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E Yorkshire Terriers Volume 3 No.3

A Bi Monthly Internet Magazine

Jun/Jul 2011


BISS GCH CH Edgewood’s It’s All About Benjamin

A Top 5 Yorkshire Terrier* Specialty Winning – Group Winning – Multiple Group Placing 2011 YTCA National Specialty Award of Merit The First Grand Champion Title by Yorkshire Terriers In New Jersey.

On The Cover


Benjamin was awarded back to back group placements at the Virginia Memorial Day Cluster. Thank you judges, Ann Hearn & Ruth Zimmerman.

Thank you t o all t he Judges !

Beautifully Presented by Jamie Bennett

*Show Sight Breed stats | April 30, 2011

Bred by Cynthia Hill

Owned by Rita Piko

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Proudly Presenting

M B I S S G C H Pa s T y m e ’ s

Pa s T y m e ’ s

Breaking and Entering

F i r s t L a dy

CH PasTyme’s Image of a Rock Star x CH PasTyme’s Dressed In Style

CH Yorkboro Cat Burglar x CH PasTyme Dressed In Style

Jackie wins BEST SENIOR IN SWEEPSTAKES and BEST OF WINNERS for a 5 pt major at the Yorkshire Terrier Club of Los Angeles Specialty show on May 26th, 2011. Thank you to judges, Ms. Mary Nehf and Mr. Irving Bonios! This was Jackie’s first time in the ring as an adult and she proved she can “run with the big dogs!” We are very proud of this little girl!

Jackie-O Proudly Presenting

Pa s T y m e ’ s


GCH PasTyme’s Breaking and Entering x Ch Pastoral Fair Notice

Mayhem is on a roll! With very limited showing, he quickly received both majors from the puppy class under


respected judges, Mr. Robert Ennis and Mr. Ken Berg. His accolades also include

at the Yorkshire Terrier Club of Los Angeles on May 26th, 2011.

a Puppy Group placement and 2nd in YTCA Sweepstakes under Mr. Hugo

A very special thank you to judges, Mr. James Reynolds and Mr. Irving Bonios for these fantastic wins!

Ibanez. This little boy’s killer movement and attitude make him a joy to

2011 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year for Havoc and I am so elated to be along for the ride. When Havoc’s not in the show ring, he’s usually coming up with new and creative ways to get into trouble; then again, we don’t expect anything less from him!

show… living with him is another story! Like his daddy, he’s definitely earned every letter of his name!


Owned, loved and presented by:

Kristena Bravo


E Yorkshire Terriers |


Bob & Tricia Stacy


Our Genuine Diamond

DEVON T Can Ch. Whirlwinds Dazzling Debonair Devon, Allie & Frankie


T What a Team! T


Devon is Presently Number 2 Yorkie in Canada. Thank you Mr. Joe Tacker

Owner: Carolyn Cole Owner/Co-Breeder: Suzanne Weinstein

Dazzling Ice Diamond Yorkshire Terriers

E Yorkshire Terriers |


Presented by Allie Cowie Owner/Breeder/Handler: Frank Larrieu

Whirlwinds Kennel


Our Genuine Diamond

DEVON T Can Ch. Whirlwinds Dazzling Debonair



Our appreciation to all the judges that have awarded Devon such wonderful Group Wins & Placements

Group I

Joe Tacker Bart Miller Cesar Gutierrez Perez Michael Shoreman


Group 2


Doris Willis (pictured left)

Owner: Carolyn Cole Owner/Co-Breeder: Suzanne Weinstein

Dazzling Ice Diamond Yorkshire Terriers

Group 3

Keke Kahn (pictured right) Elizardo Valadez Linda Millman


Presented by Allie Cowie

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Group 4

Dennis McCoy Carol Graham Raymond Lariviere Yolanda Nagler Magal Avery Gaudin


Owner/Breeder/Handler: Frank Larrieu

Whirlwinds Kennel


Bourbon Street

Yorkshire Terriers

a top ten yorkshire terrier*

grand champion charkara’s bourbon street reveler

R “ eveler” always presented by: Pat Keen Fernandes

bred by:

Charmaine Berglof

owned by:

Katelin Ryan-LaVail Design By: Teagan Picciano AKC Breed Statistics May 2011


E Yorkshire Terriers |


ew C


Sparkling Blu Yorkies


Sparkling Blu Classic Happy Days



nd C



Am Nat’l Int’l Ch Sparkling Blu My Dreams of Glory

(Andrea’s Class Attraction X Andrea’s Windsong)

(Ch Andrea’s Playing the Game X Ch Sparkiling Blu Dreams of Glory)



2 New Sparkling Stars! Both boys finished on the same weekend! We couldn’t be more proud!

Breeders: Andrea Cooley, Cortney Schroder Owners: Nancy Lonas & Andrea Cooley

Nancy Lonas |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Breeders: Nancy Lonas, Andrea Cooley, Jaime Romero Owners : Nancy Lonas & Jaime Romero

Sunsational Yorkies


Ch Sparkling Blu There’s Always Hope (Andrea’s Class Attraction x Sparkling Blu Hope Everlasting )

Sparkling Blu Always “Envy” was the envy of all There’s by going winner bitch and BestHope bred by

(Andrea’s ClassJames Attraction X Sparkling Blu Hope Everlasting) under esteemed judge Reyonlds at the Yorkshire Terrier Club of LA for a 5pt major, She followed that up by going BW under Sharon Krogh to finish in style!

Watch for Envy in the Specials Ring. Breeders: Nancy Lonas & Andrea Cooley Owners :Terrylee Janka and Nancy Lonas

E Yorkshire Terriers |

GCh.Ch.Empee’s Juicy Couture ( Ch.Caraneal’s Son of a Patriot x Ch.Durrer’s Radiant Diva )

” y c i u ”J

finished her Grand Championship in 8 straight shows with 5 majors, a Best Opposite Sex in Specialty, a Specialty Award of Merit and Select Bitch, her second weekend out as a special. On her finishing weekend she took BOB and Toy Group 4. Breeder/Owner handled.

Thank You to the following judges Mr. Larry Abbott, Ms. Barbara W. Keenan, Mr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro (AOM and Select), Mrs. Glenda P. Dawkins, breeder-judge Mr. James Hupp, Mrs. Etta Orenstein

Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty Watchung Mountain Yorkshire Terrier Club Judge: Mr. Stephen Regan April 10, 2011

Jamie Bennett finished Juicy’s championship at under 15 months from the Am Bred class. Thank you Jamie!

Best of Breed and Toy Group 4 Ladies Kennel Association of America Judge: Dr. John Reeve-Newson May 21, 2011

Visit us at: Co-Breeder: Betty Anne Durrer

Breeder/Owner/Handler: Mario J. Panlilio, Jr.


E Yorkshire Terriers |


” e i t a K “


Yorkshire Terriers 2011 Contenders

“Sully” Images

ome te Me H

bra es Cele



The Fie



” t e g d i G “ Images Perfect Gentleman


rfold s Cente


Patti Bisgard - 909 921 4194 or 909 483 1404

E Yorkshire Terriers |


k’s Ani


A tiny Yorkie that saved 250 ground crewman and

40 U.S. Planes from destruction in WWII was honored last week with a commendation Certificate by the PDSA, an animal health care charity in Great Britain. Receiving the posthumous award in Liverpool was William A. Wynne 89, of Cleveland,Ohio, Smoky’s owner and trainer. Presenting the certificate was Mrs. Jan McLouglin, Director General of the PDSA ---”For Smoky, for service and devotion, beyond the call of duty.” Smoky, all of 4 lbs. and only seven inches tall at the withers, was asked to go through an eight inch culvert 70 feet long under the taxi strip of the only protected area for aircraft of three squadrons early in the battle of Luzon in 1945. Both the airfield and parking areas were covered with Marsdon steel plating to stabilize loose sand. Hand placing of vital telephone wires by hand digging up the culvert would have taken three days. To remain operational the planes and ground crews would have to be moved to runway. Planes in a straight line would be a sure target for the daily enemy bombing of the airstrip. Wynne and Sgt. Robert Gapp of Sioux City, Iowa, telephone linesman agreed, that if Smoky became stuck, that a crew would rescue her. A kite string was attached to her collar and Gapp guided the line towed by Smoky

E Yorkshire Terriers |

from the culvert entrance. Waiting until plane traffic stopped, Wynne at the far other side ordered, “SMOKY COME!” several times. A suspenseful two minutes later, Smoky in a cloud of dust burst into his arms having overcome 4 inch sand piles every four feet in the 70 foot pipe. There was a story months later in WINGDING, the Photo Group’s newsletter in minimum detail for security reasons. Sixty six years later Smoky received her first Foreign recognition. Her fame grows. She is the dog that began the popularizing of then obscure Yorkshire Terrier. The first documented therapy dog of record, beginning with battle casualties. Smoky is the heroine of the memoir, “Yorkie Doodle Dandy,” and has six memorials nationally. The PDSA, People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals is England’s largest charity. Founded by Maria Dickin in 1917 when she saw the deplorable conditions of pets owned by the poor of London. The charity services 2 million animals a year. Dickin Awards for Animal Bravery began with Blitz in 1943. Less than 100 have been awarded. The PDSA has 45 animal hospitals throughout the U.K. and employes 350 veterinarians. Last year the PDSA provided 2 million animal services.

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E Yorkshire Terriers |

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E Yorkshire Terriers |



he Conformation Ring. It can be the most wonderful or awful place in the sport of dogs. Exhibiting in conformation is the opportunity for you to showcase the best of your breeding program. How many times have you sat ringside and watched a dog and its handler gait effortlessly around the ring, the dog moving in perfect cadence as it glides into a perfect stack at the end of the lead. You can see the chemistry between


dog and exhibitor and if you happen to be the person at the end of the lead it feels like magic. It would be wonderful if every day and every dog were like this but that would be too easy. These dogs of ours have a way of keeping us humble. We have all walked into the ring on those days when it seems like nothing can possibly go right. On those days what we do feels less like exhibiting dogs and more like wrestling alligators. I will be the first person to admit that training puppies is not my best thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I love puppies and the promise that comes with that frenetic bundle of energy at the other end of the lead. Puppies are a clean slate. Their show career is yet to be defined. Anything is possible - once of course we surmount what seems to be the immediate impossibility of getting four paws on the floor in the correct order at the correct time. Puppies are cute for a reason. It guarantees that they will live to see adulthood. We start our pups out like everyone else, stacking on the grooming table when they are about 5 or 6 weeks old. They are never as well trained as they should be for their first stacked photos, and a quick look at pictures from any of our recent litters is evidence of that fact. We don’t push our pups very hard, believing that it is better to have a happy, spirited pup to take into the ring. This has its advantages and disadvantages. More often than not I err on the side of too much spirit and that can make for some entertaining times in the ring. Once our pups have their full set of vaccinations they head out to the big world. For some pups the transition from home which by now has become predictable and familiar to the big world is a smooth one. For others, it can take some time. You can find yourself apologizing for the pup that insists on crawling up into everyone’s lap to cover them in sloppy puppy kisses or trying your best to coax a reluctant pup to take the treat out of the nice stranger’s hand. Each pup is different and they all come along in their own good time. And

just when you think that you have the boldest brassiest pup to place its paws on the planet, your master of the universe goes into retreat. If you are like me, you wonder what you did wrong. Was it too much at once or not enough? What we would all give to know what goes through their little minds! Most likely it is just another stage in the development process, one that they seem to manage through better than us! The prudent puppy owner, along with frequent outings in the big world, will also enroll their pup in puppy kindergarten and start attending the local handling class if one is available. Both provide comfortable environments to introduce and encourage desired behavior. It is a great place to work on socialization with dogs and humans and provides a great prelude to what lies ahead in the show ring. With the pup reasonably well trained and the landmark six month date fast approaching, it is time to enter that first show and demonstrate the fruits of our practice. The prudent puppy owner will test the waters with a match, but this is the same person who also faithfully went to class every week. The adventurous (translation: foolish) owner will head straight for an AKC show, and the really bold - okay crazy person- will skip past all of this and enter a specialty show for the puppy’s debut. When we were starting out in dogs, I used to hear the veterans of the sport joke about stopping at rest stops as they traveled to dog shows so that they could train their new pups for the upcoming show. I used to look down my nose at people who brought puppies into the ring that were not well trained. Let’s

E Yorkshire Terriers |

just say that we are kinder and humbler folk these days. It is not always easy or possible to get to a match before the first AKC show. Real life often gets in the way of best laid plans, and so in March we found ourselves driving 600 miles to a specialty show with a newly trained puppy in tow. I looked at my husband and said “You know most people would take a young puppy to a local show to start out, but not us. We drive 600 miles to a specialty show with a dog that has never set foot on a show ground.” We have become the crazy people. There is no magical Cinderella ending to my tale. Our young lad did not go BISS from the puppy class. He behaved just well enough to earn his right to stay in the ring but not an iota more. I don’t even think he won a class. But one thing is certain. Our young pup had a great adventure. He learned about staying in hotels, stopping at rest stops and traveling distances in the car. He saw his first St. Bernard, which judging by the size his eyes grew to, was a momentous event in his young life. He learned about grooming areas and doggy hair dryers and he met lots of new people and made lots of new friends. Having a great adventure every now and then isn’t such a bad idea after all. People often say that they prefer to show males versus females. You’ve heard the reasons - the boys are more interested in pleasing you, females are independent, they can be hormonal which can cause them to gain weight and lose their interest in being in the ring. Makes sense, right? Except for one small detail. I have never had a female shut down on me because she was looking for a male

in season. Which brings me to my male Special. This dog is one of the sweetest dogs ever. He is completely devoted to me 46 weeks out of the year. But heaven forbid that we are entered in a dog show any of the other 6 weeks when one of his house mates is in season, because during those two times of the year this dog doesn’t know who I am. He stops eating around Day 7, about the same time that he loses any ability to concentrate. I foolishly thought that out of sight would be out of scent and that all would be well. Not in the case of this dog. As it would have it our local Specialty Club show weekend coincided with the heat cycle of his half sister, almost guaranteeing that we would be the entertainment for the show circuit. Some judges were very sympathetic to the plight of my young Lothario. Others just laughed. I had a very distinguished judge tell me that he was her pick until he refused to behave. Her exact words to me were “Honey, he gave you the finger”. Do you know how funny that sounds coming from someone who reminds you of your grandmother? We learn from these experiences. Wrestling alligators not only makes you humble but it makes you a better handler. For the puppy that is a bit unsteady in the ring I’ve learned to control my own nerves and be the friendly happy companion they need to bolster their confidence. I’ve learned to let my man on the hunt stack himself in the direction of the scent if that is what is working and I’ve learned to mold him into place, at least well enough to eke out a win on the worst of days. But mostly I’ve learned to laugh, at myself and at my dogs. After all, it is only a dog show, and there is always another one down the road.

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We hope this helps! E Yorkshire Terriers |

Photos & results submitted by Teresa Cuchiaro

Morning Show Judge: Stephen Regan

WD - WENLO’S LICENSE TO THRILL, Owner, Wendy Garcia RWD - CARANEAL’S HIGH VOLTAGE AT YORKCREST, Owner, Neil Feerrar & Georgette Franzoni WB/BW - CARANEAL’S DHARMA QUEEN OF DRAMA, Owner, Robert & Georgette Franzoni RWB - PRESTIGEOUS WATT’A DARLING, Owner, Deana Sullivan & Leo Kincade BOB/Select Dog - GCH NICNAK’S AFTER SHOCK, Owner, Dawn Kelly Bryers & Laurie Hunter BOS/Select Bitch - CH EMPEE’S JUICY COUTURE, Owner, Mario J Panlilio Award of Merit/Select Dog- GCH CH EDGEWOOD’S IT’S ALL ABOUT BENJAMIN, Owner, Rita Piko Award of Merit/Select Bitch- CH OAKHURST’S DIAMOND IN THE SKY, Owner, Maribeth Mitchell-Bopp Afternoon Show Judge: Alfred Ferruggiaro WD - PRESTIGEOUS HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU KID, Owner, Deana Sullivan & Leo Kincade RWD - TYAVA’S TUFFER THAN TUFF, Owner, Neil Feerrar WB/BW - FOXFIRE’S SILK NITEY, Owner, Rose & Bill Jenks RWB - CARANEAL’S DHARMA QUEEN OF DRAMA, Owner, Robert & Georgette Franzoni BOB/Select Dog- GCH CH EDGEWOOD’S IT’S ALL ABOUT BENJAMIN, Owner, Rita Piko BOS/Select Bitch- CH FOXFIRE’S WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, Owner, Rose & Bill Jenks Award of Merit/Select Dog- CH CARANEAL’S THE PATRIOT, Owner, Robert & Georgette Franzoni Award of Merit/Select Bitch- CH EMPEE’S JUICY COUTURE, Owner, Mario J Panlilio

Some of The Winners

Watchung Mountains Yorkshire Terrier Club Specialties April 10, 2011

Best Bred-by-Exhibitor- FOXFIRE’S SILK NITEY, Owner, Rose & Bill Jenks

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |



E Yorkshire Terriers |


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tr So NCH lish w: I LU Sho tte, Re h baked DEL he aigre e! Fres o t u ar k t con Vin Chips, o c y a g b rm Ba Breads, hen Brin dy w Wa on of or Rea ith ti d w nds ks. elec Frie ch Sala ese, S ft Drin P s, orm RSV with , Spina and Che ffe & So y ity. ry F __ uts f Co alad ratu Ent Enjo C a S g c + e d ld __ __ g x and an Co tato a, D s ta ist tisin __ __ __ e r L Sit style po s Head ffee, Te d e __ m clu dv

Just send us the res & any can ults did photo s from the & WE’LL D Watchu show ng Mou O T ntains Y H E REST! orkshire Terrier C

Sweeps takes Judge Ms. Ka ren Mil ls-Heron Best Se ni EMBER or SGLOW HOTTER Best Ju ni T CARAN or / Grand Pr HEN BLAZES EAL’S N iz O BIZ LI e Winner KE SHO W BIZ Morning Specia lt Judge: Jacque y Show / Regu line K R lar Cla ayner sses WD - ED GEWOO RWD D ’S IT’S PADDIN A LL ABOUT GTON’S WB/BO BENJAM HIGH V W - CA IN O RANEA RWB L’S OVER LTAGE MA NIGHT BOS - C JESTIC FIREB SE A H NSATIO LL AT BE N BOB - C FENWAY’S BR R KSHIRE IGHT LI H FOXF G IR Award of Merit E’S CITY SLIC HTS KER Award 1 - CH of Merit EMPEE’ S 2 - CH NICNAK’ RITZ CARLTO N S AFTER Afterno SHOCK on Spec Judge: ia Tammy lty Show/ Re gular C K Lago lasses WD - ED GEWOO RWD WENLO D’S HIGH FALU ’S T WB/BO W -CASI WELL U KNOW IN N RWB DYNAM O’S LUCK BE MY NAME IS SI O JE A LADY MON BOS - C ARANEA RICHO THE EX BOB - C L’ H FOXF S OVERNIGHT PLORER IR Award of Merit E’S CITY SLIC SENSATION KE Award 1 - CH of EMPEE’ R S RITZ Best Br Merit 2 - CH C N ed-byExhibito ICNAK’S AFT ARLTON ER r- CASI NO’S LU SHOCK CK BE A LADY E Yorks hire Ter riers | w ww.eyo rkshiret m

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E Yorkshire Terriers |

April 11

Show wi nner Mario Pa photos were pro vided nlilio Candid ph and Claudia Pie by otos we rro. Judy Ro re provided by senzweig.

E Yorks

cialty –

of the winner s...


riers | w








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Yorkie Stats ~ Canine Chronicle Stats from January 1, 2011 up to & including April 30, 2011

E Yorkshire Terriers |


E Yorkshire Terriers

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CLUB SPECIALTY ADVERTISING We offer discounts for Breed club Specialty ads. Advertise your upcoming Specialty & send us photos & results and we will put together a multiple page photo spread in the very next month’s edition at NO cost! (You must advertise your specialty to get this free service) If you do not advertise your Specialty & still want photo collage pages, the rate is $40.00/page.

All photos to be used in ad layouts must be submitted with >300 dpi resolution in JPEG, TIFF or BMP format. A high resolution photo is necessary for proper viewing of your ad on the internet. TEXT ARTICLE SUBMISSION Text articles can be submitted as email attachments or in a .DOC file (Microsoft Word). We do not pay for articles . All articles (unsolicited & approved), we will publish at no charge.

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Deadlines & Publishing Schedule for our Current E Publications E Magazine

Date of Publish

E Dalmatians (monthly) E Boston Terriers (bi monthly E Boxer Dogs (bi monthly) E Yorkshire Terriers (bi monthly) E Bull Terriers (bi monthly)

1st of the month 1st of the month 1st of the month 15th of the month 15th of the month

Deadline 20th of the month prior 20th of the month prior 20th of the month prior 30th of the month prior 30th of the month prior

E Deadlines & publishing dates may be extended occasionally to accommodate Specialties & Nationals. We will note any changes to above schedules on each E Breed magazine site.

Where to Send your Ad Material Please send all ads electronically via email attachment Any printed photos or material on CD’s can be sent by regular mail to our mailing address. We will scan /copy all material & return all your ad material to you.

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Pricing thru 2011 Specials will be listed monthly on each breed’s website.

Full Page Ads:

$ 80.00 ( *Includes standard layout & design )

E Magazine of Publish Deadline Premium Pages: $ 90.00Date ( close to front , reservation required)

Half Page Ads: $ 50.00 ( Classified/ Merchant/Litter ) Club Ads : $ 40.00 ( Full page/ Special Club rate ) Cover Page: $120.00 ( Reserved & Pre Paid) Additional Design Fees: $ 25.00

We accept all major credit cards. You can pay on line using our secure site or use your Pay Pal account. Checks /money orders are also accepted by regular mail. Payment must be made at the time of Ad submission Note: Our merchant service is thru Pay Pal but you can use a Credit Card. You do not need a Pay Pal account to pay via our secure website.

CLASSIFIEDS Per Year: $10.00 /year: Basic Kennel listing (text only) $25.00/ year: Premium Kennel listing (color/ logo) $50.00/ year: Double Buisness card size listing (color / photos) Per Insertion: $50.00/ issue: Half Page ads $25.00/ issue: Premium Litter/ Announcement (color & 1 photo) Bulk advertising: We offer discounts for multiple ads (Custom Quote)

E*Note: Free layout design fees include 1 revision. Additional design fees will be charged for additional revisions. Any special custom graphics or photo touch ups require an additional design fee.

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E Yorkshire Terriers June July 2011 Edition  

E Yorkshire Terriers June July 2011 Edition