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Discussion Board





Writing Style Participation

Hierarchical: Forum with multiple threads Formal Group or entire class

Formal Individual, group, entire class


Topical and chronological


No collaborative editing


Posts are accumulated for review and linked to Grade Center

Informal Individual, group, entire class Reverse chronological order Minimal collaborative editing Filter entries by user to review; not linked to Grade Center


Discussion Board  Allow students to introduce themselves in a nonthreatening environment to develop a sense of community.  Provide an area for course questions or comments  Communicate thorough frequent discussions about a particular topic  Share diverse points of view  Extend the conversation beyond the classroom walls

Blog    

   

Individual projects Externships and internships Personal notebook Provide a structured forum for writing about course readings Class discussions Share field experiences Provide individualized instructor feedback Record and reflect on fieldwork, research

Alphabetic ordering Collaborative editing View contributions for each students under Assess Wikis; not linked to Grade Center

Wiki  Build knowledge  Share resources  Present individual or group project  Coordinate team lab projects  Synthesize research  Present case studies

Blog, Wikis and Discussion Boards, Oh My!  

When should you use a blog? When should you use a wiki? What about a discussion board?