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Southam Market / Town Centre Redevelopment Survey Results 2012 2841 questionnaires to all households in Southam in Mid April and were given until Friday 11th May to return the form. 765 questionnaires were returned in the timescale allocated representing a response rate of 27%, very good for this type of consultation. Q1

Do you shop at or visit Southam Market on Tuesdays? Yes............ 501 (65.6%) Go to Q2 No............. 263 (34.4%) Go to Q5


Do the following factors about the stalls at Southam Market meet your requirements? Tick one box on each row Yes

The number of stalls

215 (45.6%)


256 (54.4%)

The quality of the stalls

402 (85.2%)

70 (14.8%)

The variety of stalls

273 (57.6%)

201 (42.4%)


On average, how much do you think you spend on a visit to this market? Up to £5.................................. 107 (24.2%) £6 to £10................................. 184 (41.5%) £11 to 20................................. 119 (26.8%) £21 to £30............................... 31 (6.9%) £31 to £40............................... 2 (0.5%) £41 and over........................... 0 (0.0%)


When you visit this market, how often in general do you visit the surrounding retail outlets as well? Always............. 305 (60.9%) Sometimes...... 191 (38.1%) Never.............. 5 (1.0%)


Is this the best location to hold the market? Yes............. 611 (82.7%) Go to Q7 No.............. 128 (17.3%) Go to Q6


If no, please suggest an alternative location. 152 comments as per Appendix 1.


In general what do you look for in a market? Tick all that apply Do not visit markets............ 80 (10.6%) Go to Q8 Low cost items...................... 474 (62.7%) Go to Q9 Appearance of stalls............. 360 (47.6%) Go to Q9 Variety of the stalls.............. 618 (81.7%) Go to Q9 Accessibility.......................... 405 (53.6%) Go to Q9 Other..................................... 188 (24.9%) Go to Q9 If other, please specify other things you look for

183 comments as per Appendix 2. Q8

If you do not visit Southam market, what are your reasons? Tick all that apply Does not offer value................. 10 (3.7%) Goods on offer......................... 57 (20.9%) Appearance of stalls................. 32 (11.7%) Wrong day of the week............ 98 (35.9%) Lack of variety......................... 69 (25.3%) Other....................................... 158 (57.9%) If other, please specify

158 comments as per Appendix 3.

and looking at another matter, the TOWN CENTRE REDEVELOPMENT (Victor Hodges House /Library/Police Station area) Q9

What do you think the community space within the proposed development should contain? Please write in the box below your suggestions. 656 comments as per Appendix 4, and analysed in the table below.

Table: What respondents think the community space within the proposed development should contain Responses 5 or more Library CafÊ / coffee Police station Office Cardal Collection Park Housing Market Seating / sitting area / benches Meeting rooms / space CAB / Citizens’ Advice Garden Museum Social related Parking Restaurant Youth club Accommodation Community centre/hall Trees Council office Green space Activities Cinema Teenagers related Drop in Private related Heritage related Retail related Clothes shop Shoe shop Information centre Sports related Bar Toilets Exhibition Flowers Heritage centre Computer related Takeaways Bowling

Number 282 137 134 72 67 58 51 51 50 49 37 36 33 33 32 32 32 27 22 22 21 20 19 19 18 16 15 14 14 12 12 11 11 10 10 9 9 9 8 7 6

% 43 21 20 11 10 9 9 9 8 7 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1

Butchers Soft play Tennis Craft Deli Electrical related Hairdresser Music related Performance related Pool Wine bar Base:

6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1



Please make any other comments you may wish to make in the box below. 284 comments as per Appendix 5.


Are you...?

Male........................................ 241 (32.1%) Female.................................... 510 (67.9%)

APPENDICES Appendix 1: Suggestions for alternative locations for the market (152 comments) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Market Hill. A larger nearby venue? Anywhere but in a car park! Anywhere but on car park/the car park is for cars. Area in front of police station to free up parking in car park. As it's the only one available. At present the location is good but for the future it might be worth incorporating it into the new redevelopment. Back of Co-Op, but I guess it's ok in Wood Street - there really isn't anywhere else. Behind the Co-Op. Bring back the buses for local villages when they stopped it affected everything. So did the opening of Tesco. Budgens car park. Can't think of anywhere else more suitable at the moment, but it has certainly gone downhill much from what it used to be. Can't think of one but is difficult to park in car park on a Tuesday. Can't think of other options. Car park on Market Hill - more visible. Close Market Hill for morning-also allows more parking places in Wood Street, church and museums would be open. Heritage walks in summer. Close off Market Hill and High Street to vehicles. Have a proper market with more variety and stalls. Close part of Main Street. Community areas on Victor Hodges Building. Create an area between the library and police station that can also be used for the farmers market on Saturdays. Do not use the Hill Street Car Parking area. Current location is accessible, fully able and disabled cars have parking, toilet facilities and church opposite provides coffee and community meeting place! Don't want it in the car park areas on the town, perhaps the library grounds. Due to the small number of stalls, the car parking spaces need by the market does not warrant it. People wanting to shop in Southam from villages have not enough space to park - they use out of town shopping or just another day. Market Hill would lose flower spaces. Enlarge and move into the High Street on Tuesdays. Expand the market and put it in the high street. Block the high street and make it bigger and better. Farmers market should also be held there. Forecourt/parking area of police station or Market Hill. I do not want to loose the market - Would it not be a good idea to close Wood St for the day as it is very dangerous for the elderly. Perhaps it could be included in the new development. I don't think there is an alternative. Market Hill has been suggested but to increase stall numbers it would be too small and there is the issue of the road if you try to increase footfall. I have only lived in Southam for 1 year and I did not realise you had a market until I stumbled across it by accident, it's hidden away. I think the market should be put on the Market Hill Southam so it is in the centre. I would suggest more central. Between library and Co-Op. Co-Op car park area? Or bowling green car park - I'm sure people can park elsewhere for those few hours. If it is central to the town. If market is necessary Wood Street is as good as any place but it would do better to combine it with farmers market and free up parking on Market Hill on a Saturday. If the market is important it should be on display-close the main street in Southam on Tuesdays, have the market down the centre of town, bring the punters to the high street all business will benefit. If the police station is no longer to be in use, the market could relocate to the car park in front of that building

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

and possibly some of the surrounding area. Thus freeing up space in Wood Street car park. In a prominent position on the main street. In the high street. Include as part of any central new development a market square of suitable proportions. Thus facilitating bric a brac on one day and antiques on another. It is good that it is in the town centre but redevelopment of the library site could include a market hall similar to the one in Tetbury or other towns i.e. open but covered. It is ok where it is, but needs more publicity as lots of people don't know it's there. Perhaps spread into Wood Street (top end). If more stalls and police station forecourt. It should go on the high street from corner of old Oddbins to Myton hospice shop and there will be a short road closure - and it will encourage more trade in the surrounding shops. It's a shame that the location is not very viable. It's only because I work, if it was a Saturday I would visit. Just behind the Library. Library grounds. Location is immaterial; I can no longer visit the market because I am immobile. Long Itchington/ Stockton. Lower area of car park giving a larger area and possibly more choice and products. Main Street, like other market towns. Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill Market Hill - Close Road or may be in space when new development is done. Market Hill - different day. Library grounds. Market Hill - In full view of potential visitors to Southam. Market Hill - More closer to other shops, at least to give an impression of togetherness with other shops. Market Hill - People driving through would notice it existed. Market Hill - This would encourage passing traffic to call into the town and at the same time help with parking on a Tuesday which is becoming increasingly out of hand. market Hill - with road closures per Southam first events. Market Hill - would get better foot flow. Market Hill - Would not know it was in Wood St if you were just passing - would get more business and bring more business to Market Hill shops. Market Hill and close the road. Market Hill and continuing up Coventry St if needed. Close the town. Traffic can use bypass then the car park can be used for customer’s cars. Market Hill as it is central. (The farmers market is held there, so what the normal market - it would attract more. Market Hill car park - This would then leave plenty of spaces for the irresponsible idiots who park in Leamington Road and cause total mayhem daily! Market Hill car park. Market Hill including the road from the Black Dog to the chemist and then expand up to the post office for the road closure. Market Hill is where it should be.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Market Hill itself Market Hill like the farmers market. Market Hill on a Saturday Market Hill on the Main Street so it was visible for visitors and more promotion by council. Market Hill or Library grounds. Market Hill or possibly space in new development. Market Hill or up Main Street using diversions. Market Hill smaller. Market Hill would be more central. Market Hill would be more visible, Market Hill, Bowling green car park. Market Hill, if it could be cleared. Market Hill, it is a nightmare to park on Tues with the market taking most of the car park. Market Hill, more visible. Market Hill, on car park spaces. Market Hill, Southam. Market Hill, Southam. Market Hill, Southam. Market Hill. Market Hill. Market Hill. Market Hill. Market Hill. Market Hill. Market Hill. Market Hill. Market Hill. Behind post office/street (area used for Mop fair) Market Hill/grounds by library/bowling green car park/co-Op car park. Market Hill/library grounds. Middle of town Market Hill Southam. Good idea, ought to have been here years ago. More room may be needed if market is to be expanded. Needs to be more visible. Needs to be somewhere where more people can see what is on offer. Park grounds maybe? Needs signage to advertise. Next to library? Too crowded as I live next to the current market location. The path is difficult to walk down with a pushchair too. No No Not at the moment as people won't visit market as no parking space as cars parked 24hrs free of charge, put a parking meter in and make it pay to park. Not sure but less parking on market day is not a good idea. On Market Hill On Market Hill, possibly even closing the road. On Market Hill. On Market Hill. You don't know there's a marker on!! Our Main Street, Coventry Road, was designed centuries ago to allow a market to be held there. We should consider changing parking on one side to echelon or nose to kerb, so that these spaces can be used for market stalls. Parking is limited, Market Hill would be good but traffic and crossing is an issue. Perhaps a new location as part of the library, police station development. Possibly Market Hill. Rear of the Co-Op store or Market Hill. Recreation ground - more room. Same location on Saturday market. Should be on Market Hill. Should not be on Market Hill as not safe , too close to road.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sometimes I think market Hill but it's not bad. Somewhere more in the centre of town. In the car park always makes it feel as though it was an after thought. Somewhere more prominent. Somewhere with more space. Southam RFC. Suggest indoor market in town centre redevelopment. The grange grounds/behind Co-Op. The middle of the main market square in the centre of town by the rest of the shops. The park off Park Lane. Suitable for more stalls, next to the river, good location with bags of character. The parking spaces opposite HSBC-more central. Too tucked away in Wood Street. The police car park. There is no other location. There isn't much space in current location for increasing size etc. Think so (or Market Hill). Town centre, Market Hill, Wood Street Road if closed Unless market changes to offer quality products no point in having a market. Unsure in Southam - if it was bigger that would be good, but then parking would be an issue. Victor Hodges area possibly. Where it is more visible i.e. the village green area between police station and library. Thus frees more parking space. Where police station is. Where the farmers market is held at present would make it more visible.

Appendix 2: Other things respondents look for in a market (183 comments) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Good quality produce that I can not get locally. Low cost but good quality. I don't visit the market because there never seems to be any stalls of interest and because I work 9-5. Quality of stalls. Good and different products. Good quality products. Quirky/individual stalls selling things I can't just go and buy in pound shop. Crafts, specialist foods etc. Small items, clothes, children and adults. Quality - especially the fish stall and fruit and veg - both excellent. I would say "good value" rather than "lots of items". Good quality products. Local produce. Hot food vendors, children’s rides. Fresh produce. Items that you can't get in supermarkets e.g. artisan breads, deli items/local produce, unusual gifts. Home crafts, antiques, soft furnishings, plants, garden ornaments. Pleasant stall holders. Items that are not stocked in the shops in Southam. I think that all the people on the stalls are my friends. I moved into Southam January 2012. Parking. Fresher produce than surrounding shops, organic or unusual items. Tuesday's not right day should be Saturday. Good place to meet up with friends. Freshness of food, e.g. fish, meat, veg. Atmosphere and community spirit. Local produce, fruit veg, dairy. Local produce, friendly personal service, social/community aspect. The day the market is held. Quality of fresh produce. Speciality stalls that can't be found locally, in particular fresh fish van. Local seasonal produce, different items that you don't find in high street shops. Size Our market needs better advertising. Friendliness. Fresh and local produce. Local produce, something special that would not normally be found in a shop. Quality of product. Fresh produce. Value for money, fresh produce not available locally. Would like it to be open for longer. Local/fresh produce. Personal friendly service. I like to support local traders. I like to feel produce is fresh and locally produced. Often markets are the alternative to large packs e.g. hardware items from superstores. Markets often have different things. Farmers market. Items not generally available locally. Carpets, clothes, bedding/sheets. We could do with clothes and shoe stalls. Local produce. To support long standing feature of a market town.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Markets normally bring more business and brings a town together. Would look better on Market Hill and for anyone visiting Southam would look good. Home produce. Fresh veg and fruit. Not within a normal working week, i.e. prefer weekends, bank hols. Other goods not otherwise available in Southam. Safety of looking round the stalls. wood St car park is ideal for this and also next to toilets. The same stalls should be there every week. Somewhere to park nearby and a toilet nearby. Fresh produce. The fresh fruit, veg and meat. Convenience, opens at 07.00-0730, personal service by stall owners. The friendly nature of the stall holders. Would be nice to have more house hold item/toiletries and also a cheese and bread stall. Cleanliness. Seasonal changes, parking. Local products from local farms and hand made goods. Free and easy parking. Local produce. Pedestrian safety. Would like some more clothes, shoes and flower stalls. Social meeting of stall holders and customers. More local produce, more regional items. Parking nearby Parking Parking for markets. Good quality goods and produce, some at lower prices than other outlets, some which it's not easy to get hold of without going into Leamington. Would be great to see local produce, meat etc. Continuity of stalls, i.e. being there each week. Things not normally sold at retail shop outlets. Something local shops don't cater for. Meeting people - Important for the elderly of Southam and the surrounding villages. What I can't get in Southam shops, like clothes, plants. Please note - Road from town centre to car park (market) should be narrowed to single vehicle width and pathway widened, better for disabled. Quality of items. Friendly stall holders. The market is held when the majority of people, myself included, are at work. This means I am unable to support the market, even though I would like to1 I would like to be able to get bread/cakes. Although I do not visit the market I think that the public toilets are essential to the town and for visitors. Numerous stalls selling larger items. Locally produced items. Most of the items are cheap and tacky. I just buy fruit/veg/fish. Fresh fruit and veg, plants. That they will be there every week. Quality. What day/time is it on. Work Tuesday's so not here. Have used in the past. Value for money. Fresh, local produce and good quality. A variety of stalls broaden the appeal also. Locally produced produce. Close to parking. The day they are on. Saturday would be better. Unusual items. Good food. Also it's just nice to browse and meet people. That the stall holders will be there every week, give e us notice if they will be on holiday etc. At the moment some seen to turn up every so often, not advertised enough, banners as you enter Southam. The market people are always very friendly and helpful.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

No clothes stalls only on occasions. Friendly personal service. Longer times (9-4pm) Look for quality and freshness of goods. Variety of regular markets once established would bring more trade activity to the town centre. Rely on the people, very good friends. To look and not ask if I want anything. Local food and fresh produce. Good food stalls-local produce etc. Availability of fish and seafood items. Every 'new to the market' item, open to all sorts of product. Cleaning products are a must for a tidy house, hoover bags are always on offer, but I'm always looking for more than just that. It's nice to meet other people from outlying villages who don't shop in Southam on a daily basis, plus there are now two good coffee shops which all add to the 'market day' appeal. I look for the market to draw in shoppers from out lying areas, something which it is successful in as Tuesday morning is the busiest period in the town centre. Good quality and variety of local produce Quality of produce e.g. farmers market. Friendly stall holders. Good parking nearby. Different variety from shops of produce. High quality, locally sourced items. Clean stalls. Food stalls especially fish stall stinks due to lack of hygiene - makes all the area pong! Value for money! Good quality fresh fruit and veg, fish, bread and cakes. Farm direct, good quality meat (like at monthly farmers market) and cheeses. Local produce and local crafts. I do think the market is valid/needed for elderly and young families. Good local food, goods made by local people. Quality and on a weekend!!! Interesting and useful merchandise, specialist good quality but cheap produce, things you cannot buy in local shops e.g. proper bread, shoes, clothes, good fruit and veg. I've been visiting the market on a Tuesday whilst on maternity leave but I'm now back at work. Quality - consistent stalls (visiting) variety on offer. Fresh produce which is good quality and good value for money. Also to help local businesses. Crafts, gifts-something different!! At a range of prices. Deli/cheese produce. I like buying my fruit and veg from market stalls-good quality and good prices. Quality I look for fresh vegetables and fruit from local producers and items that we can't get in the shops. Busy, bustling, interesting, lively atmosphere at weekend. Friendly service, being in the fresh air, especially on a fine day. Space to chat to people, not feeling hurried or hassled by being in a queue. Being able to park near by. Meet friends. A stall where I can purchase what I/we specifically require. We also hire a stall to use for our Southam and District Lions needs when necessary. The market could do with more variety of goods. Locally produced items, not just food but local crafts. A more suitable day. Fresh fruit and vegetables/fresh meat which there are each week. Garden plants - more variety than at present. The high quality and good value of fresh fish, veg, fruit and flowers and 'homemade' quality of meat/cheese/preserved products. Local produce, fresh produce, homemade cakes, fresh bread, local meat, quirky crafts and stuff. Toilets, cafe A market should be interesting, plenty of variety, lots of stalls, in a prominent area, not moved into a car park down a side street. Include antiques, boot stalls, books, veg, fish ,grocery specialist including farmers market. Quality of goods.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Specialist products-delicatessen, fresh artisan bread, high quality fruit and veg, fish counter good quality meat. Community spirit, fresh local produce, items not available in local shops e.g. shoes, clothing, kitchen utensils/appliances. Market stalls should be free of charge or minimal charge £10 paid to charity. Fresh food (like the farmers market), crafts. I always look for value at any market. Things that I can't get in the local shops. Low cost but also I don't mind paying for good quality, fresh goods - the farmers market thrives. Good quality items. Good range of items. Items unavailable elsewhere in Southam especially in town, regular traders. Parking Locally sourced produce. Shoes, clothing, handbags/luggage, collectables etc To look for a market to reflect the character of a town. Southam for example is described as a market town, therefore a market should still exist. Fresh produce at reasonable prices. Household stuff, greengrocers. Problem exchanging items as you have no receipt. Usually not so helpful when you return, to first visit. Helpful stall holders, which there are in Southam market. Fresh, local foods and goods that don't look stolen. Quality and variety of goods. Household linens, bedding, cheese stall, gifts stall tools, ladies underwear, another fruit stall fresh bread stall, shoes stall. Pet stall. Friendly stall holders. Welcome and polite response from stall holders Absence of junk. Good quality at reasonable prices. Value for money, fresh produce. Actually only really visit Southam market for two excellent stalls - the fish van and the herbs/spices etc. stall. Quality products. Groceries. Local produce. Would be more successful if a weekend market Social event, community, wide range of products at competitive prices. Good links for small villages. Vibrancy, good friendly atmosphere, somewhere with a bit of heart and soul, which Southam has lost over the years. It would be nice to have a shoe stall. Local products i.e. fruit and veg (farmer type market). Used to enjoy visiting the "French" stall-variety olives, meats etc. Really appreciate fish stall and watch repair stall. Perhaps farmers market could be combined but be held on different day? Items you can get on the High Street but cheaper as well as local produce. Local suppliers, fruit and vegetables, bread, meats. Gifts and cards. Fresh bread, cheeses. The people who run the current market stalls are always very polite and helpful. Local produce. Quality-refrigerated meats/dairy products. Quality fruit and veg from a number of suppliers. Number of stalls vastly reduced over last few months. Southam doesn't have a variety of shops (supermarkets, banks and take aways). I like to buy wool, craft items and gifts, things for the home, would be nice to have clothes and shoes (shops)

Appendix 3: Other reasons for not visiting the market (158 comments) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

At work during weekdays. I can't walk. Always at work. I often forget it is there - it's hidden in current location. Site at top of town. Not a great deal of choice so have tended to shop elsewhere and don't prioritise the market. Usually working daytime. We work. I work Tuesdays. If not working usually doing other things. We shop once a week elsewhere. At work when the market is on. Difficult to find parking space, especially for those with mobility problems. At work weekdays. Not enough stalls. Forget it's on. Nowhere to park as market takes up an area of parking. Prices are high compared with retail outlets in Rugby and Leamington Spa. At work. My day off is Weds! My walking is not good and I prefer to shop where trolleys are available. Weekday markets are no good for working people. This one is too small and limited to us worth while travelling to from any distance; without change it will disappear. We are a working family. At work during this time - but work all week. Saturday would be a good day. Work full time but would visit if held on Saturdays. Time - working full time but believe great asset to town. Due to work. At work when market is held. At work during market. I work Mon-Fri 9-5 so a weekday would not be suitable. I work Tuesdays - so can't get there. Held during working hours! At work! Old age and lack of mobility make walking to and around markets difficult. Don't visit markets. Work that day. I work full time so unable to get to market - how about a Saturday? Don't do anything for me. Working out of area. At work. Work full time. Do not go to markets anywhere. I am not mobile. Working. Daytime and I am at work. I think I was confused about day of the week and place for Farmers market on Market Hill and Southam market and was trying on wrong day. At work. Working out of Southam currently, plan to use from 2013. Unable to go alone. Unable to walk.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Visit market less now I work on a Tue. Fridays would be good for me. We are at work when the market is on. At work until 2.00pm, then finished, all packing up. Was working but plan to visit now on maternity leave. At work, can't get to it. Working Mon/Fri. Forget it is there of available... which is rare as I work! Work away from Southam 8.00-5.00. Not available on Tuesday mornings. During office hours whilst I am working. Present market a small untidy collection of rubbishy stalls. At work. Work full time and therefore not in Southam when market held. Have never been interested in them. Work during week days. I go to work. Not really interested. At work during opening times. Working. At work in Leamington Spa usually. Work. Work commitments. Work on Tuesday mornings but go during holidays or first thing in the morning. Re Q7 do not visit markets. A from of shopping not suited to modern living. More stalls required. Working. I'm at work on Tues. I work on Tuesdays. Normally at work. I don't often go because I don't find the quality available is very good. Lower price household goods and dry goods are ok and good to have fresh fish. When market takes place I work. Location. The stalls that do come are not guaranteed to be there every week. Wellesbourne market is on a Saturday and plenty visit that. This shows if the day and selection are right, people want markets. I prefer to do one big shop at a supermarket. I am elderly and now completely housebound but I used to shop regularly at the Southam Tuesday market and always found it very pleasing. Working all day but for more variety and more bustling market I would make time. I generally don't have time, also due to having two small children I find it hard to get out in the morning! I have visited a couple of times though and would consider it in the future. Poor quality and lack of variety. Don't visit any markets, not my thing. Rarely visit not open long enough as it is packed up before I finish work. Tuesday not best day but regular store holders go elsewhere, e.g. Rugby, Wednesday maybe better on Saturday. Day of the week when I work out of town (Rugby)/ Very difficult to park on market day, market occupies a large part of the car park. A different day would be better, if it was on a different day e.g. Saturday then perhaps more people would have a stall thus more variety and in turn more foot fall. Holding it on a Tuesday rules out the working population. There are so few stalls, it's not worth going. I work full time so unless on holiday cannot get to the market. Should be more food stalls. Clothing stalls, on the whole, contain cheap, ill made items. Not good value for money.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

By locating Tesco store in current location. My family and I have no reason to visit the town centre where parking is poor anyway. Work unfortunately. I only shop for food Co-Op and Tesco. You can't park anywhere near on market days and I can't walk far. Work full time away from Southam. At work. Good variety of veg/more fruit needed. Other variety of foods. I'm usually busy elsewhere on a Tuesday. Use Tesco On a day of week when we are at work. No interest. There are not enough stalls, and they only sell cheap items. At work during the week-maybe would visit if it was on a Saturday. I work on Tuesdays. Only visit occasionally to see if any different. Not like it used to be 30 years ago and few stalls tatty, smelly (food ones). If you don't know it's there you miss it. No big signs on market day. Not interested. Although I rarely go to this market I do want to keep a weekly market in Southam. At work in Coventry during the day. Working (not in Southam) when market is here. Work away Monday to Friday inc. We work out of town but on occasions have visited and been reasonably surprised. At work Tuesday is a pointless day for a market. It may have been a good day years ago, but not today. Most people are working. Have it on a Saturday morning, make it attractive, like Warwick. Not just the same stalls. The work! A lot of people are at work on Tuesdays. It is great for retired people. Not worth the effort of getting there. Don't visit often because I work outside Southam. Not enough stalls to be interesting, not enough variety. Join the Saturday farmers market with the Tuesday market encourage more stall holders-make it interesting enough to pull in punters from outside Southam. Make the town centre buzz. Put the market down the high street and close the road once a week. You can do it for the MOP. Why not the market? There area markets of similar size in the West Midlands and other parts of the country that are far superior in all of the above listed. Not often in Southam on market day/time. Don' change Southam. Produce generally poor quality. Stalls are tatty and unkept. Stall holders not nice to chat to. Generally market is full of tat. Working at that time of day usually. I work full time so a weekday market is no good for me. I go every week. The market has shrunk considerably, and just looks cheap and nasty, especially as it's tucked away out of sight of the main street. Southam market offers better value than the farmers monthly market who don't pay for stalls. I work. Work full time. I like Southam market and support to be in the middle of town where all the other shops are, its out the way where it is. Very poor quality when I bought fish and veg there about 12 years ago. So I never bothered to return. I now work Tuesdays. We're all at work during the days, like everyone else. I never go shopping in Southam, except going to the post office it doesn't offer anything to go there for. Parking problem, often no spaces. Prefer bigger markets if I go to one. Seldom go to markets.

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Already live in Southam so visit weekly. Do not visit Southam market as would prefer to patronise local retailers who pay rates. I am not a market person. As many people are working on weekdays what about trying the market on a Saturday and incorporating the farmers market when it is their week. Parking poor on market days. Working. Generally at work during daytime. I visit the market when I'm on holiday or local to home. Only able to when on holiday. Do not visit that often as held during the week and I'm at work, only visit on holidays. Would probably use more it at a weekend. Work out of town therefore not able to visit. Work during Tuesday daytime. At work. Wrong location, it is currently out of sight. I work Monday-Friday. I work all week now (and Saturdays) this is the reason I cannot make the market, or the Saturday farmers market, which is a shame as I would like to support my local area. I work Tuesdays but always go if I have a day off.

Appendix 4: What respondents think the community space within the proposed development should contain (656 comments) A park and somewhere nice to sit. Indoor community venue for local clubs/businesses to book to give talks, host exhibitions etc. Please leave as is! Cafe, library, area for street theatre, floral displays, outlet for local crafts people, local info booth e.g., bus times, events, footpath info. Cardall collection Possibly a tennis court/putting green and peaceful garden with seating. Baby change facilities. Police station and library, something for teenagers aged 13-17, more parking. Housing for elderly, library, vets. More housing for elderly, self contained. It look good as long as we keep some green areas. Small cafe with more outside seating. Keep all facilities/amenities. Encourage people of all ages to come together to use the area with extra facilities and events. Something for all community, child friendly, soft play etc. No where to take children if raining etc. Green space, accessible to all. Trees should be retained. Police station, library. A restaurant, more green space, a library. Access to all. Weekdays and weekends, at a reasonable cost to the local public. Library, Police station, council tax office, C.A.B. No preference. Library and community centre, some sort of citizens advice service. Public conveniences (toilets) Cafe/restaurant, library, museum - Cardall collection. Museum/arts centre. Don't know. Retail space - perhaps a delicatessen? Youth club for children 12-16/17. Police station with regular officers (PCs). The library to remain. Sports facilities for all ages. Sheltered accommodation for old people, new library, seating area, planters. Flats, 2 bed, 1 bed, affordable. Sheltered housing. Shops, restaurant, cinema, youth club, children’s centre, open gardens, (similar to Jephsons gardens in Leamington), hall space for local groups usage. Another very nice care home with caretaker. A village hall which can be used by the while community, be it youth groups, drama groups or for shows and performances. Perhaps a cinema. A variety of shops for local people, there are a lot of elderly people in Southam and like to shop locally. Community space should be nature area - trees, gardens, benches. Facilities for elderly, facilities for socialising, presuming library facilities. Doesn't matter what we suggest it has probably already been decided by the council. Police office, library, information centre - places of interest, B&B, local services info (SDC). Library, Citizens advice, local authority planning office, Police station, community notice board, cafe. Library, computer room, advice room (e.g. citizens advice). Sufficient space for Cardall collection, a potential tourist attraction. Room for study, research and school visits. Little delis, smaller shops. Decent restaurant/cafe. Library - depending on use. Sheltered accommodation for the elderly. Community support (Police, council, advice centre), library, tourist information (transport, what's on), youth centre. I think that Cardalls collection is of great importance to Southam and should have a permanent and safe home in the development.

Local museum. Centre for young people aged 14-18, library. Create a green space with seating. Seating space, pleasant garden, library, information centre, visible police presence. Community cafe, community hall - somewhere that films can be shown, bowling days held, some kind of family friendly activities. Somewhere decent to eat out, a good restaurant, sports shop, games shop (exchange). Anything except housing association property. Picnic/seating area. Notice board with local activities. Cafe, Citizens Advice Bureau, Age Concern, advice centre. Library grounds should be kept as they are. No really sure. Library, police station, youth centre. Museum and art gallery, this could include a tourist information centre. Public gardens. O.A.P.s accommodation, social housing for young people. Library services, district and county council access, meeting rooms for community groups, police, youth cafe (own space to "hang out"). Improved library, cafe/restaurants. Flower beds. Library, police (if they stay in town), community gardens. I'm sure this has already been decided. Don't know anything about the redevelopment of the site. Library. meeting room, police/community police. No preference. Something for teenagers - place to meet. Home for Cardall collection. Something for elderly - place to meet. Community centre, affordable clothing shop. Drop in centre for the older children. Keep them happy with pool tables, darts, meeting areas, coffee/drink area, TVs. Leave as is just revamp the library and get Victor Hodges back to its original use. Police station and library should both remain. Seating, notice board, grassy area. A variety of shops to draw people into the town. Shoe shop, clothes shop, electrical shop. New post office. A leisure facility i.e. cinema, bowling alley, restaurant, cafe, more shops. More shops. Maybe access to children’s clothes? School uniforms. Maybe a cafe which is bigger than the current one. Things aimed at families and young people - maybe a youth club. Library, cafe, communal room, haberdashery, easy access for disabled. Larger "chain" retail shops. A manned police station. Useful for the community general meeting place for clubs etc. A community hall for local people to meet and relax. A cafe/meeting place. Police station, library, small scale apartment style housing, housing for older residents, maybe some specialist small scale retail. Not another supermarket, DVD rental, wine shop - specialist, local fruit and veg specialised. More space should be allocated to the Cardall collection. A youth club or someone for 14-17 year olds to go where there is supervised activity. Community centre. Sell the community hall/grange site with proceedings move to central location (library site), or Budgens site whose days are probably numbered since the opening of Tesco. old peoples homes in town centre, not the outskirts for obvious reasons. Outlet should be able to cater for older age groups with larger sixes. Shoe shop. No more food shops or flower shops. Not yet had a chance to view plans. Old peoples home, community room, library, green area and sits.

Care home, library, museum, police pint, council point, meeting rooms, cafe. Library, police. Soft play centre for children. More youth projects. A cafe restaurant with disabled/pushchair access. Nice outside area with seating, plants and flowers. Large car park for cars. Quite happy with things in Southam at present. Police station should be maintained, like wise the library, they are essential to the town. Victor Hodges house updated. Library/resources centre/internet cafe. Meeting space (free or low hire charge). Display space - local history group etc. Activity space for playgroup. yoga etc. Have not seen any plans for this area. Library at least the same floor space as the current library. A police station that is open. A functioning local police station. Library. community centre (more central than the Graham Adams centre). Town centre redevelopment, looks very good the town must move on... Library, police station. Somewhere to get some decent food - restaurant, cinema. Library, sheltered housing, youth club. Library and police station. Something for young people to do - organised, variety of activities to get them interested. Coffee bar? Somewhere for teenagers to go/do. Where ever they go they get moved on. Nothing for them to do evenings or weekends. Library and police station. Library and space for children to read and play - as in current library. A pushchair friendly and reasonably priced cafe/coffee shop. Library, police station, cafe, decent chip shop which is open when you need it (later at night), clothes shops. Provision for a local heritage centre. A library and a police station that is in the police station maintained by police officers not librarians. Seats. Living opposite Victor Hodges house I am glad something is being done. I have seen the plans for the redevelopment of the town centre and I like what I see. I would like to see perhaps if possible a cinema and snooker hall in the redevelopment. Library, citizens advice centre, community area for elderly to socialise/ disabled (mental or physical) people to socialise i.e. weekly/daily coffee mornings/afternoons or lunches, (a facility similar to Cornhill centre in Banbury), activities arranged etc. Sheltered home, library, shops maybe. Police station areas staffed regularly. Library. They should modernise Victor Hodges house up to standard and leave the library as it is and reopen the police station. Something for the youths of the town. Decent restaurant, clothes shops, cinema, library, indoor market, wine bar. Retirement home. New police station. Library, IT/Internet access, Citizens Advice, visitor information for non residents, rentable room/space for local organisation/group meetings. A new library? I also think that many building in the centre of Southam have become very shabby! Safe housing for older residents (free from the prospect of "gathering" noisy or annoying youths). A library. Police/support centre. Health centre would be good. Social area. Some greenery and pleasant garden area. Easy access for disabled garden area for sitting and meeting, common room for meeting friends. Pharmacy outlet for collection of medicines. Anything that will be used and benefits the community. Library, accessible green space, low cost accommodation. Not aware of what redevelopment is intended. Seating, gardens, Wi-Fi. Perhaps something for the young of Southam. Restaurant. Sheltered seating.

Library - bigger is possible, youth centre, internet cafe. Keep it as a sheltered accommodation for an ever increasing aging population. Communal meeting area, possible snack/cafe or area to sell local crafts, history gallery etc. Cinema Trees!! Indoor children’s play area. Library. Keep the library but redevelop (perhaps more PCs?). Regular Southam market. A place for events to take place. A project that includes all sections of the community. A space for refreshment, art and action involving youth groups, senior citizens, Southam college, Southam Lions etc. Encourage enterprise. I think Victor Hodges House should be kept as accommodation which is desperately short in Warwickshire. Library, youth centre, citizens advice, cinema. please could you ensure there will be a space for a suitable heritage facility to house the Cardall collection. Greengrocer, butcher, I visit the market for these items but it is only on once a week and I can't always make it. Sound like the ideal place to house the Cardall collection before it is lost to the town. Library, seating area. Library, police station, town council offices, shops - particularly clothing men’s and ladies, open space - perhaps grass area to hold local events. Good library. Anything would be better than standing empty. Help young ones who cannot afford mortgages. Public area to relax etc. Small cinema. Social club, youth club, library. Some sheltered homes for the elderly, community information facility. Cafe, with reasonable prices. Venue/hall for private lettings with kitchen facilities etc. Keep Victor Hodges - the best site for the elderly to access shops and post office. Policemen inside the police station on a regular basis. Police station, library, Victor Hodges - redeveloped. Doctors. Library, police CAB, green space, council, one stop shop. A permanent venue for the Cardall Collection - A valuable resource/local history. Cardall Collection. A new social club. Still want library, somewhere that the elderly can come together, also to do cost effective meals for them. Leave the area as it is. A central green area much needed in the centre of town. Market area - seating. Flower area. Library, police station, council offices, green area. I would like to see the library upgraded as it is a 60s building. The police station to stay as it is a nice building. Shoe shop, clothes shop (all ages). Somewhere to house the Cardall collection. Would be a shame to lose it. We need it for our children, grandchildren etc. Library, citizens advice, police, community hall, coffee shop. Gardens so the development is no nearer the road than the current library. Please do not over develop. Open spaces, seating. The present suggestion for this sound fine. Shops, of a variety which we don't have at the moment. Police station should stay manned. Victor Hodges should stay and house people who are connected to Southam. It could be made into lovely apartments. Anything that gives vibrancy to the town. Has to be attractive to visitors (encouraging them to drop in and not simply bypass). Open space with benches where people can sit or picnic with young children. Police station, library, health centre, apartments for elderly, activity area for elderly. Victor Hodges should not have been closed lost a valued asset. Better library facilities. Competitively priced children’s clothing and shoe shops. High quality supermarket - attract people to town centre area. Library continuing. open area possibly for market.

Imperative that library retains its capacity area for communal use/activities. S on A district help desk to avoid travel to S on A. we don't think it is a good idea to move market, because it will make it difficult for elderly and disabled people who park and use market, now they will have to walk and cross busy road to get to market. Library, police station. Sorry do not know detail about the town centre redevelopment. Space for Southam market, green planned up space with seats for relaxation. NO skateboard or swings or football. Cardall collection. I have seen the proposed plans for the sites and they seem to be okay to me. The only other thing I would like to see built is a man and woman’s shoe shop and clothes shop. Lots of green space and plenty of trees. Clothes and shoe shops because you have to go to town. A heritage centre for Cardall collection. A decent sheltered accommodation. No idea. Affordable housing for local people, services for vulnerable/disabled, elderly. Library. As long as we never lose our library, I am not too worried! Library, restaurant, art gallery/museum, open space with trees and benches. Imperative that current open space and trees preserved. development should be contained to Park Lane side and road widened. Library, police, citizens advice, council offices, museum, "village" hall. Affordable housing for Southam and surrounding villages residence. Definitely a green space!! Cafe with access for disabled people. Well stocked library. You must keep somewhere for people to meet. Remove the community space. Drop in centre for older people for a chat and coffee. Seating area, coffee shop, gardens and open space. An entrance from the high street and not Little Port - This road cannot cope with any additional traffic. The police station should build like the one in Leamington Spa and the library needed a face lift. I think the open space should be able to host fairs in much the same way as present. It should be flat and unobstructed, a flat lawn would do. Garden area, seating. I think all the facilities in Southam are fantastic. No need for change or improvement. Cheaper supermarket, housing, community centre for all locals would benefit all. Facilities for young people, meeting place for elderly people, CAB offices. It is time the home is opened for older people as it was before as there is only one home for older people in Southam. Open park space with the mature trees kept and benches so events, i.e. May Day can still be held. Library, new shop units, police station. Library, CAB, police station, youth centre, parking, community open space for fetes etc. A police office of some kind. Library, toilets, police station, helpdesk, tea rooms/ice cream parlour. Some sort of room where we could have a dance, studio, keep fit sessions, youth club. Cafe, meeting place, table top sales. As is there currently. Money spent better elsewhere. Mufti age appropriate space i.e. something for everyone, but maybe particularly the youngsters to the and stop them hanging around on street corners. Lay out gardens with benches to sit on for a rest. I think the current proposal of extra care housing for the elderly and the inclusion of other facilities, new library etc seems a good idea. My own initial concerns would be access, the main high street can be quite busy and Park Lane is very narrow. A cafe with a good atmosphere, (not cramped/greasy spoon), where people can meet for a coffee during the day. Not affiliated to the church groups, may attract people from surrounding villages also. Space for a market and pace for other events at other times. Too much off the High St to do any good. Keep for residents hoping to live in Victor Hodges house. Police station, more business (Southam is in dire need of a good restaurant). Something to aid activities for youths.

More stalls for the market and a few vans that sell food and soft drinks while on the market. Plus a van that sells all meats etc other then just fish. Retain a library and police desk if not a station. A garden area with benches and space for seasonal sales - ice cream, hot choc etc. Seating, flower beds, family, youth and old people orientated. Youth club, cafe, tea shop. Library, police office, council "one stop" shop. No ideas Library, homes for the elderly, manned police and SDC office in privacy. Not sure what planned to be there. Think we should continue to have a Library though. Maybe a guest house or small hotel as no where for people to stay over night. More variety, food markets are better and help local farmers. Up-market restaurant, shopping centre, bistro/wine bar, cinema. It should not contain another supermarket. Create a non food shopping precinct. Incorporate a number of retirement bungalows. Parking spaces. As a wheelchair user I would like an accessible meeting place and cafe serving coffee and snacks. Generally speaking Southam is not wheelchair friendly. As above. A Library and police station. Made units one or two bed apartments for the over forties who cannot get a mortgage but can pay a weekly rent. Library, decent youth club, police station. Affordable accommodation for the elderly. Library, police station, old peoples residence, information centre, citizens advice bureau. A modern Library, modern police station, community centre for advice (and can be hired out), for dance classes etc, youth clubs etc. A multi purpose venue for sports and recreation, a room for letting out for social occasions. 24 hour police station. Parking. Police station, Age Concern. I would like the Southam sports and social club to be relocated within the redevelopment area. Cafe, information bureau. Library, cafe, Cardall collection. Library, police station and museum on ground floor. Tourist information centre. Car park, good restaurant, cosy cafe, places to sit (park) and chat to friends. I think the police station should remain, this is a growing town and will require the services of the police station and the scientific support unit. Small shopping complex (retail). Sports centre, bowling alley, pool hall, cinema. Cardall collection. Provision for a room where charities and other groups can hold coffee mornings. Library, police station, retail establishments, general restaurants (not takeaways); boutiques; fishmonger; butchers. Youth club/centre. Social club, sports club, youth club. I think the Library and police station are fine as they are, we need them both for the people of Southam, why change this. Thank you. Cafe (light refreshments), promotion of local clubs and activities. Garden area, area for future events, smaller community area for smaller venues, private parties. Everything mentioned in the development idea. Plenty of seating, an outdoor cafe, a space for community events. The area should be sympathetic to the town’s character, green spaces etc. No concrete jungle please. All the above and provision for Southam museum (Cardall collection). This would bring an excellent collection of memorabilia into the town centre. Southam town council office, one stop shop - S on Avon DC, police presence, Library. I've seen the plans in the Library, looks good what you would like to do. Central amenities for all. It's ok as it is. A public space with seating and space for local events. Maybe even the market with some stalls. Library! Police station. accommodation for elderly and disabled.

All facilities which are at present in Library, plus mobility voluntary office. Local police station open to common sense hours. Not a modern shopping precinct. Cardall collection, meeting space for community organisations, Library, village green space for events. Provide provision to house the Cardall collection. Sheltered housing, police station, Library, some "green" area, disabled parking, home for the "Cardall collection". Bigger post office!!! Meeting place for the elderly!! Meeting place for teenagers i.e. club!! Quite happy to see Library, police station and Orbit housing. Soft play/cafe, youth club. Variety of shops, we mainly have supermarkets. Library, local information centre, community meeting centre, police station. An area where people can stop and sit as there is now. People use the area nearer to the road than they do outside the library. Some kind of community seating. Police station, Library, citizens advice, town council info. No suggestions. Some shared facilities, cafe/meeting place, local charities, Cardall collection, Southam in bloom, lions etc. Rooms for clubs to hire out. N/A. More council housing or flats for single parents and young couples. Visitor centre and museum. Cafe and social outlets. Library - more improved, larger. Police station, council offices. Coffee shop, Library, retirement flats with warden. The Library is very handy for me for use of computers and stories for my little girl, it would be nice for it to stay. We do need a good hotel. Indoor children’s play area, youth club, cafeteria with disabled access and garden, permanent place for Cardalls collection. I don't know what the proposed redevelopment of Victor Hodges house/Library/police station means. Cafe, advice centre, community bobby. Exercise equipment suitable for the older generation. Covered areas for people to chat or play cards in good weather. Library. Victor Hodges to be refurbished. Open space with seating. Library, police station, youth group/place to meet, retail shops. I don't think I would use it. Housing for people with restricted mobility or care needs. A decent eating restaurant - i.e. an Italian (Ask, Prezzo or a Cote Paige etc) - With a bar for a decent drink without the youngsters and drug dealers. Cannot think of anything other than those proposed. Trees, grass, flowers, squirrels. Library, police station, community drop in centre. Peaceful garden and benches and trees. Library. Police response/reception/manned!! Shops, water feature/fountain, accessible paths and parking areas. Some part of it could be used for some sort of social activities for the young and elderly. Replace the Library, smaller police station. Library, police station - open, community facilities or much as it is now. Library, Southam historical collection/photos (Cardall). Some interesting shops! Looks ok on plans but anything works on paper. Keep plenty of green space. A few more clothes, butchers, not more estate agents, there's too many. Library, police station, council offices, CAB. Don't know details about the redevelopment. No more supermarkets!! Ground floor Library, smaller supported individual shops helped by lower rates. I have no preference. Police station, Library, office for Orbit, Warwickshire county council, more apartments for older people. Refreshments of some sort.

A large soft play area for children (indoor). Library and police station. Sheltered accommodation for local elderly people. Maybe a youth centre? Grass area, benches, flower borders and small park. Working police station. I would like to keep the Library, a manned police station and an internet cafe to help all those people with no internet access. Should have developed Victor Hodges house, put money into making it safe and homely for the elder residents of Southam. Library, police station, Stratford DC desk. Unable to give an opinion as have not seen any plans or proposals. Eat in restaurant/bar/bistro. Old age pensioners’ accommodation. Small retail outlets. Small amount of parking. Should contain an area for sporting activities, meetings, social functions etc, for all ages of the Southam community to use. Good. Easy access and suitability to the area. Police station, Library, cafe, space for Cardall collection, council offices. Bigger range of shops on the main street where the police station mow stand. No more supermarkets or estate agents. Cinema or other family entertainment. Library, police office, advice help desk i.e. citizens advice or similar. Somewhere with the chance to purchase men’s clothes? Enough parking for services. Excellent, make space for Cardall collection. Youth club or something or somewhere for teenagers to go. A few retail shops would not go amiss. A cafe/restaurant. Space for the Cardall collection. Library, local information (services, transport, etc), meeting areas/rooms for hire. Something that does not destroy the village, like Tesco has done. Low cost meeting rooms. STOP the development and spend the money on cleaning the town up. Keep Southam as an historical market town. Up to date police station, up to date Library, youth club. Adequate notice boards on which local events may be posted by the people themselves. Community centre, cafe, gardens, theatre. Somewhere for the youngsters to meet, e.g. youth centre. All that's already proposed on the plans displayed in the Library. Library (bigger), police, a discrete internet cafe. The Cardall collection. We need a meeting room for the local community. Definitely the Library and anything else that would enhance the centre of Southam and encourage people to support Southam businesses in general. Cafe, bar, seating/play area. Market. I believe more houses should be built, there are so many people waiting to be housed (social housing). That is a large plot and land and would benefit so many people. Victor Hodge House, Library, police station, citizens advice bureau (or similar), tourist information. Suitable exhibition facilities for the Cardall collection. Restaurant or nice cafe that does lunches. As above, we need a Library and police station within a development. Clothes shops, housing for 55 and over, communal garden. Restaurant possibly? Cafes. Green areas. Housing for seniors who currently live in a family size house which can be freed up for families. I am loathe to admit that I do not have any idea as to what the plans for this area are. I like the current Library area and would not want to see anything modern erected in this area. Any development needs to be in keeping with Southams character. Keep Library and police station. A new bakery where produce is baked on premise would be nice.

Make good use of Victor house etc. But please retain peaceful green area between Library and police station. I am 81 this year and Southam bred and born. A number of small outlets giving a variety of shopping needs - electrical goods, cobblers and wine store. Library, police station, council offices, flats for the elderly. Not sure, I would like to see the proposals. I consider the idea to be a complete waste of money. I would like to see a manned police station. The Library as it is, rehoused. sheltered living for older members of the community to enable independent living, with help offered. I think that the proposed development for Victor Hodges/Library/police station is great. It's the future of Southam. Old peoples home, youth club, community centre. Affordable recreational facilities, especially for teenagers. Also a permanent home for the Cardall collection combined with tourist information and citizens advice. Victor Hodges - Redevelop for flats for local people only! (Southam first time buyers). The rest I think the Library should stay, maybe be revamped, keeping green space and gardens, police station - get Sainsbury’s local in it! Bigger Library (more books), police station, village green. Some specialist shops (baker, butcher etc), cafe with disabled facilities. Just something that is useful to everyone in Southam. there are already too many: pubs, florists, beauty places and hairdressers as it's only a small town. A nice restaurant in Southam would be great instead of all the fast food outlets that I never use. Police station (one that is open all the time). Somewhere that you can buy clothes, shoes, music/electricals, or a cinema. I would like to see a well lit spacious area, suitable for multipurpose use. Especially as an area to showcase exhibits, for example to give the Cardall collection the space to display themed selections from the collection. Also for art exhibits e.g. from Southam College and other schools to increase the local awareness of talent and heritage. A space that can be hired for events/meetings. to have some facility for making drinks - but NOT another cafe/hairdresser/florist. Southam needs a cafe serving good quality food i.e. afternoon teas etc and people would be more inclined to visit town centre. The Library is currently not V. useful as doesn't have quiet study area. when I was studying for ALevels had to go to learn to study! Needed quiet room. Really could do with a citizens advice bureau and similar facilities. Possible idea, seems to me whatever the time of day I go to post office it's packed 0 could we move it into bigger pace in the new Library building and local info etc. Although I don't really use them I think all of the existing facilities are very valuable to the community. It definitely does NOT need any more supermarkets. Maybe relocate the soft play area for children or develop the existing leisure centre. A leisure centre for old and young. Providing a boxing club for teens to help keep them off the street (come youth club). A large room for elderly meal clubs and bridge club and carers in the community. An information centre containing a Library section, a police section and citizen advice and benefit support sessions on a weekly basis or permanent if possible. A police station - containing policemen 24/7. A Library, much as it is now. Victor Hodges house - sheltered homes for the elderly. A hall allowing function to take place. being more central with the town allowing access for all activities and ages in the town. Together with some parking facility. accommodation for elderly and housing available for 1st time buyers - suitable prices etc. Great area. A variety of old peoples accommodation. Library/police station. Housing for Cardall collection. Indoor market for use by OAPs. Citizens’ advice bureau. Social room - cards, games (board) and a board for people to say for games/jigsaws or things they would wish to be included. Library, museum, green space, community space and facilities, council and police offices, disabled parking. Needs to ensure all ages catered for. Litter bins. Not sure as Southam has most things already. Housing for the elderly, police office and SDC (private offices), Library, space for Cardall Collection, to be open to the public every day. Police station, home for the elderly residents of Southam, dentist, surgery, Library. Market should not be lost to the town as people use it not only to shop but as a meeting place. A community centre should be in the proposed development and the car park should remain as a car park for the local residents it is always used and would cause congestion in other parts of the town. The redevelopment looks fine and includes nice walkways and open environment. however the design of the proposed Victor Hodges building is not in keeping with the historical nature of Southam and should be redesigned.

Police station not necessary as we have no police force in Southam. Elderly people accommodation i.e. bungalows. Library and office space above. Something for the town teenagers, maybe a youth centre that could be used during the day by mothers with young children and the elderly. A library and police station. Grass, seating area, hopefully garden bed. Area where community events can occur since the current library grass will go. Somewhere for young people to go. Keep the library and to keep a police presence. Also a real person to speak to from S.O.A. District council and not a web cam and only on a one day a week basis. I think the community space should incorporate the Cardall collection. I think a community museum in the centre of Southam would bring interest into the town. It would encourage visitors and be an education for children and adults. I think it would generate interest in Southam as an historic town. Internet cafe, library, community room/hall, Cardall collection, specialist cafe that is also a bakery/cake shop. Plans looked good - seen in library by Orbit, need good accessibility. Automatic doors to aid disabled and young mothers etc. Need to keep trees and flowers planted - look great each spring. Small cinema? Better sports facilities - tennis court indoor hall, badminton, squash area for regular club meeting. Should have the presence of police officers to shop/prevent any anti social behaviour of kids. Something for the kids. Bowling Alley, cinema, golf course, McDonalds. Library, somewhere for local residents to access council depts:- District and town councils and also children’s teams, perhaps a Southam museum room or something relating to local history. A cafe that is accessible for young and old. Police station manned and separate to library, and separate council area. Self contained Victor Hodges House. Working library and police station would be for the best. Cardall collection, cafe, internet cafe, library, launderette, police, citizens advice bureau. Community tea shop and help centre for old people plus internet and games centre for the young people. Maybe a swap shop for both old and young or eBay shop to sell and buy with commission going to Lions or community bus, as some people do not like using eBay. Cinema or bowling centre if possible in that space. I can no longer walk to the shops or market, taxi fares are pricey! I once had a scooter, but since having a hip replacement in Dec 2011 and being 92 in February: I can only be hopeful of being fully mobile again sometime in the future. I think the town redevelopment will probably come to late for me, but it sounds fine. 1. No more takeaway!! No more supermarkets. 2. Clothing outlet. e.g. A Primark? 3. A general store like Wilkinsons! 4. Some housing for the elderly:- Perhaps some bungalows with private access. 5. A bus shop (take it away from outside the paper shop as this holds traffic up. 6. Parking for all:- Car boot sales area. 7. Youth centre/drop in centre for all! Library, museum space for Cardall collection. No large modern buildings. Possible cinema. Not more housing in the centre as traffic is a major issue at present, without even more, private and commercial vehicles. Maybe some kind of enforced deterrent could be considered, as non at present. 1. Affordable housing. 2. Library and advice centres. 3. Community centre offering facilities for both young and old. 4. Drop in centre for senior citizens. 5. A venue for different groups to use i.e. friendship groups etc. Good quality tearoom to attract outside visitors. Bistro's, restaurants (quality) to attract people from surrounding areas. More parking (free parking is essential). Quality central area for people to sit and congregate. E.g. A Starbuck's or Costa Coffee shop. Antique shops. The town is lacking good childcare provision. My daughter lives in Napton and is about to have a baby. The childcare provision in the local area is poor. The town needs family orientated areas, parks, pre-school groups and activities. Without young families the town will die. I think it should keep what we already have, maybe have something for teenagers, a youth club type cafe that can open evenings with pool table, juke box, a more adult experience for them without the "youth club" tag that puts them off going to youth club, somewhere that they can just chill, keeps them off the streets but no adult presence to talk or lecture them. I am not sure who would use it or what for! Could it not be specially targeted for youth-as a youth coffee bar and lounge area where they could have a music area or somewhere to hang out? As it stands, I really have no idea who would use this general space-will it be open office hours or a night too? It feels like a white elephant as it is currently. I think that a place should be made for the Cardall collection at present this is in a wooden hut which gets very damp in the winter. It would be a great pity if this collection was lost and I think it would be lovely to have this in the centre of the town for visitors to see. Seating. Landscape features (such as fountain). Both hard and soft landscaping. Should incorporate church gate and bring Park Lane into the general area-use of sets (not tarmac) and alternative paving. Soft landscaping

required. Housing for the elderly, library, space for the Cardall collection, open to visitors all day every day. A manned SDC office to speak in privacy and police office. A much larger library to reflect the number of borrowers supported - i.e. we need a much bigger selection of books. A cab facility. Warden supported flats, with sufficient number of single flats. Village hall with all facilities. Village Green (attached to the above), Police station with someone there, not only sometimes, what about evenings, no wonder we have trouble. Don't take our library away, a lot of us do not drive and unable to get on buses, it's also another way of meeting friends. Not qualified to comment. Have spent a lot of time on the SOA website and not able to find this proposal. A review of all community space needs to be undertaken. Grange Hall lacks modern facilities and standards. Craven Hall (now being refurbished) not being considered. Maybe a boot camp for badly behaved children run by retired sergeant majors! Or a biggest looser centre for the obese to save the NHS a fortune. Residential/Care Home. A lot of elderly people in Southam need elderly care accommodation. Why is Victor Hodges House closed!!!! Another supermarket direct competition, competitive pricing. All green areas must be retained, the Village Green aspect is a great and necessary feature. Protection orders should be placed on all trees. OAP accommodation also flats to buy or rent. Decent clothes shop? ÂŁ1 shop? Games room for teenagers to congregate or club for teenagers, most have nowhere to go at evenings so would be good for them. Police station, modern library, youth centre. Youth centre, drop in centre for the elderly at least something to bring people back into the heart of Southam, Tesco has turned Southam centre into a ghost town it needs something to bring people back into the town. I think it is a good idea that they are combining the library/police station and CAB together. Also having the town council offices there is a good idea. Southam needs more variety of shops. Space for Southam museum to have the Cardall collection. Community notice board to advertise local events. Tourist information, recycling facilities. Coffee shop where you can fit in buggies/kids. Total ban on smoking/drinking in area I strongly believe that the library and its attendant services should be separate from an Orbit Development. We already have 5 or more cafes and many pubs so do not need another. There is a need for the residents to have dining facilities but not many people want a meal out at "The old folks home". The other orbit developments have a hair dressing room for residents not the general public. We don't need more of the same thing to line Orbits pockets and take away from existing businesses. I repeat. Keep our Village Green. Present cafe's, The Coffee Cup, The Bridge Cafe, The Gateway Cafe, Congregational Church Coffee Shop, Chip Shops, Effie's Pizza Parlour, 2 Indian takeaways, 2 Chinese takeaways etc.etc. More retail units are needed in Southam to encourage people to shop. At present there is very little to buy in the town and a number of properties are in need of major redevelopment. More variety in Southam. Too many saloons, beauty salons, more variety. (Pound Shop). Would be good! Please give us better variety. Southam getting boring, so why so many people going elsewhere. Small retail units, similar to Hatton Country World. (Reasonable rents for store holders). Make Southam a town which would be renowned for something i.e. antique shops or retro units. New small businesses would create work for young people instead of having nuisance youths which the town suffers from. It is at least 8 miles to the nearest town so a better community should be expanded in Southam. Designed to be spaciously open in cafe/restaurant, meeting rooms and include local museum. The present green area should be fully retained. The present library should be fully retained. No further cafe/restaurants should be allowed. Any new retail outlets should provide goods that are at present not available in Southam. Victor Hodges House (for the elderly) should only be for use by Southam residents. Fully manned police station. Southam is a growing town and so is the crime rate! More unrestricted parking to encourage people back into the town to save the local traders. Library, C.A.Bureau more than one day a week. Better police facilities e.g. more confidential areas and more often to access. Council/housing enquirie4s dept. A place where voting takes place rather than the Graham Adams centre, it would be more central to all Southam residents. Town notice board. I don't always think to use the small one by the church. I think we need to keep some open green area as this is used during the year to hold events like the Lions Mayday, Southam Christmas lights, coffee morning and some groups also make good use of this area from time to time. The development must in my view provide an adequate market square which in time would become the focal point for special activities both seasonal and regular, and facilities for a coffee shop etc, which would provide a social meeting place in the centre.

Southam town centre needs a cheap store to provide lunches for local businesses and to encourage people to shop in the town as they pass through - such as Greggs or Subway. Alternatively a small wine bar/bistro rather than a pub or cafe. No more gift shops, charity shops or florists needed! Perhaps a clothes shop or a proper butchers/deli. The police situation library and the green should stay. Victor Hodges should be made into flats to rent to old people that is affordable not try to do lots of other things. From the plans I saw in the local library it seems to me that everything has been covered. I particularly like the idea of the cafe - so nice in the Victor Hodges complex inhabitants. It means they can meet up with residents etc. Build shops where you can buy clothes and shoes even jewellers. There is no law and order in Southam (Terrible). Heritage centre. Library-tourist information, citizens’ advice, computer. Toilets. A seating area. Community notice board. Flower garden Maximum possible green areas developed to include natural areas of spring flowers and existing rose buds - soft landscaping NOT the usual hard formal landscaping with boring and repetitive spiky and evergreen shrubs and low walls. Area should have plenty of grass, fluid landscaping NOT formal straight lines. Don't want to look like every other town centre with supermarket-type landscaping. Provision of wooden seating-cafe with open patio south facing aspect view of church etc as on plans viewed. Certainly no parking even for extra staff-Co-Op Wood Street and Market Hill adequate. No cars on these community spaces, keep Southam Special. New library and police station. Sheltered accommodation for people with learning disabilities. There is a high demand for this and no where for the young men and women of South to live semi independently. I work for Stratford and District Mencap and would welcome this for the young learning disabled of Southam. A general clean up of all the town would be good, shop frontages in Southam are neglected in most cases. A good landscape around the new building is a good idea, if the town looks smart it will encourage people to come in to Southam and look round. Library, Citizens Advice Bureau, Local government offices, Community meeting place, police facility, cells, courts etc. Police, library, post office and fire station if possible, or otherwise a Sainsbury's supermarket or otherwise a shopping mall. To buy trade back into the town. Why are we not using Victor Hodges as a valid use? Older people aren't going away. We have less social housing than 20 years ago, why? We need less charity shops and more big named shops in this town!? And as for the police station being in a library, what a fantastic idea. Always a good place to see mugging and abusive behaviour. I feel as a council tenant I feel so frustrated these past four years that everything has gone up, and it's so difficult just to heat your home 9 of the 12 months. However I'm also pleased to see the advancements in the adult sex toy industry technology. It's amazing what a bit of rubber and a couple of AA batteries can achieve. I don't think it resembles a rabbit though. Confusing! A community hall that can be used all the time. Youngsters-Teenagers- 30 to 50 and elderly. On different days of course. Just have a chat with mates, friends etc. Library, police station, small food stores- e.g. butcher, bakers (I know these were here and closed but people, shopping habits have changed). I'm not really sure what has been planned already but from what I have heard it seems that most things needed for a small community development will be put in place. Thinking about it, perhaps a small launderette would be a good idea, as people have to leave their own homes to do their laundry, and this would help them to meet other residents on the development and form friendships, which speaking as a mature person is very important as people age a little It is difficult to suggest what it should contain as the size of the community space, as proposed, is far too small to continue holding the sort of community events that have been regularly held on that site. It is, also, tucked away, out of sight from the main street such that anything placed there will likely be largely ignored. A shopping mall, with a variety of shops, for food, clothes and household items. Also there is nowhere to eat in Southam, no take aways, no decent restaurants, I very rarely go to Southam, as there is nothing there. I go to Leamington as there is choice of shops and restaurants. Area for market (see above) which could also be used for other activities. Not another play area. I found the proposed plans as shown in library very suitable and a good use of the space, with the housing in a good position for access to High Street facilities Do not need a cafe/bistro. Inclusion of the Cardall collection would reduce space available for shared community use. Community space should be flexible to cater for small to medium group’s storage and suitable equipment. As the population ages - community use should provide the 'hub' for the wider community. Youth club-activity centre for teenagers. Seating-inside and out. Town information sign. Footpath information board, create more footfall into the town. A memorial to Victor Hodges. Youth facilities-possibly internet cafe/pool or snooker tables/table football. Library-very important for all age groups.

Senior citizens facilities. Small soft play are or water play are within cafe environment for families to meet and play together. Library. Police station area. Formal garden/park with footpaths and benches (not a children’s play area). Replacement housing for the elderly. Small pavilion that could be used for celebration days or for Father Christmas to switch on lights but that children could play on while their parents sit on the benches and chat. Answered as a family. No more cafes, hairdressers, beauty otherwise taking business away from an already swamped high street. More small shop areas. Less green space and council offices. Much needed elderly accommodation as Southam is getting more and more oap's. Victor Hodges House. To put in assisted living placements with communal area for occupants to meet together, for younger persons age 20 upwards. Also opportunities to gain work experience within the complex. Police station area and magistrates court. To maintain a 24 hour presence at police station. To have youth centre in magistrates court, with assistance and funding in management and organisation of same. Not another supermarket, more individual shops if the proposed development of new houses off Banbury Road comes about more general facilities will be required as the town grows. Keep as much open space as possible, and keep the large trees. Possibly some kind of community building, part of which could house the library. If the present public toilets were ever to be replaced, they could be relocated here. (But the present toilets are excellent). Youth service facilities to help discourage the culture of hanging around the streets. More sheltered housing-No more shops, they are not needed now Tesco's. Library already ok, no need to spend money. Possible youth centre/central community centre, more parking. Library/media share centre. Small, low cost retail units - affordable rents. Starter homes - flats or maisonette type. Car parking, free. Covered gathering/play/performance area. A "plaza" or social squarer - surrounded by the retail/residential units - with cafe/bar. Civic facilities - police, citizens advice, council office - in "one stop" location. Creation of a heritage centre incorporating Southam's Cardall collection where it can be exhibited as well as stored and available to schools, researchers, tourists and local people. Sitting area could be partially or fully covered. 'Local produce' stalls or small shops - clothes and shoes would be good to have once more. I think it should provide the Cardall collection with a permanent home within a heritage centre. There is a distinct possibility that the collection will be dispersed if suitable space for ongoing work, research by the public, displays and storage is not found in the community area. The collection contains so much of Southam's heritage, we cannot afford to lose it. It is important that space (secure!) is found for the 'Cardall collection'! This is an important collection of Southam's history, and it must stay in Southam, and be easily accessible for local people, schools and visitors. Opening hours should also be considered-refer this to the collections committee. What is the proposed development?? Town museum as part of library, with focus as central point for local traders. Keep the library service in Southam! Tennis courts, cycle parking, crèche, duck pond, town centre designed by/XXX/painted by local artist. I believe the community police station should be retained and that some sort of youth services should be offered in the community centre which could include a cafe with garden, internet access services etc. A cafe for morning coffee or afternoon tea. The only one we have is far too small. Home for Cardall Collection, police station, library, cafe/tea room all areas fully accessible for wheelchair users. Open space retain as many trees as possible. With regard to Victor Hodges site, obvious need for this development, with regard to Victor Hodges site, obvious need for this development, but it need not be brought forward onto the library site. The Stratford draft core strategy has identified a lack of open space and this development is an ideal opportunity to pay heed to the councils DRC and increase open space. Police station, library/CAB, community centre for use by residents, sheltered housing, further medical centre/doctors surgery, parking. Have seen the proposals (drawings in library) and they look good to me as they stand. Areas for citizens advice required, local notice boards required, area for local businesses to advertise services. A library/information point, a police station, shops. Community police officer/trouble shooter. Citizens advice, link to Southam council, youth/project worker, library, internet facility. I think we should definitely keep the library. It makes the town have a real heart for a community base. Perhaps have a few small market stall areas? Areas to sit and meet people/friends/family, bigger cafe, indoor and outdoor security. A safe and friendly centre for people to meet, including a cafe with inside and outside seating for all, wheelchairs prams etc. Where companies can come and demonstrate products. Fire safety, home improvements, general info and citizens advice.

Library, meeting room, coffee shop? Space for Cardall collection. Homes for the elderly. Library, flexible meeting rooms, police room dedicated space for heritage centre so that we can preserve the Cardall Collection and use it for the town to increase footfall and raise awareness of our history with younger generation. Must include an office/work area as well as display and storage facilities. The community space should include provision of a permanent home for the Cardall Collection within the new building. Ideally this should include working space and also storage and display facilities. Would still like a library if possible and it's a great resource to have with a small child. Whey Orbit housing?? A central area of communication, shops, post office, police, banning/building societies, library, council office, other information bureaus and a social/cafe meeting place. Sensory garden - Herbs, scented flowers etc. This could be used by schools and children’s centre. This could be a place to relax and benches, or more of a park for adults maybe. Facilities to bring all ages together with accessibility for the disabled. Somewhere to meet comfortably and converse. History of Southam, reflection of the community for the community. Information point (library?) Would this be available during the day only, or evening as well? Library. Seating, in clusters, looking on water feature/water jets. Food cart. selling coffee, muffins, ice creams, jacket potatoes. Occasional craft stalls. Occasion music. A reason to stop in the centre. Improve range of provision for residents. Southam has developed a reputation for take aways and not much else. More things to bring in local residents and those from surrounding villages i.e. a deli, quality shops. Maintain free parking in town. This is vital because once you have to pay to park people are not likely to shop in the town. Bungalows or ground floor flats for the elderly to live in Southam, library, Cardalls museum. Space for small car park, (pound shop) space with seats on a green area. Gift shop of some kind not to expensive. Information stand for tourists of Southam and area around and even for the local people. Get rid of police station nothing ever happens there i.e. no police-never open. Redevelop library on existing site, redevelop Victor Hodges to retirement, redevelop flats/sheltered accommodation. Manned police office-not a desk in a public building which is not private to enable people to speak freely without being overheard. Nice outdoor space, trees, somewhere to have a coffee and chat. I would not want to lose the green area and trees that currently exist and I do not think the library needs replacing. I feel that Victor Hodges could be refurbished, and that shops in the centre of Southam might be made more accessible to old people. A pedestrian area in the centre of Southam would be nice and vehicle access from the new estate to the main Leamington Road would be a good idea. For the future, road safety should be a priority, as it is an attractive town centre. Merge with Southam sports and social club and bring into centre of Southam, using police station. Then using car parks and land for markets and social events for Southam, storage for Southam Lions and sales. 1. A bookshop. 2. Shoe shop. 3. Clothes shop. 4. Most important: Suitable accommodation to house the Cardall collection. This is a unique valuable collection of artefacts and photographs recording the history of Southam, which urgently needs to be housed in a dedicated heritage centre in which ambient conditions are such as to protect the documents and enable them to be accessed, studied and catalogued. The present premises are quite unsuitable and inadequate, since a lot of old Southam no longer exists, the "Cardall Collection" is now all we have; it is an invaluable asset that other towns would envy. Southam desperately needs a good coffee shop with maybe a children’s indoor play area. There is no where good for a coffee and meet/greet. A good social coffee shop, modern, comfortable. Better than the current rubbish, ugly shops. Keep the library, education is key. The town needs modernising; it’s unattractive and has too many "low quality shops" selling rubbish. Encourage a nice bakery, coffee shop, community centre and your a winner! Library, police station, cafe, children’s centre, bring more shops into the town. Social structures that permit life to be reintroduced to the dead zone (police station and court business) with revitalised library (information enter and resources centre, maybe post office incorporated in coffee shop with inside/outside under cover option and plenty of viewing potential). I would be very happy to continue having the police station up and running. Again I like the library. It's light, the staff are friendly and helpful. I can walk by and view things that are being proposed e.g. new buildings etc. Why is Victor Hodges being targeted for change or has changed? I thought this was such a good location for the elderly who might be mobile enough to get to the shop sand be part of the community. Social and emotional health is so important. The Cardall Collection. This is a must! Library/information centre. I think Victor Hodges should be refurbished there are a lot of single people that would be glad to live near shops and bus routes. Leave the library as it is the garden area is very attractive. Southam is a town with a reputation that does not always favour itself to attracting new private buyers. More social housing, right in the centre of town will further erode the areas wealth and I am concerned will again make the centre an unwelcome place. I am opposed to the development. Please take care the politicians do not destroy our town!

Police suite with suitable privacy. Town information point, currently very useful. Cardall Collection room, with suitable working, display and storage space, plus room for educational visits. This would be a real benefit for towns folk and visitors, and a real draw to the town. Library and computer facility currently excellent (as are the staff!) House Cardall museum next to library and make complex more interesting and a major central point in Southam. Working police station, library/museum, open space/gardens, cafe/meeting place, children’s facilities. 1. Library (No smaller than the existing space). 2. Make at least room, for 2 small meeting places for local organisations to meet/function etc. 3. Last but not least, an appropriate room to house a functioning museum, for example, The Cardall Collection. N.B. This collection belongs to the people of Southam, and is not privately owned. The "Lions Club" would like to see the green library space kept as a green space because for the last 40 odd years we have held our May Day fete on this area and Southam has only the recreation field as green space near to its High Street. We also need to keep the Co-Op car park untouched as the "Lions" have a furniture sale on the car park monthly. Staff contained flats for old people and not for single mothers. A place where people can get advice in private, CAB on more than 1 day a week. Council office would be better in centre of town. We do not need anymore shops as it is hard to get the empty ones filled with anything other than estate agents or shops with goods not in the normal working person’s price range, i.e. handbags and glad rags!! A children’s shop and shoe shop would be good. A library, police, council offices instead of the Grange as it is too far up the top of town for the elderly people to walk. Community centre for elderly and young people. Refreshment area. Library, WCC one stop shop, cafe, outdoor community space, past green, part paved. Could hold Tuesday and Farmers market on it, also fetes, musical entertainment etc in summer. Would have been helpful if you had given information, with this survey on what has already been proposed for the development. I'm hoping there will still be a library and especially a police station. Perhaps a youth centre. A dog free picnic and sitting area for locals and visitors to relax and enjoy. We need a green area so the town is not just concrete. A nature area for children to experience and us oldies to enjoy. Bird and bat boxes. Not a recreation ground but a pleasant sitting area. We have a beautiful church to see from this area. 3. Churches combined office. 4. Flowers/trees in tubs. 1. A library and museum (combined) and perhaps coffee facilities. 2. Rooms available for meetings/groups etc. 3. Churches combined office. 4. Flowers/trees in tubs. Easily accessible housing for the elderly with well laid out and maintained garden. Parking area for those living in the housing. Community room/hall available for anyone to use, any group or organisation Safer road crossing, parking spaces, community/social club (more attractive than the ones we have already got). Bus to the outer regions of the town. Sports Hall. Possible internet cafe, certainly something that would benefit the whole community. On certain days each week at the above would it be possible to have someone available to help with day to day practical matters, perhaps CAB representations or the like! In priority order. 1. Library/internet/information centre/one stop shop. 2. Trees. 3. Gardens. 4. Green open space for fetes etc. 5. Performance space. 6. Heritage centre/exhibition space. 7. Cycle parking. 8. Car parking. 9. Sculpture. 10. Market stalls. 11. Supermarkets. Cafe offering reasonably prices refreshments. Space for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Public toilet facilities. Seating which is unrelated to cafe customers i.e. without having to purchase food or drink. Comfortable temperatures, especially not too hot. Notice board to advertise town events. Visits from a council person, perhaps once a fortnight for advice. Police desk. IT. Crèche. Cafe. Health drop in centre. Silver surfers with help from students. Book club. Reading and study area. Alternative therapy centre. Patient information desk. Well legs clinic - health leg clinic. If Victor Hodges is pulled down let the area be for people to let dogs run. Police station should stay and the library. Perhaps refurbish it so the rooms have proper doors instead of curtains, so the other people have somewhere to go as before. A tastefully designed outdoor area with plenty of seating around a courtyard so that adults can sit and watch their children play together in the centre. Perhaps the buildings around could have long overhanging canopies under which the seats could be positioned. Small cinema, activities for teenagers, meeting rooms for elderly, we already have sufficient food outlets, e.g. cafes in town also enough hairdressers. We need shoe shops and haberdashery too. I believe that the community space should contain a Crèche for younger children to stay in while parents go shopping, or to the cafe (already proposed) also that there should be youth clubs in the building for older childrenthis should be open all day and in the evenings until approx 10pm to give youths somewhere to go and socialise in the evening (instead of hanging around on Market Hill). Adequate meeting room space for clubs etc, CAB, oap's and children’s groups. Also it is very important to have exhibition and storage space for the Cardall Collection which contains the history of Southam and many artefacts and documents which need to be kept in good quality surroundings for future generations.

It is sad that the proposal from Sainsbury’s did not go through. Having this with the community officers seems such a good idea for Southam rather than having an out of town supermarket that has made the town centre much quieter. A library needs to stay and a decent comfortable cafe would be a great idea. An area for teenagers/young adults to meet in the evening that is well lit and equipped (inc outdoor table tennis) 1. A youth club. 2. A place for pensioners to meet up. 3. A citizens advice bureau. Something that useful to all ages, what about a mini shopping centre contains shops for young and old. All our nice shops have gone bakers, butchers, fruit and veg. Somewhere nice to buy clothes one shop in the size of Southam not good enough. Library and community support. Internet cafe. Police base. Pre school activity centre. Citizens Advice. Public garden/courtyard. Sheltered accommodation. Southam market is in a very good location, ideal for parking and very safe for pensioners and if children go to look round, please don't change it, because centre of town, if moved would be dangerous. New library. Certainly not another supermarket. Open space around library, as is now. Barclays bank, very annoying to have to travel to Leamington when I do shopping, library etc in Southam. Space that local groups can hire at low cost. Exhibitions. Some more shops. Ladies shoes. Men’s shoes. Ladies skirts, jumpers, dresses. Men’s suits. Tea shop. Electric shop washing machines etc Something for the youth of Southam to be involved in the building, so they respect the area and will look after it. The youth need somewhere to go in the day! Meeting room(s) to hire, library, cafe, information centre e.g. Tourist information, local information/leaflets. Museum or space to show work of local artists/schools/community groups (exhibitions of art and craft). Computer screens to show local photos/events of interest/exhibitions. Communal facilities for the elderly-day care, social 'drop in' area supplying refreshment and snacks, leisure facilities-exercise classes and hobbies. Area set aside for confidential discussion with different agencies e.g. council, housing association, benefit departments etc. Youth centre. A centre for all local youth societies to use i.e. Guides, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Rainbows etc. A centre that all retired persons can use for coffee mornings-drop in sessions-parties-lunches etc. We need a large store with food, children’s, ladies and men’s clothing in and shoes, like Asda or Morrisons or Sainsburys. We need something like this in the centre of Southam when you don't have transport, you can walk to the store. We don't need a library as people all have internets at home now. Tesco is too far out of Southam to get to when you don't have transport, we also need a D.I.Y. store. I would like the space to be an Asda or Sainsburys that sell a selection like clothes, shoes you have to travel out of Southam to get clothes etc and if you haven't got transport it is hard. It would bring trade into the town centre too, also Wilkinsons store. Plenty of green space. Perhaps a youth club for teenagers (with computer games!). Must keep library. Maybe keep library are open till 7-8 so kids with no pc's at home could study (homework club is only open on Monday and Wednesday till 5-not long enough). Seating area is good, but must be bolted down (vandals-I have lived here for 19 years!). Leave Victor Hodges and the name for elderly people, his memory will live on. Do not destroy the historical Southam by bringing modern buildings to the town. From a lady born and bred in Southam. Victor Hodges is a place that needs to be redeveloped as soon as it is possible. The police station is a waste of tax payers’ money and needs to go. The library could be made smaller and of more use to Southam towns people its time to cut costs where ever. Library, council office, police presence/base, tourist information, garden/outside area for fetes etc., parking facilities. Maybe an outside theatre/amphitheatre for occasional events/schools use/interest groups. A pleasant park-like garden area with trees, flower beds and seats. Library, CAB or other help desk, cobbler!, police, public services-young mums, retired people something for the youth. No more fast food/ take aways or florists. Good quality residential housing for private and rented use, mainly for senior citizens. Retail outlets should cater for these type of residents in the main. Parking for residents should also be considered with restrictions in place to maintain parking for senior citizens only. Youth centre, library, more shops (clothes, shoes, cd's, movies) Southam already has a good range of community spaces for meetings/gatherings of different sizes, so there is no shortage of meeting places. The danger is that a community space in the proposed development could make other venues unviable. A positive move, would be to local a museum/local history centre in the new development. This would enable the Cardall Collection to find a much needed home and allow better access to the artefacts and records. Victor Hodges House library and police station would be a very good idea and seems to address a lot of senior people of Southam's problems. Maybe some type of recreation could be sought for the younger members of the

community. Central amenities for local residents. A hub for locals to attend, that contains a wide variety of information all in one place. I think the library is essential also the police station. I suppose Victor Hodges site would be ok for housing rather than on greenbelt land.3 Space to showcase, creative/artistic work produced by local groups, and individuals. A permanent home for Southam's Cardall Collection to include storage and display space. I think Victor Hodges House-should be kept as it was meant for. accommodation, made slightly bigger units so that elderly people, especially couples, it may even solve a problem with housing for young people as elderly people may want or need to give up houses or bungalows (housing association), that is. Also Mr Victor Hodges past councillor, also one of the best he was one of my Sunday school teachers. You may realise I was born in Southam. The library should be kept as a library as it is central. The police station has no use at all now, why no t develop it into small s hops at reasonable rents or youth club as the other was knocked down, maybe keep some of the yobs of the streets and pay people to run it. Clothes shops, mens wear, ladies wear, children’s wear, wool shop/craft shop. We would like an Asda or Sainsburys in the middle of town, as you cannot buy clothes in Southam or shoes, Tesco is on the outskirts of Southam you need transport to visit it. So it would bring more trade to the centre of town to support other shops, people would not need to go to Leamington if Southam had a good Asda or Sainsburys. Police station, internet cafe, library (should actually be a separate building), shoe shop, locksmith/shoe repair. Easy access for pushchairs/wheelchairs, free seating area, butchers shop?? delicatessen. A heritage centre, exhibition/work space, free wi-fi, public aren't, locally produced product "shop", performance area, cycle parking. It is the responsibility of community space to engage and improve upon a communities existing strengths. Somewhere to sit and have a chat, also the road coming from Park fields into Little park and then up Park Lane, The traffic is horrific and certain periods of the day, and the part by the church, where the wall is, you have to pull into the path to get through it. It is far to narrow and more traffic would be horrific. Shops, library, bistro evening opening - alternative to the pubs, police presence. Local council and town council, advisory desk. I think the library should stay where it is. The police station is ok where it is, but open. Victor Hodges should reopen to care for the residents of Southam like it used to. Low cost room/space for hire and/or youth/teenage facility and Cardall Collection exhibition and storage/archive space. This is community history. Library - vital for the area, more could be done to encourage children to use the facilities there, for example a safe area for homework. My older son used to go there everyday and do his homework-the staff were very welcoming. I know a number of children who would appreciate this still. We still need to retain the library and police station, although the police station could be a lot smaller. As long as there is sufficient capacity for elderly sheltered accommodation, I don't believe this area should include housing. Accommodation like Victor Hodges is fine but I would not want to see private or social housing. We also don't need any more supermarkets in the town! It has to be a community based space that benefits the whole community, young and old. Library (including IT suite). WCC contact point (plus councillor surgery). Police contact point. C.A.B. Local information for residents. Local information for tourists. Library with decent children’s area with activities. As a mother of two preschool children the library is the only place to go in Southam in bad weather. Some shops would be nice-based around children/books/clothes. Child friendly cafe. Southam needs sheltered housing, library and police station because of its size. Town centre shops must have incentive to remain open, police station should be open 24/7. Flexibility of space in large cafe area so that it could be partitioned off if required for small meetings or social functions. A room for the Cardall Collection-large enough for storage and an area for research. Cases or areas in library or cafe area for Cardall displays which hopefully would be changed every few months. A shop like Burtons etc that you can buy a tie or shirt, or general things for us ladies-tights, swimwear, blouse etc. Have to travel for everything. Stratford council tax, but none of Stratford’s shops! Definitely a library, for all sections of the population plus a police station. There are cafes in the town already so a cafe is not essential. Access to advice (but in a confidential area, e.g. private room) would be useful. Benches for sitting, flower tubs, blossom trees, flower beds, if there is room a special feature like a floral clock like they use to have years ago in Jephson Gardens HSPA. I do not like the Victor Hodges House was closed I think the money could have been spent to make it bigger. It is in an ideal place for old age pensioners, all the shops were on hand post office Co-Op and new Watton Lodge is very nice but a long way for old people to walk to the shops all the way up the long hill. Mr Victor Hodges work very hard

to get that home built for the old people in Southam all it wanted was some money spent on it to make it bigger. A youth centre for young people in Southam to do things in. A library (still). A community coffee shop/drop in centre. We do need a police station. I have a lot of people park over my drive and no police when I call down. I am on call Tuesday and Friday so I need to get out, so police station please. Seems pretty good apart from comments in Q10. A library, a separate police office (not just a desk in the library) and a separate council office (not just a desk in another area). Keep as much open green space as possible-the town centre needs this. Also provision for plenty of seating surely we, the residents of Southam, deserve better, more private access to our police and council offices than we have at present. This must be the time to address the balance. Sports area, e.g. badminton court, table tennis. Area for young people/teenagers, e.g. games room containing pool table, computers, darts board, gaming stations, table tennis, music studio. Somewhere young people can relax without hanging around outside. A working and manned police station which is accessible to the public. At all times. No phone on the outside to speak to a policeman. Good quality shops e.g. clothes and shoes, M&S Clarks, an electrical shop, haberdasher shop. We need a few good eating places or a good restaurant so that we do not have to drive. We need more shops I compare the size of Southam to Knowle and Knowle has some really good shops and the high looks busy. Just flatten it you won’t maintain anything that you put there anyway. Why not build another superstore to further ruin Southam's business. Vote Labour time for a change. Old people’s housing/private and social housing-safe development. Facilities for old people. Bakery-really miss being able to get good bread and cakes. Community buildings/One Stop Shop/Charity base/Information guide/say CAB, RELATE, careers, dementia, Welfare Rights etc... Opportunity for drop in sessions etc. Restaurant (nice quality), Interesting shops to draw people into the town. Victor Hodges is not an old building, there are a lot of single people in Southam can't it be used for them. 1. Self contained flats (warden controlled). 2. Hairdresser for those unable to go out. 3. Small retail shop for everyday items for those above. 4. Communal area for cuppa and chats. 5. Small exercise area for keep fit. 6. Place to play Bingo etc etc.. Library, Information centre, Museum - see below. As we have an ongoing and interesting Cardall Collection full of items about Southam. I think it would be really beneficial to have a permanent home for this, thereby bringing to Southam an interesting and informative attraction for visitors and residents alike. A cafe, notice boards, library (i.e. it should not be closed down), allow buskers to perform. 1. Bistro/cafe-somewhere where people can meet friends, especially children aged 14-18, I'm thinking along the lines of Starbucks/Cafe Nero. 2. Essential to keep the library!! The library should be bigger and better stocked with a wide variety of books. The Jack Cardall Museum should be housed there. Voluntary services office and citizens advice, police station with regular opening times. Community space? What on earth does this mean?? Local government/town planning jargon of little obvious meaning. A library, some kind of drop in centre for young people to get them off the streets. A police station which meets today’s needs. This development does not require a cafe, residence and town’s people can go to others in Southam. Could the space be put to better use? A drop in centre for youth not a youth club. Cafe and cyber/wifi centre. Library. Police station. Citizens’ advice. Council office. Community help/drop in centre. I think there should be a retail development there to attract people back into the town. I'd like to see a supermarket that would be in competition with the supermarkets in town are clearly not attracting people into the town neither are the existing shops. How many times do you want to visit the Bridal shop? Or tattoo artist? The town and the market are in a catch 22 situation. People rarely visit the town because I presume lack of shops/stalls. Traders are not interested as there is limited customers. 1. A good sized room where the Cardall Collection/Museum can be displayed and extra storage space, this would need to designated just to hold museum. There was a suggestion that such a room could be used for all sorts of community use which is obviously totally impractical. 2. A separate (!) room where book groups, community groups, committees eh.. eh.. could meet. The current plans are on the whole quite good. Should include:- Police staff, library and cafe, A library, gallery, heritage building with community space available for workshops, talks etc for local clubs and organisations. But keep the green space as much as possible please. This building should be separate from any redevelopment of older peoples housing on the site of Victor Hodges House. The VH redevelopment should be more modern and self contained for people over 60, especially people with mobility issues, or older people from Welsh Road East housing association are who find the wait into town too far with no transport. Open space, keep trees, police, library, council support, citizens advice, homeless, financial advice, sheltered

accommodation. Library, police post, council contact point and museum. I feel that a proper space where Cardall Collection can be stored, exhibited and worked on is more important than the proposed cafe as there are already several commercial cafes in town. Landscaped are for use as local meeting place and small community events, with information about relevant future interesting local happenings and surrounding news from nearby villages. Provision for a museum/Cardall Collection and local historical events of interest to visitors and locals alike. Council information hub encompassing all council offices and services. Having only recently moved to Southam (4 weeks) ago, we were unaware of the new development. I would be devastated if the library were to disappear. Tourist information/notice of local activities etc. Library. Community hall/meeting place. Costa Coffee or similar, desperately lacking in Southam! Library, police station (manned), community ambulance post. Elderly residential care, meals on wheels to benefit community. The current are contains a large green space area which hosts fetes and local events-this should remain. Some of the green area in front of proposed building should be left with seating areas, as it is now on the High Street. Also some disabled parking spaces for easy access to the church, chemist, banks etc of course somewhere for police, library etc. A museum for the Jack Cardall Collection very important to Southam. A nice meeting room where some of the local groups could have their meetings instead of using school halls etc. Internet cafe, citizens advice bureau, housing for elderly people, day care centre for the elderly and disabled, youth club, room to hire to the public at a reasonable rate. The community space should be grassed with trees and seats for people to sit and ruminate! Possibly tubs of flowers as well and of course incorporate the wooden sculpture now by the library in the space. Replacing affordable care of the elderly. The whole episode was unnecessary in the first place. Victor Hodges left empty all this time. Sad needing place for old and new. No fringe shops, i.e. designer. No more banks/building societies or estate agents. Landscaped to showcase the heart of Southam. I think Victor Hodges is overdue redevelopment. The library and police station is fine, why spend money on it when it doesn't need it. If redevelop, how long will we be without a library, police station, council contact point? Library, heritage-history, meeting space (not restaurant/cafe) 1. We need a library very much and to be able to use the computers. 2. We also need the presence of a police officer 24 hours a day and for them to have a room to be able to interview people in private. 3. We would need a restaurant in the residential part where people could get a good meal. 4. Regarding the Candall Collection-This needs to be open every day of the week-this would bring the people into Southam. 5. We could do with a manned office for Southam District Council use. 6. More useful shops-such as electrical goods and basic clothing especially for the elderly. Something educational or a youth centre/meeting place-the young people of Southam have no real place to congregate if you don't count the church gate! If the area is just used for housing, it would need to be sympathetic to Southam’s centres, buildings maybe with some green space, landscaped gardens, art gallery some thing to draw folks into the town, no more takeaways but butchers or bakers!! Library should remain as library with information/tourist information facilities. Victor Hodges House should be redeveloped as modern accommodation for the elderly. Access for police facilities should be readily available to public within redevelopment. If any retail facilities are provided these should be a good size (all recent new shops in Southam too small to be viable long term) and no more charity shops. Southam should keep a large open grassed space, which could be used regularly for the many talents here. Entertainments-dancers open air performances, retro markets/displays, as well as closing Main Road for these things. If there is a business interest for very small outlets, these should be considered too, but only if very small. Open space is more favourable. One only needs to look at shopping malls in Leamington and Coventry and see vast areas of space no one can afford to rent. A proper building to house the Cardall Collection for Southam and other local historical society memorabilia. Library equipped with up to date technology as well as books open till 8pm Monday to Friday and 4pm on Saturday. Police station for general enquiries and advice open as above. Museum see Q6. Town council/district council area for enquiries and advice. The external community space appears inadequate to support the use currently possible by the local organisations. The proposed allocation for the Cardall Collection, appears small. However if space is at a premium then at least the displays must remain. Library, display area for art and or museum artefacts, office for volunteer centre with space to store wheelchairs for loaning out. Meeting rooms that could also be used for C.A.B. on occasions. All town council, SDC and WCC offices should be available there as well as police and contact for all emergency services to allow members of public to have only on place to enquire i.e. One Stop Shop.

Please keep the library - this is so important to our community!!! Also the police station, this is a lifeline. We need a place for the local people to ask questions about our town and to get answers. We also need a pleasant place outdoors to sit in good weather. Youth club, getting the young involved in town projects i.e. Southam in bloom, carnival, Christmas markets and newsletters. Police cadets and community safety for young and vulnerable where 11-16 year olds work along side police in a similar way to that the fire service have young fire fighters. This would reduce crime and have a sense of involvement. To be honest I do not know what the development is about/for and I think that Southam residents should have information sent to them about what is proposed. A person to talk to about Stratford council like there was a year or so ago. Library, youth centre. Council office, police station, library, communal lounge, public toilet facilities, access for disabled-mobility scooters and wheelchairs, adequate parking-free, More disabled parking, and a person to see that it is used in correct manner. Second newsagent would be welcomed. Good clothes shop for 50+ not mini or granny's. Good shoe shop (hotter). Haberdasher. Toilets. Local police at Southam, not ring and get headquarters. Local cafe (central). Develop Victor Hodges. Don't waste money by making it a slum area. Library-reading groups, toddlers/kids groups. Community activities venue: i.e. youth club, cafe, oap club, internet cafe, young play area, cinema, bowling. Library, police station, council offices, community centre, local history centre. Garden with seats, public toilet. Enough attractive rubbish bins so its not chucked onto the ground. Just more variety of stalls. Enough money has been wasted so why bother!! It's not long since Victor Hodges House was updated people wont want to live here if we are forced to have it! We don't need more shops as since Tesco's was built the shop's we have are struggling. I know I work in one! Landscaping, flowers, tables, benches. Police station with police to be on duty 24 hours a day. Library/coffee shop with decent prices not ridiculous priced beverages/food. Drop in centre for the elderly by day - youth centre. Shops Library, police station, citizen advice, office, rest room for elders. Library, police station, gallery space-local art, charity stalls space, toilets. I think the police station and the library should stay as they are and that Victor Hodges should be reopened as day care and living accommodation for Southam’s elderly residents! (Affordable or just council run!!) Library hugely important to the community as a whole, older people, children, schools etc. Police presence is important as above. Clothes shops, shoe shops, haberdashery shops, jewellers, food court, Wilkinsons style shops, Asda, WHSmith/Waterstones style book shop, cafe, information/help area (local activities). A youth club/social area for young and/or teenagers (sports) things to bring surrounding villagers into our town, and useful for residents who cannot travel easily to Leamington, Rugby etc. Youth club, I don't feel there is anywhere for teenagers to go on evenings and do activities instead of hanging around the streets/park. Landscaped area containing:- Library, Small hotel and restaurant, theatre and small police station. The design should have picture windows included across to the landmarks similar to that in Seattle Library.

Appendix 5: Other comments respondents wished to make (284 comments) Don't think a three storey "old folk’s home" should be on the high street. Will only lead to problems late at night. We need more retail space. The market is not only a place to buy but also has a social aspect. Many of the older generations meet up to shop, chat and meet for refreshments. If the supermarket had been put in the town centre this would have encouraged people into the shop and consequently they would have used local shops. Very pleased with the planning outlay. Have visited the library and feel the redevelopment would be a great assess to the town.

Must not duplicate/compete with current high street businesses - such as hairdressers or beauty salon. Perhaps a building like St Wulstan court. There is not much to do in the town for entertainment, such a space could be used to address this. Please provide as much as possible green, open space in the town centre redevelopment. Close top end of Wood street to traffic. Stop trying to justify Tesco’s money and involvement. Southam is a great place to live, we need to encourage people into the town to show off what's here. Southam First are doing a great job. Perhaps if they made the Tuesday market a Saturday one they might get more custom. Weight restriction for lorries. Top priority is to preserve the library. Place make every effort to house the Cardall collection in the new development. Cardalls museum, room to hire for private meetings/functions etc, cyber cafe. I really would like to use Southam market but is on the wrong day of the week and far too small. Instead I frequently visit Wellesbourne market. Lived in Southam for 50yrs, always been happy here. Extend double yellow lines all the way down from Coventry street to Browns Bridge Road. Southam is currently a state and needs a good shake up. If I could afford to move I would. Do not add another shop/supermarket (the ones in town already struggle against Tesco). The town centre is not very pedestrian friendly, in comparison to other shopping centres. Do we need more beauty? Town itself needs developing/face lift. Larger range of shops. Keep the free car parks and market. A decent social club would be a good asset to Southam. Do not want any development which would undermine any existing facility. Foot path next to Park Lane to be moved behind wall to allow road widening. There should be an area of grass so that organisations that currently run fetes etc can still run them after the redevelopment. Victor Hodges to stay but made into more units as it is a convenient place right next to the shops and there is a lot of ground there not used at the moment. Market stall pitch rental too high hence lack of stalls. Lower rent, more stalls, more visitors to Southam. Could do with more stalls. Clean and freshen up the swimming pool complex. Standards have dropped over the last five years. Please keep library central to Southam. Am pleased there will be sheltered housing once more - essential for the aging population. Not social "outcasts" from other towns please - we have enough. Also more waste bins for litter and dog fouling, especially outside the Co-Op. Why do you feel the need to demolish Victor Hodges and then rebuild it? You will make the residents of Little Parks lives a misery for two years. The market is just right, best location, close to the toilets and the car park. The town could do with some clothes shops. It is about time there was more police in Southam as there is more crime at the moment. I would use the market if it was on a Saturday. I would have used the market in the past when I was on maternity. Keep Southam housing for Southam and surrounding village people. If Sainsburys had gone ahead with their plans this would not now have to be considered. Why use such large envelope? Smaller ones would keep costs down! The success of Southam will continue to depend on footfall in the town centre. Tesco has not helped as it pulls people away from the town centre. We don't need more community space. Use spaces in High St, market Hill as they become available. No more cafes or coffee shops we have plenty. I would like to see the pavements and pot holes on them improved in School St, and the wall on the working men’s club maintained. Please for Gods sake don't build a load of houses there! More facilities for older children to go, to keep them from getting in with the wrong crowds. Southam missed a golden opportunity to have a new supermarket in the town by allowing Tesco on the outskirts result a great loss of trade in town and a probable slow death of small shops in future. It's quite good as it is.

Whilst the development is taking place attention should be paid to accessibility e.g. dropped kerbs etc. No housing (orbit) in this area as there are enough chavs that hang out there already. Southam requires more bungalows for people to down size and not have to move from the area and to make room for families. I would like a green open spec retained in the existing Library area with seating. On market day I think the Wood Street should be closed from the post office end for safety. The money would be better spent on the police force or local hospitals etc. Save the trees and wild life. Please retain as much green space as possible. More variety of shops in town centre of the affordable variety. Please retain the friendly small "market town" personality of Southam. Not retail or service facilities that will affect local businesses which are in close proximity to this site. I would like to see the whole of the green area around the present Library retained. Dedicated disabled parking close to popular shopping outlets e.g. post office , Co-Op, Acorn stores etc. A weekend market would be good - not just a small farmers market. What redevelopment?? Park Lane turned into a one way road in the direction of the recreational area. I would feel a lot safer having the police station close by as I am a lone parent. The after market clean up constantly ignores the corners of the car park. Particularly the top corner where the stalls are sited. 1: No plastic or wooden signs to be fixed to railings or standing in Library grounds, but provision of a proper notice board. 2: Provision of a manned police station. depending on what the proposed development will be, consideration will need to be given to parking and congestion and safety of residents in the area. Please bring a decent eating and drinking restaurant for the middle and upper class in Southam. I would think that the market is in an ideal place, as parking is easy, and if you have to carry heavy things anywhere else would be a problem. What a waste of money. Southam does not offer much in the way of interest for the casual or regular visitor. A new coffee shop has opened which is good - but a variety of shops and a better bus service would revitalise the area. Seating area, green space. As I commented stop parking in Wood Street 24hrs free. Put in pay metre and allowing people to use Southam more with parking much easier and revenue for council funds. I do hope the police station will be manned otherwise I see it as a total waste putting it there. There is never any police in station at minute when you need one. We do not need more supermarkets or fast food outlets. Would prefer to be able to talk to someone in person from district council as before. This was an invaluable service and greatly missed. Give Victor Hodges back to the old people as it was. There needs to be ample free parking as a very close resident I still need to be able to park outside my own home. The reason I don't use the market is because it's in the week and a lot of people work. Maybe if it was on a Saturday more people would go. It would be a major retrograde step to remove police or Library. Town centre needs more variety of shops, bars/pubs, needs tidying up, shop fronts are a bit shabby looking. I am Southam born and would like to see the police on their feet a little more, a walk around the town would prove a presence. The above are a number of small outlets Southam had until the current council took over. I do not consider that we need a new Library or police station. The Library facilities are more than adequate and the police station is closed most of the time! Yes Southam needs more social housing for the elderly and more low cost housing for the younger generation. I would not like to see a modern building slotted into the town centre. It should be in keeping with the old buildings. There should also be green space around it as there is currently around the Library. Get rid of Tesco and develop the town with a more variety of stores. In place of Victor Hodges house, is more adequate provision being made for suitable accommodation for elderly people in future in view of the increasing aging population? No more charity shops/pubs/clubs. Put a new skate park in - lots of local youngsters miss the one removed. Need more "proper" police on the beat.

It's a great pity that the proposed Sainsburys development was rejected. Now our council tax will have to pay for this development. There is nothing of kids to do if it rains. A cinema is what is needed or a burger bar like a MacDonald’s, there are coffee shops but kids don't do coffee bars. I strongly believe that the "Tuesday market" should remain on the upper level of the Wood St car park. Effort by sketts should be made to promote the venue to make it a commercial success for sketts, the stall holders and the benefit of Southam. I think redevelopment of Southam centre excellent idea. We are a growing town and need new user friendly facilities that match up to this. It has been great to see projects like the Chemist and Old Malloys house on Abbey Lane and play ground done up, really great for Southam. More of this please. Definitely NOT housing in the town centre or any more shops!! A large leisure complex containing a trendy coffee shop and all of the above would bring people into town centre and offer a hub for the town. Have retired to live in Southam after a few years away and loved the fact that the town still has the feel and character of previous years. Please don't spoil this and please ensure new development is in keeping. I think this is an expensive waste of money. The Victor Hodges needs redevelopment but couldn't the police station be left/actioned differently. The Library has had so much spent on it over the year it would be further waste to spend more. Fill empty shops, electrical goods, shoes, and general clothing. No more take aways as cafes. Keep Southam designs in keeping with its history. Keep the market where it is, it's just in the right place. Not enough variety of shops. Too many take-aways and charity shops. Too many pubs that encourage antisocial behaviour. Have you researched to ensure there is a requirement for this. Where I once lived under government pressure 12 starter homes were built. At the end of one year only 3 were occupied - No demand. Please keep the larger trees. Keep a community focal point in town centre. Ensure it looks right in the town and doesn't stick out. I think it is about time Stratford District Council gave Southam people something back for all the rates we pay into the Stratford’s pot. The current town centre proposals are not in keeping with the town and do no compliment the market towns, the development needs to be right as it will shape our towns future. Park Lane needs improving. Hope all villages being questioned re market etc. There is a general shortage of police officers in Southam. Kids sometimes gather and smashing drink bottles in the streets, walkway etc. Ideally no more houses. Part of the beauty of Southam is its small market town appearance. The development and growth are already starting to spoil its old fashioned image. So no more please. Car parking will need to be addressed around the Market Hill area; also shop premises should be available to entice larger more sustainable shops to Southam. Focus groups including a larger variety of people need to be held to ask what residents want and need. Could do with clothes shops (at reasonable prices) haberdashery shop, shoe shop. Libraries and police station together with the church and public house are the building blocks on English community and socially, please protect them. Market needs to be more visible to attract passing trade. Less parking spaces lost if market on Market Hill. Or how about turning it into a YMCA hostel for visitors to explore Southam and surrounding area cheaper. That's about it.... Please consider the above - thanks. Whatever use is made of this space I would dearly like the open space with spring flowers in to remain. I'm sure many people, like myself, are looking forward to seeing them each year. I would hate to see the whole space built on. As I live on the main street a better traffic management system is required, constant speeding and more traffic cutting through the centre (rat running) traffic now as bad as 25 years ago! Before the bypass! Southam is so backward thinking. It ought to be like Moreton-in-Marsh. Even Kineton has developed by improving it's market, shops, cafe, restaurants, pub and has a reputation which encourages people to go there. Please generate life in the town by encouraging Artisan trades, such as butcher, baker. There is life without Tesco, we can do better. Southam has 2 supermarkets in the town, and Tesco, which for those without transport, is in the wrong place. Budgens is very over priced - even in these straightened times. The Co-Op only marginally better. The town needs a butchers shop and proper baker and greengrocer. Too many take aways. Black Dog pub very tatty and run down. Please to see current trees area being preserved. I feel the green centre of the town gives it its heart and warmth. I would hate that to be lost and for Southam to become the same as all other towns. Have any young people ideas been ask for in this project? Think their impact will be valuable.

Money is required to make the total development attractive. Fill empty shops, but no more take-aways. Ladies underwear and general clothing, shoe shop, electric goods. The location of Tesco has killed the town centre as most people said it would. Councillors ignored our wishes then and I expect them to do so again. There are too many disabled parking spaces! Southam requires also first time buyer affordable accommodation aimed at Southam residents. Shopping with plenty of parking, on the spot fines for those that abuse disability parking, bringing extra council revenue. Accessibility to shopping. The Victor Hodges Home, the police station and court house are all handsome buildings, which if replaced, would only be by inferior design and execution. Refurbish them by all means. I think the Southam swimming pool could use an update, toddler pool, slide, and better cleaner changing facilities. Its ridiculous to expect people with young children to walk from the recreation park to Wood Street for the use of a toilet, cannot believe recreation park does not have toilets, could you see this happening in Stratford - NO! Hopefully, the redevelopment of the town centre site will be commenced, as soon as possible, to encourage more visitors to the town. Also, to encourage more retail shops to open. Maybe, Sainsbury's would be interested in opening a town centre shop if suitable premises became available. Southam needs the litter to be picked up and the streets cleaned more regularly. It is disgusting sometimes. The dog poo situation is also obscene. We have to dodge dog poo everyday on our walk to school. Please fence in the kids area at recreation ground to keep dogs out. Need decent access-not by the Church Road! It gets blocked very easily/ We have free access for charity table top sales, we want to keep it. I think that a new extra care housing scheme is a good idea, but it should be kept back from the main road leaving the present Village Green area free for communal use. Any three storey buildings should be kept in the dip not on the present library idea. Single storey there please and well back, we need our community green space, our group used to rent space in another Orbit development and had nothing but trouble. We moved. What are the proposals for the market? Is the market going to be extended or reduced! No details have been given. Southam needs! First time buyer, affordable! housing. Current provision new build is too expensive, compared to Rugby/Coventry, with no social housing. The young will and are looking elsewhere! Have to go out of work on my break. The market should be opened 9-4, as I work till after 2pm, and always packed up, by this time. This market is based for people that don't work. Our Southam councillors have been incapable of stopping something negative like high speed rail link. So it may be nice if they did something positive like putting Southam on the map. Other wise Southam town council may just as well be disbanded and merged to Stratford Council and save money, the grange would make nice apartments !!! To encourage local communication and exhibiting local skills to us. How come Orbit seem to have such a large area at their disposal? Surely the police station/law courts do not belong to them-or have they purchased them? We missed the chance with Sainsburys on this development. Farmers market should be moved to Wood Street car park, it is an accident waiting to happen on Market Hill obstructing the view at junctions and bus stop with traders vehicles badly parked. Please do no concrete over the library grounds. Residential development should be limited and the centre development must provide enhanced facilities to improve the image of the town. I have not been a frequent user of the market as there seems to be less and less stalls and variety. It would be so sad if you are thinking of stopping the weekly market as I think a lot of people come in from the outlying villages. Keep the police station, get it manned 24/7 and get traffic wardens all day to walk round. Can't get disabled parking because everybody parks there. Police should remain in the police station. Preserve the tree's alongside the main road. This questionnaire is a waste of time and money. Haven't you got anything better to do. And cut out the split infinitives. Rooflines to library, police station etc to resemble and reflect the roof lines to Victor Hodges House as shown on the plans. Apex shaped rather than straight. I know personally of 6-8 young disabled between 20-35 who would welcome this opportunity. People in Southam need to be encouraged to come into the town and not just use Tesco! This would happen if the town looked better. There shouldn't be any retail outlets that will adversely affect existing units in the town. Development should be attractive with 'open' accessible design, making the most of town land marks e.g. market place, chemist and church. It is such a shame to see Southam depreciate in such a way, S/hill Tesco's was built, it used to be a bustling little town

I really enjoy listening to the shipping forecast, I utterly agree that it is licence payers’ money well spent. Also very therapeutic. Marvellous. Those little blue pills are Marvellous who would have thought that so little, could do so much. After reading below I still don't believe this information provided will be appreciated. I have learnt how to spell the word now. Thank you. Sorry! I just like Southam and it's just fine. Could do with cheap houses or flats where young adults can have and afford to live on their own. Southam is a lovely market town, but I think it has been neglected by the council. I think more should be made of the heritage. I know it's a bigger town but I think Southam could aspire to be Warwickshire's Melton Mowbray. Both myself and my wife are strongly opposed to any development that encroaches onto the existing green space. A number of community events are held on it each year. The proposed development would ruin the visual aspect of the open, natural space at the heart of our town. How is it that a new library is considered necessary, bearing in mind the large amounts of tax payers money only recently spent on the existing library? Southam town centre needs radical thought, it is a dead town with nothing to attract people there since Tesco arrived, I don't even go there any more. A mall with coffee shops, restaurants and shopping. Please, please, please. The opportunity was missed to redevelop/rejuvenate the town centre when Tesco's was approved in its out of town location. It should have been located in the town centre. See Q9. Would like to see shops within the town centre providing every day essentials such as bakery, greengrocer, butchers as alternatives to supermarkets. Cardalls collection a must. Private rooms to discus things for one stop council shop. Discuss with local residents what building upheaval implications are. When Tesco opened on the outskirts of Southam it was the worst decision that could have been made. Sainsbury's would have been so much better in Southam town centre, bringing with it small shops and incorporating library/police etc. Now we have a ghost town and will never improve. The shop signage along Market Hill and the High Street needs improving. There are some excellent frontages, e.g. Suzanne Evetts Florist and Preens, but the quality and presentation of others really makes the whole place look shabby and run-down. Surely setting standards here would be a 'quick win', is essential ahead of future developments. Ban heavy vehicles from town centre, fewer cars etc using bypass-come through Southam as it's shorter. More speed checks/automatic cameras. Southam is in danger of losing its heart with the focus moving towards the Tesco site. Pressure will undoubtedly be brought to create a retail park and the character of Southam will change for the worse. A better change would be to create a retail/social centre with easy transport/parking. I don't go to the market very often these days as I find it so depressing to find empty stalls or large spaces where traders no longer turn up. Why is there so much XXX about the market than the re-development of the town centre? This new building should last a long time. The market is much more ephemental. I was concerned about 'disabled' parking spaces for the library, they were not visible on the plan. Please ensure that 'disabled' access is included, parking and access to all parts of the building. Baked goods stall would be well received on the market. (There's a good bread stall in Banbury on a Saturday). Move of market day to Saturday would make our visits more frequent. I personally feel that we have more than enough supermarkets. Southam used to be a nice little country town. Its gradually being turned into 'just another town'/ It's losing its character, such a shame. Is it necessary and indeed cost effective to demolish police/court building when they could be re-used as a home for the Cardall Collection, historical artefacts in an old building rather than put them in a modern complex. An area for use of residents groups would be useful. Would not be happy if the court house was demolished, should be permanent link to the development. Lower business charges would encourage more retail outlets to Southam and therefore, everyone would be a winner! (The community, the businesses and the council). Southam is dying! Help, please!! The only facilities we use in Southam are: Leisure centre, Goodwins, Tesco, takeaways !! and pubs. We have been waiting some time for this development. I think you should get on with it as soon as possible. The development must look good, i.e. not a glass and brick monstrosity, sympathetic with the older buildings and architecture. The developers are taking a vast amount of space in the town centre and must give us something in return (in terms of community facilities) of equal/greater size. If done well it could be a real community hub for Southam. The opening of an out of town supermarket has killed the town centre. How can shop survive when previous customers are elsewhere. This outcome should have been foreseen. We've really enjoyed the various events that have been put on in the town centre recently (Christmas fairs etc) and it really brings the community together and it's good fun for the kids. The high street in general could do with

freshening up a bit as although it is clean, some of the shops look a bit shabby, especially the vacant ones. Please be more honest than political in any decisions finally made. It would be nice to have a local bakery in the town. It seems that all other amenities are met. Southam is a very community focused town, which has been great for our family who only moved here a year ago. The town centre development images show a building far from in keeping with the historical town centre. Can more be made of the design to reflect the historical nature of Southam!? Southam is moving in the right direction. There are some lovely buildings but the poor/dated signs on many shops make Southam look run down and uncared for. Could a grant be made to those shops in order to assist them making the appropriate changes. It would benefit the town on the whole. Southam has gained some good new quality shops - well done to those businesses. Leave green space as it is for fetes etc. No more buildings on green area!!! The library site is good with an area of lawn and benches this shouldn't be made any smaller and if possible enlarged. Since the aim (or one of them) is to attract people into the town, it is essential that the architecture of any new buildings is fully in keeping with the original. People are not going to come to see modern attractions of the type we already have in the town centre, dating from earlier periods of "development" in the 1960's and 1970's! Please do something about the ugly low quality shops. Raise the towns profile, it will return the money if people see shops. Wouldn't need to go to Leamington then. If possible please build a children’s swimming pool next to the main pool, like Leamington. You would see a lot more people going and staying active. Need to bring shops into the town, which will attract people due to the variety, e.g. Sainsburys development proposed or Waitrose in Kenilworth - with small shop outlets for local retailers. The town is dead on a Saturday. Pedestrianise Southam allowing vehicles (not trucks) to pass through, slowly, not stop. Remove street furniture (for traffic) and allow disabled to park anywhere. Everyone else in free car parks. Rumble strips on Coventry Street/Road and other access roads to slow vehicles. I love passing by the library area with its trees, beautiful flowers and seeing the lovely hanging baskets. There is something very special about seeing green areas which add space and light to a place. Call me a stick in the mud but I am happy with most of what we have! It's great to see this area being redeveloped. Hopefully something a bit more tasteful will replace the 1960's/70's excrescence. Any chance of tidying the horrific mess behind Co-Op and Acorns while you're at it?! Victor Hodges House is in a good position. The people what lived there before where very happy and had a good social life going for them. It is mostly older people who use the market. People who work are able to go to Tesco or Asda. If they are thing of redeveloping I hope they make a better job than in the past. We have two betting shops and three florists. The sell flowers on the market and in the supermarkets. That third florist was unfair and thoughtless and should never have been allowed. Southam has many eating and meeting places: a restaurant and community room could both be white elephants, taking up useful space for above facilities. Delighted things are moving forward! Do not need another hairdresser/beauty salon, coffee shop or large communal area. If hairdresser, coffee shop with complex, you are taking away businesses in the centre again. Communal areas (which will probably be used for general meetings should be sued for more housing). Although I don't use the market I know many people who do. Southam should definitely retain it's market town status. Regarding all of the above, it should be possible to achieve all this within the ÂŁ800,000 that was given to the people of Southam by Tesco's. As regard to the senior citizens accommodation that should be funded by Orbit! People say the proposed development “looks" too modern and that is a concern for them. Others say it is ok as currently the area does need a revamp. I am sure you will listen and read residents data to ensure best approach. Thanks for asking. For the shops in Chickabiddy Lane to succeed they need to advertise more distinctly on the main street. The new building needs to go back and the green space behind it brought forward to meet the street thus providing a central "green" community outdoor space - potentially even hold the market on it. The variety of stalls at the moment is not great, but I think that is more to do with the season and weather. Better weather usually means better variety and more stalls. Some way of improving communication between groups, committees etc to save everyone trying to achieve the same thing. Do it A.S.A.P. Assure:- Resident home for elderly. Adequate car parking in town as a whole site for Tuesday (and other) markets. Green open space/trees gardens a priority as well as library. We do not need big developments such as Tesco and Sainsburys or any others we have our own shops as we are a market town and no one should try to change it. Perhaps refurbish the court into flats or a clothes outlet. Revamp

the police station. The Grange Hall is a lovely venue but too far out of town for elderly who cannot wall too well, so we need a more central venue for club meetings etc. You may also want to consider a council community forum office-a point of contact for the Southam community to bring grievances, questions, and enquiries about Stratford District Council businesses. Instead of being remote and distant, a point of contact to keep a finger on the pulse of local community-its needs- inspirations and desires. Any flower beds and green areas within the development, should be strongly considered for wild flower planning, after the initial cost and a season to wait before they are established maintenance costs are minimum, and of course as we all know they encourage bees and insects which the regiment plots don't. In Southam we have a lot of shops the same, hairdressers, coffee shops, florists where have traditional shops gone e.g. bakers, fruit and veg, butchers? Victor Hodges keep, make into some nice flats because we need a library and police station. No supermarket as mentioned above. I think the redevelopment of Victor Hodges House works excellent. It is vital that the elderly are kept right at the centre of our community and offers a chance to revitalise our town centre. A better market with higher quality but reasonably priced goods will attract people from the surrounding area and encourage Southam residents, who shop out of town to come back into the town centre. No comment on this box The library should stay as it is. It's a fine site and location for all the community. I thinks pace should be made to house the Cardall Collection and any other collections of local interest-perhaps linked to library space. To ensure the redevelopment and future development is successful there should be a period of low rental charges for 5 years to enable businesses to get established along with a strict criteria for the type of businesses granted premises, preventing over supply of the same services in the town, hairdressers, beauty salons etc. Before Southam gets too big perhaps more community events could be established, we already have the carnival and we did have party in the park. We have the Christmas lights/market. We could celebrate St. Georges Day, May Day. I think the market would be in a better place on the Market Hill bring more trade to centre, and an Asda or Sainsburys that also sell clothes would be a welcomed change and it would attract more people. I think you need to be aware of the yob problem. A lot of kids congregate by the chip shop/church gates, and if there was a seating area by the library, they could alienate others. It would need to be policed during weekends, evenings and during the summer holidays. Not in a heavy handed way, just a presence. If it is true the farmers don't pay for use of the space on Market Hill it is disgraceful. We do not need another convenience store/supermarket! We do not need anymore takeaways or pubs! I think plans are ok but too modern a design to be in keeping with the rest of the town. We need an open area for fetes etc to be held. A pleasant garden is essential. I couldn't access any information on the planners’ website for the town centre development. Maybe my technical inability but I clicked on everything I thought might show it. There are a few shops - range wise. We need:- shoe shop, children’s clothes, teen clothes, cobbler, butcher Development. This would give a much needed benefit for the town. Trade is being lost in the town centre as there is not enough variety of shops. Lots of takeaways and cafes but you cannot buy a dress, pair of shoes or a cd to mention a few things. A few years ago Stratford D.C. allocated a million pounds to the town centre development in Southam. Subsequently we were told that this line remained in the budget. We had hoped to see the £1,000,000 (in addition to Tesco and Orbit funding) spent in our town centre to make the development are of quality. No more supermarkets or it will ruin Southam as a town. The reason I do not attend our local market is due to working full time. Unfortunately, large stores are taking of the good, quality services in this area. Why isn't Victor Hodges place not used for its original purpose? The loss of green space consequent to the Orbit proposal for redevelopment within the town centre must be offset by indoor community space to enable the development of social capital. We do not have enough shops, especially having nowhere you can purchase shoes, clothing etc. Take a good look at the R.S.P.C.A. charity shop, corner of Market Hill, what an eyesore as for people coming into Southam, large smashed window with a huge piece of brown tape going across the large break in window, stuff (clothing hanging both sides of the door and junk outside), this needs looking into now! Also windows are not dressed properly. The hospice opposite, perfect! Nicely done in windows and florist next door, perfect. Sooner the better Victor Hodges has been empty too long its a crying shame when there is so many homeless people, Southam people who have lived here all their lives even they are refused a house if there on their own, they

could be housed in Victor Hodges. Think more of you own than outsiders. We don't need a library it's a waste of space a children get their information off the internet which nowadays everyone has got one. Also a MacDonalds instead of so many Chinese shops and Indian takeaways. There are more than enough pubs and take aways in this town and the 2 coffee shops are sufficient for our size. But a decent restaurant (the bowling green is the only nice one for taking guests) would be welcome-better than driving to other places. I am very interested in producing a work of art for the site of the town centre redevelopment. It would be great if we were kept in the loop for the development. A redevelopment of the centre of the town in keeping with its character and replacing all ageing flat roofed library with display shops etc and accommodation for the elderly, retirement flats must be a welcome improvement. This is an opportunity to transform the appearance of Southam for the better. 1. Keep the main tree on corner by Market Hill (behind current notice board) but get rid of the other 2 scruffy ones, they mess it up. 2. Widen Park Lane if buses going down there. There are so many young families living in Southam/using Southam as a hub I really hope the new redevelopment can improve services for us. Very opposed to any betting shops/fried chicken/kebab outlets. It's really difficult to get into many of Southam’s shops with a pushchair so access is important. As a non-driver, it's nice to be able to walk to a market. There is no health food store in Southam, so that stall is very useful to me. If you do decide to have flower beds it might be a good idea to get the school children involved in the planting. That way they might feel part of it and less likely to destroy it. If they think its part of their future they might want to take care of it. It must be costing a lot more money to pull the library and police station down. The police station won't be missed as we do not see many police around Southam. I was born in Southam I wonder if you will take any notice of what the Southam people who were born here want. I strongly suspect that my house mates and I are the only people under thirty and old enough to drink in Southam, perhaps more demographic variety generally would be nice. I don't think we really need more retail outlets, but this of course depends on their wares. A shoe shop and men’s clothing are perhaps missing currently. The proposed development is too big. It will completely spoil the look of our lovely town. It is a good idea just too big. You need to insist on more green space to be kept on the front i.e. Main Street. Also more emphasis on community and a little less on elderly only. I don't like the fact that the proposed development is 2 storey. Prefer it to be single storey and set back from the road with green space facing the main street. I feel Southam High Street and Market Hill is becoming run down. If we didn't have the daily street cleaners, the rubbish would be intolerable, it was political, we come under Stratford (half hour by car), rather than Leamington Spa, on our doorstep, but we don't have the facilities of Stratford, apart from free parking in Wood Street, but the council tax is higher than it should be. Orbit/Stratford District Council would do better spending some money in residential areas to improve parking and footpaths, street lighting and street cleaning. The whole of Southam is a mess. Stratford on Avon's toilet. Tesco's has taken all the trade from Southam town centre but it's too late to do anything about it now. The field around the library has been used for many years for the May Day Fete (when weather permits!) and should be retained in its present state. The market gives people the opportunity to browse and shop for items which are not readily available in the current shops in the town centre. It also gives people in the older community the opportunity to get out weekly and socialise with others. I have already commented negatively on poor quality of architecture proposed for Orbit Housing development and will continue to oppose unit it is improved. I think it would be good to have a market similar to the one at Moreton in the Marsh. There is a variety there and stalls offering goods which cannot be bought in the town. The market is centrally situated and when I go I enjoy the whole experience of looking around the many varied stalls, having lunch in the local pub and them coming home on the bus. We do not have enough green space in the centre of Southam, this development will diminish it further. Do not require car parking on Park Lane, it will only be used by local residents not the people in the complex. Hopefully when redevelopment the council will make sure the building is in keeping with the town look and don't build dreadful buildings like the Co-Op and library. People need to see the market area not go searching for it-and more variety is needed if it’s to stay. Library is maintained in the town and must be kept for every type of person up to modern standards. Felt strongly that any new supermarket should be build in the town and not on the industrial estate (Daventry has

thrived with Waitrose and Tesco in the centre) and have been proved right with dramatic drop in people visiting the centre of Southam since Tesco opened. Keep free parking-vital to the town. Try and promote the town as a centre with quality shops (still value for money but not shabby). Re market. Saturday morning would attract more visitors as shown by previous events of a market type organised by local town centre business group. Perhaps Stratford DC could work in partnership with Southam first to attract and subsidise a wider range of stalls. The town centre is looking very tired and something needs to be done to improve this. This proposal will go a long way towards improving this. Please, please, keep central Southam open, green and inviting to sit and contemplate the surroundings-welcoming to visitors. Partial pedestrianisation of Wood Street would make access to/from town centre/market easier and safer Current green space including old chestnut trees/spring bulbs should remain. Any housing development should be restricted to Elderly over 60's from Southam and surrounding villages not used as social/council housing overflow from outside local area, already too much of this and people have no respect for Southam residents. If this development is to go ahead, as someone who watched the building of the police station, law courts, V.H. House and Co-Op. I will be sad to see some of these buildings go, my plea is please leave the police station alone and try to incorporate it into the redevelopment, e.g. modernise it inside. What a lovely museum, a lot of hard work, dedication by many people went into creating V.H. House. Please rebuild it and make it the very happy place to live, that it once was. Having the market in the car park limits car parking spaces. I very often have to return to the car park 2-3 times to get parking space. I find the market people very obliging and helpful, but I think they have little help in promoting it. What will happen to the spring bulbs planted outside the library in the memorial rose garden? Current plans are indicating: 1. Excessive development. 2. Major detrimental impact on a) High street, b) Open usable public space. Please! No more social housing. Southam pubs are full, all day long with work shy, indolent scroungers. Southam is already full of the quota of dole spongers and thieves. No A market town like Southam could have the qualities of Moreton in the Marsh. There are some beautiful buildings here. Sometimes I think Southam looks very scruffy and uncared for. Shop frontages need care and perhaps where possible be uniformly painted. Along with the excellent work of Southam in bloom this would make it "pretty" and perhaps more people would stop to sample pubs/cafes and shops. (Where did the Tesco money go?) Keep car parks free. You cannot shop/browse/enjoy coffee on a limit, as in Leamington. Surrounding villages who shop here would go further a field. No proposals were included to improve the access/egress to/from Park Lane. This must be advised along with these proposals. Along with this, perhaps to open up the corner. Completely, taking away the hedge and the notice board positioned nearer to the building with space in front. The volunteer office needs to be dedicated to that sole use as it is open every week day and information on wall charts needs to be secure. Please do no spoil our little town. This is our home and we do not want too much change. It needs a little smartening up but do not take the soul away. It is important to us. I was born in Southam 40 years ago, the market no longer offers competition to the shops and its location is poor tucked away and forgotten. By involving the young to input their ideas along with the work of local businesses the wonderful sense of community will remain giving the next generation pride and involvement throughout generations. I think it is good for the town to keep a market going, but it needs to have more variable stalls and perhaps do it every other Saturday also, so that people like myself who work in the week would be able to make more use of it. We need to keep the "village" High Street side of things going to keep the charm. It is not always bout the big chairs (although they are useful too) and if managed carefully and properly can run together to make everyone happy and keep the community spirit. For the trees to be left by the road side and not a modern looking building. There are no shops selling gents clothing or shoes or children’s clothing. The library being of primary importance-and if possible restoring the great atmosphere that existed when Sue Dolman was there. Make sure that the green space round the library remains. It's a haven for wild life as well as us human's. As we are very short of green space in the town. Telephone shop, freezer centre, tailors, shop male/female. We don't need another supermarket, redevelopment into housing is ok as long as it is of a good standard. Asking for feedback in this letter, but not actually giving details of the proposals or where to find them. I only know from visiting the library that there is a display in there.

Do not approve of development suggested. Southam Centre needs this green space left alone.

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