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Volume 1, Issue 7

eDriving Solutions - Weekly News Campaign urges pedestrians to concentrate on the road. At this time of year when students are starting back at schools, colleges and universities, South Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership has launched a campaign to help reduce the number of teenage pedestrian casualties. „Pedestrian Road Skill‟ is designed to get pedestrians to concentrate on the roads and look out for potential dangers. Read more at: http:// news/565.html

Career Opportunities Principal Road Safety Officer. Road Safety Education Officer. Road Safety Officer. Road Safety Officer Road Safety Officer—Preschool & Infants The details are available on our website in the careers section

1000th „Plinther‟ keeps her shiny side up. The 1000th person to do a stint on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar square used her time to promote

Case Study Update After concerns from some of our members and many rumours on ADI forums we decided to find out if the DSA were planning to produce and charge for a Case Study Pack. Here is the reply: Neil, Thanks for your email. The latest version of the Official DSA Theory test kit, which went on sale earlier this year, included information about the case study questions. You can also see the relevant section on our YouTube channel http:// dsagov. We don‟t have any plans to produce a dedicated “case study pack” you refer to. Best wishes John Atkin, Head of Media, Driving Standards Agency .

the Shiny Side Up biker project. Read more at: http:// safety campaign. The fourth plinth is sculptor Anthony Gormley‟s latest k/news/575.html

Driving Instruction — Creating a „beautiful‟ product By Dr. Robert Isler— Road Safety Consultant, New Zealand

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson once said “When it comes to the question of business, I rely on common sense: If you have a beautiful product that people want to buy, you will do well. If it is too expensive or ugly, then you will not. The End.” But what makes a business product „beautiful‟ in the case of driving instruction? Firstly, I believe that pupils quickly realize if you feel excited about your job and that you have no problems getting up in the morning because you have something important to offer - such as helping people become safe and economical drivers and also (as a convenient by-product) pass the driving test on their first attempt, because they are on the way to becoming competent drivers. Secondly, if you are the owner of a „beautiful‟ business, your pupils will immediately feel that you care about them and are not only there to get a pay cheque at the end. They will notice your smile because you enjoy what you are doing.

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„Beautiful‟ businesses can be seen everywhere. For example, when you enter a restaurant and the owner pays attention to every detail - you get an immediate feel of great warmth and hospitality that makes you feel comfortable (and possibly more hungry…). The same goes with driving instruction. If you can connect with the pupil and give them a great personalized and effective learning experience, they are more likely to enjoy it and to spend more time with you. But to run a „beautiful‟ driving instruction business requires commitment to work hard and the willingness to go the extra mile (pun intended). The fact that you read this newsletter is proof that you are on the lookout for new and innovative ways to „beautify‟ your business. I am sure you will enjoy Ian Edward‟s excellent current series in this newsletter on the coaching approach. There is plenty of research evidence in the literature that coaching is far more effective than instructing, as it is learner-centered and promotes active learning rather than passive, top-down information transfer. Becoming aware that your business needs „beautification‟ is one thing, but getting the right tools to do so is another matter. My regular column in this newsletter will help you to understand the latest and important research findings without spending hours on a scientific search engine or in the Library. I will share with you innovative ideas and research evidence which will have practical significance for your business. Improving your business is hard work – do not think you have to go solo! Ask for assistance and be assured eDriving Solutions is working hard for you!

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Enjoy creating a „beautiful‟ business. It will give you much more satisfaction, and at the same time will increase your profit.

NEXT WEEK TWO new e-learning modules to be added to the eDriving Solutions resources: Anticipation and Awareness Q & A - The Answers to Your Questions

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Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 7  
Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 7  

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