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A Deep Union with God By Eduardo José Álvarez Soriano I will never forget that night in which God helped me by doing me a favor. I will always remember how happy I felt and what happened during that Teenager Passover Camp during the Holy Week… During the end of an exposition of the Sacred Sacrament, I heard that they were going to play a song that I have known for a long time and that I really liked. Even though I liked the other songs that they had played before, that song was special for me. Obviously I wanted to sing the song, but the problem was that I had lost my voice because of an activity that last about a half hour in that evening, in which I required to scream a lot. I felt so bad about what I had done that evening, because it was the leader the one who decided to make us scream the song of the team in a single voice during the activity. When the song started, I felt strange. I knew that something was about to happen, but I did not know what was going to happen. I did not know if God was going to help me, because maybe I did not need his help. It all was God´s decision. When I opened my mouth and tried to sing the first word of the lyrics, miraculously, my voice returned, so I continued singing the rest of the song. I was so happy about what had happened with my voice, that in my mind I started to give thanks to God for what he had done for me. I knew that He had helped me. He knew that I wanted to sing and that I was going to be thankful for that, so He decided to bless me with that song. That song was the

key for my union with God during that night. However, when the song finished, I lost my voice again. I know that if someone else reads this will think that I am crazy and that I imagined that my voice returned, but also I know that there are people that knows what I am talking about and that believe me. This moment really changed my life.

A Deep Union with God  

Writer - Eduardo Álvarez Reviser - Stephanie Avendaño and Eduardo Álvarez

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