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After much internal debate, my final choices were: Fictional Character: Darth Vader Historical Figure: Genhis Khan Movement: Viva la Repollution Artist: Joaquin Sabina.

These are the first and most rudimentary round of sketches for “Viva la Repollution;� the movement, which was my choice of the original four. The decision was based on the great opportunity for experimentation as well as it having a solid concept.

These are the second wave of sketches, scanned and cleaned digitally.

From all the variations, these three represent the focused “semi-final�logo versions. Color was finally brought into the ecuation to truly test their effectiveness.

After yet another revision, this is the final logotype and its color iterations. Some shapes were refined and the stroke on the upper edge was made consistent. The monochromatic magenta

was chosen as the primary version. I also decided that due to the assertive, rebellious nature of the movement, the best way to develop it would be through a guerrilla campaign.

As an attemp to explain and have a conceptual nexus for the campaign I wrote and designed this manifesto. Inspired by the TV speech in the V for Vendetta movie, it ends wih a call for action. I

was then left with ithe question of how to spread it and how to employ it as part of the guerrila campaign. From the way it was held in the class critique, the idea came to me to use it as a scroll.

I also created other graphon this page is a type based ics to be used in campaign graphic. Both of these were pieces. They all required a based on custom lettering brief indivisual sketch and which followed the logo’s refinement process. The one aesthetic. Bottom on this on the opposite page is a page is a visual parody of the semi-large format sign. Top recycle symbol.

Viva la Repollution is a graphic rebellion campaign against greenwashing and the vaunted complacency of flawed recycling systems which don’t address mindless consumption. It strikes not with moralist pleas but with visually supported irony and sarcasm. It employs the color magenta for its impact and artificiality and custom lettering to contrast with the academic correctness of mainstream products and communication design.

A key factor for the pieces of the guerrilla campaign was their versatility. These sleeves had the possibility of being placed around most disposable cups.

Placed in front of recyclablematerial products store Muji this A-shaped sign drew a significant amount of attention. It also caused stir in the subway and even prompted dirty looks from managers and security at a nearby “mart.�

The purpose of the scroll would be to communicate the manifesto and hand out magenta paint markers.

Here an example of the kind of graphic callout the marker was meant to be used for.

This copy played on the recently controversial fact that tote bags, specifically those with bright colors, had a high lead content.

Created, written and designed by Eduardo Ramirez Holguin

Viva la Repollution - case study book  

The entire process & case study for a campaign brand identity/ hand-lettering in chaptered book form.

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