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Flexible Delivery Options

MCSJ can recommend and provide the most cost effective solution based on your current needs. Ask your Senior Account Representative for more information.

Financial Management The Finance Super Suite has a fully customizable chart of accounts with an unlimited number of funds. It includes the general ledger, encumbrance accounting, accounts payable, contract management, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, budget preparation, capital projects, grant administration, project tracking & robust reporting. This system includes a library of financial reports with drill down capability, built-in custom reporting, and the ability to export to Excel.

A single source of entry streamlines processes, which allows for strict enforcement of real time budgetary controls. Transactions from Finance, and all other modules, post to the general ledger automatically. The application gives you the option to either export budget details to Excel or manage it directly within the application. The budget can be managed in a variety of ways based on user preference providing history to assist with forecasting. Electronic Requisitions, Developer's Escrow and the Vendor Self-Service Portal are modules that can be added to enhance functionality.

Personnel Management The Personnel suite consists of Payroll, Human Resourses (HR) and Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal. They are completely integrated with each other and the general ledger. Reduce paperwork by scanning & attaching documents directly to records. All federal and state reporting mandates are guaranteed and all required reports can be generated within the system.

The Payroll module is designed as an exception based system to reduce the amount of manual entry. It allows for multiple pay rates and integrates seamlessly with HR, ESS, and Finance. Salary and wage account distributions, along with agency payments, are exported directly into Finance so information is only entered once. HR allows for detailed tracking of benefits and assists with COBRA reporting requirements. The ESS portal is a web based module that integrates with Payroll and HR allowing an employee to perform a variety of tasks. Both the Payroll and HR modules are compliant with all ACA tracking and reporting requirements.

Revenue Management The Tax Billing module can bill county, local, school, and personal property tax. All rate codes are fully customizable & compliant with statutes & regulations. Custom imports from the county, state, or DMV records for recording assessment and/or billing information for your tax records. There are several electronic billing & payment options including e-bills, web payments, and ACH. Cash receipting is fast, friendly, a integrates with the Finance module.

The Utility Billing module is tailored for multiple service types to unlimited meters and billing rate codes per account. Multiple bill print options allow the choice of postcards, multiple stubs, single stub, or pressure seals. A final bill wizard is an easy to use tool to calculate & print final bills or to change account ownership. The meter reading exception report easily identifies missed or invalid readings that can then be easily fixed. A custom report writer can be configured as desired & easily exported to Excel. Utility Billing also integrates with Inventory and Work Orders. It integrates & supports all types of meter technology including demand meters, reactive meters & net meters.

Municipal Management Permitting & Code Enforcement integrates with other modules including Tax, Utility, Accounts Receivable, Business Licensing and Finance. This allows all applicable charges to be displayed for a specific parcel. Integration is available for mapping functionality through Google Maps or GIS systems. Unlimited types of permits can be added to the system. Forms, contractor letters & permits can be automatically generated. Any relevant documents can be attached to a permit. Enforcement provides users the ability to track complaints, store photos, levy fines, and issue violations to a parcel. All ordinances and code violations can be stored along with their associated fees & fines providing the user the ability to update as necessary. Violations can be printed or electronically issued. Notices and letters can be easily generated within the system to create a log of communication allowing to closely track compliance deadlines and inspections.

Web Portals

Edmunds has a full suite of web based modules that allow your office to be accessible 24/7. With these modules, customers can view and pay bills online, residents can log complaints and request service, employees can view time off, and much more. Vendor Self-Service Vendor Self-Service allows vendors to login via the web and access their information. A vendor can easily track and manage their account. They can check PO statuses, update contact information, add and review attachments, print 1099's and more!

Employee Self-Service ESS integrates with Payroll & HR allowing an employee to perform a variety of tasks. Employees can access & reprint W-2's, W-4's and check stubs. They can view salary information, current withholdings, benefits, direct deposit, deductions & year-to-date totals. With proper security employees can record time worked and also request time off.

Web Inquiry and Payment Portal The Web Inquiry and Payment Portal allows customers to pay any municipal charge online. Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, or e-check. Specific account information is also available with the ability to reprint a bill. Secured payments are processed through FIS Global & are imported into the system daily. Associated convenience fees can be charged to the consumer or absorbed by the local government agency.

Permitting Self-Service Permitting Self-Service allows contractors, homeowners & inspectors access to a web portal that integrates directly into the system. It allows homeowners & contractors to review permit statuses & inspection results. Contractors can apply for a permit, request an inspection & pay any associated fees all from within this portal. This portal can be a powerful tool for inspectors allowing them to view all current permit information , access inspection schedules, record inspection results & issue violations from the field. Resident Self-Service Resident Self-Service allows residents to make requests or file complaints from the web. Easily receive & track resident activity with user-defined categories & customize workflows. The resident can add attachments & designate their contact preferences. The portal integrates with the Work Orders to automate processes.

Mobile Apps

To build on the 24/7 accessibility, there are now a variety of mobile web apps. A suite of mobile apps allow users to access, edit, and enter information quickly and easily through mobile apps available from the App Store or Google Play store. The apps communicate with the desktop software in real time to increase efficiency and reduce data entry errors. eReq App This app was designed to streamline the Electronic Requisition process allowing the user to view requisitions, update their status, add comments, and approve or deny requests right from the mobile device. By enabling notifications, the user will know immediately when there is a new requisition awaiting review.

Attendance App The app offers your employees access to their records via a mobile device. They can review their paycheck history, leave balances, benefit information, direct deposit information, and much more. They can also submit their time in an easy to use entry format. Department heads and payroll personnel can also approve employee time via the app.

Work Order App The app is available to streamline and improve efficiency. It can be installed on any smartphone or tablet device. This app simplifies meter management and allows users to enter meter readings, view current reads, and also replace meters from the field. Work Orders entered into the system can easily be reviewed from the field and updated accordingly.

Inspection App This app makes it easy for an inspector to manage their tasks from the field. An inspector can pull up scheduled inspections, review the details, and record the results from their mobile device. Violations can easily be added from the app, along with the ability to attach corresponding photos or other relevant documentation from the field.

MyTown App This app allows your residents to register for notifications and information feeds defined by your organization. You can announce meetings, provide valuable town news or any other information. This app can also be combined with the Resident Self-Service Portal to allow your residents the ability to make service requests or notify you of issues in town.

Solutions Overview With an Edmunds & Associates solution, a true Windows application with a graphical user interface is delivered. All applications are ODBC compliant and utilize a SQL database which allows for seamless integration with products such as MS Excel™, MS Word™ and many GIS packages. Security - The software features a single sign-on approach that allows for user based security. This provides access to modules based on the employee’s security profile. The security is module and task specific. Integration - All modules are fully integrated. A single source of entry minimizes data entry errors and streamlines organizational processes. The system dynamically posts all related entries to the appropriate modules. Reporting - Along with drill-down reports, customized reporting is also available. With this tool, users can create and save reports that can be exported directly into MS Excel™ or any other 3rd party reporting tool. Reporting flexibility allows users to create unlimited custom reports. PDF Forms - All forms, including tax and utility bills, purchase orders, checks, or any other necessary form can be generated within the application and are created by merging in any field from the system. Letters can be easily created, printed, and documented in the corresponding record. Attachments - The ability to attach any type of file to records, accounts, and employees along with scanning images directly into the software is provided. There is no limitation with the amount or size of those items you wish to attach. Notifications - E-mail and on-screen notifications can be generated based on defined workflows throughout the system with integration with all E-mail servers.

Implementation & Support

Edmunds & Associates has developed an implementation methodology which has been fine tuned based on many years of experience. By combining the associate strengths with the client’s implementation personnel, a strong end user training program is developed.

6 Degrees of Client Services

More than 70% of our employees are dedicated to customer support and product development. Our staff consists of CPA's, Certified Tax Collectors, and Finance Officers. There are a variety of ways to receive support based on user need and urgency.

Message from Bob: Edmunds & Associates we are extraordinarily proud of our dynamic solutions and industry leading customer service. This being said, most clients believe that our strongest quality is the sense of community that we provide. Since day one, I have been focused and passionate about building strong relationships with each and every customer. With proper due diligence, we are confident that you’ll find our solutions as the right choice for your next generation software. If you would like to talk to me directly, just call and ask for Bob.

- Bob Edmunds, CEO

Founded in 1972, Edmunds & Associates started providing in-house software solutions exclusively to local governments in 1984. Our office are headquartered in Northfield, NJ just minutes from Atlantic City. All available solutions are developed, implemented and supported by in-house employees. Edmunds is a privately owned and debt-free corporation. Great pride is taken in offering a quality, fully integrated software solution at an affordable price to over 850 clients along the East Coast with annual operating budgets ranging from less than $850,000 to over $1,000,000,000. Edmunds ensures that clients are compliant with all federal, state, and local government statutes at no additional charge. While being a market leader remains a goal, providing feature-rich financial accounting and revenue collection software solutions will always be the primary objective. Our 98% client retention rate, is the highest in the industry. Quality software and award winning support can still be affordable.

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Simple. Effective. Solutions.

Edmunds & Associates Brochure  

Simple. Effective. Solutions.