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Oct/Nov 2010


On The Cover

Multi BIS/BISS winning...



Jack takes his second Best in Show under judge Bob Sturm. Also pictured below with judge Jon Cole awarding his first Best in Show.

THANK YOU judges!!! Special thanks to Vicki Meadows “MeMe” for doing such a FABULOUS job with Jack!

Breeder/ Owner: Anna Stringer & Stephanie Barnes Co - Owner: Cheryl Marano

E Yorkshire Terriers |

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E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

PasTyme Yorkshire Terriers

CH Yorkboro S (CH Judawn Pastoral Mystery

Sophie finished her championship at j

This included back-to-ba


Bob & Tricia Stacy (916) 622-8545

Thank you to judges Norman Kenny for recognizing the quality of We also want to send a very special thank you

E Yorkshire Terriers |



Sophistocated Lady Maker x CH Yorkboro She’s A Lady)

just 10 months of age with 3 Major wins!

ack 5 point majors in Reno.

y, Gay Dunlap and Florence Males f this little girl so early on. to Doreen Hubbard for this gorgeous girl!

A Continuing Tradition…

Yorkboro Reg’d Breeder: Doreen Hubbard (360) 563-9223

E Yorkshire Terriers |


PasTyme Y

CH PasTyme Dressed To Kill

(CH Images Killer Looks ROM x CH PasTyme Dressed In Style)

KJ finished his championship from the Bred-By class with 3 majors. KJ is the 3rd champion for “Jolene” (Ch PasTyme Dressed In Style). Thank you to judges Florence Males and Shelley Hennessy for back-to-back 4pt majors that finished KJ in September. Thank you to Patti Bisgard for allowing us to breed to CH Images Killer Looks We are so proud this gives Killer his ROM! Owners:

Breeder/Owners: Bob & Tricia Stacy / / (916) 622-8545 E Yorkshire Terriers |

Yorkshire Terriers


CH Images Decked Out To Dance (CH Firacres Deck The Halls x Images Irresistible Girl) Lindy danced all the way to her championship, expertly handled by Pam Laperruque. A very special thank you to Patti Bisgard for trusting us with this gorgeous girl!

Owners: Bob & Tricia Stacy Breeder and Co-owner: Patti Bisgard / / 909-483-1404

E Yorkshire Terriers |


Biss Ch. Scruffy’s Playboy Image, ROM

Yorkshire Terriers




s very proud of his FIRST Grand Champion daughter “Savannah”

Ch. Images Look At Me Shine



s also very proud of her daughter Sheila finished her Championship at the 2006 YTCLA Specialty. She has produced 2 Specialty winners too!


Patti Bisgard - Bridog10 909 921 4194 or 909 483 1404

E Yorkshire Terriers |

GCH CH. Images Girl Next Door

“Savannah� Finished her Grand Championship at 17 months old and in only 7 shows ( 3-BOB & 4 -BOS), 6 of which were major points. She completed her Championship at the YTCLA Specialty by going BOW for a 5 point major at 14 Months of age. She went BOB the day after she completed her Grand Championship defeating a Top Ten ranked Special & went on to earn a Group 4 in a very strong group. Her next weekend out, she defeated the boys again winning BOB & Group 3.

This girl is just getting started....Watch out boys!!!!

Savannah is presented by Pam Laperruque E Yorkshire Terriers |


CH. Images Play It Again, ROM

Yorkshire Terriers “Sam”


ongratulates his daughter “Amy” on achieving her championship.

CH. Images Killer Looks, ROM

“Lover Boy”


ongratulates his son “KJ” on acheiving his championship.

Patti Bisgard - Bridog10 909 921 4194 or 909 483 1404

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Breeder/ Owners: Audrey Raymond Co-Owner: Cindy Landry .


CH. Raymondale’s Aim’n To Please At Scruffy’s Amy is pictured going WB at the YTCLA Specialty for a 5 point Major.

Breeder/Owners Bob & Tricia Stacy


CH. Pastyme’s Dressed To Kill KJ finished with 3 Majors from the Bred by Exhibitor Classes.

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Bourbon Street

Yorkshire Terriers

Ch. Charkara’s Mardi Gras of LaVail Ch. Charkara TiffnTell Sweet Talkin Guy BISS Ch. Charkara Mindy Lou




Charmaine Bergloff

Katelin Ryan-LaVail

Pat Keen Fernandes

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Art design by L. Thornberg

Thank you for this lovely girl,

Charmaine. Mardi Gras was always perfectly groomed and shown beautifully, so thank you Pat. And special thanks to the judges who recognized Mardi Gras’ wonderful qualities, and to my friends who stepped in to help when needed, and you know who you are. You have each been a part of this wonderful journey. E Yorkshire Terriers |



A tribute to their sire....

BISS Ch. Orwick’s in the Nick of Time

Litter Mates Ch. Heavenly’s Jeremiah Ch. Heavenly’s Bethsheeba


Breeder / Owner : Dawn Drake

Bethsheeba is handled by Nancy Smith E Yorkshire Terriers |


Da Jddrake



Brava York Tenis Bravo “Bravo”

Thank you Neide for getting “Bravo” to America for us!

NancySmith Breeder: Neide Vasconselos Duarte cOM

awn Drake

Owners: Nancy Smith and Dawn Drake

E Yorkshire Terriers |

CH Toybox’s Royal Tea

(Ch.Toybox’s Mocha Latte x Ch.Jolissa’s Blue Delicious) Owner/Handler: Pauline Imbro-Allen

Breeder: Amy Zahralban

E Yorkshire Terriers |

3 Major Wins BOS - Mr. Terry Stacy 3pt. 12-18 mo. Class BOS - Dr. Anthony DiNardo 3 pt 12-18 mo. Class                       BW/BOS - Mr. William DeVilleneuve 4 pt. Open Class   BOB - Mr. Alan Brown BOS - Mr. Kenneth McDermott BOB - Mr. James Maloney BW/BOS - Ms. Patricia Larrissey BOS - Mr. Andrew Mills

Thank you to ALL our Judges  and especially to our Major Judges  in acknowledging her outstanding qualities.  

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Stryk King

Yorkshire Terriers

presents their newest champion

Biss CH Joymason’s Le Reve

Thank you to following judges for recognizing Le Reves passion and spirit. He is a strong and proud boy who shows it from the minute he enters the ring.... Ms Gay H. Dunlap Mr Kenneth Kauffman Ms Peggy L. Lloyd Ms Sandra Goose Allen Mr Douglas Windsor

E Yorkshire Terriers |

*Le Reve *

I would like to thank my handling team of Ken Lambert and Trish Kulessa. They worked as a team and are responsible for Le Reve’s Breed ranking in the top 20 at # 14 and finished him in less than four months. I am very thankful for their tremendous work.

You k n ha


Handlers: Trish Kulessa & Ken Lambert Owners: Pamala and David Kech Breeder: Jocelyne Mason, Canada

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Andrea & S Team up to Bring you the Best “Ace”


Andrea’s Dreams of Glory (Ch Andrea’s Playing the Game X Ch Sparkling Blu Dreams of Glory)

Breeders: Nancy Lonas, Andrea Cooley, Jaime Romero Owner : Andrea Cooley & Cortney Schroder

Thanks to Raymond Bay for Ace’s 1st points.

“Trac” Andrea’s Class Attraction (Am & Can Ch Shoalcreek Will he Be the One X Tiff N Tell Brianna)

Breeder: Martina Harsch Owners: Andrea Cooley & Cortney Schroder

Just starting his show career. Andrea Cooley

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Sparkling Blu


Yorkies “Deemer”

Int’l & Nat’l BIS Ch Sparkling Blu My Dreams of Glory (Ch Andrea’s Playing the Game X Ch Sparkiling Blu Dreams of Glory)

Breeders: Nancy Lonas, Andrea Cooley, Jaime Romero Owners : Nancy Lonas & Jaime Romero

Show winning under Vickie Abbott. Son s ’ c “Fonzi” a Tr Sparkling Blu Classic Happy Days (Andrea’s Class Attraction X Andrea’s Windsong)

Breeders: Andrea Cooley, Cortney Schroder Owners: Nancy Lonas & Andrea Cooley

Shown winning under Robert Widden Fonzi won Best of Breed and a major under Lewis Bayne on Sept 18th. Nancy Lonas |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Taylor Ma Like Father...


Ch. Eng’s West Kent Weekend Warrior Many thanks to MJ for her exquisite handling skills and to Anna Engstrom, from Michigan who believed in me & to own our handsome “Sutton, formally Buttons” . Special thanks to the many Judges who recognized his attributes.

(Ch Eng’s West Kent Weekend Warrior X Yashanti’s Aspiring Abbie)

Handled by M.J. Held, West Seneca NY.

Like Son... “Indy” Ch Taylor’s Indy Fortune 500 Taylor Made’s first Bred-By champion, finished in April 2010 under Judge Kathleen Kolbert. Thank you so much Kathleen! Taylor Made Yorkies Holly Gilbert-Cleary 50 Laura Lane, Arundel, Maine 207 282-5561 or 207 423-5706 Puppies, adults available.

Breeder / Owner handled by Holly Gilbert-Cleary Member of the YTCA, YCKC. Licensed and Certified.

E Yorkshire Terriers |

ade Yorkies Meadow is our 2nd champion this year. Meadow debuted in November 2009 & had all her points except one major the first week in January. She was included in the top 20 yorkies for the first part of 2010 and was finished in May 2010 with all Bred-by Exhibitor points. Thank you to all the Judges who believed in her especially Judge Stephen Hurt who surprised us with a 5 point major in New York!

Breeder / Owner handled by Holly Gilbert-Cleary

Taylor Made Yorkies is looking forward to our next champion-to be...

“Payton” Taylor’s Pay-Eng it Forward, Payton made her debut in April 2010, she is pending a 3 pt major to finish and is only 10 months old. A special thank you to Judge Carl Yochum who awarded Payton a 4 point major at the Toy Classic in Fitchburg Ma. Payton is breeder, owner handled with love.

We take pride in our dogs, our program and are committed to the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. E Yorkshire Terriers |

(Ch Eng’s West Kent Weekend Warrior X Taylor’s For the Love of Fallon )


Taylor’s Em-Az-Eng Meadow Music

(Ch Eng’s West Kent Weekend Warrior X Taylor’s Miss Emma Mae )


...Like Daughter “Meadow”

Presenting... Evenstar’s The Song Goes On Sonata is shown receiving her first major at the Houston Toy Club Show in August, 2010. Thank you to Judge Gay Dunlap.

Breeder/Owner/Handler Charlie Farrar Lubbock, Texas 806/792-1619

Ever Rising Higher E Yorkshire Terriers |


lk Tax Man X CH Evenstar’s Singing In The Rain) E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Luxating Patellas in the Yorkshire Terrier by Jennifer White, Bricriu Kennels

The lack of the standard to describe appropriate, or rather detailed, description of bone and body proportions has led to the development of dramatically different breed types and construction; not necessarily negative. If one ventures further into the research of the breed in its Scottish origins (yes Scottish, not English!) and studies the Illustrated Guide, the so sought after directives are expertly spelled out and elaborated on. The Yorkshire Terrier is an endurance breed used for hunting and killing small animals and vermin with the ability to carry and fling. Knowing this, “Medium� is a very good description. It automatically fits the 3:2 ratio of skull to muzzle and will carry a moderate neck. It should have a good spring of rib and depth of brisket and fore chest for heart and lung capacity that reaches to meet the elbow. It is a medium, balanced, dog with standard reach and drive. It is an endurance trotter that exhibits single suspension in a single cycle, a cycle being where each leg of the dog takes a single step. Form absolutely follows function. All of these directives are imperative for the Yorkie to be able to perform its job. When deviated from to any extreme, the form breaks down creating an inferior dog. For the purposes of this article, the deviation from the standard

causing the breakdown of the rear assembly and the rising incidences of Luxating Patellas in the breed. Luxating Patella (LP) is caused by the rotation of the tibia and the curved formation of the lower femur resulting in the structural misalignment of the patella (knee cap) causing slippage out of the trochlear groove (two bony ridges that form a fairly deep groove in which the patella is supposed to slide up and down). In a normal dog, the trochlear groove limits the patella’s movement to

E Yorkshire Terriers |

one restricted place controlling the activity of the quadriceps muscle. The entire system is constantly lubricated by joint fluid allowing for the freedom of motion between the structures. LP can be congenital or trauma induced. Females are one and half times more likely to have LP than males, though it is unknown why. LP is progressive and worsens with age as repeat dislocation of the patella causes permanent cartilage damage which can lead to osteoarthritis. Grades Luxating Patella is a examination based graded condition rated from 1 to 4. Levels 1 and 2 being relatively minor and manageable to levels 3 and 4 which are more necessitating of surgical correction. Grade 1: Upon physical examination the patella can be luxated manually. However, the patella does not luxate much on its own generally staying within the trochlear groove. Grade 2: The patella is easily manipulated during exam out of the trochlear groove and luxations occur when there is occasional spontaneous

lameness but the patella returns to normal positioning. This is typically the dog that occasionally carries a rear leg for two or three steps on occasion but then puts it back down and goes as if nothing was wrong. Grade 3: The patella doesn’t always return to normal positioning when it is deliberately pushed out of its groove during a physical examination. Luxation occurs often and the dog has a degree of loss of function due to the luxation. They have more frequent “skipping” episodes, may not want to jump up onto things, and they may have pain. Grade 4: The leg can not be fully straightened manually and/or the gait is stiff legged due to the patella being underdeveloped or permanently dislocated and fixed in place outside its normal position. The dog shows evidence of chronic pain or disability, including poor to no ability to jump. Luxations are painful enough that the dog tries not to use them. Symptoms include rear lameness, running and screaming in sudden pain as the knee cap dislocates, the holding up of the leg, and the inability to bear weight on the knee.

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Surgical Options There are three types of surgery that can alter both the affected structures and the movement of the patella: block osteotomy or trochlear modification, lateral imbrication, and tibial crest transposition. The type of surgery or combination methods performed depends on the individual case’s cause and severity and the veterinarian. During block osteotomy or trochlear modification, the trochlear groove may be surgically deepened to better contain the knee cap. This preserves the cartilage block that the patella rides on and creates a equal depth of the groove to prevent further dislocation. During lateral imbrication, the patella itself may be “tied down� laterally (on the outside) to prevent it from deviating medially (toward the inside). If the attachment of the patellar ligament to the tibia, called the tibial crest, is in the wrong position, it is repositioned in a tibial crest transposition. This is done by creating a cut in the tibial crest and reattaching the bone in a position so that the patella is realigned within the trochlear groove. This transposition allows the tendons to be attached in a more lateral position. There is a 90% success rate with surgical correction. The dog usually is actively using their limb well 2 to 3 months after surgery.

Exercise must be restricted for 8 weeks after the surgery or breakdown of the repair may occur. Surgery will not remove the arthritis that may be present in the knee and there maybe some stiffness of the limb or some lameness after heavy exercise. Due to the complications of surgery on elderly dogs, those with level 3 and 4 LP in their senior years usually have the condition managed with Prednisone. Great strides have been made in the medical management of LP with hydrotherapy which has proven to be a beneficial treatment for low grade LP. Breeding and Culling The smaller the parts, the more likely and easily are problems to happen. It is fact and reality that must be faced in all Toy breeds. As our society is not generally agrarian, or on a large scale, dependant on horses for locomotion, breeders of the day often tend to lack a true working knowledge of the science of dog building. It is a natural evolution of society and its needs. On the other hand, the artistry of the breed has blossomed as exhibited by the elegance that the breed has become know for. However, the two contradictions have created a modern day dilemma. Breeders are breeding for aesthetics unknowingly without taking into consideration the structural needs

E Yorkshire Terriers |

that truly make the dog beautiful. Dogs are being bred to perform where they are currently used, the show ring, instead of being bred to fill the role the breed was designed for. As a result, the breeds’ shortening of the rear assembly by such choice selection has left many dogs in the breed currently affected with the disease and as such, passing it on to their progeny. Along with other rear issues such as slipped and sickle hocks, Legg-Calve Perthes, Hip dysplasia, and gay tails. There are many complaints on egg beater fronts and wash boarding. The question posed becomes; why worry when the rear can’t keep up to begin with?

The culling of litters with such issues is at a priority in the breed. And by culling, it is meant the removal from the breeding program, ie. spay or neuter and placement in a pet home. Culling is the selection of removal from the group for negative attributes. Testing for the disease is a simple matter of experiences vet hands or if more comfortable, a sedation x-ray in combination with hip and legg-calve evaluation. Not every dog shown will be a breeder. Not every breeder will be a champion. The key is to find the balance of the two while preserving the integrity of the breed so as not to let its structural foundation fall to the wayside.

E Yorkshire Terriers |

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E Yorkshire Terriers Oct/ Nove 2010 Edition  

E Yorkshire Terriers Oct/ Nove 2010 Edition

E Yorkshire Terriers Oct/ Nove 2010 Edition  

E Yorkshire Terriers Oct/ Nove 2010 Edition