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Edmonton Tech Share 2014 Safe Link Building Tactics – Updated New Arsenal for Webmasters

Even Google’s Matt Cutts has to agree that links still have many years of life left in them. They still provide useful information about a website. Until Google develops some humanoid to take over search, links are bound to stay. February 2014 passed with Google Panda going rogue and other such significant events. So, where is link building headed? Every site competes with the other to get top position. Getting praised by Google and its algorithm is on everyone’s mind. But implementing the ways that can help you in getting top position can get quite expensive. Among those costly techniques, link building is the one technique that is comparatively budget-friendly and yet gives significant results too. No doubt, every site is different but some link building technique work globally. You need to match up your work accordingly and show your strength to your targeted audience. Here is an updated list of link building techniques for 2014. Surprise, Surprise! – Directories are Alive Yes, directories work in 2014 too! Directory submission doesn’t mean that you push your site inside 200 or more directories to gain credibility. Getting links from any random directory is not a difficult task, anyone can do that. You need to research for trusted niche directories that symbolize authentic and quality link building. Google only trust directories that have certain judging criteria associated with the submissions. Genuine directories, first check out the foundation of the sites and see whether they are worth linking. After analyzing the site, they place their links.

You may find abundant of free to paid directories online. Directory links are easy to get and if you can’t afford paid links, submit your site links on free directories. While planning for paid links (yes, you should consider some paid links too), get a complete list of directories. Try to get quality directory links first so you might not end up missing some great options. Find Niche Directories By niche directories, the indication is towards those websites that can build your good reputation before Google and of course attract more traffic. Relevancy and high quality back links are the two crucial things to target. Niche directories provide you a platform that presents you in front of the audience that needs you or are looking for you. When you get exposure before your targeted audience, you get great business and fame in a short period of time. I Love Spy Games – Recognize Your Competitors Competitor analysis is done by everyone. It is essential to recognize the leaders and competitors in the market. There are a lot of reasons to hate your competitors but I’ll give you one to love them. You surely want to get the kind of name and fame they are getting. Check out their link profile and see where they have listed their business. It is time consuming and tedious but this is indeed crucial. Explore Google Google is now bigger than earth itself. There are hundreds of resources and tools you can find in the Google sphere that help you secure quality links. You can explore Google for niche directories, websites and other linkable resources. Using SEO Quake or other such programs, you can see their PageRank, links and indexed pages. Page Rank is not everything. You must visit the site and check whether it is worth linking.

You need a resourceful site that people genuinely like. In 2014, one thing you must not forget that the site crowds love is the site Google loves as well. Lists – Not Again! You need to get your company in the top lists for better link profile and reputation. It is easy to find a list and as they are updated, you get better exposure. You can surely add yourself to the pre-existing lists. They have their in-built mechanisms that help them decide whether you should be added again or not. Some directories demand a fee to review your application but most offer their service for free. If you aren’t able to apply or get listed then try to get into good books of that website through social media or blog commenting. Mobile or tablet SEO is gaining ground as well. Writing content in their relevant fields or writing about them would make them more aware about your resources and eventually services.

Ego Baiting – Yes, Fuel that Expert’s Ego! In 2014, ego baiting can help in promoting your links by many ways. Before that, you obviously need to find some leaders or influencers of your sector who could add a resourceful content to your site. You can get interacted with them via social media or email. You can invite them to write some unique and resourceful content that can attract your visitors. An interview or guest posts always helps in this as useful content is always appreciated by visitors. Publish that guest post on your site and request them to promote that on their own blogs or on social media. You may or may not get links this way but you have surely added a great content to your site without any efforts.

Good and Unique Content is the Master Key Just like any year, 2014 is no different when it comes to content. People always like to get linked to the content that is unique and good. Content that is helpful to the readers always appreciated by Google and when that good content has your link; it would definitely recognize your business as well. The crucial thing is what type of content you need to write. Content definitely vary from business to business. But there are certain key aspects of content writing that could gain you great attention. Remember keyword stuffing is dead and it’s all about human readers now. Is that Good Content Cooking? A good content is one that provides some valuable information to its readers. Try to cover the answers to those questions that people often look for. For instance find out ‘how to’, ‘what to’ of your business and cover them in your content. You can promote it further via social media to get more traffic. Forget keywords to some extent and write words that engage readers. With Google Hummingbird update, try to focus on people on the move.

Happy Link Building! No doubt, there would be many other people who had answered those questions already. Thus, you need to present your content and links in an appealing, well-written and to the point. Above tips can surely keep your link building strategy on track. Work on every strategy one by one. If one fails, find out the flaws and improvise. With different strategies you get diversity and it’s this diversity that drives online link building success. We, at Edmonton Tech promises world class SEO services along with a host of web marketing services to bring website to top of Google rankings. Contact our consultants today to avail best search engine optimization services at affordable costs.

Edmonton Tech Share 2014 Safe Link Building Tactics – Updated New Arsenal for Webmasters  

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