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Matthieu Wipf 43 rue de la RĂŠpublique 29200 BREST FRANCE Phone : + 33 E-mail : Born the 19th August 1986

Candidacy to become Vice President of EDSA Studies 2010-2011

5th year of Dental Medicine, Brest, France

Diploma 2004

High School diploma, Scientific section

Experiences 2009-2010

Vice-President of French National Organization (UNECD) In charge of International Relationship


Creator of a national company of WebDesign (Sante Web Design)


Vice-President of Brest Local Organization (AEOB) In charge of Night Life and Partnership

Languages English

High Level

Interests and hobbies Hobbies Interests

Travelling, Couchsurfing, Partying Economy, scientific research, new technologies

CV_Matthieu Wipf  

Matthieu Wipf's CV

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