having a fitness plan in place will not only reduce the risk for complications and the reliance on insulin injections, but it will you make you feel happier and healthier. So get out there and get moving. Life is only as good as you make it! / November 2012 / activelife Guide





BODY WORKOUT on the Run!


This routine has been designed to get your heart rate going while you perform strength moves and get a fullbody workout in a short period of time. Time is no longer an excuse! Even if you can only commit to 20 minutes of exercise a day, you no longer have an excuse not to get your workout. So get up and moving! Once you complete this circuit, rest 30 seconds and repeat two more times. • One-minute weighted jumping jacks • 30 squat presses • 20 dumbbell bicep curls • 10 weighted burpees • 10 tricep push-ups


activelife Guide / November 2012 /

Weighted Jumping Jacks Primary muscles in action: Full body Hold a light-weight dumbbell on each hand (anywhere from 2 to 5 lbs.), and perform as many jumping jacks as you can in one minute. Make sure that you bring your arms to shoulder level ONLY. Do not go higher to avoid injury.



SQUAT PRESSEs Primary muscles in action: Full body


For more routines you can do at home, visit

With moderate-weight dumbbells in your hands, stand about shoulderwidth apart. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level as you squat down. As you come back to the original position, perform a shoulder press at the top of the exercise by bringing both dumbbells over the head and then back at a slow and controlled pace.


TURN THE PAGE FOR MORE / November 2012 / activelife Guide




dumbbell bicep curls Primary muscles in action: Full body 1. Stand up straight with a dumbbell in each hand at arm’s length. Keep your elbows close to your torso, and rotate the palms of your hands until they are facing forward. 2. Keeping the upper arms stationary, exhale and curl the weights while contracting your biceps. Continue to raise the weights until your biceps are fully contracted and the dumbbells are at shoulder level. Hold the contracted position for a brief pause as you squeeze your biceps.


3. Inhale, and slowly begin to lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.


Weighted burpees A

Primary muscles in action: Full body 1. Stand with your feet about hip-width apart, and hold a light to medium dumbbell in each hand, with your arms extended at your sides.


tricep push–up


2. Squat down low and, still gripping the weights, set them on the ground. Hop your legs behind you to come into a plank position, then jump your feet back towards your hands. Stand and jump upward, landing with soft knees. Repeat right away.

Primary muscles in action: Full body 1. Lie face down on the floor, and place your hands closer than shoulder-width for a close-hand position. Make sure that you are holding your torso up at arms’ length.


2. Lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor as you inhale. 3. Using your triceps and some of your pectoral muscles, press your upper body back up to the starting position and squeeze your chest. Breathe out as you perform this step. 24

activelife Guide / November 2012 /


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Success Story

By Matthew Hume


Clear Goals and Dedication: BEFORE

A Combination for Success! Age:


before: 136

I i




clean meal: Favorite

Time for a Change In July of this year, with her 40th birthday approaching, Beth decided it was time for a change. She was no stranger to working out, but she had never made any substantial changes to her diet. Over the years, the pounds started accumulating. “I always figured I would lose the weight later,” she says. But the prospect of turning 40 was what Beth needed to begin her transformation. “I decided that I wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle with lasting changes,” she says. With the help of the good people at Get in Shape for Women, Beth defined clear


5’8” Weight




Occupation: Veterinarian

f you’d met Beth Morrison this spring, this busy veterinarian would likely have complained to you about her “hectic but sedentary” way of life. Beth would rush around work and home with hardly a moment to catch her breath. As a woman with a career and family, meals often consisted of fast food—if she even took time to eat at all. She complains that she was tired a lot and often caught colds. “At the end of the day, I was exhausted and would collapse on the couch to eat junk food and sleep,” she says. “I was often skipping meals due to time constraints. I was tired all the time and depressed about my looks.” Beth admits to feeling very frustrated, not feeling like she could break this cycle of unhealthy habits.




Beth Morrison



Cedar plank salmon exercise:


goals for herself. “I wanted to lose 20 to 25 pounds, tone my upper arms and midsection, and increase cardiovascular stamina,” she says. To achieve this, she followed—and still follows—Get in Shape for Women’s recommendation of 25 minutes of weight training along with 25 minutes of cardio 3 to 4 times a week. “I also try to bike a long ride weekly when weather permits,” Beth says. Her customized nutrition guidelines call for 100g of protein per day and portion control. “I’m also focusing on small, frequent meals to encourage my metabolism to increase. I have to plan ahead a little more and pack snacks and meals that will work for me,” she says.

Reaping the Rewards It may only have been in July that Beth started her regimen of exercise and better nutrition, but already the rewards are rolling in! “Physically, I feel so much better,” she says. “My GI health is better, I have more energy, and I suffer from much less minor illnesses.” Emotionally, she has more confidence because she knows she looks better! “Getting compliments from people on my weight loss doesn’t hurt a bit,” she says. That helps her stay motivated—and so does her gym. “Get in Shape for Women has weekly weigh-ins so you always know how you’re doing,” Beth says. “There are also pre-scheduled workout times that keep you in the routine.” Beth has lost over 10 inches on five measurement shots, and she’s gone down two pant sizes. “I can

activelife Guide / November 2012 /

now run two miles without stopping and bike over 15 miles without hesitation,” she says. Going forward, Beth wants to continue to work on toning and building her muscle, and she wants to make sure to hold onto her more ideal weight for the long haul. “I want to continue to make a 1-hour workout, which is only 4% of my day, a priority.” (That really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Just 4% of your day!) And if you find yourself frustrated with your own “hectic but sedentary” routine and want to get out of it, Beth’s advice is simply to start now! “The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to start,” she says. “Get support and don’t go it alone. It is a whole lot harder to not do a workout if someone is expecting you to be there. Make your health a priority, and the time needed takes care of itself.” If you have recently accomplished a health, fitness, or nutrition goal that you would like to share with our readers, please contact us at

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Ask Laura

Dear Laura,

Dear Carey, The fact that diabetes runs in your family and that you are overweight are two major warning lights you should not ignore. You need to definitely make some changes in your current lifestyle in order to improve your health and the way you feel about yourself.



Let’s start with your current diet. You mention that you don’t eat breakfast; this is a BIG mistake that many people make. You have been fasting for the last 6 to 8 hours, which depletes your body of glycogen and certain nutrients—not a good-case scenario. You must eat breakfast in order to kickstart your metabolism first thing in the morning—and simply to have energy to get you going and be able to focus. Studies show that people who skip breakfast tend to overeat later in the day, which is a cause of unhealthy weight gain; this, in turn, may lead to diabetes. So plan ahead! Maybe set your alarm 10 minutes earlier each night. Then come morning, prepare some healthy oats and a source of protein—egg whites or low-carb yogurt, for instance—throw in some berries, and you’re out the door.



Yes! Your nutrition is 80% of your success in any fatloss plan, but exercise is very important, too! Not only important from an aesthetic point of view, good nutrition will also have your heart and energy levels thanking you for investing time in the gym! Plan on working out first thing in the morning or during your lunch hour. It’s not a matter of “having the time to exercise;” it’s a matter of finding and making time! I would suggest doing 30 minutes a day to get started, then working your sessions up to one hour if possible. Alternate your weight training with cardio days: every other day lift weights, and do the same with your cardio sessions. You will get the best of both worlds, and you will be stronger and more energetic as your conditioning improves.

activelife Guide / November 2012 /


LAST, BUT NOT LEAST Strive to eat fresh! Don’t rely on frozen meals— those are loaded with preservatives and ingredients our bodies do not utilize effectively. Try to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can, cook your own food, and be careful with salt and seasonings. Look for unsalted herbal blends, and avoid sugar throughout the day so that your blood sugar remains stable. Eat your meals every 2 to 3 hours, and say HELLO to a


Photograpy BY EDUARDO PENA | Hair, make up and tan by LAURA MARENCO

I am 5’2” I am 32 years old and was told by my doctor that I am at high risk of diabetes. so I and weigh 165 lbs, and diabetes runs in my family. I am not getting any younger, and am afraid of what might happen if I do not take action now. I was told to exercise eat breakfast improve my eating habits, but I don’t even know where to start. I don’t like to hold will which rs, co-worke my with lunch to out go usually I time). (plus I don’t have I eat so again, hungry very am really I home, get I time the by But dinner. me over until evening for whatever is available—such as a frozen dinner or cereal. I walk my dog in the about 20 minutes, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Any suggestions? -Carey -


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