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E Yorkshire Terriers A Monthly Internet Magazine

Volume 2 No.4

June/July 2010


We’d like to thank the following judges,

E Yorkshire Terriers |

E Yorkshire Terriers |

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CH. Stringer’s Somethings Gotta Give Vicki Meadows and Jack are doing Great...

Owner /Breeder: Stephanie Barnes 4152 Shady Grove Rd Clarksville TN 37043 931-362-4017

Westminster AOM - Dr. Steven Keating Group 4- Mr William Bergum Group 3 - Ms Christine Salyers Anderson Group 2- Ms Mary B White Group 3- Mrs Ruth H Zimmerman Group 3 - Mr Edd Embry Bivin

Thank You

E Yorkshire Terriers |



Mom gets a turn with Jack !



Best of Breed- Mr Chuck Trotter Group 3 - Mr Terry Stacy

Breeder/ Owner: Anna Stringer 1892 Middle Bridge Rd Bowling Green, KY 42103 270-791-7260 |

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Llyll Yorkies Colombia S.A.

Home to multi BIS winning Yorkies! Best in Show Multi Ch

LLYLL’S CROSS-OVER { Llyll’s Kristopher (a Ch Caraneals Charged and Ready son) x Llyll’s Traces & Copies }

This beautiful Yorkie is a champion in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. He is also International (FCI) Champion and Latin American Champion. Thanks to all the judges that recognized him, especially to Dr. Roger Pritchard for the very exciting Best in Show!

Bred-owned and s LEYDA L PER leydaperezb@hot

E Yorkshire Terriers |


shown by REZ

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Remembering a Fantastic Athlete and Fabulous Team

~ A team that inspired many other working yorkie

Desi & Pam


E Yorkshire Terriers |


“Desi� MACH 13 Desi Aloysius Shelby CD. AKC Top Agility Yorkie 2001-2007 YTCA Top Agility Yorkie 2003-2006 2nd Place in the 8 inch class at the 2005 AKC Agility National Finals in Tampa Attended every AKC Agility Invitational since its inception in 2006 Made the Finals at the Invitational in 2006.....Placed 6th Ranked as high as 6th in All Breed AKC Agility Rankings Achieved the Title of MACH 13 Accumulated 279 QQs Accumulated 16,920 speed points in AKC Agility

And he did this having four leg surgeries over his career! From your working Yorkie friends F Diann Alexander Debra Bax Joan Carl, Deborah Gatchell Cynthia & Doug Glover Beth Haynes Arlene King, Jerri Lewis Cherilyn Matinez Susan Poirier Elizabeth Rolfe Mary Ruli Pam Wengorovius

E Yorkshire Terriers |

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E Yorkshire Terriers |

The New Grand Championship Title Have you noticed recently that there are a lot of dogs being awarded an “xtra price” at the end of Best of Breed judging? The AKC is now offering a Grand Championship title effective on May 12, 2010. This new title will be available to AKC Champions of Record, giving the opportunity for Champion dog owners to return to the show ring with their dogs and further showcase the quality of their breeding stock and available at AKC all-breed, group and specialty shows. All Champions of Record entered in the Best of Breed/Variety competition will be eligible to compete for Grand Championship points. There is no additional entry fee. Grand Championship points are awarded, at the judge’s discretion, to the following placements: Best of Breed/Variety, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog and Select Bitch. Select Dog and Select Bitch are Champions that were recognized as the top quality of their sex after BOB and BOS have been awarded. Grand Championship points are calculated using the same AKC Point Schedule as is used for Championship points. (Dogs entered in non-regular classes are not counted in the computation of Championship or Grand Championship points.) Champions of Record including champions that are non-regular class winners (i.e.Veterans Class Winners) or dogs that have been “moved up” to Best of Breed competition for the show are the only dogs eligible for Grand Championship points. Although Winners Dog or Winners Bitch can win Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, in no case will they be eligible for Grand Champion competition.

How to Count Grand Championship Points at AKC Dog Shows

A dog must be (1) a Champion of Record or (2) have been transferred to BOB competition based upon the owners’ records of their having completed the requirements for a CH title to be eligible for Grand Championship (GC) competition. The American Kennel Club requires a dog to obtain a total of 25 points with three major wins (a major win is worth three points or higher) to become a Grand Champion. The majors must be won under three different judges and at least one other judge must award some of the remaining points – so you need to win under at least four different judges. Also at least one Champion of Record must be defeated at three of these shows. Remember, point schedules vary by show location. If you are not at the show, make certain you get the points schedule for the event region where your dog won. Refer to the Schedule of Points.

E Dalmatians |

How To Figure Points If Your Champion Dog or Bitch Goes Best of Breed Grand Championship points will be calculated according to the number of dogs competing in the regular classes, as well as dogs competing in Best of Breed competition. A dog awarded BOB will be credited with the number of GC points calculated for BOB or BOS whichever is greater. If the judge elects to award GC points to his BOB winner today, whether the BOB is a dog or a bitch, the BOB will receive 5 GC points. Example: BOB (7 class dogs + 5 class bitches + 6 champions = 18 dogs for 5 pts) TIPS: Veteran dogs or any other non-regular class dogs are not counted in determining points. All eligible entrants from non-regular classes can earn Grand Championship points. TIPS: When counting dogs in competition, you only count dogs present that are judged. Dogs that are disqualified, dismissed, excused, absentee or have all awards withheld do not count.

How To Figure Points If Your Champion Dog or Bitch Goes Best of Opposite Sex If the Judge elects to award GC points to his BOS winner, all dogs of their sex competing are counted. Example: BOS – dog (7 class dogs + 3 champion dogs = 10 dogs for 4 pts) BOS – bitch (5 class bitches + 3 champion bitches = 8 bitches for 3 pts)

How To Figure Points for Select Dog (SD) or Bitch (SB) These are new AKC terms created for use in the Grand Championship program. Here all dogs of the same sex defeated in the BOB and regular classes are counted. Once again, it is entirely at the judge’s discretion to choose a Select Dog and/or a Select Bitch. SD/SB count all dogs competing of the same sex then subtract 2. Example: BOB – is a male SD is chosen (10 dogs – 2 dogs = 8 dogs for 4 pts) SB is chosen (8 bitches – 2 bitches = 6 bitches for 2 pts) Starting in 2010, dogs who earn their Grand Champion title will receive an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.

All Information for this article was is from the AKC website. For more information about the Grand Championship titile, go to

E Dalmatians |


E Yorkshire Terriers |

Terrier Club Specialty – April 11, 2010 Some of the winners... Show winner photos were provided by Mario Panlilio and Claudia Pierro. Candid photos were provided by Judy Rosenzweig.












E Yorkshire Terriers |

Watchung Mountains We know what it takes to get ready for a show Here are some Candid shots taken during the day Look familiar?



E Yorkshire Terriers |

Watchung Mountains celebrates its 2010 Specialty Shows with a toast to its wonderful members and faithful and supportive exhibitors!

Friendship Quilt

Thank you for coming! We hope you had as great a time as we did! See you I n NJ next year!  

E Yorkshire Terriers |

Multi-Day Show Circuit by Michele Wrath Over the past several years we have moved from the model of a 2-day usually on a weekend dog show to the multiple day mega cluster event. For those who subscribe to the tenant that you can never get enough of a good thing, you are in luck. The multiple day circuits seem to be here to stay. Depending on your perspective, the multi-day circuit is either the best invention since indoor plumbing or the bane of every owner handler’s existence. I know, some of you are saying how could the multiple day circuit be a bad thing? After all, you can travel to one location, set up for multiple days, and often at least double the number of times you have to win. On the surface this all sounds great, and often it is. Certainly you use less gas and with today’s economy we’d all agree that’s a good thing. Remember this when you get to the afternoon of Day 5. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing! The multi-day circuit has its own rhythm. The first days of the show are generally quiet, especially if the show starts mid-week. The show building can feel half-empty and there is still ample room in the grooming area to move around. If the show cluster offers day of show crating, this area looks abandoned as folks are still generally working at their day jobs. And the number of non-show folks wandering around is almost nil. This will all change by the weekend, when there will barely be room to move dogs from one ring to the next. The judges are optimistic about what new star they might discover, the dogs are freshly bathed and groomed, and energy levels are high as owners and handlers busily calculate the possible point accumulation should the

cluster go well. It’s Day 1 and the starting entry is small. For the person trying to get major points on class animals, it’s probably not going to happen on Day 1 or 2. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to keep the entry large enough for a single point. Those entering for the sake of a major probably stayed home that day, and for the stalwart entrant who shows up no matter what, it can be a very expensive fun match, but good practice nonetheless. Not much changes in the specials entry. The dogs in contention are there from the start; the only thing that changes is the point accumulation. Day 2 arrives. The class entry may have picked up a bit, but there is still plenty of room in the building. The exercise area for the dogs is still relatively clean. Hope still springs eternal for the cluster. After all, only one day of judging has taken place, and depending on your perspective and mostly on the results of the first day, the judge was either brilliant or an absolute idiot, and life and Day 2 of the dog show goes on. By the end of the day you’ve been to all the vendors, have a good idea of what’s good and what’s not at the food concession, and have scoped out enough of the local restaurants to know what your options are. It’s Day 3. Hump Day. The building is starting to feel full. The 3-dayers have arrived with their dogs and their grooming tables and chairs. It now requires a modicum of skill to maneuver through the grooming area and out to the ring. The class entry is either just at or approaching a major. Heaven help the person who stayed home thinking they could wait till the weekend. If the major was

E Yorkshire Terriers |

broken, this poor soul will be greeted with an arctic blast typically reserved for the out of towners, those poor fools who had the audacity to travel to someone else’s area for a dog show.

drove up in her very large show van, jumped out of the van with her medium sized Sporting breed entry, and raced into the building to show her dog. So much for handicaps!

All remaining space has been cordoned off by what used to be the purview of crime scenes and construction sites – yellow hazard tape and orange traffic cones. I am surprised that an enterprising show vendor has not added these two now seeming to be essential items to their inventory. Along with self-rinse, white chalk and hairspray, how would a handler get through a weekend without them?

It’s now Day 5 and even the judges are tired. It’s your last chance to either break the curse of the circuit or to cap off a great string of wins. If you show in the morning, you can get on the road by noon. For those making it to the groups or showing in the afternoon, no such luck. You’re here for the duration. Walking in the designated doggie area has now become an exercise in dexterity, as even with an endless supply of plastic bags, some folks just can’t seem to clean up after their dogs. At the group ring you start paying more attention to what the handlers are wearing and less attention to the dogs. The ringside critique sounds more like an episode of What Not To Wear than an evaluation of breeding stock.

Our favorite episode with the orange traffic cones occurred at a recent circuit that we attended. It was Day 4, mid-day and as I swung around the building to park my car, my husband was standing in a premier space – that was – amazing to me – unoccupied. After I parked the car he showed me the stack of traffic cones that he had neatly put to the side. Someone had been holding or blocking – again, depending on your perspective – this parking slot for their sole use. After deciding that insurance would indeed repair any damage done to my vehicle by an irate exhibitor, I unloaded my dog and went in to the show. When I returned to the car, I found an intact vehicle with only a note as evidence that the cone owner had been by. The note was brief and to the point – Had I no consideration for the fact that this space was reserved by someone who had a handicap and could I in the future be more considerate! If the person was indeed handicapped I felt truly bad, but also wondered why they weren’t parking in the designated handicapped parking area, of which there were ample spaces available. The next day my husband decided to satisfy his curiosity – and hopefully relieve his conscience regarding the phantom cone owner. He happened to be outside walking a dog when the owner of the cones

And finally it’s over. You pack up your gear, load up your vehicle, stop to get gas and then head for the freeway onramp that eventually leads home. The difficulty of the drive often correlates directly with how successful the circuit has been. Having a traveling companion helps the time go by, and the second best thing is a cell phone. Win or lose, it’s great to have someone to share the experience with. Some time late in the evening or very early in the morning you get home. Essentials get taken out of the vehicle, dogs get exercised and put to bed and you settle in for some much needed sleep. The next morning, after a strong cup of coffee and a rough calculation of vacation days remaining, something amazing happens. You log onto the computer and enter another dog show!

Happy Showing!

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photo by Lisa Thornberg

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2010 Yorkie Stats Breed 1 CH Stratford’s Diamond Jim 404 B Scott 2 CH Lane’s Mini Cooper 263 V Wilson/N Amies/M Dearinger 3 Oz’s Over The Top 225 L Serafin 4 CH Legacy’s Beat The Odds 202 S Misner/J Misner 5 CH Stringer’s Somethings Gotta Give 183 A Stringer/S Barnes 6 CH Empee’s Ritz Carlton 95 M Dearinger 7 CH Foxfire’s City Slicker 91 R Jenks/B Jenks 8 CH Tophat That’s Amore 86 A Fultz/L Farmer 9 CH D’Arleen She Drives Me Crazy 63 M Mastellari/B Martin 10 CH Tyava’s Genuine Article 61 M Dearinger 11 CH Pastyme’s Breaking And Entering 50 K Bravo/B Stacy 12 CH Judawn Pastoral Mystery Maker 47 L Hayes 13 CH Shakespeare’s Mid-Night Madness At Tiverton 47 R Miligan/T Miller 14CH Durrer’s Talk About Bossy 47 T Fredrickson/S Bingham 15 CH Dumont Second Chance Scar Of Arcadia 41 L Semel 16 CH Sugarfoot’s Living Th’ Good Life 33 V Edwards/M Edwards 17 CH Turyanne Always Love Miracle 31 D Kam 18 CH Durrer’s Oohs And Ahs 29 K Goldfarb/B Durrer 19 CH Ed-Man’s Magic Treasure 28 J Guadalupe/E Perez Rables/M Umpierre 20 Majestic’s Ring Master 26 C DellaPenna

All Breed 1 CH Lane’s Mini Cooper 1194 V Wilson/N Amies/M Dearinger 2 CH Stringer’s Somethings Gotta Give 31 A Stringer/S Barnes 3 CH Stratford’s Diamond Jim 756 B Scott 4 CH Tophat That’s Amore 600 A Fultz/L Farmer 5 CH D’Arleen She Drives Me Crazy 527 M Mastellari/B Martin 6 CH Legacy’s Beat The Odds 336 S Misner/J Misner 7 Oz’s Over The Top 225 L Serafin 8 CH Trio’s Olympia 204 K Goldfarb 9 CH Empee’s Ritz Carlton 172 M Dearinger 10 CH Ed-Man’s Magic Treasure 165 J Guadalupe/E Perez Rables/M Umpierre 11 CH Gemstones Hips Don’T Lie Eng. 145 B Erickson 12 CH Sugarfoot’s Living Th’ Good Life 128 V Edwards/M Edwards 13 CH Tyava’s Genuine Article 126 M Dearinger 14 CH Durrer’s Talk About Bossy 108 T Fredrickson/S Bingham 15 CH Foxfire’s City Slicker 91 R Jenks/B Jenks 16 Psyche’s Super Ego 90 L Bridgewater 17 CH Pure Silk’s Misha Dance 4 Me 67 C Gallagher/A Muzquiz 18 CH Pastyme’s Breaking And Entering 50 K Bravo/B Stacy 19 CH Judawn Pastoral Mystery Maker 47 L Hayes 20 CH Shakespeare’s Mid-Night Madness At Tiverton47 R Miligan/T Miller

Canine Chronicle Starting from January 1, 2010 up to & including April 30, 2010

E Yorkshire Terriers |

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July 2010  

E Yorkshire Terriers A Monthly Internet Magazine Volume 2 No.4 June/July 2010 We’d like to thank the following judges, E Yorkshire Terriers...

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