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CREDITS Š 2012 Eduardo Santillana. All Rights Reserved. All the photographs are available to be bought as a Fine Art Print of Limited Edition at: Email: The Plastic Sea, Second Book, coming soon. Haiku Poems by Matsuo Basho Cover photo: Study 31

The province of Almeria is located in the south of Spain. With the highest average hours of sunshine per year, it is the warmest area of continental Europe. These conditions make it an ideal place for the development of agriculture. Almeria is also known as “The Market Garden of Europe� because it produces almost 80% of the vegetables consumed there.

The predominant farming system is called “Intensive Cultivation Under Plastic�, that is to say, greenhouses made of plastic. Almeria greenhouses occupy together an estimated area of 320 km2. With almost four times the size of Manhattan Island, it is the largest concentration of greenhouses in the world that create a unique landscape, a real Plastic Sea.

This photographic project is an attempt to convey the reality of this environment through an aesthetic argument, a way to find beauty in a place where nature was replaced by something artificial that has gradually become a landscape, a scene of life. For more information, please visit The Plastic Sea site.

Study 3

Study 6

Study 8

Study 31

Study 32

A wild sea in the distance over Sado The Milky Way.

Study 34

Study 35

Study 43

Study 44

Study 47

A green willow, dripping down into the mud, at low tide.

Study 48

Study 49

Study 51

Study 52

Study 55

Bush clover in blossom waves without spilling a drop of dew.

Study 69

Study 70

Study 75

Study 84

Study 86

Summer in the world; floating on the waves of the lake.

Eduardo Santillana Lima, Peru. March 1970. Actually live and develope my artistic work in Southern Spain. Artquitecture and Urbanism - Ricardo Palma University. Lima, Peru. Artistic Photography - Almería’s School of Arts. Spain. Graphic Design - Almería’s School of Arts. Spain.

Exhibitions April - June 2011. Individual exhibition “The Shape of Time”. Carmen de Burgos Art Room. Rodalquilar, Almeria, Spain. January- February 2010. Individual exhibition “The Shape of Time”. The Youth Andalusian Institute. Almeria, Spain. December - January 2010. Collective exhibition. Carmen Romero Art Room. Archidona, Malaga, Spain. October 2009. Collective exhibition. Pitacos Gallery. Almeria, Spain. June 2008 - January 2009. ITINERARTE collective exhibition. Almeria’s School of Arts. Almeria, Spain Santa Fe de Mondujar’s Exhibition Room. Santa Fe de Mondujar, Spain. El Aljibe Exhibition Room. Fiñana, Spain. Pedro Gilabert Exhibition Room and Museum. Arboleas, Spain. La Fragua Exhibition Room and Museum.Viator, Spain.

Awards First Prize IX Andalusian Contest “Photography and Disabledness”. Second Prize “Almeria’s Architecture Photography Contest”. Third Prize IV Photography National Contest “CCOO de Albacete”. Third Prize IV Photography Contest “Aguas de Alcázar”. Third Prize Photography Contest “Comercial Zone of Almeria’s Historic Center”. Finalist XXIII Photography National Contest “Ciudad de Úbeda”.

The Plastic Sea  

Fine Art Photography book. A photographic approach to the Almeria's greenhouses, "The Market Garden of Europe".