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An introduction to OneFiftyNine

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OneFiftyNine Limited Studio 6, Block B, 1 Fawe Street, London, E14 6PD T: 020 7536 7575 F: 020 7900 3050 M: 07901 688 913 E: Regional Offices: Bristol, Plymouth, Reading

Overview OneFiftyNine is a design company with a difference. These days business moves at a pace that was unthinkable even five years ago. And to succeed you need to constantly stay on top of your game. The pressure on marketers to consistently deliver is unrelenting. So when it comes to selecting design partners to work with you have to be confident that they will not let you down – there are no second chances! OneFiftyNine was set up in 2004 with the single-minded aim of providing design services that dovetail perfectly into the way our clients want to work, not vice versa. That’s what makes us different. We’re small enough to have the flexibility to adapt and respond as you require, and experienced enough to be able to manage projects, from start to finish, without constant reference back to you. After all, you have enough on your plate without having to hold our hand through the process. In that respect we’re refreshingly different. We have an established client base that spans the education, corporate and consumer marketplaces. We offer a full range of design services (both printed and on-line) including:

· Brand development and implementation · Marketing and sales printed collateral · Magazine editorial content, design and production · Advertising (concepts and production) – press and on-line

· Direct mail · Exhibition graphics · Website development and content generation · E-newsletters/interactive brochures

Client list and references Client List: 3M Abalisse Investimenti Cass Business School CitiGroup City University Currencies Direct Hollybrook Homes Halifax Estate Agents International Irradiation Association (IMRP) Kaupthing Bank N2 Ferntown Opus Italia REVISS Services TMD Technologies Varsity Packaging

References I have been delighted with the way the team at OneFiftyNine is able to deliver all aspects of our projects – from conceptual presentations, through copywriting, photography, design to print. Melanie Hamelle, Marketing Manager, Cass Business School The nine years I have worked with the team is testament to the value I place on the projects OneFiftyNine undertakes for us. Regardless of timescale or budget I always have the utmost confidence in the quality of work the team delivers. The levels of project management and creativity are exceptional, and always on brief, budget and time. Cathie Deeley, Marketing Manager, REVISS Services

Your team

Your team OneFiftyNine is very much a design company of its time. When budgets are being squeezed and marketing departments are being paired back to the bone, companies want agencies that deliver value that is tangible; the right expertise when, and only when, required; at a cost that is always affordable; and ideally from an agency that is local and on-hand. Not much to ask for! Recession or no recession, it’s always been the same. We’ve always recognised that fact and have structured the company to consistently deliver against these requirements. And we’ve been doing it successfully for 5 years. Ed Toll, who founded OneFiftyNine in 2004, has pulled together a highly skilled and talented team of marketing and creative professionals to support clients – long term, independent partners committed to the success of the company and its clients. Whatever the project, whatever its size or complexity, we always put together a team that has the right level of expertise to deliver the project. Over the last year we’ve been developing a local presence in key geographical areas to ensure a truly ‘on-hand’ service, using technology to connect us seamlessly as an agency. Current regional hubs include London, Reading, Bristol and Plymouth.

Key team members include: Ed Toll After a number of years working for a range of small and medium sized marketing and design agencies Ed created OneFiftyNine with the sole aim of offering exceptional quality and value to a loyal selection of clients. He’s happiest when rolling his sleeves up and working with clients to discuss, plan and implement their marketing and design solutions. Chris Cullen Chris is a hands-on strategic marketer who has worked with some of the world’s most successful brands over 20 years. Brands such as IBM, 3M, Dow, Cass Business School, Marriott, Samsung, De La Rue, Halifax and Philips have all benefited from his clear thinking and drive. He has also been instrumental in the success of many SMEs, where his experience of running his own successful marketing and design business is often invaluable. Julie Cooper After an early career as a reporter and sub-editor in the newspaper industry, the poacher became a gamekeeper by taking up the challenge of becoming a public relations manager in the health

service. Julie spent 15 years supporting a variety of health organisations through major changes and improvements, before setting up her own successful communications consultancy. Julie has wide ranging skills and experience including strategic communications planning, media management, internal communications, and public consultation. Richard White With a passion for great design, and a genius with Photoshop, Rich oversees the quality of all OneFiftyNine’s design work. He’s something of a magician, somehow managing to hit every deadline, regardless of how ridiculous. Having said that, it’s amazing he manages to get anything done at all, as, like all great designers, he suffers from the bombardment of ‘friends’ he’s barely ever met asking for invites, cards, posters and flyers for all occasions! Kate Lines Kate is at the centre of virtually every system and process at OneFiftyNine as well as being involved with a healthy dose of project work too. In fact she’s never happier than when making, or ticking off, one of her world-renowned lists. Oh, and she’s rarely without her satsuma flavoured hand cream!

Michael Gbadebo Michael is a rare individual, a web developer who is able to explain technology in a simple and irresistible way. His enthusiasm for the benefits that web technology can bring business is infectious. He has many years of experience building web applications, such as content managed websites, CRM systems, e-commerce sites, and spends almost as much time helping clients to drive traffic, enquiries and orders to their sites through SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing. Anything web, Michael’s your man. Copywriters Elizabeth Handford, Mark McDowall, Gill Cartwright Design team Liam O’Leary, Lisa Boxshall Online development Martin Robinson Photography Clive Sherlock

Printing While OneFiftyNine arranges and manages the printing/production of the majority of the ‘print-based’ projects it undertakes we are entirely flexible and work with a number of clients who prefer to use their own printer. In these instances we will co-manage the printing process offering support and advice when required and ensuring the selected printer is entirely comfortable with the artwork supplied and that the quality of the final product is delivered to the expectation of the client. OneFiftyNine has very strong relationships with a selection of excellent printers within London and throughout the rest of the country. As a result there is little limit to our print-buying capacity and have never been unable to achieve a client’s desired print finish, binding preference, colour combination or die-cut shape!

Examples of work

CLIENT: Cass Central Comms PROJECT: InBusiness (business magazine) OVERVIEW: Sent to a circulation of 25,000 business contacts, alumni, students and staff, Cass Business School’s regular business magazine ‘InBusiness’ aims to encapsulate the unique and vibrant atmosphere at Cass and showcase some of its cutting edge research together with academic and practitioner opinions and views on the business topics and issues of the day.

CLIENT: 3M Building & Commercial Services PROJECT: Brochure and inserts OVERVIEW: 3M offers a huge range of products of potential interest to facilities managers. These products are sold by a number of different businesses within the organisation. The brief was to pull together all these products into one brochure and position 3M as a major supplier of product solutions that address key issues of concern to the facilities manager (e.g. safety & security, image improvement etc.). Product inserts were also produced that expanded upon the brochure and provided more detail on each product.

CLIENT: Cass Careers PROJECT: Hand-selected campaign OVERVIEW: Briefed to work on all aspects of Cass Careers’ ‘Hand-selected’ campaign – from concepts through to photography, design, print and mailing. Together with producing Cass Careers literature for post-graduate students, the campaign also involved targeting prospective recruiters and employers with an offer to ‘hand-select’ potential MBA students who satisfied their specific job descriptions. The campaign included design and production of brochures, flyers, letterheads and chocolate box mailings.

CLIENT: Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander PROJECT: Brand development and design implementation

OVERVIEW: Having acquired established UK property finance specialists, Singer & Friedlander, Kaupthing (Iceland’s largest bank), was looking for a consistent way to present the complete Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander offering to the market. Our brief was to develop and articulate a single, core proposition for the combined real estate businesses – what makes Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander different. This proposition and its substantiation was rolled out across press advertising and corporate literature.

CLIENT: Cass MBA Programme PROJECT: EMBA ad campaign OVERVIEW: Targeted at a City-based audience, the Executive MBA ‘coffee cup’ ad campaign was designed to raise awareness of Cass’s part-time MBA programme by communicating messages surrounding the convenience and up to date business thinking offered by the Cass programme. The ad, which was rolled out across print media, including the FT and CityAM, the Underground and DLR, also featured a coffee sleeve campaign targeted across City based coffee shops. A microsite was also developed for capturing and measuring responses to the overall campaign.

CLIENT: Credit & Mercantile PROJECT: Press advertising OVERVIEW: Our challenge was to raise Credit & Mercantile’s profile amongst IFAs and mortgage brokers, position them above the competition, stimulate enquiry levels and regain market share. Our research had shown that all the competitors, through their advertising, focused on the ‘givens’ (competitive rates, speed and flexibility), offering no other point of differentiation. Our strategy for Credit & Mercantile was to create tangible differentiation from the competition through building empathy with the IFA and mortgage broker communities. We achieved this by acknowledging the importance of reputation to their business and providing reassurance that their reputation was safe with Credit & Mercantile.

CLIENT: International Irradiation Association PROJECT: IMRP London conference 2008 OVERVIEW: OneFiftyNine was asked to present concept ideas for the look and feel of all literature surrounding IMRP’s biennial conference. The client was keen to focus on the London aspect of the conference as the target audience is highly international. As a result the design was based on landmark London cityscapes and architecture, for which appropriate photography was sourced and commissioned.

The brochure was very well received by colleagues. Massive praise for the design and layout - they loved it! Thanks to you all for your considerable efforts in support of this project.

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CLIENT: Abalisse Investimenti PROJECT: Visual identity OVERVIEW: Abalisse Investimenti is a highly respected real estate developer, specialising in the restoration of elegant Tuscan homes. The client was looking to establish a visual identity for its literature and website that reflected the quality and authenticity of its restorations, whilst evoking ‘la dolce vita’ to prospective buyers. We produced brochures for both Borgo di Verardinga and Castle of Campiglia as well as a content managed website covering all developments.

CLIENT: Hollybrook PROJECT: Corporate brochure OVERVIEW: Unhappy with concepts presented by the incumbent agency, Hollybrook asked OneFiftyNine to present some design ideas on a purely speculative basis. The brief was to portray the quality of Hollybrook’s developments at the same time as ensuring all stages of the development process, in which the organisation is involved, were communicated effectively. Hollybrook was delighted with the ideas put forward and commissioned the project.

CLIENT: Opus Italia PROJECT: Villa Saltareccio brand development and marketing campaign

OVERVIEW: Specialising in the transformation of historic villas, farmhouses and palazzos into distinctive contemporary homes in enchanting, Italian locations, Opus Italia chose to offer shares in Villa Saltareccio on a fractional ownership basis. Our brief was to create a brand that encapsulated the Villa Saltareccio offering, produce a suite of marketing materials, and build a pipeline of sales enquiries quickly to deliver a fast return on their investment.

CLIENT: Lower Mill Estate PROJECT: e-shot campaign and website OVERVIEW: Lower Mill Estate is an exclusive lakeside second home development in the heart of the Cotswolds. Historically the client has been able to rely on press advertising to generate the requisite number of enquiries and tours to sell off-plan 30 houses per year. However, the market has become more competitive and has suffered in the economic downturn. The client was looking for a more cost-effective way to generate sales enquiries. As part of our strategic marketing remit, we put in place an e-marketing programme to supplement the ongoing press advertising. Four different e-shots were developed and a test campaign was undertaken to assess their relative effectiveness, varying message and design approach with the most effective e-shot rolled out in a phased campaign over 6 weeks. The cost per enquiry (press advertising versus e-marketing) was reduced by 90%.

CLIENT: De La Rue PROJECT: New market launch campaign OVERVIEW: De La Rue had traditionally sold its cash handling systems to banks, and knew how to talk their language. This was reflected in their ‘highly technical’ brochures. Opportunities were identified in new ‘less technical’ sectors (vending, leisure, transport and retail), and we were approached to develop a new ‘look and feel’ and ‘tone of voice’ that was simplified, impactful and benefits-driven. An initial literature suite was produced, followed by exhibition materials and trade advertising.

CLIENT: Systems Union PROJECT: Customer magazine and channel newsletter

OVERVIEW: Systems Union sells its business software through channel partners. We were briefed to produce two different publications; a glossy magazine (the edge) for end-users with articles, case studies and support offerings; and a simplified newsletter (inside edge) for channel partners with news, awards, partner events and profiles.

CLIENT: City University PROJECT: Various OVERVIEW: Over the last few years we have worked on several projects for City University, across a number of the Schools. Our brief in each case has been to deliver design that is fresh, relevant and impactful and always consistent with the City University style guidelines.

oad or on-the-pole… Wherever you want to work or has the job to suit you.

CLIENT: fish4 PROJECT: Ad concepts OVERVIEW: The client brief was to develop and present a number of ‘scamped’ concept ideas for an up and coming fish4 nation-wide print ad campaign. The brief was to include its three key market sectors – jobs, homes and cars.

PROJECT: Website Development OVERVIEW: OneFiftyNine has an increasing amount of experience designing and building websites and other web-based applications for its clients. This experience extends into content managed sites, CRM systems, knowledge managed systems, e-shots, e-newsletters and banner advertisements.

CLIENT: Various PROJECT: Corporate Identity OVERVIEW: Although much of what


OneFiftyNine does for clients is working within existing (-%&).$%23 corporate design guidelines, we do have experience


of developing and rolling out corporate identities for small to medium-sized businesses. Typically these businesses are looking for clear, sound strategic


thinking and creative interpretation that delivers

(/-% & ) . $ % 23

FINDERS logos and visual identities that help position them

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appropriately and distinctly within their markets.

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responsible futures

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Cass H O M E F I N D E Finance RS P R O P E R T Y Network SERVICE

OneFiftyNine Limited Studio 6, Block B, 1 Fawe Street, London, E14 6PD T: 020 7536 7575 F: 020 7900 3050 M: 07901 688 913 E:

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