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About me... Eduardo Daniel Lam doesn’t only live life but experiences it to the fullest drawing inspiration from every source he comes across. Born in South America, Eduardo has Peruvian and Chinese blood coursing through his veins and his upbringings reflect both cultures. Uprooted to south Florida Eduardo excelled in his early studies and graduated from a Magnet Engineering program while at Stranahan High School. Soon after he ventured to the University of Miami and obtained a dual bachelor’s in Structural Engineering and Architecture. A remarkable feature is that his scrupulous attention to detail and quick pace is no compensation for the production quality and reliability of his work. Eduardo invests every ounce of his fervor and talent into each project and undertaking he does. Having worked a wealth of internships, receiving his E.I. in engineering, working/studying internationally, and honing his crafts, Eduardo Lam is a designer in every sense of the word.

“Desgin is about mastering the practice of viewing the world through different lenses. One must possess the ability to simultaneously be mindful of the individual while considering everything from global issues to the finest of details.”

Table of Contents

Office/Corporate 1..............................Ideaology

Historical Preservation Government House..............7

Furniture 11....Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel

Healthcare Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute.....15

Sustainability 23.......Solar Decathlon 2011

Character Animation Maya....................................27 Hand Sketches Figure Drawing/Buildings....29

Competitions 31.......................CADE/Witter’s

INFORMATION: LocatIon: 3344 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30303 (22nd Floor) Size: 26,300 SQ.FT. Duration: 6 Weeks Team: Audery Rada & Melissa Sheppard Media: AutoCAD®, Photoshop®, InDesgin®, 3ds Max®



□ The world is constantly reinventing itself □ Man has evolved from basic physiological needs to striving for self-actualization □ 86 Employees □ 11 Administration offices □ Problem-centric work zones □ Large conference room □ Client path □ Private zones □ Copy room □ Bistro/breakroom □ Client gallery

□ Humanistic Design □ Internal vs External Focus □ Sustainability: Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Think globally, act locally.


We need buildings that support life. Personal growth leads to business growth and ultimately global growth.


The process of converting useless products or waste materials into a new product or material of better quality or of higher value.


We need to be responsible for our own actions and work together to resolve them.

22nd Floor

Employees are encouraged to revisit their roots in order to reflect on a personal, business, and global level. A blance of private focus zones and collaborative zones allow will promote self-actualization of the corporate environment.


Upcycling discarded wine paraphernalia gives the kitchen a raw translucent effect which sheds light on the firm’s up-front approach to design.

Every space is an opportunity to reflect the firm’s branding. Even mundane tasks in the copy room are brightened with clever and purposeful design.

Informal work zone

Men’s restroom elevation

Women’s restroom elevation


LocatIon: 48 King Street St. Augustine, FL 32084 Size: 19,600 SQ.FT. Duration: 6 Weeks Team: Alex Bailey & Nancey Jones Media: AutoCAD®, Photoshop®, Hand rendering



□ The Government House has been used for different purposesover the years and lost track of its original intent □ Modifications the building have not been properly documented □ The building is not up to code □ ADA Standards □ 3 Classrooms □ Public outreach □ Gallery

□ □ □ □ □

Exploring the layers of history.

Re-establish branding through program Text-messaging tour Host public forums Transparent Materials Acoustical considerations

DESIGN:INTERACT Visitors to history. Students to community. Building to public forums.


Floor to ceiling windows provide vision for visitors to view student work.


The use of a text-tour allows us to target a younger audience.

By bringing the building up to code and repurposing the spaces with a new program, the Government House can return to be a landmark in the city of St. Augustine.

Plaza Mayor

INFORMATION: LocatIon: 2101 Epcot Resorts Boulevard Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 Size: 90,000 SQ.FT. Duration: 8 Weeks Team: Kwannet Keyes Media: AutoCAD®, Photoshop®, InDesgin®, Hand sketches



□ Disney undergoes resort refurbishments of hardgoods every 10-12 years □ 11 different designs □ 52 replicas (total of 572 armoires) □ Durability

□ □ □ □

Destination qualities Luxury in the details High detail for mass production High durability materials due to guests’ constant use

The Devil is in the details.


ADA standards were essential to cater to all of the users.


Hidden Mickeys are no exception to furniture design.


Construction documents were carefully detailed to be mass produced.

Construction Documents

INFORMATION: LocatIon: 4001 E. Fletcher Ave Tampa, Florida 33613 Size: 23,000 SQ.FT. Duration: 6 Weeks Team: E. Driebholz, L. Hesmat, S. Kravitz, L. Masse Media: AutoCAD®, Photoshop®, InDesgin®, PowerPoint®, Revit®, 3ds Max®

Samantha Kravitz

Elizabeth Dreibholz

Laura Masse

Linda Heshmat

PROBLEM: □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □

Patients might stay 1-2 days Patients will wander 1 central waiting space Private vs public spaces Educational zones Residential feel High contrast with neutral tones PET scan machinery

Eduardo Lam

SOLUTION: □ □ □ □

Evidence Based Design (EBD) Wandering path Eden Alternative Moments of pause to promote retention of memory

An elephant never forgets.


Harmonious proportion of parts and elements create a blance between spaces.

DETAIL:PERSONAL Clear signage and ample lighting provide seamless wayfinding


Ribbed ceiling conditions ensure wandering patients are safe to walk about these areas.

2nd Floor

Employees are encouraged to revisit their roots in order to reflect on a personal, business, and global level. A blance of private focus zones and collaborative zones allow will promote self-actualization of the corporate environment.

PET scan room

A graphic wall provided wayfinding for users. Using the concept of an elephant’s journey we created landmarks as a way for the patients to use their current location to recall other locations.

The five senses: An open floor plan for a bistro would remind patients to eat as the aroma would engage their sense of smell. Adjacent to the bistro is a music area to ease the patients with nostalgic sounds.

Informal work zone

Celestial light fixtures

Bistro elevation

An appropriate amount of environmental stimulation can have a positive effect on Alzheimer’s patients.

Evidence Based Design:

Nurse station

Soft vs hard seating

□ Signage should be legible, simple, and consistent for easy navigation. □ Wandering should be encouraged but controlled. □ Social interaction uses the brain’s cognitive function, engages the senses, and keeps the brain active. □ Connection to nature allows the patient to feel less constrained and more at peace.

Flexibility of spaces is paramount for employees with limited office space. For example, A break room that doubles as informal work space.

The ceiling conditions inform the wandering path, and circles around nodes, so there is a seamless beginning and end. Furthermore, flooring changes should be subtle but with high contrast to verticle elements.

Conference room

INFORMATION: LocatIon: 4202 East Fowler Ave. Tampa, Florida 33613 Size: 1,000 SQ.FT. Duration: 1 Year Team: UF, USF, UCF, FSU Media: AutoCAD®, Photoshop®, InDesgin®, PowerPoint®, Revit®, 3ds Max®, Final Cut Pro®, wood models

PROBLEM: □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □

Vertical studio integration Collaboration between 4 Florida Universities 1 year to design, plan and build a house Privacy issues 10 different competitions Sustainability Relocate to compete in Washington, DC Marketability

Flexible = Age-in-place

SOLUTION: □ □ □ □ □ □ □

Age-in-place LEED Silver Pre-fabrication Weekly Skype meetings Flexible spaces and selective program Natural Ventilation Dimmable lights


Age-in-place allows for a young couple to grow old in a house the accommodates for their needs.

PV Array Louver/Umbrella Shading


Structural Steel House Envelope

Every detail has a multifunction. The kitchen table doubles as work surface with adjustable legs. The sofa folds into a bed. An office becomes a loft for a guest to stay the night.

Floor and Roof/ Ceiling Structure


Simple construction, frontloaded with very detailed designs ensured our victory for competition day.

The main body of the house can be shipped on one truck (to minimize shipping costs) and quickly deployed on the site. Sliding modules contract into the main body during shipping and roll out a the site to maximize the floor area.

The design incorporates passive and active lighting strategies to create visual comfort, promote energy efficiency, and utilizes dimmers for comfort levels based on the age-in-place concept.

INFORMATION: Maya: Video Game Animation

Duration: 3 Months Problem: Design and develope a character, environment, and create a 2 minute long video Media: Maya速, After Effects速, Final Cut Pro速, Photoshop速


Quick sketches helped develop the story behind the characters.


After learning to 3D model using Maya, we learned to apply texture to the characters.


After the models were developed, they were rigged and animated to create a video


INFORMATION: Duration: 10-20 Minutes Media: Charcoal


Hive Concept

INFORMATION: Duration: 4 Days Problem: Design a museum for creativity. Media: AutoCAD速,Photoshop速, chipboard model


Eggs are laid singly in a cell in a wax honeycomb, produced and shaped by worker bees.

Future Inventors Great ideas are born from a strong foundation.

Worker bees cooperate to find food and in doing so collect pollen on their limbs, causing cross-pollination

Creative Thinking Interdisciplinary collaboration is key to resolving any type of problem.

The hive structure is a densely packed matrix of hexagonal cells that serve as multipurpose spaces.

Early Entrepreneurs In order to reach our full potential we must be flexible to any situation.

Site plan

Building Sketches

Information is powerful, but it is how we use it that defines us. Lobby


Eduardo Lam Portfolio  

Design is about mastering the practice of viewing the world through different lenses. One must possess the ability to simultaneously be min...

Eduardo Lam Portfolio  

Design is about mastering the practice of viewing the world through different lenses. One must possess the ability to simultaneously be min...