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eDriving Solutions - Weekly News More young drivers are owning their first car than ever before THE familiar cry of “Dad, can I borrow the car” is fast dying out, with drivers owning their first car getting younger than ever before. A survey has found that more than two thirds of 18 to 24-year-olds had their first car before their teens were out, compared with just a quarter (28%) of those now 65 and over. Read more at: http:// news/walesnews/2009/09/21/moreyoung-drivers-are-owningtheir-first-car-than-everbefore-91466-24738645/

Career Opportunities Road Safety Education Officer. Road Safety Officer. Road Safety Officer. Road Safety Officer—Preschool & Infants.

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Jenson Button Speaks up for road safety A fairytale start to the 2009 Formula 1 world championship has propelled Jenson Button back into the limelight after some relatively quiet seasons.

Exciting new e-learning content now available for members This week we have added TWO new elearning modules to our learning content areas for members (available from Friday). Instructors can now access—Q&A The Answers to Your Questions which is a CPD module looking at different questioning techniques. Learners can now access an Anticipation and Awareness module, which helps them to understand and develop skills in this area. Please visit our website for more details. http://www.edrivingsoluti

So when the 29-year-old paid a visit to Birmingham as part of a Bridgestone roadshow, he was much sought after by journalists and fans alike.

"...the big thing I notice on the roads is that people just are not aware of their surroundings.” Read more s/features/jenson_button.h tm

Putting the driver



Frequently we get calls from potential members of eDriving Solutions asking us to clarify the educational benefits of using e-learning in driver education and how best to integrate eDriving Solutions into their teaching practice. These are very fair questions, why should a driving instructor use elearning and how will it help them to deliver the best possible driver education to their pupils? Let’s look at a simple example, you have agreed with a learner driver that next lesson you are going to cover overtaking and meeting traffic, you have a number of choices on how you can promote interest in the session. You could ask them to read the various rules in the Highway Code (a little dry?), you could ask them to read a text book (Driving - The Essential Skills, at £12.99, a bit pricey and possibly not the most engaging book in the world for a 17 year old),

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or you could ask them to complete the eDriving Solutions module on overtaking which takes 10 minutes, which is highly interactive and uses a video based scenario that asks the pupil what they would do! Given the choice which do you think they are most likely to go for, and which is likely to be most effective? The answer, in most cases, will be the e-learning module as it uses a multisensory approach which is generally much more appealing to a young person, who has grown up with their learning being provided via broadband. On the next lesson you could then build upon their newly acquired knowledge forming a link between the module and your own approach to the subject. Or, you could do it the other way round, introducing the subject on the lesson and then using the module to consolidate the learning; which way round is best is really down to what fits best with the pupils preferred method of learning. E-learning at its best should encourage the pupil to reflect upon their own views, provide new information and then encourage the pupil to reflect again. In this way the pupil is able to reconstruct their views based on the new information. Of course this is not new; good instructors use this approach all the time through the effective use of questions. And this is why e-learning can be such a wonderful tool in the instructors toolbox as it uses similar methods to the instructor, but has one big advantage... the instructor is not there! WHAT? You cry, why is this an advantage? When you ask a pupil for an opinion they have a number of options, they can tell you what they honestly believe, or they can tell you what they believe you want to hear, or they can tell you something somewhere between the two. The beauty of e -learning is that they are telling no one but themselves, thus lowering the urge (although not getting rid of it completely) to provide a socially acceptable answer. For this reason we have developed eassessments that encourage the learner driver to make their own decisions and gain feedback relating to speed, close following and anticipation and awareness. Once again these are powerful tools in the instructor’s toolbox as they can easily be integrated into a lesson, forming a very useful precursor to discussion. Another time anonymity is important is when the pupil is engaging with a sensitive subject matter,

such as the outcomes of a crash. We have had excellent feedback on the Crash Impact module from instructors, who now use it to encourage a pupil to think through what happens to a vehicle in a crash, how this damage is transferred to the occupants and the long term impact these injuries can have on their futures. Once again the instructor can use this module as a precursor to a discussion with the pupil. Of course it is important to realise that e-learning has it limits, I do not believe that e-learning should be seen as a replacement for an instructor, nothing could replace that level of feedback and dialogue but e-learning offers a number of exciting approaches to learning that should be embraced. But do your pupils want it? Well the answer to that is to know your market. In this case the market is young people and their expectations of learning are changing as fast as the technology to deliver it, You cannot afford to be left behind and integrating e-learning with your in-car tuition is a fantastic way of demonstrating to your pupils, and future pupils, that you are operating a 21st century driving school.


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Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 8 - 23/09/09  
Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 8 - 23/09/09  

Contents: Putting the 'e' in driver education, Jensen Button speaks up for road safety, More young drivers are owning their first car than e...