Annual Report 2015-2016

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2015-2016 Annual Report

2015-2016 Annual Report Fall 2016 Dear Friends of Episcopal Day School, With our goals and objectives laid out in our Strategic Plan, we are taking deliberate steps and moving forward together to solidify our foundation and secure our future. Due to the generosity of our parents, grandparents, teachers, alumni and trustees, we have made advances that will provide our students with an education rooted in our core values, which include 21st Century teaching and learning, a student-centered environment, stewardship and the Episcopal identity. Our Innovation Lab has become a space that allows students to imagine, create and test new concepts. Because of the real-world challenges placed before them and accessible technology at their fingertips, they are able to expand their thought process and experiment in an environment where it is safe to fail and learn from mistakes. The furnishings, technology, cameras, robotics kits and creation stations that were purchased with support from the Kugelman Foundation and others have advanced a dream into a reality, benefiting students of all ages. Professional development is an integral part of the quality of education we provide. This year, the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) Biennial Conference is coming to New Orleans, Louisiana. This will be the first time since 2008 the conference has come to the Southeast region of the United States, allowing our entire faculty to be in attendance. This trip will encourage our teachers to showcase their gifts and talents, while learning from educators who have traveled from over 1,100 other Episcopal schools. By doing this, we are expanding our community, developing new relationships and strengthening old ones. Through this experience, we are living our Episcopal identity and growing both intellectually and spiritually. The Hilton-Green Campus has grown leaps and bounds because of your generosity. With completely renovated PreK2, PreK3 and Kindergarten classrooms, the campus has taken on a bright and vibrant new life, which is evident not only through the beautiful new tables, chairs, workstations and flooring but also through the smiles on the faces of our students and families. None of this would be possible without our teachers who dedicate each day to listening, communicating and nurturing our students. It is because of these relationships that our students will grow into lifelong learners who will venture out into the world and make a difference. In the past four years, we have raised over $850,000. Your contributions have provided our children with experiences and memories that will last them a lifetime. Thank you for all you have done to make this possible for the generations of students to come. Sincerely, Chris Boatwright Chair, Board of Trustees Judy Shelton Head of School

2015-2016 Operating Budget INCOME

• Tuition & Fees • Extended Care & Camp • Other Income

$3,965,828 $318,314 $31,023

Total $4,202,793

Total $ 4,315,165 EXPENDITURES

• Personnel • Facilities • Operational Expenses • Utilities • Academic Expenses • Financial Assistance • Technology Expenses • Insurance • Admissions & Marketing

$3,246,839 $307,711 $146,430 $134,522 $129,368 $81,167 $62,762 $61,967 $32,027

Our Annual Fund Makes a Difference. Thanks to the total contribution of $263,781, we were able to purchase and implement the following: • • • • • • • • •

Innovation Lab renovations, furniture, equipment, laptop workstations and other technology advances, including Vex robotics kits, a camera, portable white boards, building tools, computer monitors and surround sound Classroom renovations and new furnishings for PreK-3 and Kindergarten, including writing stations, teaching and art easels, puppet stations and kitchen centers New flooring in the Hilton-Green Campus cafeteria Outdoor playground equipment InFocus Interactive technology boards Collaborative furnishings in 3 Middle School classrooms New volleyball net and system Chromebook cart for student use Professional development for faculty

We are proud of these positive steps in creating a culture of giving and providing many necessary assets that would not have been possible within the operating budget. Thank you to all of our donors!

Parent Service Organization Fundraising Report I would like to thank everyone who supported the EDS Parent Service Organization (PSO). With your help and participation, we have had an incredible year. Our board members and volunteers worked together to enrich the experiences of our children. Lasting memories were made at each of our events, including our fifth graders parading through the streets at Christmas and our first Father-Daughter Dance. The sixth annual Grill on the Hill amateur grilling competition was our best yet. This event alone raised over $41,000. I am so honored to have had the privilege to work with such a great group of people. As they say, “It takes a village,� and our village at EDS is the best. Due to your extraordinary efforts, we were able to host family events, honor our teachers and contribute $45,000 to the EDS Annual Fund for Excellence. I look forward to the 2016-2017 school year. Again, thank you to all who volunteered to make last year such a success. Katie Theisen PSO President 2015-2016 Funds raised: PSO Dues Grill on the Hill


$41,076 $1,545

Uniform Sale


Loyalty Programs


Total Projects Funded:


Teacher appreciation PSO Sponsored Events Hospitality Annual Fund Donation Build Reserves Total

$4,139 $1,914 $45,000 $752 $56,360

Grill on the Hill DONORS

Live Auction Donors Great Southern Restaurant Group Jewelers Trade Shop Chris and Lisa Bosarge Charlie and Tonja Ward Robby and Joena Rushing Jennifer Cobb Drawing Donors Pizzaz Susan Finger GRC Properties Silent Auction Donors Jacob Head, 10th Avenue Hair Designs Sparkle Go Retro Tours Michelle Rigoni Escape Room Steve Edele Nancy Norris Fast Eddies Cordova Lanes Sean Fell Dreamland Skate Center Nom Sushi Izakaya Blutique Scout Kristen Martin Dr. Lebeau Painting with a Twist The Groundskeeper Lawn Maintenance Adventures Unlimited Jennifer King Patsy Brown Everything’s Irie Andrea Chesterfield Indegeaux ALK Designs Tim Land Kingsman Family Logan Bowlds Gulfarium Pizzaz Pensacola Museum of Art The Mess Hall Angel Cakes Iron

Fiore Leon Loard Kerry Freeland Dr. Stephen Zieman Alyssa Tucker Beckie Share Joe Pytynia Pirouettes Still Waters Day Spa Katy Nagel Susan Campbell Katey McGuire Nina Fritz Brown’s All In One Cleaning Service Lavon Brown

In-Kind Donors Cox Communications Lewis Bear Company Great Southern Restaurant Group Merchant’s Paper Company Seville Quarter Kim Franklin/DK Group Promotionals Burgess Family

SPONSORS Bringing Home the Bacon $2,500 Innovation MRI Massage Envy Grillin’ Gold $1,000 Coleman Orthopedics Clark, Partington Hart Attorneys at Law Sizzlin’ SIlver $500 Psychological Associates, P.A. GRC Properties The Gamble Family Dr. Bryan Weidner, MD WOW Radio Coastal Moving and Storage Zaxby’s Rachael Gilmer Levin Papantonio, P.A. Carver-Darden Footbridge Media BB & T Florida First Capital The Butcher Shoppe

2015-2016 Sponsors and Donors Pete Moore Automotive Morette Company Kia Autosports Dr. John P. Ferris, Jr., DO Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic Wescon Pensacola Moving & Storage Astro Lincoln High Pointe Hotels Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. The Lauter Family Boyles & Boyles, PLLC Heseman Builders Group, Inc. Burnin’ Bronze $250 Gulf Blue Vacations Lacy Phillips Designs Salinas Technologies Fangman Family Katie White, McDonald Flemming Moorhead, LLP Ameriprise Compass Bank Residential Reviews State Farm McMahon & Hadder Allen Litvak Orthodontist

2014-2018 Strategic Plan Progress to Date 21st-Century Teaching & Learning Goal


Position EDS as a model for 21st Century Teaching and Learning.

The primary objective of this goal is to implement programs that prepare students for their futures in a global world. The 4 C’s — critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration — are integral to the curriculum and instruction, and technology is a tool for daily application. Training Opportunities To ensure quality and meaningful implementation, EDS has invested in robust training opportunities for the faculty to develop and implement these 21st Century practices. Professional development funds have increased from $10,000 to $65,000 per year. Education Enhancements The STEaM initiative is in its third year. EDS is a Google Apps for Education school. Early Childhood curriculum is research-based and custom-developed. Global Studies and Citizenship is integrated in academics and service. Middle School Electives Over the course of the year, students have the opportunity to choose from various electives designed to strengthen their gifts and talents, build skills and prepare them for a global world. The courses include: • Technology: WEDS TV weekly news show, Innovation STEaM Lab, Sink Your Teeth In Tech, 90-Second Newberry Award Film Festival • Music: Christmas Program Music and Drama, Percussion Mania, Garageband • Creative Writing: Things That Go Bump In The Night • Art: 2D and 3D Art, Painting, Writing of Icons • Civics: This Land Is Your Land • History of Sports

Goal 2

Further enrich student learning and performance through project-based curriculum and integration of 21st Century skills.

Kugelman Innovation Lab In August, we opened Phase I of the Kugelman Innovation Lab to support 21st Century learning. It provides a multi-purpose, high-tech learning lab where students can invent, design and dream the solutions to real-world problems. In next year’s Phase II, we plan to double the size of the Kugelman Innovation Lab. Early Childhood Advancements Hilton-Green teachers are trained in research-based, instructional strategies that focus on language, human interaction, social-emotional competence, pretend play, exploration and discovery, and knowledge that builds to key competencies. Integrated Arts and Language This year, students are immersed in an Integrated Arts and Language Program, which incorporates the Spanish language and culture throughout the study of art, music, drama and movement. New 5th Grade Programs The 5th Grade Stretch Program prepares students for Middle School, instilling independence and encouraging self-reliance. Students focus on study and organizational skills, time management, decision-making and technology. The Agents of Peace Program focuses on academics and social justice. Academic Integrations Design thinking, innovation and technology integration is applied in all classes. Singapore Math provides real-world applications to understanding math concepts. Academic assessment and instructional design is guided by Children’s Progress Assessment.

Goal 3

Students will graduate with proficient use of technology as educational and productivity tools.

Classroom Technology In a technology-rich classroom, students search the Web, analyze statistics, chart results and record information. Students are encouraged to explore and discover through a diversity of outcomes. Chromebooks All sixth graders receive a new Chromebook to use throughout middle school, and fifth graders have assigned Chromebooks in their classrooms. Accessibility Lower School students have access to laptop carts and iPads, and Early Childhood students have access to iPads and desktop computers. Other New Technology This year’s new technology includes the following: InFocus BigTouch all-in-one Interactive Touch Boards, LED 57-inch displays with bluetooth in Early Childhood classroom, robotics and coding equipment, a 3-D printer and scanner, and major improvements to the network infrastructure.

Student-Centered Goal 4

2014-2018 Strategic Plan Progress to Date

EDS will attract and retain the highest quality faculty to support the mission of academic excellence and character development.

Increase Teacher Salaries Raising faculty salaries closer to those in public school has been a priority. In three years, faculty salaries have increased from an 81% to an 86% average of projected public school salaries. Professional Development Focus Providing the necessary professional development, our teachers are immersed in research-based instruction and are able to operate on the cutting edge of 21st Century teaching and learning. Research-based Training Programs This summer, we hosted two faculty workshops: Delving Deeply into Development: Research-based Knowledge and Practice for Early Childhood Professionals and the Integrated Arts and Language Workshop. Faculty participated in other conferences, such as 21st Century Learning Academy – Preparing Students to be Global Citizens. FolioCollaborative Faculty professional growth, reflection and evaluation will be a focus of this upcoming school year with the implementation of FolioCollaborative. Conventions & Conferences EDS teachers will present at both the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) Convention and the 2016 National Association of Episcopal Schools’ (NAES) Conference.

Goal 5

The school environment will support collaborative learning and the unique needs of each student.

Newly Designed Schedule A newly designed schedule has been implemented in Middle School, which includes a rotating 6-day schedule, elective classes and a flexible period. Research indicates that allowing students to attend classes at various times throughout the week enables them to work at their peak in all classes at some point through each week. Learning Services The Learning Services program supports the learning and developmental needs of all students. Division directors and Learning Service staff will meet regularly to determine ongoing priorities and resources. Our School Counselor will teach learning strategies for third and fourth graders and provide positive social development activities for Lower School and Early Childhood classrooms. Parent Workshops Workshops on topics such as drug/alcohol prevention and social media security enable both home and school to support healthy lifestyles.

Goal 6

Facilities will be conducive to 21st Century teaching and learning and continue to provide a safe and secure environment.

Classroom Expansion This summer, Kindergarten classrooms were moved to the Hilton-Green Campus, creating a total campus for Early Childhood and enabling the expansion of Middle School. Classroom Renovations Five classrooms were renovated at the Hilton Green Campus (PreK2, PreK3 and Kindergarten), new floors were installed in the cafeteria and offices, and renovation to a classroom in Henderson Hall has made space for the Kugelman Innovation Lab. Classroom Furnishings The transition to collaborative furnishings is complete in the Middle School classrooms. Early Childhood and Lower School classrooms are in progress. Security Updates Security on both campuses has increased through additional cameras and updated technology, including the addition of Raptor visitor check-in. Both campuses have also been completely fenced. Facility Renovations Playground equipment, learning gardens and courtyards have been added. Henderson Hall and the cafeteria/ admin building at Hilton-Green Campus have received new roof installations, and multiple HVAC units have been replaced.

Goal 7

Nurturing relationships will be a priority for sustaining school partnerships and the future of EDS.

New Position: Director of Development We restructured our staff to include a Director of Development, Alyssa Tucker, whose role is to cultivate relationships within our community through events and student-life activities, as well as fundraising. Collaboration with PSO Our Parent Service Organization (PSO) has aligned with our strategic plan by: broadening inclusion on the PSO Board, providing grade level events, instituting a “buddy family� program, publishing an annual calendar, operating a Spirit Store, and hosting events for parents, grandparents and alumni.

Stewardship Goal 8

2014-2018 Strategic Plan Progress to Date

Desired student capacity will be constantly maintained with qualified students, as well as families who share the EDS mission.

Recruiting and retaining qualified students to meet the enrollment plan per grade level significantly affects the bottom line, programs, tuition, salaries and class size. Investment in Reaching Capacity Our classes are not all full. Therefore, we are investing in planning and implementing internal and external communications and marketing strategies and materials. As a result, you will see advertising on Facebook and Google, as well as other local platforms. New Website We are excited to introduce a new, user-friendly website that is more interactive and offers e-commerce options for registrations and payments. Online enrollment The online enrollment option was initiated to provide streamlined efficiency for both parents and the school. Weekly Newsletters We listened to responses from parents in last year’s survey, and as a result, you will receive better communication about the academic and student-life plans in place for this year. You can expect weekly newsletters that link to the school’s website and calendar, as well as quarterly, themed reports from the Head of School.

Goal 9

Financial resources will be continuously available to meet the needs of the school, now and into the future.

Tuition increases and Annual Fund campaigns have enabled us to be closer to our benchmarkers, as well as salary, technology and facility needs over the last few years. We continue to focus on areas that need improvement and taking steps to ensure financial sustainability for the future. Annual Fund Contributions We exceeded our annual fund goal last year, raising over $260,000. Funds were allocated for technology, classroom furnishings, campus renovations and security, and faculty professional development. The PSO exceeded its goal for their fundraiser, Grill on the Hill, which enabled them to contribute $45,000 to the Annual Fund. Growing Reserves for Emergency Facility Needs Episcopal Day School does not have an endowment, nor does it have substantial cash reserves. A facility reserves fund was established last year, and we will work to grow these funds each year. The Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees will review other options to inspire philanthropy at EDS as we plan for the future.

Episcopal Identity Goal


Realize the meaning that comes from our Episcopal identity.

The National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) notes, “The educational vision of an Episcopal School is one informed by grace and faith, as well as by math and English.” Chapel Buddies The Chapel Buddy program has expanded across campuses. Sixth graders become buddies to kindergarteners at the Hilton-Green Campus, and the students maintain their relationships until they are in eighth and second grades. Episcopal Schools Celebration EDS celebrates Episcopal Schools’ Week through worship, service and great fun. Throughout the week, students engage in activities that highlight the principles of Episcopal Schools. Helping Students Find Their Gifts and Talents We hold an annual art show, and our students show their exhibits in the Gulf Coast Arts Festival each year. We have over 20 athletic teams participating in the Catholic Youth Sports League. Additionally, afterschool enrichment offerings have increased. Service & Outreach EDS has over 25 service projects per year, such as gardening at From the Ground Up, as well as making blankets for Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, dog treats for local humane society and granola bars for Waterfront Rescue Mission.



Celebrate our relationship with Christ Church.

The new youth minister at Christ Church is James Lawrence. He will lead chapels and collaborate on Christian Education and student-life programs. Episcopal Clergy Engagement Bishop Russell Kendrick and other clergy from Christ Church are visible at chapels and offer pastoral care for our families. NAES Conference Attendees In November, we will take our teachers and academic administrators to the NAES Biennial Conference in New Orleans to enrich our Episcopal identity, focusing on stewardship, worship, religious formation and service learning. Christ Church EDS Sunday at Christ Church is celebrated annually.

2015-2016 Annual Fund for Excellence Donors with gifts of $1952 and above are members of the 1952 Society. $25,000 & up EDS PSO Kugelman Foundation David and Tara Foster Jackie Kugelman Pete and Jane Lauter Janet Livingston Sean and Sarah Ryan $10,000-$24,999 Sean Doyle and Tracey Thomas-Doyle $9,999 - $5,000 Bear Family Foundation David and Cindi Bear Lewis and Belle Bear Lewis and Jennifer Bear Chad and Cindi Bonner Chris and Lisa Bosarge Jay and Jennifer Bradshaw Chris and Shelley LeCroy The Merrill Family Collier and Cate Merrill Will and Jane Merrill Bob Murphy Gena Raymon In memory of Dr. Bruce Raymon $4,999 - $1,953 Hal and Leslie Banks Justin and Kristen Beck Tosh and Laura Belsinger Ed and Chris Boatwright Weldon and Emily Bradshaw Chris and Margaret Browning Jamie and Liz Callahan Scott and Katy Collins Albi and Rachael Gilmer Fernando and Sharon Kafie Jennifer King Tim and Heather O’Brien Aaron and Jennifer O’Hanlon Neil and Gaye Overholtz Robby and Joena Rushing David and Judy Shelton Ken and Sammye Simpler Tom and Patsy Thornton Charlie and Tonja Ward Bryan and Tiffiny Weidner

$1,952 Jay E Boatwright, III, DMD, FACP Chad and Cindi Bonner Rush and Angie Brown Geoffrey and Evie Butler Eric, Fritz and Julie Cardwell Mike and Lauren Cutter Chat and Michelle Fraley Dimitri and Jennifer Georgiades Bruce and Allison Gilmore Don Haferkamp and children Bill and Theresa Harrell Ben and Carla Holcombe Doug and Beth Jensen Kramer and Jane Litvak Alan and Ann Litvak Mike and Laura Rae Morette Jeff and Lacy Phillips Dan and Lucy Rentz David and Lea Richardson Dave and Lori Spangrud Carl and Katie Spear $1,951 - $1,000 The Boyles Family Carter and Stacy Brown Stuart Brown and Carla Brown Alex and Cozy Coleman Mary Hembree Will and Michelle Henghold James and Ildi Hosman Ti and Melanie McConnell John and Susan Soule Stephen and Donna Welling $999 - $500 Larry and Lee Anne Adams Samer Al-Shurieki Anne Brewer Lance Coy and Joy Stafford Olin and Caroline Belsinger Burton and Andrea Chesterfield Owen and Kathryn Drey Will and Beth Dunaway Peter and Julie Dyson Ben Early Steve Edele and Nancy Fox Ethan and Megan Fredrick Andrius and Kathleen Galinis Dax and Stephanie Gill Kimberly Jane Haas Miner and Jeanie Harrell

Melissa Harrelson David and Liz Harrison Daniel and Rachel Herman Eric and Michele Heseman Drs. Kevin and Julia Hoffman Hal Hudson Hal and Sue Ellen Kicklighter Bill and Katherine Mitchem Sharon Morette The Owens Family Tom, Elizabeth, Kate and Thomas James and Lauren Rich Grover and Jill Robinson John and Beckie Share Roger and Monica Sherman Bill and Bertha Simmons Cheryl Smith Eric and Carrie Stevenson Jason Tanner and Karen Justin-Tanner James and Katie Theisen Murray and Paula Turner Mike and Patricia Underwood Jay and Katie White $499 and under Hugh Alexander Jim and Cathy Allebach Lindzi Appleby and Melissa Caraway Jessica Armstrong Scott and Christine Baehr Christopher Barfield Jerry and Karla Barkley Ouida Keller Barner Terri Barnette Robert and Amy Bender Elizabeth Berg Jay and Kris Billhorn Tom and Susan Bizzell Logan and Caitlyn Bowlds Catherine and Brag Bowling Rob and Lucy Brabham Rhonda Bradley Joseph Breen Dan and Lisa Brewer John and Jane Briscione Geoff and Amy Brodersen Lavon Brown Paul and Charlotte Brown Stephen and Lisa Burgess Scott and Kerry Brown Matt and Jen Cagle Campbell and Lindsey Cardwell

West and Ethlyn Cardwell Wayne and Joanna Campbell Cameron and Tiffany Clark Jennifer Cobb John Cobb Sarah Coleman Shane and Kristen Countryman Rona and Melanie Curtis Michael and Iris Daughtry Jesus and Candice Delgado Victor and Liz Delgado Bill and Gail Demeter Craig and Amanda Dosher Barbara Drey Ty and Katie Dunkelberger WIlliam and Ann Duncan Keith and Aggie East Patrick and Penelope Elebash Mark and Suzanne Erwin Les and Macklyn Fairchild Wendi Fairchild Chris and Carley Fangman John and DIna Ferris Steve and Bridget Fluegge Doug and Kim Franklin Kerry and Jessica Freeland Matt and Mary Gamble Jennifer Marshall Jackie Gibson Diane Giggey Jim and Amy Green Jessica Greene Carl Grimes Jodi Gup Allen and Melissa Haddock Judy Hagy Ryan and Amanda Hahn Blake Hammond Wendolyn Harding Blake and Stacie Hightower Jerry and Angel Hjelle John and Kathy Hodges Wyle and Lola Hogeman Tommy and Christine Holmes Rick and Christie Hord Mary Jo Horn Roger and Sara Hubman Cathy Hughes Chris and Kelli James Len and Jeana Jernigan Patricia Syverson Jones Wade and Natalie Keckler

Kilton and Katie Kingsman John and Jenelle Kizziah Florence Kutinac Mike and Julie Lagow David and Taxie Lambert Katy Lane Henry and Arielle Langhorne Jonathan and Pricilla Leibig Carol Lewis Charles and Linda Liberis Kent and Shannon Lipham Rusty and Kristen Longley Corinne and Toby Lorge Wallace and Cheryl Lorge Huey and Helen McDaniel Frank and Fran Macguire Phillip and Katherine Maher Hal and Kate Major Caron Majors Eufemia Maristela David T Martin Tamara Martin Huey and Helen McDaniel The McGrath Family Scott and Lindsey McIntosh Thomas and Judy McMonigle Rob and Jackie Menzies Randy and Gina Metcalf Lora Millard Clifton and Candace Mitchell Spencer Mitchem Frank Moore and Nancy Norris Susan Mosely Kenneth Murrell and Cathy Garner Geoff and Giffney Nagel Damon and Katja Norris Bob and Cindy Novotny Brian and Kelly Oden Chris and Lori Oswald Todd and Michelle Page Brent and Nicole Palmer Brett and Rocky Parra Beth Parsons Randy Phillips Bob and Melba Powell Julie Prevost Daniel Rentz, III James and Lauren Rich Michelle Rigoni Javier and Ashley Rivera Doug and Molly Rodriguez Andrew and Belinda Russell

Don Russell Donald and Jennifer Russell Marilyn Russell Mark and Alejandra Ryan Russell Rybka Kurt and Jackie Sanborn Karen Sanders Ryan and Judy Schuhbauer Jeff and Robin Schwartz Glenda Scoggins Ryan and Amy Sellars Heidi Seltzer Heidi Senulis Michelle Seuzeneau Ellen Stokes Rusty and Kyla Shaw Richard and Lisee Sherrill Holly Shumpert Darren and Heather Skitt Jeff and Carrie Steichen Fred and Ruth Ann Thompson Bill and Patricia Threadgill Ryan and Kelly Tilley Mark and Rebecca Tubbs Alyssa Tucker Mailande Turner Richard and Daisy Turner Matthew and Brantlee Vinson Jason and Amy Waddell Rebekah Wallis Drew and Jaina Watson John and Kasey Watson Larry and Sue Weidner Martha Welling William White Don Winslett Meredith J Wolf Rachel Wolf Doug and Tiffany Woodward Jun Zhang and Xia Liu Ben and Robin Zimmern

2015-2016 EDS Valedictorian Speech By Allyson Elizabeth Sullivan I have attended Episcopal Day School for 11 years, so I can say this place has truly become my second home and family. Today is the day. It’s graduation day. Soon, we will we have our diplomas, and all our families are here to watch us. So, I guess that means it’s time to move on. No more eighth grade privileges — we are back to the bottom of the food chain. But why does it not feel like the end? Why does it feel like I will see all of you back at school next year? I guess it just has not hit me yet. Today marks a new beginning and the end of our time at EDS. Some us are relieved, others excited, but for me, this day is bittersweet. I am leaving behind teachers that have treated me as if I was their own child and friends that have become my brothers and sisters. But being as close as we are comes with its ups and downs. We have fought, laughed, cried and smiled, and I can say sometimes we have all wanted to rip each other’s hair out. The bonds we have formed are unbreakable. Today may be the end of our days together at EDS, but I know we will always be able to come back to each other, as if we never left. This fall, I will be attending Catholic High School. I know EDS has prepared me for the challenges I will face there. One quote that I’ve learned to live by this year is: “You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.” - Maya Angelou. I have learned to live by this quote because of the stress I experienced from obsessing over every quiz, test, project and assignment — to the point of severely annoying my peers at times. The biggest challenge I know I am going to face is making new friends, learning my way around the school and getting into the good graces of my new teachers. This is where my social skills could come in handy. You could definitely say the class of 2016 is full of social butterflies. You could pick any student in the pews behind me and put them in front of a brick wall, and I guarantee they will strike up a conversation. We are all going to face challenges as we head off into different directions and different high schools next year. Each of us are different and will have our own successes and failures. We will all make our share of mistakes, but that is life. So, as we go on into new chapters of our lives, let us strive for greatness. And let us not fear being a little crazy. As Steve Jobs once said: “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently —they’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them; because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” On behalf of my classmates, I would like to thank all of the teachers we have had throughout these past 11 years. They have done so much more for us than just give us an education. Thank you for shaping us into the people we are today. Thank you to our parents who have stuck by us, supported us and have always been there for us. We have all changed a lot since our first day here at EDS. For me, I have changed from being a shy three-year-old little girl who did not want to go to a foreign school to someone who is able to stand up here in front of you all today and give my speech as the valedictorian of this year’s class. Lastly, I want to thank my classmates for being my second family for the last 11 years, 132 months, 1,980 days, 13,860 hours, 831,000 minutes. And if any of you grow up to be famous, remember that we were like family once, and family shares the love. Also, take some advice from our teachers: when in doubt, factor it out; chop, chop little lamb chops; spit out your gum; and stop talking or Mrs. Majors will bring out her noodle. I love you all, and congratulations to the graduating class of 2016!

Preparing for Their Futures EDS Class of 2012

Will Langhorne

2016 Valedictorian • Pensacola High School - 1B

Peyton Parra

2016 Valedictorian • Washington High School

Danny Sullivan

2016 Valedictorian • Catholic High School

Emily Dawson

2016 Co-Salutarian • Washington High School

2015-2016 Annual Report

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