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December 2012



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Maximizing Your Wellness From Within 4


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MAXIMIZING YOUR Wellness from within


ENDOMETRIOSIS What is it, and what can you do Photograpy BY dan brand

about it?












FIT MOMMA Keep holiday stress at bay!


Vol. 5 Issue 12 (#62)


/ December 2012

We love to see you Smile!

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How to Stay Sane, Maintain, and NOT Gain through the Holidays! All summer long you keep that beach body in check, and then—BOOM!—the holiday season hits. It seems that Halloween through New Year’s is one long, tempting food fest designed to make you gain weight. Add in the stress of the holiday season and you have a double whammy. It is not a good time to try to lose weight, but instead, work to MAINTAIN! You can still enjoy the holiday season, stay in shape and feel great going into 2013. Fact is, the holiday season is the toughest time of the year to maintain healthy eating habits 100% of the time. Here’s a little advice to help you make it through. • Take out a calendar and circle days that you know are going to be problematic. • Enjoy yourself without overindulging.• If you eat more than you had planned, get back on track the next day. • Remember, if you can continue to eat healthy the majority of the time, you will have more energy and feel better. • Don’t skip meals; just eat sensibly. A common mindset is to not eat all day to save up calories for an event. In fact, skipping meals will leave you feeling crabby and tired, and your metabolism will slow down—you may end up eating more than you intended! • Try not to hang around the buffet. • No one wants to feel deprived, so go ahead and eat that cookie or piece of pie—just not both. • Drink plenty of water, especially if you will be consuming alcohol. Have a glass or two of water before your cocktail, and make sure to drink water before going to bed. Dropping your exercise habits + consuming more calories = gaining fat, losing muscle and low energy. Consider the following. • Although the holidays are a hectic time, keep your exercise routines going to help ensure that the occasional treat won’t land permanently on your thighs or belly. • A little is better than none. • Sneak exercise into your errands. Pass by those close parking spaces and park farther from the mall entrance; then take a few laps around the mall before you begin your shopping spree. • Before the holiday event, do some cardio or resistance training, or both, to rev up your metabolism. Any movement after a big meal, for even 15 minutes, will help you to digest and keep your metabolism going. Look and feel your best this holiday season. Rock 2013 with a fit, new you!
















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Jessica Wright




program. If you follow these fitness

Owner of IndyAdventure Boot Camp

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/ December 2012


By Greg Chernoff, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C)


Maximizing Your Wellness from Within Dr. Chernoff’s 60-Day Challenge Our 60-day challenge begins with an initial antioxidant measurement, completed with a BioPhotonic scanner. This system is the world’s first immediate, noninvasive method of measuring a patient’s overall antioxidant level. The test is repeated after 60 days on the program. If a patient’s antioxidant score is not improved during their first 60 days, their money for the supplements is refunded. Additionally, incentives are offered for weight loss and BMI reduction.

Feel Your Best!


hen I meet with a patient for the first time, it’s normally because he or she wants to look and feel their best. Looking and feeling your best is optimized by striking a balance between health, fitness and psychological well-being. When this balance is achieved, our self-esteem is at its prime. To help patients maximize their physical and mental well-being, I’ve created a comprehensive program that combines nutrition, exercise and overall self- improvement. The program begins with a 60-day challenge and is designed to help our patients reach their peak self-esteem. The program starts with a consultation, where a detailed medical history is assessed. At the end of the consultation, a long-term plan is created that includes nutrition, natural supplements, exercise, skin care, non-surgical and surgical options. This plan is personalized for each patient. Our Center offers a time-tested, proven combination of diet therapy specific for unwanted fat. This combines high amounts of protein, low amounts of carbohydrates, and healthy fats, which will burn pounds. This diet is combined with nationally acclaimed nutritional supplements offering an enhanced molecular delivery anti-aging program.



/ December 2012

Why Antioxidants and Nutrients Are Important Whether we like it or not, our bodies are subjected to many unnatural and often extreme demands that can accelerate signs of aging on the inside and out. Unbalanced diets, environmental pollution, insufficient physical activity, physical and mental stress can significantly deplete our bodies of the needed antioxidants and nutrients that fight aging. Additionally, as we age, the efficiency, size, and number of our mitochondria—the cells that fuel our system—decline. This results in decreased energy, slower metabolism and aging. Highly Absorbable Anti-Aging Nutrients Equally important to getting the comprehensive range of anti-aging nutrients is getting optimal nutrient absorption.

But getting the right nutrients with the most efficacious bioavailability can be a challenge because certain fat-soluble nutrients are poorly absorbed—regardless of age, lifestyle or genetics. That’s where the science of nanotechnology comes into play. Nanotechnology Helps Make Nutrients More Available to the Body The program we offer uses revolutionary nanotechnology principles instilled in antiaging nutrients. This process involves physically altering a hard-to-absorb nutrient so that it becomes more available to the body without altering its function. This superior bioavailability is a first-ever formula to deliver nanocarotenoids along with other molecularly distilled nutrients for maximum anti-aging benefits. Antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, combined with maintaining a healthy weight, play a key role in anti-aging. Finding a plan that is easy and proven is the first step to improving our health, well-being and self–esteem. Inside of each and every one of us is the innate capability to heal, prevent and reverse aging. Contact our office to learn more about our targeted program to help maximize your wellness from within.

Take the Challenge.


By David McLaughlin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., F. A. C. S.


Endometriosis What is it, what are the symptoms, and how is it treated?

Endometriosis is the presence and growth of tissue, typically found in the uterus, in places other than the uterus that often results in severe pain and infertility.

Surgical Procedure Treatment can include medications, surgery and complementary therapies.

What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a medical condition that happens when tissue similar to the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus is found outside the uterus. The tissue looks and acts the same as uterine tissue. Endometriosis can appear in the pelvis on places such as the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the surface of the uterus, the space behind the uterus, the bladder and ureters, the bowel and the rectum.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis? The most common symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain. The pain may happen just before or during the menstrual cycle, with intercourse,



or during bowel movements or urination. Women with endometriosis may have more than one episode of menstrual bleeding per month. In some cases, endometriosis may cause infertility. Some women with endometriosis have very few symptoms, whereas other women have many.

How is endometriosis diagnosed? Endometriosis is confirmed by a surgical procedure called a laparoscopy. This procedure is done under anesthesia. During the laparoscopy, the patient’s abdomen is distended with carbon dioxide gas so that the organs are made visible. A laparoscope is inserted into a small incision, enabling the surgeon to see

/ December 2012

if any endometriosis is present and allowing treatment, if possible.

What is the treatment for endometriosis? The treatment for endometriosis can depend upon a patient’s age, whether she wants to have children, the symptoms, and the extent of the disease. Treatment can include medications, surgery and complementary therapies. Dr. McLaughlin would like the opportunity to talk with you about your symptoms of endometriosis and discuss possible treatments. He is very experienced in the surgical procedures for treating endometriosis and improving patients’ lives!

David McLaughlin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., F.A.C.S

Live Better, Love Better

Women’s Specialty Health Centers, P.C. offers free consults to discuss: • Menopause • Peri-Menopause • Infertility including IVF and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss • Women’s Health/Gynecology • HCG Weight Loss Program for Men & Women

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By Chuck Lehman


Winterize Your

B o d y


very year when winter comes, people act as if the cold, sickness and the winter blahs are something new and unexpected. Why don’t we do more to prepare ourselves for winter, like we do for our cars and gardens? This winter, consider winterizing your body to stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. Winter days are, of course, shorter. June offers us about 15 hours of daylight, while



a walk rather than load up with a big lunch. Of course, winter changes the opportunities for outdoor activities, but it does not eliminate them. With our abundance of trails, we have some great places to walk, jog and even bike during cold weather. Sledding hills are a perfect place for vigorous activities for all ages. Take advantage of every chance to be active outside. Several countries with less sun and colder winters than ours have much lower rates of seasonal affective health disorders. Researchers believe the difference is diet, with a key factor being the volume of fish eaten. Fish is an enormous resource for vitamin D and vitamin A, along with others. Planning our meals better and supplementing with a good vitamin program will help replace what winter can take away.

December gives us only 9. When the sun is shining, we are generally busy working, leaving our idle hours dark and cold. Dawn simulators are a great way to help add light to winter days; they are reasonable in cost and do make a difference. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then do some common sense things to brighten your world. Open the blinds. (Yes, it’s Indiana, but we do have winter sun.) When your lunch hour is sunny, take

/ December 2012

Hydration is another key element to winterizing your body. With lower humidity, winter is simply dehydrating, affecting your skin, the mucus membranes of your nose, throat and lungs. In addition to special attention to drinking plenty of water, it is critical to maintain humidity levels within the home. A wholehouse humidifier is best, but at least one in the bedroom is essential. It both moisturizes and decreases the chances that you’ll get an airborne illness. January is usually the month when everyone decides they

need to join a fitness club and hit the gym again, but it’s best not to wait until the doom and gloom sets in to get active. If you transition from summer/outdoor activities into the gym gradually, it’s easier all the way around. Whatever it takes, resist the urge to hole up for the winter. Winter can increase the incidence of depression and other disorders in many people. Pay close attention to your state of mind in the darker and colder months. If you start getting into a funk, don’t brush it off as a simple case of the winter blues. Seasonal affective disorders are serious business, and whether you have a history of them or not, you should be extra mindful of your mood. Caring for your physical self will go a long way towards making winter more bearable. Good sleep, vitamin supplements, light exposure and fresh air are all excellent mood boosters. Getting some sun on your face and fresh air alone won’t fully take care of the mental and social elements of the winter blues, however. Summer is naturally social time, but winter increases the need to plan for social events with family and friends. Before the bleak and cold totally sets in, this is a perfect time to take a few minutes and outline your own winterization plan…. just don’t hibernate.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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Small Group Personal Training

Cover Story


Photograpy BY DAN BRAND


L I V I N G’ S 14


/ December 2012

By Matthew Hume


t’s hard to live

“I was pretty good at sports

but your relationship as a

breathe and focus on my inner

in Indianapolis

as a kid,” Bronte says. “I

whole. “Alex and I like to bike

strength, all while being

and not be at

grew up in Australia, and as

or go walking on the Monon,”

challenged to practice poses

least somewhat

my folks had some land, we

she says. In addition to biking

and deepen the stretches.” It’s



had horses—so I was riding

and walking, Bronte loves

a workout for her mind, body and soul.



a lot.” Riding was a great

to lift weights to accomplish

scene. It’s even

passion of Bronte’s, but she

her strength training goals.

harder when you’re married

also did a lot of swimming

Until recently, Bronte would

It takes more than an exercise

to an Indy Car driver! Wife

and running. “Being active is

run as many as 30 miles a





Bronte in the shape she needs


Race Bronte Tagliani

for her modeling work. “I’m lucky in that I don’t like to eat fast food,” she says. “I’m always



healthy, which makes staying in shape that much easier.” Bronte’s a fan of fiber and probiotics and makes sure to get enough good protein. “We eat a lot of big salads full of spinach, kale and arugula and other veggies, and rarely indulge in red meat,” she says. “I’m not a fan of dairy products and I really try to limit my sugar intake.” We all have our sinful culinary pleasures, though, and Bronte is no different. She loves “Tag on the Go” cookies (not

>> currently available in the

US, unfortunately). “It’s an oatmeal cookie, completely

nut-free and low in sugar and fat—great for school lunches!” she says. (It also just happens to be named after her

of IZOD Indy Car series

a precursor to my happiness,”

week—but she gave that up

driver Alex Tagliani, Bronte

she tells me. “It’s my stress

at the encouragement of her

Tagliani hails originally from

outlet, my time to think and

chiropractor. “I gave that

Australia and is a model,

zone out from any problems

up for interval and spring

fitness trainer, and celebrity

of the day. I always feel more

training about six months

in her own right. Winter may

alive after a good workout!”

ago,” she says. Yoga is another

already be chilling you to

She also believes that finding

of Bronte’s loves, especially

the bone—but take one look

an activity that you can enjoy

Bikram yoga. “It’s like a

at Bronte, and that chill will

with your partner improves

moving meditation,” she says.

melt quickly away.

not only your individual lives,

“For an hour and a half I can



hubby.) Chocolate is her other delight— but she does her best to limit her intake

Add small amounts of extra activity to

to training days so as not to lose control.

your daily routine. “Park further from the store rather than waiting for a spot

Focus on Nutrition

out front,” Bronte says. “The extra walk will do you good!” She also suggests taking the stairs and not the elevator, and washing your car by hand instead of

When Bronte was 18 years old, she

taking it through the auto car wash.

competed in her first—and only—fitness competition. While she says she didn’t

looking to the future

accomplish all she hoped to in that arena, mostly because she didn’t know how to eat properly at the time, this experience opened her eyes to the excitement of

What’s on Bronte’s agenda? “I’d love

physique training. “It wasn’t until a few

to get back to do more triathlons this

years later,” she says, “that I became

season,” she says. (She completed her first

interested in nutrition—since then I’ve

a few years ago, coming in 3rd in her age

never stopped learning the science of

group.) Her concern is that with all the

nutrition. It really is an evolving topic—

Healthy Tips from Bronte

new discoveries are made almost daily.” The problem Bronte had at age 18 of not knowing how to eat is a problem that continues to plague our youth, she believes. “I don’t think that schools today teach enough about proper nutrition, and if parents aren’t educated, then how are kids supposed to know how to eat either?” The key, she says, to making a change for the better is really wanting that change. “It is a daily journey, and it has to be a lifestyle,” Bronte says. “I like to think of exercise [and proper nutrition] as a daily necessity just like eating or showering— find a time when it works for you and make a plan for it every day, if possible— then it becomes a habit.” She suggests laying your workout gear out before you to go to bed so you can just roll out of bed and pull it on when you wake up! (And then, of course, hit the gym.) “My motto for this is, ‘If you have time for TV, then

Setting up healthy habits takes work. Here are just a few suggestions Bronte has for those looking to establish a way to healthier living. Start a food journal. “You can learn a lot about yourself by analyzing the way you eat and drink—what calories you’re consuming and when, and if it’s emotional or nutritional eating. It’s not always about weight loss; it’s for maintaining general good health,” Bronte says. Get educated—knowledge is power! “The more you know about your body and what it needs to work at its optimal performance level, and the more you attend to those needs, the better you will feel, and the stronger and healthier you will become.” Bronte reads an assortment

you have time to work out,’” she says.

of websites and blogs to do her research,

> See more exclusive photos

on your own and coming to your own

of Bronte’s cover shoot at



but she highly suggests doing research conclusions. “What works for one person may not work for you. You need to have patience and perseverance.”

/ December 2012

traveling she and her husband do, she may not manage to get in all the hours of training necessary. “I know I could do it if I really put my heart to it,” Bronte says. “After all, I do watch TV!” In fact, some of that TV watching that Bronte does inspired another goal of hers. “This spring I’ll be training to run the 100m in less than 15 seconds,” she tells me. “This was sparked by a little bet that my husband and I had after watching the London Olympics this year.” All in all, Bronte feels most proud of being seen as a fit and healthy role model. “Many of my friends say they appreciate that I can travel as much as I do and still stay focused on maintaining good nutrition and remaining in good shape,” she says. “Others enjoy the daily reminders I send out about getting active and eating healthy. If I can inspire others to lead healthier lifestyles, then I’m a happy woman!”

“If you have time for TV, then you have time to work out.”

“Being active is a precursor to my happiness,” says

Form a Healthy Habit


“I like to think of exercise as a daily necessity just like eating or showering— find a time when it works for you and make a plan for it every day, if possible—then it becomes a habit.”



By Samuel Bacon, DDS



he holidays can not only be bad for your waistline, but also hard on your choppers. Between the candy canes, Grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie and all of the sugar plums in between, your teeth are constantly being bombarded by acids and sugars.

Be Kind

to Your Teeth This Season

Maintaining your smile is important, and your diet plays an important role in the health of your teeth. As soon as you start eating, the decay process starts. Bacteria in your mouth will convert simple carbohydrates into acids, and it is these acids that then start the decay process. The bacteria live in the crevices of the teeth and along the gums. Every time you take a bite, there are residual sugars that remain in your mouth. The bacteria go to town eating away and depositing acid on your teeth. The acid will start to dissolve the enamel, and a cavity begins to form. The frequency of the sugar exposure is worse than the amount of sugar consumed.

If you are a grazer and eat multiple snacks and meals throughout the day, you are giving the bacteria extra time to dissolve away the enamel. It is important not only to limit the amount of sugar you eat, but to limit the exposure time to sugar. Your saliva can buffer some of the acids, but this process cannot happen if there is a high exposure





THEM! of acids. This is why it is important to choose the right snacks and foods. The best food choices for snacking are foods high in protein and low in sugars. During your holiday party, try to stick to whole grain rolls, shrimp cocktail platters, veggies, nuts, cheese and meat without gravy. Poor food choices include candy, soda and starchy snacks. Try to avoid candy canes and Christmas cookies. These foods contain high levels of sugar and carbohydrates that will stick to your teeth and provide the bacteria with a reservoir of fuel to destroy your teeth.

/ December 2012

Sugary drinks can wreak havoc on your teeth, too. Most people will take a drink every few hours or so throughout the day and continually replenish the food source for the bacteria. After you take a drink, a residual amount of the liquid is left behind for up to 20 minutes. If you continue to drink throughout the day, your teeth are constantly being dissolved by acids all day long. It doesn’t matter if you brush in the morning and at night as we recommend, as the damage is done throughout the day. Not only does the amount of sugar cause the bacteria to produce acid, but it also affects the amount of

bacteria. More food supply equals more bacteria, and more bacteria equals more acid. Water is by far the healthiest drink for your teeth. Water also helps keep bad breath under control because it washes away food particles and bacteria, the primary cause of bad breath. Watch out for sneaky health drinks that can cause problems. Juices like orange, cranberry and apple all contain a lot of sugar that can cause cavities. If you follow these easy steps this holiday season, you can be sure to start the New Year with a bright and healthy smile.

Expires 12/31/12

Expires 12/31/12

Expires 12/31/12



With The Fox and The Ox

Enjoying the Holidays—Guilt Free! Ah, “The Holidays…” A time of the year that we love and hate. Along with all of the wonderful joys of giving and cheer, we

face the battle of whether or not to indulge in the abundance

of incredibly tasty desserts. With these healthy recipes, you can

enjoy this Christmas season by sharing clean treats—and not feel bad about eating a few yourself!

No-Guilt Chocolate Chip


Low-Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookies What You’ll Need • 1/3 cup, plus 1/4 cup flour • 1/8 tsp salt • 1/4 tsp baking soda • up to 1/3 cup chocolate chips

• 2 tbsp (20g) brown sugar or coconut sugar • 2 tbsp evaporated cane juice or stevia (24g) • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract • 1 tablespoon (12g) vegetable or coconut oil • 1–3 tablespoons milk of choice (15–45g) Cocoa flavanols are scientifically proven to help support healthy circulation by helping your arteries stay flexible at any age.

Preparation Instructions Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Mix your dry ingredients, and then add in the wet. Form cookies and bake 6–7 minutes.

What You’ll Get



/ December 2012

Servings: 7-10 cookies. Calories: 70 Fat: 1.5 g Carbs: 10.5 g Fiber: 1 g Protein: 1 g


Hamilton Surgical Arts “A New Approach to Cosmetic Surgery.”

Dr. Robert Jackson – Dr. Chris Lowery

Get the Look You Want This Season! BOTOX & FILLER SPECIALS!



Call Today for Your FREE Consultation! 9660 E 146TH ST., SUITE 100 NOBLESVILLE, IN 46060

317.773.6677 - 800.708.2462 WWW.HAMILTONSURGICALARTS.COM



Get on the ball for a tight & defined core!



When your abs are solid, you are at a reduced risk of lower back injury. Read on for some great core building exercises!

For more routines you can do at home, visit







ou know that a strong core is sexy and provides stability for your whole body. But did you know that when your abs are solid, you have better posture with less pressure on your joints and a reduced risk of lower back injury? Strong abdominals and less weight around the middle take the pressure off your back! Air Force Master Sergeant and mother of 2, Jonelle Baglia is here to show some great moves to strengthen the core and bring out that six pack. While exercise is important, keep in mind, great abs are made in the kitchen. Be sure to include a nutritious diet and a full training program to get the best results.


Perform 4 sets of each of the following three exercises for 10-15 repetitions each. There are two options for ball crunches and the curl ins/pike ups. Choose the one that is appropriate for your skill level. It is best to do these exercises 3 times per week in addition to your usual workout program.


1. b



1. a

2.Medicine Ball A

Target Muscles: Abdominals Obliques, Biceps, Triceps, Deltoids

1.a Ball Crunch

Target Muscles: Abdominals This beginner movement is a great place to start! Sit on a stability ball with your feet flat on the floor. Walk forward slightly with your feet until your shoulder and lower back are resting on the ball. Bend arms to rest your hands behind your head while your knees stay bent at about a 90-degree angle from the ground. While keeping your elbows back, contract and engage the core muscles. Lift upward, bringing your shoulders off the ball and toward the ceiling. Slowly lower back down to the starting position. Keep the abs contracted throughout the movement.



Oblique Twist

1.b Ball Crunch Arms Extended

Target Muscles: Abdominals, Biceps, Triceps, Deltoids Once you have mastered the ball crunch, you can move to this more advanced exercise. Begin as you did with the ball crunch, but extend both hands overhead. As you contract the abs, lift your shoulders, head and arms upward. Arms should remain engaged and at your ears through out the movement.

/ December 2012

As with the ball crunches, begin sitting on a stability ball with your feet flat on the floor, but this time hold a medicine ball in your hands. Walk your feet forward as you roll back, bringing your shoulders and mid back to rest on the exercise ball. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your knees to the floor. Extend the medicine ball straight upward overhead. While keeping arms straight, twist slightly at the waist to bring the medicine ball out to the side. Rotate back to the center, keeping your arms straight and the ball extended. Then, twist to the left, bringing the ball out to the left side. Upon bringing the medicine ball back to the center, you have completed one repetition.



3.a Ball (Intermediate option)


Target Muscles: Abdominals, Deltoids, Quads

3.b Ball


Target Muscles: Abdominals, Deltoids, Quads Once you have mastered the ball curl-ins, you are ready for ball pike-ups. This is one of the most difficult abdominal exercises and requires significant upper-body strength. In this movement, you begin in the starting position as with a ball curl-up. With the contraction of your core, pike your hips upward, allowing the ball to roll slightly down your legs to the top of your feet. Be sure to hold strong through your arms and shoulders. With control, roll the ball back down as you bring your hips back to a plank position.

Getting into this starting position can be tricky. I find the easiest way to do so is by resting your stomach on the ball itself and your hands on the floor. Walk your hands forward while maintaining a tight, straight body until the ball rests just below your knees, mid-shin. Hold a tight, plank position here. Using your core, draw your knees toward your chest. Be sure to keep strong in the arms as you tuck your knees into your chest. In a controlled manner, bring your legs back to the starting plank.

(Advanced option)

About the trainer Julie Lohre is an accomplished IFBB fitness professional with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. As one of the world’s most successful fitness competitors, she has been featured in numerous fitness magazines worldwide. She is a leading expert in women’s health and fitness and regularly acts as a correspondent and writer. For more information, check out and


Success Story


The Woman Who Walked Her BEFORE

Way to Better Health By Matthew Hume


Age before: 51 Age Now: 53 Height: 5’1”


She lost o ver 24 po und s

Weight before: 180 lbs Weight now: 155 lbs Location: Lebanon, IN Occupation: Medical Software Manager/Sales Representative Favorite clean meal: Chicken, fruit and green vegetables Favorite exercise: Walking and Zumba

andy DeVol has always been a “people person.” Always eager to volunteer to host a party for some special event, Sandy says she would try to do everything on her own. Hating to ask for help from others, she would often work for hours upon end in preparation for an event, running herself ragged. Sandy wouldn’t even let her family help when they offered. With a full-time job and the help she gave to her family’s small business, this meant there truly was no time for her to exercise. After her long, stressful days and late dinners, Sandy would usually top it all off with a bowl of orange sherbet before bed. Living with this much stress and no release, Sandy admits she fell into a mild depression. “It wasn’t noticeable to others, but internally, I felt angry,” she recalls. Physically, she developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. To combat all this stress and anger, she developed what she calls an “I Don’t Care” attitude. Not to say that she didn’t care about her family and friends—it’s just that her attitude towards problems shifted. “I didn’t take others’ problems as something personal I had to cure or fix,” she says.



Listening more and acting less, Sandy learned to let her family fix their own problems for the most part. “In return, they got back two parents that are now healthier and by all means a whole lot happier!”

Technology to the Rescue

Sandy found her salvation from stress in one of the most ubiquitous pieces of technology out there today: the iPod. After the purchase of her iPod touch, she loaded up some songs and set out walking. “Walking was a way to escape and not think about the drama in everyone else’s life,” Sandy says. An obsession for walking was born. “I would park my car at our local hospital and walk about 3 to 4 miles, knowing I had to then walk the 3 to 4 miles back to get my car,” she remembers. “I would laugh at myself for leaving my car so far away—wishing at times I could whistle for it and it would come!” With her new-found love of walking, and a healthier diet that included more water and good, healthy foods like chicken and fresh veggies, success sneaked up on her. “I didn’t set goals because I didn’t think of being active as something I had to achieve,” she says. “I thought of it more as a reward.” Within a few months, Sandy had shed 25

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lbs., and in January 2011 she and her husband joined the YMCA, where Sandy found another love in high-energy Zumba. “I would have never thought of doing Zumba before due to being embarrassed and thinking I could not do it,” she says.

Beauty Within and Without

Sandy’s transformation has changed her in many ways. “Before, I never wanted to walk into a room first—I always stopped and waited for my husband to step in first,” she says. With her increased confidence, Sandy decided to take her desk job to the next level and make a go at sales. “I would have never gone before a group of doctors before, but now I don’t hesitate. I walk in a room first and I know I can do anything I set my mind to,” she says—confidently. Part of Sandy’s transformation was her decision to have cosmetic surgery. “One of the drawbacks of losing the weight is the sagging skin on my neck and stomach,” Sandy says. “With a little help from Dr. Chernoff, I now look like a younger version of me.” That definitely makes it easier for Sandy to step into a room first! And while success isn’t necessarily measured in numbers, they sure can prove a

point. “I went from a size 10-12 and now wear a size 4-6,” Sandy says. And at 5’1” tall, she’s gone from a weight of 180 lbs. to a slimmer, healthier 155. She’s also proud of her husband’s numbers. “Chris weighed 280 lbs. in January 2011, and he now weights 230 lbs.—from one year of going to the YMCA five days a week and walking with me!” she says. Busy people aren’t necessarily trying to come up with an excuse when they say they don’t have time to exercise, Sandy believes. That said, she stresses the fact that it only takes an hour a day, a few days a week to get into better shape—not only for you, but for the ones you love. Sandy and her husband have six grandchildren, with another due in January. “Time is not something that I have a lot of,” she says, “but if you don’t take that hour for yourself, in the end it could shorten your existence with your loved ones by many years. Give them the gift of your health.” there. Make your health a priority, and the time needed takes care of itself.” If you have recently accomplished a health, fitness, or nutrition goal that you would like to share with our readers, please contact us at editorial@

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‘Tis the season for holiday parties, celebrations, family gatherings, shopping and more. This is the time of year that we overbook ourselves, which leads to stress. As moms, we know the value and importance of having a plan and being organized. Here are a few tips to reduce the stress during this holiday season:

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• Have a family calendar by the front door. Any time an invitation comes in the mail or the kids bring home a party notification, immediately mark it on the calendar. • Learn to say, “No.” You cannot be at every event that is hosted, so discuss with your other family members as to whether or not each event is a priority. Once you get all the votes, politely turn down the offers that get voted down. • Always keep your iPad or mini notepad handy to jot down gift ideas, to-do’s, and things to add to your grocery shopping list. This is another way to make sure you do not forget about the other important things you need to do, like pick the kids up from school! • Plan shopping when you are ALONE. Pick one day that your spouse or friend takes care of the kids while you shop till you drop. Shopping alone gives you are a clear mind which keeps you from overspending! In addition, you won’t get to the point of getting so overwhelmed by the kids nagging that you have to leave the store before you get everything on your list.



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