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Letter of Intent – Tatsis Dimitris 4 August 2011 Dear Executive Committee, Dear all EDSAfriends My name is Dimitris Tatsis and I am in the 5th year in the faculty of Dentistry in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. With this letter I would like to re-apply officially for the position of Web Editor in EDSAin the year 2011/2012. Becoming a member of the EDSA 1 year ago during the meeting in Amsterdam and after attending the meeting in Leeds in April 2011, I gained willingness for greater participation and work in the association and, therefore, want to continue in the position which I can provide the most to the EDSA,in that of the Website Editor. The World Wide Web is the most significant and primary display and contact of all the students, companies, universities and more that want to get familiar with our association. This is why our website needs to be as updated as possible. The previous year, the more active involvement in the social media gave us a wider acknowledgement in the European and International happenings. My aim for the next year will be to keep up the work on the EDSAWebsite and offer the best I can in the association. Thank you in advance for taking my application into consideration. Yours sincerely, Tatsis Dimitris