Edinburgh International Science Festival - 2014 Summerhall Brochure

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ASCUS The Display Case at Summerhall is an ASCUS curated space for displaying work at the art science intersection all year round. Close by is the Artiscience at Summerhall Vitrine, which has regularly changing displays showcasing books from the Artiscience Library at Summerhall of over 20,000 books on art and science. Presented by ASCUS and Artiscience.

HELEN STOREY | DRESS OF GLASS AND FLAME ‘Entering this historic foundry, where the furnaces burned, and men, who have been making glass this way for centuries, toil with abject skill; I fell in love with the place and the art.’ Helen Storey, April 2013 Made with the world renowned Berengo Studio, Venice, and shown originally at the 2013 Venice Biennale, Dress of Glass and Flame explores the mesmerising nature of glass and flame. Wanting to ensure the alchemic process could be kept alive in the finished work, through the encapsulation of an eternal flame, artist/designer Prof Helen Storey collaborated with Prof Anthony Ryan (the University of Sheffield) to uncover and understand the mysterious chemistry of glass and flame. The result speaks for itself but a short film by Tim Keeling (directed by Helen Storey) will provide further poetic and scientific explanation. Image: Berengo Studio Dress of Glass and Flame by Helen Storey, 2013, courtesy Berengo Studio, Francesco Allegretto, 2013 In association with the Helen Storey Foundation in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry; London College of Fashion, University of Sheffield and Berengo Studio, Venice www.dressofglassandflame.org Supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry

HUGH TURVEY | X-OGRAMS As you make the descent into the darkness of Summerhall’s Basement D, ask yourself: how deep do you want to go? Permanent artist in residence at the British Institute of Radiology (BIR), Hugh Turvey, has adapted his extraordinary Xograms to create a site-specific video installation especially for this year’s Festival art trail. Exploring themes of light and dark, surface and depth, the installation causes us to question where our points of focus lie. Image: Hugh Turvey, Image from installation sequence