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LETTER OF INTENT From the first Workshop, Prevention caught my attention due to the similarities that all the countries have in improving the conditions of general dental health. I was active in prevention, attended to online meetings after the workshops and had some ideas that could be used for it. The ideas came from the further experience I have in the field for about 3 years of going from time to time to schools and explain the correct washing technique, present the products and their benefits, doing questionnaires and I think I can do a good job, using my techniques and charisma. Also, I attended the workshop of Volunteering and it seemed interesting to imagine the two departments working together for the same ideas, for improving the image of EDSA through Europe and have a better inter-projects relationship. As we all know, the power is held by the more informed one. In this position I want to inform as many citizens of Europe about the benefits of a proper usage of dental tools, a correct brushing and how to make the difference between a good product and a bad one. I hope to expand the Prevention research started by us already in at least in 3 countries, to give others the possibility to get the information and use it properly, to their own good. I also want to help the poor parts of some countries with products and improve the local level of dental health and , maybe, succeed that with some help from the Volunteering department. As I have seen, my ideas an my experience can do a good job for the department. In my clinical experience my patience and the ability to solve conflicts helped me to have a very good relationship with the patients. I am sociable and charismatic and this could help me in the partnerships we will make , the work with colleagues and, the last but not the least, I am serious and hardworking and this could lead to a high-quality level the work that department would do. For these reasons and, according to my CV, I think I can be a respectable and creative Prevention Officer, who can give EDSA a good image and make it more popular in a positive way throughout Europe.

Your’s sincerely, Cristina Balan ROMANIA, IASI.

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