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Volume 1, Issue 9

eDriving Solutions - Weekly News Three dead in rail crossing crash Three people in a car have been killed following a collision with a train at a level crossing in the Highlands. The accident happened on Bridge Street, Halkirk, in Caithness, shortly after 1400 BST. Eighteen passengers and four staff on the train were not injured. British Transport Police (BTP) confirmed all three who died were in the car. Read more at: i/scotland/highlands_and _islands/8281025.stm

Career Opportunities Road Safety Education Officer. Road Safety Officer. Road Safety Delivery Officer.

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Car ‘speeding’ before fatal crash An inquest into the deaths of four people in a crash has heard one of the cars was speeding round a bend.

Craig Rayiru, 19, who was driving the speeding car, died in the crash on the A661 in North Yorkshire in January.

Howard Catley, 49, Joseph Wilson, 18, and

Mr Rayiru‟s 17-year-old brother Daniel died 10

‘Close to 2m’ uninsured drivers Parts of England with the largest number of uninsured drivers have been revealed in new research. The worst offenders were in Greater London, Merseyside and Greater Manchester, with 13%, 12% and 10% of vehicles uninsured, the research found. The Motor Insurers‟ Bureau (MIB), which compensates people in accidents with uninsured drivers, estimates over 1.7m people drove without cover in 2008 Read more at: hi/england/8272054.stm

days later in hospital. Read more at england/north_yorkshire/8280 019.stm

How Stars Express Themselves One of the most exciting aspects of eDriving Solutions, for me as a researcher, is that it offers driving instructors a wonderful communication route to the latest research in the field of driver education. When I entered Local Government Road Safety in 2000 I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about driver training, having operated my own driving school for a number of years and having successfully trained driving instructors. Well they always say that pride comes before a fall and I soon fell. The fall in all honesty was more like an opening of my eyes. I was lucky to meet a doctor of psychology who was researching the effectiveness of the National Driver Improvement Scheme and she suggested that I do a little bit of academic reading.

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So, I started small, I found a simple paper by Steve Stradling et al, Research Report Number 17. This report had a profound impact on how I saw and understood driver education. The report identified that drivers develop through 3 phases; the first is they learn to control the car; the second is that they learn how to integrate with traffic and then, post-test, they enter the Expressive phase. Here they drive in the way that feels right to them and in line with their own personality and beliefs about driving. This rang so true to me due to a recent experience I had had with a „star‟ pupil. Her name was Claire and she had been the type of pupil we all like. Easy to teach, you only ever had to tell her once and she could do it. When Claire returned for her Pass Plus course something had happened, she had developed a selective memory, her speed had increased, her confidence had soared and she was a public menace. Claire, had now entered the Expressive Phase, in this phase I could really see what Claire thought was good driving but this was a side of Claire I had never seen coming and it was a shock. Yet years later I could really understand the issues, but only after reading Report Number 17. Of course this begged the question “Why did I not know about the Expressive Phase when I was an instructor?” What are the routes to disseminate this type of academic literature to driving instructors? Back then there were no routes. Of course this is where CPD comes in; it should provide the route that this information comes through. And this is why I am so proud of eDriving Solutions, not only does it look to provide instructors with resources they can sell to their pupils, it provides them with high quality CPD e-learning modules. eDriving Solutions already has 8 CPD modules available to driving instructors and a research library which contains numerous reports relating to road safety (Research Report No. 17 is in this library) it has also undertaken to deliver a new CPD module every month up to next August.

when questions could be used. And there is much more to come. For the past few months eDriving Solutions have been developing a groundbreaking approach to learner self-evaluation and we anticipate being able to launch this new product early in October. As you will know from our Goals for Driver Education (GDE) CPD module, self-evaluation is one of the key skills a driver needs, to progress post-test as they enter that critical Expressive Phase. To be able to critically evaluate their own driving, as if you were still sitting next to them, is vital if a newly qualified driver is going to progress once you have left the car that last time, and this new assessment has been designed to develop these critical self-assessment skills.

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The latest addition to this is a module relating to the use of Question and Answers. The module not only looks at the types of questions but how and

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Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 9  

Content: How stars express themselves, Car speeding before fatal crash, Three dead in rail crossing crash, Close to 2m uninsured drivers.

Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 9  

Content: How stars express themselves, Car speeding before fatal crash, Three dead in rail crossing crash, Close to 2m uninsured drivers.