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Dear all, I would like to apply to become Vice President of EDSA for 2010-2011. I was an active member of the Partnership working group last year. I enjoyed there the time spent with the team and all the contacts I’ve made. I’m ready to help the next President and represent EDSA in contact with the other student’s organization, like ASDA or IADS for example. I consider myself as a serious and responsible person and really think that EDSA will develop only if more active people will get involved, that’s why I truly support the involvement of all new members in the association. Otherwise a meeting will take place in France in 2012 and I’m part of the organization team, so it could be very interesting if I become a member of the executive committee next year, since I believe this is the perfect moment for the french delegation to get involved more and take over some of the duties of leading such a great association like ours. I’m involved in student’s association since three years. First in local committee, then in national one. I am used to defend student’s interests and develop contact with other organizaions. The experience gained inside UNECD – French National Organization helped me realize that offering the others what life offered me is the most important thing, so that’s why I am ready to motivate EDSA new members to get involved. I really hope that you will accept my candidacy and you will trust me to become the next EDSA Vice President ! Warmest wishes, Matt

Matthieu Wipf - Letter of Intent