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2014-2015 Annual Report




ur Board of Trustees, administration, and faculty worked throughout the year to advance the goals and objectives in our strategic plan. It is grounded in the four core values of our school: 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Student-Centered, Stewardship, and Episcopal Identity. Thanks to the generosity of Annual Fund donors, we were able to provide robust training for our faculty at professional conferences. Most notably we became a Google Apps for Education School, enabling us to best utilize technology as a tool in our classrooms. New technology tools included a 57-inch interactive computer monitor in our innovation space, which is currently in the Media Center, and two similar monitors in PreK4 classrooms. We made further progress in our efforts to gradually renovate our campuses and update furnishings that facilitate collaborative learning. An outdoor learning garden was added to the Hilton-Green Campus, and the south campus enjoys new picnic tables on the playground. The 20142015 school year brought continued growth and plans for our middle school expansion. New lockers were installed for seventh and eighth graders, and students have access to new pottery wheels and microscopes to advance learning.

Henry Ward Beecher once said, “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.” We believe our children gain their roots in the Episcopal Identity and Stewardship core values of our school. These focus on growing in their faith and giving to their community. Through these principles, students gain an understanding of the need to be responsible in their work, to be respectful of others, and to reach their full potential. Thanks to our dedicated teachers, children realize their gifts and talents, learn from mistakes, and develop intrinsic motivation to put forth their best effort. Your contributions to the Annual Fund enabled us to provide the resources to support 21st Century teaching and learning in our classrooms, and this is where our students gain their wings. Thank you for making this possible for all of our children.

Sincerely, Jay Bradshaw Chair, Board of Trustees Judy Shelton Head of School



he Episcopal Day School Graduate will embody the school’s core values of 21st Century Teaching and Learning in a StudentCentered environment, where Stewardship shapes decisions, and integrity is developed through our Episcopal Identity. In developing the Portrait of an Episcopal Day School Graduate, these tenets are asserted as a guide in shaping the curriculum and advancing the mission and culture of our school. The EDS graduate, possessing 21st Century skills: • Communicates effectively • Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability • Collaborates with peers and mentors • Exercises critical thinking skills • Gathers and evaluates information for its integrity • Exhibits digital aptitude and media literacy Our graduates venture beyond Episcopal Day School as effective collaborators and problem solvers as they contribute to the ever-changing world. The EDS graduate, shaped within a student-centered environment: • Demonstrates growth academically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally through individualized attention from teachers and staff • Takes ownership for his or her actions • Sets high goals for self and exceeds the expectations of others • Pursues understanding with an adventurous spirit • Puts forth best effort in every task • Perseveres through adversity and learns from mistakes • Recognizes the strengths of others • Collaborates effectively Our graduates are intrinsically motivated to be life-long learners and independent thinkers.

The EDS graduate, as a steward of God’s creation: • Realizes the responsibility of being a member of the global community • Possesses a sense of responsibility, compassion, and appreciation for diversity of thought • Contributes to the global community • Recognizes the needs of others • Serves purposefully with intention and discernment Our graduates exhibit the confidence needed for action and the humility necessary for service to the world at large. The EDS graduate, guided by our Episcopal tradition of Judeo-Christian values: • Recognizes and uses the God-given gifts bestowed upon him or her • Faces adversity with courage and confidence • Grows spiritually and further develops in his or her own faith tradition • Seeks understanding outside of one’s self • Respects different faith traditions • Demonstrates respect for others by exercising inclusivity, empathy and compassion Our graduates are young people of integrity and a developed sense of self and others.


INCOME Tuition & Fees

$4,253,040 92% $3,926,224

Extended Care & Camp 7% Other Income



$294,215 $32,601



77% $3,170,593




Operational Expenses






Academic Expenses



Technology Expenses



Financial Assistance






Admissions & Marketing 1%




elcome to the eighth grade banquet! My name is Mimi Sherrill and I have had the great pleasure of serving as the Student Council President this year. In kindergarten you learn a series of important things that you use almost every day in your life.

M is for Mr. Edele and his crazy obsession with drinking coffee and wearing ties with tiny people on them.

I agree with the author, Robert Fulghum, that these are some of the things that I learned. Share everything. Play fair. Don’t hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your mess. Don’t take things that aren’t yours. Say you are sorry when you hurt somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. Live a balanced life. Learn some and think some. Draw some and paint some. Sing and dance and work and play every day. In kindergarten you learn your ABCs and your 123s. And these are the ABCs of the 8th grade class of 2015.

Oh the stories we can tell! I don’t think anyone can forget our crying fest at Camp Cosby or the time when we tricked Mrs. Norris into thinking that someone was pointing a laser around the room.

A is for our athletes that always go the extra mile and somehow manage to do 65 sit-ups in a minute. B is for all the bones that have been broken in the 8th grade class. I don’t think that Bella has gone one year without falling off a roof or getting hit in the foot with a softball. C is for Catholic High School and all of our classmates that will be attending there next year. Ethan, Frances, Sydney, Davis, Taylor, Jonathan, Isabella, and Kaitlyn will be Catholic Crusaders next year. D is for Mr. Dosher’s lectures, which oddly always ended with a discussion of his South Carolina accent and his milk preference. E is for everything that we will miss about EDS. From pizza and ice cream on Fridays to electives and advisory, it has been a great year at EDS. F is for the Fabulous Five. We have been so lucky this year to have such a good group of teachers. Senora Beer, Mr. Lagow, Mr. Dosher, Mrs. Delgado, and Mrs. Majors have helped all of us make it through our last year at EDS. I will admit, when Mrs. Delgado started talking about cone snails at the beginning of this year, I was a little scared. But, as the year continued, I realized how fortunate I was to have such good teachers. G is for Gulf Breeze High School and our three classmates that will be going there next year. Bella, Bo, and KateReagan will become Gulf Breeze Dolphins. H is for our History Fair winners that will be going to state next week. Gorham, KateReagan, Braden, and Clint will be coming back in a couple of days with first place ribbons in their hands. I is for the International Baccalaureate Program at Pensacola High School. More than half of our grade will attending there next year. Anna, Braden, David, Ryan Hammock, Savannah, Cassidy, Madison, Cameron Jones, Ashley, Kyler, Reid, Clint, Allee, Gorham, Timmy, Chrissy, Meg, Cameron Mosley, Jack, and Nolan will join me in being PHS tigers next year. J is for all the jokes that made us laugh but were never really funny. K is for the Krispy Kreme donuts that Mr. Lagow brings us on Fridays. L is for our lacrosse players KateReagan, Reid, Allee, and Meg… and our awesome goalie Christina!

N is for all the NPR notes we took this year and the numerous times we asked for the topics.

P is your reminder to get packing! In a matter of days we will be leaving for Key West. Wooh, can’t wait for that bus ride... Q is for all the questions we asked Mr. Lagow this year. Thank you for always answering! R is for the rest that our teachers deserve having taught this rowdy and rambunctious group of kids. S is for our swimmers Walker, Cameron Jones, and Ashley. Just keep swimming! T is for the team that our eighth grade class has become. We have worked together to lift each other up and be the best we can be together. U is for Us. We are athletes. We are brainiacs. We are techies. We are comedians. We are NASA lovers. We are honor students. We are each our own person but we come together to make a great team. V is for how very long most of us have been at EDS. I can still remember walking through the front doors of Mrs. Desalvo’s room, crying, with a huge white bow in my hair where I saw a lot of the same faces that are sitting in front of me today. From line leading and Clown College to Student Council and middle school dances, we’ve come a long way! W is for Washington and West Florida High School and all of our friends that will become wildcats and jaguars next year. Walker, Brooke, Carlisle, Meagan, Brennan, Ryan Harrison, Ben, and Jay will be attending Washington and Justin will be attending West Florida. X marks the spot. EDS is the biggest treasure we have found. It will forever be a place we can call home. Even though we will miss it next year, I think that we can all agree that we are ready to move onto high school. Y. The question our teachers have always asked us, is why are we such a handful? Why do we talk so much? Why did we have to give you assigned seats at lunch? The only thing that we heard coming out of their mouths was “Why are we so much fun?” Z is the last letter of the alphabet and our last hurrah at Episcopal Day School. This year has been a mix of craziness, fun, and confusion but, I know that we wouldn’t change a thing about it. So, take a nap every once in awhile. When you go into the world, watch for traffic, hold hands, and stick together. Be aware of wonder. Everything that you need to know in life, you learn in kindergarten. Your teachers and friends help teach you how to live your life in the most successful way. So, thank you class of 2015. Thank you teachers and administrators. We’ll miss ya but we’re outta here!



hanks to each of you for your participation in our events and for your support of the EDS Parent Service Organization (PSO). I would especially like to thank my incredible PSO board. It has been a privilege to work with such a talented group of parents who are so dedicated to helping enrich the educational and social experiences of the children at our school. You have all done an outstanding job and words cannot express my most sincere gratitude.

I am so proud of the parents, grandparents and friends who worked hard for EDS through the PSO. Due to their extraordinary efforts, we were able to give $50,000 to the Annual Fund for Excellence. This is more than double last year’s donation. Thank you to all who volunteered and contributed to our success. Jennifer Bradshaw PSO President 2014–2015


Funds Raised:


PSO Dues


Grill on the Hill


Uniform Resale


Loyalty Programs




Projects Funded:


Teacher Appreciation


PSO Sponsored Events




Annual Fund Donation



Thank you to our generous “Grill on the Hill” sponsors. Bringin’ Home the Bacon Stand Up Open MRI Grillin’ Gold Coastal Moving & Storage Sizzlin’ Silver Astro Lincoln BB&T Coleman Orthopaedics Carver Darden Dr. John P. Ferris, Jr., DO – Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Rachael Gilmer – Levin Papantonio, P.A. Gulf Blue Group Heseman Builders Group, Inc. Kia Autosport Dr. Randy Metcalf – Cardiology Sacred Heart Hospital Moore, Hill & Westmoreland, P.A. Pete Moore Automotive Team Nolan Sylvester Dr. Bryan Weidner – Pediatric Surgeon Sacred Heart Hospital WESCON Woodlands Medical Specialists Burnin’ Bronze Bayou Dental, P.A. Cox Communications Florida First Capital Finance Corporation Dr. Robert P. Huang – Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Brad Phelps – State Farm Lacy Phillips Design Pine Meadow Veterinary Clinic Psychological Associates, P.A. Salinas Technologies Wade, Palmer, Shoemaker, P.A. Charlie and Tonja Ward Zaxby’s

Thank you to our generous “Grill on the Hill” donors. ALK Designs Angel Cakes Artesana Bluetique Patsy Brown Photography Jan Chapdelaine Coastal Vein and Aesthetic Center Doggy Stylz Grooming Salon Elebash’s Jewelers Escape Wellness Spa Fiore Fish House Nina Fritz The Groundskeeper Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping Jennifer King Indigeaux Iron Lee House Fred Levin Kramer and Jane Litvak Tim Ludvigsen Photography

Mako Crossfit Nail Lounge Outcast Bait and Tackle Pensacola Blue Wahoos Pensacola Country Club Pensacola Little Theatre Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Pilates Barre Scout Still Waters Day Spa Deanie Sexton Photography The Spangrud Family Sparkle Two Maids and a Mop Vick’s Cleaners Charlie and Tonja Ward Wells Vision and Laser Center Suzie West Katie White, McDonald Fleming Moorhead



he advances the Annual Fund provides helps ignite the passion for exploration in our children, gets them excited about learning, and helps enable them to excel. Appropriately, our Annual Fund for Excellence theme this year was “Explore. Excite. Excel.” Thank you to the EDS faculty, Board of Trustees, parents, grandparents, alumni, friends and local foundations for making our 2014-2015 Annual Fund for Excellence a success. Again this year we were fortunate to have 100% support from our Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff. We are incredibly blessed to have a supportive community of donors who believe in our mission and vision for EDS. The 2014-2015 campaign funded the following projects:


21st Century Teaching and Learning: • Modular classroom furnishings • Sound systems • iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops • 3D printer and materials • Interactive projectors • Robotics sensors • Science lab microscopes and equipment • Pottery wheels • ELC furnishings • Smart Tables for the ELC • Refresh outdoor gardens Professional Development: • Faculty training in 21st Century Teaching and Learning Security and Facilities: • Renovate upstairs restrooms • Renovate the upstairs hallways and stairwells • Replace the two Currin Center doors • Privacy fence for grades 3-8 playground • Improved signage and communication • Master key system

Student Life: • New lockers • Picnic tables Grants 2014-2015 EDS would like to thank and acknowledge the generous gifts received from our local foundations. Kugelman Foundation Grant The Kugelman Foundation generously provided a gift of $6,000 and funds were utilized to further our 21st Century Teaching and Learning professional development efforts. One of the greatest impacts we can make on our students and in our classrooms is to arm our teachers with the latest knowledge and training. We believe investing in the professional development of our educators is imperative and we plan to continue with the pursuit of professional development for all our educators. Thanks to the Kugelman Grants for Education for making this possible. Bear Family Foundation Grant The Bear Family Foundation generously provided a $5,000 gift to fund the planned 21st Century Teaching and Learning STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum enhancements. The incorporation of STEaM requires classrooms to be transformed to allow for an integrative approach to the teaching of traditional subjects and an emphasis on research and problem solving. Team work is a necessity as is hands-on experimentation. STEaM programs require the inclusion of more technology into the classroom and an environment that is more flexible for collaborating, designing and problem solving. With the benefit of a STEaM education from EDS, graduates will have the skillset necessary to thrive in a dynamic, global world which we can only begin to imagine. We thank the Bear Family Foundation for their continued funding of the resources necessary for the adoption of STEaM ideals.


$5,000 and up Bear Family Foundation David and Cindi Bear Lewis and Belle Bear Lewis and Jennifer Bear Chad and Cindi Bonner Jay and Jennifer Bradshaw Jamie and Liz Callahan EDS PSO Kugelman Foundation David and Tara Foster Jackie Kugelman Pete and Jane Lauter Janet Livingston Sean and Sarah Ryan Chris and Shelley LeCroy Bob Murphy Scott and Melody Teel $4,999 - $1,953 Justin and Kristin Beck Chris and Lisa Bosarge Chris and Margaret Browning Scott and Katy Collins Chris and Christine Dorvault Jennifer King Tim and Heather O’Brien Aaron and Jennifer O’Hanlon Huey and Helen McDaniel David and Judy Shelton Ken and Sammye Simpler Charlie and Tonja Ward Bryan and Tiffiny Weidner $1,952 Tosh and Laura Belsinger Ed and Chris Boatwright Jay Boatwright, III, DMD, FACP Chad and Cindi Bonner Rush and Angie Brown Chat and Michelle Fraley Eric Fritz and Julie Caldwell Albi and Rachael Gilmer Henry Gold Kevin and Pashia Groom Don Haferkamp and children

$1,952 (continued) Melissa Harrelson Allen and Jane Litvak Kramer and Jane Litvak Bill and Katherine Mitchem Mike and Laura Rae Morette Neil and Gaye Overholtz Jeff and Lacy Phillips Dan and Lucy Rentz Dave and Lori Spangrud Carl and Katie Spear Tom and Patsy Thornton Gifts of $1,952 and above are members of the 1952 Society $1,951 - $1,000 Andy and Jenni Arnold Bill and Buffi Bailey The Boyles Family Weldon and Emily Bradshaw Carter and Stacy Brown Stewart and Carla Brown Geoffrey and Evie Butler Alex and Cozy Coleman Chris and Darby Craig Margot Doelker Andrius and Kathleen Galinis David and Liz Harrison Will and Michelle Henghold William Haik James and Ildi Hosman Randy and Gina Metcalf Brett and Rocky Parra David and Kim Stafford Jason Tanner and Karen Justin-Tanner $999 - $500 Larry and Lee Anne Adams Jim and Cathy Allebach Ric and Kerry Anderson Aaron and Melissa Austin Autumn Beck Olin and Caroline Belsinger West and Ethlyn Caldwell

$999 - $500 (continued) Mike and Lauren Cutter Lisa Dampier The Dantino Family Fred and Leslie Donovan Peter and Julie Dyson Keith and Agnes East Steve Edele and Nancy Fox Chris and Carley Fangman John and Dina Ferris David and Laurie Gaston Miner and Jeannie Harrell Daniel and Rachel Herman Wylie and Lola Hogeman Tommy and Christine Holmes Hal and Suellen Hudson Derek and Julie Jones Katherine King John and Lori Kizziah David and Katie Lewallyn Chris Lewis David and Kristen Martin Spencer and Mary Ann Mitchem Stephen and Patricia Myers Richard and Toni Odom Chris and Lori Oswald The Owens Family – Tom, Elizabeth, Kate and Thomas Julie Prevost James and Lauren Rich David and Lea Richardson Grover and Jill Robinson Shay Rosecrans Robby and Joena Rushing Vadim Saratovtsev and Kim Haas Roger and Monica Sherman In memory of Sheila Barfield In memory of Nancy Boyles In memory of Tom Woodward

Richard and Lisee Sherrill William and Bertha Simmons Darren and Heather Skitt


$999 - $500 (continued) Cheryl Smith Kirby Smith John and Susan Soule Eric and Carrie Stevenson James and Katie Theisen Stephen Tidsdale Murray and Paula Turner Austin and Carolyn Ward Jay and Katie White Doug and Tiffany Woodward $499 - $1 Hugh Alexander Abigail Allen Linzi Appleby and Melissa Caraway Christine Baehr Chris Barfield Jerry and Karla Barkley Roxanne Beer Gay Bell Rob and Nikki Bell Robert and Amy Bender Elizabeth Berg Thomas and Susan Bizzell Russell and Ashlie Bloodworth Rob and Lucy Brabham Rhonda Bradley Joseph Breen Dan and Lisa Brewer Dannita Bright John and Jane Briscione Lavon Brown Paul and Charlotte Brown Scott and Kerry Brown Stephen and Lisa Burgess Matt and Jennifer Cagle Campbell and Lindsey Caldwell Cameron and Tiffany Clark Noreen Clark Jennifer Cobb Sarah Coleman John and Danielle Cranwell

$499 - $1 (continued) Patrick and Melissa Cornelius Sean and Kristen Countryman Chris and Sloane Cox Jeff and Lauren Cutter Thomas and Sara Daniel Michael and Iris Daughtry Victor and Liz Delgado Myriam Delgado Hal and Courtney Dell In honor of Caroline Dell

Rich and Leslie Diamond Craig and Darby Dosher Mark and Heather DuBuse Tom and Carolyn Durkin Lisa Durney Mark and Suzanne Erwin Bob Fahnestock In memory of Gloria Fahnestock

Jeff and Wendi Fairchild Steve and Bridget Fluegge Doug and Kim Franklin Ethan and Megan Frederick Jessica Freeland Jennifer Garner Jackie Gibson Diane Giggey Dax and Stephanie Gill Jodi Gup Allen and Melissa Haddock Blake and Stacie Hammond Wendolyn Harding Daniel and Emily Harrell Janet Haas In honor of Mikhail and Nikolai Saratovtsev

W.D. and Margo Heath Mary Hembree T.J. and Mary Henriques David and Cissy Hightower Jerry and Angel Hjelle Christina Hobdy Kathy Hodges Mary Jo Horn Robert and Karen Huang

$499 - $1 (continued) Roger and Sara Hubmann Catherine Hughes Jeffrey and Cheryl Iwanowski Chris and Kelli James Michael and Ginger Jeffcoat Patricia Jones Wade and Natalie Keckler Sarah Kincaid John and Jenelle Kizziah Mike and Julie Lagow David and Taxie Lambert Katy Lane Stan and Stephanie Lastowski Jonathan and Priscilla Leibig Carol Lewis Charles and Linda Liberis Kent and Shannon Lipham Michael Litvak Philip and Katherine Maher Hal and Kate Major Caron Majors LuTimothy and Nicole May The McGrath Family Andy and Krista McGraw Thomas and Susan McIlwain Scott and Lindsey McIntosh Thomas and Judy McMonigle Raymond Merritt Lora Millard Eric Milstead Scott and Emily Mitchell Frank Moore and Nancy Norris Jason and Saranne Morrow Susan Mosley Kenneth Murrell and Cathy Garner The Myslak Family Damon and Katja Norris Bob and Cindy Novotny Trevor and Janet O’Day Kelly Oden Katie Owen Joe and Melina Penta Randy Phillips


$499 - $1 (continued) Brittany Pieper Veronica Porter Bob and Melba Powell Daniel Rentz, III Patrick Reynolds and Kristina Killgrove Robert and MaKeysa Rhymer Javier and Ashley Rivera Doug and Molly Rodriguez Gary and Emily Rogers Jennifer Rogers Chris and Jenny Roney Kystalyn Rush Andrew and Belinda Russell Ryan and Amy Sellars

$499 - $1 (continued) Michael and Michelle Seuzenueau Karen Sanders Jeff and Robin Schwartz Andy and Jennipher Scoggins William and Glenda Scoggins Scott and Beth Shelby In honor of Brooklynn and Brett Shelby

Taffany Shipp Holly Shumpert Kaycee Slay Allison Smith Zane and Kathy Smith Mike and Cindy Steltenkamp Michelle Stevenson

$499 - $1 (continued) Arlene Sullivan Fred and Ruth Ann Thompson Jan Thompson Bob and Tammy Timby Richard and Daisy Turner Samantha Ventura Steven and Vicki Vrana Drew and Jaina Watson John and Kasey Watson Luvana and Larry Weidner Bill and Kerry White Lakiesha Whiting Ann Wimer Robert Wood Jason Young Ben and Robin Zimmern

The Annual Fund report is a publication of Episcopal Day School. We gratefully acknowledge donors for gifts made to EDS from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. We strive for accuracy, and sincerely apologize if any inadvertent errors were made. For any corrections, please contact Andrea Chesterfield by email at or by phone at 850-434-6474. Gifts received after June 30, 2015 will be acknowledged in next year's Annual Report.

2014–2015 ANNUAL FUND FINANCIAL SUMMARY Donations Received in 2014-2015:


Projected Expenditures in 2015-2016:


Professional Development


21st Century Teaching and Learning Resources and Technology


Student Life






Funds are raised in one year and then spent in the following summer and school year.

2014-2015 Annual Report

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