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Volume 4 No. 2

E Dalmatians A Monthly Internet Publication


March 2011

BPIS CAN CH Dotzink N’ DJ’s Simply the BEST ( Dotzink’s N Tucwinn ‘s Lion Hearted X DJ’s Through the Looking Glass)



On the Cover

Chloe earned her Championship at 9 1/2 months with multiple group placements , multi BPIG and one BPIS . Chloe was no 1 Dalmatian puppy for 2010. In the top dog standing list she was No 9 in the breed , No 4 female. All that before the age of 1.

Handled by Rhoda Ace Breeders: Lyra Partch & Deborah Jones(California) Owner: Nicole Vandal ~ Simply Dalmatians

E Dalmatians |


MBISS * GCH Ch Planett’s Third Rock From The Sun


CHIC #67994

Roxy is pictured winning her second BISS. In two weekends out she has earned 5 majors towards her Grand Championship - just needing 3 singles for the title.

* FLASH...

Roxy will be bred on her next season. Puppies expected in summer 2011.

Roxie just finished her Grand Championship with another 5 pt major!

Breeders/Owners/Handlers Barbara Kaplan-Barrett & Edward Barrett, Ph.D. 732-297-0324

E Dalmatians |

( Ch. Erin N Mt. View’s Full of Fun x Ch. Planett’s Tupelo Honey )

C l

.... . b im

( Mt. View N Planett’s Carnac The Magnificent X Ch. Planett’s Tupelo Honey)

In very limited showing Cisco has earned 2 Best of Breeds over top winning specials, a BBE Group 1 and several specialty reserves. He currently needs 1 point to finish his championship. BAER bilateral, CERF normal.

* FLASH....

Cisco just finished his Championship with a 5 pt major!


ca rs



* CH. Planett’s Halfway to the Stars

le b a c re e h

Breeders/Owners/Handlers Barbara Kaplan-Barrett & Edward Barrett, Ph.D. 732-297-0324 Pictured in July 2010 at 1 year of age

E Dalmatians |

E Dalmatians |



Group Winner

Riversides The Sisters

Best in Specialty Show Winner

A Top Twenty Dalmatian 2010

No. 6 Dalmatian

Photo by Irvin Krukenkamp M.D

currently/All Breed



E Dalmatians |

Riverside Dalmatians Breeder/ Owner: Richard Baker

handled in 2011 by Rick Krieger

how on S y t l a i c pe Best in S g n i n n i W

1 13, 201 b e F 3 up t o a Gr o

Judge RonnieElle

n Fischler

r os J. Madie n h o J e Judg

eC Judg

S. C onnie

P ith 5 w e l it hip T s n o i hamp C d n Gr a


Finished Champion wit


h 5 Point Major, 2nd

Specialty Major - A ug 8, 2008

0 , 201 8 1 c r - De Majo

Leaping Dals Joy-Boy Jackson NP13626002 . . Sire: CH Storytym Never Done Page Dam: Bret D Belladona Owner/Handler: Denise Dawson E Dalmatians |


GCH CH Starseeker N Brooksides Belagio, CGC, TT

Owned by Linda Davis Handled by Alexandra Bialozor

Congrats to Cali for making the cut at Westminster.

( CH Brookside N Starseekers D-Day, TT x CH Matchless Rising Starseeker)


Group Winning

E Dalmatians |

Cali will now be participating in performance events.

CH Ca rd

er n

le ’s


ar m


n O s e o G t a e B e h T d n A

ra’s e m A {CH

n itio u t In

h ut o sS ’ l e rd a HC C X


Sonny finished his Championship with 3 majors from Bred By Class. Thank you to all the judges who recognized his beautiful movement and sweet steady personality. Sonny is now looking for someone to help him get the titles on the other end!

Breeder /Owner/ Handler

Mary Alice Milwid Cardel Dalmatians | Reading, Pennsylvania

E Dalmatians |

Who said BIG Girls can’t win?



Robbsdale’s Going with the Flo (CH. Dotzink’s RSVP to Robbsdale* x CH. Robbsdale’s Ruby Slipper of Pal**) * aka Mickey

** aka Dorothy

At her first two shows, Flo won Back to Back 3 Pt. Majors from the Bred by Exhibitor Class. Shown by Breeder/Owner Tim Robbins.

We are very proud! Robbsdale

Established in 1968

E Dalmatians |

Tim Robbins

Brooksides The Price is Right ( BISS Tuckaway Indian Run ROMX x CH Starseekers Brookside D-Havlnd)


Alex is on the move & excited to be starting his show career He will soon be in the ring with handler Rick Krieger.

Littermate to... Brooksides Minit to Winit “Winni” who is major pointed from the puppy class.

Owned by Karen McNamara , Sandra Lajoie & Virginia Simpson E Dalmatians |

“Best Bench� at KC g n hi Gate c n Be den Gol show e th

was awarded to

The Dalmatian Club of Northern California

Photos courtesy of Laurie Issacson E Dalmatians |

Westminster 2011Winners Candid photos by Linda Davis

Best of Breed

(11) Ch Spotlights Ruffian

Results from WKC Website

Owner: Jim Lyons & Barbara Lyons


(9) Ch Tramac Just Walk’N On Sunshine Owner: J W Smith & M A Callea



(10) GCH Paisley Nspird By Broadway

Owner: Sue MacMillan & Mark & Ginger Iwaoka

(23) GCH Kastle’s Go Speed Racer Owner: Mary Squire-Reed

(24) GCH Bret D Gabriel’s Lost Art Owner: Kimberly S Carey BOS

AOM #10

E Dalmatians |

AOM #23


Some Candid Shots

E Dalmatians |

by Linda Davis

MoreCandid Shots

E Dalmatians |

by Linda Davis

Around the Rings

Photos by Linda Davis

Hop e ya i n Con the ’ll had B gra ts to ig Ap fun & se all t ple! e ya he nex winne t ye ar! rs E Dalmatians |

All Breed

Dal Stats ~ Canine Chronicle Stats from January 1, 2011 up to & including Jan 31, 2011

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Volume 3 No. 10

E Dalmatians A Monthly Internet Publication

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Nov/ Dec 2010

for 2011.

A Monthly Internet Publication

BISS Gch Ch Riversides The Sisters Multiple Group Winner ~ Specialty Winner ~ A Top Twenty Dalmatian February 2011


on the cover

Volume 4 No. 1

E Dalmatians

Sister went to Florida in December & won Best of Breed at the Mid- Florida Dalmatian Club Specialty! Thank you to judge Mr.Ray Filburn.


Watch for Sister at Westmsinter with handler Rick Krieger and in the rings in 2011.

Riverside Dalmatians Breeder/ Owner: Richard Baker

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The Dalmatian Club of Greater St. Louis, Inc.

Judging Panel 10:00AM Show Sweepstakes - Laura Carpenter Regular & Non-Regular Classes - Mr. C Glen Walter

Thanks those of you who entered our Annual Specialty Shows Friday, March 4, 2011! The First Dalmatian Specialties at the NEW Purina Events Center Gray Summit, MO

2:00 PM Show Sweepstakes - Dr. Edite Walter, MD Regular & Non-Regular Classes - Mrs. Janis Mercer

Safe Travels! ENTRIES: Friday AM 11-19 8-7 (2-2) Friday PM 10-19 8-8 (2-2) Saturday 9-16 8-7 Sunday 9-15 6-5

4 Points in Dogs 5 Points in Bitches We’re going to have some fun! E Dalmatians |

Round up for the... Dalmatian Club of North Texas 7th Annual Specialty Show Friday, March 25, 2011 Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Judges: Sweeps: Mrs. Gretchen Bernardi Conformation and Jr. Showmanship: Mrs. Dorothy A. Dalton Obedience: Mr. Floyd D. Harding

closing date: March 9, 2011

Show Chairman: Judy Raven | Show Secretary: Jack Onofrio | E Dalmatians |

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ots From & Brown Sp

Calling all B

To The

lifornia hern Ca of Nort ecialty Shows b lu C p an Dalmati 67th Spotted S rnia. 66th & Dixon, Califo


format!io ce, Con n Obediednguaranteed fu an

Judges Our ResFripdecatyed:

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Jrs: ation & Conform Lyons Sharon kes: Sweepsta holder ight Laura L ence: Obedi Jay Ladd st in or D Debi Be


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te thesdaaty Celebra in jo by inRg esu taurant in w. s o Cattlemfoan’llowing Friday’s sh Dixon

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ialty nciers. ted Spec Designa Valley Dog Faence amento iers d Obedi with Sacrowmanship an lley Dog Fanc Jr Sh cramento Va by Sa d re n: fe io of format

nburg Jeff Fose sident at Pre om .com DCNC s@ oo.c ya yahhoo s@ al al ed keed yannke or mailto:ya e yt h at Karen Wding Secretary et on netatt.n ytt.e@ Corresp reytne@ DCNC aire h .what ation ka .w o: n lt rm mka mailto:for further infoets for dinner. ck ows or ti on the sh

Con ewin Linda L kes: Sweepsta gnault ai D l ce Mar

F ary: MB-


Show Se

Suneeddashyow: All br

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e: ation Judg Conform oose Allen Sandra G

atians |

E Dalm

66th & 6

Near & Far



7th Dalma

tian Club of Oct 29 & Northern Californi a Specialt 30 2010 ies

Candids fr om the we ekend


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Sweeps : Judge Laura Lig Best Jr./ hth Be Best Sr. st in Sweeps: MO older PR Best Ve OCTOR’S GO SAIC OSC AR ’S WILD teran: CH LD RUSH E RIDE ODYSE N HALL YS FOUR ABSOLUTELY WIRTH ST Breed: ON TH (Tom & Jud E FLOO RIKING IT RIC Lynn Ha H (Den WD/BO ge Sharon Lyon R BY DA llwirth nis & W: CO s ISYDOT ACHLIG RWD: (Kim He Michelle Collin ) FIACRE HT’S AL ss & Nico gwood) N VI WB: DJ le Owe ’S IT’S SH ESQUIRE’S TH N RAY JAMES n) (Sheila W EO THID OWTIM RWB: AN W ym E BOB: GC GELDOTZ W AT THE ROXIE ICK (Barbara Gr ore & Donna HE Gi (Debor N UW ah Jones eenspan & Caro llespie) BOS: CH H ROYALTY’S ISH UP ) SP O l Chase NS ) AOM: CH PIR D HOLL LASH OF TAYL N A STAR. (Ang YW O ela Steva Select Do BAY COLONY OOD LEGENDR (Walter & Pe nu ggy Polas s & Maureen N TUCK g: (Carrie Hugunin Select Bit CH DRIFTW ki) W Jor IN dan) SO FAR ) OO ch SO GO Stud Do : CH SUNNYO D PICOTEE O FREEST g: AKS SA YLE CD D ( Sarahanne Brood Bit CH NSPIR D IN Vanclee RE OA HOLLYW T FLORIAN ch: CH ve an MX LIT PR High in Trial: MO OCTOR’S AB OOD LEGEND TERI’S COMP J (Kathryn Blink d Judy Murray) ASS RO SOLUTE NTAGUE & Best Jun (Carrie Krist Bo SE (Lind io: Tiffan LY POSIT Jordan) wers) a Sexto y Owens DRIFTWOOD IV n & Dawn ONE HO ELY (Kim Hess) Mauel) SATURD T TAMA LE CD, RE OTCH Sweeps AY : Judge (B ec ky Luft) Marcel Best Jr./ Daign Be Best Se st in Sweeps: TR ault nior: FIA AM AC & SP CRE N Best Veter OTLIT ESQ an: CH DRIFTW UIRE’S TRUE LIE E’S PURE IMAG OOD PIC INATIO S (C N (Jenn OTEE FR arol Chase & Breed: ifer Meisc Ba Jud EESTYL h & Me E CD RE rbara Greenspa WD/BO ge Linda Lewin g Callea) n) OA MX W J (Kathry RWD: CO : FIACRE N ES n Blink & QUIRE’S Krist Bo WB: TR ACHLIGHT’S THEO TH AL wers) AM RWB: FIA AC & SPOTLIT VIN RAY JAME IDWICK (Barb ara Gree S (Sheila CRE N E’S PURE ns Wymor BOB: CH ESQUIRE pan & IMAGIN e & Do ’S nna Gille Carol Chase) BOS: CH SWEETSPOT HO TRUE LIES (C ATION spie) arol Ch NSPIR D T2 SP ase & Ba T BEST AOM: CH HOLLYW rbara Gr OOD LE BOTH WORL eenspan) AOM: CH BLACKFLASH DS GEND MI AOM: CH DAL DORADO DNIGHT STAR (Carrie Jorda n) . Select Do SUNNYOAK ’S ACROSS TH (Steve & Sharo S SAINT E UNIV n Nielsen g: CH TR ERSE (B FLORIA Select Bit & M K Sm AM AC ria N n ch: GC Brooks H ROYA N WINSTONS LITTERI’S CO & Patricia ith) MP LTY’S SP JO LASH O HNNY QUEST ASS ROSE (Lind Gibson) F TAYLO a R (Walt (Vickie & Paul Ca Sexton & Dawn er & Pe Mauel) ggy Polas rleton) ki)

E Dalm

atians | E Dalmatians |

Photos & result Joan Foses submitted by nberg dalmatia


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Actual screen image of our streming video player

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Karen’s Cookies Karen McNamara

Ingredients you will need: 2 1/2 c. whole wheat flour 1/4 c. wheat germ 1/4 c. milk, I use powdered. 1 clove of garlic or 1/2 tbsp garlic powder 4 tbsp margarine 1 egg beaten 1 tbsp molasses

Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl, cut in margarine, add beaten egg and add in the rest of the ingredients. Add just enough water to shape into a ball. Roll out til about 1/2 inch thick. Cut into shapes. I use a round biscuit cutter about 1/2 inch in diameter. Don’t want to make your dog fat!

Okay I admit it, I have an entire section in my cookbook for dog cookies and horse treats. They are so easy to make and a lot healthier for your dogs. You can make 5 dozen in less than an hour. Big batches can be made and frozen for later use. Now I must admit I’m not sure dogs can taste the difference. If your dogs are anything like mine they eat just about anything but sometimes it makes us feel good to provide our dogs with a special treat. After all you can feed your dog store bought treats which include chicken by products and animal digest, which might not be appealing to even a dog if they knew what they were eating. And of course don’t forget the the dyes if you opt for colored treats. Or you could spend $9 for a small bag of all natural treats. So why not make some?

Cook in a 375 degree oven for 20 minutes. If you want them really crunchy. Turn off the oven, open the door to let some heat out, then close the door and leave the cookies in the oven to cool. Make about 60 treats. You can make variations to this recipe by adding peanut butter or oatmeal. Should you have little kids put them to work cutting out the cookies. They will love it and it gives them something to do on a snow day.

One of my favorite recipes is a very basic whole wheat biscuit and simple to make.

Bon Appetite!

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L Clark Photo

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E Dalmatians March 2011

E Dalmatians March 2011  

E Dalmatians March 2011