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Volume 1, Issue 1

eDriving Solutions - Weekly News Welsh Police Force Screens 20,000 in Drink Drive Campaign Gwent Police have breathalysed over 20,000 drivers in a mass screening. Read more at:

http:// wales/8173083.stm Drive for Life in South Yorkshire Sheffield United football stars of the future are being encouraged to improve their driving skills and knowledge by attending ‘Drive for Life’, a road safety initiative run by the South Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership.

Read more at: http:// communications/latestnews/2009/aug/5/sheffield -united-players-plan-todrive-for-life

Career Opportunities Principal Road Safety Officer. Road Safety Officer and Cycle Trainer. Road Safety Education Officer The details are available on our website in the careers section

New Speed Assessment Launch From Monday members of eDriving Solutions will be able to access another exciting addition to our e-assessments -SPEED CHOICE. This assessment aims to help new driver to assess and practice their speed choices. The assessment asks the learner driver to review a short piece of video, taken from the drivers perspective, and then asks if they would go slower or

faster. They record their scores by use of a interactive speedometer. The assessment contains 12 clips and at the end of which the learner driver will be fed back the results

using our traffic light system. How do we know the speeds are correct? Simple, you gave us the scores. All the clips were benchmarked by driving instructors.

Judging your Speed

CPD - Goals for Driver Education A great deal is spoken and discussed about the Goals for Education Matrix and this module has been created to help driving instructors to enhance their knowledge of the GDE

matrix. The module looks at the latest thinking regarding the content of driver education with a particular focus on how internal and external influences impact on driver performance.

Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 - 07/08/09  

Content: New speed assessment launch; Goals for driver education (GDE); Welsh police force screen 20,000 in drink-drive campaign; Drive fro...

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