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All your education and office supplies in a single place with personalised service. Call to organise a visit from our dedicated account manager.

This brochure contains the popular school items, but it is by no means a complete list of our products. To view our extensive range please visit our website or refer to our 300+ page catalogue.

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- 100% Country Victorian Owned - 100% Family Owned - Your complete supplier: all your education and office supplies in a single place with personalised service. - For more than 25 years Education Plus has been providing the most valued solutions for schools in regional Victoria. - Our product selection is ever growing, with a wide range of products from the biggest brands in the business and education solutions. - We guarantee tailored solutions and pride ourselves on sustainable relationships with our customers— our secret? - being local. _We are proudly locally owned and operated and are committed to personal service. - By using our services you support the local community. - We focus on: Your School, Preschool or Early Learning Centre, Your Staff and Your families


Education Plus is a 100% Family Owned & Operated Business in regional Victoria where the owners are part of the business. - Huge retail showroom located in Bendigo servicing all our customers throughout the entire year, not just at the busy back to school period. - This brochure features only a small sample of the products we carry. Please refer to our website or to our full line catalogue for a huge range of products. Still can’t find what you are looking for then please give us a call and we will do our best to find what you are after. Need a full line catalogue, let us know and we will get one out to you.


NEW Eco-friendly Recycled Exercise and Binder Books ECO EXERCISE & BINDER BOOKS A4 The Olympic Eco Exercise and Binder Book are made of 100% recycled waste paper and contain carbon neutral pages. A4 in size, these books are the sustainable solution for your home, office or learning environment. Australian made, FSC® certified.8mm Ruled + Red margin, 70gsm. 100% recycled - Carbon neutral pages made from recycled Australian waste paper.

ECO EXERCISE BOOKS A4 1023269 A4 48 Page Eco Exercise Book 1023270 A4 64 Page Eco Exercise Book 1023271 A4 96 Page Eco Exercise Book 1023268 A4 128 Page Eco Exercise Book

ECO BINDER BOOKS A4 1023273 A4 48 Page Eco Binder Book 1023274 A4 64 Page Eco Binder Book 1023275 A4 96 Page Eco Binder Book 1023272 A4 128 Page Eco Binder Book

ECO EXERCISE BOOKS A4 DOTTED THIRDS 1023276 A4 64 Page 14mm Eco Exercise Book 1023278 A4 64 Page 9mm Eco Exercise Book 1023280 A4 96 Page 18mm Eco Exercise Book

ECO EXERCISE BOOKS A4 GRID 1023282 A4 48 Page 10mm Grid Eco Exercise Book 1023284 A4 96 Page 10mm Grid Eco Exercise Book


Binder Books & Exercise Books



A4 Binder Book.Punched 7 hole Feint ruled. 8mm Ruling 1023286 1023287 1023288 1023059

Binder Book A4 48 Page Binder Book A4 64 Page Binder Book A4 96 Page Binder Book A4 128 Page

225x175mm 8mm feint ruled 57gsm paper

1003258 1003271 1003275 1003279

1021565 1021566 1021567 1021568

Exercise Book A4 48 Page Exercise Book A4 64 Page Exercise Book A4 96 Page Exercise Book A4 128 Page .

Exercise Book 48 Page Exercise Book 64 Page Exercise Book 96 Page Exercise Book 128 Page



A4 Exercise Book - Feint ruled. 8mm Ruling PP Covers 1021647 Exercise Book A4 48 Page 1021648 Exercise Book A4 64 Page 1021649 Exercise Book A4 96 Page 1021650 Exercise Book A4 128 Page


A4 Exercise Book - Feint ruled. 8mm Ruling 70gsm Paper

PROTEXT EXERCISE BOOKS A4 DOTTED THIRDS A4 Exercise Book - DottedThirds PP Covers A4 Exercise Book 48 Page 1021664 9mm Dotted Thirds 1021665 14mm Dotted Thirds 1021666 18mm Dotted Thirds 1021667 24mm Dotted Thirds A4 Exercise Book 64 Page 1021657 9mm Dotted Thirds 1021658 14mm Dotted Thirds 1021659 18mm Dotted Thirds

A4 Exercise Book - DottedThirds 70gsm Paper A4 Exercise Book 48 Page 1003260 9mm Dotted Thirds 1003265 14mm Dotted Thirds 1003267 18mm Dotted Thirds 1003269 24mm Dotted Thirds A4 Exercise Book 64 Page 1003283 9mm Dotted Thirds 1003273 14mm Dotted Thirds 1003285 18mm Dotted Thirds 1003332 24mm Dotted Thirds A4 Exercise Book 96 Page 1003277 14mm Dotted Thirds 1003287 18mm Dotted Thirds

A4 Exercise Book 96 Page 1021660 14mm Dotted Thirds 1021661 18mm Dotted Thirds



A4 Exercise Book - Coloured paper, board covers, 8mm Ruling. 1021602 1021604 1021605 1021606 1021607

A 4 96 Page Lilac Pages A 4 96 Page Yellow Pages A 4 96 Page Green Pages A 4 96 Page Pink Pages A 4 96 Page Blue Pages

A4 Exercise Book - DottedThirds PP Covers A4 Exercise Book 48 Page 1003261 9mm Dotted Thirds 1003266 14mm Dotted Thirds 1003268 18mm Dotted Thirds

A4 EXERCISE BOOKS SOLID RULED 70gsm Paper 1003327 48 Page 11mm Solid Ruled 1003328 64 Page 11mm Solid Ruled 1003280 48 Page 14mm Solid Ruled 1003281 48 Page 18mm Solid Ruled 1003330 48 Page 12mm Solid Ruled 1003331 64 Page 12mm Solid Ruled 1021596 48 Page 25mm Solid Ruled

A4 Exercise Book 64 Page 1003284 9mm Dotted Thirds 1003274 14mm Dotted Thirds 1003286 18mm Dotted Thirds A4 Exercise Book 96 Page 1003278 14mm Dotted Thirds 1003288 18mm Dotted Thirds


Exercise Books, Project Books & Story Books Learning to write from the ground up. The dotted third lines provide visual structure for young writers in the formation of letters. A great way to teach correct letter size and placement. Tall letters stretch to the sky, short letters stay in the grass and some letters dig underground. PROJECT BOOKS

330x240mm Ruled 70gsm Paper 64 Page 1 page plain, 1 page lined Board Covers


330x240mm 100gsm 64 Page 1/2 page plain, 1/2 page ruled 1003320 Spirax Story Bk 18mm Dotted 1003321 Spirax Story Bk 24mm Ruled 1021608 Writer Story Bk 24mm Ruled

1003313 Spirax Project 18mm dotted 1003315 Spirax Project 24mm dotted

Project Book Olympic 335x245mm

Mini Story Book 165x240mm 100gsm 64 Page 1021663 Mini Story Book 24mm Ruled #521


#522 273x375mm


A4 Exercise Book - Dotted Thirds 1021613 A4 64 Page 14mm Dotted 1021608 A4 64 Page 18mm Dotted 1021609 A4 64 Page 24mm Dotted A4 Ruled Pads 50 Sheet 1021611 A4 18mm 50 sheet dotted 1021612 A4 24mm 50 sheet dotted


330x240mm Ruled 70gsm Paper 64 Page 1003311 Spirax Writing 24mm dotted 1003312 Spirax Writing 18mm dotted

1023074 1023075 1023068 1023069 1023070 1023067

#521 24 Page 270x300mm #522 24 Page 273x375mm #523 24 Page 335x245mm #524 24 Page 14mm dotted #525 24 Page 18mm dotted Bugs 64 Page 24mm dotted


330x240mm Ruled 70gsm Paper 64 Page PP Cover. 1021669 Protext Writing 24mm dotted 1021668 Protext Writing 18mm dotted



330x240mm Ruled 70gsm Paper 64 Page 1 page plain, 1 page lined PP Covers

330x240mm 70gsm 64 Page 1021617 Mega Activity Book 100gsm 1021618 Multi-Purpose Book 8mm ruled 1021619 Story Bk Plain/14mm dotted 1021620 Story Bk Plain/10mm dotted

1003314 Spirax Project 18mm dotted 1003316 Spirax Project 24mm dotted 1021670 Protext Project 18mm dotted 1021671 Protext Project 24mm dotted


Project Books, Grid Books, Scrapbooks & Sketcbooks


Spirax Sketch Books are manufactured from premium quality genuine 110gsm acid free cartridge paper. The spiral binding allows the covers and pages to fold back and lay flat during use


A4 70gsm Paper, 1 page plain, 1 page lined Board Covers


1003297 1003300 1003301 1003298 1003299 1021616 1003303

1023113 1021792 1021560 1021788 1023115 1023116

A4 48 Page 8mm Ruled A4 64 Page 8mm Ruled A4 96 Page 8mm Ruled A4 48 Page 14mm Dotted A4 48 Page 18mm Dotted A4 96 Page 14mm Dotted A4 96 Page 18mm Dotted

Board Covers

Scrapbook 48 Page 335x245 Scrapbook 64 Page 335x245 Scrapbook 72 Page 335x245 Scrapbook 96 Page 335x245 Scrapbook 120 Page 330x280 News & Cutting 400x325mm 72 page

1003218 1003251 1003253 1003244 1003246 1003247 1003248 1003249 1003250

#532 SketchA2 420x594 40 Page #533 Sketch A3 297x420 40 Page #534 Sketch A4 210x297 40 Page #574 Sketch 368x560 40 Page #577 Sketch 178x245 32 Page #578 Sketch 245x270 32 Page #578A Sketch 245x270 64 Page #579 Sketch 270x360 32 Page #579B Sketch 270x360 96 Page



1007531 Quill Q534 Sketch A4 40 Page 1007530 Quill Q533 Sketch A3 40 Page

168x240mm 100gsm Bond 1021791 64 Page 168x240mm Board Cover 1021656 64 Page 168x240mm PP Cover


1003255 A4 1mm Graph 25 Leaf 1021724 A4 2mm Graph 25 Leaf 1021725 A4 5mm Graph 25 Leaf 1021726 A4 10mm Grid 50 Leaf 1003292 1003296 1003294 1023055

A4 48 Page 10mm Grid A4 96 Page 10mm Grid A4 48 Page 5mm Grid 225x175mm 48P 10mm Grid


Polyprop Covers 100gsm Bond Paper 1003308 64 Page 330x254mm Clear Cover 1021656 64 Page 330x254 Poly Cover

SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS 1003197 1003219 1003221 1003222 1003227 1003229 1003230 1003379 1003383 1003231 1003232 1003233 1003234 1003236

GRID BOOK PP COVER 1021673 A4 48 Page 10mm Grid 1021672 A4 48 Page 5mm Grid


1003282 A4 48 Page Primary Grid 10mm x 5mm grid


64 Page 100gsm Bond Paper

#541 Spirax 147 x 87 96 Page #560 Spirax 112 x 77 96 Page #561 Spirax 147 x 87 96 Page #563 Spirax 200 x 127 100 Page #564 Spirax 167 x 114 80 Page #566 225 x 149 100 Page #566A 225 x 149 200 Page #570 Spirax A5 200 Page #571 Spirax 210 x 148 300 Page #592 Spirax 222 x 178 120 Page #593 Spirax 252 x 200 120 Page #594 Spirax 322 x 200 120 Page #595 Spirax 297 x 210 120 Page #595A Spirax 297 x 210 240 Page

1003305 Spirax 335x254mm Board Cover


Music Books, Mapping Books, Lined Refills & Visual Diaries




1003196 1023265 1023266 1023267 1023142

1021641 1001419 1008106 1008104

1021676 1021684 1021679 1021678

#569 Music & Theory 152x248mm 96 Pg Feint & Stave 225x175mm A4 48 Page Feint & Stave A4 96 Page Feint & Stave A4 Reinforced Music Refills Pkt50


A5 120 Page 110gsm White Pages A4 120 Page 110gsm White Pages A3 120 Page 110gsm White Pages 11”x14” 120 Page 110gsm White

A4 100 Leaf Bank Pad Plain A4 100 Leaf Bond Pad Ruled A5 100 Leaf Bank Pad Plain A5 100 Leaf Bank Pad Ruled

1019191 A4 40Sht 110gsm Black Pages 1007540 A3 40Sht 110gsm Black Pages

1023053 48 Page 225x175mm 1023049 64 Page A4


Ground, Grass, Sky Chart Measures 995mm x 640mm (A1). Double sided: portrait on one side and landscape on reverse (wider lines). Write on, wipe off surface . (thick laminate).


8mm Feint Ruled Ruled/Blank Interleaved, with one page ruled on both sides and the next page blank both sides 1023128 A4 64 Page



A4 lined paper, 60gsm, 500sheet ream 1021703 A4 9mm Dotted Thirds Portrait 1021697 A4 14mm Dotted Thirds Landscape 1021704 A4 14mm Dotted Thirds Portrait 1021700 A4 14mm Solid Ruled Landscape 1021698 A4 18mm Dotted Thirds Landscape 1021705 A4 18mm Dotted Thirds Portrait 1021701 A4 18mm Solid Ruled Landscape

1021699 A4 Plain Refill Pkt 50 1021706 A4 7mm Ruled Pkt 50 1021702 A4 7mm Ruled Pkt 100 A4 7mm Ruled Pkt 500 1021686 A4 8mm Ruled Pkt 50 1021729 1021727 1021715 A4 14mm Dotted Thirds Pkt 50 1021731 1021716 A4 18mm Dotted Thirds Pkt 50 1023133 1021711 1021713 1021714 1021709

A4 24mm Dotted Thirds Landscape A4 24mm Dotted Thirds Portrait A4 24mm Solid Ruled Landscape A4 8mm Ruled Exam Paper 70gsm A4 2mm Graph A4 5mm Graph A4 10mm Graph



1015411 Magnetic Writing Chart Durable write & wipe surface works with wet-erase markers. Strong backing sticks firmly to magnetic whiteboards. 56cmH x 71cmW




125gsm brightly coloured paper. 500 sheet pack of assorted colours. Also available in 100 sheet pack of individual colours.


1006599 1006551 1006570 1006552 1006553

1025379 210mm x 297mm 1025369 255mm x 380mm 1025368 297mm x 420mm 1025371 380mm x 510mm 1025372 510mm x 760mm

210mm x 297mm 255mm x 380mm 297mm x 420mm 380mm x 510mm 510mm x 760mm

(A4) (10” X 15”) (A3) (15” X 20”) (20” X 30”)

Off white bulky news ideal for crayons, pencils and easel painting. 60 gsm (A4) (A3)

1006517 1006516 1006459 1006457 1006497 1006496

254mmx254mm Matt Pkt360 127mmx127mm Matt Pkt360 254mmx254mm Glossy Pkt360 127mmx127mm Glossy Pkt360 254mmx254mm Fluoro Pkt100 127mmx127mm Fluoro Pkt100

80 gsm


1025374 510mm x 760mm 1025377 760mm x 1020mm

125gsm 500 sheet ream

1006601 210mm x 297mm (A4) 1006571 297mm x 420mm (A3)



1006399 1006400 1006474 1006476

125gsm 500 sheet ream

1006612 210mm x 297mm (A4) 1006582 297mm x 420mm (A3)

120mm Diameter Matt Pkt500 180mm Diameter Matt Pkt500 120mm Diameter Gloss Pkt100 180mm Diameter Gloss Pkt100

1006492 120mm Diameter Fluoro Pkt100 1006494 180mm Diameter Fluoro Pkt100



Low cost paper perfect for kids art. 48gsm 1025355 210mm x 297mm (A4) 1025357 255mm x 380mm 1025358 380mm x 510mm 1025359 510mm x 760mm 1025360 760mm x 1020mm

1006501 128x180mm Gloss Pkt 720 1006536 128x180mm Matt Pkt 720


1006534 125x250mm Gloss Pkt 360 1006533 125x250mm Matt Pkt 360


125gsm brightly coloured paper. 500 sheet pack of assorted colours. Also available in 100 sheet pack of individual colours. 1006629 1006623 1006628 1006624 1006625

210mm x 297mm 255mm x 380mm 297mm x 420mm 380mm x 510mm 510mm x 760mm

(A4) (10” X 15”) (A3) (15” X 20”) (20” X 30”)


1025392 750x1000mm Assorted Pkt25 Available in individual colours, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, violet, yellow and clear


Pack 100 assorted sheets 1025411 Tissue Assorted 500x750mm 1006291 Tissue Assorted 380x510mm 1006289 Tissue Assorted 255x380mm 1006884 Tissue Squares 125x125mm 1006885 Tissue Squares 250x250mm 1006879 Tissue Circles 120mm 1006880 Tissue Circles 180mm


1025339 610 x 810mm Approx 15kg 1004032 840X565mm 48GSM Pack 50


1006554 Crepe Paper Assorted Pack 12




Pack 100 1006473 Flashcards White 203x102mm 1006478 Flashcards Coloured 203x102mm


Pack 100 1007564 Sentence Strips White 303x102mm 1007565 Sentence Strips White 303x102mm 1006479 Sentence Strips Coloured 640x102mm


Pack 100 1007562 Cardboard Squares 203x203mm White 1006481 Cardboard Squares 203x203mm Coloured



1001537 1001535 1001541 1001539 1001543

1001603 A3 Landscape Non-Refillable 1001568 A3 Portrait Non-Refillable Insert Cover

A4 20 Pocket Refillable

A4 Clear Front Black Back A4 Clear Front Blue Back A4 Clear Front Green Back A4 Clear Front Maroon Back A4 Clear Front Grey Back

DISPLAY BOOKS SOLID FRONT A4 20 Pocket Refillable 1008102 1007760 1007761 1007763 1007762 1007758 1007764 1007759 1001528

A4 Display Book Black A4 Display Book Blue A4 Display Book Green A4 Display Book Maroon A4 Display Book Grey A4 Display Book Red A4 Display Book Purple A4 Display Book Yellow A4 Display Book Pink

A3 20 Pocket


1021744 Protext A3 Wiro Bound Clear 30 Pocket 435x320mm. Twin Wire


A4 Pack 10 1001559 A4 Display Book Refills Pkt10 1001560 A4 Display Book Refills Pkt100

DISPLAY BOOKS 40 POCKET A4 40 Pocket Refillable


1022984 Copy Right A4 80gsm White 1022985 Copy Right A3 80gsm White

1001647 1001646 1001650 1001651

A4 Display Book Black A4 Display Book Blue A4 Display Book Pink A4 Display Book Purple


A4 Ream 500 Sheets 1006692 A4 Assorted Brights 80gsm 1006698 A4 Assorted Fluoro 80gsm 1006713 A4 Assorted Pastels 80gsm A3 Pack 100 Sheets 1006679 A3 Assorted Brights 80gsm 1006677 A3 Assorted 80gsm 1006681 A3 Assorted Fluoro 80gsm 1006682 A3 Assorted Fluoro 80gsm

A4 Insert Cover Non-Refillable 1021745 A4 Display Book Insert 20 Pocket 1021746 A4 Display Book Insert 40 Pocket

DISPLAY BOOKS INSERT COVER 1001561 A4 Display Book Insert Cover



DOCUMENT WALLETS MANILLA 1002207 1002204 1002213 1002202 1002205 1002215 1002209 1002211

Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet

Yellow Red Pink Blue Green Grey Orange Buff

Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet




1000506 1000504 1000508 1000510 1000512

Clear Front A4 Black Clear Front A4 Blue Clear Front A4 Red Clear Front A4 Green Clear Front A4 Yellow

1007878 Clipboard A4 PVC Red 1007877 Clipboard A4 PVC Blue 1007879 Clipboard A4 PVC Black

1107007 Manilla Folders A4 Buff 1108007 Manilla Folders Foolscap Buff

DOCUMENT WALLETS BRIGHTS Pack 10 1002223 1002219 1002227 1002225 1002221 1002216 1002217 1002222


Bright Pink Bright Yellow Bright Purple Bright Marine Bright Orange Bright Red Bright Green Bright Assorted

1007882 1007880 1007881 1007891 1002336 1002339 1002334 1002338

Clipfolder A4 PVC Black Clipfolder A4 PVC Blue Clipboard A4 PVC Red Clipfolder A4 PVC Green Clipfolder A4 PVC Lime Green Clipboard A4 PVC Purple Clipboard A4 PVC Light Blue Clipboard A4 PVC Pink


DOCUMENT WALLETS A4 with Button 1021739 1021737 1021740 1021736 1021784 1021738

Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet

Green Purple Red Blue Clear Yellow

1023230 1023224 1023222 1023226 1023228 1023216 1023220 1023218

Manilla Folders Grey Manilla Folders Blue Manilla Folders Green Manilla Folders Purple Manilla Folders Pink Manilla Folders Red Manilla Folders Yellow Manilla Folders Orange


1001865 Sheet Protectors A4 Box 100 1001870 Sheet Protectors A4 Box 300 1001857 Sheet Protectors A4 Heavy Duty 50 1023167 Sheet Protectors A4 Heavy Duty 100 1005338 Sheet Protectors A4 Pkt10

DOCUMENT WALLETS with Velcro Foolscap 1005713 1001582 1001580 1001583 1001585 1001581 1001586

Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet Document Wallet

Velcro Yellow Velcro Red Velcro Blue Velcro Teal Velcro Clear Velcro Black Velcro Purple


1000750 Suspension Files Complete 1023148 Clear Tabs Pkt50 1000766 Tab Inserts White Pkt 50



1004582 Clear Case Marbig A4 335x245 1004590 Clear Case Marbig B4 395x290 1004584 Clear Case Marbig A5 235x185



INSERT BINDER A4 38mm 2 RING 1003113 1003109 1003107 1003105

BINDER A4 25mm 2 RING PVC 1007572 1007573 1007578 1007577

Binder 2 Ring 25mm Blue Binder 2 Ring 25mm Green Binder 2 Ring 25mm Black Binder 2 Ring 25mm Red

1003125 1003124 1003122 1003120

Binder 3 Ring 25mm Blue Binder 3 Ring 25mm Green Binder 3 Ring 25mm Black Binder 3 Ring 25mm Red

Binder Insert 3 Ring 38mm White Binder Insert 3 Ring 38mm Red Binder Insert 3 Ring 38mm Black Binder Insert 3 Ring 38mm Blue

INSERT BINDER A4 38mm 4 RING 1003134 1003132 1003130 1003128

BINDER A4 25mm 4 RING PVC 1007584 1007585 1007587 1007586

Binder Insert 2 Ring 38mm White Binder Insert 2 Ring 38mm Red Binder Insert 2 Ring 38mm Black Binder Insert 2 Ring 38mm Blue


BINDER A4 25mm 3 RING PVC 1001041 1001042 1001044 1001043

1003884 Zipper 70mm Lever Arch Black 1003887 Zipper 70mm Lever Arch Navy

Binder Insert 4 Ring 38mm White Binder Insert 4 Ring 38mm Red Binder Insert 4 Ring 38mm Black Binder Insert 4 Ring 38mm Blue


1000016 Colourhide PE Lever Arch Purple 1003924 Colourhide PE Lever Arch Coral 1000015 Colourhide PE Lever Arch Mint 1003926 Colourhide PE Lever ArchPink 1003929 Colourhide PE Lever Arch Aqua

Binder 4 Ring 25mm Blue Binder 4 Ring 25mm Green Binder 4 Ring 25mm Black Binder 4 Ring 25mm Red



1003648 A4 Lever Arch Board 1003650 Foolscap Lever Arch Board

INSERT BINDER A4 25mm 2 RING 1003081 1003076 1003074 1003073

1005875 A4 Write & Wipe Sleeve with Marker 1005874 A3 Write & Wipe Sleeve with Marker

Binder Insert 2 Ring 25mm White Binder Insert 2 Ring 25mm Red Binder Insert 2 Ring 25mm Black Binder Insert 2 Ring 25mm Blue

INSERT BINDER A4 25mm 3 RING 1003093 1003092 1003090 1003088

Binder Insert 3 Ring 25mm White Binder Insert 3 Ring 25mm Red Binder Insert 3 Ring 25mm Black Binder Insert 3 Ring 25mm Blue

INSERT BINDER A4 25mm 4 RING 1003102 1003101 1003099 1003097

Binder Insert 4 Ring 25mm White Binder Insert 4 Ring 25mm Red Binder Insert 4 Ring 25mm Black Binder Insert 4 Ring 25mm Blue

LEVER ARCH BINDER PVC 1003854 1003849 1003852 1007604 1003858 1003860 1003865 1003857 1003862

A4 Lever Arch PVC Green A4 Lever Arch PVC Blue A4 Lever Arch PVC Red A4 Lever Arch PVC Black A4 Lever Arch PVC White A4 Lever Arch PVC Grey A4 Lever Arch PVC Lilac A4 Lever Arch PVC Orange A4 Lever Arch PVC Maroon


DIVIDERS A4 MYLAR TAB 1001986 1001987 1001993 1001996

Divider 5 Tab A4 Divider 10 Tab A4 Divider A-Z Tab A4 Divider Jan-Dec Tab A4

1002047 1002056 1002054 1002055

Divider 5 Tab A4 Multi-Coloured Divider 10 Tab A4 Multi-Coloured Divider 5 Tab Extra-Wide Tab A4 Divider 10 Tab Extra-Wide Tab A4





1009613 Crayola Crayons Deskpack 48 1009621 Crayola Crayons Classpack 400 1009611 Crayola Large School Crayons

1015794 1009698 1008214 1003619 1000150 1023398

1009619 Crayola Twistable Crayons 12’s 1009620 Crayola Twistable Deskpack 1009618 Crayola Twistable Classpack

Faber Classic Pencils Pkt12 Crayola Colour Pencils Pkt12 Bic Evolutions Pencils Pkt12 Coloursketch Colour Pencils Pkt12 Texta Colour Pencils Pkt12 Staedtler Colour Pencils Pkt12

1023360 Staedtler Learners Pencils Pkt10 1003631 Coloursketch Learners Pencils Pkt2

1005337 1003606 1005335 1003604 1005334 1003609 1005333 1003611 1003603 1003605 1005336 1003607 1003608 1003610

Copperplate Graphite 6B Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 5B Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 4B Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 3B Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 2B Box 20 Copperplate Graphite B Box 20 Copperplate Graphite HB Box 20 Copperplate Graphite H Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 2H Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 3H Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 4H Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 5H Box 20 Copperplate Graphite 6H Box 20 Copperplate Graphite F Box 20

1003598 Columbia Cadet HB Box 200 1003580 Formative 2B 1023346 Staedtler Noris Maxi 2B

TRIANGULAR GRAPHITE PENCILS 1002867 Texta Zoom Twist Crayons 12’s

1015668 Faber Classic Pencils Cup72 1009707 Crayola Pencils Deskpack 48 1023359 Staedtler Learners Pencils Cup70


1008217 BIC Triangular Crayons Pkt 12 1008242 BIC Plastidecor Crayons Pkt 12 1008216 BIC Plastidecor Crayons Pkt 24

1009703 Crayola Triangular Pencils Pkt 12 1015682 Faber Junior Grip Pencils Pkt10 1023406 Staedtler Triangular Pencils Pkt 12 1023370 Staedtler Jumbo Triangular Pkt 10 1023363 Staedtler Naturals Jumbo Pkt12 1009709 Crayola Triangular Deskpack 48 1009708 Crayola Triangular Classpack 240


1015648 Faber Junior Grip HB 1015647 Faber Junior Grip 2B 1023364 Staedtler Triplus Jumbo 2B 1009775 Lyra Groove Graphite 1015641 Faber 2001 Dot Grip 2B 1015640 Faber 2001 Dot Grip HB 1023352 Staedtler Natural Jumbo 2B Cup 72 1023354 Staedtler Natural Jumbo HB Cup 72

1015700 Faber Triangular Crayons Pkt 12 1015696 Faber Jumbo Wax Crayons Pkt12 1015692 Faber Junior Twist Crayons Pkt12

1015650 Red Checking Pencil 1003633 Copperplate Red Copy Pencil 1023356 Staedtler Noris Maxi Red Pencil 1015654 Faber Watercolour Pencils Pkt 12 1023386 Staedtler Watercolour Pencils 12





1009675 Crayola Classic Markers Pkt 10 1009679 Crayola Classic Deskpack 32 1009686 Crayola Classic Classpack 200

1018834 Uni Prockey Chisel Tip Wlt 8 1018827 Uni Prockey Bullet Tip Wlt 8 1018838 Prockey Dual Tip Markers

1009691 Crayola Supertips 10’s 1009680 Crayola Supertips 20’s

1000615 Artline 70 Assorted 1000683 Artline 90 Assorted Also available in single colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green

1008138 Bic Economy Medium Blue Box12 1008151 Bic Economy Medium Black Box12 1008145 Bic Economy Medium Red Box12

1008135 Bic Cristal Medium Blue Box12 1008148 Bic Cristal Medium Black Box12 1008142 Bic Cristal Medium Red Box12

1015632 Faber Connectors Pkt12 1015634 Faber Connectors Pkt20 1015769 Faber Jumbo Connectors Pkt12 1001239 Artline 700 Assorted Also available in single colours: Black, Blue Red, Green

1001024 Artline 300 Liquid Crayon Marker Pkt12 1002864 Texta Nylorite Pkt12 1000100 Texta Bullet Tip Pkt10 49878 Texta Smart Tip Pkt12

1001378 Artline Smoove Ballpoint Black 1001379 Artline Smoove Ballpoint Red 1001380 Artline Smoove Ballpoint Blue

1023636 Staedtler Stick Ballpoint Black 1023629 Staedtler Stick Ballpoint Blue 1023626 Staedtler Stick Ballpoint Red

1022715 Sharpie Fine Marker Black 1022717 Sharpie Fine Marker Blue 1022716 Sharpie Fine Marker Red

1008201 BIC 4 Colour Pen 1008202 BIC 2 Colour Pen

1014552 1014553 1014551 1014550

Master Mega Markers Pack 12 Master Mega Markers Tub 48 Master Mega Markers Tub 96 Master Mega Markers Crate 288

1023592 Staedtler Permanent Marker Wlt8


1022682 Papermate Inkjoy Black 1022684 Papermate Inkjoy Blue 1022845 Papermate Inkjoy Red



Artline Whiteboard Markers in Magnetic Hardcase. - Magnetic plastic hard case designed to magnetise directly to whiteboard

1000819 Artline 200 Assorted 1000892 Artline 210 Assorted 1000942 Artline 220 Assorted Also available in single colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green

UNIBALL ROLLERBALL PENS 1018969 1018970 1018977 1018971 1018978 1018975 1018972 1018974 1018976

Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Black Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Blue Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Red Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Green Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Purple Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Orange Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Light Blue Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Light Green Uniball Eye 157 .4mm Pink


1001136 1001177 1001197 1001180

Artline 500 Magnetic Hardcase Set 4 Assorted Artline 577 Magnetic Hardcase Set 4 Assorted Artline 579 Magnetic Hardcase Set 4 Assorted Artline 577 Magnetic Hardcase Set 6 Assorted

EC WHITEBOARD MARKERS 1000828 Artline 220 Assorted

Plastic hard case for storage

1001198 1001195 1001179 1001176

1010433 1010762 1010430 1010431 1010432

Pilot Fineliner Wlt 8 Pilot Fineliner Black Pilot Fineliner Blue Pilot Fineliner Red Pilot Fineliner Green

Artline 579 Whiteboard Chisel Wlt 6 Artline 579 Whiteboard Chisel Wlt 4 Artline 577 Whiteboard Bullet Wlt 6 Artline 577 Whiteboard Bullet Wlt 4

Also available in individual colours - boxes 12: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown


1001007 Artline Calligraphy Pen Pack 4

1023572 1023574 1023578 1023579 1023581

Staedtler 351 Chisel Wlt 4 Staedtler 351 Chisel Wlt 6 Staedtler 351 Bullet Wlt 4 Staedtler 351 Bullet Wlt 6 Staedtler 351 Bullet Wlt 8

1014990 1014988 1014995 2286413 1014992 1014987

EC Fine Whiteboard Marker Black Box 10. EC Fine Whiteboard Marker Blue Box 10. EC Medium Whiteboard Marker Black Box 10. EC Medium Whiteboard Marker Blue Box 10. EC Whiteboard Marker Medium Wlt 4 EC Whiteboard Marker Fine Wlt 4

Also available in individual colours - boxes of 10: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange.



1015778 1015779 1015780 1015775 1015776

Faber Connector Whiteboard Wlt4 Faber Connector Whiteboard Wlt6 Faber Connector Whiteboard Wlt8 Faber Connector Whiteboard Wlt10 Faber Slimline Whiteboard Wlt4


1023604 Staedtler Highlighter Wlt 4 1023606 Staedtler Highlighter Wlt 6 1023607 Staedtler Highlighter Wlt 8 1023595 Staedtler Highlighter Yellow Also available in individual colours boxes of 10: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Violet, Turquoise.

ERASERS RULERS 1004756 1004712 1005836 1020352 1020354 1020355

Ruler 30cm Bendy Plastic Ruler 40cm Plastic Clear Ruler 30cm Plastic Clear Ruler 30cm Wooden Essential Ruler 30cm Wooden Primary Ruler 30cm Wooden Senior

1005331 Celco Maxi Eraser Large 1023674 Staedtler Eraser 526B20 1023677 Staedtler Eraser 526BT30


1000391 Celco C100 Compass 1000370 Helix Compass Metal 1000357 Helix Oxford Math Set


1005758 Neoprene 1 Zip Small 225x150 1005833 Polyester 2 Zip Large 350x260 1005862 Tartan Jumbo 2 Zip 375x260 1004491 Maped Highlighter Wlt4 1005327 Maped Highlighter Wlt6 Also available in individual colours boxes of 10: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow


1000103 Protractor 10cm 180 degree 1000338 Protractor 10cm 360 degree

MESH POUCH 1015762 Faber Highlighter Wlt4 1015763 Faber Highlighter Wlt6 Also available in individual colours boxes of 10: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow


1000237 Set Square 45 Degree 32cm 1000238 Set Square 65 Degree 32cm


1021764 1021765 1021766 1021768

A4 Mesh Pouch with note holder A5 Mesh Pouch with note holder B4 Mesh Pouch with note holder A3 Mesh Pouch with note holder


STAPLES & STAPLERS 1004604 Half Strip Stapler 1004602 Full Strip Stapler

1001628 Rapid R13 Tacker 1004637 Marbig 26/6 Staples Bx5000 1005548 Rexel #56 Staples Bx5000


1004506 2 Hole Punch 20 Sheet 1004507 2 Hole Punch Heavy Duty 65Sht

PENCIL SHARPENERS 1004385 1004718 1004717 1020321 1005125 1007549

1004472 Marbig Tape 18mm x 66m 1004474 Marbig Tape 24mm x 66m


1023756 Masking Tape 18mm x 66m 1023757 Masking Tape 24mm x 66m

Maped Shaker Double Hole Metal Double Hole Sharpener Metal Single Hole Sharpener Tri Me Double Barrel Sharpener Bostich Electric Sharpener Ledah 6 Hole Electric Sharpener

TAPE DISPENSER 1004424 Tape Dispenser Large 1004423 Tape Dispenser Small

SCISSORS 1000127 1000111 1000126 1000374

Celco Celco Celco Celco

Blue Handle 152mm Blue Handle 165mm Red Handle 133mm Yellow Handle 152mm

1005798 140mm Green handle Left Handed 1005790 160mm Green handle Left Handed 1005809 210mm Green handle Left Handed

PENCIL GRIPS 1014625 1022206 1022205 1022202 1022203 1022204

Ergo’ Pencil Grips Jar of 24 Writing Claw Medium Writing Claw Small Solo Pencil Grips Ergonomic Pencil Grips Crossover Pencil Grips

1023732 1023730 1023728

Staedtler Noris Scissors 17cm Staedtler Noris Scissors 14cm Staedtler Noris Left-hand Scissors 14cm


FOLDBACK CLIPS 1004439 1004438 1004436 1004435 1004434 1004433

Foldback Clips 15mm Box 100 Foldback Clips 19mm Box 100 Foldback Clips 25mm Box 100 Foldback Clips 32mm Box 100 Foldback Clips 41mm Box 100 Foldback Clips 50mm Box 100


GLUE STICKS HOOK AND LOOP 1002264 1002265 1002262 1002263 1002261 1002266

Strip Hook & Loop 20mm x 1.8m Spot Hook & Loop 20mm x 1.8m Strip Hook Only 25mmx25m Bulk Spot Hook Only 25mmx25m Bulk Strip Hook Only 25mmx3.6m Spot Hook Only 25mmx3.6m

1005330 Artline Glue Stick 40 gram White 1000517 Artline Glue Stick 40 gram Purple 1025004 Bostik Glue Stick White 35gram 1017291 Bostik Glue Stick Blue 35gram


This non-toxic multi-purpose adhesive powder is ideal for paper, card, collage art, papier mache and finger-paint. 1014534 Mix-A-Paste 500gram

MARBIG STICKY NOTES 1001347 1001348 1001350 1001350

Marbig Notes 40x50mm Yellow Pk12 Marbig Notes 76x76mm Yellow Pk12 Marbig Notes 76x125mm Yellow Pk12 Marbig Notes Assorted Brights Pkt 5

1000222 Celco 35g Glue Stick Clear


This Australian made Kids PVA is non-toxic, non-staining, washable, acid free and PH neutral, unlike many other PVAs on the market. Suitable for all craft activities as it dries clear, smooth and quickly. It washes easily from clothes and hands. 1014081 1014077 1014080 1014083


EC Kids PVA 250ml EC Kids PVA 1 Litre EC Kids PVA 2 Litre EC Kids PVA 5 Litre


1024479 Post It 630-6AN 76x76 Lined Pk6 1024287 Post It 635-5AN 76x126 Lined Pk5 1024392 Post It 6845-SSPL 149x200mm Pk4

1017485 Blu-tack 75gram



When PVA won’t stick, try Supertac. Ideal when gluing odd surfaces such as fabric, wood, metal, glass, etc. It dries clear and is non-toxic. Non-drip formula, versatile and strong. Easy to clean. Formula does not include any animal products.

This Australian made craft PVA is non-toxic, washable, acid-free and PH neutral, unlike many other PVAs on the market. This superior quality PVA adheres well to a wide range of products including paper, cardboard, wool, wood and textiles. Suitable for all craft activities as it dries clear, smooth and quickly. 1014749 EC Craft PVA 250ml 1014744 EC Craft PVA 1 Litre 1014746 EC Craft PVA 2 Litre 1014750 EC Craft PVA 5 Litre

1009778 Supertac Glue 550mL



ACRYLIC PAINT Australian made Splash Classroom Acrylic Paint has been formulated for preschool and primary school students. A non-toxic, water-based paint made from quality ingredients ideal for use with younger children. This range consists of 14 dynamic colours in 5 litre paint bottles that when fitted with an Educational Colours paint pump, are ideal for quick and efficient paint dispensing without any heavy lifting. The 2 litre paint is packaged in environmentally friendly PET bottles. This classroom acrylic paint is a favourite amongst teachers and students! 1013682 1013683 1013685 1013686 1013687 1013691 1013692 1013693 1013694 1013695 1013696 1013690 1013697 1013698

Splash 2Lt Acrylic Pink Splash 2Lt Acrylic Brown Splash 2Lt Acrylic Blue Splash 2Lt Acrylic Black Splash 2Lt Acrylic Green Splash 2Lt Acrylic Purple Splash 2Lt Acrylic Turquoise Splash 2Lt Acrylic White Splash 2Lt Acrylic Cobalt Splash 2Lt Acrylic Yellow Splash 2Lt Acrylic Orange Splash 2Lt Acrylic Magenta Splash 2Lt Acrylic Red Splash 2Lt Acrylic Lilac

ACRYLIC PAINT- METALLIC Australian made Metallic Liquicryl is a water-based junior acrylic paint that is known for its exceptional quality and versatility in the classroom. A non-toxic, fast drying paint that creates eye-catching paintings. Made from quality ingredients making it ideal for younger children to use safely. Thick, brilliant colours make it perfect for all craft activities 1014166 Metallic Gold 500ml 1014174 Metallic Silver 500ml 1014160 Metallic Copper 500ml

1014890 1015001 1014608 1014607 1026622 1026621 1026623 1026624 1026625 1026626

Paint Pot Base Only No:5 Water Pot White No.9 10 Well Palette 6 Well Muffin Palette Safety Pot Premium Lid Black Safety Pot Premium Lid Blue Safety Pot Premium Lid Green Safety Pot Premium Lid Orange Safety Pot Premium Lid Purple Safety Pot Premium Lid Red


TEMPERA POWDER PAINT Mix these powdered tempera paints with water for the exact amount required. Mix them in dry form with Sculpt-It and Mix-It modelling materials to create unique colouring effects. Available in 450g, 1.5kg and 8kg.

ACRYLIC PAINT-FLUORESCENT Australian made Fluorescent Liquicryl is a water-based junior acrylic paint that is known for its exceptional quality and versatility in the classroom. A non-toxic, fast drying paint that creates eye-catching paintings. Made from quality ingredients making it ideal for younger children to use safely. Thick, brilliant colours make it perfect for all craft activities 1013899 1013902 1013901 1013898 1013896 1013897 1013900

1014944 1014943 1014946 1014950 1014952 1014945 1014947 1014949 1014951 1014948

Tempera Powder 450 Black Tempera Powder 450 Blue Tempera Powder 450 Green Tempera Powder 450 Red Tempera Powder 450 Yellow Tempera Powder 450 Brown Tempera Powder 450 Orange Tempera Powder 450 Purple Tempera Powder 450 White Tempera Powder 450 Pink

1013772 #579 Assorted Paint Brushes Pk60 1013771 #582 Assorted Paint Brushes Pk60 1020194 #777 Class Set Paint Brushes


Liquicryl 2Lt Fluoro Pink Liquicryl 2Lt Fluoro Yellow Liquicryl 2Lt Fluoro Scarlet Liquicryl 2Lt Fluoro Orange Liquicryl 2Lt Fluoro Blue Liquicryl 2Lt Fluoro Green Liquicryl 2Lt Fluoro Purple

1013483 Glue Brush Flat Class Pack 30 For a full range of paint brushes, paints and accessories please visit our website or refer to our full line catalogue. 1014921 Tempera Block Size 0 Set 06W 1014923 Tempera Block Size 1 Set 16W





The no mess and no fuss drawing applicator makes them perfect for at home students and artist of all ages, as well as in the classroom and art room. Once applied slicks only take a second or so to dry making them clean and convenient. Slicks are paint in a stick.

1014064 Joggle Eyes Black & White Set 400 1014065 Joggle Eyes Coloured Set 400 1014067 Rainbow Pupil Joggle Eyes Pkt250

1010123 1010117 1010125 1010127

Paper Plates 18cm White Pkt50 Paper Plates 23cm White Pkt50 Paper Plates 18cm Coloured Pkt50 Paper Plates 23cm Coloured Pkt50

1009940 Colour Slicks Pkt 12 1009941 Bright Slicks Pkt6 1009939 Metallic Slicks Pkt12

CRAFT ROLLS 1013676 Hygenic Craft Rolls 110x38mm Box 110 1013679 Craft Rolls Assorted Sizes. Box 60

SEQUINS 1014853 1014854 1013779 1014856

Assorted Sequin Circles 150g Assorted Sequin Mix 150g Embossed Sequins 150g Sequin Stars 150g

EGG CARTONS 1014023 Hygienic Egg Cartosn Pkt24

SENSORY COTTON SAND EC Cotton Sand is a fun and exciting sensory activity. The unique sand-like texture can be stretched, squeezed, pinched, pulled apart, moulded & seamlessly re-joined whilst maintaining an even resistance. 1013723 1013720 1013719 1013722

Cotton Sand 700g Pink Cotton Sand 700g Green Cotton Sand 700g Blue Cotton Sand 700g Orange

CALICO BAGS 1013724 Calico Bags 37x42cm Pkt 12

BUTTONS 1013473 Bright Buttons 400g 1013498 Pastel Buttons 400g 1013484 Giant Buttons 500g

For a complete range of our art & craft supplies please visit or refer to our full line catalogue




Australian-made craft dye is simple and easy-to-use for a variety of projects such as hand painting, dye-bathing, stencilling, screen printing and resist techniques. Strongly pigmented colours can be watered down to create the desired colour. The range consists of 9 colours, packaged in 500ml environmentally friendly PET bottle. 1013617 1013618 1013609 1013613 1013615 1013616 1013860


Liquid Craft Dye 500ml Red Liquid Craft Dye 500ml Yellow Liquid Craft Dye 500ml Blue Liquid Craft Dye 500ml Green Liquid Craft Dye 500ml Orange Liquid Craft Dye 500ml Purple Liquid Craft Dye 500ml Black

1009913 1009362 1009916 1009915

Chenille Stems 15cm Pk1000 Chenille Stems 30cm Pk100 Tinsel Stems 30cm Pk150 Tinsel Stems 15cm Pk500


Add a touch of sparkle to all your favourite craft projects with our premium Craft Glitter! Suitable for use at home, school and kindergarten our high quality Craft Glitter will bring dazzle to paper, fabric, plastic, metal, wood, pottery and foam. Packaged in easy-to-use plastic containers that will allow you to shake or pour glitter onto your artwork. Available in 7 colours in 200g jars. 1013962 1013959 1013964 1013965 1013960 1013958 1013963

1010217 Pom Pom Assorted Sizes Pkt300 1010221 Pom Pom Assorted 12mm Pkt100 1010222 Pom Pom Assorted 18mm Pkt100 1010223 Pom Pom Assorted 25mm Pkt100 1010224 Pom Pom Assorted 50mm Pkt50 1010226 Pom Pom Glitter Assorted 200’s 1010220 Pom Pom Animal Print 100’s

MATCH STICKS & POP STICKS 1014579 1014574 1009264 1013946

Glitter 200gram Pink Glitter 200gram Gold Glitter 200gram Red Glitter 200gram Silver Glitter 200gram Green Glitter 200gram Blue Glitter 200gram Purple

Match Sticks Plain 3000 Match Sticks Coloured 2000 Popsticks Plain 1000 Popsticks Coloured 1000

FEATHERS 1010007 1010005 1013950 1010006

Feathers Pastel 15cm 10gram Feathers Large Assorted 60gram Feathers Tropical 20gram Feathers Natural 60gram



1013870 Fun Dough Assorted 900gram 1013868 Fun Dough Fluoro 900gram 1013869 Fun Dough Pastel 900gram

1010109 Patty Pans Mini Pkt1000 1010113 Patty Pans Regular Pkt1000



1014977 Single Side Whiteboards Pack 24 228mm x 305mm


1005514 Quartet Lapboard A4 Doublesided 1005513 Quartet Lapboard A3 Doublesided

1005436 1005437

Quartet 2 Sided Lapboard 230x305mm Magnetic Quartet 2 Sided Lapboard 230x305mm Magnetic

1019553 Educational Whiteboard Letters A4 1019554 Educational Whiteboard Numbers A4 1019555 Educational Whiteboard Clocks A4

67570703 Faber Whiteboard & 3 Marker Set

MUSIC WHITEBOARD 1015575 Music Commercial Whiteboard - 1200 x 1200mm


1005754 Mini Whiteboard Eraser Magnetic 1005406 Whiteboard Eraser Flannel 1005441 Quartet Whiteboard Eraser Magnetic 1001095 Whiteboard Fluid 375ml 1005370 Quartet Conditioner 237ml 1005396 Quartet Dryerase Boardwipes Pkt50 1000360 Helix Magnetic Whiteboard Ruler 1005407 Quartet Extra Strength Whiteboard Cleaner 500ml

1004881 Whiteboard Magnetic 450x600mm 1004882 Whiteboard Magnetic 600x900mm 1004884 Whiteboard Magnetic 900x1200mm 1005368 Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard 230x280mm. Quartet

1023692 Lumocolor Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser

1027554 Cloth Clean Wipes 15cm x 15cm

1014977 Single Side Whiteboards Pack 24 228mm x 305mm



1003936 Carl Paper Trimmer A4 RT200


SHREDDERS 1022208 1022224

Gold Sovereign GS1000CC Cross Cut 12 Sheet Gold Sovereign Medium Office Cross Cut GSPRO160 16 Sheet

1001738 1001739

Rexel X415 Crosss Cut Shredder 15 Sheet Rexel X420 Crosss Cut Shredder 20 Sheet

FOTON 30 revolutionizes the way you laminate. The first fully automated desktop laminator that feeds, laminates and trims with the touch of a button.

1005183 Foton 30 Laminator 1005184 Foton 30 Cartridge 75mic 1005185 Foton 30 Cartridge 125mic

1003938 Carl DC230N A3 Trimmer 32 sheets

1003980 Carl DC250 A2 Trimmer 20 Sheets

Gold Sovereign High Speed A3 laminator. Quick warm time of 60 seconds High speed laminator 1500mm per minute Auto or manual temperature control to suit pouches from 80 to 250 micron. Auto shut down after 30 minutes of non use Anti jam function Laminates all sizes up to A3 Auto reverse function for incorrectly fed pouches Photographic laminator suitable for all photos and digital copies 1022218 A3 High Speed Auto Laminator


Punches up to 12 sheets, binds up to 350 sheets. Ergonomic handle Incorporated 4 hole punch Large waste draw 1022212 GS 12 Comb Binding Machine

1002790 A4 Laminating Pouch 80micron 1002272 A3 Laminating Pouch 80micron 1004987 A4 Laminating Pouch 125micron 1004984 A3 Laminating Pouch 125micron

For the complete range of laminators, trimmers, shredders and binding machines visit our website or refer to our full line catalogue.





1004844 Verbatim Store N Go 2.0 USB 32gb 1004845 Verbatim Store N Go 2.0 USB 64gb


1002386 Verbatim SDHC Card 16GB Class 10 1002387 Verbatim SDHC Card 32GB Class 10

1002280 Verbatim Headset with Volume Control 1020474 Shintaro Stereo Headset Lightweight 1020475 Shintaro Stereo Headset & Microphone 1020486 Shintaro Kids Stereo Headphones 1020484 Shintaro Stereo Earbuds


1004764 Marbig Desktop Calculator 12 Digit 1004762 Marbig Compact Calculator 8 Digit 1000006 Sharp EL240SAB Calculator 1000005 Sharp EL233SB Calculator 1000008 Sharp EL243S Calculator-Solar 1021084 Casio FX82AU Scientific Calculator


Verbatim 2.5” Hard Drive Super Speed USB 30 1TB Verbatim 2.5” Hard Drive Super Speed USB 30 2TB

Moki Volume Limited Noise Cancellation Headphones

1020822 Moki Kid Safe Headphones


1020794 Moki Hyper Headphones Available in green, orange, pink & blue

1004069 Kensington Mouse In A Box 1005226 Kensington Pro Fit Wireless Keyboard 1003041 Kensington Mouse Pad Black 1020471 Logitech MK220 Combo Keyboard & Mouse Wireless


This catalogue only contains a very small section of our vast range, visit for a comprehensive selection.


1019780 Reader Box 1019779 Reader Cover 210x297x20mm

JANITORIAL SUPPLIES 1019735 1019681 1019694 1019727 1019728

READER BAGS 1022342 1022343

Premium Draw Cord Water-Stop Toughwear 35x42cm Premium Draw Cord Water-Stop Toughwear 40x50cm

1022344 1022345

Premium Draw Cord Calico 35cm wide x42cm long Premium Draw Cord Calico 40cm wide x50cm long

1022309 1022310 1022311

Economy Draw Cord Polycotton 25cm wide x30cm long Economy Draw Cord Polycotton 30cm wide x35cm long Economy Draw Cord Polycotton 35cm wide x42cm long

Premium Toilet Roll 2ply 400sht Facial Tissue Premium 2ply 200sht Hand Towel 80metre Roll Regal Slimline Towel 250sht 235x235 Ctn16 Regal Interleaved Towel 250sht 200x250 Ctn20

1008428 Premium Plastic Strips Pkt50 1008430 Blue Strips Extra Wide Pkt50 1008429 Premium Fabric Strips Pkt50 1008825 Instant Cold Pack Small 1008826 Instant Cold Pack Large 1027558 Vomit Bags Pkt50


1003736 Vomit Control Agent 3.5kg 1003737 Sandpit Sanitiser 5L 1003712 Urinal Deodorant Blocks 4kg

CHAIR BAG-Heavy Duty Polyester 1005697 1005698 1005699 1005700

Chair Bag Navy Blue 43x43cm Chair Bag Red 43x43cm Chair Bag Dark Green 43x43cm Chair Bag Royal Blue 43x43cm

LIBRARY BAG-Heavy Duty Polyester

1005740 Library Bag Navy Blue 37x30cm 1005741 Library Bag Red 37x30cm 1005742 Library Bag Dark Green 37x30cm

1008324 Sunscreen SPF50+ 1 Litre 1025965 Sunscreen SPF50+ 125ml

1003758 Sanitising Gel 70ml 1003761 Sanitising Gel 500ml

1020051 Hi-Vis Safety Vest Yellow Small 1020050 Hi-Vis Safety Vest Yellow Medium 1020049 Hi-Vis Safety Vest Yellow Large



BOOK BOXES PACK 5 - SMALL 9 (w) x 25 (d) x 27 (h) cm 1004141 1004145 1004148 1004151

Book Box Small Pack 5 Blue Book Box Small Pack 5 Red Book Box Small Pack 5 Green Book Box Small Pack 5 Yellow

ELIZABETH RICHARDS BOOK TUBS Plastic 100mmW x 267mmD x 190mmH

BOOK BOXES PACK 5 - LARGE 17 (w) x 25 (d) x 27 (h) cm 1004154 1004156 1004158 1004160

1015447 1015452 1015442 1015440 1015441 1015446 1015444 1015445 1015449 1015448 1015439 1015451

Plastic Book Tub Red Plastic Book Tub Yellow Plastic Book Tub Blue Plastic Book Tub Lime Green Plastic Book Tub Green Plastic Book Tub Purple Plastic Book Tub Magenta Plastic Book Tub Orange Plastic Book Tub Turquoise Plastic Book Tub Ruby Plastic Book Tub Black Plastic Book Tub White

ELIZABETH RICHARDS CLASSROOM BOOKTUBS- Plastic Set 4 20 cm W x 28.5 cm D x 14cm H (Front) 19cm H (Back). 1026661

Classroom Book Tub Set

Book Box Large Pack 5 Blue Book Box Large Pack 5 Red Book Box Large Pack 5 Green Book Box Large Pack 5 Yellow

ELIZABETH RICHARDS PLASTIC STORAGE CADDY Caddy measures 23.5cmW x 22.7cmD x 12.3cmH

MAGAZINE ENVIRO BOX 1004135 Magazine Box 10.4w x 25.4d x 28h cm


30 cm W x 30 cm D x 13cm H (Front) 19cm H (Back) Internal: Approximately 27cm x 27cm 1026637 1026638 1026632 1026633 1026636 1026634 1026635

Plastic Literacy Tub Red Plastic Literacy Tub Yellow Plastic Literacy Tub Blue Plastic Literacy Tub Green Plastic Literacy Tub Purple Plastic Literacy Tub Light Blue Plastic Literacy Tub Lime Green

1015516 1015518 1015519 1015522 1015517 1015513 1015512 1015514 1015515 1015521 1026664

Small Plastic Caddy Magenta Small Plastic Caddy Purple Small Plastic Caddy Red Small Plastic Caddy Yellow Small Plastic Caddy Orange Small Plastic Caddy Green Small Plastic Caddy Blue Small Plastic Caddy Light Blue Small Plastic Caddy Lime Green Small Plastic Caddy Teal Small Plastic Caddy White

MERKUR ENVIRO BOX 1004133 Merkur Box 8w x 24d x 30h cm



ELIZABETH RICHARDS CONNECTOR TUBS Simply combine these easy connector tubs in any way that takes your fancy for easy and flexible stationary organisation. 1015351 1015353 1015354 1015355 1015349 1015352 1015356 1015350 1015348 1015357

Connector Tub Light Blue Connector Tub Orange Connector Tub Purple Connector Tub Red Connector Tub Green Connector Tub Magenta Connector Tub White Connector Tub Lime Green Connector Tub Blue Connector Tub Yellow


1026796 Single Tote Tray Trolley 1026808 Double Tote Tray Trolley 1026819 Triple Tote Tray Trolley Tote Trolleys are adjustable to accomodate 3 tray sizes. Top choices are also available in 5 options

MERIT STICKERS 1006090 1006091 1006089 1006111 1006036 1006037


1007658 Brennex Plastic Tote Tray Green 39cm 1007656 Brennex Plastic Tote Tray Red 50cm 1007687 Brennex Art Craft Tote Bag

Happy Birthday Stickers Pkt48 Today’s Top Effort Stickers Pkt48 You’re A Star Stickers Pkt48 Sporty Bugs Stickers Pkt96 Super Awesome Fluoro Stickers Pk96 Encouragement Fluoro Stickers Pk96


1015419 Mobile Storage Trolley 16 Bay

STUDENT LAPDESKS 1015500 1015505 1015502 1015503 1015504 1026725 1015506

Student Lap Desk Blue Student Lap Desk Light Blue Student Lap Desk Light Green Student Lap Desk Purple Student Lap Desk Red Student Lap Desk Magenta Student Lap Desk Teal



1006263 1006260 1006268 1006270

1006170 Reading Bugs Name Plate Pk35 1006171 Aboriginal Name Plate Pk35

“Great Work” Merit Stamp “Great” Merit Stamp “You’re A Star” Merit Stamp “WOW Car” Merit Stamp


MOTIVATE AND DECORATE MERIT CERTIFICATES 1005950 1006277 1006099 1005898 1005964 1005947

Rainbow SStar Certificate Pkt20 Student of the Week Certificate Pkt20 Our Australia Merit Certificate Pkt35 Merry Go Round Birtday Pkt35 Congratulations Certificate Pkt40 Merit Award Oceans Pkt35

BORDERS AND TRIMMERS Large Borders - 10.80metres x75mm Each pack contains 12 strips 90cm long. Scalloped Borders - 10.80metres x 55mm 1006067 1006081 1006204 1006208 1006201 1006200

Welcome to Class Border Large Stars Border Stripes Scallop Border Fluoro, Spots & Dots Scallop Border Alphabet Scallop Border Stars Scallop Border


Each chart measures 42cm x 55cm and are gloss laminated. 1005972 1005989 1005992 1005986 1005985

Happy Birtday Chart Word Families Chart Numbers 1-100 Chart Beginning/Ending Blends Chart Numbers 1-20 Chart



The Anywhere Chair is perfect for flexible classroom seating or library environments. Super comfortable and soft, it is easy to move around or simply fold flat to store away. With an adjustable back and soft microfiber fabric, this will become your students’ favourite seat! Removable microfibre covers are machine-washable. * Available in Red, Blue, Orange and Green. 1015496 1015497 1015498 1015499

Anywhere Chair Blue Anywhere ChairGreen Anywhere Chair Orange Anywhere Chair Red


Finally! A classroom resource as multi-talented as you are! On heavy duty casters for easy maneuverability, the front of this versatile unit features: A premium quality porcelain magnetic whiteboard measuring 80cm x 90cm, with a lifetime surface warranty. A 10cm deep no-lip shelf perfect for displaying the days book selection. Constructed from structural MDF with attractive White Oak wood laminate finish Two large (One lockable) drawers for holding magnetic letters and other essentials. Underneath it all, a handy storage space which perfectly accommodates our Plastic Storage Tubs. (Comes flat packed) 1015325


Bloom Stools are lightweight, easy clean, versatile stools like no other. With its rocking side to side base and comfortable seat, the Bloom stool is perfect for libraries, learning groups or any informal meeting area. A variety of sizes to suit everyone from kindy kids to grown ups. 1023818 1023880 1023883 1023820

TITAN EDUCATION CHAIRS Ergonomic Design – To correct children’s posture & maintain a healthy spine. Classroom Safe – No sharp edges. Manufactured from ‘high impact’ polypropylene. Portable & Stackable – Up to 12 high when not in use. Unique ‘S’ Shaped Back – To comply with EN1729 Part 1. Superior Strength – To withstand the toughest of environments. Available in blue, red, black, green or burgandy. 1023917 1023920 1023924 1023928 1023934

Titan Education Chair 310mm Titan Education Chair 350mm Titan Education Chair 380mm Titan Education Chair 430mm Titan Education Chair 460mm

Bloom Stool 310mm Bloom Stool 370mm Bloom Stool 450mm Bloom Stool 520mm

Big Book Teaching Centre

GOGGLE CHAIRS The Goggle chair incorporates the very latest in design, ergonomics & dynamic movement into the classroom chair of the future. The strong yet flexible cantilever frame, combined with the flexibility of a one piece polypropylene seating shell, gives the seated person the flexibility to sit forward when working at their desk or to ‘lean back’ and relax when listening or participating in group activities. The back rest’s curved top makes it comfortable for students to sit backwards for group discussions, relaxation or fun. 1023893 Goggle Chair 460MM High Available in Blue, Graphite and Red

ROCKER OTTOMAN Great for flexible classrooms and allows students to move while learning. Simply turn the ottoman over onto the rounded side to allow rocking for active based learning or just lay it down for the perfect reading nook. Unlike many other similar items the Rocker Ottoman is made with a solid timber frame so it will always hold its shape no matter what position you have it in. wrapped in a durable coloured polyester cover that is removable and washable. Available in 3 colours. 1015476

Rocker Ottoman


Ball chair with anti-burst exercise ball Designed to help children stay active and help support better posture and balance. Runtz ball chairs are designed to promote active movement throughout the day and engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity in many classrooms. 1002590 Runtz Chair Black Fabric 1002591 Runtz Chair Lime Green Fabric 1002592 Runtz Chair Pink Fabric


TOOTZ LINKING CHAIRS 1023936 Tootz Linking Chair 450mm High Seat D:395mm W:390mm Back H:420mm W:385mm



For each letter of the alphabet, it provides pages to paste in or draw things that begin with that letter. Accompanying this is a writing practice page reinforcing correct formation. Victorian Modern Cursive Script used. Teaching notes are provided.


Fresh new look. Stronger laminated covers, more durable, no need to contact. Same unique stickers & award certificates for each level. Longer lasting. Improved quality.

W732966898 My Alphabet Scrapbook


Drawing on the very latest Australian research into the words most commonly used by Australian children in Years 3 and 4, the Australian Middle Primary Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus combines a dictionary and thesaurus using an innovative ‘one-stop’ entry format. W190311957 Australian Middle Primary Dictionary & Thesaurus

1019762 My Home Reading Journal: Yellow 1019763 My Home Reading Journal: Green 1019767 My Home Reading Journal: Orange



Ideal for writing across the curriculum. Helps children understand the use of reference tools through the creation of their own simple versions. Uses state-specific handwriting fonts for practising handwriting skills.Includes phonics pages on short vowel rhyming words. Provides special illustrated wordlists at the back of the book, covering different themes in the curriculum. Includes all 500 Oxford Wordlist high-frequency words. W190310004 My Personal Dictionary

The Oxford Australian First Dictionary is the most up-to-date and relevant dictionary for Australian lower primary students in their first and second years of school. The perfect introduction to using a dictionary Over 1500 headwords and 300 full-colour illustrations Explicit identification of Oxford Wordlist words Complimentary online activity sheets to practise dictionary skills Additional illustrated section at the back with thematic wordlists covering content such as colours, numbers and shapes W190309954 Oxford Australian First Dictionary


The Australian Integrated Primary Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus is an innovatative, feature-packed reference designed for upper primary school students. Combines a dictionary and thesaurus in a single easy-to-use volume, with corresponding colour-coded dictionary and thesaurus entries on the same page Over 20 000 dictionary headwords and 10 000 thesaurus headwords Contains a comprehensive grammar, punctuation and spelling guide W190302689 Oxford Primary Dictionary & Thesaurus


Features Oxford Wordlist 500 words, sorted alphabetically and according to grammatical function. Features example sentences to show common word usage. Contains 22 language study pages – including contractions, prepositions, verb tenses, plurals, homophones and more W190310011 My Oxford Wordlist


The Oxford Australian First Dictionary is the most up-to-date and relevant dictionary for Australian lower primary students in their first and second years of school. READW My Special Word Collection


Firmly established as Australia’s best-selling school dictionary, the sixth edition of the Australian School Oxford Dictionary has been thoroughly revised and updated, with hundreds of new words you won’t find in any other Australian school dictionary. A comprehensive grammar and reference guide is included to assist students with their writing and language usage. W190308674 Australian School Oxford Dictionary




Designed to develop a solid foundation for handwriting success, Targeting Handwriting Student Books and Teaching Guides comprehensively cover the Primary Handwriting Curriculum in a clear and structured way, with content directly linked to state syllabus outcomes. This series is suitable for primary school students and teachers, Years Prep–6 W741250879 Targeting Handwriting for Vic P W741250886 Targeting Handwriting for Vic 1 W741250893 Targeting Handwriting for Vic 2 W741250909 Targeting Handwriting for Vic 3 W741250916 Targeting Handwriting for Vic 4 W741250923 Targeting Handwriting for Vic 5 W741250930 Targeting Handwriting for Vic 6

Oxford Maths is a comprehensive and engaging mathematics program for F–6 that ensures every student can access the curriculum at their point of need.Oxford Maths supports a ‘gradual release of responsibility’ approach that incorporates initial scaffolding, which is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent mathematicians. Oxford Maths is fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum. W190025137 W190025144 W190025151 W190025168 W190025175 W190025182 W190025199

Oxford Maths Student & Assessment Book F Value Pack Oxford Maths Student & Assessment Book 1 Value Pack Oxford Maths Student & Assessment Book 2 Value Pack Oxford Maths Student & Assessment Book 3 Value Pack Oxford Maths Student & Assessment Book 4 Value Pack Oxford Maths Student & Assessment Book 5 Value Pack Oxford Maths Student & Assessment Book 6 Value Pack


Student Book: The Student Book offers opportunities for spiralled learning and practice, and for students to develop and consolidate skills in understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. Assessment Book: The Assessment Book provides teachers with an easily administered, yet comprehensive, post-assessment tool. NEW 2020 EDITIONS W190027148 Maths Plus AC Student & Assessment Book F Value Pack W190027155 Maths Plus AC Student & Assessment Book 1 Value Pack W190027162 Maths Plus AC Student & Assessment Book 2 Value Pack W190027179 Maths Plus AC Student & Assessment Book 3 Value Pack W190027186 Maths Plus AC Student & Assessment Book 4 Value Pack W190027193 Maths Plus AC Student & Assessment Book 5 Value Pack W190027209 Maths Plus AC Student & Assessment Book 6 Value Pack


Oxford Handwriting First for Victoria is a comprehensive and engaging program designed to introduce and develop the fundamental skills of handwriting. It includes correct posture and grip models, opportunities to model and practise accurate letter formation and joining techniques, and activities to help every student develop a fluent automatic handwriting style. The Oxford Handwriting for Victoria series is comprised of seven student workbooks for years F–6 W190312541 W190312480 W190312497 W190312503 W190312510 W190312527 W190312534

Handwriting First for Victoria F Handwriting First for Victoria 1 Handwriting First for Victoria 2 Handwriting First for Victoria 3 Handwriting First for Victoria 4 Handwriting First for Victoria 5 Handwriting First for Victoria 6


Nelson Maths: Victorian Curriculum is a F--6 workbook program written specifically for the newest content of the Victorian Curriculum, covering the new content descriptions that relate to algorithms and coding. The series offers complete curriculum coverage and enables differentiated instruction, focusing on introducing, building and consolidating student skills, catering for varying student abilities. W170416702 W170416719 W170416726 W170416733 W170416740 W170416757 W170416764

Nelson Maths AC VIC F Nelson Maths AC VIC 1 Nelson Maths AC VIC 2 Nelson Maths AC VIC 3 Nelson Maths AC VIC 4 Nelson Maths AC VIC 5 Nelson Maths AC VIC 6



The new edition of this highly successful and comprehensive homework program provides students with relevant homework that reflects new curricula in Australia. Homework Contracts 3e takes a new approach to the treatment of homework by providing students with relevant homework based on the desired learning outcomes. W195558609 Homework Contracts Introductory W195556001 Homework Contracts Book 1 W195556018 Homework Contracts Book 2 W195556025 Homework Contracts Book 3 W195556032 Homework Contracts Book 4 W195556049 Homework Contracts Book 5 W195556056 Homework Contracts Book 6

BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALISTS What is best for your school? We offer you several choices when it comes to your school supplies for the new school year depending on what works best for your school. Option 1: Bulk Supplies Option 2: Student Book Packs Option 3: Individual Booklists - printed or online. 1: Bulk Supplies The traditional primary school back to school order is for bulk supplies for the classrooms, where the school orders class supplies in bulk. We provide a comprehensive back to school catalogue. Orders can be placed online, via email or by completing our BTS order form. Your orders are individually packed according to your original class, by room or whatever your requirements might be. Then these orders are delivered to your school clearly labelled for a stress free experience for all staff. Get your classrooms, admin office, staffroom and janitorial needs organised and ready for the new school year. We have all your requirements covered. 2: Student Book Packs The starter packs provide the students in each class with a box containing a set range of producs as specified by the school and teaching staff. A lot of products used in primary schools are specialised and not always available from your chain stores and therefore students turn up to school with the incorrect product. Each student in the class has the same products and you can be guaranteed that each student has the brand of products you prefer. Each box is clearly labelled with the year level for quick & easy identification on distribution day. Distribution of boxes can be handled by the school or we can come to the school on a mutually agreed date. You are able to charge the parents a fee for the starter pack and thus reduce your class stationery costs that the school normally incurs. 3: Individual Booklists We of course have all the experience needed to provide you the best knowledge and advice which ever path you decide to go down. If you choose the traditional booklist where your students/families select which items they wish to purchase . Your booklist is built with your full consultation from your staff. Your booklist can include any school charges, fees and levies. You also have two otions for your school booklists, manual printed booklists or online ordering.



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