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Foreword Party Mix To be succesful, a party has to be a mix of people from different backgrounds, environments and cultures. This is the driving concept of Paris Cookbook Fair, with a mix of publishers, authors, photographers, writers, chefs, stylists, printers, professors and students from over 50 countries, with many coming from outside Europe. Paris Cookbook Fair is a feast, with chefs demonstrations at the international and French show kitchens, conferences, Malaysian street food, the treasures chamber, the wine pentathlon, the International Bar, the cheese tastings, and much more. It is also a business platform where professionals can meet at their stands or at the international rights center to conduct trade in an easy, pleasant environment with no stress. The objective is to make the Paris Cookbook Fair the hub of the cookbook business worldwide. Children books have the Bologna Book Fair, comics have AngoulĂŞme, cookbooks and wine books have now Paris. Everyone is here for the same purpose. However the diversity of the offer and demand is such now that there is something different for everyone, in price, in content and in style. I hope that trade will meet pleasure. Thank you for coming Edouard Cointreau

By Edouard Cointreau

GOURMAND INTERNATIONAL Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, President and Founder China Food Television, President of Honour Paris Cookbook Fair, President WFWF-TV, World Association of Food TV Producers, President

In memoriam MISSING. The Paris Cookbook Fair is dedicated to my dear friends Dun Gifford and Santi SantamarĂ­a. Both of them had planned to come. We are going to miss their intelligence, their knowledge, their generous conception of life. Edouard Cointreau


Delicious Foreign Rights Small streams make big rivers

By Edouard Cointreau

Why foreign rights? • For a publisher, foreign rights can make the difference between profits and losses on a book. • For an author, foreign rights can represent more than income from sales in his own country. • It is easier to receive 1000 Euros net in one very small foreign rights deal than selling 500 cookbooks at a book fair, which is what an author needs to sign and sell to make the same amount on the average cookbook. • There is little investment; it is mostly time and travel.






• Nearly all publishers now have a foreign rights department. They are the key to negotiate and sign the contracts. It is best for authors to let publishers negotiate. • When there is an agent, they often take a leading role in the negotiations, and they usually earn more for their client than the 15% they charge. • The authors very often initiate the contact with the foreign buyer. They know their book well. They can market it better than the foreign rights department who very often does not have the time to open the books. • A good author for a publisher is one that not only writes good books, but one that will easily promote himself the book, and sell foreign rights himself.
















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Who sells? WORLD AWAR

Who buys? • English speaking markets are more sellers than buyers. It is extremely difficult to sell to the US. • The buyers are now in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. There are many small deals, rather than the one big deal. For Paris Cookbook Fair in March 2011, 13% of professionals registered on January 25th come from Asia, 10% from Eastern Europe and 7% from Latin America. • Foreign rights is a long term business, with many deals between partners who trust each other. • It is a much more personal business that it would seem. Sending a book by mail is not the same as meeting the buyer.

Who owns the foreign rights? • The majority of contracts in the English speaking world is a balanced split of 50/50 between authors and publishers. • In France it is often lower for the author, from 25 to 40%; in Spain it is higher, 60% for the author.

How do you calculate how much? • There is usually an advance, calculated as a percentage of royalties. It is wise to think all you can count upon is the advance. • Calculating the advance is easy. You need: . The retail price of your book in the market in the contract. . The number of copies of the first printing. . The royalty. . The percentage of the advance, usually 60% of the royalty. • So a book with a printing of 3000 selling at 20 Dollars in the foreign market, with a royalty of 10%, will net to the author and publisher 3.600 Dollars if the advance is 60%. Then it is split between publisher and author. 04

Delicious Foreign Rights

Happy stories? • Some publishers buy many rights. They often do their shopping at Paris Cookbook Fair or on the Gourmand stands at Frankfurt and London Fairs. They will look at all exhibition books one by one to find authors and translations. Other buyers wait for the books to come to them, or at the Gourmand Awards lists. • Paris Cookbook Fair is the key for small publishers. More than fifty percent of publishers in Paris do not have stands at Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2010,White Tara found translations in 4 languages for their Cambodian book “Au Pays de la Pomme Cythère”, Féret sold wine books to China, Chakall found deals for books in Germany, Spain, etc. We believe more than 200 deals were initiated last year at Paris Cookbook Fair 2010.

Seller beware! • The Royalties are very often “lost in translation” in foreign rights deals. Following up is much work and rarely worth it. First story.- A bestselling author complained and did receive five times his advance in unpaid royalties after much expense in audits, time and lawyers. The big publisher paid, but cancelled future books from this author, after paying him over years over 200.000 Euros. It was very difficult for him to find another publisher. Second story.- A wonderful author from Europe was so happy selling 100.000 cookbooks in the US. Unfortunately his publisher had sold the rights for this book for one dollar. The buyer was a US corporation his European publisher controlled. The unending story.- There are countless examples of books published in another language with the authors not being told about it. It happens to the biggest authors, with the biggest publishers, in the top market. So it may happen even more with smaller authors and markets. Internet is very useful. The same is true, by the way, for paperback deals.

Conclusion Foreign rights have always been a major activity at big publishers for big fiction books. Now it is becoming a key to the business of smaller publishers and authors. The growth of the cookbook sector leads to a fragmentation of the markets, with the foreign rights becoming a fundamental business. The movement is led by the authors and small publishers. The big publishers are slow to build on the possible economies of scale and synergies in their different cookbook imprints. If you have published a cookbook in one country, reality today is that there are several countries around the World where your book should and can be sold, in the original language, or through translation. In nearly all cases it will be small deals, but you cannot ignore the total income it will generate. 05

Alain Dutournier, Le Carré des Feuillants Introducing the President of Honour of Paris Cookbook Fair

Where do you eat best in France? In Brittany, with fresh fish from the Atlantic? On the Riviera, with colorful vegetables? Or in the southwest, the home of truffles and goose liver, of Bordeaux and Armagnac, where potatoes are pan-fried in goose-fat? Many French prefer the latter, when it comes to serious, no frills food. They might someday build a statue for Alain Dutournier in the middle of Place Vendôme in Paris, next to his restaurant.

Jörg Zipprick

would consider it a sin. Over the years, the carefully revamped recipes from grandma’s cookbook, the grilled wood pigeon, the steak, the lamb from the Pyrenees, found many fans under Parisian Gourmets. Who wouldn’t want to sink his fork in “Ceps mushrooms marinated, pan fried and in a warm pate”, “well bred farm quail from the Béarn region in hazelnut crust, served with asparagus and potatoes and foie gras cake or Guinea fowl cooked in “Cocotte” with chanterelles and vegetables?

Dutournier is the chef who has found a way to transform pleasant dishes from the Southwest into Haute Cuisine. Born in 1949 in the small village of Cagnotte (population: 600), his first souvenir is the smell from mother’s and grandmother’s stove – both kept a small “Auberge”. After moving to Paris, he opened the beautiful bistro “Au trou gascon” and served rural dishes from his home-region: His Cassoulet and his garbure, a rustic soup, were well-liked by the sometimes snobby Parisians.

Le Carré des Feuillants has one of the most impressive winecellars of Paris; as a matter of fact, Alain Dutournier is probobly the best connaisseur of wine and spirits among chefs. Others talk about “terroir”, the typical French word that’s a mix of home and tradition. He lives it. Alain Dutournier offers “food for heart and soul”, he knows that cooking without excellent products can be as treacherous as Isadora Duncan’s scarf.

Soon the little restaurant was too small for his talent and he opened “Le Carré de Feuillants”, designed by Alberto Bali near Place Vendôme. He developped a passion for rugby. Most foreign teams end up at his place on big match days and might fest on chestnut soup with pheasant – a dish so delicious that many

Trou Gascon is now run by his wife, and the Dutourniers continue to serve Duck confit and Cassoulet. His wineshop “Caves de Marly” offers a large selection of wines and spirits. And his third restaurant “Pinxo” is a casual Tapas-place. During Paris Cookbook Fair, Alain Dutournier will intervene on various subjects.


A Special Focus On Cheese

High quality books about cheese are now published on all continents. It is a sign of the tremendous interest in Cheese world wide. It has had two major impacts, a shift between countries, and a change in the relationship between the industry and artesanal cheese. With twenty five years delay, the same is happening in the cheese world as happened for wine. It is quicker in cheese than in wine. Many new countries are challenging with success the traditional cheese leaders. The old order was with alphabeticly France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland. Now , the “new� countries join the list,Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Great Britain, Uruguay and the United States. We are not forgetting Africa, with whole populations living from milk and cheese, or Asia, from the grasslands of Mongolia to the multiplicity of India. This global market shift is certainly true for the cheese industry, it is starting for artesanal cheese. Artesanal cheeses are now produced worldwide. Industry has tried in many places to impose some prohibition regulations through lobbying. Prohibition did not work for wine, it is even more disputed for cheese. In fact, the industry has been increasing rapidly the new consumers of cheese, while a small fraction of the demand upgrades to better artisanal cheeses. Some big industries try to capitalize on the image of the artisans. From the number of books on artisanal cheese worldwide it seems that artisans have much demand, even though the road is difficult. The diversity of regulations, industry and demand for cheese will change the map, as it did for wine. At Paris Cookbook fair, we will learn there could be more knowledge when it comes to cheese in Great Britain than in France, thanks to much creativity and study over the last decades, that Brazil cheese industry is one of the top 7 in the world, and that the Swedes consider their five best cheeses to be second to none.


Italy, guest of honour of the fair Italian cuisine has been able to combine the best from traditions, creativity, and daily simplicity. This is very difficult, and it is why italian cookbooks very often have a touch of artistic genius. It has been said that everywhere in the world Italian cuisine is the second favorite after the national cuisine.

Tradition can best be seen at the stand of Bibliotheca International de Gastronomia B.I.N.G.from Lugano, Switzerland. You should read The Banquet, by the founder of B.I.N.G., Orazio Bagnasco, one of the best food literature books ever written, which would make a film to rival The Da Vinci Code. You will find amazing Italian cookbooks at the stand of Bibliotheca Culinaria, from Lodi. There are a number of great Italian publishers present, such as Gremese, Reed Gourmet, Andrea Ferrari, Il Leone Verde, and others. At the International Show Kitchen, Italian chefs will show you their skills that can easily be translated at home.


Italy, guest of honour of the fair

After the French, the Italians are the most numerous group to have registered for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and Paris Cookbookfair, ahead of the Germans who were second last year. It shows how much Italians are serious hosts when invited as Country of Honour. In the big Edouard Cointreau library we exhibit Italian cuisine cookbooks published in 2010 in 19 countries. In the Treasures Chamber, you can have a close look at the materpieces by Alajmo, Locatelli, Michel Troisgros and others.


Malaysian Street Food

taste dance smile... Chef Wan is conferred by the King of Malaysia the title “Datuk” at a special ceremony by the Royal Palace. It was televised live for two hours. He received the title for his hard work for 25 years as Culinary Ambassador of Malaysia. His name now is different. Datuk is part of the name, like “Sir” in Great Britain, People will need to address him as Datuk Chef Wan, or just call him Datuk. He has performed in over 6000 television shows, 12 films, and 3 theatre plays. He will be present at Paris Cookbook Fair with a delegation of Malaysia, which will include dancers and street food cooks.



Charity Cookbooks History 1847-2011 Hunger was the cause for the first Charity Cookbook published in London in 1847, for the Great Irish Famine by Chef Alexis Soyer (1810 – 1858). He wrote his book “Charitable Cookery or the Poor Man’s Regenerator” from his experience of feeding up to 26.000 people per day in Dublin. Born in France, he became the First Celebrity Chef in Great Britain, loved and admired as a heroe. Soyer was influenced by the work of François Cointeraux (1721 – 1820), advocate of rustic cooking with the potato, and professor of Rural Architecture with “Pisé” earth. Cointeraux Published the revolutionary “La Cuisine Inversée ou Le nouveau Ménage” in 1796. Thomas Jefferson and Cointeraux met in 1789 in Paris, and corresponded for many years The first American Charity Cookbook is “A Poetical Cookbook”, by María J. Moss. It was written for the 1864 Sanitary Fair, in Brooklyn, New York, in support of the wounded, widowed or orphaned by the Civil War. It is eBook 25631 of Project Gutenberg It was followed by at least 4000 Charity and Community cookbooks published in America between 1861 and 1915. Margaret Cook references over 3000 in her bibliography for that period: “America’s Charitable Cooks” (1971). There are extensive collections in American libraries, and much demand by collectors of these early Charity cookbooks. Charity and Community cookbooks became very common in America in the following years, maybe accelerated by the needs for fund raising in the Great Depression. The production has kept increasing in North America until now. It is only in the last twenty years that Charity cookbooks have really started to appear beyond the English speaking world. This new trend has become worldwide in the past five years. The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have received an increasing number of these books. It was decided in 2008 to create a Gourmand Award for Charity Cookbooks. There is one award for Charity cookbook per continent to give equal chances to all. The next Gourmand Awards Ceremony is in Paris in March 3, 2011. The first International Exhibition of Charity Cookbooks will take place in Paris, in March 3-6, 2011 at LE 104, the new Artistic Centre of the City of Paris, during Paris Cookbook Fair, organized by Gourmand International. It commemorates the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Alexis Soyer, the Frenchman who was the author of the first Charity cookbook. Edouard Cointreau January 1st, 2011




The Treasure Chamber For the first time the public will have access to the treasures of cookbooks and wine books. Everyone will be alble to touch and study the most beautiful big books. They will be positioned flat on tables in a special “Treasures Chamber”. Special security guards will keep the books, valued from 50 to 600 Euros, 75 to 900 Dollars. This will help everyone understand the diversity and strength of culinary publishing.

Some Of The Treasures France Alain Ducasse Big Books Spain El Bulli 1998-2002 Switzerland Culinary Chronicles – Bruno Hausch Australia Thai Street Food India The Wedding Collection – Sanjeev Kapoor Luxembourg Lea Linster Japan L’Art de Guy Martin France Le Grand Larousse du Vin Bordeaux et ses Vins And many more.


The Edouard Cointreau Library At the Paris Cookbook Fair, we are exhibiting the one thousand cookbooks selected by the Gourmand Awards only in 2010. In the last sixteen years, the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have received approximately 100.000 books. They have been dispatched in within 3 activities: the Gourmand Awards of the Year, exhibitions at book fairs, and gifts to libraries.

The Gourmand Awards of the Year In Madrid, the books of the year take nearly all the shelves on the walls of the office. There is constant daily work on the books. Three persons are dedicated full time to this librarian work. The exhibitions The books of the year are exhibited every year at Paris Cookbook Fair in March, London Book Fair in April, Frankfurt Book Fair in October. We have also exhibited at other fairs, in Abu Dhabi and China for instance. We also participate in smaller exhibitions such as Cookbook and Design, at the Book Design Museum in Germany. Libraries There is a very active program to help a very diverse group of libraries which have cookbook collections. We send books to over 20 libraries around the world, for instance: Cooking Schools and Universities France: Fondation Paul Bocuse • France: Le Cordon Bleu • France: Ecole D’Hotellerie de Périgueux • Lebanon: Al Kafaat Foundation – Chef Ramzi • Sweden: Grythyttam House of Meal, University of Orebro• United Kingdom: Oxford University • National Libraries Abu Dhabi • Malaysia • Restaurants and other private permanent exhibitions Spain: Sergio Azagra, Aragon • Andres Madrigal, Madrid • Miguel Sanchez Romera, Barcelona and New York • Switzerland: La Cucina Verde, Zuric • Others We have various permanent exhibitions around the World, such as in China at the National Book Trade Center in Beijing since its inauguration in 2008. Some cookbook libraries have closed, as others are threatened to be, such as Copia in California, to which we sent books.


The permanent reference collection The Edouard Cointreau Cookbook Library is now in Madrid. It is unique for its books of the last 16 years from over 160 countries. It coincides with the growth and globalization of cookbook publishing, with the number of titles in the world per year approximately multiplied by 4 since 1995. We now receive a very high proportion of the best cookbooks, and wine books worldwide. The future We will continue to send books in an active program for libraries and for exhibitions around the World. The reference collection has been requested by various public institutions to form the basis of new cookbook libraries being built in Europe and China. Various countries now understand and value cookbooks for their role in transmitting culture around the world and from one generation to another. Cuisine is becoming an important component of the image of a country, and a strong motivation for tourism. Cookbooks are now taken seriously, which was the first objective of the World Cookbook Awards which started in 1995.

Antique Books LIBRAIRIE MILLESCAMPS Henri-Pierre Millescamps, who has been working with Edouard Cointreau since 1994, is the organizer of the antique books area at the Paris Cookbook Fair. Three booksellers will present a selection of their collections: Gasterea (Lausanne - Switzerland) Le Festin de Babette (Montmorillon - France) and of course Librairie Millescamps (Périgueux France). Each bookseller has published a catalog for the event.

FENG (Doreen Yen Hung). The Joy of Chinese Cooking. London, 1967 15 € From appetisers to Chinese Festival Dishes, including some for The Lantern Festival, The Herd Boy and the Weaver Maid, The Festival of the Winter Solstice, with full index of recipes. An attractive book

[LIEBIG]. Menus et recettes de la Bonne ménagère. Paris, 1891, couverture en chromolithographie 30 €

HENDERSON (Alexander). The History of Ancient and Modern Wines. London, 1824, 1.700 € A very important wine book, the first in English to describe the history of wine in detail. First edition in a contempory binding

KNIGHT (Thomas Andrew). A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple & Pear, and on the Manufacture of Cider & Perry. Ludlow, 1808 200 € Scarce book on cider by this Herefordshire author who also wrote the Pomona Herefordiensis.


WAUTERS, P.E.: «Dissertation sur la manière de faire l’Uytzet et sur sa salubrité» Gand, an VI (1798), 960 € Édition originale. C’est près de Gand, à WETTEREN, qu’un certain Van PETEGEM, brasseur et aubergiste à l’auberge dite “ Het HOL” a créé l’UYTZET, née de la clarification de la bière brune par ajout de levure avant complète ébullition.


BOURIQUET, Gilbert : «Le Vanillier et la Vanille.» Paris, 1954, 1350 € Coll. “Encyclopédie Biologique” Tome XLVI, Paris, 1954, Édition originale. 223 figures, 16 planches en noir, 5 planches coloriées, 14 cartes.

Antique Books GASTEREA DRUITT (Robert), Report on the cheap wines from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary and Australia; their use in diet and medicine. London, 1873. 460 €

[BRIAND] M.C.D. (Chef de Cuisine de M. le Prince de***) Dictionnaire des alimens, vins et liqueurs. Paris, 1750. 3500 €

2nd edition of this scare book on the « moral properties of wine, its real value as a nutrient, and the secret of its power… »

Édition originale très rare.

LAVALLE (Dr. Jean), Traité pratique des champignons comestibles. Paris et Dijon, 1852. 700 € Très bel exemplaire de l’édition originale de cet ouvrage rare sur les champignons. 12 superbes planches hors texte lithographiées, dont 11 en couleurs et 1 dépliante.

BADHAM (Charles David), A Treatise on the esculent funguses of England. London, Lovell Reeve & Co., 1863. 370 € Twelve hand-coloured plates

THURIES, Yves : «Le Livre de recettes d’un compagnon du Tour de France» 1978-1991 2000 €

LENORMAND, Louis Sébastien: «L’art du distillateur des eaux de vie et des esprits, dans lequel on a donné la description des nouveaux appareils de distillation» Paris, 1817 1950 €


Exhibitions at the Fair Le Beau Geste by Alain Passard Alain Passard, chef at Paris restaurant L’Arpège, has decided after 35 years of discretion to publish his first book of recipes, Collages & Recettes, devoted to vegetable cuisine. To communicate his passion for ‘Le beau geste’ (in the kitchen as well as the garden), he chose to illustrate his 48 seasonal recipes with collages that are also signed by him. The idea of collages was born in Japan one evening in 2008, when, suffering from jetlag, Alain Passard started to cut up and assemble his first collage in order to preserve a trace of the colors, textures and effect produced by an inevitably ephemeral vegetable dish. “They perfectly capture the influence of colors on my cooking, which are, for me, a true source of inspiration allowing me to combine shades of ingredients with the search for gustatory and visual harmony as I please”. This is why to illustrate the book, he preferred his collages to photos, as their intimacy and ambiguity leave more room for interpretation.. Le Beau Geste will be exhibited during the whole fair at the French Show Kitchen.

À chacun son fromage by Jörg Lehmann Amazing exhibition by worldkonwn photographer Jörg Lehmann. Each portrait corresponds to a particular cheese...with the most unexpected stories. Discover why Brutus Auvergno likes Shropshire Blue, a cheese made in Nottinghamshire, often described as a cross between Stilton and Cheshire.


Exhibitions at the Fair

Truffles by Denis Nidos

Who could be a better truffles photographer than Denis Nidos? Black diamonds are rediscovered by a master of black and white... Based in Périgord, this artist and reporter knows how to strike with elegance. He is also the author of the famous tower of cookbooks on Paris Cookbook Fair’s poster.

Hands by Isabelle Rozenbaum

Appart from her books published by Les Éditions de la Martinière, Agnès Viénot, Marabout, Le Chêne and Editions Sud Ouest, Isabelle Rozenbaum works on identity through the objective of a camera. Winner of the Polaroid International Award, she is very involved in new technologies, and has a great talent when it comes to video production. At the Paris Cookbook Fair, she will present a a work on hands. You should not miss her book on Indian food, a definitive masterpiece.


Do you need a brEAK? Just go down to the stables square... FOIE GRAS... Paris Cookbook Fair is lucky with its partners...among them, we have the Association du Foie Gras de Périgord, A necessary association for the protection of traditions and artisans. With their unity, they have saved many producers endangered by powerful organizations looking for the «Périgord» label. You will find their stand at the entrance of the French show kitchen.

...ITALY Our guest of honour has sent its excellent cookbook publishers, as Bibliotheca Culinaria, Ernesto Gremese Editore , Reed Gourmet, Trenta Editore, Il Leone Verde, Hoepli, Andrea Ferrari Group... Now, it is your turn to become an expert in Italian products. Italy has a whole space by the International show kitchen, led by Claudio.., owner of Samesa Ristorante. According to many people, it is the best Italian restaurant in Paris, with only fresh products. As it is located in the Étoile district, you can walk down the Champs-Élysées after having dinner. SAMESA RISTORANTE 13, rue Brey 75017 Paris


Lardo di Colonnata

In a permanently creative environment, the flavours developped by Aix & Terra artisans are natural. Inspired by the variety of colours on the regional markets, the ranges play on colour are presented in contemporary and refined packaging. Each recipe tells a story, offers a palette of sensations and gastronomic discoveries, often extraordinary, always very subtle : Eggplant dip with black Truffle Provencal winter, Ratatouille seasoned Camargue salt, Melon with “Pastis de Marseille”, Herbal Teas “pastis Perroquet”.

Lardo di Colonnata: A Tuscan Delicacy Pig fat aged in marble tubs with garlic, salt, herbs and spices from the Italian mountain village of Colonnata, Tuscany.


Wine Pentathlon

Wine Pentathlon

nTIna arGE rIS In Pa

With their incredible sense of humor and the most surprising wine tasting in the world, the argentinian wine experts from Baco Club are coming back to the Paris Cookbook Fair. As last year, they are on the starting blocks to do three Wine Pentathlons a day! Every visitor of the fair can participate, but space is limited, so be sure to write your name on their list if you want to have fun and learn about wine.

EXPERTS AT THE INTERNATIONAL BAR Robert CAMUTO is an American prizewinning journalist and author living in the south of France. Since moving to France nearly a decade ago, he has contributed travel, wine and epicurean articles to publications including the Washington Post, the Wine Spectator, Newsday, The Syndney Morning Herald and more. Corkscrewed: Adventures in the New French Wine Country (winner of a Gourmand world cookbook award) was published in 2008 (University of Nebraska Press).

Teacher at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and director of L’Académie du Vin, Jean-Michel DELUC brings the technical aspect and knowledge for our tastings. Maître Sommelier de l’Union Française since 1991, he alsowrites for Fleurus, Gault&Millau and Hachette des Vins Bio. He will help us to discover and taste wines from over 15 countries during Paris Cookbook Fair. Jean-Charles CHAPUZET, studied History (graduated at Sciences Po Paris) he became journalist and author. He wrote many books about wine (Cahors, le Roman du Vin noir 2007, Verticale a roman in 2009, Michel Chapoutier in 2010). This last book won the Gourmand Award Best Wine Book in 2010. He will animate the International bar during the weekend.

Georgios ANDRITSOS is a busy international consultant on general bartending, customer service and drink and cocktail training. He was owner and manager of Santé Café in Barcelona, picked out as one of the 1000 trendiest bars in the world. Last couple of years he published a book called “A little more than just drinks and cocktails” sponsored by Bacardi, which won a Gourmand award in London for best drinks book in the world. The book has been translated in Norway, Sweden, France, Greece and Spain. In addition, a pocket book called Urban Cocktails is published in UK by North Parade Publishers

Eric BOSCHMAN, nickname Le Professeur, Best Sommelier in Belgium, best French Wines Sommelier, he’s the manager of a Wine Academy. A real sense of humor, amazing and funny but, when it concerns wine, he becomes again Le Professeur!


International bar program Thursday, 3rd of March









Argentina, Vintage time

Argentinian Wines

J. Rosner



Bordeaux & Co

Louis Rapin & Decanter Bottle

Hochschule Rhein Main



Le marché des réputations, Féret



Champagne & Chandeliers, B O’Shea

Champagne Pol-Roger

M. Kennedy



Palmento: a Sicilian Wine Odyssey

Sicilian Wines




Les plus grands Vins d’Europe, Flammarion

Barbaresco Gaja 2000, Gewürtz. Weinbach, Nikolaihof, Porto Graham’s, Minos Winery (Creta)

D. Rudetzki

JM Deluc


Y-L Svarc

Pm Chauvin Ch. Pol-Roger








Le migliori 99 maison di champagne

Champagne Gosset

A. Isinelli



Bordeaux Grands Crus classés 1855, Baiyua

Grands Crus classés 1855

Sylvain Boivert



100 bouteilles extraordinaires, Glénat

7° Ciel du Prince Golizin, Massandra Ukrainian Wine

M-J. Chasseuil

JM Deluc



Crus classés du Médoc, Ed. Sud-Ouest

Palmer, Lascombes,LaLagune, Clos du Marquis, GruaudLarose, Lynch Bages, Lafite Rothschild

Pierre Le Hong

JM Deluc


Czesch Rep

Dobrerady milovnika vina

Vinarsky Rodiny Spalkovy, winery Tanzberg

Vladimir Zelezny


A little more than just cocktail &smoothies

Different cocktails with Bacardi - Martini




International bar program Friday, 4th of March









El libro de la Yerba Mate






The best georgian Wines

Georgian Wines





La Biblia, primer tratado de viticultura y enologia

Herenza Kosher Crianza 2008, Castillo de Sajazarra Reserva 2005, Digma 2005

J. Martinez




Vini naturali d’Italia



Cyprus Wine Guide

Cyprus Wines

I. Konstantinou



Die Welt des Cognacs

L’Orange Bleue & Vodkas with pepper

Jörg Zipprick

P. Brisset



F. Pagliardi







China Wine Culture Cermony, Oriental Press

Château Junding



Wine myths and reality, Wine appreciation

JM Deluc

Californian Wines



Pisco, aroma des Peru, Planeta Peru




La Bodega in casa, Enciclopedia de gastronomia

Chorizo & Rioja Bodega Torres

Pepe Iglesias


A little more than just cocktail & smoothies

Different cocktails with Bacardi - Martini

G. Andritsos



JM Deluc

International bar program Saturday, 5th of March








Urban Cocktails

Different cocktails with Bacardi

G. Andritsos



Braises d’alcool, Liber Mirabilis

Fines du Languedoc XO Dom. Haut Gléon

J-M Savary



Un Américain dans les Vignes

Selfmade by Robert Camuto

R. Camuto



Guide des Vins bio 2011/12, Utovie

Château Le Puy Bordeaux 2008

JM Carité

JP Amoreau



China Wine Culture Ceremony

Château Junding









Les Mains du Vin, le Coeur de la terre,

Château Latour-Martillac

S. Reiss



100 bouteilles extraordinaires

Château Feytit Clinet 2006

M J.Chasseuil



Flûte au bec, verre en bouche

Pétillant Naturel, I’m so happy

P. Roman



Wine and Cheese

Wines from François Lurton

J. Harbutt



Coreff - Légende

Coreff Beer

Eric Legret



N.Gaudicher M. Breton

International bar program Sunday, 6th of March








L’esprit de l’Armagnac


Frédéric Lebel



Le petit dictionnaire absurde et pertinent

Maison Blanche, Montagne Saint Emilion

Stéphanie Reiss



Les Sept Péchés Capiteux de Robert Parker



100 bouteilles extraordinaires



Tong Magazine



Simmat & Bercovici

Louis rapin, 2009 decanter bottle Filip Verheydn









Grand-Père, raconte-moi la vigne, Féret

Louis Rapin, cuvée sans souffre 2009

Bruno Boidron

YL Svarc



La chronique de Voltaire

So Yang

F. Batisse Pichet



Vignes et Vins, Mama Josefa

Grape juice Bio des Terrasses de Sigoulès (24)

Sandrine Duclos



Henry Marionnet, charmeur de cépages

Domaine de la Charmoise

Bruno Boidron


E. Garcia

French show kitchen Thursday, 3

Thursday 3, 11.00 Cyril Rouquet

Thursday 3, 12.30 Michel Portos

Thursday 3, 14.00 Yvan Cadiou

Thursday 3, 15.30 Alain Passard

Friday 4, 13.00 Alain Alexanian

Friday 4, 14.30 Disciples Escoffier International

Friday 4, 16.00 Christophe Felder

Friday, 4

Friday 4, 11.30 Marie Fougère


Friday 4, 17.30 Sonia Ezgulian

French show kitchen Saturday, 5

Saturday 5, 10.00 Véronique Chapacout

Saturday 5, 11.30 Michel Roth & Alain Pégouret

Saturday 5, 13.00 Eric Roux & Yves Camdeborde

Saturday 5, 16.00 Jenny Carenco

Saturday 5, 17.30 Katherine Khodorowsky

Sunday, 6

Sunday 6, 11.30 Sophie Menut

Sunday 6, 13.00 Philippe Toinard


Sunday 6, 14.30 Hisayuki Takeuchi

Sunday 6, 16.00 José Maréchal

International show kitchen Thursday / FRIDAY

Thursday 3, 11.00 Chef Wan Malaysia

Friday 4, 11.00 Bob Blumer USA / Canada

Thursday 3, 12.00 Völundur Völundarson Iceland

Friday 4, 12.00 Vefa Alexiadou Greece

Thursday 3, 13.00 Chef Juanita Umaña Colombia

Friday 4, 13.00 Monish Gujral India

Thursday 3, 14.00 Virginia Willis USA

Friday 4, 14.00 Chef Suman Roy Canada

Thursday 3, 15.00 Paul Cunningham Denmark

Friday 4, 15.00 Murielle Rousseau Germany

Thursday 3, 16.00 Lea Linster Luxemburg

Friday 4, 16.00 Sean Connolly Australia


Saturday / sunday International show kitchen

Friday 4, 17.00 Sara La Fountain Finland

Saturday 5, 16.00 Chakall Portugal

Saturday 5, 17.00 Bob Blumer USA / Canada

Saturday, 5th of March Saturday 5, 12.00 Benny the Chef Italy

Sunday 6, 11.00 James McIntosh UK

Saturday 5, 13.00 Julie Biuso New Zealand

Sunday 6, 13.00 Yesmine Olsson Iceland

Saturday 5, 14.00 Chef Ramzi Lebanon

Sunday 6, 14.00 FT Bletsas Greece

Saturday 5, 15.00 Richard Hetzler USA

Sunday 6, 15.00 Sahrap Soysal Turkey









L’influence d’Angel Muro sur la cuisine espagnole The influence of Angel Muro on Spanish cooking José Maria Pisa



Cooking online



Les nourritures de l’inconnu Common conference for exotic countries like Benin, Ghana, Fiji, Bhutan


Restaurant business in China: How the Peking Duck conquered the world Chef Du Guang Bei




Un auteur devenu une marque How to become your own brand as an author Bob Blumer


Les tendances mondiales dans le livre de cuisine Global Cookbook trends Edouard Cointreau


Savoir communiquer Honing your Edge: Media and Presentation skills for Culinary Professionals Lisa Ekus, Virginia Willis


Le marché americain. The US culinary book market: Blog to Book, Social Media, building platform. What Publishers are looking for in Authors and how authors can enter the US marketplace Lisa Ekus, Virginia Willis


Managing international rights in the culinary bookmarket Les droits internationaux dans le livre de cuisine Edouard Cointreau


How authors can build community and future-proof their businesses in the post-digital age Stephen Bateman


Apps, tabs or something else: the new markets Stephen Bateman, Emmanuel Jirou Najou, Gregor Einetter


Individual advice by Lisa Ekus (after inscription, on first come, first served basis


Individual advice by Lisa Ekus (after inscription, on first come, first served basis) Présentation de “The Cooking Lab” de Nathan Myhrvold par Maxime Bilet (expo du livre)








Comment trouver un éditeur ? How to find a publisher? Edouard Cointreau



Vin et Santé Wine and Health Dr. Marc Lagrange, Dr. Johannes Weiß


The rise of culinary nationalism Edouard Cointreau, Jean-Claude Ribaut, Enzo Caldarelli


The Pacific Sustainable Food project Chef Robert Oliver, Tracy Berno


British cheese & Cheese Championship “The first comparison of British and French cheeses” Juliett Harbutt


Cueilleurs de goûts, cueilleurs de mots Looking for excellence…and a new subject for a book. Juliett Harbutt, Gérard Vives, JP Fournier, Karissa Silva


Cheese from Brazil Jair Jorge Leandro


Acheter citoyen ! les livres à but caritatif dans le secteur du livre de cuisine Buy with good conscience: The CharityCookbooks Sue van Schrewen, Jan Longone


Une autre vue sur la critique gastronomique Périco Legasse, Jean Claude Ribaut, Laurent Seminel, Jörg Zipprick


All about Cognac Jörg Zipprick (BNIC - Cognac Writer of the year)


Italy: Cooking, Publishing, products


Comment faire un hamburger parfait Building the perfect burger Denise Vivaldo



Chinese food and wine Edouard Cointreau, Chef Du Guang Bei



Individual advice by Lisa Ekus (after inscription, on first come, first served basis)



Individual advice by Lisa Ekus (after inscription, on first come, first served basis


Portraits by Jörg Zipprick

Stephen Bateman Making a british chef a star and bestselling author in France? A chef with no restaurant, no Michelin stars, no reputation. Meet Stephen Bateman, the man who introduced „The naked chef“ Jamie Oliver to the French.

Bateman wanted to encourage home cooks to be social and spontaneous. Liberated from the three star perfection. Ten years ago, this was an entirely new approach to cookbook publishing that is now well- established worldwide. Every country has his “clone” of Jamie Oliver: Cyril Lignac in France, Tim Mälzer in Germany…

Stephen Bateman is a media and marketing executive with over 20 years experience in the UK and abroad. He has occupied international publishing and marketing roles and directorships at Longman, Dorling Kindersley, Hachette and F&W Media Inc. He works as an independent strategic adviser to media and education clients, helping them navigate the post-digital age and to futureproof their businesses. Stephen has worked closely with some of the world’s leading cookery authors. He is passionate about Special Interest Publishing and has first hand experience of managing multifaceted community models. But his biggest success was without doubt the introduction of Jamie Oliver on the French bookmarket. “it needed a bi-cultural publisher to be in the right place at the right time to “sell coals to Newcastle”. Bateman says. “-I had just arrived at Hachette Pratique in 2001, where 70% of the existing cookbook list was composed of works by three star Michelin chefs. These books failed to grow the market for cookbooks, appealing only to the upper classes.”

“Introducing Jamie to the French was the catalyst that set the wheels in motion for an entire generation of new cooks to emerge with whose books we reached a market of non-readers” says Bateman “We encouraged them to experiment and at home in the kitchen and to cook with attitude. Cyril Lignac is an author I launched who has since sold millions of copies.” At Paris Cookbook Fair, Stephen Bateman is going to talk about how authors can build community and future-proof their businesses in the post-digital age. He’s going to examine consumer trends, the competitive landscape and offer a solution for publishers and authors who seek to safeguard their futures in the food and drink sector.

Lisa Ekus Have you ever thought of bringing your book to the USA? What about selling your work to more than 300 million potential readers? What about creating spinoffs on American TV? Or becoming your own successful brand?

Marc Vetri, all famous, successful chefs and restaurateurs. Plus, Elizabeth Andoh, Rick Bayless, , Marcel Desaulniers, Debbi Fields, Susanna Foo, Joyce Goldstein, Marcella Hazan, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Mollie Katzen, Nick Malgieri, Diane Morgan, Jacques Pepin, Steven Raichlen, David Joachim, Anne Willan, Virginia Willis, Paula Wolfert and more than a hundred other authors, newcomers and established food writers alike. We cannot even imagine how many successful books went through Lisa’s hands – her agency has sold more than 250 culinary manuscripts during the last decade. An agent represents the writer, bringing authors and publishers together to create a book. They work on a 15% commission. Lisa says a good agent is a combination of “business manager, mentor, mother, and mediator.” A good agent negotiates publishing contracts to reflect the best possible terms and conditions, with respect to advance monies, rights, royalties, options, copyrights, style, format, promotion, publicity, and advertising.

For most Continental European authors and publishers, this is just daydreaming. Who do you want to talk to, just to get a foot in the US market? Who’s going to listen to you? Rest assured that no Northern American publisher is in desperate need of authors. But many authors want to be published in the US market. Paris Cookbook Fair is proud to introduce the woman who moves the culinary book market on the other side of the Atlantic. Her name? Lisa Ekus. Her profession? Literary Agent in all things culinary. Her 29 year old company THE LISA EKUS GROUP, LLC (www. “Promotes a World of Culinary Talent.” Between her long-time publicity campaigns and agenting, you probably recognize many of her clients over the years: Patricia Wells, famous for her books on Paris and Provence, Craig Claiborne, who was the food critic of the New York Times, Todd English, Emeril Lagasse, Danny Meyer and Michael Romano,

You can meet Lisa Ekus at Cookbook Fair 2011 in Paris and learn more about her vision about publishing in the US during two conferences.


CONFERENCE SPEAKERS Jean-Claude Ribaut Is one of France’s leading food critics. Each week his latest recommandations are published in the well-known daily newspaper “Le Monde”. His approach to food writing is to solicit the reader’s curiosity by new approaches - cultural, literary, historical, and sociological - without ever losing sight of the essentials: The good taste. He might rehabilitate the traditional “caillette” (round meat “patties” from the Ardèche region) or praise the “pied de mouton sauce poulette” (sheepsfoot with chicken sauce; originally a leftover from a chicken fricassée).

Pierre Quélin. He also participated in the creation of an architectural magazine which he directed until 1996. Ribaut is a prolific writer who has contributed to various publications: He participated in the Gallimard edition of the “Guide to restaurants” in Paris (1995), translated in seven languages. Together with Bernard Nantet he has published “The garden of spices” (1992) at Editions du May, followed by “Taste of Havanas” (Hachette, 1998). a tribute to Cuban cigars, with Michel Creignou. In 2003 he contributed to the series “Discoveries Gallimard” the book “Wine, a matter of taste”, written together with historian Anthony Rowley. More recently he published “100% Pain” (Solar) a book about the techniques of baker Eric Kayser (2003), then “Lasserre” (Favre. 2007), with recipes by chef Jean-Louis Nomicos and “Edgard Palace” (Favre 2009).

He always has a benevolent eye on the restaurant scene but does not hesitate to criticize the latest spectres of so called molecular or avantgarde-cooking. Born in Valence (Drôme), Ribaut studied architecture and is a scholar of the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE).

His latest book was released in November 2010: “Parisian terroir” (Ed.Laymon), co-authored by chef Yannick Alleno (“Le Meurice”).

His first articles on food were published more than 30 years ago under the pseudonym Acratos (“he, who does not water his wine” which can be understood in French as somebody who will not lower his expectations or be silenced). He’s worked for “Le Monde” since 1989, at the of Food critic “La Reyniere” (not the original Grimod de la Reynière of course, but Robert Courtine), then with Jean

Périco Legasse While his name is coming straight from the Basque-country, Périco Legasse is probably the most “French” of France’s foodwriters. Unlike many authors, Legasse is not a passive observer but doesn’t hesitate a second to stand up for his ideals, in defense of true Beaujolais or real Camembert.

a hundred years, they changed course and told customers that Camembert made with raw milk presented an imminent danger and was hazardous to our health. Périco Legasse unmasked several times how industral cheeses were sold to customers as traditional products, how lobbyists have rewritten the once famed Camembert Charter for their benefit.

It’s not easy to describe the work of Périco Legasse : At age 51 he is part food-critic, recommending good restaurants every week in “Marianne”, a weekly political magazine. He has also published a guide to authentic French food.

In a Mondovino-like broadcast entitled “The cheese is being murdered”, Legasse alerted the public opinion in France 3 the public opinion back in 2007. A defender of the appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC), which defines, specifies and codifies the French wine and food heritage, Perico Legasse complains relentlessly the mercantile excesseof intensive agriculture under pressure of industrial lobbies and mass distribution. He created the “Marianne of Wine”, which rewards winemakers true to the spirit of the AOC.

Since September 2009, he works as a TV-host on the “Parlamentary channel – national Assembly” with his show “Toques & politiques” where political debates meet regional food heritage. And when it comes to culinary tradition, he might become an activist or a French equivalent to Ralph Nader: He opposes the food industry on a regular basis, accusing it of “perverting” food. For years, he was among the leaders in the so-called “Camembert wars”. On one side: Périco Legasse and “Marianne”. On the other: Lactalis, Europe’s largest cheese producer with 125 plants worldwide, 32,000 employees and €9.6 billion ($12.2 billion) in annual sales. Lactalis and the Isigny Sainte-Mère dairy co-operative had announced their intention to halt the large-scale production of raw milk Camembert. Thermized, micro-filtered, industrially processed, cheap milk would be the new ingredient of “Camembert AOC”. Both companies together were responsible for 10,000 of the 13,000 tons of Camembert produced in France each year. In other words: 42 million of 52 million boxes of cheese. And now, after

Perico Legasse also conducted the investigation for the film “Our children will accuse us”, directed by Jean-Paul Jaud, released on November 5, 2008, whose central theme is food poisoning by toxins (pesticides , fungicides, fertilizers, etc..). While some foodwriters prefer to talk about restaurants, Périco Legasse captures the big picture: Without good ingredients, there’ll be no good food and no restaurants worth to write about. Périco Legasse is going to talk about his ideas of food-journalism and protecting France’s traditions during Paris Cookbook Fair.


FOUR DAYS IN PARIS Some books for your days in Paris...

J’AIME PARIS Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse Edition From a morning croissant on the shores of the Canal Saint Martin to a spectacular dinner on the Eiffel Tower, Alain Ducasse takes us on a journey through his foodie Paris. This exquisite book of photography allows us to follow the chef and to follow his heart. Recipes, produce, tips are scattered throughout the book adding the best producers and shops to the foodies ideal Parisian address book, one that will be the envy of any enthusiast of the gastronomic capital of the world, be it Belleville, Manhattan or Tokyo. A large and beautiful volume that guides us through one hundred of Alain Ducasses’ favourites in this very visual initial part. With over 200 addresses, the address book is a little guide that will enable all to find their way around each « arrondissement », by style of cooking or by area category. Each address holds a comment by the chef.


A little b

Gourmand postcard_front.indd 2


FOUR DAYS IN PARIS Some books for your days in Paris...

LA VIE PARISIENNE by Victor Arwas Papadakis Publishing

A saucy, light-hearted look at life in Paris before the Great War, when life was enjoyed to the full and the pursuit of the grisette was high on the list of male preoccupations. La Vie Parisienne was the magical name of a journal, which proclaimed itself proudly as the masthead of a way of life where frivolity, wit and satire were as important and relevant as literary and political intellectualism. The well-loved weekly attempted a fresh mix of humorous cartoons, short stories, sharp tales of fashion-folk, up-to-the-minute gossip about prominent persons, columns of aphorisms on such subjects as marriage (“Marriage is the only painful operation for which no anaesthetic is allowed”) or love (“Without jealousy the most violent passions would not last a week”), fashion-orientated banter set out as pages of dialogue, and acid comments about all. Somewhat surprisingly, the mixture took. Founded in 1863, Parisians bought it in sufficient numbers week after week to ensure its survival for over a century. This was an age when women were frivolous and uninhibited, and when drawing reigned supreme. The result is an amusing, delightful book to be enjoyed and shared. It is a microcosm of a period when life was unashamedly fun.

Gourmet Supper

bird, fruit and champagne. Dinner is served!

15/2/11 10:51:03



china food television GOURMAND TV

China Food Television President and Chief Producer, Mr. Wen Hai with his translator.

Chen Xiao, Filming Director and Host, China Food Television.

The China Food Television

Gourmand Television Shows

On April 14, 2008, Edouard Cointreau was named officially President of Honour of the China Food Television. It was announced publicly on the stage of Olympia at the Gourmand Awards in London.

Edouard Cointreau is the producer for all internacional shows of China Food Television, filmed in English by Chinese crews, and broadcast in English with Chinese subtitles.

The China Food Television team has been producing food shows in China since 2001, from the Olympic Sailing City of QingDao, in the province of Shandong.

• Food Adventures on the Silk Road 40 shows filmed in 2008, with Chef Wan and Yvan Cadiou in 2008, and Chakall and James McIntosh in 2009. Over 8000 kilometers from Xi’An to Xinjiang, across deserts, mountains, meeting many ethnic minorities.

Since 2006, it is a private company owned by CCTV, financial investors and the management. It has a large staff at headquarters with its filming studios, and offices in the main 40 television markets of China.

• Walking Chopsticks Ten famous foreign chefs visit all of China, for a total of 300 episodes. The first was Yvan Cadiou, in 2008, followed by Chakall and others. The complete show will picture a real Chinese cuisine map.

For more information: Edouard Cointreau:

• Great Wines Around the World Fifty wines and spirits have their individual show to be presented to the Chinese audience. Each show is 15 minutes, filmed in English, French or Spanish, broadcast with Chinese subtitles. The shows included Champagne Gosset, Coulée de Serrant, Cognac Frapin Domaine des Baumard, Chateau de Brissac. Several shows were filmed in Bordeaux, including Vinexpo, Chateau Smith-Haut Lafitte, a special on the village of Saint Emilion and others. There was filming in Spain, in Rioja at Marqués de Riscal, Murrieta, Vargas, and Dinastía Vivanco.




International The Impact of the Brand The brand has been monitored wordwide since 2008, with 78 articles per month in the press in 2008, 94 in 2009, and 108 in 2010. January 2011 starts well with 161 articles. Our activities doubled from 2003 to 2007, and doubled again from 2008 to 2010. We have a major influence on the cookbook publishing sector, in many ways, cultural and business. Television is our media with the most impact, becoming very important for our growth. Our food shows have been seen by hundreds of millions, our wine shows are all over Asia, bridging the culinary culture gap between East and West.. Every year we find several thousands of new authors, and hundreds of publishers. They are wecome to our large community of professionals. Increasingly we are active with the general public, with books winning our awards helping sales significatly .

The world platform for promoting cookbooks and wine books with outstanding credentials and visibility The team The most valuable asset of a company is its team. Most of the team has been working for 10 years or much more together. It is completely international, with experience from over a dozen countries on all continents. They all share a passion for books. We are expanding, with several more employees in 2009 and 2010, at a moment when many are shrinking. The team is led by Edouard Cointreau father and son. Their outlook is very open, from a strong cultural base in France, headquarters in Spain, and personal ties to the U.S, Argentina, and China. The active presence in Asia has been a key to growth since the Gourmand Awards events in Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

Service Our service is to all book professionals, publishers, authors, stylists, photographers, printers, etc. We know their ressources are limited at best. We are fortunate to have institutional, corporate and private partners and sponsors that believe in what we are doing and support our activity for the food and wine books, television, tourism and products.


Exhibitors Issues BADGES Edouard Cointreau’s office




Edouard Cointreau’s office INFO TICKETS


any question? Just ask!

The whole team is there to help you, and make the fair as pleasant as possible Edouard Cointreau

Born in the family of Cointreau liquor on his paternal side, Rémy Martin and Cognac Frapin on his

President maternal side, Edouard loves books as much as cuisine and wine. Although being a Parisian, he

spent fifteen years in the U.S and lives now between Beijing and Madrid. Chairman of Gourmand International, President of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, President of honour of China Food Television, President of the World Association of Food TV Producers, the Cookbook Fair is an attempt to gather his friends for four days in Paris.

Taya de Reyniès


Yves-Laurent Svarc

With a huge experience as Director of the Salon du Livre de Paris, Taya is a reference in the book fair world who will always find a solution for publishers.

Management svarc.yves-laurent

Pilar Gutiérrez

Gourmand International’s Vice President, Bo is an awarded Swedish novelist, the Scandinavian expert of the Gourmand Awards, and the organizer of the International Show Kitchen.

Bo Masser International Show Kitchen

Head of the international office pilar@

Thierry S. Bertman

Ana Medina

Logistics ana@

Curator of the exhibition of Charity Cookbooks thierry@

Born in Peru, Ana combines her knowledge of Latin America with a strong organization for the Fair.

In charge of the institutional relations of the fair, Yves manages the International Bar, the animations, the product of the year, the cocktails and the presence of the guest of honour.

Pilar has worked with Edouard for over twenty years as director of the office in Madrid. She deals with every person of the Gourmand network around the world.

Based in Frankfurt, Thierry takes care of the exhibition of charity cookbooks, and has been part of all Gourmand events since the beginning.


Rocío González Organization ana@

Alexis Koutcheriw

Project Manager alexis@

Max Jurisch Digital Books max_jurisch

Óscar Yáñez

With a very British education, Rocío is a designer who recently joined the office in order to face the avalanche of reservations.

Librarian oscar@

Oscar remembers nearly all cookbooks published in the last years. He has been to all Frankfurt and London Book Fairs since 1995.

Half-spanish, half ukrainian and born in Bordeaux, Alexis is a law student who deals directly with the publishers during all year from the office in Madrid.

Julien Simon

Before joining Gourmand International, Julien has lived in Brazil, Turkey, Ivory Coast, France and Switzerland. His experience makes him very lucid when it comes to foreign rights.

Based in Köln, the author of the famous picture of the Paris Cookbook Fair from above is also a specialist of digital books.

Coordinator gourmand@

Project Manager julien@

Edouard Cointreau


With the name of his father and the founder of Cointreau in 1849, Edouard studies literature at La Sorbonne, and has never missed a Frankfurt Book Fair since he was fourteen years old.

our partners

Since 1869, Rosières has been inventing revolutionnary elements for the kitchen. Today, they are known by every French family, and are the oficial providers of the Paris Cookbook Fair show kitchens.

CUISINE.TV is 70% original programs in France and available exclusively on this unique French channel dedicated to cooking, to discover, rediscover and share the pleasure of cooking every day.

With 32 wine stores in Paris and its area, le Repaire de Bacchus is the reference for wine lovers, and an important partner of the Paris Cookbook Fair.

With over 11 million visitors per month, Marmiton is number one of European web sites. They also have an iPhone App and a brand new magazine.

It all started in 1919 with the legendary stand mixer and interestingly, most stand mixer attachments will fit any KitchenAid stand mixer, including the original 1919 model!

The leading cuisine magazine in France, with excellent authors like Trish Deseine and Alba Pezone.

Staub is the reference brand among the world’s greatest chefs, including Paul Bocuse.

Zwilling, with its passion for the best since 1731, is today one of the leading groups in top quality tools for the kicthen.

Founded in 1908, Demeyere has become over the years a worldwide reference company for the production of culinary utensils in stainless steel.

Since 1994, Mastrad, the French company specializing in the conception of culinary accessories, has been revolutionizing the world of the kitchen by creating «l’Art de l’Utile».

“The Queen of Mineral Waters”. Its elegant glass bottle was created by painter and designer Alberto Bali.

A necessary association for the protection of Foie Gras in Périgord. With their unity, they have saved many producers endangered by powerful organizations looking for the «Périgord» label.



Based in Valencia, Spain, Sislavia is a reference agency for publishers. Its talented staff combines several skills when it comes to concept creation and design, but they also take care of delivering the best quality: their partnership with Gráficas Vernetta - one of the top printers in Spain - allows the publishers to leave the project in good hands. Sislavia is behind all the design of Gourmand International, from the Gourmand Yearbook to every single document, poster and sign of the Paris Cookbook Fair, including this program.

an instinct for communication

Our media agency for the German-speaking countries is driven by Murielle Rousseau. They have o ffices in Berlin and Freiburg, and are extremely experienced on the German publishing market.

Béatrice Cointreau, Edouard’s sister, is known by everybody in the wine and spirits world for their intelligence and imagination. With Wally Montay, she also owns L’Arrière Cuisine, the press agency of the Paris Cookbook Fair.

Building on over a century of tradition and excellence, the Le Cordon Bleu network is committed to innovation and best practice in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Management and honours its commitments through an expanding international network of teaching, learning and research conducted in conjunction with the development of products and services

The school is a major partner of the Paris Cookbook Fair, with a huge delegation of students to assist the French show kitchen, the International Bar, the wine pentathlon and many other key points of the exhibition.


Le CENTQUATRE 5, rue Curial - 75019 Paris

Practical Information The Paris Cookbook Fair opens from10.00 to 19.00 Tickets: One-day pass - Public days, 5 Euros Access to the whole fair during one day (March 5 or 6), including the stands, the show kitchens, the international bar, the conference rooms, the exhibitions. One-day pass - Professional days 30 Euros Access to the whole fair during one day (March 3 or 4), including the stands, the rights center, the show kitchens, the international bar, the conference rooms, the exhibitions. Four-day pass 50 Euros • Metro: Station: Riquet – Line 7 • Bus: Station: Riquet - Line 54 Crimée/Curial stations - lines 54, 60

© Max Jurisch

LES GRANDES TABLES OF 104 by FABRICE BIASIOLO Sitting proudly in front of the Rue Curial entrance, the restaurant is located near the publisher’s stands. With its deliberately affordable prices, it should allow more people to enjoy open and inventive cuisine. LE CAFÉ CACHÉ A typical café with an artistic touch. In the Fair, after the great carousel. LE CAMION A PIZZA This little truck will prepare delicious pizzas for hungry publishers. STREET FOOD During the Fair, two big rolling tables will provide snacks on the sides of the publishers area.

104’s BOOKSHOP: le Merle Moqueur The bookshop, located in the north wing of the Halle Curial, has some 20,000 items on offer in an area of 250 square metres, visible from the gallery through tall windows. It has a «general bookshop” section, covering literature, essays, cookery, guides, comic strips, etc. BRIC À BRAC EMMAÜS: Emmaüs odds and ends the first local op shop opened by Emmaüs. Within the framework of an agreement signed with the Paris council, Emmaüs Défi will create ten «odds and end op shop» in the capital city. The second-hand shop installed within the CENTQUATRE sells very useful objects at unbeatable prices, but also offers plenty of delightful knick-knacks for op-shoppers. Local residents are welcome to drop off their donations at the shop (furniture, crockery, appliances, clothing, knick-knacks etc).






























Bar C C29


C25 C23
















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B23 B21















Rights Center













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