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Site one:eastern precint student centre

The left white wall is made by concrete, and the roof is metal., the door is glass.

The concrete part is the main building, metal roof connect the main area with another part of building. The main part of building is higher and the another part is lower, for the reason, the whole one is a kind of trapezium. Site two,msle building

The building beside the environment student center, glass door and windows, the main structure made by red bricks.

Around those bricks, there are some lime power, around the bricks and make the wall become white. Meanwhile, we can see the drain pipes easily, in the building. Site three :

This building is under constructing now, it looks like quadrangle courtyard, a yard in the middle, and buildings around the yard. In the building, the main material is concrete as well. Site 4

Beside the main part of the building, there is a corridor,