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Customized To add a little graphic “pizzazz” to the top of your Announcements page (first thing the student sees when opening the course), you can include a visually appealing banner, using Microsoft PowerPoint. The following steps assume PowerPoint 2007 is being used.

1 Open a new PowerPoint 2007 document. 2 Click the DESIGN tab. 3 Choose Page Setup and set the length to 9.25” and the height to 1.5”. Click OK. This becomes the size of your page and it fits nicely at the top of the Blackboard opening page. 4 Type in the title of the course and any other information you want the students to see. Keep in mind that this will show up fairly small, so do not type in whole paragraphs, just a few words. 5 If you decide to add clip art, keep in mind copyright laws. 6 In the Design tab, you will have several choices for backgrounds. Click through them to determine which ones you want to use.

7 Click the Office button. Page 1 of 2

8 Choose SAVE AS, then Other Formats. 9 Scroll through the list until you see JPEG File Interchange Format. 10 Click Save.

11 Choose the option Current Slide Only.

12 Now open your Blackboard page and choose the course you want to add the banner to. 13 In the Control Panel, click Customization and then Style. 14 Scroll down to Part 5 and click Browse for Local File, locate your jpeg file and click Open.

15 Click Submit. 16 Click on Announcements and your banner should now appear.

This will let students know they are in “the right place.” Page 2 of 2