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E Boston Terriers A Bi Monthly Internet Publication

Volume 4 No. 6

Bentley Photo by Vera Crane

December 2013


BISS GCH Campbell Clan’s Defying Gravity ( Multi BISS CH Sunwoods Lamburgini X CH Constellation’s Twinklin Stargazer @ Campbell Clan )


Announcing the newest BISS winner of the Southbury Connecticut Boston Terrier Specialty 2013. Thank you Judge Mr. Phil Cappozzolo.

Breeders: Danielle & Gillian Campbell and Valerie Kaesemacher Owner / Handler Grace Quinlan

TNG Designs

l ea alth C rances e H


Available to Approved Bitches with Health Clearances.

Photo by Vera Crane E Boston Terriers |

A special thanks to Danielle Campbell from Campbell Clan Bostons for trusting me with this exceptional boy!

E Boston Terriers |

In This Edition Cover/ Inside- Quinlan/ Campbell Clan (Quinlan) Index Kennedy (Hill) Deja -Vu (Pine) Kennedy/ Noble (Kennedy/ Noble) Brindlle Hill’s / Noble (Noble/ Orgren) Kanis (Gates) Pressingham Farm (Stewart) Chrimaso (Preston) Kennedy/ Ivylane (Starr) Stirling ( Kurts) Ragtyme (Halbardier) Grandview (McFarland) Cocolamus/ Talavera Cottage (Freni) Gilja (Cole) Hilltop/ Bringemo (Kinnard) Monty’s Pet Foods (Tharp) Asurebet/ Mtnview (Procaccini) Oui (Uzoff) Abba (Enright) Charm School (Pollack) Juniors Article- Designer Dogs HBTC Specialty Coverage BTCSD Specialty BTCC Specialty Club Specialty Advertising Article- Mirabelle BTCA Video DVD Xmas Cookies Next Edition info Advertising Specs Monthly Stats Photo Prints Magazine in Print Breeders listing/ Classifieds Back

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E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

Photo by Maxine Uzoff

Winners Dog(

Specialty major)

at the Minuteman specialty.

Winners Dog

(Specialty major)

CH Kennedy’s Hoot N Holler

Owned by Thomas & Teresa Hill Bred by Lillian Reps & Cindy Bussey E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

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Cerf - Patella - BAER tested

at the Boston Terrier club of Maryland.



Owner Handled by Daniel Pine

V 2012 Eukanuba BOB V Multi Group Winner BIS/BISS Bronze GCH

CH Deja-Vu I’m The Prince

TNG Designs

  ( Ch Klassic Irish Prince X Ch Sunwood Striking Diamond Luster )

Owners:         Richard Binder, Doreen Brunning & Daniel Pine

E Boston Terriers |

Breeders:     Doreen and Camie Brunning

E Boston Terriers |



Baaaaaack! BISS GCH CH Kennedy’s Noble Reign Of Good Will Never one to rest on his laurels, Will made the most of his very limited show schedule this year!

* 5 Best of Breed wins * 2 Group placements * 3 Specialty Selects, & tons of GCH points All in just a handful of shows!

TNG Designs

As we like to say....

l l i tW

?? a t h x e W fn o k hin t e h

Bred by Vicki & Sarah Kennedy Owned and Adored by Thomas & Margaret Noble and Sarah Kennedy Presented with love by Margaret Noble

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

Noble Bostons and Brindle Hill’s Elite Bostons proudly present our


New Champion.



Jane is the product of 40 years of breeding by Wendy Orgren of Brindle Hill’s Elite Bostons out of her “Brady” CH Elite’s Win-Win Situation and “Bindi” Elite’s Golden Opportunity From Anchors.

CH Elite’s Noble Ties That Bind CGC

TNG Designs

Jane finished her Championship with 3 majors and 3 BOS over specials. Her enthusiasm and innate showmanship will now be on display in the Performance ring as she begins her Obedience and Agility career!

Owned and Loved by Thomas & Margaret Noble Presented by Margaret Noble

E Boston Terriers |

Owned / Loved and Bred by Wendy S. Orgren Brindle Hill’s Elite Bostons

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |


to all the new Champions of this year! &

Jeanne Stewart & Terence Pow Duxbury, Massachusetts

Merry Christmas

from the Pressingham Farm Team!   As always......

“Walter” BISS GCH. Sunwoods Splendid Spl int

TNG Designs

er RE and  “Winnie” GCH. Sunwo

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

ods Day At The Beach

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

Grandview Farm presents


FEMME FATALE (CH Mar-Crest’s Oblivious Mr. Magoo x Topper’s Topnotch Shela)

Happy Holiday s!





E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |


Ch. Crane’s Elizabeth Browning Lizzy Lizzy is full sister to Ch. Cottage’s by Crane Live Long and Prosper.

TNG Designs

We are expecting puppies this Thanksgiving by BISS GRCH Ch Campbell Clan’ Defying Gravity.


Owned by: Jessica Freni at Cottage Boston Terriers Co-Owned /Bred by: Vera Ann Crane

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

Seasons Greetings from

Jerry Lee

Multiple Group Placements BISS GCh. Ch. Gilja’s Lonestar Great Balls O’Fire (Ch. Renea’s Beetle Bailey x Ch. Cibolo-Lonestar Express News)

Jerry Lee was BISS at the Greater Atlanta Boston Terrier Club Specialty under Judge Jon Cole.

TNG Designs

Gilja Bostons Breeders/Owners: Jane F. Cole & Gilbert W. Cole Breeder/Owner/Handler:  Jane F. Cole AKC Breeder of Merit Gilja Bostons since 1973

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |


Wishes Everyone a

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year

ance D m o o smic M o C s ’ p r Tha

E Boston Terriers |


E Boston Terriers |



E Boston Terriers |


E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

ABBA’s Dapper Lucky Charm and the rest of the

ABBA Bostons

wish all of their Boston Terrier friends the very

MERRIEST of Christmas’ and a Blessed New Year.

E Boston Terriers |

We had a wonderful year here at ABBA’s Bostons and are looking forward to visiting lots of friends in 2014. Happy Holidays from Carol Enright (caregiver), CH. ABBA’s Belle of the Ball, Ch. ABBA’s Magic Plymouth Rock, ABBA’s Magic Pilgrims Promise, ABBA’s Proud to be a Shady Lady, ABBA’s Lady Liberty, ABBA and Magic’s Final Pride and Glory, and ABBA’s Bombs Bursting in Air

E Boston Terriers |


peace, love &

CHEERS to you yours AND


phoebe & gaga E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

What type of temperament was important? Gentle or aggressive? Did they want a companion or a protector? How big? Should it be a heavy weight or a light weight? What about the head? Do we want a round, square or elongated head? Now what are going to do about the muzzle? Do we want an undershot bulldog type or do we want the typical terrier muzzle? The ears – hmmm – how should they be carried and should they be prick, rose, folded or flop? Oh, and if they were prick should they be cropped?

designer dogs Virginia McEvoy O’Connell | Menotomy Bostons All breeds are ‘designer dogs’. How they would look and what attributes they would need were deliniated by the type of work they were bred to perform. Many years of hard work, defeats and triumphs went into the development of every breed we know today.

our breed using what they owned and wanted to improve. The first litters were probably born in stables on Beacon Hill and Joy Street. Eventually their employers came to see what these men were trying to accomplish and became interested in fostering the breed.

Let’s look at our wonderful breed, the Boston Terrier and just think about where they came from.

We know that the English Bulldog was used. Assuredly not the dog we see today but a totally different looking animal with a completely different temperament. The Old English White Terrier ,which none of us have ever seen, was also at the beginning of our breed. If you

The original breeders were not wealthy men. They were the carriage drivers and stablemen of the city of Boston, Massachusetts elite. They began

are a student of our breed and have read any of the old books you realize that these were not the only breeds incorporated to develop the Boston. There were many a dog of uncertain ancestry tossed into the mix to contribute this or that quality. Wouldn’t you love to have been there when the gentlemen who developed the Boston Terrier were trying to decide what the newest ‘designer dog’ was going to look like? The arguments must have been epic!!!! Some men wanted to create a fighting dog, others a ratter.

E Boston Terriers |

Do we want an round or an almond shaped eye? Dark or light? What color should the dog be? Black, brown, brindle, grey or red? Should he have distinctive markings or should he be solid colored? Wait a minute – we haven’t even talked about the body of the dog. What are we looking for? Square, rectangular? Long legged, short legged? Deep chested or narrow? A level topline or a roach? Over extended angulation or moderate? Should the dog have a long tail, a short tail, a screw tail or no tail? These men went round and round – each one sure their ideas were the best for this new breed that their particular idea was right and everyone else was wrong. I am sure there were more than just battles of words. As you know most

of these men were of Irish extraction and fisticuffs are often the Irish way of settling an argument! Eventually, somehow or another, the ideas began to gel and bit by bit agreement was reached. Putting together a concise and readable standard for this new breed had to be tackled and again there were many an ‘irish meeting of the minds’ before that was accomplished. Once they figured out what the dog was going to look like, the kind of temperament that was preferred the hard work of breeding this new dog began in ernest. Trial and error and much heartache went into the formative years. Eventually they had a recognizable breed that bred true to type !!!! Naming the breed was another stumbling block. Bulldog breeders would not countenance the breed being called the round-headed Bulldog or the Boston Bull. The Bulldog breeders call the dog a mongrel and fought long and hard to discourage the use of the Bulldog as part of the name. Many names were thought up and discarded until finally, an American Kennel Club director, dubbed it the Boston Terrier in honor of the city where it all began! The akc dragged their feet for years but finally allowed the dog into the studbook in 1893.

appearance, size and general demeanor. Our breed has never gone below 25th in the popular breeds and has deservedly earned it’s nickname ‘The American Gentleman’. For many years the ‘Boston’ was the top entry in dog shows across the United States. We have always had folks who mix various breeds to come up with a new ‘designer dog’. The breeders who attempt this task have no idea of the time, energy and work that goes into making a new breed. I wish them luck and perhaps, in years to come, the cockerpoo, goldendoodle, etc. May be welcomed into the breeds shown at American kennel club all-breed shows. The Boston Terrier is the first breed accepted into the American Kennel Club studbook that began it’s existence here in the United States. So it is with undeniable pride that I state: the Boston Terrier is the original American ‘Designer Dog’ .

Truly, the Boston Terrier is the ‘American Designer Dog.’

Climbing very quickly into favor with the general public the Boston Terrier became the breed of choice for city dwellers because of it’s jaunty

E Boston Terriers |

Heartland Boston Terrier Club 40th Annual Specialty

Friday, October 11, 2013

Some of the winners... Am show

Am show

Am show


Best of Breed - GCH Deja-Vu I’m The Prince Winners Dog – Victory Royal Windsor Reserve Winners Dog – Royal Chaos’s Because I’m Big Jake Best of Winners – Deja-Vu Simply Irresistible Starr Reserve Winners Bitch – DJ’s Morning Mist Best of Opp Sex – CH KC’s Just Out of Reach Select Dog – GCH Knolland King of the Road Select Bitch – GCH Sunwood Cosmic Wind to Victory Best Veteran – GCH Sunwood Cosmic Wind to Victory Best Bred By Exhibitor – Hi-Lu’s Nu Jim Dandy Best in Sweepstakes – Bosart’s Reigning Heir to the Throne

TNG Designs


Best of Breed – CH KC’s Just Out of Reach Best of Winners – Ri-J’s Heir About Him Reserve Winners Dog – Deja-Vu Cosmic Salute Winners Bitch – Stoneridge N Linde’s Baby You Can Drive my Car Reserve Winners Bitch – DJ’s Morning Mist Best of Opp Sex – GCH Deja-Vu I’m the Prince Select Dog - GCH Knolland King of the Road Select Bitch – GCH Victory Racin Jordana Best Veteran - GCH Sunwood Cosmic Wind to Victory Best Bred By Exhibitor – Ri-Ja’s Heir About Him Best Junior – Daniel Pine with GCH Deja-Vu I’m the Prince Best in Sweepstakes – Linde N Boston Pride for the Love of Oliver Best in Veteran Sweepstakes – GCH Neff ’s Dylan the Diplomat

Pm show

Am show

Pm show

Pm show

Pm show

Everyone had a great time at the 2013 Back to Back Specialty. Great trophies and we had a beautiful luncheon and a lot of money was raised at the Quilt Raffle and the Silent Auction.

Photos and results submitted by Peggy OBrien E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

Rescue Raffle Quilt

The Boston Terrier Club of San Diego invites you to celebrate the New Year in Indio, CA  Empire Equestrian Park and Polo Field Ave. 51 and Monroe Street, Indio, Ca.

Thu 1/2/14  Sand to Sea Non Sporting Association         Dr. Gary Sparschu                      Supported Entry BTCSD  -Sweepstakes         Mrs. Janet Jackson

The center of this one of a kind quilt by Susie Field  is a custom embroidery of a Boston by Clarice Dean. The rest are photos of Bostons  past and present. So if you can, come and join us at the show for old fashion hospitality,  free food, great company and a really good raffle we will see you there.  If you can’t come buy some raffle tickets. It helps the rescue and you might win!

Fri 1/3/14       Boston Terrier Club of San Diego                Mrs Joanne N. Pailk                        Designated Specialty     - Sweepstakes         Mr. David Bolus                        with Sand to Sea Non Sporting Association 

Contact Terry Pratt for raffle tickets at: or (619) 561-0652

Dates          Shows                                                            Judges

Sun 1/5/14      Kennel Club of Palm Springs                        Mr Robert Ennis

E Boston Terriers |

TNG Designs

Sat 1/4/14     Kennel Club of Palm Springs                        Mrs Peggy J Haas

Show Closes on Dec 18, 2013 Superintendent – Jack Bradshaw Phone; (323)727-0136; FAX; (323)727-2949 E Boston Terriers |

the boston terrier club of connecticut

Back to Back Specialties

Saturday March 15th 2014

Thanks to the input from our exhibitors last year we will be holding two great shows on the same day. AM Conformation Judge:

Ms. Marge Calltharp

PM Conformation Judge:

Mr. Walter Bloom

Sweepstakes Judge:

Joe Minecci

er y ver y, v hor A ! ! H FLAS y aut NEWS ppearance b elle! la rab specia r & Mi ular e l l u M l Michae f the ever pop o Author ks! lle boo e b a r i M

E Boston Terriers |

The shows will be held at the Crowne Plaza, Southbury, CT Visit us at

E Boston Terriers |


Get your Specialty featured 2 8, 2p0MD1 in Sweeps arch 1 Suncan, didMphotos by Irvin Krukenkam Best All

The the bo ston terrier of co club nnec ticut

Advertise your upcoming Specialty in E Boston Terriers & get FREE coverage the very next edition of your Specialty!

Back to Ba ck Specialties

saturda y & su nday, March 17th close Feb & 18th, 20 rua 12


Saturda y Sweeps Judges: : Joy br ewster Breed & Junior Show: Denice Van Dr iesen Sunday Ju Sweeps dges: : Jeff la ngevin Breed & Junior Show: sharon lyons the show crowne s will be held at Plaza, southbu the ry, ct E Bosto

n Terriers

Get a color spread with photos & results of your specialty in the very next issue FOR FREE! (Clubs need to send us the photos & results to be represented)

We continue to offer GREAT discounts for Clubs. Starting next year (2014), all club Ads will be $50.00/ 1 month insertion $100.00/ 3 months

ry 29, 2012

| www.




ter, oln Cen kes: SweepstaJeffrey Langevin ay Ingenue At Linc e: Mr yip B’w


Judg : Bun ter Sweeps oria Car Best in t & Vict Sheryl Tren


Classes: Regular Sharon Lyons e Ms.

Grizlo y stock s, Barbara kinson h Kenned Madnes Fred Com Noble and Sara s Mango Sea, Claudia Dic Charlotte & t rn, The H CH Tara & Margare BISS GC e Starlight On t Moon Of Satud Will, Thomas BISS--M Firs B--Ivy Ros kystars n Of Goo BOW/W GCH CH Luc y’s Noble Reig Laura Estevez nedy & ISS ned Ken zlo S--B Ken dino h Gri BO CH Barbara Me, Vicki & Sara an & Wendy Gar mas O’Connell S GCH Tidbit, SD--BIS Dol On ell & Tho Loretta Tara’s Tiny y’s Wild Dibs Ticket, , Virginia O’Conn SB--CH Kenned ’s Golden AOM--CH H CH Loredo A Hull Of A Guy Grizlo e y bara AOM--GC otomy Margrav e Spritzer, Bar h Kenned i & Sara WD-- Men ’s Sparkling Win Stories, Vick Tara Me No Tell RWD-’s ennedy RWB--K



WD Best in









& s t l u s e show e r e th om th s u nd tos fr e s t Jus did pho & ! T S n a E c ER H any T DO L L ’ WE

If you do not advertise your Specialty & still want your specialty represented, the rate is $50.00 /page.

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n Terriers

E Bosto

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Final Pla

Artist Michael Muller’s dog is his muse. The former teacher and galleryowner fashioned a whole new career built around Mirabelle, his adorable Boston Terrier Tom Boeke, gave Mirabelle, a Boston Terrier, to Michael Muller who says she has changed his life. Muller’s written three books about her and has designed cards and gifts featuring his beloved Mirabelle. “You know how you just know sometimes?” says Boeke who a few days later fixed a red bow onto the pup’s collar thinking he was giving his friend Michael Muller a dog for Christmas.

and this is why... we mirabelle E Boston Terriers |

Little did he know, he gave him a furry muse. This fall, nearly six years after Muller met the dog he would name Mirabelle, Muller is no longer a first grade teacher. He’s a Baltimore artist who’s particularly known for fine art photographs of a certain black and white dog. He and Boeke are partners in a venture that sells everything from Mirabelle shirts to skateboards. And Workman Publishing just released a trio of children’s picture books -- written by Muller -- about a terrier named Mirabelle. They are such people dogs,” he says, “so inquisitive and interested in the world around them. Certain people see beauty in certain ways and I see a pushed-in little nose as beauty.”

Muller will tell anyone that like Boeke, he sensed something different about Mirabelle even as a puppy. A certain worldliness, a way of knowing just what he wanted from her that had nothing to do with training. Mirabelle came to work every day to the Rehoboth Beach gallery Muller and Boeke had opened together. The other dogs did not. She’d snooze in her bed behind the counter and when a customer would come in, she’d greet them gently. If folks wanted to take her picture, she was always willing. Sometimes she’d show uncanny salesmanship, standing gamely by the rack of cards with her picture on them. “She was meant to be our shop girl,” Muller says. He named her, in fact, after the title character in the Steve Martin novella, “Shop Girl.” Because of the faltering economy and a difficult location, gallery business was slow. So Muller and Boeke decided to advertise. On a whim, Muller put one of his photos of Mirabelle in the ad -- a shot of her sitting on a leather chair, staring down the camera, ears up. “People came in saying, ‘Who’s that little dog in the ad?’” Muller remembers, adding Mirabelle not only got traffic to the shop, she got people to open their

wallets. “The economy was such that nobody was buying thousanddollar pieces but they bought a Mirabelle card for $3.50 and a $20 Mirabelle T-shirt.” At some point Muller and Boeke decided Mirabelle was working but the gallery was not. On a buying trip to New York, Muller recalls a soul-searching conversation the two had over dinner. Was this interest in Mirabelle something that could last? Did they have the courage and tenacity to see it through? “The universe seems to be pushing us in this direction,” Muller said they decided. “Let’s listen.” Boeke returned to being a full-time physical therapist while he and Muller started a wholesale art card business with everything designed by Muller. They were pushing their wares at the National Stationery Show at Manhattan’s Jacob K. Javits

E Boston Terriers |

Lovable Mirabelle and her bow-tied, bespectacled owner are endlessly inspiring, fun and most importantly, they love going on adventures together.

Mirabelle is a symbol of believing in the power of doing what you love and the adventure it can take you on.

Convention Center when they caught the eye of talent scouts from Workman Publishing. Raquel Jaramillo, Workman’s children’s book director, said what turned her head was Muller’s fresh, minimalist style — “sophisticated yet adorable.” A book deal was born. Workman released three Mirabelle titles last fall -- “Mirabelle and the Bouncy Red Ball,” “Mirabelle and the Butterfly” and “Mirabelle Goes for a Walk,” which Muller says was entirely inspired by his daily walks with her around his Union Square neighborhood.

with the dog was the story. And so he became Mr. Muller, Mirabelle’s be-spectacled, bowtied sidekick. “I thought that the real uniqueness was her relationship with Mr. Muller, that sweet rapport they have between them,” Jaramillo says, adding it’s very parentand-child. “Just walking down the block is magical when you’re the parent of a child, nothing is taken for granted. That’s what Mirabelle brings to play for the reader -- every small tiny moment. Jumping over a puddle becomes an adventure.”

Releasing three at once is unusual, Jaramillo says, done to establish Mirabelle as a character right out of the box. In the books, Mirabelle is rendered with an oversize head and huge, upright ears. The eyes are wide and alert. Muller wasn’t originally going to put himself in the storyline but Workman insisted, saying his relationship

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

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What’s on the Video?

- Every dog exhibited in every conformation class - Every dog identified with AKC name, Sire & Dam - Every conformation class judged - Every scheduled conformation event - Pleasing musical soundtracks

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Makes a GREAT Xmas Gift!!! E Boston Terriers |

Christmas Treats for Fido Carob Dog Biscuits 3C. Whole wheat flour ½ C wheat germ 2 ½ C Oatmeal 1/8 C peanut oil 1/8 C Corn oil 1TBSP Brown Sugar 2 OZ Carob Chips ¼ C Molasses 1C Water ½ C powder3ed Milk Mix dry ingredients, add remaining ingredients til blended. Dough will be stiff. Roll out to1/2 inch thickness, cut into shapes and bake at 300 degrees fro 1 hour. Makes 2-3 dozen.

Whole Wheat Dog Biscuits 2 1/2C Whole wheat flour ¼ C whaet germ ¼ C milk 1 Clove of Garlic 4tbsp margarine 1 egg beaten 1TBSP Molasses

Combine flour, wheat germ and garlic in a large bowl. Cut in the margarine, stir in the beaten egg, molasses and milk.. Add enough water to shape into a ball. Roll out dough to ½ inch thickness, cut into shapes, place on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes. Makes 30 biscuits.

Carrot Crunchies ½ C high quality dog kibble 2 C grated carrots ½ C applesauce ½ plain yogurt 2 C all purpose flour 1 TSP baking powder Preheat oven to 400 degrees Put the dog kibble into a food processor and grind to a course flour Should measure ½ after grinding Use a food processor to pure the grated carrots Add the applesauce and yogurt to the pureed carrots and mix again until the mixture is a smooth, thick pale orange cream. Spoon the mixture into a large bowl, add the flour, ground dog food and baking powder. Mix until a dough forms knead well with your hands. Drop the ball of dough onto a floured board and roll out to a little more than a ¼ inch thickness. Use a 3” dog bone shaped cutter to make the shapes. Place the cookies on a greased cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes, flip the cookies and bake another 10 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven.

E BostonTerriers |

For crispier treats when all the cookies have been baked, turn off the oven. Put all the cookies back on a sheet and return them to the oven. Leave them there for several hours. Makes 20-30 3 inch long treats.

Microwave Oatmeal Balls ¾ C non fat dry milk ½ C Flour, anykind works. 1 C quick Oats ¼ C flax Seed ¼ C Cornmeal 2 TBSP beef bullion powder 1/3 C melted butter 1 Large egg ½ C warm water 1 C of quick oats for coating the treats Mix the first 6 ingredients well. Add butter,egg and water and mix until it forms a ball of dough. Spread the second cup of quick oats on a board. Form marble size pieces of dough into balls rolling in the oats Place 12 balls on a plate and microwave the plate of treats at 50% power for 4-5 minutes. Remove from the microwave, let cool and store in airtight containers.

Karen McNamara

E BostonTerriers|

The next Edition of E boston Terriers is

Feb/Mar 2014

Pre Westminster Edition Deadline is Jan 20, 2014

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il 12, 2011 Specialty - Apr r ton Terrier Club Golden Gate Bos h and Best of Winners - 5 point majo Winner’s Bitc n itio Futurity Compet BTCA National ~ Sex Puppy e Best of Opposit

tly Dirty)

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- Museum Quality Custom Gallery Prints

Linda Martin

Martini Bostons


- Professionally printed on Glossy

(Ch. Martini’s Desig

nated Driver X

Ch. Martini’s Sligh


Martini’s Hey Su

Born June 2, 2010


Richard Beucha

2011 Westminster Kennel Club


Our sincerest thanks to Judge Mr. Gary Doerge for this thrilling Westminster win!

“Will” Conformation, Health and Sweetness...

inster at Westm Competing RI LL! was a TH

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What W


nex ILL we do

Photo by Thomas Noble

Fun in Brace with his brother Judge...

Fatherhood... Presented by: Margaret Noble Bred by: Vicki Kennedy & Sarah Kennedy Owned and Loved by: Thomas & Margaret Noble and Sarah Kennedy

- Offered in 2 sizes suitable for framing

Photo by Stacy Price

Photo by Carol Beuchat

E Boston Terriers |

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What Will he do this Summer?

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edition that the ad was featured.

Presented by: Margaret Noble Bred by: Vicki Kennedy & Sarah Kennedy Owned and Loved by: Thomas & Margaret Noble and Sarah Kennedy Futurity Nominated E Boston Terriers |

Oui Had Fun in Reno!!

- Great collector’s item to own or give as a gift

Oui PLAYED / Oui Gambled /Oui WON!! 3rd show, 3rd BOW major & 2nd for Richie.

One point to go!!! (though Oui R gamblin to finish with another MAJOR).

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GCH CH Kennedy’s Noble Reign Of Good Will Will had a great time this Spring! Awards of Merit...

iers | www.ebos

E Boston Terr

Polar Pearl Metallic paper

- Custom imprinted with the month, year &

Award of Merit

GCH CH Kennedy’s Noble Reign Of Good Will Thank you Mr.



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$$ OUI R STRIKIN IT RICH AT CIRCLE J $$ ( Ch Ouis Royal Majesty Prince Charming X Ouis Essence of Gold )

Co-owned with Cindy Jones CIRCLE J

Owned & Bred by S. Maxine Uzoff


est. 1979 All Oui Bostons are verified health tested.

Oui feed a natural RAW diet

E Boston Terriers |

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Museum Quality Gallery Prints on 66 lb (255 gsm) 10.4 mil Ultra premium Polar Pearl Metallic, Photobase RC, Microporous, Pearlescent Reflective, Glossy, Low OBA, paper at 1440 dpi using Ultrachrome K3 Vivid Magenta ink.

This superb almost iridescent reflective finish yields a true museum quality print estimated to last without fading for 100 years. A fabulous way to memorialize your dog, breeding program and show career, as advertised in E-Dalmatians!

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers is now


E Boston Terriers is now available in both on-line and Printed versions. All Ads are now designed for both formats. The print version may be ordered as a Magazine or Soft Cover Book shipped directly to you. The cost is affordable and the print version will arrive within 2 weeks after placing your order. All future Editions of E Boston Terriers will now be available in both standard, on-line Electronic format, as well as in Print. Back issues will be available in Print at a later date.

Look for the on our Front page to order your Hard copy of this Edition of E Boston Terriers E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

Breeder Listing


Suzanne “MAXINE” Uzoff Houston, Texas 713 569 9190 WWW.OUIBOSTONS.COM

Breeder of Top 10 bostons Naturally reared & raw fed. CERF, OFA, Hemi, Hip & JC DNA tested

Beth Griner Dolores (Dee) Morton 3114 Woodhams Ave., Portage, Mi 49002 (269) 352-7660

CampbellClanBostons Danielle Campbell Ch. Stud service, puppies. OFA BAER, Cerf, Patella, Cardiac, JC. DNA, Thyorid, spine and hips

E Boston Terriers |

E Boston Terriers |

Breeder Listing


Grace Quinlan

978-549-4130 charm school bostons


Nicole Pollack Portsmouth, New Hampshire 603.431.6151

Hilltop Boxers & Bostons

Touch of Magic Bostons

Diana Terry / Merrilee Burgess 253-445-0876

Stacie Kinnaird 903-530-8371 Located in East Texas Breeding for Correct - Type.Temperament.Health

Martini Bostons

Linda Martin 502 Terrault Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410 336-324-9573

Carol Enright ABBA’s Bostons QUALITY not QUANTITY - since 1968

E Boston Terriers |

Advertise in our Breeder/ Kennel Section. $25.00/ year- Business card $50.00/year Double business card Send us your info or Business card & we’ll do the rest! Gilja Bostons since 1973 Jane F. Cole and Gilbert W. Cole Breeder of Merit 314-629-7244 gilja2’

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E Boston Terriers |


Wishing everyone an

Photo by Stacy Price

Holiday season. May all your wishes come true!

E Boston Terriers December 2013 Edition for Print  
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