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2013 2ND QUARTER : SUMMER 2011



IFWDA.ORG Indy 4-Wheel Jamboree By:Annette Wheatcraft - IFWDA Special Events Director It was another awesome year, weather was perfect and always a good time to catch up with old friends and meet new wheelers. Some of you may wonder what a 4-Wheel Jamboree is. It is a family event geared toward family fun and friendly computation. The show is made up of 4x4 enthusiasts that come to display their truck for the weekend and compete in mud racing or mud bog events, burn out computation and shop vendors midway looking for best deals on latest products. The shows are part of Family Events Performance Series owned by The Promotion Company out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out our website www.FamilyEvents.com. This year Bigfoot had all their trucks come in celebration and a special Bigfoot world record jump! IF you missed out each year segments of the Jamboree are televised on ESPN 2, SPEED Channel, The Outdoor Channel and Spike TV. Check out Truck Show Nation TV for highlights of this year events. See you next year at the Indy 4-Wheel Jamboree.

The Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association Needs You! By: George Thomas - IFWDA Membership Director

Times are changing and that means we need our members the most. There are fights to fight, letters to write, places to go, things to see, people to meet and food to eat. Sometimes there is even some neat stuff to win or auctions that give you a great buy. There are events at the association level and at the club level. There are events going on throughout the year hosted by various clubs that belong to IFWDA. I have always believed that we should try to support each other's clubs. Attend their events when you can and invite them to attend yours. I know it is hard economic times for some, and the cost of gasoline is out of sight, but still sometimes we just need to show support for each other and do thing together. Rather it is a charity fund raiser, a customer appreciation event, a club road rally, or a day or two at an off road park, it's all fun. You will meet good people and there is usually plenty of great food, fun and friendship. What more could you ask for? Oh yes some great places to wheel like Redbird, Interlake, Badlands or Haspin Acres. There are several other small places on private properties and several nice places in surrounding states, they all need our support. It all goes hand in hand, we need them as much as they need us. You know there are events held at different places that mostly cater to folks who have a 4X4 but not much experience off road. We usually have guided trail rides. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is you are new to the property and want someone to show you where the neat stuff is. The other is you are new to off roading and want someone to show you the ropes. Sometimes you can get the best of both worlds. On a guided trail ride you not only get help on doing the trails but may get to go someplace where otherwise you might not get to go. Normally we try to divide up in groups of like vehicles, stock vehicles together and built up vehicles together. Then there is the experience factor so sometimes built up is in with stock. Most guides will try to protect you and your vehicle but anything can happen anytime so we try to practice safety as much as we can. We try to explain why we do things a certain way, or why you don't want to do something like brake on a slick hill riding the clutch. Usually we try to start off easy and build up as we go along. Normally by the end of the day you do things you didn't think you could. The main thing is talk to the folks having the event. Let them know your concerns or get answer to any questions you may have. If you don't fill comfortable with something ask for guidance. A handy piece of equipment is a CB radio. It keeps you in touch with what is going on and keeps the group in contact with each other. There are always people trying to shut down places we like to support. It is up to us to be strong and write the letters asking them to reconsider. The people wanting them closed come out in numbers, we need to also. Invite others to join your club or IFWDA. Let’s make it strong again and have some fun times together.

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4 Wheels to Freedom Picnic By: Gary and Kathleen Snyder 4 Wheels to Freedom held its first ever Picnic/Road Tour on August 3rd. This was a fun day event open to members and guests alike. For a first time event, it was quite successful with 36 people and 17 vehicles participating. People came from Muncie, Cincinnati, Freedom, and points in between. After a well stocked picnic and door prizes at Muscatatuck Park in North Vernon Indiana, everyone headed out on a 95 mile tour that took us into Madison on the Ohio River. Water levels were down from flooding a month prior, but we ended up on world famous Bee Camp Road with all of its stream crossings, a coffee pot with coffee and mugs on a tree, to other stream crossings, hunting areas, and Amish neighborhoods in Jefferson, Switzerland, and Ripley counties. Weather was great until the rain came, and the tops went up, but we parked in the trees for this. A great day of fellowship and four wheeling. Might even be a fall event. A big thanks for planning goes out to Jeffries, Paxton, Booth, and Snyders.

Once you have registered, all you have to do is click on the TAKE ACTION button. Your name and address is already saved and the message will be sent in your name. So easy, no writing, no stamp, no spell check involved, please check them out. I have been involved with IFWDA for over 25 years, been to many events, met many good people and made many new friendships. Through these friendships, I can travel throughout Indiana and in the event of trouble; there is usually someone that I can call locally for help. I have been on both sides of that situation. There are many good reasons for joining a club and IFWDA. 1 – Meeting like-minded people 2 – Making new friendships 3 – Strength in numbers 4 – Knowing when events are coming up 5 – Always having someone to wheel with The list goes on and on. So from the president of IFWDA, GET INVOLVED!! Keep the Rubber side down!

There more than beaches in Florida! By Annette Wheatcraft - IFWDA Special Events We had planned our yearly pilgrimage to Florida for Christmas. Our time to visit with family and friends, but we decided to do something a little different this year. Yes, call us crazy 930 miles one way in a Jeep. Boy you want to talk about a long ride I am still trying to get feeling in my lower extremities!

4 Wheel Parts Sale By: Judy Estes 4 - Wheels to Freedom We helped at 4 Wheel Parts off East Washington St for a Summer Sale Aug 10th and had over 26 families show up. A few played on the big rock challenge, a couple climbed the RTI ramp and Larry Booth was thrilled with himself with pulling right up on the Teeter Totter and keeping level right off the bat with his little baby suzuki. 4 Wheel Parts was kind enough to supply us with plenty of free food for us to grill up for all the customers and ourselves to enjoy along with the the entertainment so it was a great time for all. Next event is Midnight Madness after the jamboree lots of sales going on that weekend and FREE food!! Love 4 Wheel Parts. So come on over to East Washington after the Jamboree. Tell them Judy Estes sent you!

A Couple of Thoughts About Our Sport Rob”Scoutman”Robbins – President As a member of IFWDA, we are all ambassadors of the sport of four wheeling. What we do with our vehicles, right or wrong reflects on the rest of the community. For the uninformed world who thinks anyone with a tricked out truck is a stupid redneck, the only way to change this misconception is to be a good example! *Be a Good Samaritan, help others when you can. *Teach the beginners the safe way, towing, winching, etc. *Stay on designated trails. DON’T trespass! *Get involved; join IFWDA, UFWDA, etc. *Advocate public access to public lands. On that last note, I have found that ARRA, Americans for Responsible Recreation Access, http://www.arra-access.com/, is a very useful tool. Once you register onto their site, you will get timely emails asking to take action to keep legislation alive that is good for our sport. Whether it is at the state or national level, they have already written a message to be sent to whoever is concerned.

The National Forests in Florida includes three forest areas – the Apalachicola, Osceola and the Ocala. The National Forest covers more than 1.2 million acres in North and Central Florida. The Ocala National Forest is located in North Central Florida. Encompassing approximately 383,000 acres, it is the southernmost forest in the continental United States. It is a different kind of wheeling down in Florida. It consists mainly of sand, swamp, palm and pine trees. We had contact a local club before we headed down to gather a little Intel for your trip. Thanks “Tampa Bay Jeepers”! The weather was great mid to upper 60’s and sunny! Sorry to hear about the cold and snow in Indy. While we were out on the trails, we cross narrow bridges over swamp, through different water holes, and even came across a black bear on the trail! I think he was trying to size us up. We helped a few fellow wheelers after they watch us go through the water and they had to try it. As the saying goes “More lift bigger tires”. LOL In all it was a great time in the woods exploring different terrain. Talking with the locals and picking fresh oranges off the trees. By the way, yes we did go over to the beach nothing like white sand on a sunny day. I have found the US Forest Service to be a great place to get information by state on places to go wheel, camp and fish. Their web site is http://www.fs.fed.us/ See you on the trails!

Southern Indiana Poker Run By: Annette Wheatcraft IFWDA Special Event

Roger Memorial Run–Southern Indiana 4x4 By:Annette Wheatcraft IFWDA Special Events

Another great poker run, hope you did not miss it. The club decid¬ed to try a spring poker run and it turned out great. Weather was just a little cool but it did not rain! We had 26 vehicles participate and only a few got lost along the way, not too bad. We manned the first stop out at a place called Leroy’s market/hardware/ res¬taurant – I guess once you are this far out in the sticks it truly is a one stop shop sure has Wal-Mart beat. Out front the local 4-H group was having a bake sale so of course you buy something to help out the local kids group who doesn’t like rice crispy treats and cookies! Different groups roll through all morning – Jeff and Patti checked everyone in and had them draw 1st poker card. I manned the camera and treat bucket as people waited their turn. When we saw Harpo coming up and we knew everyone got through our check point so we headed to the next stop. Over the river and thru the woods to a really awesome steel bridge. Our good friends and fellow club members were manning check station number 2 and they sure were glad to see us. They wondered if we passed a couple folks that were lost and still unaccounted for. As you can see we do try to keep track of you just in case you get lost! So we started calling around trying to find them and here they come up the road the last two to check in – they had just a little mishap with a tire, but off we go to third stop. At this check point you had a chance to go thru the woods and into a couple mud holes for an extra card. It sure looked like everyone had a good time. I bet George will be getting mud off from the green Cherokee inside and out for quite some time. As we all headed to the final stop to get our last card and some hamburgers and hot dogs, time to rest and reflect on our days adventures and wait for door prizes to be called off . So if you missed this year’s event be sure to mark your calendar for October 12 and come on down to run a fun 4x4 poker run that starts at Hills 4x4 shop in Austin.

Every year our club does a Roger memorial run. He was a member of our club for many years that passed away. The club decided Roger would want us to remember him by wheeling in the woods at his favorite place Haspin Acres. So every September we plan a weekend to go camping and wheeling as a club event. We set up camp Friday night have a good supper and talk around the camp fire. Then in the morning nothing like eggs and bacon over a wood fire. This year seemed usually dry as we headed over to the devils backbone for a little computation amongst friends. Almost everyone made it up the backbone and no broken parts! Always a good time and we know Roger would be proud.

See you on the trail

See you on the trail

OFFICERS Rob Robbin President scoutman4614@gmail.com 765-480-0329 Patti Steman Vice-President jeepcrazed@gmail.com Traci Cross Secretary zephyrgal23@yahoo.com Sandy Dryden Treasurer sdryden@rr1.net Annette Wheatcraft & Max Soliday Special Events Directors events_director@ifwda.org Rich Reisz & Mike Hughes Environmental Affairs k5mikeh@gmail.com

2013 IFWDA State Convention By: Annette Wheatcraft IFWDA Special Event

You know you are going to have fun every year when convention time comes around. Meet with old friend and see a few new faces. The weather could not be beat in the 40’s and no rain, snow or ice. Saturday morning they had the group heading off to wheel at Backwoods and our group that hung back to do the Road Rally. Everyone was having a good time and we even learned a few interesting facts to boot. No matter how many time you go over instructions you still miss a turn but you can still get back on track – thanks Barb! This year’s road rally was just a little over 100 miles and three counties depending on if you got lost or not. Once we got back to the hotel a few went to wash their rigs and some went swimming in the hotel pool to relax until supper time. Sunday morning we had a very productive IFWDA meeting. Thanks to everyone who participated in another great year!

Ryan Sweany & George Thomas UFWDA Delegates rsweany@gmail.com tqptcs@aol.com

To see upcoming IFWDA Events Visit IFWDA.org

See you on the trail


IFWDA MEMBER CLUBS 4 Wheels To Freedom PO Box 342 Shelbyville, IN 46176

J. P. Frog Off-Roaders 6840 Norena Court Brownsburg, IN 46112

Off Road Trail Rods 68530 US 33 Goshen, IN 46526

4XFools Offroad Club 1402 Adams Street Urbana, IL 61802

Monroe County 4x4 Club 8712 N. Mt. Pleasant Rd. Gosport, IN. 47433

Ruffriders PO Box 83 Goshen, IN 46526

Boonie Riders 4WD Club 7374 E. CR. 700 N. Grandview, In. 47615

North Central Indiana Free-Wheelers 130 N. Elm St. Bunker Hill, IN 46914

SWAK- Safe Wheelers of All Kinds 8824 Hayne Rd Terre Haute, IN 47803

Fat Boys Jeepers 6142 Franklin Road Hagerstown, IN 47346

Northwest Indiana Jeepers 128 Main St Wheeler, IN 46393

Southern Indiana 4x4 Club 3471 S US hwy. 31 Crothersville, IN 47229

2014 IFWDA Convention

Co-Hosted by Off road trail rods, Ruffriders and Northwest Indiana Jeepers Where: Comfort Inn & Suites(MI036) 1000 Orleans Blvd. Coldwater, MI, US, 49036 When: March 7-9 2014 Agenda: Friday March 7: meet and greet and register at hotel Saturday March 8: Wheeling at Bundy Hill in Jerome Michigan and Road Rally details to follow. Evening Party and meal, with live music Follow us on facebook for more updates on information IFWDA, OFF ROAD TRAIL RODS, NORTHWEST INDIANA JEEPERS (NWIJ), RUFFRIDERS 4X4 Or contact: Traci cross zephyrgal23@yahoo.com, Curt Haberstich curt@ligtel.com Updated:Sunday, August 18, 2013

IFWDA.ORG Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association 130 N Elm St. Bunker Hill, IN 46914 www.ifwda.org

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IFWDA Newsletter, this is an organization of people with off road vehicles.

4xnews 2013  

IFWDA Newsletter, this is an organization of people with off road vehicles.

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