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E Boxer Dogs A Bi Monthly Internet Publication Volume 1 No.3

Sep / Oct 2011


T Jay Jay


CH High Ridge’s Bring N Sexy Back ( Am/Mex Raklyns High Stakes At Ivylane TT. SOM X INT CH Beacon’s Time To Shine CGC )

Jay Jay

On The Cover Jay Jay possesses a beautiful Boxer Head, wonderful Angles, a superb temperment. After finishing his Championship in 2010 Jay Jay set out to teach his young friend Aubra the ropes in the show ring.. Aubra and Jay Jay have accomplished a lot in their few short months of showing together... 5 open Junior wins in 4 weekends qualifying the team for the AKC /Eukanuba Invitation show. Jay Jay has had big paws to fill since his birth. The son of AM/MEX CH Raklyns High Stakes at Ivylane, TT and the Grandson of CH Shadow’s Nairobi, SOM, LOM and Ch Raklyns Celebration,, DOM, LOM.. this youngster has already proven himself with his first litter on the ground, his two sons “Junior” and “Houdini” are pointed. Daughter “Flare” will make her mark in the fall of 2011.

Holter 2010 4 VPC ECHO Normal ARVC Carrier DM At Risk

Breeder: Dawn Mancine

Owners: Dawn Mancine, Tina Starr and Aubra Martin

E Boxer Dogs |


Ivylane Ruffian L Tree Shaker ( Ch High Ridge’s Bring n Sexy Back X Windwood’s Bec Mon Chu)


is a Jay Jay son. He currently has 6 points in very limited showing.

Breeders: Tina Starr &Ike Liotto

Owners: Lisa Goss, Tina Starr & Ike Liotto E Boxer Dogs |

Aubra & Jay Jay

IvyLane-RuffianL couldn’t be more proud of.......

Ike & “Houdini” Ivylane Ruffian L Now Ya see Em Now Ya Don’t ( Ch High Ridge’s Bring n Sexy Back X Windwood’s Bec Mon Chu )

Team- Liotto-Starr

is proud to have Aubra as part of our 2011 show team.

Great Job Aubra!

“Houdini” is a Jay Jay son & pictured here winning Grand Sweepstakes at the Houston Boxer Club Specialty under Judge Barbara Bogan. We would like to congratulate Connie and Dini Dog on their first point owner handled at the Arkansas Kennel Club show under Judge Nikki Riggsbee.

E Boxer Dogs |

Breeders: Tina Starr &Ike Liotto

Owner: Connie Richardson

Lacy with Jay Jay

IvyLane-RuffianLwould like to send a Special thank you to Lacy Nichols for all that you do... ...from the bottom of our hearts. Â

Tina Starr & Ike Liotto Lacy with Ellie (Raklyns Ultimate Elegance)

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Ivylane RuffianL Northwestern

( GCH Cantermar’s Port Au Prince X Sergio’s High Tailin to Texas)

Pictured winning a 4 point major at the Texas Kennel Club show July 2011 under Judge Robert Vandiver. 2 weeks later at the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows , Ace took his second 4 point major under Judge Judy Harrington.

We look forward to Ace coming back to the ring in September!

Breeders: Tina Starr / Marc & Linda Sergio and Lacy Nichols

Owners: Ricky & Vanessa Lide & Tina Starr E Boxer Dogs |

All That Glitters....

Crystal BISS

Thank you Judges

Ms. Betty R. Leininger Agents: Wendy & Jimmy Bettis

2011 American Boxer Nationals-Select Bitch to #1 Boxer all systems ’09, ’10, ‘11 2011 Eukanuba qualifier in just 4 short months as a Special!

Ms. Jane Roppolo

Multiple Group and Multiple Best In Specialty Winner Breeders/Owners: Bonnie Wagaman & Jennifer Tellier

Cinni-Bon Boxers San Diego, CA

E Boxer Dogs |

GCh Telstar’s All That Glitters At Cinni-Bon

Illyrian Boxer’s

Ch. Illyrian’s Trilogy

proudly presents their new Sire of Merit

Ch Holly Lane Flamboyant Carlon SOM Ch Schoolmaster’s Easter Noah SOM School’s Simple Addition DOM

Ch Maxl’s Golden Boy SOM,LOM

Ch Rochil’s Grande Marshall LOM, SOM Ch Dreamweaver’s Gold Lace O’Maxl DOM Lucy’s Gold Thread DOM Raklyn’s Derringer Ch Shadow’s Nairobi SOM,LOM Bitwyn’s Shadow Boxer

Illyrian would like to thank all the owners who gave Auggie their vote of confidence. We are truly honored to have had this opportunity.

Ch Dreamweaver’s Past Perfect

Ch Dreamweaver’s Rocil High Profile Ch Dreamweaver’s Perfect Alibi Ch. Dreamweaver’s Grandestand

“Auggie” Owners: Gail Kloecker & Nicole Logan Breeders: Gail Kloecker & Pamela Rohr

E Boxer Dogs |

BISS / Multiple Group Winning

GCH CH. Marburl’s Chisum Best of B reed


at t h e H EA RT OF AME R ICA

Our thanks

to judge D

onna Buxt

B oxer


Club S pecialt y!

Marlburl’s Silver Bullet AM CH Marburl’s Silverado Rummer Run’s Midnight Madness AM CH Maburi’s Hidalgo CAN CH Lynbary’s Springait Marburl’s Flasher Marlbur’s Martin

AM CAN CH Bentbrooks Image Of Highnoon SOM SOMC AM CAN CH Bentbrook’s Time To Ascend SOM Bentbrook’s M R Center Stage AM CH Duba Dae’s Shining Star AM CH Jems Pearl Jam SOM LOM AM CH Denbar’s Diamond Diva DOM Denbar’s Hope Diamond


Breeders: Mary Frances Burleson Lynn Jansson


Campaigned by: Lori McClain Ferguson 918-269-4473

E Boxer Dogs |

Owner: Mary Frances Burleson Marburl Boxers 214-908-0825

And the envelope please..

Champion Rochil’s Call of the Wild SOM

e l b a


Derringer CH Raklyn’s irobi, SOM ’s Na CH Shadow Shadow Fox Bitwyn’s

The Award goes to his

Am/Can C CH Rochil’s H Dreamweaver’s Gran Gran de P CH Rochil’s de Tradition, DOM rix Grande Larc eny

8 Champions of 2010

CH Glo-Star’s Dream Lover – Breeder: Udomsak Rittichaikal CH Storybook’s Written in Gold for Meridian – Breeders: Linda and Skip Abel CH High Ridge & Rochil Makers Mark – Breeders: Dawn Mancine & Laurie Roberson CH Oceanview All That Glitters – Breeders: Diana & Juan Medina CH Rochil Guilty as Charged Kandiyohi – Breeders: Sandi & Perry Combest & Kimberly Donahue CH Kandiyohi’s Wakpa Rochil: Breeders: Terri Pope and Mary Jackson CH Dreamweaver’s Lite My Fire at MaxL – Breeders: Charlotte and James Pierson CH Imperial’s Big Tex – Breeders: Joan & Sara Reinalds

Gable continues to produce champion quality puppies. Look for more new champions soon. Health Tested: SAS, ARVC, Holter (three times), DM, Hips, Thyroid.

Rochil Boxers

Breeders/Owners: Sandi & Perry Combest 940/783-0441 or 940-566-1183

E Boxer Dogs |

Introducing... ....Patrick’s Son,

Ch. Rochil’s Roar of the Grand Kandiyohi “Patrick”

Bangkok’s Love Story “Player”

Bangkok Boxers

CH StoryBrook’s Rip It Up, SOM CH Rochil’s Opening Act CH Rochil’s Grande Tradition ,DOM

CH Berlaane’s Causin an Uproar, SOM CH Rochil’s Lady Slipper, DOM CH Rochil’s Grande Connection, DOM

Player will be entering the ring soon with his handler, Wendy Bettis.

Patrick has been health tested & OFA Certified for Heart.

Information on stud service, please contact:

Breeder / Owner: Apichai Anantrechai

| Bangkok Boxers |

E Boxer Dogs |


Riverside, California




Ch Kimkar’s Hi-Tech Traveler SOM X Liberti’s Crack’n the Bell

Liberti’s Knells Bells Watch for Bella & Sherry this year!

Int roducing...Sherry and Bella, BFF Agent: Sherry Canciamille

Breeder: Teresa Berge Liberti Boxers Owners: Matthew Holmbeck & Teresa Berge E Boxer Dogs |

And the envelope please..

E Boxer Dogs |

Gwendelyn by Michele Wrath


his is the story of a dog,

our foundation bitch to be exact. She is an old dog now. I don’t mean a veteran; I mean a truly old dog. So old that when I tell people her age they marvel that she has lived this long. If you looked at her you would see an old dog. When I look at her I see the youngster that we fell in love with almost 16 years ago.

We had no intention of buying this dog. I had no intention of showing or breeding dogs. This was my husband’s idea and quite frankly at the time I thought he’d lost his mind. We met Gwen on New Years Day. She was one of several young dogs owned by a breeder in California. The breeder had a litter planned and my husband wanted a show prospect male. I was along for the ride, the supportive spouse, who intended to feed the dog, take it for walks, and humor my husband’s dog showing aspirations. Unlike the other passing interests he’d had, once he was over it I would get a loving pet out of the deal. Sounded good to me.

different from his.

We got to know the breeder better, started spending time with Gwen, and grew quite fond of her. The litter arrived. There was no show male to be had. Now very attached to Gwen, we worked out an agreement with the breeder and Gwen came to live with us, along with a six-month-old male, also show quality. Overnight we were “dog show” people. Well, sort of.

Gwen was the reserve queen. She was a showy girl, and could free stack with the best of them. If I’d had half a clue how to show her, she would have probably finished a lot easier – the downside of being the first show dog – but as the first show dog there were lots of upsides. For one, when she won her first points we celebrated as if she had won a Best in Show. Gwen had more trips through the drive through at the local fast food chain than any other dog since. When she won her first specialty, the tears spilled down my face. That night we went out to celebrate. We left Gwen and her buddy loose in the hotel room – I swear it is the only time we ever did it – and we arrived back later that evening to find the remains of the telephone book strewn from one end of the hotel room to the other. We removed the evidence in a brown paper bag. I guess she had to celebrate too.

I remember Gwen’s first birthday. We’d had her about a month. My husband had built a dog run on the side of the house, a place for the dogs to stay while we were at work. I came home that evening to an unusually quiet house. The dogs were both in their crates, looking quite somber. I found my husband in the back yard talking to himself about his ungrateful dogs while he filled in the quite impressive hole that had been dug in the middle of the run. Gwen and her housemate Baley had celebrated her first year on earth by trying to dig a hole to the center of it. What my husband didn’t understand was that the dogs did indeed appreciate the run, but their idea of its purpose was just

Gwen was as cute as a bug, and about as big. She was a small bitch during a time in our breed when the girls were on the bigger side. I had no clue about showing a dog and poor Gwen was the recipient of my initial attempts at mastering the sport. You are probably wondering how the supportive spouse turned into the novice handler. Well, I sat ringside at enough shows and watched enough people run around the ring that I decided surely I could do this. If Gwen could talk, she would tell you some stories of those early days.

Gwen’s show career progressed in fits and starts. I needed to get a single point win on her in order to qualify for the local benched show. A fellow fancier kindly suggested that perhaps it would be better to

try for a leg on a CD. Another person told me she was a great starter dog, and when I was ready for a real show dog I should contact her for a puppy. We ignored all of the helpful advice, and continued to go to the dog shows. We not only qualified for the benched show with a conformation win, but Gwen won a specialty and finished her championship with 3 majors, the final win taking place on a specialty supported weekend under a long time breeder judge. So much for my starter dog! Gwen’s appetite got her into trouble more than once. We always said that if we lost Gwen before her time it would be because of something she ate. The first incident happened one New Years Eve. We had a friend over for dinner and while we were having dinner Gwen got busy in the kitchen and absconded with a cheese ball we thought we had placed out of paw’s reach. This overindulgence resulted in a pancreatitis attack that came on several days later. Injected with Sub-Q liquids and looking a bit like a one-hump camel, Gwen spent the remainder of the day curled up next to me on the sofa, whimpering in pain as she recovered from her cheese hangover. The second incident was even more frightening. Two weeks before whelping her first litter of puppies, Gwen shredded a bath rug and ate the rug string. Instead of building her whelping box we spent that night anxiously waiting for the vet to call and report on the results of the emergency abdominal surgery she had to undergo to remove the evidence of her latest adventure. She and puppies happily survived the

E Boxer Dogs |

surgery. I was never so happy to see her wagging tail as she waddled out to the waiting room to come home the next day. There were other incidents, more humorous than frightening – the time she ate a container full of doggy jerky and bloated up like a zeppelin. We rushed her to the vet thinking she might have bloat – not realizing what she had done. Evidently a 16 oz container of jerky can make you really thirsty. Or the time she and her housemate carried a cherry pie up the stairs to our bedroom while my husband ran a quick errand. There is nothing like cherry pie stain on offwhite carpet! Gwen and I tried our hand at performance events. Gwen was so intent on pleasing me that she anticipated my every move in obedience, breaking stays every time to return to me, so proud to show me that without my uttering a single command – she already knew what she needed to do. The combination of my limited training skills and a dog that had outsmarted me led to a quick exit from the world of performance. But we did give it a try, and I am sure that under someone else’s expert lead Gwen would have been a fine performance dog. But sadly, she had me. Gwen produced 2 nice litters for us. The first litter was a typical litter with 1 or 2 nice puppies that were shown. Among the second litter were 3 puppies that were better than average and one that ended up being very special. In spite of all of her doubters, Gwendalyn ended up being a superb brood bitch. Gwen made the move cross-

country with us, riding with her housemates from California to North Carolina at 12 years young. She embraced country living, racing around her now 10-acre domain as though she were still a puppy. She mourned the passing of her first buddy Baley a few years ago, but after a few days was back to her old happy self, walking the yard with me as I went on the morning pick up patrol. Gwen is an old dog now. She turned 16 last month and we celebrated by giving her a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. At 16 you are entitled to eat dessert first. Her naps are longer and her walks in the yard are shorter. Her enthusiasm often out paces her abilities. She still thinks she can jump in the air for her supper and more often than not this results in her feet sliding out from under her on the hardwood floors. We see a lot of her personality in her granddaughter, also a smaller bitch, and when the Monkey (her nickname) goes on a flying tear around the house, my husband and I smile because we know what we both are thinking. Gwen still asks to come up on the sofa at night, and I will continue to pick her up, set her feet back under her, until the day comes when she lets us know she’s had enough. When you look at Gwen you will see an old dog. When I look at Gwen I see pure love.

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Canine Chronicle Stats starting from January 1, 2011 up to and including July 31, 2011.

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What NOT to Wear

By Karen McNamara

Recently Rachael Ray did fashion makeovers on some of the exhibitors from Westminster. This brought back memories from many years ago when I use to sit ring side with a friend of mine and we would issue virtual fashion violations to the exhibitors in the ring. If you walk through the dog show you can observe exhibitors and handlers spending hours, bathing, drying, clipping, brushing and generally grooming their dogs to perfection. But the one thing they fail to do is take a quick peek in the mirror of themselves. Sometimes hours of work marred by what the handler is wearing! Now some will tell you that the handler should not be noticed but bad attire sticks out like a sore thumb. For some exhibitors there are only 2 questions they ask themselves, Can I run in this? Does it have pockets? Granted important qualities in a good show outfit. In my virtual dog show world, Sporting people would wear tartans and tweed. Hound people would wear sleek looking trendy outfits. Toy people would be all about the bling. Terrier people would have the classic styles. The Working people would have functioning outfits first and foremost. The Herding people would be a cross between tweeds and classics and the Non sporting people like their group itself would wear a little bit of everything . But there is more you should be asking yourself about your outfit.

Does the color compliment my dog? I saw an exhibitor show a Dalmatian with a wildly patterned skirt. I thought I was whirling around inside a kaleidoscope. If your dog is black, should you wear a black skirt? Well maybe if you have a bad top line! Having spent a quarter century in the fashion industry I know that foundation is the start of every outfit. But somehow the athletic bra hasn’t caught on in the dog show ring. I know from experience there is nothing more distracting than your girl friends bouncing around the ring in front of you! Or even worse having them pop out of your shirt. Don’t laugh it happened to me at a specialty. From that day on I strapped on the support bra before I entered the ring. What about the length of your skirt? Is it whacking your dog in the face when you do your down and back? Or is it so short when you bend over we can see up to your undergarments and let’s pray you actually have them on! And then there are the shoes. Years ago we wore chunky athletic shoes sometimes with white gym socks. Yes I have picture of myself! What was I thinking? Lucky for us there are now many stylish shoes that one can actually run in. So keep an eye out for that perfect shoe. There’s nothing worse than running out of your shoe on the go around. If you are going to spend hours on your dog, spend a half an hour on yourself to complete the picture.

Make Rachel and your dog proud!

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Where did Summer go? Fall Greetings

from E Boxer Dogs

E Boxer Dogs Sept Oct 2011 Edition  

E Boxer Dogs Sept Oct 2011 Edition

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